Mercury Square Pluto Natal and Transit

Mercury Square Pluto Transit

Mercury square Pluto maximum orb 4°00′.

Mercury square Pluto natal gives a complex and profound nature. Intense or threatening situations, such as a significant crisis in the family or experiences with the darker sides of humanity, heavily influence your thinking and view of the world. Such a rich life experience can lead to strong opinions that subject you to criticism. Your interactions with other people are often intense and mentally challenging.

You may take a defensive attitude and use extreme or forceful tactics to defend your position. You will likely attract other strongly opinionated people who challenge your ideas. Because you associate yourself or your identity so strongly with your thoughts and opinions, you may defend them at any length.

Undoubtedly, Mercury square Pluto gives street smarts and deep intellect. Your opinions are worthy and based on deep research and life experience. However, how you communicate these ideas can lead to conflict. You may use dictatorial, threatening, or underhand tactics that aggravate opposition.

Over time you will find that your method of communication evolves to a more diplomatic style which will further your cause and lead to less mental stress. It is also likely that your ideas and opinions themselves will undergo significant transformations through your interactions and research.

Mercury Square Pluto Transit

Mercury square Pluto transit can lead to deep thinking and intense interaction with others. You might research a specific idea or topic but should avoid extremism or conspiracy theories. Even if you focus on a bland topic or moderate point of view, there is a risk that you will use extreme or coercive methods to express your thoughts.

The more extreme your idea or force you use to convince others, the more criticism and conflict you will meet. You will naturally become defensive under this influence, but it is essential not to let your fighting spirit back you into a corner and complicate matters.

This transit will challenge your thinking which can result from or lead to some crisis or experience with the darker side of humanity. There will also be an urge to dig deeper and investigate the truth of the matter. There is excellent potential to uncover secrets and mysteries that will deepen your understanding of your psychology.

Taking the high road by maintaining an open mind and not arguing for the sake of it can lead to a positive transformation of your intellect and communication style.

Mercury Square Pluto Celebrities

Elsie Wheeler 0°00′, Martinus Thomsen 0°00′, Alanis Morissette 0°08′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 0°10′, Dakota Fanning 0°12′, Omar Sharif 0°13′, Heidi Fleiss 0°15′, George Lucas 0°17′, Philip Sedgwick 0°17′, Catherine de’ Medici 0°22′, Liv Tyler 0°22′, Ouida 0°25′, Camila Cabello 0°30′, Dennis Rodman 0°30′, Jerry Lewis 0°34′, Rihanna 0°42′, Hilda Doolittle 0°52′, Coretta Scott King 1°08′, Ed Steinbrecher 1°10′, Jessica Simpson 1°10′, Ellen MacArthur 1°11′, Francis III, Duke of Brittany 1°11′, Umberto II of Italy 1°15′, Brigitte Bardot 1°19′, Will Young 1°20′, Jane Rule 1°24′, Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1°30′, Lee Iacocca 1°32′, Volodymyr Zelenskyy 1°45′, D. H. Lawrence 1°45′, Charles Ponzi 1°45′, Louis Pasteur 1°49′, Venus Williams 1°57′.

Mercury Square Pluto Dates

October 20, 2023
May 17, 2024
October 13, 2024
May 12, 2025
October 7, 2025
May 5, 2026
October 2, 2026
April 28, 2027
October 5, 2027
November 13, 2027

23 thoughts on “Mercury Square Pluto Natal and Transit

    • I think we can have a susceptibilty to go searching for secrets or anything that’s been covered up in the past with this transit. Also, we can accidentally find “secret information” in this transit. Thing’s that have been left in the wrong places and found; subsequently making us become accidental or provoked detectives! Once Pluto’s started searching, it won’t stop till it’s found everything, and all the answers! Who put pieces of information in the wrong places to be accidentally found? Like in family homes, work – anywhere. It’s almost like it was destined by the universe to be found in a Pluto transit. Also – “skeletons coming out of the closet.” All the secrets get uncovered in the end!

  1. This my favourite aspect in my own chart. There so much negative things said about Mercury square Pluto but honestly I don’t see why those things are looked upon as negative or bad…? This single aspect have caused me to rise above the mediocracy of life that everyone seems to blindly accept.

    • Glad for your feedback Johnny. I have heard too, that transiting Pluto square Mercury can be a very constructive one.

      • What I experienced with the exact square transit is that other people who are particularly egotistical and confrontational were constantly challenging me. It’s calmed down a lot now. But what I’ve learnt, which I found difficult at the time, was to ignore and walk away. There can be a lot of biting ones tongue when tolerating rubbish coming from others. I think where it was my natal Mercury being targeted, I was up against it by other “power abusers” – Plutonian’s. In my natal chart, I only have Neptune sextile Pluto and the only fights I had with others during this transit, both have Sun Square Pluto and Mars square Pluto! Was terrible – like going through a mental war zone! Bloody hell – the power that Pluto (people) like to have over others. I’ve learnt – the people who try to control others, usually haven’t got control over themselves and I found that to be so true regarding the two people who were constantly fighting with me (the native Sun Square Pluto’s). Also; if we walk away – they’ve got no one to argue with! You have to shut down your ego, your ears and ignore them! It can be very hard when they’re pushing you though! Will this transit still be effecting me for a few more months? My Mercury is Libra 13.26 degrees. I think that the intensity of it has definitely calmed down, thank God!

        • Pluto square Mercury transit will be slightly different than this but you get the picture. These were the exact dates for your Mercury:

          19 Jan 2015
          25 Jul 2015 Rx
          22 Nov 2015

          It may be feeling a bit stronger again as Pluto direct approaches in late September.

          • Thank you for the dates. So would the Pluto energy to my natal Mercury be less intensified when retrograde? But the the Rx one is supposed to have the internal effect.

            • Yep, that’s one way of looking at it. The transit lasts so much longer so the intensity of any event is spread out.

    • Interesting. I ll bite. So Nov.2/21 double mercury square natal and transit. Its coming to a head. Theres Jamies explanation on the heels. THE DARK DOOR OPENED. I said hello who is there come in welcome and then I screamed and woke up. My dream. Tamas , dark chaos lostness. A place the dead go to who are lost and whose sadness is your inheritance. Ghost Whisper er work to do.
      Travel there with extended invitations to join and stay in dark groups. Yoga says travel on higher and break free forever. Minimize. Its definitely a learning experience and if you have it natally you have something to learn from it. Nesmeste. Steady now.

  2. Well, I have Pluto (Ascendent) square Mercury (4th House) and I completely DISAGREE!!!! GRRRR!!!

    Just kidding. ;-p

  3. Mercury 2nd square Pluto 5th near 0 degree orb.

    What is truth? Is it what another tells me? When someone soothes or lulls me, is it truth? I enjoy that therefore I accept. Or would I consider truth an ugly thing or something far more? Does it challenge who I am? When I think of truth it reminds me of this… Truth is Freedom, Security is Fear.

  4. I have this placement and my mind is so intense, paranoid and obsessive I’m always reading between the lines and at times perceiving dark things that aren’t really there.

  5. My Pluto in Virgo (4th) is square Mercury in Sag (7th) family probs all my life playing on my mind!! Anxiety led to Epilepsy as a teenager & constantly teased by others. Low self esteem & couldn’t run to tough parents 4 comfort. Bullied by big Leo sister & no-one approved of my husband, choice of work, where I lived, even the car I bought (petty!) always had to defend what I did & explain why. Even such things as photos for evidence…. too exhausting. Am 50 now & still going on. Will it ever stop??

  6. I have it natally. Forced me to stand up for myself, speak up and incorporate my ideas. Power struggles along the way break you down and do strengthen core values. Some ppl need to see their decisions from the eyes of others, as perception is reality. If you’re running a s*** show but still haven’t figured out why others are angry, it’s time for a wake up call. I find it difficult to interact with the clueless, non stop talkers, liars. I find it difficult to live and work with people who are clingy, irresponsible and flippant. Teamwork is an issue too lol. Either I’m doing all the work at home or job or I don’t fit in because I like doing a little trail blazing 😉. For some people, telling them to f off is trail blazing. Serious note..some ppl disagree with an upfront, assertive outright opinion in an extreme scenario out of control. Even just saying this is out of control or being honest about how ya feel brings out someone’s true colors. If this aspect is a path it could be said too that their resistance to better conditions, whatever scenario it may be, lets you know you’re on the right path to creating a better place for others.

  7. I can’t relate, it just gives me obsessive thinking and paranoid of other’s intentions. probably doubled on even worse cause my mercury is in the 8th

  8. This transit is in my solar return chart this year, with Mercury conj. my natal Mercury AND Mars, Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn AND Jupiter. I’m kind of looking forward to it, lol.

  9. Bernie Madoff natal dob 29April1938

    Mercury Rx 26°Aries23′
    Pluto 27°Cancer55′

    Current Position

    Mercury Rx 25°Libra23′
    Pluto 24°Pluto20’r


    Your feelings (Moon) about finances (angular Mid Heaven), are focused (t-square), by the Venus opposite Jupiter. Pluto trined and sextile, in the house of Social Media, beside Arcturus/Spica, square Mercury Rx in the house of the Age of Aquarius, showing where and how the solution re: Uranus

  10. Omg I feel sorry for you. My grandmother said why are you the low man on the totem pole. I know my two childrens values are money no conflict and they do well. But universities opened to her by 1970 s and on and she did not have children so ok. They have pluto virgo. He in 4th conjunct uranus. He builds web sites. She has venus north node and pluto determined to win in 7th. I have pluto in leo cusp 4th with sun going over it as I speak by progressiin. I m not ready to perform leo style.
    I way more was when mars in leo progressed. That was flair. Loved it.
    I m teased too from teens. Negative family. Mom did well for herself.
    Enjoyed herself. Its a tough world for me too. I m 77. Fit. My kids 58 and 55 are circling around my photo albums looking for errors i guess.
    What a world.

  11. Even though there is a danger to this post with Mercury square Pluto, a story regarding real estate Revenue Agency Tax recovery, TimesColonist, Victoria. 16 May, 4:40:07 am pst, with Saturn-Pluto mass formation, 12 January, 9:00 am pst

    The rising degree is especially fortuitous for the Moon 03Tau. Chart shows Moon 07Virgo. An interesting interplay with Parts of Fortune. If there is analysis and negotiating, this chart may be helpful in solving a problem or two.

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