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Iran HoroscopeThere are two Iran horoscope’s commonly used by mundane astrologers. The first is set for the moment Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Tehran on February 1, 1979. The other national horoscope for Iran the proclamation of the Islamic Republic of Iran on April 1, 1979. Recent events make this a good time to check the validity of each horoscope. The details for the two Iran Horoscope’s comes from Nick Campions Book of World Horoscopes. [1]

Iran Horoscope – Khomeini

Iran Horoscope – Khomeini

Iran Horoscope – Khomeini

  • April 29, 2018 the full moon at 09°39′ Scorpio was opposite The Republic Horoscope Midheaven.
  • May 7, 2018 the quarter moon at 17°27′ Aquarius was opposite The Republic Horoscope Ascendant.
  • May 8, 2018 Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • May 10, 2018 there was an exchange of missiles between Iranian forces in Syria and Israeli forces in the Golan Heights.

Iran Horoscope – Islamic Republic

Iran Horoscope – Islamic Republic 

Iran Horoscope – Islamic Republic

The Future


  1. The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, 1995, p.162-163.

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  1. I found some interesting info at” rel=”nofollow”>wiki:

    “in 1996 fourteen women were elected to the Islamic Consultative Assembly. As of late 2006 nearly 70% of Iran’s science and engineering students are women….During the last few decades, Iranian women have had significant presence in Iran’s scientific movement, art movement, literary new wave and the new wave of Iranian cinema. According to the research ministry of Iran, about 6% of full professors, 8% of associate professors, and 14% of assistant professors were women in the 1998-99 academic year. However, women accounted for 56% of all students in the natural sciences, including one in five Ph.D. students. Such education and social trends are increasingly viewed with alarm by the Iranian government. With the 2005 election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, women’s rights advocates have been beaten, jailed and persecuted.

    • oh realy? so you know what exactly happening in north korea?ofc not. north korea clearly says we are dictatorship but iran hide behind all money he is giving to ppl in power to tell its a democratic country but ITS NOT, im in iran and this is bs ,we are a modern colony for mullahs we are hostages.

  2. thank you for this article. I do not understand to much about the astrology involved but as I mentioned to you. The protests in Iran this time round mark a very different era in Iran. Amongst Iranians, in Iran and abroad, this time is being referred to as The ‘women’s revolution’. The opposition under the guise of Mousavi is not so different from the present regime but the presence of his wife- Zahra Rahnavard in his campaign did a lot to capture the imagination of Iranian women. Mu Min Bey is correct. Iran has the highest percentage of university educated woman in the middle east. In fact all its under 30’s are the most educated. So this is very much a youth revolution. Watching the footage on utube facebook twitter of the courage of the young people who are being killed and arrested ( hangings are still rife with the youngest recently being 14!) one cannot be moved to tears of admiration of the bravery. The woman stand shoulder to shoulder with the men. Watching footage of woman fighting fully armed the Basiji army, jumping in to rescue their brothers, fathers, husbands is not what we are used to seeing when we watch typical hollywood fight scenes! Woman are fighting with no fear of losing their lives. There is a LOT of films/ poems painting etc being made about this. It is no wonder that Neda Soltani has become the image most used to represent this opposition.Yes there is something going on in Iran and i wish Funkstar I could understand Astrology enough to see where this is going!
    when i have time I will look for a proper link from utube for you as most of the ones I have are much too disturbing for general consumption. until then here is a sweet cheesy one:

  3. Thankyou GP, that time you have i will have to look into. Venus right on the MC makes this “womens revolution” even stronger. I got the time for the horoscope from . I think it is for when he set foot on the tarmac. It is the one most used by astrologers i believe. There is also another one for the proclamation of the republic, 01 April 1979 between 2pm – 3pm.

    If you click on those chart they pop out to full size, thanks again for your comment.

  4. Great comment on Iran!

    As a diletante astrologer I use Khomeini’s hour of landing at Thehran’s airport for dressing a usefull map. It was 09:00 hours (local time) on 1.2.1979.

    In that horoscope Venus sits exactly conjunct MC and, a bit further away, also conjunct Neptune. May be worth you considering.

    But it’s agreed, Iran is going to be again “a turning point in history” – and it’s not the first time.

    PS. Please do a favor to your readers: The charts you publish are too small to be readable, increase their size, if possible.

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  6. Horoscope Ayatolla Ali Khamenei.

    Progressive aspects.

    28-Dec-2017 000°,00’00 Taurus Moon Nw
    28-Dec-2017 019°,26’30 Sagittarius C–2 120 C-12
    31-Dec-2017 -21°,40’27 Plu # Zon transit

    1-Jan-2018 017°,02’02 Scorpio Jup 60 Asc transit
    10-Jan-2018 000°,26’32 Taurus Moon 180 mutual Drac
    12-Jan-2018 000°,30’48 Taurus Moon 0 Sat
    12-Jan-2018 000°,32’14 Taurus Moon 45 MC
    13-Jan-2018 012°,59’11 Libra Merc 90 Chiron
    17-Jan-2018 000°,41’14 Taurus Moon 150 mutual C-11
    20-Jan-2018 000°,48’21 Taurus Moon 90 Plu
    21-Jan-2018 000°,49’00 Taurus Moon 135 AR11
    29-Jan-2018 001°,05’10 Taurus Moon 135 AR12

    10-Feb-2018 019°,32’48 Sagittarius C–2 45 Drac
    13-Feb-2018 002°,39’44 Aquarius Mars 180 mutual Plu
    16-Feb-2018 001°,43’50 Taurus Moon 90 Mars
    25-Feb-2018 002°,02’02 Taurus Moon 135 Asc

    1-March-2018 +11°,56’30 Moon // mutual MC
    2-March-2018 000°,48’21 Libra C-11 60 Plu
    16-March-2018 002°,39’48 Taurus Moon 90 mutual Plu
    17-March-2018 002°,41’55 Taurus Moon 90 mutual Mars
    29-March-2018 -04°,37’09 Merc # Nep
    29-March-2018 003°,07’31 Taurus Moon * SHARATAN (MARS – SAT )

  7. 17 and 18 May 2018 Iran in troubles with the USA (Donald J. Trump)

    • Thank for Andries for this comment. I just realized i don’t have the chart for Iran in this old article.

  8. The worst transit of all is happening now for peace, the arrival of Uranus to Taurus, Taurus rules both Iran and Israel. The destruction of all natural beautiful things, I only looked these countries up a week ago and here we go already, neither side will give with Taurus the bull headed in control, but just maybe the earth trines can help??? Control by Money and Religion, the twins of all the evil in this world.

  9. Iran.

    Progressive aspects:
    3-May-2018 020°,26’45 Leo C-12 90 Ura
    5-May-2018 -04°,23’51 Moon # Sun
    14-May-2018 020°,28’22 Leo C-12 120 Nep
    16-May-2018 017°,57’47 Libra Moon 90 C-12
    18-May-2018 018°,02’13 Libra Moon 0 Plu

    17-May-2018 017°,15’00 Scorpio Jup 90 Asc
    18-May-2018 000°,08’54 Taurus Ura 45 C-11
    18-May-2018 007°,35’38 Cancer Moon 60 Chiron
    18-May-2018 008°,25’20 Capricorn Sat 135 Black Moon

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    17-May-2018 000°,30’48 Aquarius Mars 90 Sat
    17-May-2018 008°,27’48 Capricorn Sat 120 AR02
    17-May-2018 000°,32’14 Aquarius Mars 135 MC
    17-May-2018 008°,26’43 Capricorn Sat 90 Jup

    Donald J. Trump.

    Progressive aspects:
    14-May-2018 +23°,15’28 Moon // Sun
    17-May-2018 025°,02’49 Sagittarius C–3 135 Plu
    19-May-2018 +23°,13’23 Moon // mutual Ura

    14-May-2018 029°,56’42 Aries Ura 120 Asc
    14-Mau-2018 029°,19’33 Capricorn Mars 150 C-11
    14-May-2018 017°,36’48 Scorpio Jup 120 AR06
    14-May-2018 008°,34’29 Capricorn Sat 45 AR04

    The USA.

    18-May-2018 008°,26’19 Capricorn Sat 60 Asc

  10. Ascendant 16°,56’05,2 Leo.

    Progressive aspect:

    3-Jan-2020 021°,45’26 Aries Ven 45 Moon

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Progressive aspect:

    3-Jan-2020 025°,19’31 Taurus Moon * ALGOL (SAT – JUP )

    Qassem Soleimani.

    Progressive aspects:

    26-Dec-2019 003°,14’35 Scorpio Moon 120 AR10
    26-Dec-2019 003°,14’39 Scorpio Moon 90 Ura
    28-Dec-2019 003°,19’27 Scorpio Moon 90 mutual Ura
    29-Dec-2019 -20°,44’14 C–2 // Sat

    2-Jan-2020 003°,30’40 Scorpio Moon 120 mutual C–3
    3-Jan-2020 008°,01’20 Libra MC 45 Drac


    27-Dec-2019 020°,53’13 Capricorn Sat 60 Sun
    30-Dec-2019 006°,16’18 Capricorn Jup 90 C-12
    30-Dec-2019 -19°,10’31 Mars # MC
    31-Dec-2019 006°,39’30 Capricorn Jup 120 C-11

    1-Jan-2020 028°,40’52 Scorpio Mars 90 Plu

  11. Addition.

    Qassem Soleimani.

    3-Jan-2020 021°,39’30 Capricorn Sat 135 C-11 transit

  12. I rectified the horoscope of Khamenei.

    Born 15 July 1939.

    Ascendant 1 degree Leo conjunct Pluto also 1 degree Leo.

    Joseph Stalin had Ascendant 25 degrees Taurus conjunct Pluto also 25 degrees Taurus.

  13. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    5-Oct-2022 019°,01’04 Libra Ven 135 AR09
    5-Oct-2022 021°,23’53 Taurus Ura 135 mutual Asc

  14. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


    16-Sep-2022 005°,01’45 Ram Jup 90 Pars

    25-Sep-2022 018°,06’01 Tweeling Mars 60 MC

    President Iran wants “resolute” action against protesters.

    Ultra-conservative Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi says on Sunday September 25 there will be “resolute” action against the wave of unrest that has gripped the country for days.
    He wants to see tough intervention at protests, which he describes as ‘riots by opponents of security and peace’.
    The protests and the brutal crackdown by the security services have killed at least 41 people, according to official figures. However, human rights groups say that the actual death toll is much higher. Among other things, the police shoot at demonstrators with live ammunition.
    Mahsa Amini.
    Hundreds of people have been arrested since the demonstrations began on September 16, the day Mahsa Amini died.
    This 22-year-old Iranian-Kurdish woman died after being arrested by the religious police. She would not have covered herself properly and would have violated the dress code in the strict Islamic country.

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