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Tea Party Movement AstrologyThe Tea Party Movement is an American political movement representing the right wing of the conservative Republican Party. They don’t like tax, they don’t like the health care reform, and they don’t like greenies.

This movement is very strong and their candidates are winning primary elections to represent the Republican Party in the midterm congressional elections to be held on 2 November 2010. The Tea Party Movement began from a single post on a stock market forum by a man called Graham Makohoniuk.

The time of the post is there so I joined the forum and found that the time is set for CDT, and as this is a stock market forum, I have assumed it is based in Chicago.

The Chart

The big aspect is Moon trine Uranus which is fitting for a popular (Moon) movement named after a rebellion (Uranus). Also interesting is the high profile of women such as Christine O’Donnell  in this movement with not only the Moon strong, but also Venus conjunct Uranus. The Moon is on the fixed star Zubeneschamali which means the “Northern Claw” of the Scorpion, which is now our constellation Libra. Ebertin says that when the Moon is with this star, there are favors from civil servants, lawyers and scientists [1]. And Robson says of Moon with Zubeneschamali “organizing ability, benefits through new and influential friends, valuable gifts…high position, love of respectable women” [2].

Tea Party Movement HoroscopeMars is at the midpoint of this trine between Venus and Uranus making a minor grand trine. This adds aggression and strong desires to this popular and exciting movement. It’s a very strong energy, very appealing to a public desirous of change. Very powerful is Lilith conjunct Pluto by a mere six minutes. Powerful, strong and independent women in this movement.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter suggest good luck at getting the message across. Big ideas and a big communications network. Mercury rules the media and Jupiter is the wealthy and the legal big wigs. Mercury is on the brightest star in the Eagle. Altair is a bold as brass star. “The native tries with sincere conviction to reach out for his aims with utmost will-power. He will avoid nothing in order to achieve them. The fixed star Altair is good for advancement of lawyers and military men.” [1]. Jupiter on the fixed star Giedi Prima, the Right Horn of the Goat is favorable for gain and gives a “Government position, preferment in law” [2].

When these candidates won the primaries today, transiting Sun was on the chart’s Saturn. A day of achievement and recognition. That Saturn is on the fixed star Denebola in the Lion’s Tail which Robson say makes these people critical and always complaining [2]. Seems these traits are helpful in politics!

The November Midterms

The July 2010 solar eclipse in Cancer was trine Uranus in the movement’s chart, positive change with a buzz of excitement. Transiting Mercury should bring good news in early November for this movement. On the 1st is conjunct Moon, then on election day it is trine Uranus. This makes a transiting grand trine with that solar eclipse. Also on the 1st there is transiting Mars sextile the movement’s favorable Jupiter. This is a success transit. I expect these right wing candidates should defeat some Democrats in early November.

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.66,67.
2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.204,168,162.

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  1. Fascinating to read this! Something called the “Tea Party” Movement sounds, to a Brit, something rather quaint and olde worlde. I’m sure it’s not. It seems vehement and passionate with that Pluto Lilith conjunction and a Scorpio Moon, plus the Sun in an anaretic degree. A sense of “now or never”?

    I wonder if it will live out its North Node, its destiny, at 10 Aquarius – “A popularity that proves ephemeral”? This caught my eye as it’s the exact reverse of my nodal axis.

    One degree earlier for the Sun, and it would have been on “A Woman Reading Tea Leaves”. That’s the karmic degree of the Sun anyway so I would read this symbol alongside the Sun’s actual degree “A Secret Business Conference”. This has the feeling of being behind closed doors, and set up because someone read the runes and didn’t like what they saw. And this theme of closed doors is echoed by the Moon degree which is “A Woman drawing two dark curtains aside”. With that Lilith Pluto conjunction, this may be about powerful women who lift the veil on previously secret discussions.

    When I read the chart, and saw the Pluto Lilith I instinctively thought “I wouldn’t pick a fight with that individual”. 2 Capricorn is a degree of “bombardment” – I get the impression they won’t be shut up easily!

    • Yes, Marina thought it would have been better to use a pic of a teacup from the Madhatter’s party.

      Behind closed doors and powerful women to fear I also picked up very strong.

        • Another chart !?!? Probably worth a look at though. Just let me get through this Jupiter Uranus conjunction opposite my Sun.

    • NOPE We the People will NOT be shut up…see I just cannot shut up ha ha lol…Boston Tea Party is what the Tea Party represents …aka history 101, Taxation without Representation. Not the MAD Hatter Alice in Wonderland; that is more liberal by far running around and making decisions with no direction or focus. Sorry but I am upset that this is so slanted to one side…The stars reveal a lot to us just remember not all is written in the “stars” Will and Choice MATTERs as well as WHO placed them in the heavens…

      • T – got to agree with Jamie – actually this article shows up the strengths of the Tea Party – but I can understand your sensitivity to any contrary comments – thats the nature of oppositional either/or politics – but, you did say…

        “Boston Tea Party is what the Tea Party represents …aka history 101, Taxation without Representation.”


      • I don’t believe my post was “so slanted to one side”. I just re-read it and the astrology does show powerful women, a very popular and successful movement. In fact I even predicted the gains for the Tea Party in the November mid-terms based on the stars and transits.

  2. I am hearing more and more talk from people around me about this. I can tell you the disatisfaction of the american people is growing by leaps and bounds. A friend of mine from the republic of Georgia told me about a year ago that she couldnt understand why they had to learn the words of marx as a child. But that they were something to the effect of nothing will change until a people think they have nothing to loose. Well that thought has been growing faster than the movement. I hear more and more that people want change not just out with this party lets try the other party for awhile maybe just maybe they can make change. No for the most part people want all those in office. They are no longer thinking better the devil you know than the one you dont. They will take there chances with the unknown for the mere chance that things will change. Families are loosing there homes, can’t feed their kids. Sounds crazy right? thats not the america the world sees.. the land of opertunty? By our ignorance we got ourselves into this and it will take sheer grit and many more tears to bring us through it. The goverment keeps bailing out corps and banks while the people loose their jobs in the corps and their homes to the banks. The goverment pays the farmers not to farm and food prices soar.. we could feed ourselves and so many more and people would work.. errr my frustration isn’t showing is it ? 🙂

    And yes I am one of the households.. house got posted for auction night before last. Should go dec 17th. To be honest that part doesnt hurt me so much as anger me. I want to move on… But as a mom going back to school full time and working fulltime, I worry about the kids and where we will be.

    I will vote for change :0)

    • Ive only got round to reading this just now. America I find a really weird place speaking as a European. You don’t really have a welfare state like we do. Thats why I’m confused as to why in a state of crisis you would find the Right Wing appealing.
      Tho saying that I noticed in the UK when things get really tough, people tend to blame their unemployment on the fact we have a lot of immigrants. They start moaning that refugees are taking our council houses and cramming up the hospitals which is when you get the rise of the BNP (British National Party who are seen as racists).

      Yes I think when you havent got anything to loose you do turn radical. Our own Labour party turned into the Nanny state and then Big Brother. Even tho I was a socialist I found myself more in line with the views of the UK independance Party which my socialist friends had a go at me for because they though it was on par with voting for the BNP!! Which is certainly is NOT.

      Back to this quaint Tea Party, maybe its not so much that they don’t like tax, greenies or the health care reforms. Rather its that they seek independance and not being controlled by the state.
      A socialist government is all very well when it spends the money wisely, but not when it funds war which was the case with Tony Blair and Iraq.

      Ironically our Coalition government is cutting defense. “Senior Conservatives expressed alarm yesterday after it was revealed the replacement of the UK’s Trident nuclear deterrent could be put off until after 2015.”

      Politics smolitics it’s a mine feild. And of course I like Mad tea parties with Lilith/Pluto conjunctions

      • Its more the timing of the tea party that is getting it where its going. The name speaks to people who are to tired to look at the issues..it started with complacency followed by ignorance that has moved to a hot headed vote for anything but what we have had before. NOT a good way to go but the people are tired and desperate. NOT a good combination for the county. 🙁 Haven’t decided how I will vote but I WANT CHANGE. MAJOR CHANGE. hmmmm guess thats a good thing cause my life is full of it and I am scared to death. LOL

        • I find American politics so interesting. Looking forward to getting a better idea of the real contenders to represent the Republicans. Hope we get some accurate birth times!

  3. G’lick with your changes – its so tuff when you have a family to look after and the State, which is ‘supposed’ to be the ‘servant’ of the people, HAH!, is reversing the roles and behaving like Cronos (don’t even want to say what HE did!)

    the New Age saying is ‘Be the Change that You want To See’ – but, on the level with circumstances like your won, that sounds more like cushy liberal middle class propoganda – easier said than done when your roots are being starved – which is one of the reasons people are ‘tea-partying’…..

    This coming New Moon is crammed full of emotive energy so is a good time to send our deepest held hopes and desires out into the Cosmos – lets all pray for a better world, eh?

  4. Well, I can’t argue with the chart interpretation. But I don’t think there’s much to love about the Tea Party movement. I do think people are just acting on emotion with no real thought or understanding. To me, changing the government isn’t going to change the fact the the rich control the government for their interests. I’m not sure how we could really change that. Also, in my opinion, people have regularly voted for Republicans while Democrats were in power and Democrats when Republicans are in power. The US people think they will get change by voting for the other party. The Tea Party movement seems to think it is going to “take back our government”. I doubt it. Why would rich and powerful people give up their wealth and clout to these people just because they have tea bags on their heads? It’s not quaint. It’s a reference to colonials getting angry at England for a tea tax and dumping a bunch of English tea in Boston Harbor. I think we can dump the current Democratic government, but it won’t liberate the middle class like we won independence in the 1700s. Since when are the Republicans FOR the middle class? Not ever that I’ve seen in my lifetime. Well, I sound like bitter grapes, but I just think this is the reality of the world. All this aside, it’s tremendously interesting to see the chart and hear a British POV. Thanks! !

    • Well said Rose.. Hate where we are and also dont know how we will get out of it, I do understand how and why people are reacting the way they are just wish there was a Solid workable solution that people would get behind

    • So this Tea party reference is supposed to make them sound radical then? I think they could be quite dangerous because of the Pluto/lilith conjunction. When I say I “like” that, I meant I like the concept and the aspect pattern. NOT that I like right winged fascists! Just to make that clear.

      I think people do react to Politics emotionally unfortunately. They fall for the glamor (Very Lilith bewitchery). That’s how we got Hitler.

  5. LOL Marina you said it 🙂 I will pretty much just say ditto to everything yousaid cause you explained it better than I’ve been able too 🙂

  6. I have enjoyed reading the original post and comments. As a fairly newly minted professional astrologer (hung my “shingle” out in 2008), I am always happy to find thoughtful astrological work on the net. Pleasantly there is more and more to find. Rather than rehash my blog entry on this subject, I thought you might be interested in a take on the upcoming election using transits and progressions on the US Sibley chart, cast for 11/2/2010: http://blackunykorn.blogspot.com/search/label/United%20States%20Elections. Recently, yesterday, I believe, the announcement came that the Recession is “officially” over and, in fact, ended in June of 2009! I suspect this news is a tacit response/challenge to Tea Party success (and a fairly weak one at that). Tea Party Republicans, Moderate Republicans, Moderate Democrats, or Liberal Democrats really don’t matter. Look for the 1st of the 7 Pluto Square Uranus in 2012 to 2015 to provide the real material for change. This election will be a warm up, with, I agree, some Tea Party victories, especially if running against incumbent Democrats. The question is, how much of the Lilith energy is going to manifest at this point. I’m inclined to think there will be more Tea Party victories than not.

  7. Thanks for linking to your article Philip, a good piece. I’m suspect about the recession being over, and I share your ideas on the Uranus Pluto squares ahead, big changes. Anyway, nice to connect!

    • Jamie,

      It’s good to connect with you as well. I read a comment recently that I’ve been using repeatedly; one that applies to this claim that the Recession has ended. In essence, the government talking heads are “hoping they can change the weather by adjusting the thermometer!” 🙂 Have you posted anything on the ingress energy of Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune? If so, I’d like to read it. I’ll be glad when their dance is done and would be very interested to know your perspective on the impact of the back forth.


      • I’ve never paid much attention to ingress charts. Robert Blaschke and and Gary Caton do some gtood work on them and they have some articles on the Mountain Astrologer website. I look more to aspects myself.

  8. American here. I’m enjoying the information, and the dialogue on this site. I enjoyed Phillip’s article. I took from it pretty much what my intuition has been telling me. The tea partiers/Republicans will make some gains in the upcoming elections, but not enough to take over the government. Certainly change that is much more fundamental needs to take place. From what he predicts, it will take place. It does make sense that it is unlikely to be a smooth or easy transition. I guess in that way the coming into existance of the current “tea party” does portend something along the lines of the original-not an easy struggle.

    The disturbing thing about the tea baggers of 2010 is that they are against any real and meaningful change of the system. The fantasy element is very big in their thinking. And so you have the Republicans coming out with a document that promises to simultaneously cut taxes and lower the national debt. Reality check, anyone? The Democrats are only somewhat less unrealistic, much as I would like to think otherwise.

  9. It’s weird. I keep hearing, “get government out of our lives.” Mostly from the old timers who gained the most from government programs. Many came home from WWII, went to college and bought homes on the GI Bill, financed businesses through the SBA. The list of government run programs they benefited from is endless. In another ten years, many of these old gray heads won’t even be on this earth;it’s the generations coming up that will have new problems to deal with. They need to step aside and not be so holier than thou. I also think what they mean is get big business out of government but they don’t know it. The corporations with deep pockets on K Street call the shots anyway. Now with this recent Supreme Court ruling it’s going to be much worse. I never hear anyone say “get big business out of government.” It just goes to show how poorly informed most people are. It’s almost impossible to sway anyone to a new point of view, even when the facts are staring them in the face, when they are emotionally invested in a particular religious or political persuasion. They’re stuck!

  10. Just found this post. As a west coast liberal, I find it fascinating that so many people are attracted to the Tea Party. To me, the salient point of this chart is the Sun/Merc/Mars/Jupiter stellium in the 8th house of other people’s money. The Tea Party has largely been funded by oil company billionaires, whose companies receive massive handouts from the government as subsidies. This also correlates well with the Lilith/Pluto conjuction in Cap – an ambitious, dark and power-hungry partnership. And Saturn in the 4th house to me reads as domestic strife. A sad recipe for America are my thoughts.

    • Great point Jane…it appears people’s heads have been stuck in the SAD peeped out and lost the last nine years of how all of this got started…the tune of “Fall of the Great Empire” as in Rome is blarring all over America — … rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer! It is a sad recipe for America!

  11. revolutionary moralism. American doesn’t allow goodness, wants us to ’embrace’ culture that destroy. TP’s forward rolling momentum wipes out the GOV 4 year lag. (junk art& science) TP has no ‘leader’. A thrashing machine!

  12. I imagine most astrologers have a liberal bent. Will this detract from their observations about any conservative ideas?? After all, no one side is right ALL the time. Compromise is needed but lately never allowed. I would hope that the astrological field would try very hard to be neutral. When observing history, afterall, some very troubling events turned out to have very positive consequences.

    • Good points Jay, and yes, you will find that most astrologers are left wing and I have seen that come through in their interpretations. I do try to keep my political blogs unbiased, but will add my personal opinion in the comments sometimes.

      When it comes to chart interpretation I tell it how I see it. I think prediction is an important part of our role, and if the astrology says promising things about a party or politician I’ll say that whatever side of the fence they are on. For example, most astrologers I know of predicted Gordon Brown to win the last UK election. My personal views tend toward socialism, but I predicted David Cameron to win, he had good transits and his chart said he was a good bloke with good intentions.

  13. Wrong!

    Ron Paul started the Tea Party in 2008 in Boston MA.
    He dumped boxes into the Boston Harbor and #1 was Iraq war.
    Repubs hijacked his ideas and inserted Guns, God, Gays.

    • Ty kim. I was a ron paul supporter who started abtea party and it did get coopted.

  14. 2 dates; Nov.5 07 ron paul announced a new fund raising effort on the annivesary of the origional tea-party Dec. 16 07…. both are heavy on the mutables, virgo moon 11/05; pisces 12/16

    RP although leo has a virgo stellium & taurus saturn, uranius

    love RP anti-war libertarian like me.

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