Venus Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

Venus Conjunct Saturn Transit

Venus conjunct Saturn maximum orb 6°30′.

Venus conjunct Saturn natal makes you a very loyal and caring person, but you can have trouble showing it. This can lead to delay and restraint in forming close relationships. You long for love and affection, but impediments seem to exist to achieve this.

This can be a karmic aspect. People from previous lives who felt betrayed or hurt by you will seek you out in this life to teach you a lesson and balance things out. It is also possible that people who hurt you in previous incarnations will come back with love to give and valuable lessons to teach. Once you have reached a certain evolutionary point, hardship and sorrow will give way to loving and lasting relationships.

Venus conjunct Saturn can be most challenging while growing up. Lack of self-love or self-respect is usually the main reason for shyness or inability to maintain close relationships. This would be much worse if parents or teachers were hard on you. You may have faced privation, meanness, withdrawal of love and affection, or absence, especially from your father. Abuse is also possible, but the main point is that you may have felt unloved and not valued by others.

Rejection, isolation, and loneliness exacerbate these difficulties as you miss out on developing social and personal interaction skills. Social awkwardness is likely, and you would most likely prefer mixing with only one person or a minimal number of people at any time.

The more you feel bad about yourself, the more people will avoid you. Imagine wearing a sign around your neck that says “unlovable.” Your karmic lesson in this life is to love yourself so others can love you. You may experience periods of isolation in between relationships, and breakups and divorce are common with this aspect.

While young, you may prefer the company of more serious or older people. When older, you may choose a younger partner. Patience, hard work, and determination will be rewarded. The more you learn to accept and love yourself, the more you can express your love and affection. Self-respect brings respect from others, and you will earn the love and loyalty you deserve.

This aspect gives a good sense of rhythm and wonderful creative talents. You can give form to beauty and harmony. However, financial hardship is possible until you learn the value of money and how to keep enough of it to live on. Eventually, as with love, you will learn to hold onto it and not experience periods of restraint or poverty. Saving and investing will bring you the stability and security you seek.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Transit

Venus conjunct Saturn transit can bring disadvantage, isolation and sadness. You may find it difficult to express love and affection, but easy to be cold and mean. Relationships suffer the most with this transit, but you could also experience some financial hardship at this time.

An existing relationship may be tested by distance or separation and a general inability to connect meaningfully. Issues involving guilt or disloyalty may be the source of the problem. A healthy relationship will easily pass this test and may lead to a more significant commitment.

A love relationship on shaky grounds may not last, but generally, other indicators need to be in your chart or theirs. Any sadness or painful experiences endured now will be karmic lessons that lead to a greater understanding of mutual love and respect or loyalty. Women, especially, are more subject to suffering domestic violence.

A new romance that would be very karmic is possible now, based on practical considerations and may involve your career. A noticeable age difference is also potential. This is not a good time for partying as you will generally feel depressed and more concerned with matters of a serious nature.

Money may be tight, and this would be an excellent time to learn to budget correctly to reduce the risk of running short in the future. Starting a savings plan would be a good idea now.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Jacques de Lescaut 0°03′, Chaz Bono 0°06′, Dan Wilson 0°11′, Benedict Cumberbatch 0°15′, Ray Bradbury 0°16′, Marie Curie 0°17′, Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor 0°19′, Timothy McVeigh 0°21′, Paul Menhart 0°22′, Peter Dinklage 0°23′, Martin Luther 0°26′, Robert Helpmann 0°27′, Joel Cohen 0°28′, Rauy Liotta 0°33′, Mariah Carey 0°37′, Victoria Tennant 0°38′, James Spader 0°41′, Benigno Aquino III 0°45′, Akihito 0°48′, Bethany Hamilton 0°52′, Emma Thursby 1°00′, Marty Robbins 1°08′, Leopold Stokowski 1°15′, Bill Gates 1°21′, The Weeknd 1°21′, Danielle Egnew 1°21′, Kim Novak 1°34′, Chris Evert 1°40′, King George III 1°48′, Donald Trump 1°55′, Steffi Graf 1°59′.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Dates

March 28, 2022
January 22, 2023
March 21, 2024
January 18, 2025
April 7, 2025
April 24, 2025
March 6, 2026
May 7, 2027
February 28, 2028
April 24, 2029

71 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie:

    Please tell me that this aspect is not as bad as it sounds…. I am a Libra Sun with Venus in 11º Sagittarius which means that I will have Saturn hitting my Venus 3 times in 2016 with the first one near this global aspect on January and the other two around the Saturn Neptune squares on June and September…

    Love your page,


    • Sorry Anna, but Venus-Saturn aspects and transits are the hardest of all in my opinion, and that of many other astrologers. I have Venus opposite Saturn in my chart. One thing about Saturn though, it does get better with age.

      • Hi Jamie, I noticed that there’s no Venus opposite Saturn aspect listed. I have this in my natal chart as well (with Saturn retrograde, sigh) and would love to know more about it as I’ve had quite a hard time for many years now. Thanks!

        • I will get to all the aspects as they come around in the sky. I have exactly the same plus with Mercury on Venus. Saturn retrograde gets better with age.

      • I too have Venus conjunct Saturn… I belong to the Capricorn Stellium generation, so actually I have a whole six planets conjunct there. Glad to hear that it gets better with age!

        • And the more dutiful, respectful and responsible you are the quicker it turns around. I especially noticed that paying off debts and keeping on top of all matters makes a big difference.

    • The bad thing is, Venus is your ruler, so you’re likely to feel this and there’s no way you can get away from it. The good thing is, there’s a chance this may sextile your Sun, which is not that bad. By playing your cards right, you may actually gain something, perhaps by dating an older man, a Capricorn, your boss or a man in uniform. Be extra careful with your finances, stop fooling around in love, get real. If you’re already in a relationship, this might be a good time to make it official, perhaps by picking a wedding date. The squares to Neptune call for extreme caution, unless you like marrying a drunk, an addict or a crazy guy. Believe in your man, yeah, but don’t believe just anything. In the very best case, you may find an older, well established man, who supports you all the way, protects you against anything, will go anywhere with you and will stay with you forever, or till death do you part.

      I have Venus at 13 Sag, by the way, I’m a Capricorn, this is obviously my Venus return too and it’s a hard one. To make things worse, this is my 2nd house, so it’s a double whammy. No, it doesn’t feel good at all, it’s a very lonely and depressive transit, which makes all your relationship failures come back to haunt you. I have nothing but relationship failures, not one single real success, so my life is all about ghosts of relationships past, plus of course the ones that might have been, but never became a thing. My finances are a joke, of course. If it’s any consolation to you, things might be worse for you. You might have one Saturn and two Venuses squaring Pluto/Uranus in Virgo, squaring Chiron/Vesta/T-Atropos in Pisces and opposing Atropos in Gemini. I have that permanently. For you, this is a mean transit, for me it’s the culmination of a misery generating process that never ends.

    • Yes, same as with most transits of fast moving planets like Venus to slow moving ones like Saturn. Retrograde motion can change things like with Mercury square Mars this week.

      • Thanks Jaime, facinating read… As always. Good to know this will only be felt for a day.. Now I’ll duck & try to saty out of sight… Ha! Ha 🙂
        Blessings from the other side of earth, Coliberi

  2. Hi Jamie, in my natal chart ,I have my retro venus 26:31 conjunct my direct saturn 25:10 in aries. do you think this transit will dubble the situation 🙁

    • Maybe not double but it should be stronger for you. There is a long held belief in astrology that a particular transit in the sky will more strongly affect those with the same natal aspect. Fixed star Al Pherg improves your conjunction nicely.

  3. Jamie, I so enjoy your writing. Thank you for doing all that you do. I have Saturn 5 degrees Taurus conjunct my Venus at 9 degrees Taurus. And I have two questions about that. One: will this transit affect me more adversely as the current Venus and Saturn Transit are inconjunct my natal pairing? And secondly, I was in a relationship on and off with a woman for the last 6 years who’s sun/moon midpoint fell at 7 degrees Taurus. Her natal Saturn/ Venus conjunction is conjunct mine but in Aries. We parted recently on uncertain to bad terms. This relationship has felt like no other I have ever had in 46 years of life and I am not sure what to do about it. Could I perhaps anticipate a renewal of it based on these aspects?

    • Thanks Kurt, you will feel it more strongly because you have the same aspect in your natal chart. And stronger still because of the quincunx. Possibly more adversely depending on how well you have been attending to your duties and obligations. I’m confused about the synastry, you say conjunction is conjunct your, yet in Aries? I would guess there is more to come if you do have a strong link in synastry because Saturn can act like glue in such cases.

      • Thank YOU Jamie. Yes the conjunctions are as follows: Her Saturn 25 degrees and Venus 26 degrees Aries. My IC at 29 degrees Aries. My Saturn at 5 and Venus 9 degrees Taurus. Her Sun/moon midpoint at 7 degrees Taurus. Its intense.

  4. Happy new year Jamie and Astrology King:

    What happens when; Venus/Saturn conjuncts in a composite chart, and square or opposition in synastry?


    • A conjunction is a composite chart can mean very close bonding and karmic attraction, but also delays and problems with distance or expressing love. Personal experience has shown it can also delay separation which took for ever! The synastry will be much the same, a big test to pass in order the make it work.

  5. Hi Jamie, both Venus and Saturn is sitting exactly on my DC right now and NN and Jupiter is sitting in my 5th (stellium of natal planets (4h) in virgo). I’m not really in a relationship, come to think of it, I’ve never really been in a relationship (that’s the gemini asc speaking). What can I expect?


    • This can indicate a a new relationships or commitment in an existing relationships. If alone then it will increase your feeling about the matter, making you think about why your relationships status is so, what you feel about it, and perhaps make a decision about what to do about it, or else accept it. This conjunction will have a far greater impact than the effected of house placement.

  6. Hey Jamie,

    Really enjoy your page. I have Neptune at 13 degrees Sagittarius in the natal, and my ascendant is 8 degrees Sag. With the Saturn/Venus conjunction sitting right in the middle of all this, and opposing my Natal Venus at 9 degrees Gemini, somehow I’ve fallen in love with someone unlike any I’ve met before. So much going on, transit wise, I don’t know how to interpret it…. Any thoughts?

    • Lucky you! This could be something serious and long term given your transits, or it could be fanciful and illusory. Is the love reciprocated?

  7. It absolutely is. Not only that, but there have been incredible synchronicities and omens all around me during our courtship that have been unlike anything I have ever experienced. We both are blown away daily by bizarre events that seem to indicate something very meaningful is happening, though neither of us knows what that might be, apart from our obvious desire to be with each other. We can talk for hours and are rarely out of contact with one another for long. It seems we’re magnetically drawn to one another by some force we don’t fully understand. I’m madly, madly in love. So these transits might indicate such a relationship? Thanks for the response, Jamie.

    • Definitely, in your case Saturn is acting like a glue. I expect you have spent an awfully long time apart since your last relationships in a previous incarnation which was cut short or experienced some sadness or hardship.

  8. Hi Jamie
    I have saturn at 27° conjuct my Venus at 18° both in Leo in my DC in my natal chart. Am a cancer sun, acquarius ascendant, Taurus moon.
    I have Sun, mercury & jupiter in my 6th and taurus moon in my 4th…am 37 years old never married but have gone through 2 extremely painful break ups in the past 6 years with the last break up taken place in sept 2015.
    How serious is this conjuction which is 9 degrees apart in my 7th house ? and what to expect in my next relationship and when is it the right time ?

    • Sara, that is too wide to be classed as a conjunction, for me anyhow. Only your Descendant applies to your marriage partner and other close partnerships, within an orb of 3 or 4 degrees. I know I am the only astrologer like this, but I don’t use houses because they are man made imaginary things. Much more informative is to find any fixed stars on your planets and points.

  9. Hi Jamie, I have natal Venus in Libra conjunct Saturn in my first house.. What are the positives and negatives of this sign placement?

    • I don’t use Signs or Houses so would want to know the degree to look for any fixed star conjunctions.

  10. Venus conjunct Neptune may have something to do with talented dancers as well – i’ve seen it in the charts of a number of them – Nureyev had it with an orb of 0’27 in Aries 10th house……along with Sun in Pisces conjunct MC.

  11. My ex has this aspect. Again, it’s spot on and his natal Venus is retrograde. I was the younger partner and my natal Venus is square Saturn, so I attract the older partners. My friends probably didn’t understand when I started seeing him (being a lot older), but it’s not me, it’s my astrology! I was 21 when I started seeing him and he was 41! His natal Saturn is also exactly opposite my vertex and conjunct my moon!

    • There must have been some lessons for you both from the relationship. My Venus opposite Saturn has not resulted in a major age difference in my long term relationships. In between there were some flings with younger ones though. As you age you may find yourself with much younger men.

      • I’ve had relationships with 3 older guys. But yes, I can see myself getting with a guy my own age now. I’m not saying that all older guys aren’t fun, but after a while the fun seems over and they can come across Saturnian in nature, which I really don’t like. I quite want a fun boyfriend now! It’s funny – my natal Venus is Square Saturn and Uranus, but my asteroid Juno is trine Uranus and Saturn. Maybe that means my married life will be better! My natal Juno is also trine my Moon.

  12. What happens when you have this transit opposing chiron and conjunct uranus(Chiron at 14 Gemini and Uranus at 14 Sagi)?

    • Hi Maria. So many of our generation have Chiron opposite Uranus it can be hard to tell what it means. Just with your Uranus I would think some frustration at your creativity or independence being blocked somehow.

  13. Hi Jamie, I would appreciate if you could please help me to know what to expect with this Venus and Saturn conjunction? Let’s just say it’s been a really crazy year or so and I’m really trying to find hope. I am also curious on the tests you mentioned that would have to be passed, when would it be known if I passed or not? I’m still learning how to give out all my info in the way others make it seem so easy…lol…I’m a Sagittarius (12/2/1982 7:23am Plano, TX). It’s been really really really hard this past year and I’m starting to see maybe some things getting better and then something else happens. Like finally finding a job that I really like, but still not working enough to pay bills. It’s been so hard on my relationship this past year and the sad part is that there is nothing wrong with our relationship except that I have had a hard time with finding and keeping a job and enough money and to make my boyfriend happy by being able to move out of his place and live on my own. I’ve almost just given up on everything and embrace the apathy more and become homeless by choice. It’s been hard also since none of my family will help me either. My boyfriend has been the only person in my life that’s here for me and I’m worried about this conjunction. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you for the wonderful article.

  14. I just discovered that during the last venus conjunct saturn in january, my (ex)boyfriend and i seperated.
    (actually quite like in the text above! :/ ) – it was hard afterwards – of course
    I’m also a Sagg.
    Saturn is conjunct my Sun for the moment so i’m a bit anxious what it will give now on relationshiplevel.
    I’m also having Pluto conjunct my moon so it wont make things easier.
    Best of luck to you Misty
    All Sagg’s are in this together. We will get through 😉

    • Thank you Eleanor, and my deepest sympathies to you on your separation and hardships.

  15. Hi, Misti all your worries and hardship you had suffered as a Sagittarius native with Saturn paying a long visit to your sun sign have an explanation: Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius on December 23rd, 2014.

    Saturn will occupy the sign of Sagittarius from December 23, 2014 to June 14, 2015; and then finishes up its transit from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017.

    Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come full circle, and thus spends on average close to 2-1/2 years in a sign. Seek further information on Internet and you will be shocked by what you’ll find out. Cheers

    • Thank you Maria del Carmen, I have been reading through so much of the lack of joy that is Saturn. I have so many planets together in my 1st and 12th natal houses and it has been definitely been crazy. It has seemed that every time I think that the worst is over I find out something new that I hadn’t yet learned about or had the time to read into more because there was always something else going on that I was trying to figure out. I’ve only recently in the past year or so really delved deeper into learning more. It has definitely been worth it to study so much into astrology and understand wtf is going on. These crazy planets have definitely changed so much in my life and I’m really trying to stay positive and wait for it supposedly and hopefully change for the better. Thank you for your help!

  16. Oh my Jamie…I was going to meet a new guy this day and I just cancelled on reading this post!!
    I see he has his Saturn Conjunct my Venus exact in libra. Am I being visited by him due to some karmic debt from a former life, I wonder?? We are both Virgos…and I have never dated one…nor him. Be well.

  17. My 11yr old son has this transit conj his H9 natal Moon ryt nw..and I notice his behaviour is preferring to be socially isolated and somewhat happy with it and doing his “own” thing..if that makes sense.Also he is “picking” on his younger sibling which irritates me the most..I end up disciplining/growling him when I’d rather not..I like a peaceful home at all times (H4 Libra).Iv also just been preapproved for a new home loan and will be receiving more income (2 boarders).This conj is in my H6 trines my MC.Im starting a new healthy diet/regime on this Scorpi NM (my Pluto is in Virgo..feeling a very powerful urge to diet and exercise like a trojan since Scorpio rules my H5 & 6).Saturn will conj my Desc and oppose my Asc at Xmas ths year..when I need it th most to help with the temptation to overeat at Xmas dinner.Great!

  18. I have Venus at 18 degree LEO and Saturn at 27 degree LEO both in my 7th house as I am an aquarius asc…I turned 38 on 1st July, never been married…and so far love has been extremely painful and disappointing..
    What more to expect from this 9 degree apart conj between these 2 planets ? will appreciate some guidance

  19. Hi Jamie. I met someone new on the day of the Venus-Saturn conjunction. Even though these are early days, is this a good sign? I have a natal Venus-Saturn opposition, if that matters…

  20. I find your interpretation troubling. The assumption that those of us with this placement do not love ourselves enough is horse@$#! Sometimes a person is merely stuck. They may not have been taught how to avoid predatory people so to keep oneself safe they remove themselves or avoid relationships. The people surrounding them are either abusive, careless or uncaring. Who wants to seek any of them? You may have gotten hurt when younger but no one was there to explain to you how predators work. So one had to learn the hard way and it took time to learn the truth. That doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. It probably means you love yourself more. People that don’t love themselves accept their abuse and participates in the abuse. A person with self love will fight back. Will keep unto themselves until they are safe. Will look for safe people. Self preservation is the first law in humanity. Once one is able to see the difference between a predator and a socialized person, one can relax. Don’t confuse thr fake “science” of psychology with what really happens. It sounds like you blame the “victim” for their own attack.

    • The the basis of much astrology is that you won the natal aspect. Events and relationship that manifest in your life as a result of your planetary asepcts. Venus Saturn contacts are the most challenging of all aspects. My interetation is based on my own chart (Mercury and Venus opposite Saturn), two wives this hard Venus Saturn aspects and countless clients who at some stage hated themselves.

    • You are quite right. The Saturn venus aspect does often nvolve challenges from mean abusive situations and people. Also the holder of the aspect can flip and be the abuser. That’s when choice, free will and the environmental factors come into play.
      Saturn in Libra or in the seventh also tend to manifest this way.
      I do it your way. That is I am very cautious (saturn) about who, when and how i love and there are “tests” (saturn) to pass. Don’t even think of lying, cheating, being financially irresponsible to me-if you do then were DONE.
      So being somewhat reserved and aloof has worked wonders and keeps nonsense away. No contact=No conflict.
      Relationships (of all kinds)that are REAL may be sparse and not flashy, but they are a joy for their commitment loyalty and dependability (saturn)
      I love myself too😊

  21. Hi Jamie! What about Venus sesqui-quadrate Saturn? I actually never even knew I had a Venus/Saturn aspect but me & someone I dated both have this and I saw a LOT of myself in him in sort of bad timing & feeling like you have to push folks away. Is it as tough as the classic hard aspects? (We both have had many serial relationships) but never married. Both in mid & late 40s.

  22. WOW! I’m amazed!
    Truthfully spot-on! Hahaha..
    I’ve had (just now) immense realizations on saturn conj venus (9th scorpio with south node on there too not conj)
    And yes it is extremely true to the core. All of the things said on saturn conj venus. Deprived of it and abandoned. Sad truthfully.. but I see it now.
    I did.. not knew how to love since I loved based on ideals and not love.. as well as lack of self respect i.e. self love

  23. Hi Jamie, I have venus and Saturn Conjuction in my 1st house (both on 21^) and I also have pluto in same house. My life took lots of twist and turns as mentioned in the articles I faced 2 divorce and many heart breaks,but finally i met a girl who can I love amd and she reciprocates. I faced abuse amd baseless allegations from my father and my family. I touched my career highs in 2010-11, but since then its drastically went down. I am jobless, homeless and clueless since Jan 2018. This year has been tremendeously loss making. Lots of loans on my shoulder.
    Can you please help me find the wayout, I am born on 8 Oct 1984, at 9.00 am, in Karad, Maharashtra, India.

  24. I have Saturn opposite venus…and it must be karmic because it’s beenUNREAL…but I did pray and pray…and found a man who has Saturn conj Pallas in his 7th (Pallas is conj my asc)….and we both have Sun conj Pluto in Virgo. He is the ONLY person I have met in my whole life…Who isn’t here to harm me. I remember my past life…that caused all of this…I was caught up in Irish IRA…from early…and from peer pressure…
    I harmed many assholes in that life…and now this life has been a an circus of assholes torturing me.
    I am very sorry…as I was in that life…and this gives me patience with the karmic asshole convention that arrives to harm me. Karma is real.

  25. Age of Aquarius chart, Uranus Ingress Aquarius, Tropical Aquarius Sign Rising, January 12, 1996

    Progressions 8 Nov 2016
    Venus 21Pis45
    Saturn 22Pis13

    8 Nov 2017
    Saturn 22Pis19
    Venus 22Pis57

    8 Nov 2018
    Saturn 22Pis26
    Venus 24Pis09

    8 Nov 2019
    Saturn 22Pis32
    Venus 25Pis20

    8 Nov 2023
    Saturn 22Pis58
    Ascendant 23Pis03
    Venus 00Ari05

    Hang in there lovers! Make art. Big canvas!

  26. It’s even depressing to look at the celebrity info. You have Timothy McVeigh, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Kurt Cobain–psychopaths, narcissists, and suicide cases–and none of them even has this conjunction nearly as exactly as I do (within a 2-minute orb). As the description says, this is something that ought to be karmic–e.g., you did such and such in a past life and this is the consequence–however, I have looked and come up with nothing. If there were such an explanation, it’d be exactly the sort of thing Saturn would love to shove in my face, but all I get when searching is that I’ve been a rebel in every one of my incarnations, and this is just the Tyrant’s way of twisting the knife.

    The expression of this influence in my life is that I’m now a 37-year-old virgin–never been able to have a real relationship, and although I’ve made friends in the various circumstances of my life, I’ve never had an actual support structure, either. I’ve lived my life moving from one awkward and confining situation to the next, and although I’ve had ample opportunity for education and self-improvement, any time I start to get a little bit of freedom, my life gets hammered with completely unfair circumstances–most usually, my finances or my reputation or both are sabotaged, often by authority figures who are (in theory) supposed to be above such petty and malicious behavior. In short, I’ve lived my life as if I were a prisoner despite the fact that I’ve been a good person throughout and never harmed anybody. I watch friends and acquaintances living lifestyles and getting things handed to them that I can only dream about without having had any of my struggles. So although I am accomplished in many areas and a very capable individual, the one thing that I can never seem to do is cobble together a life which is even remotely satisfying or fulfilling, and moreover, the harder I try, the more violent and unreasonable a resistance I seem to encounter.

    However, if you were to look at my birth chart, all of my other placements and aspects are very positive. Of course, I’m not saying that the stars actually caused the hardship in my life, but they do tell the tale quite accurately, and the ’cause’–if you want to countenance such a thing–is as capricious as it could conceivably be.

      • Thank you for your suggestion. I have looked into Caroline Myss’s work before, but have not read this book. It’s on my list now, so whenever I have some discretionary money again, I’ll check it out.

        • @R,Forget that book,it won’t help.

          I would suggest you stop running and face crisis points.

          They are your teacher/s,which bring up past unfelt/unreleased emotions.

          Crisis points will continue and only get worse if one doesn’t face the music.

          Also and most importantly on moving forward,give up masterbating and watching porn.

          Your life will be transformed.

          …and work on quitting other addictions.

          Work towards non-attachment.

          A Pdf book:

          • Yeah, not actually a porn addict. Not even close. It’s a logical assumption and would be an easy fix, but it simply doesn’t apply.

            I think my life is one enormous crisis point, and one reason I’ve faced so absurdly much hostility in my life is that I don’t back down from them, ever. I steer directly into the storm every time, wanting to flush the truth out to resolve the situation, but the problem is that 99.9% of people run in the opposite direction as fast as they can. When the actual truth is the last thing people want to hear, then they structure their lives around lies, which is what we’ve done as a whole society. Now, the so-called authorities owe their positions and status and worldview to a steaming pile of blatant bullshit, and if you’re the heretic who points out the man behind the curtain, they will wage war against your life, and the more you can prove the point you were making, the worse it’ll go for you.

            To say the same thing another way, animals and kids love me. I get along swimmingly in the natural world, but when it comes to the world of people, I am so constantly harangued and attacked that I can barely exist there (yes, I’ve often considered Hermitage, too). And in essence, the reason for this dynamic is that I will not go along with demented nonsense, which is the bedrock of almost everything in our culture. So yes, it hurts to be deprived of sex and companionship, and it hurts to be confined to a prison of financial lack despite my many credentials and accomplishments. However, the worst part is going through life without anyone around me who is clear-headed enough to understand me and whom I can trust to actually grasp my meaning when I rant about some of these things.

            I think if astrology really held the answer, I would have found it by now, but it is sometimes really good at tracing the outline of the problem. I do appreciate your effort to help. Thank you.

            • @R,I can relate,as i now live a hermit existence and have very little to do with this corrupt system.

              Some advice,eek out an existence where your ‘happy’ and or strive(dream)on where you want to be.

              Use the system to your advantage,look at it as a game.

              Have Faith in the unknown.
              Turn your back on the system and the lies and you will be helped.

              Lose addiction/non attachment.

              Lastly,give up thoughts of sex and companionship.
              Direct your energy elsewhere on what makes you happy and create.

              Have no desire nor outcomes and live as a minimalist,keep only what you use and need.

              Little is more.

              Take care of the small things and the big things will follow.

              The universe,the unknown,will have your back.

  27. Wow Jamie … Here it’s 2022, and yeah, it’s been a pretty rough day! I have a Saturn square Venus natally, and have had to go through many trials by fire in learning those karmic lessons.
    Now it’s about discernment, and wisdom 💫
    With love & light 💛

  28. I am Virgo sun aquarius moon cancer asc
    My chart is one big double whammy and your advice is refreshing.


    Curious about a spike in attendance at a conservative investment social media website, the primary aspect that day, March 28/29, Venus conj Saturn.

    The chart shows asteroid gold and psyche. Psyche 16 is said to be a core of a long ago planet filled with precious metal.

    The Pluto, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Moon 5th house, is your speculation. Lucky Jupiter obscured by cloudy Neptune Descendant.

  30. Do I know you? i feel like i just told you my problems and you wrote it all down on this page. It’s scary how accurate you described my situation. I’m about to be shipped off to the military in a couple months and me and my girlfriend have been arguing and fighting over disloyalty. It dosent help that shes a hardcore catholic that is saving her body until after marriage and i’m a horny son of a gun! I do admit i’m a little cold with her too. This article honestly has made me look back at my decisions and where i’m going. I think i need to have a serious talk with my girlfriend.

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