Iran Horoscope

Iran Horoscope

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Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is likely the richest man in Iran. In 2003, wrote that he was: “president of Iran from 1989 to 1997 and is now chairman of the powerful Expediency Council, which resolves disputes between the clerical establishment and parliament. Rafsanjani has more or less run the Islamic Republic for the past 24 years.”

Two years later, in 2005 he tried for the presidency again but was beaten in a run off by the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rafsanjani is still the chairman of the Expediency Council and has further cemented his power by becoming chairman of the Assembly of Experts which appoints, and has the power to dismiss the Supreme Leader of Iran.

This Supreme leader, currently Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is more powerful than the President, having control ot the military, the media and the state religion.

So at 75, Rafsanjani is pulling the strings in Iran. He is the central player in the current civil unrest following from the disputed June 12 presidential election. His daughter was arrested on 26 June and released the next month for protesting the election result. There is a massive power play occuring for control of this nation with the third largest oil reserves in the world, and a fast materializing nuclear capability.

Unfortunately, like Ahmadinejad, we don’t have Rafsanjani’s time of birth, but we do have one for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Astrology of Iran

The horoscope for Iran has “Spiritual State” written all over it. Venus lays between Neptune and the Midheaven in the ninth house (religion and law). It is Venus and the Midheaven which are most important at this time for the Republic because they are being heavily aspected this year, particularly right now. The Saturn Uranus opposition is squaring Venus, and transiting Pluto is conjuncting the Midheaven.
The Turning Point

Retrograde Pluto hit the Iranian Midheaven on 01 June, just over a week before the elections. The Midheaven rules the goverment itself and it leaders. Pluto is manifesting power struggles at the highest level. The Midheaven is on a fixed star in the constellation of Sagittarius called Polis. “This Jupiter-Mars star shows up in a horoscope with almost the regal qualities of mighty Regulus. Only this star, Polis will indicate more of the high office in spiritual life, Pope, Iman, Archbishop, or at least a prominent Theologian, than in the temporal world of kings and statesmen.” [1] Mars Jupiter natured stars are also military stars and indicators of success. How profound this is, a star associated religious leaders being on the Midheaven of and Islamic Republic

“In a speech on July 17 2009, Rafsanjani criticized restriction of media and suppression of activists, and put emphasis on the role and vote of people in the Islamic Republic constitution. The event has been considered by analysts as the most important and most turbulent Friday prayer in the history of contemporary Iran. Nearly 1.5-2.5 million people attended the speech in Tehran.” wiki

The horoscope below is cast for noon, the official start of Friday Prayer. Precession correction value = 26′.

Rafsanjani speech

Befitting the most important speech in modern Iran’s history, Mercury is prominent. The preceeding solar eclipse was conjunct Iran’s Mercury (04′). The lunar eclipse 10 days before this speech was at 15cap24. Transiting Mercury for the speech was at 15cap26, sextiling Iran’s Fortunae (27).

As mentioned earlier, transiting Pluto is on Iran’s Midheaven, at this time by 69′. The preceeding new moon was opposite the Midheaven (62′). The rest of the transits I will mention all involve aspects to Iran’s Venus.

Venus was sextiled by the conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, all under one degree. Venus was squared by Uranus, trined by the Ascendant. and sextiled by the Part of Spirit, again, all by under one degree.

At that time, the Sun was sextile the Moon. Both luminaries quincunxed Iran’s Venus by under one degree. This made Iran’s Venus the action point of a Yod configuration in transit. At the reaction point of the Yod, was the Part of Fortune at noon. It opposed Venus by 27 seconds.


So we have Mercury for the speech, Midheaven for the rulers, but why is Venus so critically aspected? It’s happening again. Last Wednesday, 23 September, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad addressed the United Nations in New York. Five days before that speech, there was a new moon squaring Iran’s Venus (05′). Uranus is still squaring it and transiting Saturn squared it exactly yesterday, the 25th, the same day that Barack Obama released information about Iran’s covert construction of another nuclear facility.

Venus rules the culture and happiness of the nation, and also it’s wealth and vicory in war. The war is a spiritual war (conjunct Neptune) against the West, and also internally between rivals.

There is a lot more to come with the transits to Iran’s horoscope. Pluto makes it’s final hit on the MC in December. Also in December there is a new moon on Iran’s Venus. Then it carries on into next year with Uranus squaring Venus again. Pluto will square the Ascendant next year, as the Saturn Uranus opposition lines up across the horizon.

[1] The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.93.


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  1. I found some interesting info at” rel=”nofollow”>wiki:

    “in 1996 fourteen women were elected to the Islamic Consultative Assembly. As of late 2006 nearly 70% of Iran’s science and engineering students are women….During the last few decades, Iranian women have had significant presence in Iran’s scientific movement, art movement, literary new wave and the new wave of Iranian cinema. According to the research ministry of Iran, about 6% of full professors, 8% of associate professors, and 14% of assistant professors were women in the 1998-99 academic year. However, women accounted for 56% of all students in the natural sciences, including one in five Ph.D. students. Such education and social trends are increasingly viewed with alarm by the Iranian government. With the 2005 election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, women’s rights advocates have been beaten, jailed and persecuted.

  2. thank you for this article. I do not understand to much about the astrology involved but as I mentioned to you. The protests in Iran this time round mark a very different era in Iran. Amongst Iranians, in Iran and abroad, this time is being referred to as The ‘women’s revolution’. The opposition under the guise of Mousavi is not so different from the present regime but the presence of his wife- Zahra Rahnavard in his campaign did a lot to capture the imagination of Iranian women. Mu Min Bey is correct. Iran has the highest percentage of university educated woman in the middle east. In fact all its under 30’s are the most educated. So this is very much a youth revolution. Watching the footage on utube facebook twitter of the courage of the young people who are being killed and arrested ( hangings are still rife with the youngest recently being 14!) one cannot be moved to tears of admiration of the bravery. The woman stand shoulder to shoulder with the men. Watching footage of woman fighting fully armed the Basiji army, jumping in to rescue their brothers, fathers, husbands is not what we are used to seeing when we watch typical hollywood fight scenes! Woman are fighting with no fear of losing their lives. There is a LOT of films/ poems painting etc being made about this. It is no wonder that Neda Soltani has become the image most used to represent this opposition.Yes there is something going on in Iran and i wish Funkstar I could understand Astrology enough to see where this is going!
    when i have time I will look for a proper link from utube for you as most of the ones I have are much too disturbing for general consumption. until then here is a sweet cheesy one:

  3. Thankyou GP, that time you have i will have to look into. Venus right on the MC makes this “womens revolution” even stronger. I got the time for the horoscope from . I think it is for when he set foot on the tarmac. It is the one most used by astrologers i believe. There is also another one for the proclamation of the republic, 01 April 1979 between 2pm – 3pm.

    If you click on those chart they pop out to full size, thanks again for your comment.

  4. Great comment on Iran!

    As a diletante astrologer I use Khomeini’s hour of landing at Thehran’s airport for dressing a usefull map. It was 09:00 hours (local time) on 1.2.1979.

    In that horoscope Venus sits exactly conjunct MC and, a bit further away, also conjunct Neptune. May be worth you considering.

    But it’s agreed, Iran is going to be again “a turning point in history” – and it’s not the first time.

    PS. Please do a favor to your readers: The charts you publish are too small to be readable, increase their size, if possible.

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  6. Horoscope Ayatolla Ali Khamenei.

    Progressive aspects.

    28-Dec-2017 000°,00’00 Taurus Moon Nw
    28-Dec-2017 019°,26’30 Sagittarius C–2 120 C-12
    31-Dec-2017 -21°,40’27 Plu # Zon transit

    1-Jan-2018 017°,02’02 Scorpio Jup 60 Asc transit
    10-Jan-2018 000°,26’32 Taurus Moon 180 mutual Drac
    12-Jan-2018 000°,30’48 Taurus Moon 0 Sat
    12-Jan-2018 000°,32’14 Taurus Moon 45 MC
    13-Jan-2018 012°,59’11 Libra Merc 90 Chiron
    17-Jan-2018 000°,41’14 Taurus Moon 150 mutual C-11
    20-Jan-2018 000°,48’21 Taurus Moon 90 Plu
    21-Jan-2018 000°,49’00 Taurus Moon 135 AR11
    29-Jan-2018 001°,05’10 Taurus Moon 135 AR12

    10-Feb-2018 019°,32’48 Sagittarius C–2 45 Drac
    13-Feb-2018 002°,39’44 Aquarius Mars 180 mutual Plu
    16-Feb-2018 001°,43’50 Taurus Moon 90 Mars
    25-Feb-2018 002°,02’02 Taurus Moon 135 Asc

    1-March-2018 +11°,56’30 Moon // mutual MC
    2-March-2018 000°,48’21 Libra C-11 60 Plu
    16-March-2018 002°,39’48 Taurus Moon 90 mutual Plu
    17-March-2018 002°,41’55 Taurus Moon 90 mutual Mars
    29-March-2018 -04°,37’09 Merc # Nep
    29-March-2018 003°,07’31 Taurus Moon * SHARATAN (MARS – SAT )

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