Mars Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

Mars Trine Neptune Transit

Mars trine Neptune maximum orb 4°30′.

Mars trine Neptune natal makes you sophisticated, sexy, creative, and passionate about fighting for worthy causes. You can effectively motivate people without being forceful or bossy. This ability to attract a following stems from your non-threatening approach, magnetic attractiveness, and spiritual courage.

Your passionate drive and creativity are ideal for a career in music, acting, and any physical arts. Dance, singing, and sculpture would allow you to express your excellent sense of rhythm and smooth style.

This aspect gives a tendency to fight for the underdog, so political or social activism would appeal to you. This spiritual and moral urge to serve selflessly makes you a very charitable and caring individual. There would be a natural inclination to participate in large groups with shared spiritual or philanthropic goals.

Your faith is strong, but you may not necessarily be religious. Less structured and more new-age forms of spiritual belief and practice would suit you, anything from astrology to vegetarianism.

Although you have a strong fighting spirit, physical aggression would be distasteful. But you would not back down if you, a loved one, or even your cause were threatened. You are more likely to win any spiritual or psychic battles through acts of kindness.

A steamy sensuality makes you highly attractive, and you should have no trouble attracting genuine partners. Like you, they should be honest and genuinely compassionate people. There is a certain mystique or ethereal nature to your sexuality that can make you very popular.

Mars Trine Neptune Transit

Mars trine Neptune transit stimulates your sensuality, creativity, and community spirit. You will enjoy a strong magnetic attractiveness and sultry charm, making this an ideal time for romantic romance. Sexual encounters would be intensely compassionate, tender, and spiritual. You will likely attract a less aggressive, more spiritually inclined partner if dating.

Though not a high-energy transit, you should be motivated to express your creativity and a good sense of rhythm through dance, music, sculpture, and other physical, creative outlets. You may also strongly urge to engage in religious or more spiritual activities, particularly involving groups of people. This would be an excellent time to learn more about how astrology affects your life and the world, and you are more in touch with the subtle vibrational energies influencing our lives.

This is not aggressive energy, but you can draw on strong spiritual courage and a fighting spirit to defend yourself and your loved ones. You can win battles now more through acts of kindness than attacking others. You should feel motivated to stand up for the underdog and downtrodden of the world. This is an excellent transit to become actively involved in charitable or human rights causes and groups. Your desire to save people, animals, or the environment is based on strong moral and ethical convictions.

Mars Trine Neptune Celebrities

Crystal Gale 0°02′, Bobby Fischer 0°04′, Julian McMahon 0°04′, Louisa May Alcott 0°05′, Maria von Trapp 0°07′, Audrey Tang 0°07′, Marjoe Gortner 0°09′, King Louis XVII 0°09′, Russell Brand 0°10′, Mary MacArthur 0º12′, William Hague 0º14′, Thomas Mann 0º19′, Karl Schwarzchild 0º21′, Angelina Jolie 0º22′, David Berkowitz 0°22′, Henri Rousseau 0º29′, Henry VI of England 0°31′, Joel Coen 0°31′, Mickey Rooney 0º32′, Jimmy Page 0º37′, Fromental Halevy 0º53′, Joe Frazier 0º58′, Jim Eisenreich 0°59′, Melville Davisson Post 0º59′, Paul Keating 1º01′, Allan Kardec 1°07′, Jawaharlal Nehru 1°08′, Tammy Faye Bakker 1º09′, John Belushi 1º10′, John Denver 1º11′, Errol Flynn 1º21′, Michelle Pfeiffer 1º24′, William Butler Yeats 1°41′, Alexei Navalny 1°47′, Pierre Cardin 1°49′.

Mars Trine Neptune Dates

November 29, 2021
May 15, 2023
November 17, 2023
October 28, 2024
January 12, 2025
April 19, 2025
November 3, 2025
October 2, 2026

14 thoughts on “Mars Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. I have Mars trine Neptune, but my Neptune is also conjunct Saturn. How does this alter it? Since Neptune is the slower moving planet does it influence Saturn? But the two planets are also in Capricorn ! Mars in Virgo. Lol. And I’m an Aries rising and this happens to be my closest trine and closest major aspect in my whole chart. I feel like it’s important. Also my Mars is slightly more closely trine my Saturn than my Neptune if that helps or confuses it all more lol.

    • Firstly Erin, don’t confuse matters by thinking what the Sun Sings might add to the aspect. If you are after more detail then look up any fixed star conjunctions. You are right to an extent about the slower planet affecting the faster, but I also believe there must be a two way flow, especially in natal aspects as compared to transits. For example, Saturn is going to make you chase your Neptunian dreams with more conviction, with your eye on practical and tangible results. It also helps bring those heavenly ideal down to earth. A trine to Mars sure makes the conjunction much better than it would be alone. It actually turns something scary into something very promising indeed. You have a lot to work with there. Eventually I will finish writing up all the aspects.

  2. again i find you demonstrating insight here. natal trine by a few minutes.. career in music software, championing the impecunious to have equal cultural representation.. ideologically, adopted expression of jainism, so “conquering” (“jain”) via ahimsa (nonviolence). it’s always good to read an interpretation by someone who sees more to an aspect than dating and relationships! 😉

  3. Hey there, I have Mars trine Neptune in a composite chat with my boyfriend. It is part of a Yod with Venus in 1 degree Pisces, Pluto in 6 degrees Libra and Mars in 3 degrees Leo. What does all this mean and how can we best use these energies? Thank you!! 🙂

  4. I am encountering a progressed mars trine neptune. natally, I have mercury trine neptune natal, this will be a grand air trine.

  5. Ah yes, the enigmatic fighting spirit that fights without fighting. Gotta love em! an no, I dont have that one, which is good because I probably dont have what I need to ensure it is used wisely 😉

  6. I’m not one who believes in “dating or deliberately seeking a partner” I am open to a new relationship, but believe that if that is to be, then we will magnetically come together in person, or magnetically become aware of them from a distance. Yes I know, not how things are done in the modern world, but then it has been made very clear many times, that I do not belong in that world any way and I’m good with that. So can this magnetic attraction work for those open to a new relationship as well as those who feel they need to be actively seeking the rewards of one to complete them?

    • Hello Debbie,

      I’ve never fitted into this world,this corrupt system,
      and paid the price(Karma?)in my 53yrs,54 in July(Leo)Wink,wink’.

      Like you,i have never believed in ‘dating nor deliberately seeking a partner’,
      someone has always sort me out and connected instantly.

      Do some chasing.

      When you’ve done the clearing and aligned,
      someone will come along,or vica versa,come what may.

      And what is meant to be,
      the pillar,two into one,to shine the truest light.

      Unconditional Love.

      When you mention ‘rewards’,
      i’m reminded of a ‘Heros Journey’ by Joseph Campbell,

      No one needs anyone to complete them,
      they just need to complete themselves,
      journeys end.


      Signed Leo,Limelight in the Cave.

      Ps.Cosmic love,unconditional love,same thing.

      On the same page.

      • Ps.When you don’t fit into this world.
        an outcast.

        Something to get use to,
        and very empowering,
        is being ‘alone’ but not alone.

        Others like you and me,
        will have our ‘rewards’.

        Good comes,to those who wait.


        No impulses,
        nor restraint nor control.

        Empty mind.

        Aligned,Blood flowing,unconditional Love.


    • Hi Klaus. Check the weekly horoscope for current trasnits: Sun conjunct Mars at 25♏36 from November 9 to 26 brings confidence, courage, enthusiasm, passion and desire. The trine aspect to Neptune makes this potentially aggressive and impulsive influence more harmonious, romantic and spiritual. Fixed star Agena at 24♏06 adds friendship, refinement, morality, health and honor.

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