Chile Earthquake September 2015

Chile Earthquake September 2015

Chile Earthquake September 2015

A massive 8.3 magnitude earthquake triggering a tsunami stuck off the coast of Chile September 16, 2015. The astrology chart posted below shows a number of very tight and stressful aspects. As we have come to expect, these aspects do involve the outer planets which seem to have the most influence in earthquake astrology.

The planet Sedna is of particular interest as it is believed to be involved with earth changing events. Sedna square Mars, the planet of heat and action, is very tight with an orb of aspect about half a degree. Sedna is now aligned with the most destructive and lethal of all stars in the heavens, the fixed star Algol. Mars aligns with the fixed star Adhafera which is associated with liquid explosives and liquid fire. You can just image this destructive aspect manifesting below the earths crust.

The Chile earthquake comes only days after the September 13 solar eclipse on the fixed star Denebola in the Tail of the Lion.

The ‘Tail of the Lion’ has a Uranian nature and it is supposed that, in mundane horoscopes, major catastrophes are triggered off by it. [1]

The planet Pluto rules earthquakes and is in maximal position in the chart below, conjunct the Midheaven and square the Ascendant.

Mercury stations retrograde less than 24 hours after the Chile earthquake. This seems significant especially with Mercury square Pluto.

Mercury sextile Venus, even though not a stressful aspect, does involve destructive fixed stars. Venus is on the fixed star Duhbe:

Credited with the destructiveness of Mars, working itself out particularly in mundane maps. [1]

Another stressful aspect is Jupiter opposite Neptune, applying and only 8 hours from exactness.

Chile Earthquake Astrology Chart

Chile Earthquake September 2015

Chile Earthquake September 2015


1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.49, 70.

*  Data for Chile earthquake time and coordinates: M8.3 – 46km W of Illapel, Chile, USGS.

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  1. Jamie,, i read this comment today, on a financial forum, from a poster i respect
    “Earth’s Schauman Frequency…. It has more than doubled from 8.4 to over 25 in the last few months.

  2. I’m heading to Chile for my solar return birthday at the end of Oct. I’m really nervous about the Pluto square Uranus square Jupiter + Mars square Neptune transit happening during that time. I’m also traveling solo. I’m glad it’s not anytime after an eclipse but would this stressful planetary alignment bring about some catastrophic event or violence towards me? Would it be more useful or me to interpret how the outer transiting planets align with my natal planets? None of the transiting malefics will be in my 9th house.

    • I don’t think you should worry Anteres, especially because Uranus square Pluto has well and truly finished now. You will be going once Saturn trine Uranus has begun as the major planetary aspect, very good for safety and security while travelling by air.

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