Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on 20 April 2010, sank two days later, and now the oil spill from the uncapped valve on the sea floor is causing an environmental emergency, about to wash ashore on the fragile Louisiana coastline.

The minor planet Ceres has been mentioned a lot lately in relation to the environment because she is has been in conjunction with Pluto, and they do have a strong link in Roman mythology. Ceres struck a deal with Pluto to share her daughter Persephone. Lynn Hayes stressed this association in The astrology of the Horizon oil rig explosion, “The elevation of Ceres has brought about a new global awareness about the needs for environmental balance.  Perhaps this explosion (Pluto) will facilitate even greater awareness about our tenuous ecological balance (Ceres).”

Associating Ceres with the environment in nothing new in astrology, from the Wikipedia page, Planets in astrology, “Ceres, as the Goddess who has control over nature’s resources and cycles, may be known also in astrology as the planet of the Environment. Going back to mythology, an early environmental villain is the figure of Erysichthon, the tearer up of the earth, who cut down trees in a grove sacred to Ceres-Demeter, for which he was punished by the goddess with fearful hunger. In this sense Ceres became an emerging archetypal in the social response of becoming aware of the recent Climate Change, and is entering our collective consciousness as a need to take care of our natural and irreplaceable resources in the 21st Century.”

British Petroleum

Ceres is also very strong in the horosope of British Petrolium, the owner of this disaster. This company was founded on 14 April 1909 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. You can see in the chart that Ceres is tightly square the Sun. So the identity of this corporation faces tests and challenges regarding environmental issues, ranging from disasters such as this explosion and oil spill, to global warming and peak oil.

Ceres is also quincunx Pluto, a difficult relationship causing constant tension between the environment (Ceres) and mining (Pluto). Using precession correction of 85 minutes, these are the transits to the BP chart from the Deepwater Horizon explosion:

Solar Eclipse conjunct Ceres 09′, square Sun 18′, quincunx Pluto 27′
New Moon conjunct Sun 52′, square Ceres 43′, sextile Pluto 61′
Pluto trine Jupiter 02′
Neptune conjunct Chiron 48′
South Node conjunct Neptune 02′, square Saturn 04 ‘
Moon opposite Uranus 10’

The Solar Eclipse and New Moon aspected the Ceres configuration highlighting this as the major issue. Chiron is a deep wound, aspected by Neptune, which can represent oil and the ocean, but also deception and fraud. Now this gets interesting, as the BP chart has Saturn square Neptune, and transiting South Node was conjunct Neptune at the time of the explosion. The South Node can represent karmic debts from the past, and BP has a shady history.

Saturn square Neptune well describes the deceptions and fraud surrounding the origins of this company and Iran. Bribes to Winston Churchill and a CIA coup. It’s no wonder Iran is test firing rockets over the Persian Gulf. Transiting Pluto trining the BP Jupiter is interesting, this is a fortunate aspect relating to big bussiness and wealth. BP profits for the first quarter of 2010 rose 135% compared to a year ago, as announced in a press release just two days ago.


To add to what I mentioned about the role of Ceres conjunct Pluto, Pluto itself rules mining and deep underground. Deepwater Horizon had been working the Tiber oilfield, the deepest oil and gas well ever drilled. This is so very Plutonic, pushing the boundaries to the extreme, penetrating deeper than ever before. Pluto does demand payment for journeying to his underworld.

[This horoscope was updated 29 May 2010 as a new time for the incident has been reported: “Around 9:53 p.m. CDT on April 20” – The coordinates are from geohack.

The event chart shows a Boomerang Yod aspect pattern. A Yod is formed when two planets quincunx another. Here it is the Sun and Neptune that quincunx Saturn. The Boomerang is formed when another planet is opposite the action point, in this case Uranus is at the reaction point. So the action point was Saturn, the structure of the oil rig. Quincunxs create a build-up of energy which needs constant adjustments to be released safely.

If the energy bottles up too much then something has to give. Neptune oil and the ocean creating tension with the rig. The Sun made this special configuration for only a few days, and the pressure created by this extra quincunx is what makes these Yods so intense. The buildup of energy looks for release at the reaction point and Uranus is unexpected events, and explosions.

The duration of this environmental catastrophe may be explained from the longer term transits. Even though the Sun set up this Yod in the short term, the slower moving planets; Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, will keep there current aspects within two degrees atleast until July 2010. Ceres moving retrograde now and away from Pluto may ease things in a few weeks but there are some seriously heavy duty transits ahead of us this year, and oil is still gushing uncontrolled from the sea floor. Jupiter getting closer to conjunction with Uranus could amplify the unpredictable nature of this event.


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  1. BP lost US $25 Billion in market value today…oops…I reckon this has a Pluto in Capricorn connotation well

  2. Well that wipes out that big profit they reported. I think Ceres and Pluto have teamed up to punish them, worst of all though is the cost to that beaufiful environment. Wetlands have been wiped out by development all round the world.

  3. Love this Jamie, glad to see you get a handle on Ceres with Pluto. This disaster really illustrates that so well . Great explanation of the Yods in the explosion chart.

  4. Thanks girls, it was easy to write this one because the astrology is just so clear and stunning, I especially like seeing mythology play out in real world events. Just read in the news “Oil has started washing ashore”. This is a massive story.

  5. This is an environmental tragedy and nightmare 🙁 Great article though Jamie xo

  6. Hi,

    from which source is the time of 10 pm ???
    (I could not find a time at all so far.)
    has different coordinates 88°18´53″W / 28°45´14″N.
    => AC 5°24´ Saggitarrius ( at 10 pm )

  7. Here the coordinates on the english version:

    The fire reportedly started at 10 p.m. CST.
    10 pm CST => 18°24´ Saggitarrius ( CST ???? )
    Venice in Lousiana has CDT.

  8. Thanks Jürgen, that wiki page wasn’t up when I wrote this. I’ll redo the chart and correct any errors in the analysis.

  9. Well Jürgen, very interesting. Venice is CDT and the true AC is 05.20 Sagitarrius as you got, compared to what I originally had of 29.22 Scorpio.

    This did not effect the analysis of the explosion, but it did change how the Ascendant aspected the BP chart. I have edited out the aspects that the AC, MC and Vertex made. This still does not effect the interpretation.

    Thanks again Jürgen, so important to get it exact.

  10. Chiron (the wounded healer) moved into Pisces (water, depths) on the same day of the explosion. That was the first thing that popped into my mind

  11. Joe, Mary at the Mountain Astrologer has just elaborated on this point you raised:

    I also just commented there about the similarities between this oil spill and the volcano in Iceland, both under the current major transits.

    “The oil spill and the volcano. One a natural explosion and one a man-made explosion, yet the Earth responds in the same way, spewing out lava and oil. Non-organic from the natural one, organic from the man-made one.”

  12. Hi Jamie: Wikipedia now lists a refernce for a 9:45 fire start time, and have you confirmed CST instead of CDT?
    Are you planning to update the chart posted above?

  13. Thanks for the update Tem. I just checked ou the reference for that Wikipedia time, it from a maratime forum. “We are 10 miles away, but we are stuck on an anchor and ccan not assist. This happened @ 2145. Ten minutes after the mayday,” This is from a guy who was on a boat in the area at the time, so I does sound reliable. What he has said though, is that the mayday went out at 9:35 pm on April 20, 2010. So to use the time of the mayday call or the time the fire started? I would rather have the exact time of the initial explosion.

    CST is the timezone stated at wiki, however it changes to CDT on 14 March, the explosion was 20 April. Both solarfire (set or oil rig coordinates) and astrodient (set for Venice LA) give CDT = UTC-05. So I’m confident the timezone is correct for the chart I’ve posted. Now I have to edit the time and I guess 9:45 pm for the start of the fire is the best we have to go on.

  14. Interesting transits to the event chart: Jupiter conjunct the chart Uranus 26 May 6:09 pm local time, hopes on changes, inovation and technology: “with more than 7,000 barrels of drilling mud applied by 7 p.m” CNN. So it looks like this new innovation got under way very close to the exact conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus. Mercury will conjunct Mercury 28 May 04:52 am. Hopefully some good news then.

  15. I appreciate funkastrology’s charting (altho I wish it were bigger)& explanation.. I went looking through “USA Today” for time & location of the BP explosion and found nothing definitive. So I do appreciate the 9:45pm CDT /88W18’58 x 28N45’14 information.

    A good map was at 2010/05/bp-gulf-oil-spill-timeline.php

    But even on the printout I cannot read the Lat.x Long. and it doesn’t show the Deepwater rig explosion location. A better map showing lat/long. lines is a July 1991 Hurricane Tracking Chart of Suburbia-Reporter, a Houston Community Newspaper.

    ‘Feel like I’m doing cut & paste… bits of info from so many sources..

    Thank you! JKG

  16. I just got thhe deepwater Horizons explosion chart enlarged & realized the printout shows the Longitude at 096W16’06 — that would put it between Galveston and Corpus Christi! A typo for sure.

  17. JK, when you click on the chart it enlarges. I have corrected the coordinated. Yesterday when I edited to the new time of 9:45pm I forgot to check it. The coordinates in the horoscope are from wiki.
    The explaination of the chart I gave is mainly about the Yod aspect pattern, with Saturn at the apex and Uranus at the reaction point.

  18. Thanks to Claudia Dikinis for finding the actual time of the explosion, posted on TMA Facebook Page.

  19. Thinking about the Gulf oil catastrophe, and the recent oil spills in Alaska, Nigeria and Egypt, I was intrigued to see that Neptune, god of the sea, is currently linked to one of the stars in the constellation Piscis Austrinus. Here’s what Manilius says about the influence of this constellation (from that wonderful website, Constellations of Words):
    The astrological influences of the constellation given by Manilius:

    “Then rises the Southern Fish in the quarter of the wind after which it is named” [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 1, p.39].

    “When the Southern Fish rises into the heavens, leaving its native waters for a foreign element, whoever at this hour takes hold of life will spend his years about sea-shore and river-bank he will capture fish as they swim poised in the hidden depths; he will cast his greedy eyes into the midst of the waters, craving to gather pellucid stones (pearls) and, immersed himself, will bring them forth together with the homes of protective shell wherein they lurk. No peril is left for man to brave, profit is sought by means of shipwreck, and the diver who has plunged into the depths becomes, like the booty, the object of recovery. And not always small is the gain to be derived from this dangerous labor (implying that a diver’s life was usually an unenviable one) pearls are worth fortunes, and because of these splendid stones there is scarcely a rich man left. Dwellers on land are burdened with the treasures of the sea. A man born to such a lot plies his skill along the shore; or he purchases at a fixed wage another’s labor and sells for a profit what it has brought him, a pedlar in the many different forms of sea products”. [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 5, p.333.]

    © Anne Wright 2008.


  20. Nice find Jane. It is an amazing website, just found this:

    “Mar 24th 1989, the nation’s worst oil spill occurred as the supertanker “Exxon Valdez” ran aground on a reef in Alaska’s Prince William Sound and began leaking eleven million gallons of crude. – NNode/Fomalhaut”

  21. That’s fascinating, especially the reference there to the Catholic Church, currently having such a mega challenging time. I see Exxon mentioned too. Nigeria has recently demanded action regarding Exxon Mobil oil spills there. Nick Campion’s meticulous Book of World Horoscopes gives two charts for Nigeria. 1st October 1960 (00.00,CET, Lagos) and 15th January 1966 (02.00AMCET Lagos) In both there are links to Piscis Austrinus.The Aquarian Moon in the 1960 chart. Mars in Aquarius in the 1966 chart. The 1960 chart for Nigerian independence shows 00 Cancer rising, with Mars at 04 49 Cancer, square Sun in Libra (07 46)…..So, another eclipse story perhaps?

    I’ve been experimenting with the fixed stars and mundane events for a while. The synchronicities are sometimes utterly amazing. I was really excited when I came across your website and saw you were on the same journey of discovery! As above, so below…..

  22. Is a nuclear option really being considered? A few days before the June Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto, ruler of nuclear weapons, this report from a reputable website: Scary stuff.

  23. Yes very scary. Especially when you factor in Al Wasat and the upcoming solar eclipse in Cancer. It was conjunct Saturn in August 1945 when they dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima. But perhaps the talk of nuclear options is just symbolic of musings in the collective unconscious(we hope)because Al Wasat is activated by the eclipse? A theme rather than a concrete reality?

  24. Jane Lyle :

    Yes very scary. Especially when you factor in Al Wasat and the upcoming solar eclipse in Cancer. It was conjunct Saturn in August 1945 when they dropped the first atom bomb on Hiroshima. But perhaps the talk of nuclear options is just symbolic of musings in the collective unconscious(we hope)because Al Wasat is activated by the eclipse? A theme rather than a concrete reality?

    Yes, I think the eclipse was actually closer to Wasat than to Castor, but they probably have an equal effect as Castor is brighter.

    Just today in the news: “Castro blames U.S. for stoking nuclear tensions” CNN

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