Sun Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Uranus Transit

Sun conjunct Uranus maximum orb 7°00′.

Sun conjunct Uranus natal gives unique self-expression, which may be physical through dress or your natural features. You may also stand out from the crowd because of a peculiar interest or career or through your erratic or shocking behavior.

Change is a significant theme in life; it can come often and quickly. Change can happen to you, or you may seek change in yourself, others, and society. If you are a maverick, you must expect some backlash if you rebel against tradition, authority or society.

You are probably ahead of your time and may become rebellious when others misunderstand your reasons for wanting change. Early in life, change may be widespread but upsetting and cause nervous anxiety. Forced change due to Sun conjunct Uranus may include accidents or moving towns for work.

Self-acceptance and the realization that change is necessary for self-development comes with higher awareness of how others see you and a higher understanding of your place in the universe. This reduces the risk of accidents and other sudden shocks and settles the nerves.

When you learn to be comfortable with your uniqueness, you can shine because you are a trendsetter and a visionary, coming up with new ways of doing things that eventually become acceptable and benefit humanity significantly.

You may experience flashes of insight through dreams and meditation or receive information when closing your eyes. This acute intuition can save you from dangerous situations and make you a genius in your field. Science, technology, computers, the Internet, and occult fields like astrology would suit you.

Health problems may occur suddenly, and you may experience muscle spasms for unknown reasons. In both cases, they can go as quickly as they came.

Sun Conjunct Uranus Transit

Sun conjunct Uranus transit signals a time of excitement, unexpected change, freedom, and rebellion. You should feel a strong urge to break from routine and do something different from your normal activities. To avoid restlessness and nervous tension, it is better to be active and look to do something out of the ordinary and not wait for change to happen to you. Resisting change could manifest unexpected and unpleasant changes that cause upsetting disruptions to your life.

This transit will open your consciousness to higher vibrations, perhaps resulting in greater self-awareness or psychic perception. Remaining flexible and open-minded will undoubtedly increase the chance of more pleasant surprises and thrilling experiences. You could meet new and unconventional types of people or those from very different cultural or social backgrounds than yourself.

A more negative expression of this electric and impulsive energy would be to take unnecessary risks or rebel against authority for the sake of it. This would not only be dangerous, as Uranus rules accidents but also damage your position at work and cause confrontation or aggressive reaction from superiors.

This Sun conjunct Uranus transit interpretation can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Uranus.

Sun Conjunct Uranus Celebrities

Meryl Streep 0°01′, Jerry Lewis 0°02′, Vito Genovese 0°08′, Lindsay Wagner 0°23′, Cilla Black 0°24′, Ram Dass 0°30′, Mary Decker 0°32′, Jeb Stuart 0°45′, Jan Konrads 0°46′, Bruce Chatwin 0°49′, William Lilly 0°53′, Ricki Lake 0°59′, Angela Merkel 1°07′, Princess Victoria of the UK 1°08′, Omar Sharif 1°08′, Heinrich Caro 1°14′, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers 1°16′, Huw Edwards 1°17′, Helmut Kohl 1°20′, Willem Dafoe 1°22′, Van Jones 1°24′, Daniel Ellsberg 1°26′, Rudy Giuliani 1°33′, Athanasius Kircher 1°48′, Roy Orbison 1°49′, Conrad Noel 1°55′, Catherine Zeta-Jones 1°57′, Hank Locklin 1°59′.

Sun Conjunct Uranus Dates

May 5, 2022
May 9, 2023
May 13, 2024
May 17, 2025
May 22, 2026
May 27, 2027
May 30, 2028
June 4, 2029

21 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. I don’t have this in my chart but I do have a 5th house Uranus in Leo (the sign’s generational of course, but the house placement isn’t). It manifests as a very wonky offbeat sense of humour, a love of unpredictability and eccentricity in others, and (just recently) some bizarre and quite disturbing paintings!

  2. @uberqueenofwands Yes I must admit that healthy ego is very important for this aspect to work well. The selfshishess may come from the detachment in persoanl relationships, but like you said it may depend on the level of personal growth. I’m researching the sextile at the moment and that really is about ego out of control especially in personal relationships.

  3. Seems I’m in good company! And this is a very concise description of the energy. I don’t feel that comfortable with my uniqueness most of the time because people don’t get IT. “Freak” is a term thrown about most often lol! That’s okay because who wants to be a drop in the sea of mediocrity anyway?! I tend to be a rebellious person to the point of self detriment. People steal my visions and run with them all the time. Sun 20/Uranus 23 Cancer (with exact square to Neptune in LI which adds to the insanity!) here (part of a stellium with ME/JU and north node in 2nd house).

    • Yes Vanessah I feel or felt that way too. Stealing my visions. I read about a to do business man who had every anti theft of his idea’s you could imagine and that’s when I knew I wasn’t imagining it.

  4. @Jan
    With this aspect I sure understand the “very wonky offbeat sense of humour, a love of unpredictability and eccentricity in others”.

  5. @Vanessah Keys Very good company! I have Sun conjunct Uranus by less than 1.5 degrees at the end of Virgo. I think with it being opposed by Uranus at the moment, and recent hit by Saturn gave me much better understandiung of what this aspect means. I always felt like you but I did fully embrace my uniqueness in the last year or so, especially in cyberland. Now I’m in control of my visions and things are fine 🙂

  6. Hmm… I have also met Sun Uranus conjunct people who have a unique brand of selfishness! This is a dreadful aspect to have in a soul who is perhaps not so advanced! I’ve seen problems with the father of the Sun Uranus conjunct person – i.e very absent, distant, difficult or actually unknown. Sun Uranus natives seem to cast themselves in a disproportionate central roll where other people exist only as bit part players to serve them – after all this is often an EGO out of control! Of course with more advanced souls it can be amazing a be used to impart truly humanitarian knowledge. On the greater scheme – perhaps going into the realms of esoteric astrology, I’d say that when a soul incarnates under this aspect it it going to battle through life with many obstacles to over come which require a huge sacrifice of the ego. Ouch!

    • Yes Uberqueenofwands, and what happens when such a person has to negotiate with a Pluto/Uranus square AC.
      Star bloody wars for sure huh!? 😉

    • That’s a bit tought. I am a sun conjunct uranus in cancer with an aquarius ascendant and although I see myself as marching to the beat of my own drum, I am concerned about the well-being of ALL of humanity. Many people want to settle into relationships that may be emotionally close and cosy, but are also stiffling, limiting and fearful of the ubknown. You can care for somebody without agreeing with their personal philosophy. To want others to agree with us on all things is incredibly selfish.

    • Well, that is interesting information. I have a relative with sun Uranus in Scorpio whose father seems distant, three gorgeous girls so maybe that’s why. Old school. The part about bit players is very interesting as that seems about it. I think there’s a Leo moon possibly cuspy so feels like Royalty left over from some previous lifetime.Maids and such. But don’t forget Walt Disney had that placement. Now there’s a piece.

    • I forgot that this person seemed to be able to go out – you know go out. Sit in that resting place beyond, have a thought and come back in.
      I know that sounds strange. Which surprised (Uranus) me.

    • i have uranus conjuncting the sun/mercury/venus/mars and i must say you are correct about that father thing. My parents separated when i was about 9 mos old and i never got to see him. we talked on the phone twice but he’s a bit cold.

  7. I have been blessed with this aspect. Truly blessed, as it quite compliments my stellum in Sagg. Uranus 18 conj Sun 19 very close to MC Sagittarius. Thou it’s not such a favorable aspect for a woman to have, especially in a traditional surrounding such as where I was born. I never had troubles accepting my uniqueness, and have always been quite popular (blame it on Moon 0 Venus in Sagg) BUT there is a dark side to this conjunction. IF you don’t so something meaningful, capital and extravagant in your life, you’ll likely just blow away every established structure in your life and turn into a wrack ball. You need lots and lots of space and time on your own to figure out yourself. This is not a favorable aspect for a quiet homelife. Traditional structures, white picket fence, patriarchate family are best to avoid. Either way – you are a unique INDIVIDUAL and should engage into deep soul-searching before committing yourself to anything that’s not out of the ordinary. Don’t take yourself too seriously and of course, keep that bizarre humor ON!

  8. We see this conjunction today. It sits right at my MC. Going into work soon, finish up an old job, start a new.

  9. I have the sun and moon conjunct uranus for a few days in my third house scorpio ( with the new moon transit) nov 18.2017 thoughts?

  10. Hi Jamie,
    I don’t have this aspect natally but I will experience this aspect in my 10th house on 18 April and right now transiting Uranus is making an opposition to natal Mars which is the ruler of my MC, so I was wondering, out of curiosity, how this aspect with the new moon in 15 could play….should I expect (if someone can expect something with Uranus) good or bad surprises? Would it be related to work or finance as uranus rules my 7 and 8 houses? Or maybe both? May the surprise come from a male? How the moon interacts?
    As you see my mind can’t help about it.
    Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks

  11. I have Uranus transiting my Natal Sun (and Venus) the next two years, back and forth over the exact degrees. Just want to let you know on the day the conjunction was exact (May 29, 2018), I fell and sustained a triple fracture to my right arm, having never broken a bone in my body in my 53 years here. The retrograde right now Uranus is exact once again on October 19th and once again after the first of 2019, so let it be known I will be laying VERY low key during these times. Expect the unexpected during this transit!!!!!

  12. Yes, it is a very beautiful energy and it is complex to handle. I have it natally in conjunction with Mercury, in Scorpio in the sixth house. I am dedicated to Digital Innovation and creative processes co-created from ancestral wisdom, the arts and technology from Human Rights for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age. Sometimes I believe that the blessings of these electrifying sparks are precisely to access this information as a gift to the world, from the walk in beauty of a Bodhisattva.

  13. Hi, I have this natally, Uranus 0’24” conjunct Sun 1’42” Sagittarius. Father present but checked out. Feel impulsive instincts to take action, although I have learned to lean into it rather than resist. Others do take my ideas, nice to know it relates to this aspect. I anchor down within self to feel security.

  14. I have this in my natal chart, and the recent transit was directly opposite it. so sun conjunct Uranus in my 1st opposite sun conjunct Uranus in my 7th, shortly after an eclipse in the first house. It’s been a douzy of a week to say the least but all for the best. A quick summary: I lost a business opportunity, gained 2 new opportunities, launched a new writing gig, and ended a year long business partnership. And got a major download on some family patterning. Wild stuff!

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