Christchurch Earthquake

Christchurch Earthquake AstrologyThere was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand today, September 4 2010, causing widespread damage, the government has declared a state of emergency. Previously we have looked at charts for major earthquakes in relation to the aspects involving trans-Neptunian planets, especially Sedna and Eris.

“Sedna in astrology may be linked to earth changes. It’s orbital period is very long at over 10,000 years and it is approaching it’s prehelion, coming closer to Earth.” – Planet Sedna Astrology

Sedna again looks to be important in this Christchurch earthquake. It is the action point of a Yod aspect pattern to Mars sextile Ceres. Ceres does seem to have some influence over environment issues. Mars opposite Eris ties this other trans- Neptunian into the configuration.

Eclipse Path

This map from NASA shows the path of the July 2010 Solar Eclipse just touching New Zealand.

That eclipse was at 19.24 Cancer, and the Ascendant for the Earthquake is 19.24 Cancer! The Ascendant is most important in astrology, it is the star rising on the eastern horizon for that time and place.

Eclipse map courtesy of Fred Espenak – NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.

* “Effection self-government in New Zealand began with the coming into effect of the Constitution Act on 17 January 1853, probably at 00:00 hrs.” The Book of World Horoscopes (Second Edition), Nicholas Campion, p.265.

UPDATE February 22 2011 – Christchurch NZ was hit by another major earthquake today, 12:51 pm, magnitude 6.3. A quick look at the chart shows a stellium of planets in late Aquarius, early Pisces. Venus is on the DC of the 2010 quake. Jupiter is square Pluto. Uranus is square the Lunar Nodes, and square the December 2010 lunar eclipse degree.

Horoscope for New Zealand is based on the signing of the constitution in 1853*.

For the September quake, the lunar eclipse was conjunct the NZ Mercury and Saturn was square Mercury. Today, Jupiter is square the NZ Mercury.

For todays quake, the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse was conjunct North Node, opposite Venus. This means that today, the lunar eclipse and the North Node are conjunct the New Zealand North Node. In fact the exact return of the North Node is today 1:03 pm (precessed). Uranus is also square the North Node (exact on March 4). Back in September, Jupiter was square the NZ North Node.


UPDATE December 23 2011 – Yet another earthquake in Christchurch today. “Christchurch has just been hit by a major aftershock, after a “vicious” 5.8 quake hit the city at 1.58pm this afternoon.” Major aftershock hits Christchurch.

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  1. “The map below from NASA shows the path of the July 2010 Solar Eclipse just touching New Zealand. That eclipse was at 19.24 Cancer, and the AC for the Earthquake is 19.24 Cancer!”

    Interesting Jamie! Have got in touch with family in Christchurch
    and a bit shaken but ok! Funnily enough the past week I have felt something ‘humming’ and particularly yesterday but couldnt ‘pin’ it! At least that feeling of somethings up has gone for now!!

  2. I thought I might here from you Ann-Louise. Many people “feel” these earthquakes coming. Animals do, I read something that you can predict earthquakes in San Francisco by looking for peaks in lost dogs adverts in the newspaper classified. There was also stories from the big Sumatra earthquake and tsunami that animals, from mice up to elephants, ran for the hills before the wave struck.

  3. Wow. Let’s go find somebody that still believes solar eclipses aren’t predictive and dispel THAT notion. Good show, Jamie!

    I’ve never known what to do with Sedna. For curiosity, I checked it in my own chart. It makes a 4-8-12th house Grand Trine Fire with my Sun and Uranus.

    How little do I know about astrology? I have no idea if that configuration actually means anything!

    But, I’ve been flat on my back for the last 10 hours with a ferocious migraine that hit me just about 10 minutes before the earthquake. In that 10 minutes before the time of the quake, I had visual aura so intense I was virtually blind. Sedna is in my 12 House. Maybe a connection there?

    Fun stuff to work on until the next earth change knocks me off my own feet.

  4. Thanks Jamie for putting this up so quickly – fascinating stuff. Ascendant identical to the minute – I can’t get over that one!

    Parin – good to see you on here and hope you’re feeling much better. There’s a thread on Sedna on Kim Falconer’s forum at – you’ll have to search for it, it was a couple of years ago, but there’s some good stuff there if you want to read up. Sedna’s in my 12th too, inching her way via my 12th house Mars in Taurus towards my ascendant. So I do keep an eye on her!

  5. Gee nowhere is safe in this year.

    a lot of things are happening everywhere…

    I was supposed to be in CH, although I’m still in S. Korea.

    Never even guess CH would have earthquake.

  6. Parin Stormlaughter :

    Wow. Let’s go find somebody that still believes solar eclipses aren’t predictive and dispel THAT notion.

    I have seen some good evidence for this before. There is a lot written about it in traditional astrology from years ago.

    I’m not so clued up on the influence of Sedna in personal charts, so those links from jan might come in usefull.

  7. Jan :

    Thanks Jamie for putting this up so quickly – fascinating stuff. Ascendant identical to the minute – I can’t get over that one!

    Thanks again Jan, I did quickly do this chart this morning out of interest and wasn’t planning to post something till I saw that Ascendaent degree. It’s not a proper analysis but I just wanted to put it out there to start a discussion and show the possible influence of eclipses. There was an eclipse in January that peaked right over Okinawa and there was an earthquake on that Island a month or so later. The Samoan earthquake and tsunami also followed that eclipse and was under the path. Of course the are always other earthquakes not under eclipse paths but it still very interesting.

  8. @Cathy
    They do have a lot of earthquakes down there in NZ but this one really shook the local up. Just watched a news report and they are rattled by the intensity and duration of this one. The damage looks severe, so fortunate there was no loss of life.

  9. A) Can’t tell what the ascendant degree is…
    B) Would anyone be willing to share why the degree is significant?

  10. It’s got me going back to look at prenatal eclipses now Jamie! There’s definitely something in that.

    My sister and her family are in NZ (North Island, Auckland) and I had a wonderful few days in Christchurch a few years ago when I went to see them. Lovely town. Very “English” feel to it. I’m wondering about their beautiful botanical gardens and some of the ancient trees they have there. The news is understandably concentrating on damaged buildings and on those injured, but to think of those gardens being devastated is distressing too. They rely heavily on tourism and this will spook people into not going.

  11. Snapdragon :

    A) Can’t tell what the ascendant degree is…
    B) Would anyone be willing to share why the degree is significant?

    The Ascendant (AC) is on the left of the horoscope. It is the eastern horizon at that place and time. It changes by one degree every 5 minutes and is considered the most personal point in a natal chart

  12. Also worth consideration is the zenith point of the eclipse which is at Latitude 19.5 degrees South! The 19.5 degree point is very important as it is the degree at which points of a star tetrahedron will intersect a sphere. There are many important features on different planets at this degree.
    The Pyramids of Teotehuacan are at 19.5 N and Haiti is at 19 degrees North which is close enough to count.
    I think the Earth’s Merkabah (start tetrahedron) has been activated under the Cardinal cross. More to come I’m sure.
    I was able to predict the Turkish Earthquake of 1999 to within 20 miles of its location looking at the zenith point of the trajectory and locating sensitive places beneath it! I worked with a Geographer at the time and he was furious!!
    NZ SOuth Island had a 7.8 earthquake in July 2009 I think under the sea just off the coast which has moved the island 12 inches closer to Australia.
    We are all warriors on shifting sand!

  13. @uberqueenofwands
    I’ve never heard anything like this, sounds fascinating. Do you have a link to any more info?

  14. Well if you check out Richard Hoagland’s hyperdimensional physics – google and he’s on You Tube – he’s ex Nasa with a twist – he’s quite an authority on the 19.5 degree and its meanings but he’s also quite extreme so you need to use your own discernment!! – This site has much of interest in 19.5 degrees and also Earth Grids – I’m based in the UK and Cape Town and am very tuned into specific places where the “earth energies” are intense! Particularly Wiltshire in the UK!

    London of course is the agreed 0 degrees point but Stonehenge is 1 degree west and marks what seems to have been a massive plasma event – Anthony Perratt of Thunderbolts project and Los Alamos plasma lab has proved that a plasma column cross section is identical to the marking out of Stone henge – he has an excellent paper you can see on Scribd – I have a feeling that Stonehenge should be the real zero degree longitude! Or maybe it was, in antiquity!
    I know this digresses a bit BUT – to draw the threads together, I’m wondering more and more about how we are actually affected by astrology because I recognise that some things happen when you can predict and some don’t and what is the mechanism which effects the effect!!
    So in the case of the earth and Earthquakes, what is the connection between the influences form out there and the time at which they manifest here – we could also consider Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields… a sort of external “pocket” if you like which dictates how the event can unfold. Perhaps Saturn key here as the giver of form and its relationships with Mars in any horoscope as the point of action.

    There’s guy who specialises in Earthquake predictions based on the apogee and perigee of the moon –
    My own theory is that the Earth has a Merkabah which is activated at various times for effect both on the physical and non physical levels. On the physical we will see crustal activity – makes sense of the currents positions of PLuto, SAturn, Uranus, Jupiter with respect to the cardinal cross.
    Incidentally, Alice Bailey interpreted the fixed crosses as massive initiations, the Cardinal Cross being where those impaled on it had to make some serious choices.
    I am particularly interested astrologically in the generation of people in their roughly late 30s who have Uranus and Pluto in Libra as they are going to find this cross really exacting.
    Phew! That was more than you asked for!!
    I love the work you and Marina do – its a great website! Thanks!
    One last thing – its REALLY worth watching this – and this which is a work about the ancient skies and the prevalence of Saturn ruling as a god king. These myths weren’t for no reason! it puts a whole different slant on astrology and our psychology.

  15. Brilliant! Loads of sites to check out! Sedna will be interesting! off to peruse! 😀

  16. I have Sedna at 29 degrees Aries in the 1st squared Venus (4th) trine Mercury (5th) inconjunct Juno (6th)…and in opposition to my Vertex, Quaoar and Ixion in Libra in the 7th!! Does anyone know these last two? I see them in charts but have no idea if they are significant! And how would the aspects for Sedna be interpreted? Thanks anyone or if a link can be posted I could look at would be much appreciated! 😀

  17. try these Ann-Luoise

    Quaoar – return to the sacred – source of all prior to creation – womb of becoming

    Ixion – tyranny – death dealt amongst kinfolk – lustful deceipt

  18. Geeeeeez guys – what a make-over!!!!!!!!!! m’like…….and ”Darkstar Astrology’ kicksasssss!!!! ahem ……..

  19. GORGEOUS! Love it!!!! Yeah what Rob says!! Ohhh and love the ‘sending fire to Pluto’s pit’………………..exciting…KICKASSSS is right on!!! Woohoo! BRING IT!!! 😀

  20. Myself and others in Canterbury Province NZ are still living through this earthquake…there have been 690 aftershocks to date…..mostly happening at night. It is now 2 weeks since the big one hit…many sleepless nights since. There are hundreds of stories of narrow escapes and it is indeed miraculous no-one was killed when you see the state of many of the homes and commercial buildings here. Our countryside has changed forever, large fissures have appeared, rivers and streams have been rerouted or simply disappeared, ground springs have appeared suddenly, fences and roads have been shifted by 4 metres in some places. The bigger picture of course is our use of this land and the taking of waters for irrigation….Mother Nature has shaken us deeply and we must take notice now or this will continue I feel.

  21. Same. I’m from Canterbury, Christchurch. There is a theory about reading the clouds before an EQ and there was some extraordinary clouds a week before. Aurora lights were seen prior. This is sometimes seen. The moon transited to create a grand cross and trine. This is a strong energy. There have been comments on the sea being rough on the east coast and changes in water levels.

    Three weeks ago we went about our day with faith in our safe reliable environment. Today we need to remember how it was and try to reconnect to this with a new understanding that mother nature can not only be hard but be beautiful.

  22. Hi I am from Christchurch, New Zealand, and we have just had some big aftershocks (boxing day_ that have shut down parts of the city centre again, any idea if we are in for some more ‘biggies’ as I’d like to keep my kids with me and be in a safe place when they happen, if anyone has any insight to dates that these could occur?!?!? I have been told this wednesday 29th and also march 20th. Its very un-nerving living here right now ;-(

    • Hi Linda, I watched the news about those aftershocks, seems like there was some severe damage, those buildings don’t look like they could take much more. And as for you guy, the nerves must really be fraid. Like I mentioned before, earthquake prediction is not my specialty and it is a very challenging area of mundane astrology. I’m thinking one option is to find the horoscope for Christchurch, when it was founded, and then use this just like a natal horoscope to do a forecast. I’ll have a Google around and see what I can come up with.

  23. There saying it’s a 7.3, but far worse than the last one…think more buildings have come down.

    Jamie…did that full moon 18th feb have any effect on New Zealand?

      • Jamie,
        I am watching channel 9 and the damage is just awful, awful…
        confirmed 6.3
        tsnaumi warning
        power out
        water coming up thru the ground (water supply effected)
        There is a cathedral about to collapse, looks terrible (reminds me of 9/11
        Airport / hospital evacuated
        I reckon there will be loss of life

  24. Major quake hits Christchurch

    The institute is still trying to confirm the magnitude.

    All phone lines to the city are down.

    ABC Australia

    • Jamie,
      I didn’t know you had a segment already on New Zealand earthquakes…just left a comment under Australian floods…then saw your blog and found this site.

      I am really thiniking “WHAT next?”!!!

  25. What news are you watching Jamie?…..they just said on channel nine that they have run out of ambulances so coppers are driving in with police cars…the news reader nearly lost it and got a bit emotional….going back to tv…Barb

      • Because news coming thru unedited am seeing injured people & people being pulled out of rubble (looks more like “bodies” being pulled out of rubble)…it’s awful & making feel sick, but can’t stop watching..there mustd be HEAPS of people buried under rubble.
        So wierd that the other day thought “Earthquakes next”…but note, “s’ on the end…and I thought of earthquakes in Australia.
        But meant to tell you this ages ago: you mentioned in a blog something about visulising Queensland completely under water, well, 2 days later I was talking to a relative in Qld and she said, “Whats next? A tsnaumi? The Gold Coast will go completely under if that happens”…and I thought of your comment and was like “Oh no!”
        Saying on tv they can hear people screaming from under rubble…going back to tv…still havn’t read your update yet…can’t, glued to tv…Barb

  26. Just updated the post with the New Zealand horoscope. For todays quake, the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse was conjunct North Node, opposite Venus. This means that today, the lunar eclipse and the North Node are conjunct the New Zealand North Node. In fact the exact return of the North Node is today 1:03 pm (precessed). Uranus is also square the North Node (exact on March 4). Back in September, Jupiter was square the NZ North Node.

    • Just confirmed “multiple fatalities”…going back to watch tv, then will come back and digest what you have written…god it looks awful…barb

  27. Jamie…did you see on the news this morning that 2 Libya pilots flew to another country (missed which country), landed and claimed political asylum, claiming that they had been ordered to fire on their “own people” & refuse to do that..showed footage of them steping out of their planes….I hope that footage isn’t shown in Libya, will really impress the citizens.
    Going back to TV…and cofee and smokes…Barb

  28. Just read your updated segment…thankyou.

    Reckon the insurance companies will be pulling out the policies and checking the small print for loopholes….


  29. To barb, i thought about the insurance companies as well? This earthquake is really going to cripple people financially, emotionally and psychologically?

    • Hi Merlene….yeah it looks bad…Aussie dollar & stockmarket down too.
      I see that rescue teams from around the world are turning up though, which is good, getting a lot of help…but I keep thinking that another bad quake might hit there again…they keep getting aftershocks.

  30. Horriffic ! I saw the still pictures on the net, what a wreck.
    Pray for these people.
    There can still be danger of aftershocks. No one can be sure yet that is the mainshock. If it had been very deep in the Earth it would have less effect.

    This is a very interesting thread, Darkstar Rocks.

  31. Link to photos,

  32. I live in NZ on the North Island, but I am wondering if this is the beginning of a long series of major earthquakes which will raise NZ up as has been predicted by so many prophecies. As the ice in Antarctica melts, perhaps as a consequence of the coming solar CMEs, the land will rise and displace the plates in this part of the world?

    In the summer of 2014 Uranus in 15 Aries will begin to conjunct the NZ natal Moon 18 Aries
    – by 2017 Uranus will be squaring the NZ natal Sun in Cap.
    – by Jan. 2016, Pluto 15-16 Capricorn squares NZ natal Moon
    – Jan. 2020 Pluto 22-23 Cap conjuncts the NZ natal Sun in 26 Cap.
    Depending on your view of transit orbs.

    Any thoughts on “New Zealand Rising”?

    • Hi Susan, I have had the same theory as you for a number of years, that the melting of ice caused by global warming will cause a change in the wieght placed on the tectonic plates. Even today in the news I saw that the earthquake caused a massive chunk of ice to break of a glacier on the South Island’s west coast. New Zealand is obviously in a danger zone if this is what actually happens.

      At the moment I’m worried about Pluto conjunct NZ Mercury and Uranus square the Nodes and Venus. I like your emphasis on Uranus and Pluto transits. I get slightly different years because I use precession correction for transits. 2018 looks important with Pluto square Moon, Uranus conjunct Pluto and square Sun and Mars.

  33. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I have no one to talk with about this and I do believe it is intense.
    (My 12th House Moon sq. 8th House Neptune offers up visions.)

    What dates are you getting with “precession correction for transits” for the commencement of this possible long term catacylsmic event?

    And thanks again,

    On 23/02/2011, at 1:51 PM, Darkstar Astrology 2011 wrote:
    Author: Jamie
    Hi Susan, I have had the same theory as you for a number of years, that the melting of ice caused by global warming will cause a change in the wieght placed on the tectonic plates. Even today in the news I saw that the earthquake caused a massive chunk of ice to break of a glacier on the South Island’s west coast. New Zealand is obviously in a danger zone if this is what actually happens.

    At the moment I’m worried about Pluto conjunct NZ Mercury and Uranus square the Nodes and Venus. I like your emphasis on Uranus and Pluto transits. I get slightly different years because I use precession correction for transits. 2018 looks important with Pluto square Moon, Uranus conjunct Pluto and square Sun and Mars.

    • Precession correction just adds 2 degrees 12 minutes to the NZ chart at the moment, so it only makes a difference of about a year with Pluto transits. I think any major earth changing events will be felt all over the world, so not sure that we could single out NZ specically. But if this does happen than all areas along the fault lines, especially the ring of fire would be in focus. Uranus square Pluto could be important, but because these predicted earth changes are related to very long cycles, perhaps looking at the aspects between the newly discovered outer planets will be useful. Not much research has been done in this area. Sedna is particularly interesting because of it’s strange orbit, and it is coming close to earth in it’s 12,000 trip around the Sun. in 2016 Sedan will be conjunct the fixed star Algol which could be important. in 2012 Saturn is opposite Eris and quincunx Sedna, and in December 2012 Sedna is conjunct the South Lunar Node. Then 2014 with Uranus square Pluto, Saturn is opposite Sedna and quincunx Eris

      • I agree. It seems that the entire world is beginning to feel the “earth changes” that have been predicted for so long. I’m a bit stupid when it comes to Sedna – but I will have a look and see what I can learn.

        I sometimes feel the piezoelectric energies that come before these things hit – I did not sleep much the night before this one, even though we didn’t feel any shaking up here in the Far North, Northland, where there are no fault lines … yet! I’m very sensitive to any electromagnetic fields, which also tend to increase my inner-vision-light-mechanism. Hard to put into words.

        When I lived in Seattle WA, I “saw” glass falling and buildings swaying everytime I went downtown; plus on two occasions I “saw” a tsunami wave roll over me and my car – not in a dream. I call this experience the ‘Eye of my MInd’. I eventually moved; but as fate would have it, I was in NYC for 9/11. Then I moved to Virginia to experience my first hurricane – and now here I am on the Ring of Fire.

        I joke with my partner that we should move somewhere safe – like the San Andreas Fault!
        Thank you for your comments.
        Interesting that we both came to similar conclusions.
        Kind regards,
        Susan in NZ

        • Hi Susan,
          Both my daughters and their families live in Christchurch. We live between NZ and the UK, I am trying to get the girls to leave the city as I am so afraid there will be another big quake in March. Have you any thoughts on the March quake that was predicted or was it a month earlier ie Feb.


          • Hi Lyn, we can never be sure about prediction. I have heard of the predictions for an earthquake in early March. Astrologically there is big stuff going on then. I mentioned it in the March 2011 Forecast. Uranus seems to have something to do with earthquakes, and it is conjunct a star called Scheat on March 3, which is associated with catastrophes. Uranus is also square the December Lunar eclipse degree on February 28, and Uranus is square the Lunar Nodes on February 27.

            In astrology, when these aspects are getting closer, or applying, the seem to have a greater impact. So it is possible that we have seen the worst. But like I mentioned, you just never really know.

            If my daughters lived in Christchurch, I be just as worried as you are regardless of any astrology or prediction. Even another decent aftershock would bring down some of those unstable buildings.

        • Hi Susan, I think I’m in a safe place in Australia but you just never know, a big quake on the coast of NZ could send a tsunami this way, it has happened before.

  34. This morning had a “sick feeling in stomach” watching New Zealand on news, think another quake …or something.

    I do love hearing about the rescue teams coming to help though..even coming from the US.
    It’s like when i saw people helping each other in Queensland – wonderful – even though they are now coming down with sickness due to the bacteria in the mud. Barb

  35. I’m an American, but I must say that NZ people are the best!
    They are really still pioneers, with big hearts.
    They are independent and strong – the decadence of modern times hasn’t yet really
    changed NZ people.

    To get an idea of the aftershocks…

    New Zealand’s Earthquake webiste

    and USGS

    and the colorful Seismon

    • Good links! You may have noticed your comment did not appear straight away. When there are two or more links, then the comment gets held for moderation in case it’s spam.

  36. I just looked up the N>Z 1853 chart and noted that Chiron was at seven degrees of Capricorn. On 22.2.2011 Pluto was at six degrees of Capricorn. Pluto conjunct Chiron equals earthquake? Now what is worrying is that Pluto will be at seven degrees of Capricorn from the 24th Feb to 25th of May 2011. Pluto forming an exact conjunction with chiron in the N>Z 1953 chart. Not good.

    • Well Chiron is supposed to represent the deepest wound in the chart, and earthquakes certainly fit the bill for NZ. I have found that precession correction works well with these older charts, that adds 2°12′ to the chart and puts Pluto exact on Chiron through 2013.

  37. Lyn & Grace,

    Thank you for your comments.
    I am very interested in your views of this because I do believe it is going to get worse. However, I could not pretend to know when.

    I do know that I would tell my loved ones to get out of Christchurch if they could. I understand how impossible this must be for many who own houses and businesses there. And who am I? Chicken Little? I’m not even a real Kiwi! But my gut feeling remains that “new” fault is just in the early stages. But it may be that it will remain quiet for a time and being in earnest 3 years from now. I have no idea. I’m just going on these transits as I previously posted.

    In the summer of 2014 Uranus in 15 Aries will begin to conjunct the NZ natal Moon 18 Aries
    – by 2017 Uranus will be squaring the NZ natal Sun in Cap.
    – by Jan. 2016, Pluto 15-16 Capricorn squares NZ natal Moon
    – Jan. 2020 Pluto 22-23 Cap conjuncts the NZ natal Sun in 26 Cap.

    We all know something is going on in the entire solar system – not just here on planet Earth. I would suggest watching the reports on the solar flares/coronal mass ejections and of course moon cycles:

    >APPROACHING ACTIVE REGION: A significant active region is about to emerge over the sun’s northeastern limb. The underlying sunspots are not yet visible from Earth, but the region’s towering magnetic canopy is already in view. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) took this picture during the early hours of Feb. 23rd:


    Grace – thank you for your point about Chiron. If anyone else has any ideas, please post them.

    Here is an older post concerning the previous Christchurch quake which may contain some clues for us as astrologers. What caught my attention in this info was her assertion that the “easy” aspects of Pluto would act like hard one in a country chart – which led me to wonder what would happen with the hard ones coming up.

    New Zealand has suffered its worst earthquake for a while though no lives lost and a plane has crashed killing nine. The New Zealand chart has an assertive 4th house Sun Mars in Capricorn in a controlling though also rebellious square to Pluto Uranus, which I always think is odd. A bit like the Denmark chart, not quite what you’d expect of nations which appear calm, collected and rather conservative on the outside.

    That New Zealand Sun Mars square Pluto is being rattled at the moment by transiting Uranus semi-sextile Pluto exactly now and aiming to sextile Mars within a few days and then the Sun by the year end. Even easy aspects tend to act like hard when applied to a country chart. So it will be sending ripples through that very compacted, power packed and angry Sun Mars Pluto.

    The recent few Solar Eclipses have had significance for New Zealand. The February 2008 Eclipse on whose path New Zealand lies had Uranus on the Midheaven and Mars on the Ascendant set for New Zealand with a Mars opposition Pluto – so difficult and risky. The most recent July 2010 Solar Eclipse had the Cancer New Moon on the Ascendant set for New Zealand which marks it out as a key place. Tr Uranus had moved back to exactly – and I mean exactly to the minute! – close the opposition to Saturn on this chart.

    The July 09 Solar Eclipse had Pluto conjunct Ascendant and Uranus conjunct IC/Nadir for New Zealand with a Saturn square Mars so disruptive and risky. Tr Uranus is now trine that July 09 New Moon (to within 9 minutes = one sixth of a degree). The very powerful August 2008 Eclipse had Pluto conjunct Midheaven for New Zealand with an accident-prone Mars Saturn conjunction and tr Uranus is within days (half a degree) of being square that Pluto which is disruptive. So there is a good deal of activity on the Eclipse charts and New Zealand’s own natal chart. It is an edgy time for New Zealand and tr Uranus is aiming to square the Venus come October/November which is emotionally unsettling as well. Plus an upheaval from tr Pluto trine Uranus from late November into December 2010.

    • Hi Susan…glad someone else has concern over solar flares!
      I saw on TV today (am in Melbourne) huge cues of people at the airport leaving Christchurch…even though they have jobs your loved ones might leave too…showed people in long ques for water, and they have no electricity….they also said that well OVER 300 are missing, don’t think they expect to find many more survivors.
      You never know…as your loved ones take it all in they might just get out….Regards Barb

    • Susan…I have heard on the internet about a “Worldwide March Of Millions on World Freedom Day”…March 6th….everybody to go to local town square…have you come across that???
      Thinking that might be the way to go…Kind Regards Barb

      PS I send a message to “those above” to keep your loved ones protected and safe .

      • barb – thank you for your kind thoughts.
        Check out the solar flare on today Feb.25.

        EASTERN BLAST: The quiet didn’t last long. Earth-orbiting satellites detected an M3-class solar flare at 0735 UT on Feb. 24th. The source was an active region located just behind the sun’s eastern limb. The eruption produced strong radio emissions, a coronal mass ejection (not Earth directed), and this spectacular picture taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

  38. Jamie’s post: “I have had the same theory as you for a number of years, that the melting of ice caused by global warming will cause a change in the weight placed on the tectonic plates. Even today in the news I saw that the earthquake caused a massive chunk of ice to break of a glacier on the South Island’s west coast.  New Zealand is obviously in a danger zone if this is what actually happens.”

    I can’t seem to find out how much of the Antarctic ice melted this summer – it is now the end of our summer here in “Upside-down-land”!

    I found this Feb.21, 2011 article today concerning the Antarctic melt.
    Here are some excerpts:

    Australian scientists are using Antarctica to understand how the world’s oceans are responding to climate change.

    A mass melt off the icy continent Antarctica is one of the worst-case scenarios of climate change.

    If that happens, scientists say it will be far into the future. But, in a possible taste of things to come, Australian scientists have used a recent colossal ice crash in Antarctica to see how the Earth’s oceans are changing.

    It’s already known oceans are becoming less salty, more acidic and warmer and Antarctic waters hold the key to understanding what’s going on.

    STEVE RINTOUL: What it does allow us to do is to see how the ocean responds to an event like that, because as the climate does warm, we do expect the Antarctic ice sheet to lose more mass, to melt more, and this is a way for us to get an early indicator of what those sort of changes might bring.

    KAREN BARLOW: The Mertz Glacier region is important for the creation of global ocean currents, which help drive the planet’s climate. A phenomenon known as a polynia is involved in the circulations of the oceans.

    Ice is pushed off the Antarctic Coast, along with dense, cold and very salty water, which sinks to the Southern Ocean floor, the beginning of a journey around the planet.

    STEVE RINTOUL: So we’ve seen warming in the Southern Ocean, pretty much from the surface down to one or two kilometres below the surface, and some of the dense water that forms around Antarctica is freshening. And what that means is that the ocean circulation patterns that influence climate are also changing.

    KAREN BARLOW: The first results from the Mertz Glacier experiment show it’s a different region this year. The sea floor under the glacier has been exposed for the first time because of the tongue breaking off.

    STEVE RINTOUL: As the waters get fresh, if they get too fresh, they won’t be able to sink anymore. And that’ll change one of the drivers of the global circulation patterns that influence the climate system.

  39. This is from Robert Felix’s website ‘Not by Fire but by Ice’ and is definitely spooky.

    >”23 Feb 11 – When I first opened this email I laughed. How ridiculous. But then I learned that Banks Peninsula, just south of Christchurch, consists of two overlapping extinct volcanoes, the Lyttelton Volcano and the Akaroa Volcano.”

    Is Christchurch headed for a volcanic eruption?
    Sits beside two “extinct” volcanoes
    4,985 earthquakes since September

    full article

      • Let’s hope this one is “ridiculous”!
        Still the location of those old volcanoes is intriguing.

        By the way I think this format is excellent.
        Thanks for your replies.

        I thought you were in England.
        But it seems you are closer.

        • Thanks Susan, I had looked at including a separate forum here somewhere, but the blog comments seem to be just fine.

          I’m near Coffs Harbour, half way between Sydney and Brisbane on the coast. Marina is in London but will be here again in four weeks, we have a long distance relationship at the moment which is testing, and expensive! But at least we are getting lots of work done.

  40. Seismologists blame Christchurch disaster on new fault

    By Jerome Taylor
    Thursday, 24 February 2011
    The earthquake that devastated Christchurch is the product of a newly discovered fault line in the Earth’s crust.

    New Zealanders know that their country is vulnerable to tectonic movements. Fault lines dissect the nation, snaking up the western coast of the South Island before splitting in two just south of the capital, Wellington.
    For seismologists, it was always Wellington that created the most concern, because of a fault running through the city centre that is expected to produce a major earthquake in the next few decades. “Wellington has always been considered much more at risk because it straddles the plate boundary,” explained Kevin McCue, director of the Australian Seismological Centre.

    By comparison, until about six months ago Christchurch was thought to lie more than 80 miles away from the nearest known fault line. But the two earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks that have battered the city in the past five months have turned such thinking on its head. Scientists now believe that a fault which might have lain dormant for thousands of years has sprung back into life.

    “It’s not a new fault, in the sense that it has only just been created, but it is a fault that has only just been discovered,” said Dr Roger Musson, head of seismic hazards and archives at the British Geological Society.
    “Some fault lines are very easy to see but the one under Christchurch is covered by sediment and would have been invisible without thorough geophysical searches.”

    Since an earlier tremor in September, which was stronger than Tuesday’s but did less damage, geologists have been trying to map the new fault, which is thought to branch out from the main line running up the west coast of South Island and run beneath the plain on which Christchurch was built.

    Such mapping has provided a frightening window into the future. Most seismologists are now convinced that major earthquakes are all but inevitable over the next century in such densely populated places as as Istanbul, Los Angeles, Tehran, Karachi, Kathmandu and Lima, all of which have active fault lines running through or close to them. Even capital cities such as New York and Beijing are thought to be vulnerable to seismic shifts.

    New Zealand will now be keen make sure that any rebuilding is of a quality that can withstand similar quakes. But nature is difficult to predict and few can say whether the fault running under the city will continue to cause catastrophes or return to its dormant state.

  41. I did not think that I would be writing again about earthquakes on your site…..Mother Earth has decided to shake us even sharper with even more cruel results than 4 Sept. It is hard to believe the images of our beautiful city on TV whilst living 50km away and no change to our lives. We have all been mindful of the closeness of the moon and the predicted March 21 earthquake but were taken by surprise on Tues 22 Feb. So now we are wondering is there another even more violent one ahead of us…..looking at the astrology perhaps it could be possible? Now all focus has to be on the immediate care of those who have suffered injuries and loss…I time of deep reflection and of thankfulness.

    • Thanks for popping in again Diane. The Full Moon on March 20 (NZ Time) is something to watch out for. “On March 19 the tensions are triggered again with the Full Moon at 29 degrees Virgo opposite Uranus on Scheat. Now we have a grand square in place. Moon opposite Sun and Uranus, both square the Lunar Nodes, plus the December Lunar Eclipse with the South Node on Betelgeuse.” March Forecast

  42. Another report from the Robert Felix website:
    Engineer concurs – Christchurch could be headed for volcanic eruption 
    ??Subduction-zone volcanoes never go extinct, only dormant
    ?Includes cities of Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin

    24 Feb 11
    Dear Robert,
    I concur with Neil Love about the possibility of the Christchurch volcanoes becoming active. New Zealand in general and the South Island especially sits astride a subduction zone where the sea floor on the west side is pushing under the sea floor on the east side causing uplift. The result of this uplift is the Southern Alps.

    Subduction zones always have associated volcanoes inland from the point of contact and on the east coast of the South Island are several, each one occupied by a major town or city: Christchurch, Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin. Subduction zone volcanoes are never extinct, only dormant. Look at Mt St Helens. I have included a link which explains this along with several pictures.

    Paul Fazey / Senior Reconciliation Engineer

    Graphs and maps here

    • Hi Susan…thats what I thought today…that MAYBE New Zealand is headed for a volcano eruption…maybe on March 21 (see Diane’s blog above).
      There is a spirital website I check out…they have “channelings”…(not that you can trust “channellings”)
      there was talk of earthquakes before the NZ earthquake…so today I checked out the website…there was “channelled” messages about volcano eruptions & eathquakes, (didn’t mention what country)

      The solar flare on the full moon, 18th Feb, worried me…coudn’t figure out what it “meant”, but that it was “important”…am now just waiting to see if another one occur’s & on what date…one of things that “bugs’ me, is these “dust storms” they can produce, just kept thinking about food crops.

      But what worries me MOST, more than the above…is a “sick horrible feeling” that came thru to me about Somalia…think it was Sunday…I felt “sick in the stomach”…it was like , “death”…but not just “death”…but “horrible death”….

      Keep in mind this: that whatever “bad things” are happening in the world…there will be “good things too”…..there WILL be a BALANCE between good and evil.
      Kind regards Barb

      • Hi barb,
        Yes it’s all pretty ominous.
        Are you an empath? Meaning do you get “feelings” about things happening in the world or in the future? It is probably true that for all of us here who have taken to astrology – there are some pretty stong intuitives. Of course, all astrologers are Uranians! Me included and Uranians get intense flashes of things. Then there’s Neptune – I mean trying to figure out how Neptune works in our lives could drive you to study astrology. And then … Pluto … that telepathic and sneaky fellow.

        Yep, the problem with ‘channeling’ is the quality of the source. The invisible realms are overflowing and crowded with entities who must be very bored – because they appear to be ready to talk endlessly to anybody!

        The weird thing for me is that I have been living in NZ now for 3 years and was always looking for NZ’s chart online. Well, 2 days before this big quake I finally found the chart and looked at these transits I mentioned above. I told my partner (that’s the term they use here) about what I saw – my sort of predictions – and he was very intrigued. But then 2 days later this Christchurch disaster! So, I’m obsessed now with trying to understand what might be ahead.

        I was amazed and impressed that Jamie had arrived at the same conclusion about possibility of the Antarctic melt shifting NZ’s plates.

        • Must be on the same wavelength 🙂

          Apparently all we need to know is stored in the Akashic records. Sometimes we are privileged enough to get a glimpse.

          • Jamie: “Apparently all we need to know is stored in the Akashic records. Sometimes we are privileged enough to get a glimpse.”

            You said it beautifully! And I would add that this ‘privilege’ is heightened and achieved when our consciousness tunes in and resonates with these invisible-to-the-five-senses frequency wave forms which always do exist all around us in this Akashic etheric realm.

        • Hi Susan…I have been “obsessed” with trying to work things out since last April…I wam what you call a “Twin Flame”…have you heard of that?…I hadn’t..had no interest in religion/spirituality etc…now trying hard to find out “what will happen next”. Some amazing things have happened to me, for example…I was becoming paralised from the neck down, due to chronic osteomylitis (bone infection), and I should have been dead a long time a go…it has been pretty overwhelming for me, all the pain and paralysing/symptoms just disapearing…the force behind this is SO powerful..for example, it’s given me “life”….what kind of force can do that?
          So have been on the internet heaps…the spirituality websites state that “Twin Flames Reuniting” is a powerful force, the greatest ever and will cause us to go from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension…but I am not convinced of that… I do know for sure, that it is not to be looked at in a “romantic” way…”Twin Flames Reuniting” is to do with “work for humanity”…so far discovered a mention in Revelations re: Twin Flames & “great karma” if you interfere in their reunion.
          So…since last April…keep getting “messages”…like “telepathic messages”….directing me.
          By the way…what is your opinion on Gaddaffi?….it looks to me like suddenly him and his son has “changed”..not too sure if government controlled media behind it…unsure at moment…Kind Regards Barb
          PS Seen you emails…bit short of time at moment, will read them & links properly tomorrow.
          And yes…I was directed to keep “away” from a lot of channellings…like “dark forces” behind them!!!!

          • barb said: I hadn’t..had no interest in religion/spirituality etc…now trying hard to find out “what will happen next”. Some amazing things have happened to me, for example…I was becoming paralised from the neck down, due to chronic osteomylitis (bone infection), and I should have been dead a long time a go…it has been pretty overwhelming for me, all the pain and paralysing/symptoms just disapearing…the force behind this is SO powerful..for example, it’s given me “life”….what kind of force can do that?

            Hi barb,
            It’s amazing what can happen when Spirit/God (whatever you want to term it) wants our attention! Sounds like you hit what I call ‘the Wall’ and the inevitable frailty of our own bodies is the best reality check any of us will experience. When the “call” comes then everything in your life becomes an opportunity to learn and to get closer to Home. This is really more metaphysics than astrology – but I don’t think any one can study astrology without accepting the obvious truth that there is a Divine Plan behind all this otherwise chaos and madness. Pain is a great guru – and I hope your pain is moving away.

            And your directions are quite right about the slippery slope of channelings.

  43. Barb and Susan, I think most people have some kind of ability with premonition, empath is just one term. Some hear voices, some see things, some like me just get feelings which are difficult to put into words.

    • Jamie,
      The term “empath” seems to be sort of generic, meaning it doesn’t scare people. Like science approves!
      Sounds like barb’s feelings are gut too!

      barb: I felt “sick in the stomach”

  44. The NZ GeoNet website has a separate page on the Christchurch EQ now – with interesting links and maps, etc.

  45. I have always checked out the geodetic map for the likely places where earthquakes will occur….and found it is definitely a good guide. The ascendant of NZ is at around 18 degrees Capricorn.
    Another really important position is 24 degrees ahead of a planet. I don’t know for sure if that is the relationship between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs or if it is a 1/15th division of the chart but it is really powerful and can be so destructive…it acts like the shadowy stingray that you think has just finished passing over you when it suddenly strikes you neatly in the heart with the barb in its tail. The first 24 degrees is the most commonly destructive placement…
    There is a thing called the Chaleta Bhava Kundali too…which is the horoscope reading backward from the ascendant.. ( which is retained) but which is counted from as 0 degrees aries. So if you have ascendant 19 capricorn and the dragons head in 0 degrees Capricorn the dragons head will be placed at 19 degrees capricorn…right on the ascendant !
    and so forth The February earthquake can be easily understood in the light of these methods. This ancient technique ( Chaleta Bhava Kundali) is powerful not just for people but also for predicting weather.

    • Sorry…that should have read 19 degrees aries for the revised dragons head…..too much capricorn flying…which is a perfect square to the ascendant.
      Another comment…the new moon preceeding this most recent earthquake was in 13 something degrees Aquarius…which if taken back 24 degrees is landing on 19 capricorn…the lethal connection !
      Nothing really major ever occurs without being predicted by the new moon it seems.

      • mary,
        Thank you for your interesting technical report.
        The two charts I have for NZ both give 12 degrees of Scorpio for her Ascendant.
        Is there some disagreement among astrologers here?
        (do we uranian astrologers always disagree?)

        I must say that a Capricorn Ascendant would describe Kiwis!
        Tough pioneers that never give up, and have tremendous courage and resourcefulness.
        I was indeed suprised by their Sun-conj-Mars square Pluto-conj-Uranus.
        However, the square is often more productive & positve than a trine.

  46. These are maps of what NZ might eventually look like – prophesy, not geology/science.

  47. Gosh you all make me feel so scared and worried for my children in Christchurch…What with all the talk of volcanic eruptions and more earthquakes.Surely they would know if there was going to be an eruption. They can predict eruptions can’t they? but not so called earthquakes. I don’t understand astronomy but I do respect people that do…Please help I am so worried!

    • Hi Lyn, I think geologists are getting pretty good at predicting volcanic activity, but not so with earthquakes. To be honest, I’m not convinced about the ability of astrology to predict either. I post things after the event to see if we can find clues and help our study. Mother nature is just more powerful than any human construct. My advise: Tell the kids not to walk under awnings in the main streets for a while just to be sure. We know that there are many people sending positive thought to Christchurch.

      • Thanks for the reply Jamie, It does put my mind more at ease. Makes us all realise that the world is our real and only ruler and we need to take much better care of it.

    • Lyn,
      I apologize for contibuting to your fear & worries. I was concerned about scaring people when I posted the info. especially on the possibility of volcanoes. I was hoping that since this is an astrological bunch – and we are used to looking into the future – that no one would be unduely alarmed. So, I am sorry. My intention was to examine whatever information we have available and ask the group to help me by making their own assessments of the planetary alignments.

      As Jamie so wisely says, no one can honestly predict the future. Astrologers know this better than anyone! And yet, very often in hindsight (monday-morning-quarterback is the term used in the states!) it is clear as day. For example the charts for 9/11 are terrifyingly accurate. But catastrophies do appear to take a large confluence of planetary forces.

      I was asking questions more than making predictions. And yet if it were me, I would leave that area. There is an article in the NZ Herald this morning saying that many people are leaving.

      Christchurch earthquake: Thousands flee mangled city

      If I were mayor, I would take the money and relocate the city further back away from the new fault area. But human nature is what it is and no one in California or Seattle has paid attention to their faultlines and inevitable future. However FYI in Seattle, Boeing moved many of its facilities to Kansas and spent millions reinforcing the existing ones; they are well aware of what is coming.

      All any of us really possess is our faith in the eternal.

  48. Dear Jamie,
    I have used the info you have provided above but am unsure of the ascendant degree and sign of the New Zealand Chart 1853 and also would like to know if it is made for Wellington or Christchurch.

  49. Hi Jamie…thank you for your comment about the draconic chart…something I had never heard of. Will check it out. I am using ancient hindu astrology technique.
    …Susan….the geodetic horoscopes of countries are really the most important for earthquake etc. prediction. The scorpio horoscope is a thing superimposed on the other.
    Tho Egypt is completely acting according to its gemini ascendant from 1922 when it gained independence.Perhaps that ascendant works well because its geodetic ascendant is also gemini. Same with China…whose communist party ascendant has accorded beautifully with its geodetics.

    • (apologies for a slip up about egypt…that should have read geodetic ascendant is Leo…and harmonises well.)

  50. mary: .the geodetic horoscopes of countries are really the most important for earthquake etc. prediction. The scorpio horoscope is a thing superimposed on the other.

    Makes sense. Thank you. Ok, so there is a primeval geodetic horoscope and a political/constitutional-signing type one. Never the twain shall meet? And how do you figure the geodetic one? Rock birth? (just humor…)

    I did find this:

  51. Susan…i have not the faintest idea of why the geodetic one works…except that it really consistently does. But at the same time there is Pluto transiting NZs 1853 cheiron and checking out its Dasa system ( hindu astrology predictive technique which turns out to be working powerfully in the tropical zodiac too)… well.. from its Dasa system the 1853 NZ chart shows high stress too.
    The Napier earthquake of 1931 is a great case study…happened at 10.47 am on February 3rd.

  52. Thank you, mary.
    Any thoughts for the future?

    mary: I have always checked out the geodetic map for the likely places where earthquakes will occur….and found it is definitely a good guide. The ascendant of NZ is at around 18 degrees Capricorn.

    Do you have a link for this geodetic map?

  53. Is this what you are refering to?

    Manual production of both a Geodetic globe and a small Geodetic Atlas with individual maps of each continent showing both MC and Ascendant lines were developed after extensive and tedious manual calculations by Blake Finley in 1982. According to Blake’s mentor at that time, Iaen Sullivan, the atlas was stolen from his office by Texan astrologer “Bob Campbell” (a “devotee” of Sai Baba) later that same year and presented at an NCGR Conference in late 1983 or early 1984. Chris McRae of Alberta recently informed me that she developed a similar map with Ascendant lines and presented it at a conference in Virginia in 1977, which I was not aware of until 2005, and published a book on how to construct the map in 1988. Ms McRae also produces a full-size wall-map to hang on your wall… for further information see You are welcome to copy the map shown above for your reference. The original inspiration for this map came primarily from the work of Ruth Brummund, published in German in 1979, that of Joyce Wehrman published in the early 1980s, and that of Harry Suthann, who produced such a map without Ascendant lines in the 1930s (published in the National Astrological Journal in 1934 and 1935).

  54. An explanation of the Geodetic horoscope:

    The Geodetic Map of the world is a kind of Earth horoscope in which the map associates locations on the earth’s surface with the zodiac. Its use was pioneered by Sepharial in the late 19th century, though it had been used earlier by astrologers such as Ptolemy, dating from biblical times. Today a geodetic chart is used to combine standard information from a natal chart with the extra dimension derived from the geodetic calculations from the Earth. A 20th Century astrologer uses the Geodetic chart because it brings in the extra dimension of geographic location to a horoscope reading. Geodetics are largely concerned with the harmonious interaction between earth and man.

    In a Geodetic Map the Earth is split vertically into twelve equal segments, each of 30 degrees…

    full article here:

  55. Hi Susan…it was last year that I started to notice how astrology kept “coming true”…so started to sit up and take notice…& I read that atrologists didn’t like the “Grand Cardinal Cross” & what it could mean.
    It’s just been amazing the connection between astrology & what is happening in the world…this seems to be the best site…Jamie & Marina do a really good job….put their heart & soul into it.
    But yeah…there is really weird stuff happening..that is way out of our control..and someone “up there” has something to do with it.
    I am going off to the milkbar now…as I can “walk” and am full of good health!!!! Kind Regards Barb PS Actually I am “glowing”…people kept coming up to me the other day…smiling / beaming and wanting to talk to’s all sooo wierd!!!

  56. Susan…meant to say also…say I have been reading heaps on Nostradamus/Revelations/ etc…what gives me “hope” is, though “bad” things keep happening, there are all these predictions of “good”, for example “second coming of christ”…so am just “hoping” to see some ‘good’ come out of all this…fingers crossed….Barb

    • i read a post recently saying that there is a prediction that after the death of a King called Abdullah who wil be in power after the reign of a king who will have the name of an animal…the name of the last king of Saudi neant Panther….the Mahdi will appear…which is the same as the second coming for the Christians.

      • Hi Mary…this is what gives me “hope”..I read about a “king” who keaps peace over the Earth for about 30 yrs…not sure if this was predictions of Nostradamus (reading so much info, getting all mixed up).
        Interestingly….I have found Nostradamus & Revelations similiar in predictions.
        But above all else…we NEED something at the moment…like the “second coming of christ” (even though I am not religious)…something “good”…something to put us on the “right track”…all that keeps coming “thru to me” is how humans have stuffed up the earth …it’s basically “kuput”..Barb

  57. Barb ..I completely agree. I feel despondent too.
    All the unnecessary horror that humankind creates for itself.
    Here’s hoping !

  58. [From the NZ Herald this morning 28 Feb. 2011]:

    Christchurch earthquake: ‘This is no place to live any more’

    For many residents of Christchurch, it was one shake too many.
    Thousands of the city’s 350,000 inhabitants have left in droves, flying, driving, even walking away, with no plans to return any time soon.

    More than 50,000 have left from the airport alone in the days since the earthquake. Christchurch airport chief executive Jim Boult said as many as 32,000 people left over Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

    “Over the weekend, it quietened down a little more to be about 8000 or 9000 [a day]. “Normally we only see about 5000 a day.”

    Among those leaving is Aaron Waine who lost his mum Susan Chuter when the Canterbury Television building (CTV) collapsed.

    “We can’t stay here with this constant horrible reminder of what’s happened here and what we’ve lost,” Mr Waine said.

    Australian Gloria Cotton, 84, said: “We can’t live like this, with the constant shaking.” She had lived in New Zealand’s second largest city since meeting her Kiwi husband there 15 years ago.

    “My heart is here, and I feel so heartbroken at the thought of leaving.

    “This is no place to live any more.”

    full report

    [And the aftershocks are still going…]
    A magnitude 4.1 aftershock just before 8am has prompted the evacuation of residents on Clifton Hill in the Christchurch suburb of Sumner.

  59. Hi Jamie,

    I realize that you have moved on from this blog, but I think you will be interested to see that some scientists do agree with our intuitve thoughts about the anarctic melt influencing EQs.

    I must also say that I think your website is a jewel and I appreciate the opportunity to speak with other astrologers.
    Best wishes for your happiness,

    Here’s the post:

    Climatologists have been raising alarms about global warming for years, and now geologists are getting into the act, warning that melting glaciers will lead to an increasing number of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions in unexpected places.

    People in northern climates who have been looking south and shaking their heads sadly over the plight of people living in the path of Atlantic hurricanes and Pacific tsunamis had better get ready for a few seismic events of their own, according to a growing number of prominent geologists.

    Less Glacial Pressure, More Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions
    Ice is extremely heavy—weighing about one ton per cubic meter—and glaciers are massive sheets of ice. When they are intact, glaciers exert enormous pressure on the portion of the Earth’s surface they cover. When glaciers begin to melt—as they are doing now at an increasingly rapid rate due to global warming—that pressure is reduced and eventually released.

    Geologists say releasing that pressure on the Earth’s surface will cause all sorts of geologic reactions, such as earthquakes, tsunamis (caused by undersea earthquakes) and volcanic eruptions.

    “What happens is the weight of this thick ice puts a lot of stress on the earth,” said Patrick Wu, a geologist at the University of Alberta in Canada, in an interview with the Canadian Press. “The weight sort of suppresses the earthquakes, but when you melt the ice the earthquakes get triggered.”

    Global Warming Accelerating Geologic Rebound
    Wu offered the analogy of pressing a thumb against a soccer ball. When the thumb is removed and the pressure released, the ball resumes its original shape. When the “ball” is a planet, the rebound happens slowly, but just as surely.

    Wu said many of the earthquakes that occur in Canada today are related to the ongoing rebound effect that started with the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago. But with global warming accelerating climate changes and causing glaciers to melt more quickly, Wu said the inevitable rebound is expected to happen much faster this time around.

    New Seismic Events Already Happening

    Wu said melting ice in Antarctica is already triggering earthquakes and underwater landslides. These events aren’t getting much attention, but they are early warnings of the more serious events that scientists believe are coming. According to Wu, global warming will create “lots of earthquakes.”

    Professor Wu is not alone in his assessment.

    Writing in New Scientist magazine, Bill McGuire, professor of geological hazards at University College in London, said: “All over the world evidence is stacking up that changes in global climate can and do affect the frequencies of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and catastrophic sea-floor landslides. Not only has this happened several times throughout Earth’s history, the evidence suggests it is happening again.”

    • This is fantastic information Susan! New Zealand will feel the effects of this more than other places, being so close to the Antarctic. This is really important science.

      No, I haven’t moved on. Weekends are usually very bust here, I have three kids on my own, then Monday mornings I like to go back to bed after I get them to school 🙂

      You’ll notice I edited the links, I’m doing that on all the posts gradually because too many external links destroy my Google rankings, and I end up getting spammers appearing above me on searches, with MY material.

      But PLEASE keep linking your information, it’s very important, i’ll just crop the htpp:// off it but we can still copy and paste to get to the website.

      Back to the science on the ice melting an more earthquakes. The middle of this year I have a concern about this. There are two solar eclipse, 1 June and 1 July, both polar eclipses. The 1 June eclipse is over the north pole, the 1 July solar eclipse is over the south pole.

      Eclipse paths do have an effect on those regions. For example, the January 2011 solar eclipse shadow started over Tunisia, then moved East, and finished over Afghanistan.

      • Thanks, Jamie.
        I don’t wish to be a pest!
        You do an amazing job as Dad and astrology webdude.
        Seriously, this is a great website.

        I’m convinced that this is just the beginning.
        That geodetic info only reinforced my thoughts about the Uranus & Pkuto transits.
        We live up north, way up in the Farnorth where there are not yet any faultlines or EQs.
        But NZ only has 4 million people.
        California has 34 million.
        Another catastrophic disaster would ruin the NZ economy and destroy her currency.
        Food for thought.

  60. Hi Susan
    I saw on the news today that Christchurch is going to be hit with gale force winds / rain & more buildings could topple…and that snow has fallen on San Fransico for the first time in 35 years….!!! whats next???
    I went to that spirituality website that I visit to look at channelled messages…as for a while they have been going on about earthquakes / floods/ volcanoes.
    Well, today there was a channelled message stating not to believe in “weapons of mass destruction” (Iran)…but it also stated that we were going to see UFO’s and spaceships in the sky….to not to believe in what we see as they will just be a hologram. Well!!!…Jamie did a segment on this site about a UFO on 28/1/11 above Jerusalem (just go to search & hit enter, put in “UFO in Jerusalem” & Jamie’s segment comes up) I still havn’t got around to looking at the video, but will do.
    But I thought “what if” there ARE more UFO sightings/ space ships in the sky???….if I see any I’m going straight under my bed!!!…that’s if my fat arse can fit!! This is all freaking me out!! Barb

  61. Should have said that the channelled message predicted we will see a “mass” of UFO’s / spaceships in the sky…like a big army of them…Barb


    Much bigger quake predicted for March
    Thursday, February 24, 2011 • Martin Gibson
    WHEN Tuesday’s earthquake devastated Christchurch a constant refrain was that no one could have predicted it — but controversial weather forecaster Ken Ring had said a quake was likely, and that a much bigger quake could strike next month.

    He does not claim to say with absolute certainty that earthquakes will occur, but says he has a high rate of predicting when they are likely by studying the positions of the planets and the proximity of the Moon to the Earth when quakes happen.

    “Can we predict exactly where a major event will strike? Not well at this stage, but there is no reason why this might not be developed as a valid science.

    “It might require an initial dropping of the prejudice against the Moon that is currently held by mainstream science, and a willingness for geologists, astronomers, meteorologists, seismologists and astrometeorologists to work together for a common goal.”

    He posted the predictions for coming quakes on the 14th of this month.

    “On my website I said that within a week there could be a seven magnitude earthquake.

    “It’s mainly to do with the Sun with the Moon as the trigger for the timing.

    “We have a lot of solar activity at the moment that is caused by Jupiter and Saturn sitting on either side of the Sun, a position it moved into in September, and will stay in until May.”

    September’s Christchurch earthquake happened when the Moon was the second closest to the Earth, and on the weekend it was the fifth closest, which he says causes a 20cm king tide in the Earth’s mantle that makes quakes more likely.

    In March the Moon will be the closest to Earth for 2011, he says.

    “This week’s was always going to be the curtain-raiser for next month.”

    This does not mean a big quake will definitely occur, he says.

    “There’s the potential — I can never say it will happen, I’m just looking at the timing of these things and how they happened in the past.

    “The exact equivalent to the day of Tuesday’s earthquake was February 10 1990, when again Jupiter and Saturn were on the either side of the Earth and it was a full moon day, and there was a six magnitude earthquake in Canterbury.”

    The Gisborne Herald has been the only media outlet to ask him about his success highlighting the likely dates of quakes, he said.

    “Nobody has interviewed me at all. The way I see it the geologists have got it all wrong — they say these earthquakes are not occurring on any known faults, but earthquakes create faultlines as they go.

    “People should forget looking for them, and concentrate more on the timing of these things.

    “You have a mighty ball of energy 40 times the size of Hiroshima hurtling through the Earth.

    “It’s not going to look for a tiny fault line to go through. Fault lines are just scars.”

  63. 2 more reports

    Glacial Melt Triggers Earthquakes
    Climate change could cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, scientists say
    Canadian Press, July 05, 2006
    OTTAWA (CP) – So the warnings of harsher heat waves, stronger hurricanes and rising seas fail to impress. How about volcanic eruptions in the Arctic, or a tsunami off the coast of Newfoundland?
    The latest scientific discipline to enter the fray over global warming is geology.
    And the forecasts from some quarters are dramatic – not only will the earth shake, it will spit fire.
    A number of geologists say glacial melting due to climate change will unleash pent-up pressures in the Earth’s crust, causing extreme geological events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.
    A cubic metre of ice weighs nearly a tonne and some glaciers are more than a kilometre thick. When the weight is removed through melting, the suppressed strains and stresses of the underlying rock come to life.
    University of Alberta geologist Patrick Wu compares the effect to that of a thumb pressed on a soccer ball – when the pressure of the thumb is removed, the ball springs back to its original shape.
    Because the earth is so viscous the rebound happens slowly, and the quakes that occasionally shake Eastern Canada are attributed to ongoing rebound from the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago.
    Melting of the ice that covers Antarctica or Greenland would have a similar impact, but the process would be accelerated due to the human-induced greenhouse effect.
    “What happens is the weight of this thick ice puts a lot of stress on the earth,” says Wu. “The weight sort of suppresses the earthquakes but when you melt the ice the earthquakes get triggered.”
    When a quake happens under water it can cause a tsunami. Wu said melting of the Antarctic ice is already causing earthquakes and underground landslides although they get little attention. He predicted climate warming will bring “lots of earthquakes.”
    When the glaciers melt, the reliquified water causes sea levels to rise and increases the weight on the ocean floor, which could also have an effect on the grinding tectonic plates deep below the surface.
    The Earth’s crust is more sensitive than some might think. There are well-documented cases of dams causing earthquakes when the weight of the water behind a dam fills a reservoir.
    Alan Glazner, a volcano specialist at the University of North Carolina, said he was initially incredulous when he found a link between climate and volcanic activity off the coast of California.
    “But then I went to the library and did some research and found that in many places around the world especially around the Mediterranean they see similar sorts of correlations.”
    “When you melt glacial ice, several hundred metres to a kilometre thick . . . you’ve decreased the load on the crust and so you’ve decreased the pressure holding the volcanic conduits closed.
    “They’re cracks, that’s how magmas gets to the surface . . . and where they hit the surface, that’s where you get a volcano.”
    No one has claimed that the Christmas tsunami of 2004 was triggered by rising sea levels. But that event seems to have sparked new interest in the links between climate and geology.
    “All over the world evidence is stacking up that changes in global climate can and do affect the frequencies of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and catastrophic sea-floor landslides,” says British geologist Bill McGuire, writing in New Scientist magazine.
    “Not only has this happened several times throughout Earth’s history, (but) the evidence suggests it is happening again,” says McGuire, professor of geological hazards at University College in London.
    Glazner said the main impact of glacial melting is due to reduced weight on the places losing glaciers rather than the increased weight on the ocean floor.
    “If you melt that glacier and the water runs into the oceans, that water is spread over the entire surface of the ocean and it might add a millimetre to the thickness of the oceans or something, but you’ve taken a kilometre off of that place where the glacier used to be.”
    How Melting Glaciers Alter Earth’s Surface, Spur Quakes, Volcanoes?Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2006

    Imagine the surface of Earth as a giant trampoline that accumulated a slab of ice over the winter, and you can get a sense of what a growing number of scientists say is in store for the planet as glaciers keep melting.

    Once the trampoline’s ice turns to water that drips over the edges in the warm days of spring, the concave elastic slowly rebounds to its original flat shape. That’s how Earth responds as glaciers retreat, and the consequences promise to be … interesting.

    The reason is that one cubic meter of ice weighs just over a ton, and glaciers can be hundreds of meters thick. When they melt and the water runs off, it is literally a weight off Earth’s crust. The crust and mantle therefore bounce back, immediately as well as over thousands of years. That “isostatic rebound,” according to studies of prehistoric and recent earthquakes and volcanoes, can make the planet’s seismic plates slip catastrophically, and cause magma chambers that feed volcanoes to act like bottles of shaken seltzer.

    “It’s unavoidable that glacial retreat will induce tectonic activity,” says geoscientist Allen Glazner of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

    The connection between melting glaciers and earthquakes isn’t to be confused with a myth that zipped through cyberspace after the 2004 Asian tsunami. It claimed that global warming (which is not even two degrees above historical averages so far) heated magma, causing seismic plates to shift. No.

    Instead, the world-wide melting of glaciers portends a seismically active future because of isostatic rebound and also because the meltwater from liquefying glaciers adds mass atop oceanic plates. That creates a teeter-totter effect, further destabilizing the planet’s crust. “Recent findings reinforce the idea that the solid earth and the climate are inextricably linked,” says Prof. Glazner.

    That link has reared its ugly head in the past, especially during periods of rapid climate change such as the end of ice ages. When ice sheets retreated 10,000 years ago, for instance, Iceland experienced a surge in volcanic eruptions. Volcanoes in the Mediterranean, Antarctica and eastern California also seem to have been awakened by retreating ice.

    When he analyzed 800,000 years of activity from about 50 volcanoes in eastern California (the age of rocks formed from volcanic ash can be determined by radioactive dating), Prof. Glazner found that “the peaks of volcanic activity occurred when ice was retreating globally. At first I thought it was crazy, but other scientists also found evidence that climate affects volcanism.” The likely mechanism: glacial retreat lifts pressure that had kept the magma conduit closed.

    The retreat of ice sheets 10,000 years ago also triggered a wave of powerful earthquakes in Scandinavia. Since isostatic rebound continues for thousands of years, it may still be contributing to quakes in eastern Canada, says geoscientist Patrick Wu of the University of Calgary.
    That area has no plate boundaries, the usual site of quakes. But 9,000 years ago, when glaciers retreated, the region began experiencing frequent “intraplate” quakes up to magnitude 7, he finds. They continue to this day, with quakes such as the 6.3 Ungava event that struck northern Quebec on Christmas Day 1989.

    “The pressure of the ice sheet suppresses earthquakes, so removing that load triggers them,” says Prof. Wu. That creates weakened zones that remain vulnerable to seismic activity to this day, including in northern Europe. “Present-day earthquakes may have their origin in postglacial rebound,” he says.

    In southwest Alaska, where the Pacific plate thrusts under the continental plate, the immense mass of glacial ice counters the tendency of the plates to slip catastrophically. As global warming melts the glaciers, however, the ice load is diminishing. As a result, Earth is springing back there, too, removing the check on seismic activity. The magnitude 7.2 temblor that shook the area in 1979 is linked to a bounce-back of the crust, conclude geoscientists Jeanne Sauber of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Bruce Molina of the U.S. Geological Survey.

    “In southwest Alaska, glaciers have been thinning and retreating by hundreds of meters for 100 years,” says Dr. Sauber. “Huge ice loads suppress earthquakes for a while, but when you remove the ice it is easier for them to occur.” She therefore calls them “promoted” earthquakes. Glacial retreat, she says, “is another factor that has to be looked at when we assess seismic hazard.”

    Alaska isn’t the only place where glacial retreat due to the current warming coincides with active faults. It does so in the Andes, the Swiss Alps, the New Zealand southern Alps, the Rocky Mountains, the Himalayas and the edges of Greenland (where scientists recently reported that the melting of the ice sheet has accelerated), says geologist Bill McGuire of University College London.

    He wrote in the magazine New Scientist that “it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the loading and unloading of the Earth’s crust by ice or water can trigger seismic and volcanic activity.” He told me that “no one knows how much unloading there can be before you trigger certain faults.”
    ©1998 to 2011 The Heat is Online
    Maintained by Monochrome

  64. Hi Susan, I know exactly what you mean about “channelling”…I also am really concerened about New Zealand…and what is going to happen next???

    I am worried sick…am just loking for answers, same as you.
    Maybe…this is because of “fear” and I want to “know” what is going to happen “next” “I need control”…I dunno.

    I DO know for CERTAIN….that good things will well as “BAD”…
    just the other “side of the coin”
    My heart goes out to you….and your worries & concerns…love & BIG HUGS BARB XXX

  65. All I can say is this, : If there is a “Second Coming of Christ…then bloody well hurry up and COME!! We need you NOW!!!”

    (I can already see Jamie…scratching his head and wondering, “Ohhh gawd…is Barb being rude here???”!!!)

    Love to you all Barb xxxxx

  66. Why There Will Be More Earthquakes / February 18, 2011
    by futurist Richard Worzel, C.F.A.

    The Earth is a complex system. Indeed, it is a series of interlocking, overlapping, complex systems, and such systems often affect each other in surprising ways. Accordingly, although at first it may seem strange to say that climate change will increase both the number of earthquakes and volcanoes, that actually is the case. Here’s how it works:

    Although to us, the Earth’s crust and upper mantle seem solid, from a geological perspective they are actually quite elastic, rather like a trampoline. This is especially true when you consider that the surface of the Earth, including the continents, floats on tectonic plates, which cause the phenomenon popularly called ‘continental drift’. Parts of the Earth’s surface, including sections of the continents, actually move, and around the edges of these plates, bits are both sucked down below the surface, and squeezed up from underneath, as well as scraping along each other’s edges, as happens with the San Andreas fault in California. That’s why it looks as if eastern South America fits into western Africa: because at one time it did, before the plates they’re on drifted apart.

    Where climate change comes into the picture is that it changes something called the ‘isostatic equilibrium’ of the Earth’s surface. Isostasy is the force that balances gravity’s books: when something shifts its weight, creating more weight in one place, it is balanced by something somewhere else being pushed up in another place. (Here’s a link to Wikipedia on the subject.)

    Let’s go back to the trampoline metaphor now. If you put a big block of ice in the middle of the trampoline, it will push it down. And ice is very heavy; a one-meter cube of ice weighs more than a ton. As it melts, the trampoline will gradually spring back. And that’s what will happen as the Earth’s glaciers melt, the water runs off into the oceans, and the weight of the glaciers is redistributed: the crust and mantle will spring up in another area. We know that this happens, because, for example, that’s why there are earthquakes in Quebec, where there are no major fault lines. In the last ice age, Quebec was covered in more than three kilometers of ice. When the ice melted as the ice age ended, the Earth sprang back, freed from the load, and that process of adjustment continues to this day. (Ten thousand years, the period of time since the last ice age, is not very long in geological terms.)

    As glaciers melt, therefore, it upsets the balance in the Earth’s crust and mantle; because weight shifts from the land where the glaciers were, down into the oceans as the melted ice runs off. As a result, there is less weight on the land, and more weight in the oceans. This will create what geologists call an ‘isostatic rebound’, and according to studies of the Earth’s geologic history, that can make the Earth’s tectonic plates shift. This not only creates earthquakes, but volcanoes as well, because bubbles of magma trapped underground (magma is molten rock beneath the Earth’s surface) act like bottles of seltzer. When the Earth shifts, they act like someone has shaken the seltzer bottles. Indeed, geophysicist Allen Glazner of the University of North Carolina recently commented that ‘It’s unavoidable that glacial retreat will induce tectonic activity.’ [1] He goes on to say, ‘Recent findings reinforce the idea that the solid earth and the climate are inextricably linked.’

    The geologic record shows that this has happened in the past. When the glaciers retreated after the last ice age, it triggered a wave of volcanic eruptions, notably in Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, Antarctica, and eastern California. As well, the incidence of major earthquakes has risen over the last three decades, as shown in this chart from data assembled by the website

    So we will see more earthquakes and more volcanoes as a result of the melting of today’s glaciers. Among the areas that have been identified as possible targets for this kind of natural disaster include Alaska, the Andes, the Swiss Alps, the southern Alps of New Zealand, the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and Canada, the Himalayas, and the edges of Greenland.

    It’s going to be an exciting time, but ‘exciting’ doesn’t actually mean ‘fun’, does it?

    [1] Begley, Sharon; ‘How Melting Glaciers Alter Earth’s Surface, Spur Quakes, Volcanoes’, Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2006, p.A11.

    full article based on the WSJ one and graphs

    • Hi Susan..I saw the Christchurch Mayor on the news last night…..don’t know if you saw it…but they had found two time capsules in the rubble…they were about a foot & a half long, few inches thick…the Mayor said that they may contain messages from the past, ie New Zealand’s ancestors…he was really excited about the discovery…it will be interesting to see if they contain predictions…let me know if you hear anything on the news when they open them…incase I miss the news.

      The death toll and destruction is just awful…can’t imagine how New Zealanders are feeling…Kind Regards Barb

      • Barb, you’ve piqued my interest. I used to work in Christchurch doing energy work and one day I was standing in my shop – opposite the cathedral – and the floor opened up in front of me and out of a circular swirling vortex came a range of symbols – all south american in origin mayan looking things – South America is at the other end of the ring of fire and is also currently experiencing earthquakes. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. Another thing that happened around the same time was I started speaking in Maori when doing readings for Maori women. They told me it was old maori not the modern language taught in schools. There was information about healing plants amongst other things. During one of these profound experiences I had a vision of a long carved waka huia (carved wooden storage box) being pulled out of the ground and the message the old knowledge would come out. Your post has me curious as to the nature of the time capsules – do you know if they were indigenous? Or just from the time of the colonials? I’d be really interested to know. Thanks.

        • Hi Jitterbug…what I saw on tv was that the time capsules looked “metalic” to me & very smooth…as if they were made in modern times…so I was surprised to hear the NZ Mayor say that they could be time capsules from New Zealand’s “ancestors”.
          Have not heard any more about them…it’s late here in Melbourne at moment…will google & do a search tomorrow.

          Those experiences you went thru?…thats from a “higher being”…I presume you have a lot of “empathy” in you…that you don’t understand or get along with people who have no empathy. Kind Regards Barb

          • Hi Jitterbug…I just googled “time capsule christchurch”…quite a bit on it…looks like 3 time capsules were found…one beneath a statue containing a hand written note from the founders of Christchurch regarding their vision for the city…said the time capsules have been handed to the museum for experts to look at…think another one was found under the cross of the church…have a google…quite interesting!!..Regards Barb

          • Hi barb, thanks for your comments I saw some footage of the capsules after reading this and I am also confused about the reference to the ancestors but Christchurch is very hooked up with its colonial roots so it does make sense they would be thinking that way. The psyche of the place is unusual relative to other parts of the country. Time began when the first fleet arrived for some. It was the first “planned” settlement in NZ. The presence of not just one but three time capsules in such a small area of land (land some clients told me used to be a maori burial ground) speaks to me of an inherent need to make your mark on a place. It’s profound.

            Yes to empathy and I don’t understand the way a lot of people are, I do however have to get along with them! I am super rational so my empathy is often confused with distance or coldness. It’s a lashings of virgo paradox.

          • My great great grandfather’s brother
            Robert Speechly was an architect, and was brought out to N.Z in 1864 by Sir Gilbert Scott to draw the original plans for the Christchurch Cathedral.
            However work was suspended for a few years due to lack of funds.
            Benjmin Mountfort was appointed in 1873 & the church was finished in 1881.
            My aunty had access to family archives & this information was sent to me a few weeks ago.

  67. [This is an excerpt from a recent free post by Clif High the Webbot guy.]

    ChristChurch is likely situated at the ‘head’ of a natural ‘tear’ in the coast line.

    These kinds of quakes are expected because of where New Zealand is on the globe relative to the pressures created on the crust by the equatorial bulge.

    These pressures will tend to produce different types of quakes at different points on the sphere.

    Further, the theory can be used to predict both relative frequency and depth of large quakes during the expansion event.

    Unfortunately for New Zealand, the theory clearly points toward more ‘tearing forces’ to be manifesting from 45s by 180 degrees as indicated by both topology and hyper-dimensional (hyper-spatial) maths.

    These ‘tearing forces’ in the ocean on the other side of the Chatham Rise will be presenting to New Zealand further earthquakes over the rest of 2011 and certainly through 2012.

  68. A 5.7 earthquake has hit the Phillipines, said no reports of injuries …Barb

  69. About the Christchurc Earthquake….
    If NZ gets through next April…which is dangerous…then it is not likely to suffer another major earthquake soon.
    It is easy to predict earthquakes by astrology/astronomy. I learned the art of doing so a long time ago from a pamphlet picked up from an Indian railway station. The work was good…I remembered it carefully and have applied it. The trouble with the Indian astrologers is that they are very traditional and many of them will not acknowlege the outer planets. therefore they cannot predict really well. What a shame !
    The classic earthquake involves Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto all in close conjunction, opposition, Rahu ( the north node of the moon) and Ketu..( the South node of the moon.) This theme has variations…but if anyone wants to examine a dozen or so horoscopes of earthquakes they will see what I mean.
    If the skies indicate earthquake then one can look at the planets positions…esp. Rahu ( the North node of the moon ) and conclude that it is likely in China, Argentina, the Phillipines etc. by matching that to the country ascendant or its 11 or second house…the 11th house ( and fifth house by reflex) being inimical to the fourth house of home, the second ( and eighth house by reflex ) being inimical to the ascendant.
    So you can end up with a pattern of houses 1,4,7 and 10 OR houses 11,2,5 and 8…..ummm…if all these are in place together then the place is obliterated. Mostly a partial pattern does enough damage to remember. A new moon in a sensitive point of such an arrangement will often herald it…..

  70. So if there is huge strain in the fixed signs it might well be Libra ascendant China which cops it.
    And Nz is so vulnerable to stress in the Cardinal signs…it is easy to predict for. case nobody studied the art.. Jupiter and Rahu ( north node of the moon) operate powerfuly in trines…which is not necessarily a happy aspect. nd the direction of the aspect is back…from a later sign to an earlier sign. And that took some working out….


    Friday, March 04, 2011 at 15:46:12 UTC
    Saturday, March 05, 2011 at 02:46:12 AM at epicenter
    Time of Earthquake in other Time Zones
    49.828°S, 164.042°E
    20.4 km (12.7 miles)
    178 km (110 miles) WNW of Auckland Island, New Zealand
    498 km (309 miles) SW of Invercargill, New Zealand
    637 km (395 miles) SSW of Queenstown, New Zealand
    1263 km (784 miles) SW of WELLINGTON, New Zealand
    Location Uncertainty
    horizontal +/- 21.4 km (13.3 miles); depth +/- 2.3 km (1.4 miles)
    NST= 36, Nph= 37, Dmin=453.1 km, Rmss=1.46 sec, Gp=133°,
    M-type=body wave magnitude (Mb), Version=4
    Event ID

  72. full story & color image

    March 04, 2011
    Here’s Looking @ Earth… New Zealand Ice Shaker (Imagery—NASA)

    [SatNews] The magnitude 6.3 earthquake that ravaged Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22, 2011, also broke a 30 million-ton piece of ice off the Tasman Glacier.

    The ice broke into many smaller icebergs after falling into Tasman Lake. By the time the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) on NASA’s Terra satellite acquired this image on March 2, the icebergs had congregated at the far end of the lake. In the false-color image, plant-covered land is red.

    The dirt-coated glacier is dark brown, matching the exposed rock in the surrounding Southern Alps. White snow tops the mountains to the west, and the river and lake—clouded with finely ground rock—are silver.

    Situated about 200 kilometers (120 miles) west of Christchurch, Tasman Glacier is New Zealand’s largest and longest. It has been retreating in recent year, and shedding ice from its foot, or terminus, is one mechanism of retreat. The February 2011 earthquake provided the final pulse of energy to calve off ice than had been about to break off anyway. By the end of 2007, the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) reported that the Tasman Glacier had retreated five kilometers (about 3 miles) since 1976. Mounds of rocks—moraines—mark the former extent of the glacier and hem in the lake that has formed at its terminus.

    Glaciers through New Zealand’s Southern Alps lost 11 percent of their volume between 1976 and 2007. Since then, the glaciers have either lost ice or held steady, depending on the amount of precipitation that fell during the year. According to NIWA, 90 percent of the ice lost from the 12 largest glaciers (including Tasman) can be traced to iceberg calving from the terminus or downwasting—melting on the surface that thins the glacier.

  73. So Jamie, the question remains … could the loss of glacial ice have contributed to the new fault in the Christchurch area?

    Here is a quote from a clean-air-blog:
    “… Dr. John Van Leer of the University of Miami’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences who presented information about glacial melt in Greenland due to warmer air and water temperatures that has lead to earthquakes measurable on the Richter scale.”

    • I think so, both you and I have intuited this happening and now the science is saying the same thing. NZ has been loosing a lot of ice. Don’t have any facts and figures but do remember learning about this on some show on TV.

  74. [This is an older article, but shows that ‘scinece’ was aware of this relationship back in 2007.]

    Shockwaves from melting icecaps are triggering earthquakes, say scientists
    By Daniel Howden, in Ilulissat, Greenland
    September 2007

    High up inside the Arctic circle the melting of Greenland’s ice sheet has accelerated so dramatically that it is triggering earthquakes for the first time.

    Scientists monitoring the glaciers have revealed that movements of gigantic pieces of ice are creating shockwaves that register up to three on the Richter scale.
    The speed of the arctic ice melt has accelerated to such an extent that a UN report issued earlier this year is now thought to be out of date by its own authors.

    The American polar expert Robert Correll, among the key contributors to the UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report issued in February, described the acceleration as “massive”.

    Estimates of the likely rise in sea levels this century vary, and the IPCC published a conservative range of between 20cm-60cm. But those estimates are now heavily disputed, with many scientists insisting that new data collected since the IPCC report suggested a rise closer to two metres. Professor Correll said there was now a “consensus” that a significant acceleration in the loss of ice mass has occurred since the last report.

    The revelations came at a conference in the north of Greenland, which has drawn world religious leaders, scientists and environmentalists to the Ilulissat Icefjord. Ilulissat is home to the most active glacier in Greenland and it was one of the immense icebergs that calve from it on a daily basis that is believed to have sunk the Titanic. The Arctic is acknowledged as the fastest warming place on earth.

    The local Inuit population, whose lives have been drastically altered by the changing climate, were yesterday led in a silent prayer for the future of the planet by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the organiser of the arctic symposium and spiritual leader of the world’s 250 million Orthodox Christians.

    Greenland’s ice cap is immense, the second largest in the world, and its break-up would be catastrophic. The packed ice is up to two miles thick and its total collapse into the ocean would raise worldside sea levels by seven metres.

    At the Ilulissat Icefjord, 250km north of the Arctic Circle, the advance of the glacier into the sea is now visible to the naked eye. “It’s moving toward the sea at a rate of two metres an hour,” said Professor Correll. “It’s exuding like toothpaste, moving towards us at 15 kilometres per year.”

    One day’s worth of the Ilulissat ice would provide enough fresh water to supply the largest cities in the world for a whole year – and yet it amounts to only 7 per cent of Greenland’s total melt.

    As the glaciers thaw, pools of water are forming, feeding fractures in the ice, down which the water flows until it hits the bedrock.

    “These so-called moulins are phenomenal,” said Professor Correll, who said they had been remarkably scarce when he first visited the glacier in 1968. “Now they are like rivers 10 or 15 metres in diameter and there are thousands of them.”

    He compared the process to putting oil underneath the ice to make it move forward faster.

    As the reality of the unprecedented thaw becomes apparent, the consequences are outstripping the capacity of scientific models to predict it.

    Earthquakes, or glacial ice quakes, in the north-west of Greenland are among the latest ominous signs that an unprecedented step change is under way. The Finnish scientist Veli Albert Kallio is one of the region’s leading ice experts and has been tracking the earthquakes.

    “Glacial earthquakes in north-west Greenland did not exist until three years ago,” he said.

    The accelerating thaw and the earthquakes are intimately connected, according to Mr Kallio, as immense slabs of ice are sheared from the bed rock by melt water. Those blocks of ice, often more than 800m deep and 1500m long, contain immense rocks as well and move against geological faults with seismic consequences. The study of these ice quakes is still in its infancy, according to Professor Correll, but their occurence is in itself disturbing. “It is becoming a lot more volatile,” said Mr Vallio. Predictions made by the Arctic Council, a working group of regional scientists, have been hopelessly overrun by the extent of the thaw. “Five years ago we made models predicting how much ice would melt and when,” said Mr Vallio. “Five years later we are already at the levels predicted for 2040, in a year’s time we’ll be at 2050.”

    This dramatic warming is being felt across the Arctic region. In Alaska, earthquakes are rocking the seabed as tectonic plates – subdued for centuries by the weight of the glaciers on top of them – are now moving against each other again.

    In the north of Sweden, mean temperatures have risen above zero for the first time on record.

    Professor Terry Callaghan has been working in the remote north of the country at a research station which has been taking continuous readings for the past 100 years. His recent findings tally with the accelerating pace of change elsewhere.

    “Mean temperatures have remained below zero here since medieval times,” said Professor Callaghan. “Now, over the past 10 years we have exceeded zero, the mark at which ice turns to water.” Professor Correll said: “We are looking at a very different planet than the one we are used to.”

  75. [Ken Ring the “Moon Man” is predicting another quake to hit Christchurch on March 20th. Ring did predict the previous 6.3 EQ – which hit on Feb.22 – between Feb.15-25. The aftershocks have not stopped in that area of NZ and the locals are traumatized – as many as 70,000 people are said to have left. It must be obvious to everyone that the movement in those subduction zones has not stopped.]

    Kiwis terrified by fresh earthquake prediction
    By Tamara McLean in Auckland From: AAP March 03, 2011 2:20PM

    Popular long-range weather forecaster Ken Ring is warning that a second jolt will hit the already-devastated South Island city on March 20.

    Mr Ring, who lives in Auckland, uses the moon, sun and tidal activity for the basis of his theories, which have been dismissed by scientists.

    His warning is clear.

    “If I lived in Christchurch, I’d get out for a few days over that time, go camping, visit friends, just get out and keep safe,” he said.??”And if you don’t live there, stay away.”??His frightening words have panicked New Zealanders, with hundreds using Twitter and Facebook to brand his theories as “crackpot”, “wacky” and scientifically baseless.

    Despite this, his following is substantial, with more than 5000 New Zealanders – including farmers, gardeners and even disaster specialists – signed up to receive his weather predictions.

    On Valentine’s Day, he issued a tweet stating that conditions were “potent” for a quake in Christchurch between February 15 and 25.

    A 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck on February 22, killing as many as 240 people.

    Eerily, he warned people to watch for “special signs”, such as silent birds or scared pets, and said “stay away from old cracked buildings”.

    His words have sparked ferocious debate. Some, like prominent current affairs host John Campbell, believe his frightening words prey on vulnerable people struggling to recover in the wake of the disaster.

    But when Campbell threw tough questions at Mr Ring on national television on Monday, giving him no chance to answer, hundreds of Kiwis came to the defence of the so-called Moon Man.

    Campbell was forced to apologise, admitting he didn’t believe Mr Ring’s theories.

    “But many people I’ve spoken to do – and Mr Ring’s predictions terrify them,” the broadcaster said, before begging him to “stop scaring people”.

    And scaring them he is. Elderly Australian Gloria Cotton survived the quake and said that predictions of another were “ghastly”.

    “Tell them to stop, please just stop,” the 84-year-old said from her damaged Christchurch home.

    “Life is so hard anyway. We can’t cope with hearing about another one.”

    Mr Ring for his part said he believed most people would rather be safe than sorry.

    “If the information was there wouldn’t you rather have access to it?

    “How terrible would it be if I knew all the seismic signs were there and I didn’t say anything? I couldn’t live with myself.

    “If you’d rather not know, then please don’t read it.”

    The scientists, however, remain unconvinced.

    Dr Mark Quigley, senior lecturer in active tectonics and geomorphology at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, said Mr Ring’s assertions were “ludicrous”.

    “Vague quotes about dates of ‘increased’ activity plus or minus several days, without magnitudes, locations, and exact times do not constitute prediction,” Dr Quigley said.

    “This is opportunistic and meaningless self promotion during a time of national crisis.
    “I won’t be going anywhere in late March.”

  76. Quake prophecy will come true … eventually
    Feb. 7, 2011

    A kaumatua’s Waitangi Day prophecy of doom and destruction for Wellington should be taken with a pinch of salt – though a massive earthquake in the capital is inevitable, experts say.

    Anglican minister Gray Theodore, who was born Te Kerei Tiatua, stunned the 1000-strong crowd gathered at the Treaty grounds when he revealed his vision at yesterday’s dawn ceremony.

    “A terrible earthquake is going to hit Wellington. I have seen body bags in the streets of Wellington. I have seen houses on the hills of Wellington – seen them disappear. I have seen the roof of the Beehive lying in the debris of the streets of Wellington.”

    God had shown him the harbour waters receding, then rushing back in a tsunami that would affect an area from the South Island to as far north as Whanganui. He did not know what year the catastrophe would strike – but it would be in the month of June.

    Te Arawa and Ngapuhi kaumatua said he had had the vision 38 years ago and had “run from it” ever since.

    He said he had been to Wellington with the intention of warning the Government twice before but events intervened to stop him – including when another minister fell dead in his arms and he had to take over his service.

    The third opportunity, yesterday, was biblically correct, as the Lord always spoke three times, he said.

    Wellington kaumatua Sam Jackson said he did not know Mr Theodore’s full whakapapa, but he would take the prophecy “with a grain of salt”.
    “It’s just a wild guess.”

    However, an earthquake in Wellington was “a foregone conclusion”.

    The prophecy was unusual, he said. “There’s some extraordinary things [Maori prophets] do predict about contacting people or finding out things about them, but this one’s something new.”

    Veteran historian Bill Oliver, who has researched and written on the Maori prophetic tradition, said he had not heard of anyone making a prophecy like Mr Theodore’s before.

    “Predicting specific events is something I’ve never heard of in relation to Maori prophecy. As far as I know it seems to be a novelty within the prophetic tradition of Maori.”

    Wellington emergency preparedness manager Fred McCoy said it was unlikely to change Wellingtonians’ behaviour.

    “Some people would take it more seriously than others, depending on your cultural beliefs. We obviously base our planning on scientific knowledge.”

    All current science pointed to a “when, not if” scenario for Wellington’s big one, so Mr Theodore was likely to be proved correct eventually.

    “It doesn’t alter the essential message to people to acknowledge that we live on a fault line and because of that, we know that there’s going to be a rupture someday.”

    NZ Skeptics chairwoman Vicki Hyde said prophecies of destruction were made worldwide every year. She was bemused by Mr Theodore’s timing. “If he’s been 38 years waiting for a June you’d think he’d have had better luck.”

    Mr Theodore commanded respect because of his position as a minister and kaumatua. “It’s the responsibility of those in authority to think very carefully about what they say.”

    However, Mr Theodore said he awaited rejection because it was part of the “prophetic ministry”.

    Prime Minister John Key, who led a prayer earlier in the service, said he would “not be taking too much away from that last [speaker].”

    • I too have had this vision but it was in Auckland 13-14 years ago. I was in a row of three at work, working away silently and the two of us on the ends of the row reeled back at least a metre in our chairs at exactly the same time, gasping for air and were left in shock staring at each other until one of us said “What just happened? Did you see the water?”. The woman in the middle was a funny dry humoured thing who took it in her stride. When she turned around and asked us what was going on we both retold the same story of the brick wall we faced disappearing and a huge wave engulfing us. I found out later the office was on reclaimed land. If there is some kind of event it will undoubtably go under again. But the people who say you can’t change your life because of those kinds of prophecies are right. Being aware of your earthly surroundings on a day to day basis without being afraid of them is the most important thing a person can do I think.

  77. [Another] Maori prophecy

    … the 4th of August 1998, when I was visited by a lady who was a Elder of one of the Maori Tribes. Even though she’s probably only about 45, she’s a descendent from the Royal Bloodline of the Maori Queen. She has what is called, great “Mana”, and although there isn’t an English translation for the word, it means that the person has to have great wisdom, earned INCREDIBLE respect, and has abilities like inner visions and intuition. So if you equate her to one the Hopi Elders, you can see what I mean about her presence.

    She told me that a few weeks ago she was “called” to go and visit Cape Riangi – which is the furthest most point of the North Island here in New Zealand. She tried getting there three times; but had car trouble and other obstacles “put” in her way; so she returned home back. But again, she was told to go there; and, this time, the “fire in her belly” (as she put it) was far too strong to ignore. She thought it best if she go by bus tour to make sure she got there!

    Now, when the bus arrived, there was a lighthouse which most of the other tourists went to look at; but, she was drawn to go out to the farthest most point of the Cape… literally the “top” of the North Island. She said she stood on the cliff face and closed her eyes,… letting the cool breezes brush her face. Then, when she opened her eyes, she was looking at a totally different landscape. The sea was completely gone; and there was land as far as her eyes could see. She said it seemed to go on forever. She also felt as it the land itself had “lifted” much higher than it had been previously. After taking it all in, she once again closed her eyes; then opened them once again; and the scene was back to normal.

    (Of course this fits in well with many predictions which have stated that New Zealand will gain heaps of land and will be joined to Australia .

    I asked her if the whole of New Zealand would go under the sea before coming back up again; and she held out her hand and made a rolling and twisting motion, saying that, unfortunately, most of the country would go under; but some areas would stay above water

    Now, before she left, she gave me a big hug and told me that the next morning I would wake up to the news that a dike in China had collapsed killing 100’s of people. I woke up the next morning at 8am; turned on the radio; and that’s exactly what was being said. I couldn’t believe my ears. I rushed to my computer and looked up the news story on the Internet. How could she have been so spot on? How did she know?

    Because of the significance of what had just happened I emailed Stan Deyo in Australia as I knew he would be interested in hearing what had happened. Over the next few days Stan and I would keep in touch as more of the story unfolded. As it turned out, my contacting Stan was another “link”.

    That link became very apparent two days later then I received another visit by the same Maori Elder, who asked me if I would print out all the data, maps etc from Stan Deyo’s website. This included all of Jim Berkland’s seismic work who also studied earthquake activity and other earth changes.

    So she left my home loaded up to the eyeballs with printed matter to take back to the other Elders for them to study.

    I was amazed that she even knew of Stan Deyo, because these kind of Maori keep VERY much to themselves; and I was told during one of her visits that they had no phone, no TV, no radio, no video.

    During her second visit she told me that Lake Taupo would “blow” (her words); and, she added, she could take me to nearby places where there were valleys that would be filled with 100’s and 100’s of bodies just floating there after Taupo blows. Then, she went on with her other explanations of how the whole of New Zealand would be effected with all the twisting and turning it would have to endure (not a pretty thought!). Of course, I asked her when all this would happen and – just like the Hopis – she said “soon, very soon” but she did go a little further than that.

    She said that there would be an event that was unrelated; but when this event happened, it would be a trigger for many major earth changes…. Again, this was to be in China. Not knowing much about China I didn’t know what she was explaining to me until I again contacted Stan with her latest predictions.

    She told me that in China there was a project that involved creating a dam, that they’d been working on for years, and it was not yet complete. She said work had stopped on it for various reasons; then she told me that up above this “channel” there were 1000’s of logs or timber that were perched at the top of this “channel”. Furthermore, over time, some had been stolen; but most were still there. She said that soon these logs would come crashing down killing 1000’s; and, when this happened, it would be a sign for her people that these Earth changes were about to happen with great intensity.

    Well since this made no sense to me whatsoever as I wasn’t up on the play in China, I emailed Stan and asked him if he knew what she was talking about.

    Stan replied immediately, telling me that he knew exactly what she was talking about as it was a “trigger” for him as well. It was the Three Gorges Dam Project in China which is to dam the Yangtze River. It will consume over 130,000 acres and stretch some 400 miles along the Yangtze. The trees are being cut and have been stockpiled for later uses including dikes. The Green group, the US Gov’t and the World Bank – ALL have tried to stop this project as an environmental nightmare. It has displaced 2 million Chinese from their homes.

    Well, when I received this confirmation in from Stan I really was shocked. Could this come true, was the Maori Elder correct? She certainly was 100% correct about the other prediction she’d given me. Time will tell if she is right about the second one.

    We really are living in strange times. September 10, 2007 by Karen Lyster

    • Thanks for finding that Susan. We need to learn more from indigenous people. I believe they are the ones to help us through the future when things go pear shaped. There is a belief among spiritual people in Australia that the Aboriginal people will lead the way, show us where and how to live. I researched another prophecy here: Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy

      • OMG! The Pleiades …. again (personal for me). Very interesting. I did not know this one. Thank you! I actually have a bit of Cherokee blood in me.

        There are two prophecies I find interesting. One is from the Monroe Institute people who went out into time and found nothing – no people, just the earth – after 2012. The other is Clif High’s more recent webbot work on Half Past Human. Clif interprets data from the web and he says there’s not much data after 2012 what he terms a tipping point which began in Nov. of 2010. Clifs predictions have been right and wrong – but the general direction of his conclusions resonate with mine.

        Another fellow – who I think is too fearful/radical – but nevertheless has a great deal of information concerning the Maya stuff is this guy Patrick Geryl.

        Your website is awesome. I am so delighted to see so much intelligent astrological information made available – and with a very high consciousness.

        • Hi Susan…I was just at a spiritual website & it said there had been another solar flare…so I googled and all I came across was that a class X1 solar flare had just been detected by satalites, and to stand by for analyis…BUT I couldn’t work out the date of it…not sure if it was posted 8th March or 10th March…..Barb

          • Thanks, barb.
            Yes, this is posted at

            X-FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an impulsive X1-class solar flare. Stay tuned for analysis.

            an expalanation:
            The Classification of X-ray Solar Flares
            or “Solar Flare Alphabet Soup”

            A solar flare is an explosion on the Sun that happens when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields (usually above sunspots) is suddenly released. Flares produce a burst of radiation across the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to x-rays and gamma-rays. [more information]

            Scientists classify solar flares according to their x-ray brightness in the wavelength range 1 to 8 Angstroms. There are 3 categories: X-class flares are big; they are major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms. M-class flares are medium-sized; they can cause brief radio blackouts that affect Earth’s polar regions. Minor radiation storms sometimes follow an M-class flare. Compared to X- and M-class events, C-class flares are small with few noticeable consequences here on Earth.

            • Hi Susan…that means this new solar flare is big??? ‘cos it’s a X1?

              Jitterbug: “what if” the time capsules found in Christchurch…which are metalic & modern looking (how could they have been made in like 1800’s odd??)…”what if” they are from out future?…time travel…and placed there for us to discover now???
              (Maybe the message is : You Are All F##cked!!!)
              Only got the computer for like 2 minutes tonight…bummer!!! gotta go Barb

    • Hi Susan, Re Stan Deyo there was a group of Americans who were at the forefront of research into alternative science/free energy who emigrated with their families to NZ in the 90s-00s and some of them were involved with archaeological digs (David Hatcher-Childress was one of their crowd) around the country so the knowledge of him may have reached them then. They found what they described as pyramids. They had links to DePalma who lived in NZ too. It was at the height of the discovery of the Talking Stone and the emergence of the “lost” tribe in the South Island. Late 90s.

      • Thanks jitterbug. I enjoyed your previous posts.
        I think there are a bunch of us empaths here – including Jamie (and barb).
        I read Stan Deyo’s website everyday.
        IMO David Hatcher-Childress kinda went “commercial”? Too many books.

        NZ remains a mystery.
        One observer says it is part of the Patala Loka – a Sanskrit term for the demon worlds which are an integral part of the Cosmogonic Universe.

        I’m 65.
        My area of current interest/research is more Sanskrit than astrology – even though I began to study astrology in the 1960s with Al Morrison in NYC.
        I have found an amazing resonance between the Sanskrit metaphysics and the Maori:

        I know all this is way ‘off-topic’ and I hope Jamie is OK with it — but I think we are endevouring to find connections and an understanding of the coming Earth Changes – which the EQ in Christchurch may just be the beginning of. Thank you for your comments.

        • NZ is indeed a mystery. I hope there are some new discoveries in archaeology due to the Pluto in Capricorn era. I think the earth changes will bring them – the Boxing Day Tsunami uncovered cities under the ocean near India that no-one knew were there.

          I’m wondering if the earthquake is more part of an 840 year Uranian cycle – maybe around when the Maoris arrived in NZ? Rangitoto, NZ’s most recent volcanic formation in Auckland is I think about that old. The last huge earthquake in Napier was in the 1930s so is part of that era of rapid change we’re linked to astrologically now. That was around when the NZ earthquake insurance fund was started so it’s interesting to see it being needed in Christchurch a Uranus cycle later and also the effect the earthquake has had on the economy – Pluto-wise. That year there were some other big earthquakes recorded – the biggest ones Britain and Texas have ever experienced (from the wiki of 1931 earthquakes) and in China and Nicaragua.

          I looked at some Patala Loka images on the net and the tail has similarities to some wooden carvings I’ve seen in meeting houses. Nice talking to you too.

        • PS I wonder if David Hatcher Childress was having a Jupiter/Pluto/Mercury transit of his MC when all the books started flowing?

          • Very funny! Definitely – and all squaring Neptune!
            He’s a good teller of tales.

            There are some really amazing books out about how archeology has controlled info. – more of the same theme of science being a bit on the blind side.

            Michael Cremo – – has written a great book entitled “Forbidden Archeology, the Hidden History of the Human Race” – and another one entitled “Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory” which involves the theory of the Cycles of Time which is a basic idea to Sanskrit metaphysics.

            The reason why so many of us are fascinated by ‘end times’ stories is simply becasue we have all been through this many many times.

  78. ‘Christchurch will shake like a leaf’ – quake danger known for years
    By Guy Grant /Mar 10, 2011

    Warnings about the vulnerability of Christchurch’s heritage buildings in an earthquake were given 15 years ago on television.

    The earthquake dangers facing Christchurch were examined in an Inside New Zealand documentary broadcast on TV3 in 1996.
    A clip from the documentary posted on YouTube on March 5 had received more than 3000 hits by yesterday.
    The TV3 documentary described Christchurch as having “a fatal flaw.”

    “It sits on a soft, shaky sponge of river stones and silt half a kilometre deep. In any decent quake, Christchurch will shake like a leaf,” it said.

    Christchurch was described as having “quite a high susceptibility to liquefaction”, especially in eastern areas.
    Concern was also raised about the “hundreds” of old buildings that had not been strengthened.
    The heritage list of old buildings “defined most of the earthquake-prone buildings” in Christchurch, one expert said.

    Meanwhile, owners of earthquake-prone heritage buildings in the city were warned last year that they could have to pay at least $169 million for strengthening works – from 2012. The warning appeared in a story which ran in The Star in March, 2010.

    Nearly 500 heritage buildings in Christchurch and on Banks Peninsula would have been required to be strengthened or demolished within 15 to 30 years under amendments proposed for the city council’s 2006 Earthquake-Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy.

    According to a review of the policy, these 490 buildings were only a fraction of about 7658 buildings in Christchurch that would be likely to collapse in a “moderate earthquake” – the equivalent of an earthquake with a magnitude around 6.5 on the Richter scale. Last month’s devastating quake in Christchurch measured 6.3.

    Un-reinforced masonry buildings – such as 295 of the city’s listed or scheduled heritage buildings – were considered particularly earthquake-prone, according to the story in The Star.

    Christchurch Heritage Trust chairman Derek Anderson was quoted as saying that the scale of the problem was huge, with 150 heritage buildings located within the city’s central business district.

    “The council has no realistic policy for heritage buildings and they will collapse in an earthquake,” he warned.
    Scientists had predicted a 50 per cent chance of a magnitude 7 quake hitting Christchurch in the next 50 years.
    “We’re well overdue for a big one,” Mr Anderson said last year.

    The Christchurch Heritage Trust had also been involved in strengthening the Excelsior Hotel building at the corner of Manchester St and High St and the Star-Times building in Cathedral Square.
    Mr Anderson believed there needed to be a partnership between the Government, the city council and building owners on earthquake strengthening.

    By Guy Grant

    Here is the Documentary:

    Christchurch 1996 Quake Doco – why buildings collapse.flv

  79. Supermoon Extreme /March 19, 2011 /Astrologer Richard Nolle

    … get out of Mother Nature’s way. First and foremost, that means being mindful of the March 19 full moon 28° 48′ Virgo. It’s arguably the year’s most extreme SuperMoon, for a couple of reasons: it’s the closest SuperMoon of the year, occurring within an hour of lunar perigee (the Moon’s closest approach to Earth): the Moon will look huge when it rises at sunset. And being so close to the vernal equinox, this SuperMoon occurs within hours of the moment the full moon crosses the celestial equator from north to south, just as the Sun crosses in the opposite direction.

    That makes this a major geophysical stress window, centered on the actual alignment date but in effect from the 16th through the 22nd. Of course you can expect the usual: a surge in extreme tides along the coasts, a rash of moderate-to-severe seismic activity (including magnitude 5+ earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions), and most especially in this case a dramatic spike in powerful storms with heavy precipitation, damaging winds and extreme electrical activity. Floods are a big part of the picture in this case, although some of these will be dry electrical storms that spark fast-spreading wildfires.

    Being planetary in scale, there’s no place on our home planet that’s beyond the range of a SuperMoon, so it wouldn’t hurt to make ready wherever you are or plan to be during the March 16-22 SuperMoon risk window. That said, possible zones of special vulnerability may be indicated by astro-locality mapping this particular SuperMoon alignment. Among these are longitudinal meridian lines defining a swath of elevated risk running through North and Central America from Chicago at the eastern edge to Winnipeg and Mexico City on the west. This same longitudinal swath crosses the poles to sketch out a similar swath in Asia, through Siberia, eastern India, Bangladesh, Nepal, western China and Mongolia.

    In addition, horizon arcs sweep from New Zealand through the Pacific across to the Russian side of the Bering Strait, across Greenland and Iceland, and down through northern and western Europe and west Africa.

    The March 19 SuperMoon is by far the most significant storm and seismic indicator this month, but it’s not the only one. Lesser geocosmic shock windows also up the ante for unusually strong storms and moderate to severe seismic activity (including magnitude 5+ earthquakes, subsequent tsunami, and volcanic eruptions). These lesser windows include March 1-7 (surrounding the new moon on the 4th), March 23-26 (bracketing the lunar south declination peak on the 25th), and from late on the 31st on into early April.

    • Richard has been spot on with some of his recent predictions regarding “geophysical shock windows”.

    Christchurch volcanoes could erupt sooner than thought?Possibly a matter of months
    10 Mar 11 – With all of the earthquake activity in the Christchurch area in the past few months, I’m [Robert Felix/Ice Age Now] becoming more and more concerned about a possible volcanic eruption.

    More than 5,400 earthquakes have struck Christchurch since the big one on September 4th, with well over a hundred (142 to be exact) in the past seven days alone. (See )

    When readers first broached the idea of an imminent volcanic eruption, I laughed. But then I learned that Banks Peninsula, just south of Christchurch, consists of two overlapping “extinct” volcanoes, the Lyttelton Volcano and the Akaroa Volcano. (See )

    Long considered dormant, scientists have not been overly concerned about these volcanoes. However, new information may change their minds.

    No Such Thing as a Dormant Volcano
    In a fortuitous bit of timing, Science Daily published an article just this week entitled?”No Such Thing as a Dormant Volcano? Magma Chambers Awake Sooner Than Thought”. (Science Daily, Mar. 6, 2011)

    “Until now it was thought that once a volcano’s magma chamber had cooled down it remained dormant for centuries before it could be remobilized by fresh magma,” says the article.
    However, a theoretical model developed by by Alain Burgisser of the Orléans Institute of Earth Sciences and George Bergantz of the Earth and Space Science Department in Seattle, has completely overturned this hypothesis.

    Reawakening could occur “in just a few months”??Their new mathematical model shows that “the reawakening of a chamber could take place in just a few months.”

    The new research is published in the journal Nature dated 3 March 2011.
    According to previous theories, when a volcano is not erupting  it cools down to an extremely viscous mush until fresh magma from deep inside Earth ‘reawakens’ it, a process thought to occur over a period of several hundred or even thousands of years.

    However, according to the new model, and depending on the size of the chamber and the viscosity of the magma it contains, “a few months may be sufficient to rekindle its activity.”

    The two researchers tested the validity of their model against both the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in March 1991.
    Twenty to eighty days
    The model “predicted that 20 to 80 days were sufficient to remobilize the underlying chamber, whereas the conventional theory gave a figure of 500 years.”??Not just in Christchurch, this research should lead to a reassessment of the dangerousness of other so-called “dormant” volcanoes.

    See entire

  81. I’m not sure where to put this… but it is a very interesting negation of subduction theory in general – brought to my attention by Clif High at Half Past Human, who does have a new post on what he terms the ExpandoPlanet theory, which makes sense of much that did not make sense before. Do have a look…

    And there was just “a 7.9-magnitude earthquake has struck off the northeastern coast of Japan, triggering a six-metre tsunami warning. The quake shook buildings in the capital,Tokyo, for several minutes on Friday, and sent people out onto the streets. Japan’s meteorological agency warned that a tsunami as high as 6 metres could strike the coast near Miyagi prefecture, closest to the epicentre.”

    I believe this will escalate. Have a look at how many 6+ EQs there have been in the last few days at USGS.

  82. I have never seen anything like this…. Japan

    y/m/d h:m:s LAT
    deg LON
    deg DEPTH
    km Region
    MAP 7.1 2011/03/11 06:25:51 38.074 144.559 26.5 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.8 2011/03/11 06:15:46 36.126 140.234 30.2 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.4 2011/03/11 06:07:22 36.401 141.862 35.4 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.4 2011/03/11 06:06:11 39.025 142.316 25.1 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 8.8 2011/03/11 05:46:24 38.322 142.369 24.4 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 5.3 2011/03/11 00:14:51 -54.369 -116.808 10.0 SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE

    • Susan/Jamie…5.59pm Friday Melbourne….just said on news a tsuami has hit Japan.

    • source for data Susan?

      will be posting the chart once I get the kids to bed a bit later.

  83. 6.07pm Friday…Susan /Jamie…just watching the sea of water going inland in Japan on news…just AWFUL….tv naming other countries at risk, like Russia/Thailand…god, think this is going to be “bad”…also, along bottom of tv there are more reports, something to do with “japan…radiation…power plants..” couldn’t catch what was happening….breaking news…so not sure what is going on.
    Susan…in your blog above “have never seen anything like this…Japan” did you just predict what has just happened???
    PS Not got computer tonight…son & mate has it…will try and catch up later…going to get a bottle of wine…(How you coping without wine Marina???)


    Update time = Fri Mar 11 7:17:28 UTC 2011

    y/m/d h:m:s LAT
    deg LON
    deg DEPTH
    km Region
    MAP 6.3 2011/03/11 06:57:15 35.758 140.992 30.2 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.3 2011/03/11 06:48:47 37.993 142.764 22.3 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 7.1 2011/03/11 06:25:51 38.074 144.559 26.5 OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.8 2011/03/11 06:15:46 36.126 140.234 30.2 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.4 2011/03/11 06:07:22 36.401 141.862 35.4 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 6.4 2011/03/11 06:06:11 39.025 142.316 25.1 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 8.9 2011/03/11 05:46:24 38.322 142.369 24.4 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
    MAP 5.3 2011/03/11 00:14:51 -54.369 -116.808 10.0 SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE

    • Jamie you seem to have chosen that chart very correctly. All that Saturn Uranus Jupiter Pluto stuff all over its Venus ascendant ruler.
      That is one helpful horoscope !

  85. Susan…Melbourne time 9.23pm Friday…just said on news that New Zealand WILL be hit by tsnaumi…Susan…I don’t know where you are etc….check it out…but GET OUT NOW if any risk…you see, if you leave it too late, the roads will be clogged…you won’t be able to get out…PLEASE check out if you are at risk, i.e by the coast…and just RUN…and do it NOW…better safe than sorry…love Barbxxxx

  86. 9.49pm…I want to know…who invented wine?…are they still alive?…will give them a big hug/kiss if they are, (maybe even a shag)

    Susan…on Melbourne news…no news on New Zealand….Australia now not under threat (had been Northern Territory & Queensland)…BUT, showed Hawii, that they will be hit in a couple of hours time, already roads blocked, people can’t get out.

    This bit of news I am concerned about: said that the “area in Japan effected covers about 4 million people”…can’t cope with that.

  87. 10.09pm Friday Melbourne…just said on news that a nuclear power plant has been effected, trying to cool it down…I missed what country this was in…news reader looks Japenese…
    Jamie / Susan…are you there???


    • hey barb, hope you’re feeling ok. Civil defence in NZ says the tsunami shouldn’t do any harm on land so it’s not as bad as it could be for NZ. My whole family is there and I have a loved one in Japan who is OK but shaken so I have reason for alarm but I’m OK with it – fingers crossed for all our brothers and sisters. We can’t change any of this we can only respond as things happen. Try not to let the repetition of the images on the news channel get to you.

  88. Hi Jitterbug…am drinking red wine and watching a “romatic film” on tv…(SWOON!!)….so am okay…BUT the last lot of news I watched was about 2 nuclear power radiation leaking…but , they cannot cool them down…

    My heart goes out to all of those that are effected by this earthquake…think it is going to be “big”…cannot stand the “pain” of this…

    thank you for your kind words…Virgos ALWAYS “fix me’…love Barb xxx

  89. No worries guys.
    I live up on a hill away from the water…
    Thank you for the late-night concern.

    This is fron the NZ Herald:
    Civil Defence has issued a marine tsunami warning for New Zealand after a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck Japan early tonight, NZ time, but says it does not expect it to pose a threat for people on land.
    A wave of up to 1 metre may reach the coasts of the central and northern North Island from about 6.30am tomorrow, but the first arrival was expected to coincide with a low tide.
    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said in an 8.30pm (NZ time) bulletin a tsunami warning was in place for New Zealand, Australia and most countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.

    “The New Zealand Tsunami Expert Panel assessment is that this is a marine threat only for New Zealand,” Civil Defence said just after 10pm.
    “A Marine Threat means strong and unusual currents are possible in the sea, rivers and estuaries. No land threat is expected at this time.”
    Past experience and tsunami models indicated that the largest impact would be a wave of up to 1m reaching East Cape northwards and from Kaipara northwards.
    Waves would continue for several hours, and the first one may not be the largest, Civil Defence warned.
    The last place expected to be hit would be Nelson, about 11.15am.

  90. This happened in Calcutta once…..
    From B.V. Raman “Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes”
    “The most devastating earthquake on the sub-continent of India was the one on 11 October 1737 at about midnight when lakhs of people are believed to have perished in the region. On the night between October 11 and 12 a terrible cyclone raged at the mouth of the Ganga. Just as the storm subsided violent shocks of earthquake destroyed innumerable houses not only along the banks of the river but at Calcutta also. The waters of the Ganga, it is said, rose more than thirty feet above their ordinary level…..”
    This is a wild horoscope…extreme form.

  91. Jamie…
    It was meant to be an example of powerful stress in late degrees of mutable signs…which the super moon arrangement next weekend will look a bit like….tho I think it will mainly blend in with the cardinal thing being so close….
    The book is quite good but is really a booklet and that example is probably the only really interesting example in it….

  92. Sulfur Dioxide Plume Erupts from Vanuatu Volcano
    On the tiny island of Tanna, Vanuatu in the South Pacific is one of the world’s most active volcanoes: Mt Yasur. As the NASA Aura satellite orbited overhead today (March 18, 2011), the Ozone Mapping Instrument detected a large sulfur dioxide plume being emitted from the volcano. OMI, though designed primarily for monitoring the ozone layer, is an important tool in monitoring volcanoes. NOAA’s Satellite Analysis Branch operates the Washington Volcanic Area Advisory Center (WVAAC) in conjunction with the National Weather Service to issue volcanic ash advisories and alerts. These advisories are critical for air quality monitoring, but even more so for diverting air traffic in the impacted areas. Volcanic ash, if ingested by jet engines can cause significant damage, and even loss of the aircraft. It is estimated that NOAA’s ash monitoring saves the aviation industry between $100 and 200 million per year. The Mt Yasur volcano is situated in the Wellington (New Zealand) VAAC, but NOAA SAB processes and monitors plumes from many volcanoes around the world whose ash might enter the WVAAC airspace.

    The Ozone Mapping and Profiling Suite, to be launched on NOAA’s next generation of polar-orbiting satellites called JPSS, will continue the legacy of the OMI sensor in providing global volcanic ash detection for VAACs across the globe.

    The first image shows a false-colored, magnified view of the sulfur dioxide plume detected by OMI; the second is a wide view to show the island’s relative location to Australia and other Pacific islands.


    • Susan…
      a little bit off thread here but it is being said that HAARP swung into action a couple of days before the earthquake struck Japan.
      I wish we could be sure…really sure…that all the recent sesmics were of purely natural origin.

      • I read that … but it makes no sense.
        Who would want this? From what I understand it is the Americans, the Russians, and maybe now the Chinese who have HAARP. Certainly the Americans would not benefit, nor the Rooskies … maybe China. No, I just don’t see it. China needs the USA to remain partially intact until China can accumulate enough gold to be independent of her USD holdings – and economically the USA is interconnected with Japan.

        here is a link

        Consider everything and believe nothing!

        • i’m just wondering, Susan, what on earth the BBC News online could have meant when having a header about the Japanese earthquake saying “Disaster or Distraction ?”, when the page that followed had nothing to do with disaster or distraction. Was someone trying to give us a clue ?
          It sounded a bit like Tony Blair’s verbal slip when he suddenly started talking about “Weapons of Mass Distraction “….yeah…most of us knew they did not have any. They had said they didn’t. And Muslims won’t lie. Really simple.

          • I know – you hear all these stories about encoded messages in reports. But we will never know, will we? Not really. I’ve been wrestling with this can of worms since the 1980s and the only real useful conclusion I came to was this — Find that still small voice within you, our Source, and listen to that. In the end, whatever happens, that is all any of us have. We all die alone – only ‘that’ remains with us.

  93. Thanks’Susan. Until death brings happy release I, at least, will go on fighting this unholy and obscene alliance of Western powers in any and every way possible. Is nothing sacred ?!! them.
    Saw David Cameron had just been flattered, bribed, induced…whatever…two or three weeks ago and began to fear what might follow.

  94. New Zealand is still getting its ‘normal’ amount of small EQs daily – and a few 4+

    I do hope this Super Moon passes with no real big ones. I think we got lucky in that the Sun has remained quiet. I did take the pictures with glass off the walls. TPTB are still dissing poor Ken Ring, calling him Moon Man. Shoot the messenger as usual.

    NZ Herald:
    Christchurch last night felt its biggest aftershock since February 22 – when the catastrophic earthquake hit the city – on the day Moon Man Ken Ring predicted a big tremor – though experts say there is no scientific link.
    The 5.1-magnitude tremor jolted the city at 9.47pm. It was centred 10km east of Christchurch and was 10km deep, GNS Science said.
    It followed four minutes after another of magnitude 3, 10km west of Lyttelton at a shallow 5km.
    Three other aftershocks also hit the city yesterday, at 1.42am (3.2), 8.57am (3.1) and 10.05pm (2.9).

  95. I think you will find Jamie that the scientists predicted the 5.1 aftershock. Ken Ring had predicted …ie one for the history books…THAT IT WAS NOT….I have been following with keen interest since the Feb 22nd quake anything and everthing on earthquakes because my daughters live in Christchurch . I have been very afraid because of the Ken Ring so called prediction. My gut feeling now is that Christchurch will still have aftershocks for sometime to come but they will be ok now. Have any of you heard of an organisation called Haarp?

  96. Hi guys , have any of you felt an earthquake over a 6 ? Do any of you live in Christchurch ? Have any of you been made homeless twice within a 6 month period ? Have any of you been living out of a suitcase for over 6 months due to an earthquake ? As for feeling sorry for ” the moon man ” , who has cost me approx. $1000 this weekend to keep my children on some sort of even keel due to the fear of another ” big one ” , what can I say ! We want to buy a house in Christchurch as this is our home , if you have any concrete evidence / advice , please please please …. put it forward or shut up.

    • Hi Arlene…no, on this website we won’t “shut up”..we say what we feel…what we believe in…we give opinions on future predictions…wether they come true or not…we keep on going…

      My heart goes out to you and your family..all I can say is: keep on going…love Barb

      • Lol,Dont listen to this woman Arlene she is obviously a nut.She says “we give opinions on future predictions…wether they come true or not” lol I thought people who gave predictions knew what they were talking about.So I could say my opinion on a future prediction is Barb will get struck by lightning or Barb will get a hair cut OMG will they be true or not.You say Barb on this site we won,t “shut up ” well my future prediction is you will lololol,Arlene dont listen to these nuts,I am from chch to and it is so sad but CHCH will rise up and we are strong staunch cantabrians,stay strong Arlene and stay away from nuts like this,Good luck xxx

        • Gypsy, I understand how you are disturbed lately. I seriously think you are going nuts because this site it hitting its numbers and yours isn’t. You both have an afflicted Mercury and Uranus in crazy combinations and you’re just as disturbed as a poisoned monkey. Envy my dear…tsk…the poison that is self-inflicted. If you don’t like anything you see around here, take my advice: move on. But you can’t, and in fact you hate yourself for reading on and on and struggling with our concepts because there’s your dark and mean and probably heavily-stenched goddess inside DYING to come out, meet and interact with US. The sooner you set her free, the better for you, otherwise your physical brain and heart will go on auto-malfunction and boy, what a boring prospect to witness as you litter around here.

          Move on and get a life. Otherwise, just evaporate.

          • Wow and I thought you were on to it for like half a second.I don,t have a site and I don,t want one.I am not a astrologer or anything like that so if you want me to evaporate I won,t as I am controlled by me noone else.Oh and the only way I am disturbed is by liking the Band.And I am a pig not a monkey.And I envy noone I am very happy with who I am and were I am.poison self inflicted lolol.Heavily stenched very immature.Lol I am as free as a bird,Your the one ttrapped lol,

    • arlene – I understand that you are traumatized and angry. But we are just astrologers here – and we are looking at ways to predict earthquakes and more importantly to examine possible long term trends. No one, nobody – no scientists, geologists, psychics, etc. – has as yet been successful in accurately predicting earthquakes. In fact the only man with any success is Jim Berkland, a former USGS geologist in California, and he made a recent prediction which did not come to pass. So… really no one.

      I suggest that you not read these posts if they upset you. They are not meant to upset or influence anyone. We are just examining evidence to see if there is any possibilty of making long term conclusions. Only you can make decisions about your own life.

      • Susan…when I read your blog I thought your were Susan S.Ferguson (who blogs on here quite a bit)…are you?…or are you another “Susan”???
        Regards Barb

        • The same. When I first signed up I didn’t realize that would be my “name”.
          Eventually I figured out I could shorten it.
          I still don’t know how to put a little picture in the box.
          Very cute & fun.

          Thank you, barb.

          • Susan – go to :

   (have kept the full link off so add the http etc

            sign up (its free) and upload the pic you want to be your visual signature when you post online and it should appear instead of the little green glyph….

            • Thanks, rob!
              Before I do this – will giving them my email put me on a span spree?

            • shouldn’t – I believe they are using akismet which filters spam 100% – see for some info on this – I work with these guys for my blog and its v cool allround – I would trust the gravatar crew but you may want to check your security settings on your (excellent) web site if you want to max security there – as for e-mail, gravatar are, in my experience, integrity incarnate….

  97. Hi Arlene…listen to Susan’s words carefully…as they are full of wisdom.

    You came to this post because you are scared of the future…you have kids to think of…so you are trying to figure out the best way forward…and most likely this post has scared you even more….

    Your inner voice is the best way to go…listen to it…Kind Regards Barb

    • Wow. I can feel your HATRED. It’s so intense, it’s starting to push each of your hair follicles out of its roots! Let’s see. Why don’t we CONVERT that spare energy you’ve got in there to fuel this site’s traffic. For each hate comment you’ve got whether posted or not, it will draw more healing and positive comments into the site to neutralize yours. Either way, the site will enjoy MORE traffic.

      We’re a lot of do-gooders so let us BURN your HATRED into positive fuel that we could use around here.

  98. Hi Susan…I want to know how to put a photo in too…maybe someone “kind hearted” can help???…like Rob???!!!…Barb

  99. Another quake in Christchurch yesterday…no appreciable damage done.
    If one accepts the Geodetic earthmap ( Uranian Institute…is online)… and I am finding it to be highly reliable…then Christchurch has about 11 or 12 degrees Capricorn rising.
    A nice Yod ( thank you Jamie ) arranged around Aries ( equal house)IC …Cheiron/Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter opp Saturn at MC and another one around DC….Ketu, Sun Moon opp Pluto in AC.
    How come everything starts at Greenwich is a mystery…but ( thank you Susan) Ptolemy used a similar map a couple of thousand years ago. His map started in the Fortunate Isles off the East coast of America…so if that was accurate then and Greenwich is accurate now then it may turn out to be a moving point of energy….does anyone have any ideas about this ?
    Japan has about 12 Scorpio AC and its earthquake was easily understandable from that.
    California has around 7 Aquarius AC….and its 1906 earthquake is easily understood from that.
    If it is going to be a mega blast with much destruction then Rahu and Ketu will be very involved with backup from Saturn Uranus Jupiter Pluto in particular.
    It is possible to get a major earthquake with little planetary warning…and these seem to be the ones in remote areas that do not do much damage. A lot of planets all lined up may produce a lesser quake and major destruction.
    A young man who was in a terrible earthquake in Turkey wrote a nice page about Geodetic Turkey and the lunar nodes plus….from inside his car a day or two later. Can be found under Geodetic Turkey as a search….my heart goes out to him.

  100. Actually Ptolemy’s 0 Aries was a longitude position so not far off what we have now.
    High energy points moving around the globe was a nice idea tho…

  101. I thought New Zealand was an aquarius nation.

    6 February 1840 @ 2.04pm Waitangi NZ. the date of New Zealands self government was 23 January 1856, New Zaland did not acheive independance until 26 september 1907 at 00.01 hous and even then full sovereignty was not granted until 26 november 1947 when the status quo of a “commonwealth realm”/Kingdom of New Zealand took affect

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