Canada Horoscope

Canada Horoscope

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Canadians celebrate their national day on July 1 each year to mark the enactment of the British North America Act in 1867. This used to be called Dominion Day. I’m using the time of 00:00 hrs in Ottawa as per Nicholas Campion [1].

This Dominion chart looks to work well when looking at major events in the history of Canada. Below are the transits to the Dominion Horoscope from one major event which shows the accuracy of the chart. The event was the École Polytechnique massacre on December 6 1989. An anti-feminist massacred fourteen women then killed himself. The killer entered to college class at 5:10 pm (see chart). Precession correction value = 102′.

Canada HoroscopeSolar Eclipse conjunct Mars 57′
New Moon square Mars 41′
North Node square Saturn 18′
Neptune oppoiste Sun 33′, opposite Uranus 52′, conjunct MC 79′
Uranus conjunct Lilith 41′
Jupiter square Vertex 04′
Venus square Part of Fortune 44′
Mercury opposite Moon 93′, square Chiron 50′
AC conjunct Moon 12′
Part of Fortune conjunct South Node 07′
Vertex conjunct Saturn 27′

1. The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, p.73


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  1. Transits to Canada horoscope for May 2011 Election (precess 2 degrees):

    Lunar Eclipse conjunct Moon – Public mood strongly influenced by emotion, need for basics, security, womens vote may be decisive.

    Pluto trine Mars – Favours aggressive stances on foreign policy, chest beating nationalism.

    Saturn square Sun – Not favorable for the current PM.

    Mercury conjunct Neptune – Lies and deception. Oh what a surprise for an election!

  2. Wow! you could not have been nmore wrong about the election! Steven Harper won hands down!

  3. I think the chart with the Libra ascendant should be considered. To me it seems to be a better fit. For one, The fifth house Jupiter could be indicative of our abundance of creative, entertaining people. And we are a lot more like Cancer MC in behavior and the way we have been perceived in the world (before Harper). Possibly our eleventh house mercury gift could be our many comedians and writers etc. Of course this all depends on what house system is used. We have a ninth house sun which is conjunct Uranus keeping us open to change and new ways of looking at the world. Also having freedom of religion in our charter of rights. Our tenth house moon shows how we are always ready to help anyone and are perceived that way by the rest of the world as well. (again before Harper) The eighth house Pluto could be our abundant and dangerous resources, ie: asbestos, uranium, the tar sands that are polluting huge amounts of clean water and killing wildlife in tailing ponds. The annual seal kill etc. What do you think?

    • Hi Carmen
      It is a better fit because it is accurate. Canada was signed in as a country at 12pm. Midnight has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  4. I took another look at the chart and see that the balsamic moon is actually in the ninth house but rules the MC.
    I think we are more like a Cancer moon, and the Uranus Sun conjunction fits too.

  5. The paperwork that was signed making Canada a country was done at noon on July 1st. I am afraid that the information you have regarding this country is off base. Libra in the ascendant means that the Canadian political focus has always been in partnership with other countries. The charm, grace, balance that has been the hallmark of the culture is the means used by politicians to get what they want. Everything is explained if you use noon as the time of demarcation. Check when a government is sworn in and you can tell how they will run the country. Use Mercury in any mundane chart to find important agreements signed and released to other parties/countries. It is the movement of Mercury that is highly significant. Note the house/sign that Mercury is in when negotiations start, follow it through retrograde, back to stationary, and you can tell pretty exactly what is being done and how it will effect the people. I have done this with Canada, Isreal, the Vatican, UK, Indonesia and a few others. Never fails. These days, especially since the Grand Square it has been truly frightening. Please note that Canada was not born at midnight, but at 12:00pm. July 1, 1867. Thank you from a once proud Canadian.

  6. As a long time Canadian astrologer and mundane affairs analyst (45 years), I also have worked with the Canadian chart for Libra rising for many years and have found it to be much more compatible with the transits, the history and the Canadian mosiac and identity, compared with the Aries rising midnight chart suggested by Rob Campion. An Ottawa newspaper in 1867 even did a newspaper article on the birth of Canada, according to astrologer Rab Wilkie, with the swearing in ceremony being delayed to 12:05 pm. due to a cannon malfunction. Therefore.the 12:05 pm chart for July 1st, 1867 works very well, in my view. The Sun and Moon in Cancer appropriately demonstrates the Canadian identity, the love of home, the conservative lifestyle, (also the xenophobia) and the importance of foreign investment, higher education and our well known academia and research. Canada came about as a result of taking a risk; i.e. the trans continental railway tying the eastern provinces with the western ones. Railways are ruled by Jupiter and the Sun conjunct Uranus trine Jupiter aspect aptly makes that link clear. The 8 degrees of Libra rising is conjunct the malevolent fixed star Vindeamatrix, implying widowhood or seperation. For years, Canada’s sovereignty has been seriously threatened by seperation, first from Quebec and more recently, from Alberta. Finally, the void of course Moon in Gemini in the Aries rising chart does not explain our pioneering work in telecommunications,computers and satellite technology. I doubt the void of course Moon, at all. Makes no sense to me ! Canadians are much more Cancer like. What do you think. Jamie ?

  7. Canada’s independence was achieved by the Statute of Westminster on 11 December 1931. This chart, which has a tight Saturn-Pluto-Uranus t-square, should be considered as well. Most countries’ national charts are based on their independence day. Other countries have more than a single chart.

  8. Hello Andre: I looked at the chart you recommended. That chart, featuring a stellium of planets in Capricorn, doesn’t make sense to me? We Canadians are “not” Capricorns. We have Sun and Moon in Cancer, with Libra rising. if you use the 12:05 noon chart. They tend towards socialist schemes (like universal medicare, free schooling and high taxes) while Capricorns practice austerity and are mostly cruel, in addition to being cheap. Come and live in this frigid, deceitful icebox for a few years and you will see what I mean?

  9. Monolith shows up in Cold Lake Alberta. “Cylindrical shape. May need to include it in geometry features”. This one in the news last Monday, found on the Frozen. Maybe put there the day before, no? Pi Day 3:14

    Alberta (and Saskatchewan) new provinces September 1, 1905, noon. Edmonton.

    Both natal (Scorpio asc), and Progressed (Aries Asc) Mars chart ruler, the planet of energy

    Some people look at circumference differently than the 3.14 transcendental number, and that’s what Alberta progressed hard aspects suggest to me with that monolith. Open the orbs and there are plenty more.

  10. Feminist Christ*** Freeland tables a Federal Budget Tabernacle, while wearing rather arousing round shoes…made especially for the occasion..

    Chart set for 16:06:06 Ottawa April 19

    Like the Regulus ingress Great Mother chart, the collaborative Feminist archon chart, the Rising Sign is Virgo, Mercury chart ruler.

  11. Canada natal chart, 33% orb factor
    transits May 27, 2021

    Activate asteroid
    Giuseppe Garibaldi 4317, military privateer Italian hero.
    Karl Jaspers 48435, philosopher and existential thinker.

    the transits for these two asteroids are sensitive degree
    Jaspers 29Ari, Garibaldi 29Sco rx

    Note natal Jaspers conjunct Uranus, Opposite midheaven, trine Jupiter 12th.

  12. Canada natal chart

    asteroid Saltis 36614, 4Leo26
    Mercury, 4Leo22

    “The asteroid Saltis was discovered in August 2000 by Alexis Brandeker, at the time an astronomy student at Stockholm Observatory. The object was named after the nickname of Saltsjöbaden. A model of the asteroid was inaugurated at a ceremony on January 14, 2010, at Kunskapsskolan…”

    “The model is the latest addition to Sweden Solar System (SSS) – the world’s largest model of our solar system, in which the Globe in Stockholm represents the Sun. Planets, asteroids and comets are scaled in size and distance relative to the Globe, and the system extends from Karlshamn in the south to Kiruna in the north. As through a miracle Saltis lands precisely in Saltsjöbaden..”

    ref. Astrologyking April 2019 New Moon and Full Moon

    model building
    model society, re Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

  13. The Oil Well

    natal Canada with Saltis conjunct Mercury.

    July 1st 2021 transits
    Venus conj. Mercury/Saltis, see above

    Moon sq Moon. This transit doesn’t last long. Watch out for unnecessary conflicts with loved ones.
    “If you are trying to stir people up about some issue or call their attention to circumstances that must be dealt with, this transit can be quite helpful, although the others may not appreciate your role in this”

    ref.Robert Hand, Planets in Transit, pg105

  14. Basel III, new regs for banking and gold, just hours away. The chart is Aries Rising, same as with Canada, and other pairings caught my eye.


    The Pantheon is a new gold standard, and like an Olympic relay, it is exciting to see the exchange of the baton, ie. an exact Moon/Sun connection. Note the European location is London.UK

    Basel III, if its going to score, will look for Canada on the wing to provide the assist.

    • The Basel II – Canada synastry uses a Libra Rising in the Canada chart. Just swap the time from PM to AM to match Jamie’s chart for Aries. In the future, check databases to ensure ledger entries match.

  15. Canada is a Libra Rising. And Canada’s Neptune is on the Basel III ascendant, like the Henge, another chart with a Neptune rising. This might sound tiresome, but the natal Solar Return gives a Scorpio ascendant, which means this year is only good for working on The Edifice And an old friend with a Scorpio rising degree would concur, he would say “If you build it, they will come”.


    At the 1st Quarter Moon our esteemed, expensive, global astrologer geniuses wish to invoke an election on Canada, September 20.

    Stand up and be counted: ARC, Proofs, Henge and Standard. The 5 Trillion +, Made in Canada, the Solar Systems penultimate Artwork export. Seen from outerspace, an idea of no award, only chaotic pandamonium, bewildering remedies, strange dancing…

    • Someone is celebrating… strange dancing indeed, an in mask motion automon, accompanied by tone deaf clapping. Comedian election gets all the canned laughter. A hair splitting banana? Are your sides hurting?

      Post election Venus opposite Uranus, I’m reluctant to admit, but they don’t want to go home with each other, or rather if two parties want to nuzzle, say after coitus, one will fantasize of a third. Next thing you know the leader catches wiff of this old idea and wants Parliament prorogued, but the Speaker has a suit to consider…

      The campaign had its astrological highlites. You know what they are? Gravel Gerald, the Nobleton Elm Tree, and that dastardly JohnBolton asteroid webpage mysteriously appearing on my browser. Those were the big three. That could be the outline of a chapter. Sit in the comfy bookstore chair sipping tea, and when no one is watching write the book.

  17. Jean Charest, a veteran Canadian politician, bringing some balance to the Conservative leadership campaign. This is not necessarily an endorsement, just an example of how Political science evolves these days. For instance, …

    … He’s in the news emphasizing his Will (Leo) to win. Note the planets in the Progressed 9th house by the time the Solomon Seal forms, March 2023. Venus Conjunct Uranus Opposite Moon.

    If he gets any momentum
    “I will (Leo) win”, becomes ” I Know (Aquarius) I Will (Leo) win.”

    In my humble opinion before he got the phone call to throw his hat in the ring, I’m not so sure someone following us here at Astrologyking didn’t plug his name in the same settings I was using for the Cosmogenesis Solomon Seal. And Viola! It worked. Amazing. It’s not hard work and hard knocks that win you a race, but skippering someone else’s. And if he wins and becomes Prime Minister, every one of his appointments will (Leo) know (Aquarius) where it came from.

  18. Canada having an administrative health care crisis. The systems meaning and purpose perennial issue. ie. Ascendant quincunx North node, cusp of 6th house. Why distress now? Uranus stress and the Artwork.

    Canada natal a good chart for reviewing the Universal hub

    Compare Canada natal Venus to the Lunar occultation of Mars. Your passion? cope and something alternative next year. Note quintiles.

  19. Canada and Comet C2022 E3 ZTF Perigee


    brief highlights

    Moon conj Moon 28°Gem51′. A two minute orb amazing.
    Pluto quincunx Moon(s), Pluto can be a bully, but this comet, its astrology and connection to thee artwork verily, means green-with-envy.
    Part of Fortune study, Saltis the modeller.
    Canada’s Uranus/Sun gets an easy opposition Nodal Axis lift.

  20. Canada at a crossroads it seems, wondering what to do about all the interest its getting.

    The up coming three-quarter Moon synastry, March 14, 2023, with the Country’s natal, reveals a bit of a surprise. There’s very little tangible contact with the Moon,Neptune,Sun and Mars t-square on that day. With this out of the way, or only affecting the personal, review a few other features of the comparison:

    Saturn quintile Pluto. As Saturn is fixed in natal Canada, and Pluto a slow mover, the country has a bit of time to show its expertise in one of the most definable relationships of the era: Saturn conj. Pluto. A recent example: Saturn, Moon, Pluto conjunction from January 23, 2020. Was it a surpise to learn so starkly the financial panorama?

    Jupiter-Chiron conjunct Neptune sextile Venus. Neptune and Venus are fixed in this arrangement, the transit provides the Spiritual dynamic and connection to art, value and a tradeable good.

    Venus transit Canada Part of Fortune. We are not afraid to embellish an Art piece, and put an uncomfortably high value on it. Saying that again for good luck.

    The country should maybe try taking the high road. The world learned the model quickly and are sniffing around for a path to transition. What’s come Out Of Canada is good for the world, how it was accomplished, maybe not to optimum, a little uncomfortable acknowledging that. Makes people look bad, I know, its the internet and pace was a feature.

    • Add Centaur 7066 Nessus, thx to Rob and Jamie for pointing this out.

      Where you’re abused or where you abuse.

      Canada natal has Nessus conjunct NNode, transit conjunct SNode. Is it fair to say Canada is under abuse from within and from without? Or 5th – as a speculation, and felt less as an entertainment, or 11th faux friends, hopes and wishes, it’s own Institutions?

  21. A post now by Jamie regarding March 14-17 Spiritual Warfare. Mars transiting Out-of-Bounds, in that square to Neptune.

    In terms of Canada, note Andromeda ‘Vertex’, Venus , Part of Fortune. If you look at all the posts there

    there are clusters that speak of image change, the theme of the March 7 Full Moon.

    For example Just outside of Canada, Alaska, another reversal in US govt policy, the opening of the Willow territory for hydro carbon extraction, timed perhaps with the very recent analysis of Time Stamp Moon, Willow branch dream catcher January 23, 2020

    not bad eh? hows that spiritual reckoning?

  22. The 12:05 pm Canada astrology chart
    This one is based on an eyewitness account of the offical announcement and celebrations, published in the local Ottawa newspaper the following day. (source: astrologer Rab Wilkie quoted on Robert Couteau’s website).

    Jul 1, 1867 at, 12:05 pm LMT, in Ottawa, ON (75w42, 45n25) and is close to the 12:00 pm one too of. LIBRA rising is totally Canadian identity before Justin Trudeau destroyed Canada’s good reputation. as wanting eveyrone to think they are NICE. every one alwasys said Canadians are so nice. this time also moves that strange SUN URANUS CAZIMI in the midnight time away to a Sun Uranus MOON conjunction in Cancer in the 9H of foreigners, immigrants,wide open spaces from sea to shining sea.
    I could go on.

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