California Earthquake Predictions

California Earthquake Predictions

California Earthquake Predictions

There has been more interest in California earthquake prediction since the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. California is prone to earthquakes and many of our readers come from this densely populated state.

The nuclear emergency in Japan has implications for California as there are two nuclear power stations operating in the state. The Diablo Canyon Power Plant is in a danger zone. “the Hosgri fault, had been discovered several miles offshore. This fault had a 7.1 magnitude quake 10 miles offshore on November 4, 1927” [1]. The San Onofre Nuclear plant is further south, both are located directly on the coast. Given what we have seen in Japan, is that smart or dumb?

California Earthquake Predictions Astrology

I’ve put a dozen charts in my file from major earthquakes in California over the last 150 years. One thing I noticed is that on most occasions, there was an eclipse visible in California beforehand, mostly lunar eclipses. The map on the right is for the lunar eclipse before the 1906 earthquake. Another common link was conjunctions, squares and oppositions involving the outer planets. I compared the major quakes to the mundane horoscope of America, California, and San Francisco but didn’t find anything startling.

I did find a strong correlation between two of the strongest and deadliest earthquakes in California, and the degrees of the zodiac that were in common are going to be heavily triggered in late 2012 and into 2013. The two earthquakes were the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, magnitude 7.8 which killed over 3000 people. The other one was in the same region, the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, magnitude 6.9 which killed 63 people.

>The charts for these earthquakes only show the major aspects of interest to keep it simple. The 1908 San Francisco earthquake had Uranus opposite Neptune. The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake had Saturn and Neptune opposite Jupiter, on the same Cancer/Capricorn axis, same degrees even.

There are two reasons I believe that these previous major earthquakes are important for California earthquake prediction. The first reason is because of eclipses. The lunar eclipse a couple of months before the 1906 earthquake was totally visible in California as you can see in the picture left.

The lunar eclipse a couple of months before the 1989 earthquake was also visible, though it was not as close. Looking ahead, in May 2012, a solar eclipse spans the Pacific Ring of Fire. It starts in Japan and ends in Texas, passing just to the north of San Francisco.

The solar eclipse in May 2012 coincides with the beginning of some major planetary alignments aspecting both the 1906 and 1989 earthquake charts. The most important of these is from Uranus square Pluto, with Pluto around 9 Cancer.

California Earthquake Prediction Dates

California Earthquake PredictionsLooking at the transits to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the high risk periods would be:

July 2011, Solar Eclipse opposite Uranus, conjunct Neptune.  South Node conjunct Pluto.

March 2012, Pluto square Mercury, Pluto opposite Neptune, Neptune conjunct Moon, Saturn opposite Sun, and South Node conjunct Jupiter.

May 2012, the Solar eclipse passing over northern California, Pluto square Mercury, Pluto opposite Neptune, Jupiter conjunct Mars.

December 2012 to January 2013, Pluto square Mercury, Pluto conjunct Uranus, Pluto opposite Neptune, Neptune conjunct Moon, South Node conjunct Mars, Jupiter Yod conjunct Jupiter.

April 2013, Uranus conjunct Mercury, Uranus square Uranus, Uranus square Neptune.

August 2013, Pluto square Mercury, Pluto opposite Neptune, Jupiter square Mercury, Jupiter opposite Uranus, Jupiter conjunct Neptune.

October – November 2013, Pluto square Mercury, Pluto conjunct Uranus, Pluto opposite Neptune, Uranus conjunct Mercury, Uranus square Uranus, Uranus square Neptune, Saturn opposite Venus.

The two highest risk periods look like August 2013 with the Jupiter Pluto opposition hitting the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and then October November 2013 with the Uranus Pluto square hitting that axis.

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    • Cheers Monica. I’m hoping we will eventually get some other prediction techniques discussed here which show whether my methods are accurate or not.

      • Whatever is the feedback, you’re doing the right thing Jamie. It’s better to err on being overly cautious all the time. Once we lose even one life, we could never take it back.

    • if tht was my son then i would.because better to be safe then sorry.

  1. That’s fantastic Jamie. Always enjoy reading your posts!

    It would be interesting to see what the high risk periods might be for the New Madrid faultine.

    • Thanks Jane, I haven’t heard about this New Madrid faultline. Just started reading up on Edgar Cayce predictions, will have to keep an eye out for that area.

      • Hi Jamie, I’m surprised that you are writing on USA quakes and you’ve not heard of the New Madrid fault line – check this…
        The New Madrid Seismic Zone sometimes called the New Madrid Fault Line, is a major seismic zone and a prolific source of intraplate earthquakes (earthquakes within a tectonic plate) in the southern and midwestern United States, stretching to the southwest from New Madrid, Missouri.
        The New Madrid fault system was responsible for the 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes and may have the potential to produce large earthquakes in the future. Since 1812 frequent smaller earthquakes were recorded in the area. from Wikipedia

  2. Hi Jamie

    I noticed you mentioned Pluto at 9 Cancer in the 1906 earthquake chart. There’s an eclipse in Cancer on 1st July 2011 at that degree. It forms a wide Grand Cardinal Cross with Saturn, 10 Libra, Uranus, 4 Aries, and Pluto at 6 Capricorn (trining Jupiter at 5 Taurus). Resonances? Interested to know what you think.

    • Definitely resonances. Thanks for picking that up. I will add it to the list in the post. It triggers the grand cross in the 1906 earthquake chart, bang on Neptune.

  3. ALERT! This is the nissing piece to this puzzle!

    You will notice also that the designator “X” has been given Elenin by NASA “C 2010 X ELENIN”

    You would be wise to remember that Nibiru is also known as Planet X

    Coming Dates of DANGER:

    On or NEAR

    September 26th 2011

    October 17th 2011

    November 5th 2011

    November 23rd 2011

    Here is the proof with the dates to watch!

    Watch this You Tube URGENT!

    • Very interesting video, thanks Phoenix

      The comet came to opposition at 178° from the Sun on March 14 and will come to opposition again on November 22 at 175° from the Sun.

      Orbital period: 11,100 yr

      Next perihelion: 10 September 2011

      It does fit the “planet crosser” Nibiru model, just as Sedna does.

      Good find Phoenix.

      • This gets eerie.


        ELE = Extinction Level Event

        NIN = Lady

      • Jamie, I have a blog that covers earth changes and the so called “2012 effect” well yesterday I changed all of ny headers and topics from ‘2012″ to..”Earth Changes 2011″

        I also just found out there will also be another comet in the sky the same time as Elenin and alsmost the same distance from earth!

        Here is the link to that info:

        • Like the video Phoenix. Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been on the case for hours and hours. Really want to get a post out soon but to start with I have just published a page: Comet Elenin Ephemeris so I have something to work with. Intend looking at the discovery chart too.

  4. Saturday is the Super Moon, eventhough the Earth may be zapped out from the 9 magger and the hundred aftershocks in Japan we still may see some strong quakes.
    Vanuatu Loyalty Solomon region and North Atlantic, Maybe strong eruption at Mexico City’s Popo Volcano maybe.

    For the future California quake watch transits and progressions for the California chart. Quake potential may show up in that chart. Along your eclipse line near Eureka is an active area to watch after that eclipse.

    Do checkout the progression and transit for Australia’s chart for March 28th. The Progression relates to the transit. Queensland, will it flood , cyclone, quake and or have a gas rebellion or all of that. They got a rare moderate quake weeks ago I think, a foreshock??? Look at the Gillard’s chart for that time for insight into Australia. She may have stuff to deal with for the nation.

    USA has an eclipse path cut the New Madrid Fault Zone in a couple of years.Tennessee, Missouri to Arkansas area. They had some 8 mag quakes there around 1811-13 I think, that place has awesome potential for monster quakes. Google New Madrid great quake for a scary bedtime story. Population was very low then and no tall buildings, quake rang churchbells in Boston 1200 miles away. caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards.

    Watch the Full Moon rise on the 19th, Moon should amaze on the eastern horizon. Biggest in 18 years.
    Have someone photograph your face with the large Moon in back of you, could make a cool avatar photo for you starman.

    • Thanks Steve, there was a magnitude 4 earthquake 30km off Innisfail (where the cyclone hit) on March 14. Doesn’t sound much but we don’t get many quakes down here.

  5. Jamie – You put this together very quickly. Amazing.
    You know if this actually worked, people do pay for this kind of info.
    Here’s a post on Jim Berkland who has been very successful predicting quakes and uses moon tides & animal behaviour. Interesting guy.

    Former USGS Geologist Jim Berkland predicts major California quake
    March 16, 2011 1:35 pm PT
    Former USGS Geologist Jim Berkland predicts a major earthquake in California this month.
    Berkland has been known to predict quakes, his best being the ‘World Series’ quake in the 80s in the San Francisco Bay area. Berkland even had a bet with a news publication that it would actually happen.

    Berkland is now back with his strongest prediction since the 80s on what he is calling a major earthquake to strike California with a window between March 19th and 26th.

    The geologist says that ‘moon proximity’ and ‘fish deaths and beachings are signs of massive earthquakes.
    Jim has been on Fox News, KFI, and many other networks voicing this warning to everyone that is listening to it. While USGS states quakes are not predictable, Berkland disagrees.

  6. Nice interview with Jim Berkland:
    Earthquake Prediction 2011 Jim Berkland – A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent

  7. I´m so thrilled to have found this page. You are all so smart. I´m envious of your knowledge and yet humbled to just be able to read all this info.

  8. where on the web can i find information on the stars and their influence? Ive only studied the planets and would love to learn about the stars.

  9. Is The Big One About To Hit California?
    16 March 2011 7:50
    But the erratic behavior of mass groups of animals, usually a good sign that one is about to strike, may show that the region’s luck is about to run out.
    A pod of whales stranded themselves hours before a massive earthquake hit New Zealand on February 21.

    Thousands of sardines suddenly died on March 8 in King Harbor, California. While scientists cannot give a reason for the incident, some point to the mass stranding of 107 whales that occurred less than 48 hours before New Zealand was hit on February 21 as an indication that something big is about to happen off the coast of California.

    These incidents are not without precedent. The UK Mirror points out another 170 whales stranded themselves in Australia and New Zealand prior to the devastating Christmas 2004 quake that struck in the Indian Ocean, resulting in a tsunami that killed more than 250,000 people across the region. At the time, Indian professor Dr. Arunachalam Kumar suspected a relationship between the two events:

    Three weeks before the tsunami, he was alerted to the whales’ deaths, and wrote: “It is my observation, confirmed over the years, that mass suicides of whales and dolphins that occur sporadically all over the world, are in some way related to change and disturbances in the electromagnetic field co-ordinates and possible realignments of geotectonic plates thereof.
    “I would not be surprised if within a few days a massive quake hits some part of the globe.”
    Scientists are currently speculating that the cause of death of New Zealand’s pilot whales is due to sound reverberations in shallow water.

    full story


    Gazillions of Fish Swarm Near the Surface in Acapulco Beach
    17 March 2011 10:27
    Acapulco fishermen woke up Friday to hundreds of thousands of small fish swimming near the surface.
    Countless schools of anchovies, mackerel, sardines and stripped bass surged close to Acapulco shores, swimming near the surface packed together so tightly, that from above they looked like a patch of crude oil spill.

    Ecstatic fishermen left their rods and nets in land, and in their easiest day at work, scooped the fish out using buckets.
    “It was so much fun. There were about 20 or 30 fishermen and there were people who came with their kids to take advantage of it,” said Carlos Morales, a local fisherman.
    Local fishermen chalked up the unusual phenomenon to atypical currents created by the tsunami that struck Japan last week, but experts said they are not entirely sure.

    “It would fall into that category where you would love to make the connection, but who knows?” said Rich Briggs, a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. “Tsunamis can change local currents, but it’s hard to make a firm connection.”

    Published in Notitas de Noticias

  10. Here in New Zealand, Ken Ring – the equivalent of Jim Berkland – is being burned at the stake by TPTB (Clif High term for the-powers-that-be). I am not a native here and (as an outsider) what I see is a great deal of “vested interests” protecting their assets. Just as the nuclear industry is rushing to defend itself in Washington DC, the politicians here – who as in every country represent the interests of business – are attacking poor Ken Ring as a whacko fear mongerer.

    TVNZ reports: “Recent popularised ‘predictions’ regarding the Canterbury earthquakes and their relationship to phases of the moon are not scientifically correct.”

    How many times have we seen the pronouncement of corporate science proven wrong – the list of toxic products we in the USA have had promoted and foisted on us is too long to enumerate. The endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs, which now permeate the entire planet, are one.

    No one wants their predictions of catastrophe to be right – but it is unconscionable and just plain wrong not to warn people. Even boy scouts believe in being prepared.

  11. thank you for posting this information as it is another important piece of the puzzle. I have found another site that will interest you there is a pattern to all this madness we just need to complete the puzzle

  12. I dont feel very smart on here but I live in California and they say we are having a big quake on Sat. So does that look to be true I am not one to freak out but I have 4 kids in my home and want to be prepared.

    • Hi Kristie. From what I understand, most of the predictions about earthquakes in the next weeks are due to the SuperMoon, a full Moon that appears larger because the Moon is a bit closer to earth than it usually is. I have not researched this influence but the American astrologer Richard Nolle has, it is his theories and predictions about the SuperMoon which have made it to mainstream media in the last couple of weeks.

      He mentions this in his March 2011 forecast:

  13. Hi Jamie – I notive you are not speculating on methodolgy for EQ prediction so much as collating evidence and looking for ‘resonances’, between charts for example – it is going to take a great deal of work to get to a theory that can be put into practice, tried and tested – the chart synchs are v interesting, and throw some light – at this stage I would like to throw this in the pot……your fiindings above give strong suggestion that the outer planets in particular have a role to play that is key and perhaps we can add Ceres and Sedna in to the mix (don’t see them above) – I am really pinched timewise so can you say something about them here – I will provide some further evidence later, but, I am finding that the outer planets are connected more with the conditions that prime for EQs rather than the triggers themselves – theres lots more re transits to angles and aspect patterns but I am off grid most time at the mo so no chance to elaborate here – one thing more tho, I feel strongly also that it will help if we can take an integrated approach rather than looking to one discipline alone to provide accurate forecasting – my research is leading further into the EM/grav field, which is new ground as a practice as I am no scientist – out of this one thing that is coming up tho that is going to help is knowledge of the EM/grav set up of each planet – anyone who can provide high quality leads/links on this out there please feed here! Will be back on this as commitments allow – thanks for the very speedy post, fascinating…..

    • Yeah Rob, I purposely did not look into different methods for earthquake prediction and just looked at the charts to find links. I knew just by starting this thread that we would all find other methods out there to corroborate or otherwise.

      As for outer planets, definitely, and I am really stunned by this Comet Elenin. I just posted a comment there from the discovers blog, a student wrote

      “I also personally checked information about this object (using Nasa Jet Prop Lab online soft) and connection with large earthquakes on Earth — and there is at least 3 earthquakes (7.2m New Zealand 2007, 8.8m Chile 2010 and 9.0m Japan 2011) that happened on date (+/- 1 day) when comet aligned with Earth and Sun. Could be coincidence but I feel that this should be carefully studied.”

      The discoverer acknowledges the increased earthquake activity and cannot explain it.

      • Thanks – this is bringing out some great insights – and I certainly appreciate your work here – for myself, the more I go into this, the more I am feeling that my personal focus is being drawn in the wrong direction – and that the devil is in the detail! There does seem to be increased perturbation of the EM/grav field at work tho in which straight heliocentric alignments play big – this would make sense, put a tension across the field, highlight a spacial conduit – also seeing how there are indicators whether tropical is used or not, but, Im pulled more into heliocentric than geo for this baby – sometimes wish we could pan out a little further with the charts……have to use other means for this!?

        • I think many of us are sensing this changing energy, I am. I put a link at the end of the Elenin thread to the animation you can play with. I think that what you’re after. Apparently men are more “visual”.

      • the one thing that keeps coming back tho is the eclipse paths – too much to say and other work to do right now….laters, and thanks to everyone here – amazing!

    PARTING SHOT: Departing sunspot 1169 erupted during the late hours of March 16th and hurled a spectacular coronal mass ejection (CME) over the sun’s western limb. Click on the image to play a movie of the expanding cloud.
    Only a week ago, sunspot 1169 was squarely facing our planet. If the eruption had occurred then, we’d be expecting bright auroras and geomagnetic storms before the weekend. Instead, this CME will sail wide right of Earth with negligible effect. Maybe next time.

    animated image here

  15. Jamie this is an incredible post- thank you so much.

    My intuition has me beginning to look at Indian Point in New York. Partly because I had a most vivid nightmare years ago about seeing New York City (Manhattan) split and water from the Hudson and East rivers crashing together.

    The Japan crisis is carrying a lot of messages for the world. It will take awhile to absorb it all… But you are on track for making “predictions” and this is just outstanding; what a great service this could be to humanity!

    • Your nightmare sounds similar to those Edgar Cayce had. He saw New York going under.

      • thanks for that note.. man oh-man when I was reading a lot of Cayce in the early 80s I totally missed that.. I remember the stories with Atlantis and that of Lemuria- bounded by the ring of fire?
        Neptune I am associating with the tsunamis. in the above so many times Pluto opp Neptune.. have you mapped out the end of California?
        With my dream coming back in an insistent way makes me feel very uncomfortable with my son living in Brooklyn and a fault line running across 125th street. Imagine NYC having a 6 point quake.. if animal behavior is a clue/warning what about rats? as there are more rats under NYC than there people! All this is reminding me of the Hopi Indian prophesies..

        • Hi again Jim. Marina and I had a long discussion about the doom and gloom prophesies and my recent posts. She would like to have more positive stories to make people for more optimistic. But like I argued, this is what people are sensing and feeling right now. People are remembering all the prophesies and seeing them come true before their eyes. A convergence of many factors, relgious stroies, indigenous stories, Cayce etc.

          • Look both of you are great to me and the discussion is true to form. But as nervous as any of us could get it is better 1) to keep the faith! 2) It is better to be prepared. The difficulties are the challenges; and challenges are why we have this life- to grow.
            So- Jamie- your page has made me organize all my notes in a much more workable manner- thanks. I have gone to a geocentric ephemeris to check out a note that mercury, venus and mars are all grouped up 06-and 07Taurus on May 21. Is this what you have? Why? because
            Practical wise ask the question- if one of these eclipses does foretell true and an earthquake hits California how does the settings you lay out affect the US response? Because it seems to be at least one of these dispositions will come to fruition. To what degree who knows but the likelihood seems to strong for nothing to occur.

            • I don’t get that heliocentric line-up for May 21 2011. The next stellium I see is Mercury Venus Jupiter at 21 Aries on June 2 2011

  16. watch this video. earthquake prediction due to supermoon.

  17. Little-known U.S. Fault Lines Cause For Seismic Concern About Potential Earthquakes
    Quake in the Midwest Would Have Catastrophic Consequences
    artcile & vid-clip

    There are 15 nuclear power plants in the New Madrid fault zone — three reactors in Alabama — that are of the same or similar design as the site in Japan experiencing problems.

    • I just checked out the wiki link on this fault line, they have some dates and times for the 1812 quakes, will look into it.

  18. Thanks for the great info and links everyone, I’ll catch up after a sleep. Been busy with totally mind-numbing calculations. I think this comet that Phoenix led us to is important. I’ll get a post out in a day or two so we can discuss it, but first I had to make a start on this: Comet Elenin Ephemeris.

  19. I am now becoming interested in the correlation between earthquakes and astrology. I live in the shaded zone on your cali map up there. A lesser known but larger earthquake of 7.2 occured on April 25, 1992 in Cape Mendocino(in the grey area south of Eureka).
    One of the reasons it did not get the publicity of the 1989 earthquake is that the northernest part of california is very rural. The hardest hit area is countryside with ranches, farms, timberland. The Mendocino Triple Junction is located in that area southwest of Eureka in the water. It is constantly moving. Just last year we had a 6.5 in the ocean that caused damage in Eureka.
    We have no skyscrapers, fairly decent building codes for earthquakes and a very rural setting, so we have been blessed with no deaths. The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan have left us very aware of the possibilty of that occuring here.

    • Yes Fushia, I have that earthquake chart in my file, the Lunar Eclipse a few months before was totally visible in California, and the solar eclipse was partially visible. The outer planets were involved again, Uranus conjunct Neptune by less than one degree, and conjunct the DC.

  20. The megaquake connection: Are huge earthquakes linked?
    16 March 2011 by Catherine Brahic
    A handful, however, feel there must be a link between recent events. “What is clear is that for the 6.2 years since 2004, there have been more great earthquakes around the world than in any 6.2-year period throughout the 110-year history of seismic recordings,” says Thorne Lay at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His colleague Emily Brodsky goes further: “The recent spurt of magnitude-8-plus earthquakes may be an extended aftershock sequence of the 2004 Sumatra earthquake.”

  21. Hopi Prophecy: 2 More “Great Shakings” To Come
    19 March 2011 11:00
    reports & video

  22. Hallo friends…just wrangled the chart for Neptunes entrance into Pisces…on the West Coast of the USA…..check it out…………………………………file:///Users/roux108/Desktop/neptune.webarchive

  23. Hallo friends…just wrangled the chart for Neptunes entrance into Pisces…on the West Coast of the USA…..check it out…….data is april 4-2011…..6.51 am..Seattle Wash….sorry for the lack of tech know-how…my navigation is visceral in nature…not so intellectual…makes it interesting in sharing the info I see and feel…..later, Steel…the chart would be indicative of the influence for the line moving down the coast from Seattle to LA…..sensing

  24. skills are not p to par….visceral sensing is more my thing than intellect presentations…anyway april4,6.51 am seattle, wash…..covers the N/S fault lines. up and down the West Coast of the USA….later, Steel

    • Thanks for that steel. I think to post a link to an image it needs to be from a website, not a computer file. Something like imageshack. It’s a steep learning curve! I’ve only been on the net for just over 2 years now.

  25. Ringing Earth – Tibetan Monks in “spirit cave” hear new sounds
    Uploaded by PoliticalSeer on Mar 7, 2011
    Stresses on Earth are causing sounds to emanate from the earth through caves. Could it be why we are seeing so much seismic activity on the planet?
    Here is the original article:
    “There is a secret cave of spirits in Tibet. This cave is not known to the public.
    The tibetan saints are sleeping in this cave. The oldmen and monks are saying that Shiva is starting to sing his mantra calling for Gods to return to the Earth. This mantra has three levels. The last level means the coming of the new era.
    Listen to this sound recorded by russian enthusiasts who were allowed to visit the place near the cave where it was possible to record the sound.
    This sound has no artificial changes and is presented in raw format (only noises were reducted).

  26. thank you Susan..reminds me to read-up on Doctrine of Vibration..

    Jamie- have a note I think from a Vedic source that has Saturn in Libra conjunct the Sun in the US chart focus on the Dollar… also in November 2011 and May and July 2012. You wrote that in July 2011 solar eclipse opp Uranus conj Neptune; you also alerted us to March 2012 Saturn opp Sun with other tensions; and then May 2012 solar eclipse passing over northern Calif with Pluto opp Neptune. I will mention Jup conj Mars. This period does not look very promising for the US, to say the least. Again I have the sense of the Hopi prophecies that Susan has brought up.. I’m trying to step back a little and grasp a larger picture.. is there a transition of power here from the West to the East unfolding? Is that you and Marina are leading here- a mapping out of this transition? If this is true this is incredible!

    • Jim – hope you don’t mind me jumping in here, I think we are on the same page – the Annular Solar eclipse of May 20th 2012 at 0º20′ Gemini has already been brought to our attention through a major crop circle that appeared (I believe last year) in Wilts. UK – this CC included binary code and glyphs (I will try and locate a pic/link) that tie it into the Mayan long count and flag up two important dates, namely 2012/05/20 and 2012/06/03 – these, the reading/CC says, are flagging up a major event that will affect the four directions (the whole matrix), indicate significant solar output and the underlying energies expressed in the Mayan calendar at that point (cf Carl Calleman for a view of these) – I suggested to Jamie that he take a look at the 20th May chart in a previous comment – the pertinent aspects within this chart are Mars opposite Chiron and trine Pluto, Pluto square Uranus and Sextile Chiron, Neptune square the eclipse, Saturn trine Venus and forming a loose grand trine with Neptune, Neptune+Chiron square the Moon’s nodes and Mercury conjunct Jupiter quincunx Saturn – I strongly suggest further examination of this chart (as well as that of the 6th June) but, can we get a fix on ELININ for this chart, Jamie?? – the prophecies are just that, and, yes, I go along with the re-balancing of East West powers, and would take it to another level, the broadening of our focus to embrace our connectivity across the globe as well as within the cosmos, we are seeing the struggle to embrace this now……the insights emerging through Jamie and Marina’s work here as well as the stunning comments incoming are totally invaluable to our understanding of this – it is incredible – peace be with you bro

      • BTW – I agree that preparation is everything – and, while I realise that 2012/05/20 is after the Elinin pass, I don’t buy into the idea that this is a wipe out scenario – we will benefit now from understanding the trajectory of this body in its fullness….

      • rob- I read Calleman and am “into” the Mayan calendar. The astrology you point to I have to go through as being a student. There is a transiting in power taking place, politically and economically. Wait and see- soon the Chinese Navy will “suddenly” pop up in the Straits of Hormuz from their new naval base in southern Pakistan. But that’s another point.
        My focus I have now is with the earthquake predictions is to answer if the US will be able to care for its own. And I am very doubtful. To receive foreign aid in California also seems to be a real challenge.
        I am not for gloom and doom BUT I have been impressed with Pluto in Capricorn as in the “Karmic broom” type of thing.. set the priorities straight have more respect for “others”. The US has to change its ways and especially its thinking.
        I just feel that so many times in Jamies’ listing there is conflicting energies concerning Pluto and Neptune. Once, twice three times?? Get real.. something is “gorner give”. and maybe not just in Caifornia.
        But I am a believer and practice yoga. There is Grace. There are “subjective” aspects we can’t know but the “objective” relations of the stars are there to gives us clues and help us understand.
        Quantum mechanics teaches that everything is what it is only in relation to other things. They no longer look at “individual” aspects- everything is in relationship. We are certainly individual as in “ego” and the small self. But as we go inside and get more and more in touch with our inner Self the less we see others as different from us. We all come from the same Energy or One.
        One of the dates offered is for July 11 with the solar eclipse opp Uranus conj Neptune. When you go through the US chart things don’t look so good money wise. Different policies are needed- new priorities are being called for.
        But before July 11 there is a cluster on May 21. With mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus. What happens on May 21 will have a big effect on anything that maybe occurs on July 11.
        The other thing is Jamie focused on California which is perfectly reasonable BUT a fault line map of the US can have your jaw hit the floor. And if you read some reports from seismologists- California is not the only place that needs to be looked at… Wow! how to handle all of this?? Anybody open to extending the day a few more hours?
        I think we all enjoy reading the contributions. And our understanding of what all this world (expansion) is is enhanced by what people share here. But so many of us are in tune and are sensitive and know that Uranus in Aries means maybe “never the same ol’ thing” but would like to understand just what does that really mean? how does that play out? And also what can I do?
        Just one more thing- each one does have the option to choose. While we may have a strong desire based upon a Taurus rising doesn’t mean we can’t control it or channel that desire into a more positive direction.

    • We are playing it one step at a time but it does seem to are heading in a specific direction. Different countries charts, event charts, personalities charts. All coming together to tell a story. I will be able to tie a lot of it together when i get to posting the US chart forecast. Second half of the year looks big.

      Not sure about that Vedic source. Saturn in Libra is conjunct US Saturn, square US Sun. So US is having Saturn return this year. Also Pluto opposite Venus for finance troubles. It is the mid-year eclipse, three in a row which look powerful:

      June 1 Solar eclipse opposite Uranus
      June 15 Lunar eclipse opposite Mars
      July 1 Solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter

      It seems everything happening in the world involves the US.

      Interestingly US Jupiter is on fixed stars Mebsuta and Alhena, same as:

      Part of Fortune in 1872 Lone Pine earthquake,
      Vertex in 1892 Imperial Valley earthquake
      Neptune in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake,
      Jupiter in 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake

      • Jamie- as I’m writing these dates remembering some seismologists talking about “maybe every 100 years or so” 1872-1989; 1892/1906-?? would suggests these very years- cycle wise.

        The money looks like it was “destined” for trouble but the super-over spending just makes it that much more difficult. I started reading the decline of the dollar years ago and nobody seems to have cared very much. I suspect the thinking is that if they change the currency or crash the value then the massive debt disappears.. maybe in abstract numbers but not in value. And they aren’t going to pull that on the Chinese!
        This looks like “the decline of empire chapter XXX”.. will look forward to your posts on this.

        • Will have to do more research about the last injection of cash, but it’s effects may wear off by mid year. Then we will hear “currency war” in the news again.

          For decline of the empire, did you know that Afghanistan has been historically referred to as the “Graveyard of Empires”?

  27. if there is an earthquake it will be, (I think) some where between bakersfield and riverside mag 5, enough to send boulders down, block hilly roads, power outages, also around june 5, 2011. astroid will probably splash down south pacific, earth tilt and autumn. (sorry australia).

  28. Counterpunch’s Alexander Cockburn on CA nuke plants on EQ faultlines:
    Apparently acting predictively on this piece of sarcastic wisdom, the US has deployed four nuclear plants near the “ring of fire” faultlines, including two active ones in my home state of California. Forty miles up the road from me, in Eureka, in far northern California, we had a boiling water reactor, closed in 1976 because – surprise! – there was an earthquake from a “previously unknown fault” just off the coast. Now all we have are spent nuclear fuel rods in ponds, right on the shoreline, a few feet above sea level, nicely situated for a tsunami, such as the one that disabled the relief diesel generators designed to pump emergency coolant in the Fukushima plant. Three plates meet at Triple Junction off Cape Mendocino a few miles north-west of where I write. We had a 7.1 earthquake in 1992. First moral in the nuclear business: Eyes wide shut at all times; deny the predictable.

    Further south, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles is the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, planned in 1968 when no one knew about the Hosgri fault, part of the ring of fire, a few miles offshore. Further enquiry established that there’d been a 7.1 earthquake 40 years earlier, offshore from the plant, completed in 1973. The power company – Pacific Gas & Electric — said it would beef up defenses. In their haste the site managers reversed the blueprints for the new earthquake proofing of the two reactors, and so the retro-fit wasn’t a total success. Second moral in the nuclear business, as in any other human enterprise, somewhere along the line people always mess up. San Diablo is supposedly built and retrofitted to survive intact a 7.3 quake. San Francisco got destroyed by a 7.7 and subsequent fire, as the 1906 quake ripped the San Andreas fault for 300 miles north and south through the city.

    Back to the first moral: they recently discovered yet another fault and are now worried about “ground liquefaction” in the event of a big quake. In 2008 there was a terrorist attack by a smack of jellyfish which blocked the cold water intake, and the plant was shut down for a couple of days. (Yes, a smack is what a group of jellyfish is properly termed. Check it out at the Monterey Aquarium, which has particularly charming ones, gossamery white balloons.)

    Head south another 150 miles and we get to the San Onofre plant, right on the shoreline with a 2,000-strong work force. Jerry Collamer on our site today cites it as ”the scariest workplace in America.” In fact I’ve swum in its shadow, in waters highly esteemed by anglers because fish gather there, enjoying the elevated water temp; some also claim the fish there get bigger, faster. There are storage ponds for spent fuel in a decommissioned unit in a spherical containment of concrete and steel with the smallest wall being a adamantine 6 feet thick, just about the same as the ruptured containment at one of the collapsing Fukushima units.

    full article

  29. rob- I read Calleman and am “into” the Mayan calendar. The astrology you state I have to go through as being a student. There is a transiting in power taking place. Wait and see- soon the Chinese Navy will “suddenly” pop up in the Straits of Hormuz from their new naval base in southern Pakistan. But that’s another point.
    My focus I have now is with the earthquake predictions is to answer if the US will be able to care for its own. And I am very doubtful. To receive foreign aid in California seems to be a real challenge.
    I am not for gloom and doom BUT I have been impressed with Pluto in Capricorn as in the “Karmic broom” type of thing.. set the priorities straight have more respect for “others”. The US has to change its ways and especially its thinking.
    I just feel that so many times in Jamies’ listing there is conflicting energies concerning Pluto and Neptune. Once, twice three times?? Get real.. something is “gorner give”.
    But I am a believer and practice yoga. There is Grace. There are “subjective” aspects we can’t know but the “objective” relations of the stars are there to gives us clues and help us understand.
    Quantum mechanics teaches that everything is what it is only in relation to other things. They no longer look at “individual” aspects- everything is in relationship. We are certainly individual as in “ego” and the small self. But as we go inside and get more and more in touch with our inner Self the less we see others as different from us. We all come from the same Energy or One.
    One of the dates offered is for July 11 with the solar eclipse opp Uranus conj Neptune. When you go through the US chart things don’t look so good money wise. Different policies are needed- new priorities are being called for.
    But before July 11 there is a cluster on May 21. With mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus. What happens on May 21 will have a big effect on anything that maybe occurs on July 11.
    The other thing is Jamie focused on California which is perfectly reasonable BUT a fault line map of the US can have your jaw hit the floor. And if you read some reports from seismologists- California is not the only place that needs to be looked at… Wow! how to handle all of this?? Anybody open to extending the day a few more hours?
    I think we all enjoy reading the contributions. And our understanding of what all this world (expansion) is is enhanced by what people share here. But so many of us are in tune and are sensitive and know that Uranus in Aries means maybe “never the same ol’ thing” but would like to understand just what does that really mean? how does that play out? And also what can I do?

  30. Are we getting increased earth-movement activity because of the Super Moon or is this all related to the beginning of the Solar Cycle which will get much more intense as time passes. I believe that we got lucky and that the Sun was quiet during this full Moon.

    More evidence of clif high’s expando-planet model:
    Everett, Washington: Land Crack Appears,
    Neighborhood is Sinking  March 18, 2011
    A crack in the earth that first appeared six weeks ago is now threatening about four homes.

    Puno: Large crack opens in the earth in southern Peru
    The sudden appearance early in the morning of an enormous crack, measuring 100 meters wide and three kilometers long, caused confusion among residents of the Huacullani district in the Chucuito province, department of Puno.
    The exact cause of the crack in the earth still unknown. Peru’s geophysical institute ruled out the occurrence of an earthquake in the region, but what is clear is that the ground opened up and large blocks of earth can be observed scattered throughout the area.

    (Reuters) – Indonesian volcano Mount Karangetang spewed hot clouds of ash and trapped up to 40 people between lava flows on its slopes Friday as the government raised an alert for the peak to the highest level and evacuated villages.

  31. The biggest blast they’d ever seen….

    ICONIC ERUPTION: A huge filament of magnetism and hot plasma blasted off the sun’s southwestern limb today, March 19th, at around 1200 UT. The eruption was not Earth-directed, but it was iconic. Just look at this snapshot recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

    Many amateur astronomers in Europe witnessed the blast and said it was the biggest one they’d ever seen. This event continues the recent trend of increasing solar activity, and shows anew that Solar Cycle 24 is gaining steam after a long period of relative quiet.

  32. Here are some dates for you brainiac number crunchers.
    Excellent work here. I’m impressed.

    Dates from Clif High:
    Next few bit days in the sun magnetic lap cycle
    January 22, 2011 (expect earth reaction from January 7 onward).
    April 19, 2011 (expect earth reaction from February 25th onward)
    July 15th…continuous impacts from this point through 2013.

    Patrick Geryl: Mayan calculations & solar flares
    January 21, 2011
    April 19
    July 15
    Oct 11

    Jan 6 2012
    April 3
    June 29
    Septemer 26
    December 20, 2012

  33. Relating to solar cycles and earth changes:

    The Sun is More Active Now than Over the Last 8000 Years
    An international team of scientists has reconstructed the Sun’s activity over the last 11 millennia and forecasts decreased activity within a few decades
    October 28, 2004
    The activity of the Sun over the last 11,400 years, i.e., back to the end of the last ice age on Earth, has now for the first time been reconstructed quantitatively by an international group of researchers led by Sami K. Solanki from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany).

    The scientists have analyzed the radioactive isotopes in trees that lived thousands of years ago. As the scientists from Germany, Finland, and Switzerland report in the current issue of the science journal “Nature” from October 28, one needs to go back over 8,000 years in order to find a time when the Sun was, on average, as active as in the last 60 years.

    Based on a statistical study of earlier periods of increased solar activity, the researchers predict that the current level of high solar activity will probably continue only for a few more decades.

    full article

  34. susan, present day instruments can’t read the past. even carbon dating is off. present day readings have losy prescion and no control data. it’s pretty obvious. like ice-core samples to determine globalwarming

    • Quite right, lucy! I like your style.
      This 8000 year report did interest me because it is some indication of how long it has been since we earthlings have experienced Sun cycles the likes of which are ensuing. And because the Kali Yuga (the Age of Conflict and Confusion in the Sanskrit theory of the Cycles of Time) began in 3606 BC. The French Sanskrit scholar Alain Danielou suggests that the Twilight of the Kali Yuga began in 1939 with the discovery of atomic fission – and will end in 2442. Naturally the date of the end of the Kali Yuga is disputed and argued heatedly.

      • the search is on for a master mind, thankyou for the pretty paragraph, I love historical thought. Aries/Uranius/sun/conq is the master mind. by monday next week pluto/capricorn will trip all forward motion with a question about material, “what am I doing? only since it’s capricorn it’s “what are they doing” mean while mars is stuck in the ides, (last week of pisces) venus will join it on the 27, talk about the air being let out of great plans. Venus/pisces unlocks the souls sweetness and brings it to tears, while pluto trips it.

  35. HERE COMES TROUBLE? A big sunspot is emerging over the sun’s southeastern limb, and it is crackling with activity. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sunspot’s magnetic canopy on March 21st:

    image at

    This appears to be the return of old sunspot 1165, last seen in early March when it formed on the sun’s southwestern limb. Since then it has been transiting the far side of the sun, apparently growing in size and restlessness. The potential for trouble will become more clear in the hours ahead as the active region emerges in full.

  36. High Earthquake Risk Now Imminent Say Two Leading Experts
    By John O’Sullivan / Mar 22, 2011
    A U.S. geologist and British astrophysicist warn the Earth is now entering a heightened period of seismic activity that may trigger earthquakes.

    Meanwhile, Britain’s leading independent long range weather forecaster, Piers Corbyn, speaking on his website reports, “the world is now in one of its most extreme solar-lunar driven weather and earthquake/volcano events situations for at least 66 years and very likely twice that.”

    Berkland suggests that in this top seismic window in years, the west coast of the United States is a high risk area. Piers Corbyn is less specific on the location but believes the time of highest risk is in the five day period of 23th to the 27th March.

    Both experts emphasize the enormous power and influence that the sun and moon have on our planet. Such forces impact us in terms of both geological activity and Earth’s climate.

    According to Corbyn it was the ‘X Class’ solar flare of March 10, 2011 that caused a significant hit on the Earth by a coronal mass ejection, which was reported by NASA. He says this, in turn, triggered the massive Japan super quake (M=9.0) the following day.

    full article

  37. The Return of Sunspot 1165 – Returning active region 1165 is rotating back into view on the eastern limb and was renumbered 1176 by NOAA. This region has produced C-Class flares and it could possibly produce M-Class flares as well. Stay tuned to this website for the latest information.


  38. Powerful sunspot emerges, extreme UV radiation detected
    Published on March 22, 2011 9:55 am PT
    ( — A sunspot is emerging around the southeastern limb of the Sun and it is a powerful one at that.
    Labeled 1176, this sunspot may have been old sunspot 1165 when it was last seen in early March on the southwestern limb of the Sun.
    Since then it has rotated to the far side of the Sun and it looks as if it was busy doing so. This sunspot will have the power to generate large solar flares for the next couple weeks as it crosses the Earth facing side of the Sun.

    NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has recorded very high levels of UV radiation from this sunspot, a clear signal to unsettled times ahead for it and the Earth should it blast a solar flare this way.

    “If this puts a flare in this direction you can bet on more powerful earthquakes in the world,” Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin said. “We’ve been quiet and that is not a coincidence.”

    • around 28th March looks ripe – Mars square Nodes, Sun square Pluto, Jupiter opposite Saturn, Venus conjunct Chiron – hang on to your hats……if the Sun does kick, it will be hitting us then….

      • “hang on to your hats” is right.
        I’m always looking at Pluto these days – and Uranus.
        Pluto has an awesome ability to just wait and wait ever so patiently, and build and build, and then suddenly when you least expect it and have gone all complacent, distracted – Pluto senses that your defenses are down and he can do the most damage, get his best revenge, and put things right from his phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes perspective.
        Uranus isn’t so devious – but does excel at the clean-sweep ZAP! and has been keeping me on my toes all my life. He knows how to get your attention.
        I keep thinking of those geodetic charts…

        rob – thanks for the pic info and the nice comment on my website.
        As they say – right back at ya’!
        It’s lovely here to see so many people who are dedicated to lifting human consciousness.

      • The geodetic map:

        Manual production of both a Geodetic globe and a small Geodetic Atlas with individual maps of each continent showing both MC and Ascendant lines were developed after extensive and tedious manual calculations by Blake Finley in 1982.

  39. A 2011 History Channel show about Megaquake 10 interviewed earthquake “experts” about the possibility of a big quake in the US. They listed the Cascadia Fault off WA/Or coast as the most possible w/ tsunami just like Japan with a predicted 100 ft. wave! I like comparing Science to Religion and I think world famine could be brought about by that New Madrid Fault which would wipe out the bread basket of the world in the U.S. Midwest. I think the Super Volcano Yellowstone w/ earthquakes would be overkill and lead to nuclear winter with results not prophesied in Daniel and Revelation. All of these are overdue. Unfortunately, the Science community could make giant strides in earthquake forecasting if the still recognized Astrology as a Science but they close their mind to this reality.

    • It wasn’t that long ago that astrology and science were on the same page. To be honest, both disciplines could benefit from closer links.

  40. I’m not really sure where to put this – but it seems that there is a Solar Cycle24 Forum that looks interesting.

    connected to:

  41. from Piers Corbin:
    EXTREME WEATHER AND EARTHQUAKE DANGER IMMINENT around 23rd-27th March warns Piers Corbyn – Updating with news

    The very active solar region which emerged from the SE limb of the sun on the morning of 21st March is crackling with dangerous activity including extreme UV radiation and up to 50Mev proton bursts and its appearance along with other active regions on the sun fits our long-range WARNING for significant weather extremes and earthquakes in the period around 23rd-27th March, issued during February.

  42. Looking inside the San Andreas /LA Times
    Scientists believe a new study of the San Andreas fault within the Salton Trough could change assumptions about the eventual Big One.,0,3750662,full.story
    “The San Andreas fault actually appears to be propeller shaped,” he said, drawing a pirouette in the air and describing how the fault tilts to the northeast in this basin, then tilts in the opposite direction father north, past the Mojave Desert.

    Many seismologists, he explained, assume the fault in this region is largely vertical, a configuration that places the Pacific plate squarely up against the North American plate. Fuis and a few colleagues, however, believe that the Pacific plate here is wedged beneath the North American plate.

    The implications for Southern California and especially the Coachella and Imperial valleys are significant, whether assessing building standards or establishing emergency preparedness procedures. Past modeling of earthquakes in the region has used a vertical fault in most places, but angled faults focus energy differently, with the overriding plate sustaining most of the damage.

    But a greater threat, according to Fuis, is the sedimentary structure of the Salton Trough itself. Excavate this basin of the rocks and soil swept down over the millenniums from the Rocky Mountains and you’d have a canyon larger than the Grand Canyon.

    This formation — sediment nearly nine miles deep — can trap earthquake energy and amplify the seismic waves, resulting in longer and more intense shaking. No one has measured the wave speeds throughout the basin until now.

  43. “… an earthquake itself is fundamentally an electromagnetic phenomenon.”
    An ongoing electrical input generates new mass in possibly all planets & stars

    excepted from:

    Re: Electric Earthquakes

    * Someone on a nearby thread mentioned this very interesting article, called “An Integrated Alternative Conceptual Framework to Heat Engine Earth, Plate Tectonics, and Elastic Rebound”, which is located on this webpage:

    It goes into great detail and seems to explain a lot.
    * It says the velocity of S and P waves etc suggests that Earth’s deep interior is cool, not hot.
    It says “the source of thermal energy of Earth’s interior is the radiant heat produced by … released resonating electrons inside the 10^6 to 10^5 m microfractures, which enable electrons to vibrate harmonically at thermal frequencies”.

    * Here are brief statements about the electrical nature of earthquakes from the article.

    – The Electron Resonance Stimulated by Excess Mass Electrons—ERSEME—process and the dual role of microcracks, (a) as wave harmonically resonant cavities, where radiant heat and other precursory phenomena are produced; (b) as a network of many effective capacitors, connected in parallel electrically, the implosive gravitational collapse of which produces all earthquake shock types, whether deep-focus, shallow focus, tectonic or volcanic.

    – The catastrophic cavity network collapse which follows discharge is similar to dielectric breakdown and failure of a capacitor. The drop of geoelectric potential and the increased conductivity at the earthquake preparatory stage, that observably culminates co-seismically…, corroborates the logic presented here, that an earthquake itself is fundamentally an electromagnetic phenomenon.

    * I don’t imagine the article speculates about the Earth getting charged from the solar wind etc, but it does mention also the electrical effects of impacts. I’ve only skimmed it so far, so there may be yet more gold in that goldmine.
    Tassos is a Greek geologist, quite famous few years ago. He is one of the main supporters of the expanding earth hypothesis and since then he is banned from the media over here.

    It is really a goldmine because it connects the electric universe with the expanding earth hypothesis by providing a mechanism for the new mass generation that the later needs.

    From my point of view, these two theories go hand in hand and should be investigated together. If the expanding earth hypothesis is valid, then there is an ongoing electrical (pincing?) process that generates new mass in possibly all planets and stars that we may be able to observe and if validated then it will be strong evidence for the EU model too.

    I’m also connecting his work with the ongoing research about earthquake prediction from electron/ion flows in the ionosphere that i’ve mentioned in the previous page. This research, because of its very practical nature, could be a very good way of making the EU model more popular.
    Electrical Engineers seem to lead the way again this time on earthquake prediction.

    * I just copied more of Tassos’ material … he claims Earth was initially 60% of its present size. He talks about Earth’s core growing by transforming elements eventually into iron.

    * Cardona says Earth seems to have both expanded and contracted and the continents slid on the Moho layer. He says the expansion was largely via accretion of detritus from Saturn flares. I like his ideas most, but he’s always open to revising his ideas, it seems, when necessary.

    * I guess this isn’t really the place to discuss Earth expansion, unless we discuss how it is involved with making electric earthquakes.

    😮 hmmm. … “earth expansion involved with making electric earthquakes”!
    See Clif High on the Expando-Planet Model (scroll down):

  44. The STEREO (Ahead) spacecraft caught this bright, substantial coronal mass ejection blast that emerged from the far side of the Sun, out of direct view from Earth (Mar. 21, 2011). Because it was from the far side (from Earth perspective), none of the ejected particle cloud was headed towards Earth. When that active region rotates around again, we?ll see if its potential power for generating solar storms remains as strong.

    Awesome animation!

  45. Massive earthquake to hit Iran & Gulf states: expert
    26 March 2011 2:17
    DUBAI ( /Via}

    A massive earthquake, similar to the one that hit Japan recently, is set to hit Iran and might reach the Arab Gulf states as well, a Kuwaiti expert said, without forecasting she expected such natural disaster to take place.

    “A destructive earthquake, centered in Iran, is likely to strike, according to all scientific and historical facts that we have,” Dr. Ferial Bu Rabei, an expert in earthquakes at the University of Kuwait, was quoted as saying by the Kuwaiti al-Watan daily on Thursday.

    She urged the importance of giving up on all the nuclear projects in the region, even if those projects were aimed at producing electricity.

    Bu Rabei expected that the quake might have a magnitude of 8 on the Richter scale and could trigger a huge tsunami in all directions that could reach as far as the Arab Gulf states.

    The Kuwaiti expert sounded alarm over the presence of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant as it might cause a huge catastrophe in the whole region.

    Bu Rabei wondered whether the Arab Gulf states have taken the needed precautions to limit the risks of possible future earthquakes.

    The Kuwaiti expert explained that the expected massive earthquake will hit south-east Iran at any moment and will have destructive outcomes in Iran, Kuwait and most countries overlooking the Arab Gulf.

    She added that the same region was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in the twentieth century, exactly on Nov. 28, 1945, which measured 8.1 on the Richter scale and triggered a huge tsunami that left enormous destructions and human losses. The tsunami waves reached Karachi, which was 360 kms far from the center of the quake, and Bombay, which was 1,100 kms away.

  46. SUNSPOT PROFUSION: Sunspots are popping up in many locations across the sun’s surface, causing the sunspot number to surge above 100.

    NOAA Solar Report: … A chance for M-class activity exists on day one (27 March) becoming likely on days two and three (28 – 29 March) with a slight chance for X-class activity on 29 March. This expected increase in activity is due to the complex nature of Region 1176 and the return of old Region 1166 (N10, L=110) on 27 March. On its last transit across the disk, old Region 1166 produced four M-class events and one X-class event.

  47. Wild weird magnetosphere


    The Japanese website

    The simulation has been stopped due to power outage.
    But they are still posting updated images – scroll down for the list to click on.


    BRIGHT CME: NASA twin STEREO spacecraft observed a spectacular coronal mass ejection launched from the vicinity of decaying sunspot 1176 on April 3rd around 0500 UT. The blast was not Earth directed. Nevertheless, there is a chance that the expanding cloud will deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on or about April 6th. CME movies: STEREO-A, STEREO-B.

  48. This is the most complete Space Weather data I have found – including Alerts!
    iNtegrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA)
    Complete info – check out alerts!

    First check out this… amazing! tells us that …
    FARSIDE ACTIVITY: NASA’s STEREO probes are monitoring strong activity on the far side of the sun. A spectacular CME erupted during the early hours of April 8th apparently from old sunspot AR1176. This is the second day in a row that the active region has hurled massive clouds into space.
    image here

    Fine – the spectacular CME was not facing Earth. But Earth rotates around the sun – and from the animated ‘pinwheel’ it appears that Earth will catch up and catch this CME between April 10 & 11. Go to the iSWA website above and click on alerts or on Solar for CMW Arrival Time Prediction. So…. now we shall see if the already active EQs around the world will increase as a result – as some believe.

    III. Event Probabilities 09 Apr-11 Apr
    Class M 05/05/05
    Class X 01/01/01
    Proton 01/01/01
    PCAF green

    I found the iSWA info here:
    8 April 2011 5:41
    My questions to the wise; is that Saturn clearly visible in the lower right hand quadrant of these pictures? If not, is it the winged planet Nibiru or maybe an alien spaceship? What about the first picture, lower left hand quadrant; looks like a bird or a plane or a spaceship of some kind; satellite? Either way, quite a huge Mass Coronal Ejection. 400X bigger than the planet Jupiter and set to strike the Earth between April 10th and the 11th. Time to “batten down the hatches!” as the story at the bottom illustrates clearly.
    Event Issue Date: 2011-04-07 14:39:33.0 GMT?CME Arrival Time: 2011-04-10 15:39:07.0 GMT?Arival Time Confidence Level: ± 6 hours?Disturbance Duration: 10 hours?Disturbance Duration Confidence Level: ± 8 hours?Magnetopause Standoff Distance: 5.9 Re

    • AURORA WATCH: High latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of geomagnetic activity during the next 48 hours, when a solar wind stream is expected to buffet Earth’s magnetic field. A coronal mass ejection (movie) detected by NASA’s STEREO probes on April 9th could also reach Earth and contribute to the display on April 11th. [aurora gallery]

      EQs are pretty quiet now… we will see what passes after this…

    • Just checked out this info. It now seems to say 2011-04-11 2:34:04. for the expected arrival time. This is all new to me, is this something exceptional, much bigger than the average?

  49. This vid-clip interview is dated, but Piers Corbyn does give his ideas about the Sun’s CMEs instigating EQs – and even talks about “whatever happens on the other side of the Sun comes round.” (1:47) He says the Moon is over weighted in the equation, but still influential – add in a comet or a very big asteroid …

    Piers Corbyn Earthquakes & Extreme Weather Same Family
    March 15, 2011

    And from NASA the day of the Japan EQ … March 11, 2011
    UPDATE: Earth’s magnetic field is still reverberating from a CME strike on March 10, 2011 which resulted in a G1-class geomagnetic storm. Northern Lights have rippling …

    Huge Asteroid to Pass Near Earth in November

  50. from
    AROUND THE BEND: A coronal mass ejection (snapshot) observed today by the SOHO spacecraft heralds the approach of an active region to the Earthside of the sun. The source of the blast is currently located behind the sun’s northeastern limb, but solar rotation will turn it in our direction in the days ahead.

    To watch the CME – go here / Takes a minute to load

    click on ‘All Cygnets’
    You will see the “pinwheel” images as
    Model CME Earth (Density, Velocity, etc.)
    You can enlarge these as big as you like.

    Also in SOLAR
    SDO AIA Composite (211, 193, 171) animates and can be enlarged.

    Incredible images!!!
    This website shows how seriously they are taking CMEs.

  51. dutchsinse vid-clip

    4/12/2011 — Yellowstone announced to be MUCH bigger than originally thought
    From: dutchsinse | Apr 12, 2011 | 301 views…
    “The gigantic underground plume of partly molten rock that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano might be bigger than previously thought, a new image suggests.”

  52. I’m still researching the connection between EQs and CMEs in Solar Cycle 24.
    All I can say based on my observations is that it has been relatively quiet without any large CMEs – meaning no 7+ EQs.
    Recall that the Japan EQ was March 11.
    As 2011 unfolds, sunspots have returned and they are crackling with activity. On February 15th and again on March 9th, Earth orbiting satellites detected a pair of “X-class” solar flares–the most powerful kind of x-ray flare. The last such eruption occurred back in December 2006.
    Another eruption on March 7th hurled a billion-ton cloud of plasma away from the sun at five million mph (2200 km/s). The rapidly expanding cloud wasn’t aimed directly at Earth, but it did deliver a glancing blow to our planet’s magnetic field. The off-center impact on March 10th was enough to send Northern Lights spilling over the Canadian border into US states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.
    “That was the fastest coronal mass ejection in almost six years,” says Angelos Vourlidas of the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC. “It reminds me of a similar series of events back in Nov. 1997 that kicked off Solar Cycle 23, the solar cycle before this one.”
    “To me,” says Vourlidas, “this marks the beginning of Solar Cycle 24.”

    I’m keeping an eye on the ‘CME Arrival Time Prediction’ here:

    • a question

      I have a floating compass, isolated from metal, very sensitive to fluctuations in the magnetic field…
      in recent months it has been pointing away from North for short periods (hours) and then returning to mag north, describing a slow oscilation in the magnetic field
      now it has settled at a few degrees west of ‘original’ magnetic north and seems to be holding

      anyone notice similar?

      • YES! Rob, you are NOT alone in this!

        3/30/2011 – North Pole Moved up to 20 DEGREES! Magnetosphere ANOMALY – Compasses go haywire
        From: dutchsinse | Mar 30, 2011 | 43,043 views
        visit mike over at patrioticspace:

        visit magikman191 over at his page:

        • Rob – It appears that these days the magnetosphere goes crazy in response to the energies of the Sun and this may be connected with the plate tectonic movements. I’ve been looking at this website daily now – the animated version is gone because it is a Japanese website and the have power-outage problems. But they still are posting their findings: Recent Images (15 minutes interval). It takes a while to recognize the weird patterns, but you can follow the variations here:

          related vid-clips

          Here in NZ we have our compass open on the table waiting… watching…

        • thanks – local field variance, oscilations showing wave forms, producing interference patterns – peaks and troughs intersecting, sumps and nodes, the latter producing upsurges – plasma generation – keeping the faith!

  53. Earthquake UPDATE and forecast – USA, Asia, Europe — new madrid silent?!
    From: dutchsinse | Apr 16, 2011

    • ……interesting he talks about England, where I am at the mo – the rumbles and harmonic flow Dutchsinse was talking about in the UK is exactly what I was getting, vibing, as it was happening, and it showed on the compass – which is now pointing NNE by 6º! Very confirming, thanks Susan…, the message is, wait for the summer eclipses and in the meantime, stock-up on the non-perishables and bottled water…..

      • Yes, your vibing thing was true.
        Hey, your current website post … wonderful!
        Love the art work.

        rob on his
        Neptune is flowing into Pisces for a four months stay, and while he is there, ruling the mutable nature of our spirituality, we will get a taste of the great collective shift within that will truly begin to counterbalance all this tumult in the world – this will be our signal and the real work we have come into this time to engage with will take on new dimensions.

        The boundaries will open and if you have been diligent in holding to your heart center and witholding from reaction to or inculcating the influences of the mundane, you will discover that your own boundaries too have become radically changed – entering this zone of shifting boundaries and timelessness we will be able to take our innate spiritual powers to another level! Intent is everything in here, so too our center…..

  54. OMG … BEST Solar website ever!
    I’m so pleased when someone is as nutzoid as moi!

  55. Susan: Yes, your vibing thing was true. Hey, your current website post … wonderful! Love the art work.

    rob on his

    Hey Susan, no need to crop the links to out own blogs 🙂

  56. The latest post from webbot guy Clif High April 13,2011 –
    EQs for late 2011 and all of 2012 and most of 2013.
    The thinking is that solar ka-blooies (technical term meaning the sun will bitch slap earth’s atmosphere) will cause problems for the electrical grid nationally directly and then will also set off giant earthquakes that will further add to issues.

    Then there is the problem of the continued earth expansion which will lower us even further, and will also cause cracks separating human infrastructure including bridges. … every bridge we humans ever built is actually at risk from the expansion of the planet. As are all the damn dams.

    As is the electrical grid which is essential to keep the nuclear plants from meltdown. As are the at-risk pipe lines that bring cooling water. As is the at-risk river flows which *will* change suddenly during expansion events. And, when the earth bounces your ass up and down in a multiple minute big earthquake, *THAT* is an expansion event.

    There may be hundreds, perhaps thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of these over the next few years with some major clustering potential existing for much of late 2011 and all of 2012 and most of 2013. Then there are those pesky solar flares just waiting to scorch off the electrical grid at any given moment by pouring in actual TONS of high energy particles…. all of which are involved in furthering even more expansion events.

    And a bigger planet has stronger winds.
    Given the increasing potential, as well as the manifesting reality of the ill winds…
    … Then there is the GE designed, and USofA politically forced nuclear plant design in Fukushima Japan where the heaviest of metals (uranium) has ‘run’ amok….

  57. 🙂 you have listed 12 months within almost 2.3 year (July 11 – Nov 13) period as risky! Sure. I believe you!

    • Or 3 months in the next decade.

      “The two highest risk periods look like August 2013 with the Jupiter Pluto opposition hitting the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and then October November 2013 with the Uranus Pluto square hitting that axis.”

  58. From todays update at

    Sunspot 1195 is primed to go :

    “Photographer Emil Kraaikamp explains: “I took the picture on April 23rd using a 10-inch telescope with a white-light solar filter. The sunspot is so large, I could see plenty of details.” Indeed, the primary dark core (at the top) is more than two times wider than Earth. With such dimensions, the sunspot group may be clearly resolved even from humble backyards.

    All around the sunspot, the stellar surface is literally boiling. The blobs shown so clearly in Kraaikamp’s picture are solar granules, akin to rising blobs of water in a pot on a hot stove. These blobs, however, are made of plasma and they are about the size of Texas.

    There is one thing not visible in the photo: the sunspot’s magnetic field. Space-based magnetographs reveal a ‘beta-gamma’ configuration that harbors energy for M-class solar flares. Earth-directed eruptions are possible before the weekend is over. Stay tuned.”

  59. Just looking on internet at “latest earthquakes around the world”…California has heaps, like around 49 earthquakes on 6th August, small aroun 1.0 / 2.0…don’t know if this is “normal”…had 9 small earthquakes on 7th August..
    So…Jamie…can the july 2011 solar eclipse effect California now, in August?
    Regards Barb.

  60. Just checked and they had about 49 small earthquakes on 5th August too…maybe this is “normal”…(yep,great plaace to build nuclear power plants!)…if this isn’t “normal” maybe somethings going on…Just realised it is 7th August today, thats why only 9 earthquakes listed so far..Barb

  61. Just read an old news report on the internet that a “swarm of over 50 earthquakes hit California in a 14 hour period”…dated July 15th 2011.
    …maynbe this is the effect of the solar eclipse.

    • That is interesting because that lunar eclipse was opposite the USA Mars.

  62. Was just reading my Cancerian horoscope for July (Susan Miller website)…checking out the July 1st eclipse…she says (for Cancerians)to watch for August 16 -17 when Mars reaches 9 degrees…also that the last similiar eclipse like this one on July 1st 2011 was in June 30 1992…so I went and googled and yep, there was the largest earthquake in 40 years to hit Landers, California measuring 7.3. on June 28 1992.

    I think astrologists say USA is under the sign of Cancer??? (I think)

    Wonder if a big one is going to hit California….wonder if August 16/17 is to watch for…wonder if I should get back to my housework..!! Damn!

  63. Just looking at latest earthquakes on internet (Indanesia got a “5”, shouldn’t cause a problem) …saw the news on the catorgory 1 typhoon (China) and that South Korea has issued a TIDAL WAVE alert! (because of the typhoon)…..thats all we need with the stock market crash / Somalia’s famine / Somalia’s measles outbreak, etc etc etc!!
    Time for the red wine…

  64. Jamie…there is an increase of earthquakes over “3” happening…just today:

    11 August
    Babuyan Islands, Philippines 5.4
    Ascension Island 4.8
    Near Coast Honshu, Japan 4.7
    Sout of Fiji Islands 5.1

    10 August
    Ascension Island 5.7
    Potosi, Bolivia 4.8

    And on the internet somebody had compiled a list of how many earthquakes of “3” or over California had had in the past week. Barb

  65. Revised list of earthquakes for today, 11.8.2011…and the day has not yet ended:

    Babuyan Island, Philippines 5.4
    Ascension Island 4.8
    Near East Coast Honshu, Japan 4.7
    South of Fiji Islands 5.1
    Northern Sumatra, Indonesia 4.4
    Japan 4.7 (duplicate of above?)
    Ascension Island 5.2
    Southern Xinjiang, China 5.2

    Now…I got this from….says it is powered from USGS…but this is not on the USGS website, which I think is a government website…Barb PS Is this building up?…to the full moon 13 August???
    Said the china earthquake had just happened.

      • Ta Rob…just checked the site…10 earthquakes for 11 August now listed mag 4/5…maybe more will become listed for 11 August due to time difference (it’s 8am Friday 12th August in Melbourne)…
        Can’t believe how many are happening…3 in Indonesia…will keep watching…Barb

  66. Rob…in the past hour another earthquake added for 11th August!!…a “5” for Northern Iran…
    Are all these 4/5’s normal for one day?

  67. Sorry for going on & on…just got a really, really nervous feeling about the full moon 13th August…and possibly dates 14/15th August…thought the riots might increase, but that seems to be okay now…so when I saw the 4/5 mag earthquakes for 11th August thinking it might be another big earthquake coming up…just trying to sort out this nervous feeling am getting…might be Japan…they got 3 on 11 August…dunno…Barb

  68. Rob…there were actually 20 earthquakes of 4/5 mag on 11th August…I should have gone to bottom of website page and clicked on “past day”.
    East Coast of Honshu, Japan got 3: “5” “5.9” “5.2”

  69. Hi there, I can see people are panicking about earthquakes and the full moon (we have a man here called the Moon Man, who likes to scare people with his predictions of the next quake. In fact there is no proof attached to the theory). Having survived two major quakes in Christchurch (and literally thousands of aftershocks) I would advise people that it’s best to be prepared – you need your kits and plenty of water and dried food. I became fixated on the earthquake websites BEFORE my first quake and and my worst fear was eventually realised. The fact is, earthquakes happen all the time. You can play to those fears but realise there is nothing you can do except prepare yourself. At the end of the day, you can survive them, it’s just the ground moving and there are worse things that can happen.

    • Hi Jacqui, thanks for the advice…I had already stocked up on bottled water / tinned food…and that’s because I saw people on tv in NZ queing for about 3 hours for water and I thought I can’t even stand queing for 10 minutes at Coles!!! would I be for 3 HOURS???
      My ‘problem” was I didn’t know if all these earthquakes happening on 11th August was ‘normal” or not…hadn’t looked at those sites before…plus awful anxiety going thru me…anyway, now know, with all the blogging I came across today that it wasn’t “normal” activity on 11th August…..but at least gone back to “normal”.. Regards Barb

  70. Just found this on internet:

    “Despite the USGS stripping quakes from their database & dumbing down the magnitude, the sheer number of earthquakes has increased dramatically”
    Nancy Lieder, 11th August, under heading “Earth changes & the Pole Shift”

    Wonder why the earthquake figures are being played around with.

    • Yellowstone. It has had swarms of quakes. Can you imagine the panic if people knew it was getting excited…
      We had enough trouble with emotions out of control in the UK this week… It would only need one nutter to start preaching the end of the world is NOW and the lowest common denominator would be out there stripping the malls and going mad.
      Perhaps better to go out NOT in an ape like frenzy…

    • They aren’t. The idiots who are screeching about coverups are missing a vital factor. The depth of the quake. mostly earthquakes don’t do much damage under mag 6.00 but the depth is crucial. 7.5 is big but if its 350 km below ground level it won’t have very much effect at all.
      There are 6 and upwards eqs regularly around the Pacific ring of fire which go unremarked on.
      Why on earth would anyone want to cover up an earthquake? If a humanitarian situation arises, as in Haiti, we all have to know about it. And we generally do.
      If Libya had had an earthquake of 8.4 a few metres below ground we would all have known about it. It’s pretty hard to hide.
      Or was the Asian tsunami in 2004 staged? It’s ridiculous to say there is a cover up. It serves nothing.

      • There is also another common denominator: Look at the dates… they all seem to be 11’s and 22’s.

        I am a veteran of several major earthquakes. I can vouch that I too am always looking toward the “depth” of the quake as a means of gauging severity.

        • By the way… just curious, where is it already the 28th? I’m in California. Is this a UK website?

          • I’m in Australia (noon on the 28th), and Marina is in London. I think this blog is set for Universal Time which would be 1am in London.

  71. Always check the depth of the quake, which you can do on iris seismic monitor if you search the recent quakes section. Mag 6 and thereabouts is common in the Pacific ring. 6.4 has potential for damage bit not if it is very deep.
    It’s worth looking at the eclse paths to see where the zenith of the eclipse is.
    The zenith of the eclipse in Turkey in 1999 was virtually over the area of the quake, which was a high risk area.

    • Hi Uberqueenofwands…just been on internet and bloggers going on about all the quakes that hit on 11th August, so I wasn’t the only one noticing it…and the bloggers mentioned that USGS have been not honest about the figures for the past week (US dept)..bloggers mentioned the Northern California quake figures were dumbed down for a week …& that the 5.8 quake that hit China on 11th August damaged 100’s homes and injured 31 people.
      Least it is quiet now…and nothing “big” has happened on the full moon…I can get out from under the bed!!! Barb

    • Hi Uberqueenofwands…why is the depth important?
      Figi Island region had:
      11/8 511.40 depth
      12/8 243.00 depth
      14/8 491.60 depth
      14/8 587.90 depth
      14/8 553.00 depth
      Any info much appreciated…Regards Barb

  72. Just found more blogging that USGS are misleading the public on earthquake figures / averages over the years…been doing it a while person claims it is because they are trying to hide the connection between oil drilling and earthquakes..something is being covered up..Barb

    • There is no cover up. What do you think caused all the EQs before the conspiracy theory?
      No oil drilling is going to trigger an event such as the Japanese tsunami and EQ. It was brought on by the huge solar flare a few days before

      We just had a big flare and were in direct line. A massive X2 shot out yesterday but we are not in direct line. However, the storm is around us so expect EQ activity to increase over the next week.

  73. Jamie…please do me a favour????…just google:

    “earthquake libya 2011”

    Looks like there was an 8.4 earthquake in Libya on 19 or 20 May this year, in their desert….one guy reports that it was “on all the internet sites and then just disappeared before his eyes” & no media reports. People claiming there is a cover up of this earthquake.
    Please just have a look??…and tell me what you think.
    Regards Barb
    PS I need a “logical” vigoe mind…told my son but he just grunted and went to the gym….

  74. jehovah has spoken to people = dreams, visions, prepare food,water, items to survive at least 3 yrs maybe , big earthquake coming , etc….
    could be marshall law will take lots of money to repair fix back . government may cut off social security to take money fix california back, the roads and other places ….prepare and do not trust the goverment -get lots food, water, survival equipment, cook equipments, you will need people, jehovah has spoken threw the prophets and people. prepare prepare prepare , were in the last days churches have fallen away from truth into doctrines of demons and sinful living, fasle preachers and false apostles.-1 timothy chapter 4:1 ,revelations of the churches, also the people outside of the bablyon churches the sinners whom dont go to churches- jesus said and god said in the last days people will be lovers of sin and unholy and lovers of money, pleasures, wickedness living , coming to pass….true repent -turn away from sin, self,worldly lust,seek jesus be baptized with fire-holy ghost-being born again a new creature in jesus and god and go barefruit make disciples, and obey god and jesus and live holy, righteous, obendience,endure holy faith to end to be saved,amen- im a holy disciple of jesus christ and god, the holy people are the true church seek jesus -is the way, truth, life amen godbless…. this will be in the future prophecy i do not know when-dates , months ,yr, just have to prepare and be ready , judgement is coming and wrath.

  75. I… have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. My particular flavor of Epilepsy enables the use of both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously.

    I whole-heartedly AGREE with the dates you’ve given.

    I am not a Christian fundamentalist nor am I anything near nor of the type of hyper-religiosity that are questioning your reasoning. I do agree. Afterall, I am a veteran of 6 major earthquakes. Your months are right, your dates are astrologically and numerically correct and you do seem to have a sense of what to look for.

    I just wish the hyper-religious folks weren’t so egotistical of their beliefs. Maybe they’d LEARN something if their minds weren’t so SHUT.

  76. Can someone tell me where I can find the rest of this thread? I keep getting email notifications that Uberqueenofwands has been adding responses and I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Not even at the end of the thread where one might think they would be. Any help?

    • Yes Matthew, sounds like some wordpress thing. You can click on the links to these comments in the sidebar to the left, “DISCUSSION”

    • Cheers. Seems like a talent you have there but like many gifts there would be some drawback, the seizures for you I guess. I have trouble getting both sides of my brain connecting 🙂

      • I really didn’t mean to take-up a whole thread trying to absorb how to operate the website, here. My apologies.

      • Jamie, for what it’s worth I don’t have grand mals nor even shake at all when in a seize. My particular flavor of epilepsy just makes me studder in speech for a few hours. It’s quite mild actually.

  77. THe depth issue – /

    I don’t doubt there are a few more things which could be fed into this – personally I agree with the Electric UNiverse paradigm and that Earthquakes are electrically driven – i.e Earth acts like a capacitor – absorbing electrically charged protons etc via the iron core and discharging through the same. The pathways the discharge runs through are another story but think of a bolt of lightning and how it spreads out and how some arms of it are stronger than others and so on, then if on fork was to extend into a subduction zone or other weakness – this could be a weakness in the crystal structure for instance.
    I know there is ample record of blue lights and flashes seen prior to earthquakes.
    I don’t know what the pattern or stats for EQs after solar storms is but there is likely a correlation. I think with the moon it also has to be in perigee to afford a prediction??
    I’d stick my neck out a bit further and suggest there are bigger influences coming in to play now based on the fact the whole of our solar system is becoming “hotter” this probably means more brillliant/radiant.
    The 2004 Asian tsunami and EQ has been directly connected to a wave of gamma ray from the galactic centre. PAul LA Violette has written extensively about this and his book, Earth Under Fire is a must read for astrologers who want proofs in the solid world! – herewith an interview with him. He’s not completely over gravity though- and the wave is usually described as gravitational where in fact its electrical in origin and charges up whatever is in its wake.
    I could write an essay on how activities from the Galactic Centre affect down to the human form – and indeed all life form on Earth…
    ’nuff for now!

    • Here’s the depth issue if you can’t click on the link.

      What is the significance of the depth of an earthquake?

      A: Earthquakes occur at depths from near the Earth’s surface to about 700 km deep. (See Determining the Depth of an Earthquake.) Below that depth, rocks are too hot and ductile, so they tend to bend and flow rather than break in a brittle manner. The strength of shaking from an earthquake diminishes with increasing distance from the earthquake’s source, so the strength of shaking at the surface from an earthquake that occurs at 500km deep is considerably less than if the same earthquake had occurred at 20 km depth.

      Also, the depths of earthquakes gives us important information about the Earth’s structure and the tectonic setting where the earthquakes are occurring. The most prominent example of this in in subduction zones, where plates are colliding and one plate is being subducted beneath another. By carefully plotting the location and depth of earthquakes associated with a subduction zone, we can see details of the zone’s structure, such as how steeply it is dipping, and if the down-going plate is planar or is bending. These details are important because they give us insight into the mechanics and characteristics of the deformation in the subduction zone.

      Accurately determining the depth of an earthquake is typically more challenging than determining its location, unless there happens to be a seismic station close and above the epicenter. So generally, errors on depth determinations are somewhat greater than on location determinations.

  78. Very insightful, indeed! Conspiracy theory aside, what do you know about HAARP? In short, everything that you have just said is and can literally be ‘created’ by this monster of thing the US has up in Alaska. It operates at the same shortwave level that tectonic movement happens.

    • I don’t think HAARP can produce a fraction of what the universe can! How on earth can any earth machine counteract a galactic superwave or a high scale X flare?
      I don’t know what you mean by shortwave level same as tectonic movements. – can you explain? I know people think HAARP can do a lot but – a GSW is a volley of cosmic rays – that is gamma rays travelling at the speed of light – so we won’t see them coming. Maybe HAARP can deflect a smaller one but something which spreads across the entire galaxy? I wouldn’t think so! And I doubt very much HAARP could produce anything of that magnitude.
      I think with words like HAARP/US/OIL etc we have to look at what these are metaphors for. Metaphors as part of a belief system and ask why we want to believe i such things – after all, its just conjecture mostly. A bunch of say so doesn’t make fact.
      And what if – as HAARP is experimenting with magnetic fields it might be trying to do something constructive and protect the myriad satellite systems which are so vital but under siege from cosmic rays? Are conspiracies dreamed up by people who are just very misinformed? Who knows.
      I’m sure we’d all like to stop EQs but it just isn’t possible – and if the Earth has its own life, its not desirable either.

  79. There really isn’t anything conspiracy theorist about it. We’ve got a shortwave generator that is capable of controlling the weather and generating earthquakes if need be.

    • Its not controlling the weather in either of the two countries I inhabit! So I can’t comment on that!
      I’m going to disagree with you re the EQs. But since you’re convinced, can you explain how creating an earthquake is actually done at a specific location?

  80. /

    This is PLB’s paper on GSWs. It seems that one such GSW was responsible for the PLeistocene mass extinction . Is HAARP up to this/able to deflect something like this?

  81. Wow. I’ve not previously met anyone whom has so many answers before. I wasn’t in disagreement with you(1) and if I were to take the time to make the whole HAARP thing make sense to you this would become a thesis for which at the moment I don’t have it in me. I just got back from a 40 mile bike ride. It’s beautiful out today and I felt that my legs needed the workout!

    I do understand the quality of what an X-flare is and as for such cosmic rays generating such movement you’re right. I was only stating that there is a tool out there that is capable of generating such phenomenon as localized tectonic movement. It is done by bouncing millions of mega-watts of shortwave off the ionosphere(pushing it if you will) and the direct result is literally and bouncing effect that sends it right back down to earth(in any directed location) where it penetrates the earths crust down several miles if need be.

    It may sound pseudoscience but our US Navy website very clearly states that we will “own the weather by 2010”. I am no educator on the subject. It tends to piss me off too much. I am not in approval of the use of weaponized ground-penetrating, weather-generating shortwave.

    Your arguments are valid. Like I said, I’m not disagreeing with you. If you feel like pursuing an education on it get onto youtube and look-up HAARP. Then look-up HAARP generated earthquakes. Then look-up HAARP weather control. THEN, if you ‘re feeling conspiracy theorist, look-up HAARP mind control.

    It’s not like all of these things don’t come down to Hertz!!! They all do!

  82. Lololol! Damn… I didn’t realize that this “astrology” forum played “hard-ball” like it does… or maybe I’ve somehow by accident gotten under Uberqueenofwands’ skin.

    I certainly do apologize.

    My PHD certified 147 I.Q. might not be able to keep up with the likes of intelligence found here. Or maybe, the Pisces in me is indeed very sensitive(that’s a language you’re sure to understand, right?)and feel that ‘this’ fish may just have double-back up stream to safer waters.

    Then again, the Cancerian within me accompanied by my Virgo moon just might be up to the challenge 10-fold.

    We’ll have to see.

    • Hey! Don’t swim away. I’m enjoying this discussion. I’m very open minded about all sorts of “conspiracy” theories, indeed ANY alternative explanations of how the Universe works. I’m not a scientist, so my poetic brain struggles with distinguishing between what is real and what isn’t. But we’d never learn anything if we all agreed with each other.

      Communications over the internet are odd sometimes, I have had some real humdinger disagreements with people when I have first “met” them online and then afterwards become the best of friends.

    • No Matthew, you didn’t get under my skin. I just ask questions. I’m ultimately a wordsmith and my final analysis is always n the words people use. I think Stephen Hawking made a point in A Brief History of Time in the last para/page?? about the use of words and how we understand them.
      Having been around the block a bit, I’m sure I’m old enough to be your Mum, I’ve watched and been part of all sorts of changes and taken various points of view. My current one is that we all speak in metaphors. I’d quote my favourite guru on this, Christopher Hyatt but my cat is alseep on the book. My basic intelligence says if I want to keep my skin intact, don’t move the cat…
      Anyway, as a Jung based Esoteric astrologer, I like to analyse what the metaphors are. In the 60’s we saw dilemmas of Neptune based in relationship and subtly the victim/saviour archetype played out in relatonship. We also saw the right or refusal for self expression become a sacred cause through PLuto in Leo and so on. Now we see Neptune speaking through Scorpio and the buzz words are conspiracy… then we get more words – elite/oil/HAARP/cover up and so on. My real interest is what constitutes the
      tenets of a belief system because belief systems are often where we self fail and fail as groups.
      RE EQs/Electric universe/HAARP etc – If I go into my subject of Esoteric Astrology I actually find a stunning parallel between that and Plasma Cosmology. HAARP is interesting – although I couldn’t begin to say I know much about it except that it experiments with electromagnetic fields. In Esoteric astrology this would count as a Ray 7 activity and as such very timely for now. Our whole understanding of space right down to our own bodies must be reexamined via electromagnetics.
      As any kind of astrologer I want to be able to apply this to astrology and ultimately the person who asks for my analysis of their chart.
      Please come out of your Cancerian shell and share more of your fantastic IQ with us! We all want truth – in my case I say this is a place where karma no longer exists… a big ask!!! But thus far the best we can get is information and discussion! As Marina says – we’d never learn anything if we didn’t discuss anything!
      p.s I never expose my IQ to strangers…!!!

  83. Wow! Lets all remember that we are all here on this planet to listen and learn, we all are teachers to each other.No one really knows for sure, whats going to happen, however lets not judge,cause ridicule,blame or pain amongest ourselves.Change is a wonderful experience, we need to embrace the unknown and be open minded to all opinons, value each other, appreciate the goodness that we all have to offer, generate these vibrations to everyone, be fearless,feel the love within,celebrate life because time awaits all of us everyday,strive for happiness:)

  84. We had an earthquake 5.6 on the scale 23 miles from where I live in Northern California. Neptune is just coming into orb of conjunct natal Mars. Never been one to look at Neptune, always preferred the Traditional planets, but now I find myself looking.

  85. Well some interesting comments above, although what I am about to say may not tickle everybody’s fancy. But here goes. Number 1- The theory that was purported by some scientist’s in the past, that dinosaurs produced all the oil for us to consume as we see fit is a fallacy as far as I am concerned. I have come to realize that crude in the cavities of the earth may be an integral part in relation to the functioning of the tectonic plates. Since oil has a density of .85g/cc and and off course water has a density of 1.0g/cc. In this case gives us the understanding of why oil floats on water. If this is the case, It stands to reason that crude is actually in the plates for the purpose of stability,helping the plates to float on the mantle in combination with the shape of the bottom of the plates. The crude may also help the plates elevate above the water since it has a lower density.
    Now the problem I see hear is that when we remove the oil from the earth. Some may not know this. During the Oil mining process, water is forced into the cavity to help elevate the oil to the surface for it’s extraction. Thereby changing the density of the plates. The addition of .15 g/cc density. This change in density could place more pressure on the mantle Thereby causing volume displacement. (This would also suggest that there is a significant amount of oil in the plates). Now if volume displacement occurs. It could suggest an imbalance in the plates in which the virgin plates (plates which have never been mined) having a lighter density. This could cause the lighter plates to rise caused by the displacement of the mantle. Now, I would suggest the lighter plate in this scenario would be the pacific plate. (Ring of Fire) In combination with other forces such as the sun’s gravity when following the analemma (Path of the earth around the sun or orbit). It could cause gravitational effects on certain areas of the earth at certain times of the year. So we have push from the volume displacement of the mantle and pull from the gravitational effects of the sun and the other planets on the pacific plate at certain times of the year. I would keep an eye on the pacific plate. My opinion only.

    • I’ve since stepped-away from the discussion but I do feel that Analoger’s got a very good point. I’ve been out of town and upon arrival back in the bay area I hit the USGS site and saw the very quake in question. Irm’s got a good point too.

  86. well, both oil mining and weather [HAARP] technology quite logically impact the physical and energetic features of the planet we live on and thereby affect us as humans (given also that our bodies are literally made of the materials of the earth). Just on a logical level, none of these ideas are particularly riveting nor far-fetched. It is just matter-of-fact. Weaponry and technology quite obviously impact and change the energetic and physical structure, just as they would on a smaller scale with a human being’s body. I am late to the discussion, and probably won’t join in anyway, but I just don’t see the point of disagreement as being particularly noteworthy. It’s splitting hairs, as they say.

    Sometimes these arguments feel so surreal, and can be a distraction, perhaps necessary at times. But the bottom line is that shifts can and do happen, sometimes with monumental results for us humans [ie, earthquakes]. It’s useful to consider why. But it’s also a bit like when you see the results of a research study: “Studies show children who eat more fast food and don’t excercise, are fatter”….or something like that. Um, yea.

    Um, yea…of course weather technology is out there-have you looked around? it’s the second coming of atlantis, and it does not take scientific research to figure that out….and of course drilling for oil and all mining, shifts the earth’s structure. OF COURSE, people! Hello!!

    So, anyway, it’s interesting to do the research and make the calculations-but at the end of the day, now what? I don’t have a problem with arguments; I am just mentioning that this one seems surreal and not really a disagreement. Why would people be shocked that powers that be would use that power for nefarious reasons? why would people be shocked that invasive destruction of the earth and it’s resources, could cause plate shifting?
    WHY is this all so far fetched and mind-blowing?
    I don’t know where I came from-lol-but i think i’m time travelling backwards sometimes.
    But, I LOVE this website, and the great minds in the comments section-it’s all cerebrally fascinating.

    • Do you have any theories on how the nuclear tests/attacks from the 40,s onwards may have impacted the environment?

      Drilling for oil/mining etc can never go deep enough to cause earthquakes. Most earthquakes are at a depth way below mining levels. They are also in areas where there is no drilling. Areas such as South Africa which have huge mining industries are virtually devoid of Earthquakes.

      The Earth has a magnetic interior which conducts from distances way beyond the scope of gravity physics via different media. It will consistently quake depending on what it conducts and discharges. Hence lightning discharge is seen in earthquakes and volcanoes.

      Drilling for oil and mining are of no consequence for earthquakes. The idea just suits a trend of thinking.
      Bottom line, the earth will shift. Life will go on, it just might not be as comfortable.

  87. I agree. I think the May 20th eclipse will trigger a major earthquake somewhere on the west coast (where I live).
    Great, Just great.

  88. This is a very interesting site. I thank you for it. This is very much on my mind since I live in California. Lots of earthquakes here already this year.
    Stay safe and live long and healthy life.

    • May 2012… Just had a 4.0 earthquake in Malibu, CA… Felt it all the way in Beverly Hills. I’d say you’re on to something here! Gonna follow you on your predictions so I’m ahead of the game.

      Thank you for sharing what you do.


  89. does it mean the world is not going to end in 2012 instead it’s going to be new generation?

    • I don’t think anyone ever said the world was going to end, just that it would change… which it does all the time. if you live on a fault line you might see more change than others. e.g Banda Aceh in INdonesia is a hot spot for earthquakes. 8.6 today but at 33km deep soperhoas they;re spare too much damage.
      No one is immune form change. Just expect it. And things have to die to allow renewal. WHat’s new?

      • What’s new? Media hype, Hollywood movies and viral internet sotries 🙂

  90. As a rule of thumb law enforcement, paramedics and fire fighters can all vouch that activity escalates not only on the day and night of a full moon but several days before and after. I tend to think that the same goes for the energy emitted by an eclipse. Albeit there was no activity on the date of May 20th here it wouldn’t surprise me if today(the 21st) or even tomorrow or even the day after we get a nice shake out of this.

  91. Earthquakes: Mars/Neptune.

    Chart of City of SF 1989 has transit Mars/Neptune
    So did I my Mars in Cap had Tr Neptune conjunct it 1989
    I lived is SF then.

  92. Nov 13 2012 there will be a big earthquake. I got the last one right in Japan 10 Hours before it happened.

  93. We also live in California, northern end Shasta County. My personal belief is we are going to have a big one and soon. Part of my belief deals with reading E.C. some odd years ago when E.C. stated Japan would sink into the ocean. Well that many years ago almost everyone said yeah right. Well yeah right is not even close. When the 9 hit and Japan fell 13 feet. It was definitely an OMG moment. Along with my other beliefs the signs of the times are upon us. All of you in southern Ca. you will have only one opportunity to get out. When the big one hits it will be only moments or days till the final blow comes. E.C. also predicted Ca. would fall into the ocean. Now there will be a lot of scoffers but so be it. I don’t know where my family and I will go or how we will go but go we will. I seriously believe Jamie is onto a real predictable course for earthquakes. It makes as much sense as anything I have read recently. Matthew about HARRP, our government in my world is as crooked as a dogs hind leg. The powers that be are of great destructive force towards humankind. Truth is the mortal enemy of a lie.

  94. Well your right on! here it is the second week of August and we were hit by an 4.4 in northern orange county, california. I hope that is the last of them, till we get out of this transit.

  95. You guys are crazy, reading into stuff like the December 2012 BS. I don’t get it, do people like working themselves up for nothing? Earthquakes can not be predicted we just don’t know enough about anything, yet we think we know it all. I do see a slight correlation between astrology and seismic activity, but predicting the future is a tricky thing, impossible of you ask me. All of you conspiracists etc need to relax and enjoy life

    • There is nothing conspiratorial about the ideas behind 2012. Its just Earth change stuff and that happens, sometimes bait more radically than others. Its all about cycles – which sometimes you can see in astrology. The relationship between the planets, stars and other celestial bodies – galaxies, nebulae etc is all electromagnetic. We can’t predict Earthquakes because we are using the wrong methods as scientists. But never mind.
      I think there’s a comment in this thread from Jamie saying there doesn’t seem to be one particular thing which definitely predicts an earthquake.
      There’s nothing wrong with enjoying ice! THat’s what we aim for. I guess if you lived in Haiti or Sendai you might have got to enjoy it a bit more if you had had a warning?

  96. California at moment has had a swarm of earthquakes,about 70…several around 4/5 mag….continuing…..

  97. Now, the 100 that you’re speaking of are not uncommon following a disturbance in the southern part of the state. The Easter Sunday quake(s) in Guadalupe Victoria, Baja Mexico in 2010 exhibited the same cluster-quakes as the plate further settles.

    The real-time quake page can be found here:

    Now as intimidating as THIS map looks:

    It still is not displaying what I’ve previously observed as being pre-cursor to a BIG one type behavior. I’ve seen the area in question do this before is all I’m saying.

    Where I live in the bay area(Hayward, California) where we should all be crawling around quietly on all fours whispering to each other in hope of not awakening the sleeping giant I feel that we are more susceptible to activity at this moment than what’s happening down near the border. I dunno. Just a hunch.

  98. Did you notice on August 15 when Jupiter eclipsed the moon there was a 5.1 mag in California? (Then the earthquake disappeared from the internet…thanks to USGS)…(see Jamie’s comments above about California earthquakes happening more when the moon is eclipsed).

    See today California still getting earthquakes…fingers crossed they just stop…

  99. There’s a video in the above link…of a families home shaking in the current earthquakes…scary!

  100. Three 5.3’s consecutively? Now that does indeed peak interest. The location where these are occurring is of interest as well in that the subduction zone here takes on a uniqueness from the rest of the states of California, Oregon and Washington as the crow flies further north up San Andreas.

    This region tends to crumble downward in a settling motion as the Pacific plate continues its northwest creep whereas the North American Plate in moving in a southwest direction. Here in the north where the two plates are making the same westerly creep quakes in my region push the north American plate higher in the process hence the creation of the Sierra’s and the Rocky Mountains! The bottom of the state is also exhibiting westerly creep but with residual descent.

    Let’s say that you suspend a bed-sheet until taught, tacked between two trees. There is a long curvy zipper binding the bed-sheet running relatively center that is anchored(if you will) at the bottom just as would be on a common winter coat. It is this binding at the base of the zipper that if for whatever reason becomes dislodged or released literally unzips the whole thing from the bottom. Hence the significance this region has on the rest of the fault further north.

    It’s a poor model I know, but it’s the best that I could come up with as a means of describing it. I’ve been tuning-in to the website since the 1987 Whittier Narrows quake whilst I was in high school in southern California. I say this because the trends that I am seeing at this moment are indeed unique!

  101. Hi Matt…there was both a Crop circle and an earthquake in Washington wasn’t there?

    Some of the crop circles have been decoded as highlighting September 22, the equinox…i.e maybe an earthquake happening on that date.

    Do you have any insights into why nuclear power plants have been built in California?
    Kind Regards Barb

  102. Barb, I wish I knew why. We export the power that is generated by our nuclear power plants to other states. We are one of the bigger electricity producing states in the union and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been standing in a black-out whilst living only 13 miles from Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant just due north of Pismo Beach, California. It’s asinine to me how we’re set-up.

    I haven’t heard of anything crop circle related but is sure does add an interesting twist. All of these things may play a part. Who knows.

  103. The one that really doesn’t make any sense to me at all is the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Los Alamos has the state’s concentration of the most PHD’s per capita.

    PHD’s my ass- WHY IN THE HELL would you put a multi-level subterranean nuclear lab at the base of the Valles Caldera, that is, the second largest dormant volcano in north America?! No less- putting Diablo Nuclear Power Plant directly between the Los Osos fault and the Hosgri fault line, closest in proximity to the very unstable San Simeon fault which last slipped December 20th, 2003 with a magnitude 6.6.

  104. You have very informative information on your site.
    Thank you for it.
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  105. I look at the cities, 2014 not good for San Francisco and LA.

    Uranus/Pluto/Mars in Cancer San Francisco
    Uranus/Pluto/Sun Aries Los Angeles
    Uranus/Pluto/Sun Cancer USA

  106. San Luis Obispo has 0* Pisces Sun-Neptune Pisces now
    Diablo Canyon Power Plant is a few miles away.

  107. Hi Matt…are your electricity bills high? A friend from the UK said electricity was high in the UK, & I asked why when there is so many nuclear power plants there…& he didn’t know why. One of the main selling points of nuclear energy seems to be that it is “cheap”.

    When the nuclear power plants in California were built didn’t the public try and stop it?

    I just recently sat up and took notice of crop circles…they involve things like “sacred geometry”,golden number pi / astrology….similiar to the pyramids. I don’t think humans are capable of making them. Some are amazingly intricate, but are not on main stream news. And then I came across some being decoded…connected to astrology / Mayan calender. I am not sure if it is leading up to 21/12/2012….or if there is a hidden message. There was a crop circle discovered in Italy recently on the day they had a large earthquake. I might post some links later so you can see.

    Sometimes I think these nuclear power plants have purposely been built in the worse places….

  108. Matt…check out on this site “May solar eclipse 2012″…Marina has said ‘could bring floods”…I think the effect of the eclipse goes for 6 months….so that would be May 21 – November 21.
    There has been heaps of floods since I read this segment….Japan, China, UK, Thailand etc etc (I go to to get news as a lot is not reported on main stream media)

    Am thinking again about the May Solar Eclipse and ‘floods” due to New Orlean’s being flooded…am reading that that the damage is worse than Hurricaine Katrina. It’s just so interesting that since “May solar eclipse” was written – how many devasting floods there has been.

  109. Matt, has the earthquake swarm lessened?….I just saw Los Angeles 4.1….can’t tell if it is getting worse or better…


    Matt…click on the first link, shows a crop circle reported 1st August, (lovely)…then click on the 2nd link, is a blog at the same site, just look at first blog. Someone has decoded the crop circles as “current astromony of Venus”. The crop circle seemed to be showing astrology alignment for 15th August….when Venus would be eclipsed by the moon.
    On 15th August there was:
    Sea of Okhotsk 7.3
    California 5.1
    USGS wiped the 2 x 7.3 and the California earthquake off the internet….as they do. But I got an email from someone saying that the 2 x 7.3 had happened 9 minutes after Venus eclipsed the moon.

    There maybe a connection between crop circles showing astrology alignments and earthquakes….ie maybe a “prophesy”.

    I think it’s now 2 crop circles indicating 22 September 2012.
    I have to do a bit more research to see if I can find out where it may happen.


  111. I’m following… lemme know what you find. I haven’t checked USGS since this morning but I’m off to bed. Catcha soon!

  112. …and here I was just mentioning the Whittier Narrows fault and that’s the location of the 4.1 for which you are speaking. Intriguing.

  113. Matt, while you are in bo-bo’s I will ramble on:

    Well…one of the things I want to check out is on the internet there is lots of speculation that 2 Russian scientists have decoded crop circles:
    here is a sample from internet:

    “A weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field is the specific mechanism that the Russian scientists hold will trigger this age of cataclysm that will be started by three “pre-cataclysms”. As to the extent and timing of the first pre-cataclysm, the Russian scientists state, “The first of these pre-cataclysms is imminent – an extraordinary event which surpasses all natural powers known by humanity. The scientists claim a catastrophic seismic event will emanate from the west coast of Peru in the area of the Brazilian Magnetic Anomaly at the intersection of the Humboldt and the El Nino currents in the Pacific Ocean. An area of the United States from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes will be inundated as a result of a tsunami.”

    Lots of stuff like that circulating. And the date 22 September comes up. I havn’t looked at their video…and when I had a quick look at these 2 Russian scientist’s website it seemed more like “channelling” than “decoding” of crop circles…so I dismissed it….but then when I saw other decoding of crop circles pointing to 22 September I decided I need to go back & check their website out more….which I will do.

    And there’s also on the internet the “188 day cycle earthquake” circulating…the next date for that could be 26th (or 24th Sept)…..again to do with “astrological alignments”

    Crop circles, showing astrology alignments, i.e. certain dates…just gets to me…’cos they can’t be made by humans.

    Here’s the next paragraph to the above paragraph:
    “According to prophecy of Edgar Cayce – famous American prophet – during several minutes the waters of the Mexican Golf will join with Great Lakes. This catastrophe will have a devastating impact on the whole central and south Pacific region, with the likelihood of mega-tsunamis hitting the Eastern seaboard of New Zealand and Australia. The tsunami may even affect the north-western coast of Africa and the shores of Western Europe, but the brunt of the cataclysm will focus on Eastern coast of North America. The second and the third pre-cataclysms will be much stronger.”

    Crop circles are just making me sit up & take notice…I need to look more into it….Barb

  114. and I think earthquakes in California have calmed down now……but if you get shaken up and fall out of bed…be sure to blog and let us all know!

    Sleep tight!!

  115. Matt…basically is what I am trying to say is: I didn’t believe what these 2 Russian scientists had to say about crop circles…but now, I need to check it all out.

    Did you have a good nights sleep?? !!

  116. Hi’ya Barb, Slept Great! Thank you. From what my Father tells me he’s been feeling the aftershocks in a sort of wave motion. He’s in the greater Los Angeles area some 3 hours away from the activity. What’s spurred my interest was the 4.1 that occurred on the Whittier Narrows line. See, that one actually connects several north-south running faults! I grew-up in close proximity to them.

    The Chino fault line and Whittier line play critical seismic roles within the region. There is so much emphasis put on San Andreas be it through media, news reporting, video games(haha), movies- what have you, with almost zero reporting of these two. These are a greater threat in to the immediate Los Angeles area. They will be responsible for many many fatalities. The other fact that doesn’t seem to hit the media too often is that Mt. Baldy in the Angeles mountains is a dormant volcano that can very easily begin activity with the right movement of these two lines. Saw some CalTech information on it once.

    • I live near L.A. and I have not felt any earthquakes or aftershocks. The last earthquake we had that was actually noticeable was in 2007. People need to stop fearing things
      you’re only making yourself more paranoid. Yes disasters occur and theres nothing we can do about it. But sitting fearing it only makes you more scared and panicked when the
      even DOES occur.

  117. P.S. Should anything shake where I am in the bay area I’ll be sure to report what’s happening. I think that we’re okay here for a bit. 😉

  118. Crap. It didn’t work. Cut & paste the whole link into your http bar if you wish to see the volcano in question!

  119. Matt…only got a minute on computer…on the internet, people are making predictions about this blue moon (31 August) and floods / tsunami’s & earthquakes…you heard anything?…or got any opinions?

    Gotta go…will reply to your blogging tomorrow…Barb PS Think California in the clear…maybe New Zealand next??!!

  120. Matt…did you see Phillipine Islands Region got a 7.9, depth 34 90 & a tsunami warning…later downgraded to a 7.6 and tsunami warning lifted…one dead.
    Lots of activity over 5 mag in a few places.

  121. You know, I once spent much of my life in a constant state of “paralysis by analysis” over such things. It’s always exciting to research them and keep an eye on things but the very act of constantly formulating and calculating had put me in an unnecessary state chapel perilous psychologically. It’s easy to let these things become our primary focus and given the, what I will dare call “hyper-religiosity” about it in the world around us I find that it’s sometimes better to not burn up so much energy micro-managing and fleecing the internet for information.

    As a whole there still isn’t anything that I haven’t seen before in this particular quake trend. If crop circles and astrology, astro-cartography, or prophecy point us in a general direction that’s Great! But in the end we can analyze it all until we’re blue in the face and see streaks of cluster quakes up and down the San Andreas fault line we ‘still’ stand a chance of not seeing an event in our lifetime.

    It isn’t a tangible kind of thing. 🙂

  122. Matt…I saw on the news yesturday that the floods/storm from hurricane Isaac will be heading to central America where there has been a drought…I remembered when Queensland got flooded, they said that due to the drought there the rain water did not sink into the ground,but instead stayed on top of the soil, hence the flooding was bad. Just wondering if all this flooding in the USA will worsen.

    Am keeping an eye on the earthquake sites as there seems to be a lot of activity…California is in the clear I think….Phillipines still getting around 5 mags.

    Question: has any “expert” or scientist said what would happen if a nuclear power plant exploded what the effect would be?…for example, what area it would effect, could one explosion reach another nuclear power plant & cause another plant to explode…like a domino effect..

    Will now try and check out your volcanoe link above
    Barb (Saturday, 8.45am, Australia)

  123. In the event of a meltdown at the Los Alamos National Laboratory(nuclear weapons laboratory) probability would be so high for igniting the dormant caldera in my mind… it would pretty much wipe out all life on planet earth. No different if Japan sustained another large quake near the Fukushima Daiichi destabilizing the supposed “cold shutdown” of reactor 4(which really isn’t in any shape to take another hit) would do the same.

    I think you’re down under(Aussie) and I’m in the northern hemisphere.

  124. I have to agree with Cherish! That’s kind of what I was saying in my August 31st post. One begins living in chapel perilous when looking, calculating and waiting for seismic activity. I was obsessed with it in high school but for all the right reasons- we’d had Landers, Northridge, Whittier, Big Bear, all in the same two years… Hell, there was even an earthquake on my 18th birthday February 28th of 1990. I choose to not become obsessed with it anymore.

    • I am curious about the psychology of people living in high EQ zones. You know its possible at any time and yet you have to live! Is this really living in the NOW? If you don’t think about it, are you still prepared?

  125. Jamie!

    Is it reasonable to scale those facts regarding the planetary systems on a certain point on Earth (in this case, the San Andrés Fault), that might reap California and California Península to transform it into an island…

    Is it reasonable to scale this strong movement to us, the ones having this axis on our natal chart? My SN and NN move along this very axis. 12th/1st House Cancer opp. 6th/7th H. Capricorn.

    Would those dates mean important facts on our lives?

    May I wish all residents in that beautiful area the best! (and also, those having this earthian similarities, within).

    Thankyou Jamie!

  126. Hi Cherish, (2nd September)…I am interested in all aspects of prophecy for End Times, not just earthquakes : war, flood, drought, plagues, famine, etc…and no, I am not living in fear.
    It’s intriguing how many prophesies are similar…i.e. Nostradamus, Revelations…even the Gnostic scripts gave the same warnings.
    And it’s surprising how many are coming true now.
    Kind Regards Barb

    • The whole month of September, 2012, looks earthquake prone, esp. if you start looking at the astrocartography maps. Yesterday, Mars was sextile PLuto, and, depending on which US natal chart you prefer to utilize, approaching the US ascendant rapidly; I use the Scorpionic rising chart set by the time on the clock ( on the dollar bill, which Ben Franklin had a hand in designing). Benjamin Franklin was an astrologer. On the 12th-13th-therefore, Saturn will be nearly conjunct the ascendant ( in the 12th) while Mars is conjunct the ascendant (just in the 1st), and Venus, and the Moon, will be conjunct the MC (in the 10th). Venus is opposite Neptune conjunct Chiron: wounding by water…or healing by spirit? Probably both. Venus is also trine Uranus conjunct Pallas, with the second exact Uranus-Pluto square arriving on the 18th-19th (as the Moon conjuncts Mars) and Pluto turning direct on the 17th. The ACG map for the equinox shows Jupiter (~), the Sun and Moon, Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury lying parallel to the Western US coast. (This pattern ~ replicates in the middle east, esp. Iran & the Cape Cod looks ripe for a hurricane, Japan for a tsunami.) To top the month off, take a look at the chart for the Aries Full Moon on the 29th-30th with its` two grand crosses:the nodes to Venus, Neptune-Chiron, and Uranus-Pallas-Moon to the Sun with Pluto (@ ~7.Cap) to Ceres ( @ ~1.Can). I expect to see major changes this month, don`t you?

      • Todays news says US has hit debt of $16 trillion…and a record of 46.7 million claiming food stamps.
        September may be a whammy of a month.

  127. And Cherish…your blog, which includes: “People need to stop fearing things…your’re only making yourself more paranoid”

    Are you aware you a blogging under an Astrology website on California Earthquakes?

  128. Barb, I have been studying astrology for over twenty years, and last time I checked, no master in history has ever said that it was to be a tool used for fear and paranoia. It has never been used to predict earthquakes, although, with intuition brought into the mix, astrologer’s have made successful predictions, but, there have been an equal amount of predictions that have failed to evolve. There is nothing wrong with preaching ‘don’t be paranoid’, as otherwise, all you are doing is hoping to be right, at the expense of possibly thousands of deaths.

    • Do you count the moon’s position as a predictive tool? Many people have been able to predict EQs accurately using the perigee/apogee positions.
      However, predicting an EQ is complex because of the way EQs are believed to be caused which is largely erroneous. Once the Earth is seen as a capacitor (storer of electromagnetic charge) the picture is very different. Geologists don’t use this model of the Earth and so they miss a huge clue. There is a matrix of cosmic electric energy which earth is linked to. It can be charged up via the Sun but also from very distant places because unlike gravity, the electric force doesn’t fade with distance.
      There are places where this charge can enter and disperse through telluric pathways. I would speculate the poles because conduction may take place more strongly in very cold places (e.g super conduction occurs in extreme temperatures).
      When EQs take place or volcanoes erupt, electricity is seen in the form of lightning, to disperse from Earth.
      In this respect it is very difficult to predict EQs because they may happen only when the charge has built up after some time.
      Regardless, EQs happen, lives are let whether astrologers are right or wrong.
      2013 is the year of solar max. The occurrence of X flares with respect to EQs seems quite strong.

      • If lunar predictions regards earthquakes were that groovy and reliable, science would have owned it by now. Too unreliable to be responsible for this level of paranoia. Nothing wrong with being aware, but really? Even someone living in the region doesn’t know what they’re talking about. That’s not very nice now is it! That last bit was reflecting back on the previous comments, not yours UQW!

        • and to add that I am not speaking out of line, after the 2004 tsunami, I was annoyed at how many astrology websites there were out there, and there were about 2 hints at trouble. Myself included here. I knew that chart was dodgy, but focused on after christmas backlash. So, I spent months and months going through earthquake and astrological data, and like most studies, you can make it fit but there were not enough significant patterns to validate any form of warning system. Sometimes there will be hits, and others will be misses, but there will always be paranoia, conspiracy theories and fear mungering. Sadly.

          • Your comment about “science” … It get a lot of things wrong, or rather scientists do. I class astrology as a science and I’d say it’s very incomplete.
            However, I wonder of the people of Haiti, Japan, Chile, Pakistan, China, and so on would prefer a better warning system than one which comes half an hour before the event. What appears to be fear mongering from sayLondon ( not known for EQs) is a reality in Sendai or Haiti. Have you seen how people are living 2 years after the event in Haiti?

            • I wonder how on earth my comments appear as a lack of compassion for people who have endured these events? It is rather obvious that warning systems would be perfect but sitting in an astrology blog attempting to negate people is hardly saving lives now is it? How about you apply your knowledge and go create this warning system eh? At least I can say that I physically took time away from earning in order to do so!

        • Yes Barb it is but when and where who knows?
          If you go to you get updates of solar condition. The solar whip already created ground currents in the Northern Hemishphere. The ground currents would be conducted into the Earth. The effects are most likely accumulative, so these currents alone won’t affect much.
          Perhaps the way not to be fearful is just to live in the present. The Earth will go through what it has to and the creatures on it likewise. Interestingly, out magnetosphere or protective shield now has cracks in it. There are areas where the shield doesn’t protect much at all. One is the South Atlantic anomaly, an area in the ocean between southern Africa and south of south America and I think another is just south of Japan?
          I think in Earth studies we underestimate the power of the quantum and the role of electricity.
          Deep mine labs in Minnesota have detected electrons which can be traced back to their source which is Cygnus! There is a theory that Cygnus played a large part in our evolution.
          If electrons from so far show up deep under the earth, what else is there and from where and how has it , historically, effected us! And more so, where are other electrons coming from now? The Sun may only be a junction, like all the other stars on the grid!
          Exciting isn’t it!

  129. Well here’s an interesting update for you. We are currently experiencing what we earthquake veterans like to call “earthquake weather”. It’s a word-of-mouth term that is commonly used to describe an overcast type of day when spot electrical storms can occur. This time of the year is also the driest for us which makes for unique monsoon type conditions.

    Quite a few sizable quakes have occurred under these very same weather conditions hence the use of the term.

    This is our current weather forecast. We are currently under a Red Flag Warning:


    There is definitely something of interest in today’s erratic weather. It’s the kind of weather generated by fluctuations in shortwave activity.

    • Amazing. I was discussing with my husband yesterday the weird cast in the sky. I’m in the UK, he’s in Cape Town. We had both see the same thing the day before the Sendai EQ in 2011. But what was really amazing were the clouds over Cape Town. We stood on our roof and watched heavy cloud literally rolling and snaking before our eyes, twisting into a double helix. I’m putting the photo up and hope its clear. It was taken on a phone so not best and it dull light but it was incredible. The air looked as if it had microscopic black grains in it – not the product of fire but like grain in a photograph taken in low light.Andway, the next day the big EQ happened. I’m of the opinion that all weather is electrically generated and EQs a result of charge building up in the Earth which gets offloaded at critical points.

      • we are having very strange, erratic weather inland central california as well. it’s unusual, yes, and i would know having lived here for 27 years. as soon as i heard about the series of quakes in LA a few weeks ago, i told my husband, “it’s starting,” without even thinking about what was coming out of my mouth. i don’t know, my feeling is not of a coming cataclysm but of stranger & stranger weather & geomantic activity all over the globe becoming more of a phenomenon. the build-up will prepare people for the coming shift…. i have been having wild, unbelievable volcano synchronicity for about a month and a half, however i don’t lend it much credence. i see neurological symptoms increasing. but maybe i’m absolutely mad; my progressed lunar return is on halloween this year.

  130. Michelle, you’re not mad. I have temporal lobe epilepsy and this makes me especially susceptible to neurological activity surrounding tectonic movement. TLE’s brain wave activity is capable of spiking both higher and lower in frequency than that of a normal-functioning brain. If I’m having electrical issues there’s always high probability that something is going on electrically around me.

    It is Real. It does happen.

    I find that there are times when stimuli within my own life are not enough to generate seize activity(ie: stress, not enough sleep. worries about work, being cut-off on the freeway etc). Now, this has been happening in my life for so many years that I’ve become rather sensitive to an onset. In that if it isn’t coming from within me then where is it coming from? The answer had come over a decade ago. I am sensitive to shortwave activity around me hence the reason why I’ve never had more seizure activity than when managing the tanning salon in Pismo Beach.

    What I experience aren’t grande mals. I have what are called complex-partial(petit) seizures. A kind of “stall” in speech or lingual studdering following what I refer to as being a “jolt” within my own electrical system. It isn’t always an uncomfortable thing.

    • that’s really interesting. i myself don’t suffer from anything (that i know of) other than headaches. thanks for commenting…. odd that you did b/c what i meant when i said that i foresee “neurological symptoms” was actually seizures but i didn’t want to be alarmist. so yeah, i see an increase in seizures among the general population. could be CME’s, could be geomantic activity or both or i could be wrong : )i’m not an expert of any of these things just a visionary.

    • I’ve seen some really odd clouds here in England over the last few years – mostly asperatus which I had never seen until about 4 years ago. Passngers in my car freaked when I was driving because I was always looking up and trying to take pictures!

  131. Good afternoon everybody. What’s of interest today is this 4.1 that occurred in the California central valley this morning:

    The key word here is “shallow” in that the quake was only 6.5 miles deep. Parkfield, California, which lies some 50 miles directly west is a haven for quake activity because it’s sitting right on the San Andreas fault in an area that’s regularly active with shallow quakes.

    Such instability(a medium quake) in the inland crust like that may be a precursor to something happening north or south of Parkfield along the San Andreas fault. Those at Cal Tech have repeatedly stated that activity immediately east or west of Parkfield needs be noted as being an indicator of deeper movement north or south of the Parkfield area.

    If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with the Pacific plate’s direction of travel(north-west) in contrast of the North American plate’s direction of travel(south-west) one gets the idea that such side-swipe movement is very likely occurring in layers. Just a thought.

    • Shallow is the key isn’t it! Do you know is there is some sort of scale – e.g the richter scale is exponential so a 5 isn’t just one up from a four, it goes in multiples.I noticed one of the biggies this week/last week?? 7 point something was 40 km deep – not much damage done But 40 is not as deep as some at 300 or more which are big. Do the shock waves pan out to create other disturbance?
      I’ve been doing some research into Cygnus and the electrons found in deep mine labs (Soudan, Minnesota). I’m sure there are more clues in deeper places that earth is heavily influenced from distance unsuspected places!

  132. Uber, Good morning! A 4.0 quake(for example) is 10X stronger than a 3.0. a 5.0 is 10X stronger than a 4.0 etc etc.

    Northridge is another good example:

    You’ll have to forgive me in that I keep reporting in non-metric terms. Us yanks over here have roads that are marked in miles so I do apologize for the discrepancy. The Northridge quake was only 17km deep which from my experience makes for optimal conditions. Anything in the crust that moves or cracks within 32km(20 miles) deep is capable of shaking the pillars if you know what I mean!

    What follow are a few notable quakes that stick out in my mind as the memorable one’s that I’ve personally felt and experienced whilst living in the greater Los Angeles area and abroad(central California coast)with depth:

    1.9km deep:

    5 km deep:

    10km deep:

    7.6km deep:

    18km deep:

    9.5km deep:

    Now, if I may personally address DarkMoon’s September 4th comment, “Even someone living in the region doesn’t know what they’re talking about”

    I know EXACTLY what I’m talking about you jack-wipe I was standing here when the f*ckers happened! I am a California native who’s been watching and experiencing quake activity my whole life(40 years). I have been watching quake trends and depths for over 25 years.

    Now if I may regain my composure in lieu of those whom truly are less educated…

    The point that I am making here is that the most destructive quakes are shallow within the crust. Thank you!

    • No probs about the miles! I still work in miles, I don’t understand Kms, I learned a mile was the distance from my house to the local park when I was 8! It stuck.

      I’m intrigued by how an EQ actually occurs at such a “shallow depth” and more so when they occur n places off the obvious radar. As a seasoned Californian you must be used to rumbles! I remember being in Tower records once in (Sunset?/ Beverley Hills somewhere?) and the ground rumbled. No one batted an eye lid except me… the nervy Brit who suddenly wanted to go home!
      The absurd thing is – we actually get EQs in the UK but they are largely under reported! They don’t go over 5 but they are shallow – one in 1976 was a 4.5 at 2k deep (reported in K not miles!)
      Maybe the seismic energy accounts for the creative nuttiness of Californians!! (no offence, I loved California and some of my favourite people are Californians! )

  133. I think that anyone who’s grown-up with the ground moving beneath their feet are a little nutty from the get-go. You have to be to do this voluntarily!

    Please forgive the outburst within my prior comments. The Cancer-rising and Virgo-moon within my chart are notorious for over-riding the Pisces.

    That Tower Records would indeed be on the Sunset Strip and one might note that the Los Angeles subway runs directly beneath that location. What you were feeling was a train! Another marvel of ingenious engineering within itself. Whilst tunneling the early makings of the Los Angeles subway a decade and a half ago they stumbled into an undiscovered fault line. Then they realized after drilling further that there existed a second one. Here’s where they’ve recently admitted it without mentioning a single word about the subway running through it:

    I just happened to be around at the time the L.A. news outlets were openly discussing the fault line discovery in the subway system in the mid-90’s.

  134. Ha ha! yes, I found out afterwards about the train! So no wonder no one moved a muscle – but I didn’t know at the time! No probs with the prior commits for me – I’m pretty accommodating!
    I’m now going to check your link!

    • I was staying in Doheney drive up at the top end just off Sunset! I was there for two months and working. My daily R and R was a trip to Pet Love in the Beverly Centre! 36 puppies on display and 3.30 was the petting hour…! It tok my mind of Earthquakes!

    • Now that is interesting indeed!
      I was just reading in Esoteric Astrology (A. Bailey) – its too dense to quote here but the gist is that as the next ray augurs its arrival (this would be ray 7 of ceremonial order – magic – what we know as quantum order) the mineral kingdom is the first level to respond. It responds by being more radiant – i.e radio active since we are actually talking about the absorption and reflection of gamma radiation or X rays.
      The ultimate effect of this is to make the diamond shine!
      This is my new website Matt- take a look, I’m sure much of the content is familiar to you but maybe not the connections with crop circles? I think you’ll like it!
      The mineral kingdom is ruled by the rays of PLuto and Vulcan – there’s a planet/asteroid whatever we don’t discuss much but considering his myth I think he’s very apt for the PLuto Uranus square and its effects on Earth.
      Radon is a decay product of Uranium! I’m now wondering about the effects of all that nuke testing in the Pacific!! But I’m more directed by the bigger plan of the 7th Ray – although ironically nuke testing would come into that very much as it actually would be an initiation to the planet and it certainly fits the age – 1939 from then onwards for the era of the nuke!
      Bailey describes how different ages see different kingdoms (e.g mineral, plant, animal etc) go through initiations – she cites the mass burning of forests back in the industrial revolution to ultimately make steel on a large scale and so on. Its well worth reading at least the chapter on the Kingdoms in Nature! Esoteric Astrology – Bailey/DK

      I think this reading of radon might be a huge clue – I’m going to learn about radon now! Thanks Matt! Stay quake proof!

      • this – ” studies have shown a clear link between breathing high concentrations of radon and incidence of lung cancer. Thus, radon is considered a significant contaminant that affects indoor air quality worldwide. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking, causing 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the United States. About 2,900 of these deaths occur among people who have never smoked. While radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, it is the number one cause among non-smokers, according to EPA estimates.[5″ Wiki.
        It would be interesting to see a map of distribution for this too.

  135. Wow! Just got on! I’ve much reading to do to get caught-up. Thankyou for posting… responding soon!

  136. I concur with your time slots for elevated seismic events across USA. I would like to add to your data. 12/12 to 01/13 is also a WWIII slot as sun transits Capricorn. April 29th, 2013 see Erie Canal (N. Y. upstate)
    quake event. See 7/13 and / or 8/13 Memphis, TN major quake. 9/13 to12/13
    Gulf of Mexico quake and Tsunami event. Tsunami west coast (USA) due to
    Pacific Ocean Ridge rupture in 2012???, 2013??? or 2014??? or later???
    Australia’s Gold Coast Quake / Tsunami in 2013??? or 2014??? Also Japan’s
    quake for Yocosuka??? in 2012???, 2013??? 2014??? Salton Sea area or SE Califonia area will see major / mega quake in 10/28/12 to 12/08/12 to 12/23/12??? P. S. If Israelis Mr. N attacks Iran all of us here in USA will pay dearly. We have blindly lived in denial that both CIA and Israelis played a major role in 9/11/01 WTC attacks confirmed by the spirits of Katrina victims of yet another USA backed attack on its own citizens when someones bombed the 17th street Canal Walls. R wins = disasters arriving sooner and more intense (more deceased) O wins = disasters arriving still with relatively less deceased. Either way USA
    Falls in 2013 = Fall = 6133 = 13 or in 2014 = Falls = 61331 = 14. Planet
    Earth’s demise will be via WWIII in 2012 or 2013??? or ateroids in 2018?
    Thank You for this opportunity to share with fellow visionaries. Good Luck for all lof Earth’s inhabitants.

  137. Holy sh%t!!!

    We just had quite a rumbler here moments ago!!! The windows started rattling, the ground just flat-out shook for a few moments followed by the sound and wake left by something very powerful! I ran outside as fast as I could when I could both hear and feel it. It made the hair on my arms stand straight-up! I am still a bit shaken-up by the experience! Wow!

    The Space Shuttle Endeavor, riding piggy-back atop NASA’s biggest modified Boeing 747-100 Shuttle Carrier: just flew directly over my house in Hayward, California, en route to San Francisco!!! The shuttle is being retired in Los Angeles, California, and is touring the currently touring the state:

    She was flying LOW people! I would say 2-3000 feet at best and passed directly over en route to cross the bay where it is set for a HUGE photo-op while banking near the Golden Gate Bridge!

    I could literally feel the foundation of my house move with the reverberating power coming off that thing! Hell, the train tracks are 50 yards away and I don’t even feel heavy freighters like I felt that! Just thought I’d share… I mean, the ground “did” move!!! Lolol!

  138. Wow! Don’t men make clever things!!
    Your description reminded me of a boring some years ago when I was pottering in my kitchen and the ground started to rumble then this deafening noise approached and my house shook! I ran into the garden because I thought – this is it! The Bomb has dropped! but it was a LAncaster Bomber – the only one remaining after WW2 accompanied b a couple of spitfires! An awesome sight. What a relief…!

  139. Ah… the Lancaster! That’s a BIG one too. I am familiar with the Lancaster only because I happened to be present in Camden(London) on VE Day 1994 when one was being paraded about the skies with any other number WWII aircraft that day as part of the celebration!

  140. uberqueennofwands, matt and others. Perhaps J. W. Dunne’s (British Aeronautical Engineer), An Experiment With Time (1927) might interest the two of you. When our (humans on planet Earth) obituary is written, they allowed themselves to be duped, engaged, entertained and oppressed by a Domineering Infiltration and Disproportionate Influence Trifecta: A:
    Religions / Beliefs Ststems, B: Sports, C: the Rich / Wealthy. This aforementioned trifecta has unduely engaged in collusions and conspiracies to restrict humans beings from aims & pursuits super high goals including but not limited to time travels (esp. fwd time travel).
    P.S.M=4 R=9 ie 49: P=7 R=9 ie 79 (79-49=30) 30 = Genius 30 = Family which
    focus will lead? which will be forced to follow? Re-election of B=2 O=6 buys USA 2 – 6 months extension of the final chapter of USA. Have a very nice day folks!!!!

    • Thanks for the reminder to read this book! A colleague gave me a copy about 12 years ago and I lost it!
      Meditation is good…!

  141. Hello again everyone! In today’s report I’m seeing yet another unique anomaly in the U.S. that may be of interest. Dallas, Texas, of all places had two back-to-back 3 pointers:

    Whereas central New Mexico just had 3.5 due south of Albuquerque. Albeit these may be isolate events it is worth noting only because these two locations aren’t usually known for seismic activity none-the-less 3 pointers. In my experience quakes that fall within the 3-point range can mostly be taken as solo events. On occasion 3’s have been known to be pre-cursors and it is for this reason that I am mentioning it. All three quakes listed above are within 4 miles deep(very shallow) and it leaves one to ponder what’s going on deeper within the crust?

  142. 5.3 in central California this morning. Didn’t feel a thing here and I’m surprised. Epicenter is an hour and a half south.

    • Can anyone post an ACG map for North America for Oct. 27th—the Alaskan quake; I don`t know how to find one. Thanks!

    • I’m sorry but I wouldn’t have noticed until you said something. Please tell me more on Mercury in the stationary zone. I am new to this web site and astrology for that matter. I’m a Capricorn and it seems I’m still trying to find myself and find where I’m supposed to be in life. I’ve done everything from selling vacuums door to door, stylist, office personnel and back to college. I know everyone has a natural talent and we’re supposed to be where we should be. I know there’s more to life. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I know the answer is out there. So a part of me decided search further into the endless sky. I just need a little guidance to be pointed in the right direction and I feel everything will fall into place. The other part of me feels there’s a dark cloud over me making it hard. I think I still have a copy of my birth chart but I don’t know how to interpret it in order to help me through this world. Any and all comments are welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. If anything it makes me feel better just to expressing myself. Best wishes to all. 🙂

  143. “Think” more might come to California…looks like lots of “little ones” happening..

    PS Uberqueenofwands : so, do you get more tax back using a different name???…do tell!!

    • Interesting! Jersey is supposed to get nailed with snow from hurricane Sandy! What’s worse than nature is what is happening in our society. If you are not sensitive google Walker, LA. The people in this world are sick! So many innocent people perish in natural disasters. It’s too bad natural disasters can’t just take out the bad people. But then again, the world works the way it does for a reason.

      • Oh dear, that is really an awful story. You’re right, there is some real lunacy going on. I think there are two reasons – a sudden “tidying up” of karmas. In Wales last week a man went berserk and ploughed his vehicle into people on the street for o reason?? he killed another of three and injured many more. Yesterday the gruesome story of the NY nanny who stabbed two of her charges then tried to kill herself…
        I also wonder about entities invading from the lower astral now. The picture of the Walker guy reminded me of a child I knew once in an institution for severe mental handicap. LOng story but I knew this child was inhabit by something other than his own personality and he used to smash his own face so badly with his fists he had to wear a backstop helmet with a cage.
        His body bang to take on an ape like demeanour and one day he “freaked” with super human strength and it took 11 adults to restrain him. I think this was demonic energy. Tragically he had to be sedated and transferred to a high security facility. He ws only 11 years old. His face would change from a sad little boy to something resembling an ancient tortured soul and then the beating would start.
        Anyway – sorry to digress… look at natural disasters form “outside” – the earth changes (as ever) and some people are taken out of this life because the soul has another purpose for them and so on it goes. Sigh!

        • Uberqueenofwands…you are so “spot on” with so many things…I think there had been some sort of ‘demonic possession” with these zombie attacks….and lots of other strange things happening in society…

  144. Looks like Tsunami warning is for mainly Vancouver Island & Alaska.

    But, state of emergency for at least 9 states because of Hurricane Sandy coming…started evacuations in New York.

    USA really getting “hit”

    • Hi Barb,
      I’m not sure of any predictions of specific Earthquakes in crop circles but I do believe many of them describe a general overhaul for the planet starting with the carbon atom and carbon based life and then indicating a merging of dimensions.
      I did indeed see the CC you posted – I thought it was more likely a reference to a current which will pass into Earth (based on other similar patterns over the years).
      If you go to my website –
      you can read about the connections I made. I used one crop formation which was an incredible key to many of the others.
      If you just google crop circles and go straight to images your eyes will pop!
      This is possibly my favourite from 2002 and personally I think it means some sort of blast of light and one dimension will be peeled away to reveal another. The points of light are on a hexagon (base of carbon atom) and in the top left you can see something else is revealed!

      • I also think this one is a perfect image of the sahasrara (crown) chakra which would be opened for everyone. I found references to this in a very old Tarot deck (I think the second Grimaud deck?) where the people resurrected in the Judgment card do not have heads but jus crown chakras! NIce!!

        • Uberqueenofwands….maybe these crop circles is to do with ‘chakra’….’twin flames reuniting at end time”
          The male and female dna becoming “one”…the bridgroom & female DNA…the “sacred” marriage made in heaven.
          In the gnostics the resurrection happens when you are alive….and the “two into one” is a mystery….collapsing duality…ahhh…wish I knew everything….

  145. Barb, thank you for the Cayce link! I haven’t been on much as of late in that I work at UPS and we’re not only starting to catch the holiday season “peak” we’re also getting the brunt of hurricane Sandy packages from the east coast and all has just been a mess.

    *You know, this rogue thought occurred to me everyone… being that I live right on the Hayward fault line(the most feared in America) and am also within 11 miles of the San Andreas fault line, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am rooted in both my career and relationship with Lisa I am more than willing to be this forums “guinea pig” in the event of a major quake.

    I have no problem at all delivering a play by play so long as communications and mortality are intact.

    Having grown-up in Southern California and being a life-long veteran of quake activity it was quite a step for me to return to California from my prior residence in northern New Mexico. None-the-less moving to the “belly of the beast” of California quake activity in my pursuit of Lisa’s hand I realized that I was facing my single greatest fear… being anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area structure of fault lines with such a high probability for 7.0+ activity.

    So if I am going to be in this location and having met in a virtual sense the likes of so many wonderful, intelligent and articulate people within this forum I might as well be of service, right?

    This be my oath to the forum. You have my word.

  146. I have been blogging under Canada earthquake about the 7.5 mag.

    Did you see a 6.3 has hit Vancouver Island, Canada? Think it is in the sea.

  147. Matt…just checked out the above Dutch video you posted re: Guatemala…there has been a local tsunami warning, think it is only about 2 feet.
    Earthquakes do seem to be hotting up today…will have to keep checking.

    You should check out his site, he has heaps up at moment about hurricane Katrina.
    I have been following at his site about the Mexican spiral vortex:

    First there was a cigar shaped UFO going down a volcano in Mexico, then this “spiral vortex’ showed up on radar…speculation if there was going to be an earthquake in the area.


  148. Interesting article! Thanks! The latest earthquake on British Columbia coast could affect the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, and northern California. “We need to watch the whole region with extra care” said a seismologist there…

  149. There’s a destructive/dangerous earthquake happened in Myanmer, been even felt in Thailand.
    One site said it was a 7…another site said 6.5.

  150. I tend to have predictive dreams although I can never tell when. I’m born and raise in CA but been gone for years. Now returning. I had a dream that the ground started falling into itself starting east .south of Los Angeles coming up into the lower L.A. basin area.

    Once I looked up the incorporation chart for the state of California and it was like one big rectangle. It looked like super tension.

  151. Margaret, Welcome! I grew-up in southern Cal so yeah, I feel you on the tension thing. The San Jacinto, Elsinore, Whittier and Cucamonga fault lines do kind of resemble a rectangle! Been watching these lines for years and never noticed that particular correlation. The La Brea Tar Pits didn’t get there by sitting pretty, you know! Southern Cal can sure rock & roll when it wants to!

  152. Gulf of Alaska mag 6.5, depth 6 miles.
    No tsunami alert.

    Getting lots of earthquakes close to the 13th November eclispe.

  153. Yeah… and we’ve got geo-engineering galore going on overhead right now in the SF bay area. The sky is scored with chemtrails. Heavy. Heavier than I’ve seen in a long time as a matter of fact. What are they up to now?

  154. Hey’ya barb, yeah, I check Dutch daily for new fees so not missing much of anything here. Question though if anyone can answer… someone at some point had posted some dates from October through November(now) that displayed potential for quake activity astrologically. Can’t seem to find the thread through.

    If anyone can find the link on that one or even better, has new-er calculations that would be really cool.

    Any takers?!

  155. Whoops! Forgot one important factor. The focus being the San Francisco bay area. Thankya bunches!

  156. …and I don’t mean what’s written at the top of this page either! Someone else had chimed-in at some point that had a unique spin on the same concept.

  157. Hi Matt….I checked the top of this page the other day looking for dates too….was wondering about the lunar eclispe on 28th November…Jamie has written above that quakes happen a lot around eclipses, mainly lunar eclipses…but no mention of the one on 28th November.
    Will wait & see if anyone comes up with ‘dates’….Barb

  158. Sure, I`ll comment; there is great potential for earthquake prior to the Mayan 12/21/2012 date per their tradition. Take a look at the eclipse on Nov. 28: Pluto conjunct Mars & Venus conjunct Saturn forming a “finger of God”/Yod to the eclipsed Moon, amplified by its` proximity to Jupiter & “framed” by two sesquiquadrates (also from Pluto and Saturn et al). Mars/PL are T-square Uranus & Ceres, as are Juno, Pallas Athene & Vesta AND Sun, Chiron/Neptune, & Moon. Neptune & Chiron just stationed direct on the 10th and 14th respectively with Neptune back at the “tsunami” degree 0 Pisces…wounding by water, reality presents the “bill” to survivalists, sudden techtonic shifts as Mother Earth fights back against the “money rats” who are fracking every drop of her blood.


    • Go to Astro and cast a chart for the date and time then select it for a chart in Astro travel section.

  160. No on the free astrocartography sheilajean but thank you so much for chiming-in with your two cents. That’s what I was looking for!

  161. Looks like 12/12/12 is an important date….spiritual websites saying this is when we go from 3rd dimension to 4th.
    (Wonder if 21 dec is an incorrect date?)

  162. Thanks to Shielajean for the dates too.

    Matt…did you check out Dutch today?…about the earthquakes in fracking areas in the USA?

    • Uberforqueens….it’s interesting that it says 10% will go mad.

      There is a Web Bot prediction that says people won’t be able to cope with what happens & their brain explodes…(not exact words, but you get my drift)

      Gawd…am going to have to stock up on red wine for 21 december…

      • Now I had a feeling you might do that!
        I’ll certainly be seeking out a fine Pinot noir!

  163. Thanks. The article says that the planets line up in a straight line on 21/12…I read that a few years ago…but since then two astrologists (in the newspapers) have said they don’t…do you have any idea if the planets do line up on 21 december?

    Also…saw that in June Iran got it’s first crop circle, and on same day an earthquake.
    Germany got a crop circle in the form of a pentacle, (earlier in the year)
    Australia recently got a crop circle that could be connected to the eclipse on 13th November.
    There have been so many sightings of UFO’s it’s not funny.
    During the Olympic’s over 100 UFO’s sighted by the Indian army on the border of China.

    Wonder if anything will happen on 21 dec ???

    • I don’t know what alignment they are referring to – there isn’t a stellium as such but there is a yod of Pluto and Saturn to Jupiter and Uranus is square SUn and Pluto, and opposite the Vertex.
      I asked someone who “channels” (I’m not really receptive to most chanelling) and she says a CME will energise earth, the snu itself will be energised from Alcyone. This does make some sense to me as I believe ALcyone to be the star around which our solar system is being drawn. Alcyone will be at 0 degrees Gemini which is the GAte of Man – the “place” where souls entered to become human according to ancient Egyptians.
      I’ll be in London having lunch with astrologers Tad Mann and Jane Lyle. It will be exciting anyway and I’ll be at home in the UK, not stranded in Africa if the crap hits the fan!

      • I don’t mind be stranded in Oz! I’ll have a good excuse for taking my daughter out of school for more than the 6 weeks she’s already taking. I’ll be on the plane in 6 hours!!! I’m so nervous, excited and really knackered at the same time.

  164. People say the planets will line up in a straight line…but I don’t know if that is true….
    Maybe I need to check what Jamie/Marina has written here about 21/12.

    Did you read that Kate Middleton is preggers and in hospital with morning sickness?….you could go visit her!!

  165. Yes I heard about Kate! Poor thing to have such bad morning sickness she has to be hospitalized. I did know her cousin because he was at school with my daughter and they were good friends but I don’t think I’ll get past the security guards!!
    The planetary alignment might be a reference to the supposed alignment of Saturn, Venus and Mercury over Giza?? its not a tight conjunction and the viral image of what supposedly took place this morning was photoshopped and didn’t quite stack up –

    Its interesting about the web bot though. Also 12.12.12 reduces to a 9 which is the end of a cycle.
    20.12 is my daughter’s birthday! I’ve been watching Doomsday preppers and decided I am hopelessly unprepared for doomsday – so we’ll just have a birthday party and ascend!

  166. Thanks for the info…there are a lot of hoax’s going around on the internet…it’s hard to work out what is the truth. The ‘story’ on the internet was that a heap of planets, about 9, would align in a straight line..must be a hoax.
    I just checked out 21 december 2012 at this site….found it interesting that similiar astrology happened in 1989, when thousands ended up dead in Tuenanmen square.
    I think it is extremly difficult to stock up on enough food/water/essentials…a few days stock is easy, but more than that is pretty hard. Celebrating a birthday party & having fun seems like a good idea. Live Life. Barb xx

  167. Oh! And thanks Uber for the peregud link! Very VERY interesting. Tell you what- we’re 18 days away from it all and I’ve got front row seats for The Greatest Show on Earth right where I’m standing. My guess and personal opinion is: nothing’s going to happen on the 21st.

    It’ll happen on the 22nd when we all EXHALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Hey Uberqueenofwands…check out Matt’s above link…it also debunks solar storms…Barb

  169. Matt…what the NASA guy says in that link is pretty good….for about 2 years now on the internet there has been videos etc about an alignment on 21 dec showing about 9 planets all in a straight line….I believed it…yet there is NO alignment!
    Will wait and see what Uberqueenofwands thinks about him saynig there will be no damaging solar flares….as that is all over the internet too…

  170. I think that guy is a cretin.
    If the Mayan calendar was just about a change of date, why did they go to all the fuss? …
    He basically sticks to a very poor model of the universe.
    We all know that the planets have an electromagnetic link to earth, each other and the stars.
    Would the planetary alignment be the Earth and Sun to the Galactic centre? There are of course all sorts of idiot new agers who jump at words like alignment and then put up a photoshop image to support it…
    Solar storma are a reality and they have a huge effect on Earth life.
    The last big one was in late 19th C – The Carrington Event –
    I don’t think anyone can predict solar storms outside a few days and even then not the force.
    There is plenty of evidence which supports global cataclysm and its very well scientifically proved (see the work of Velikovsky or even Paul La Violette).
    I have never subscribed to Nibiru – I think the stuff around it is based on the arrival as Venus as a comet in the system. HOwever – i am interested in comet Ison as its going to be very electrically charged – very brilliant and have a very magnetic tail.
    I was standing looking at the clouds this morning and it suddenly stuck me – if gravity can keep all the stuff on Earth, here on Earth, then how come the clouds which are billions of tons of water can stay static in a windless sky very low over Earth and not come crashing down through gravitational attraction?
    Sigh… so much to know!
    I love Matt’s idea of the big exhale – all together now… which causes a great big old hurricane!!

  171. Uber’s use of the word, “cretin” just threw me into one BIG ball of laughter. M.A.S.H. fan were you at one time or did you hear someone who used it regularly? My Father uses the cretin word and I too have been known to use it under the right circumstances! 😉

    • Matt – my Dad was a great fan of the word cretin! He used to call those little cubes of bread you put in soup cretins (for a joke of course..!)
      Its sort of gone out of fashion but I think a revival is in order!
      And yes, I did watch MASH years ago – loved the movie too!

  172. Honestly though I do not feel that anything of significance will occur December 21st HOWEVER it is a very-well known scientifically proven fact that when a group of people share the same thought it literally creates energy and movement of its own. That there are so many Christian fundamentalists out there(among other walks of faith) whom firmly believe that this month is to be the end of it may be capable of generating something from nothing. This would be my only concern.

    Can’t you hear it now… “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius”?!

    • I agree – I think it will pass without incident which suits me fine!
      Now its my turn to laugh – have you seen the movie 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Carrell? There is a chorus of Aquarius at the end which cracks me up! I think I’m going to sing that instead of Auld Lang Syne (which no one knows the words to anyway!)

    • My mum is a christian fundamentalist and has been predicting the end of the world since 1977, tins of soup at the ready. So many dates for the Rapture and potential Antichrists have been and gone since then that once this December is over hopefully I can chuck out the tins and tell her to get on with what’s left of her life. if I’m wrong then I’ll eat the soup.

  173. I have the video 40 Year Old Virgin, seriously funny…also, Me, Myself & Irene, I just love…maybe I should watch a heap of comedys on 21 dec.
    ….and glug, glug, glug the red wine down..

    • TBF MAtt, the writer is very dismissive of a history he does’t seem to want to study.
      The Maya said everything they knew was given to them by a very tall very pale skinned being with light blue eyes – who then left after teaching them. I think this was why they were making sacrifices and taking hallucinogens an measse – to try and bring him back – his name was Kukulkan – or the PLumed serpent – or Quetzlecoatl of the Aztecs.

      I did a research project into ancient Celt culture some years ago and to may amazement, I found a calendar system used in Ireland in those times was the same as a Vedic calendar.

      The Irish mythic hero – Cu Chulain is a parallel with Kukulkan – you can see the equivalents in pronunciation and he takes on similar guises to Kukulkan, Quetzlcoatl and even TYphon.
      “He is known for his terrifying battle frenzy or ríastrad,[3] (translated by Thomas Kinsella as “warp spasm”[4] and by Ciaran Carson as “torque”)[5] in which he becomes an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe. ”

      Check out the phrase – warp spasm and torque… these would be features of a plasma event in space!
      SO my point is – that as the writer of that article says – indeed,the Maya didn’t hav an alphabet. They actually had a very clever way of recording things like number and quatity and time in knots – BUT – if they historically claimed a “light being” was their teacher – we might want ot expand our horizons and think outside the box!

      I’m reminded of the Chimp in Ikea this week … a funny statement on this dear little race… cast open in the great labyrinth of rooms (have you ever been lost in ikea??!!) trying to make sense of it all!

      Onwards and upwards… sideways and all other directions! Just remind me… which way is up???

  174. This morning on Aussie news they showed a clip of Prime Minister Julia Gillard announcing that the end of the world is 21 dec…she has done it for some show…but my jaw dropped. The video is on the below link, there is a second video there too…showing how Aussie’s are preparing for the end:

    I just saw on news that 300 now dead in Phillipines…but also an earthquake has hit, 5.4 depth 27.90, no idea if it is in the same area.

    • I think its meant to be satirical!
      There was a tornado in NZ this morning which is apparently unusual.
      Its a shame people are getting so hysterical though. End of the world or not (which I think not) its all an exercise in fear or death which is a great leveller in itself!

  175. “its all an exercise in fear or death which is a great leveler in itself!”…

    Uber, very well spoken! Couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉

  176. Japan 7.3 depth 36.10
    Japan 6.2 29.30
    Japan 5.5 34.80
    Japan 4.7 35.30

    Seeing news reports of a tsnaumi alert…but have not clicked on them as yet.

  177. Best I can tell, (but I am NOT good at reading earthquake reports)…is that the tsunami alert is for only 1 metre high…and it was ofshore…but would welcome someone else’s input as I am no good at earthquake info…Barb

    • I just heard on the uk news that there were tumours in Tokyo with this but no damage.
      So on it goes…

  178. Guys!!! Tremors even!!!! I noticed it and I was distracted and didn’t correct it! But tremblers could do…but NEVER tumours! Ridiculous!!!

  179. But unfortunately you’re right. The area some 200 immediate miles surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi plant has been deemed a “toxic wasteland” by the U.S. PHD’s sent from Los Alamos National Laboratory that visited Japan to take readings a year after the incident. The Japanese media aren’t touching on the subject because it’s a wash. If you’re standing there- then you’ve been exposed to radiation. Period.

    Governments will always choose to not create a state of panic over actual protection of their citizens. Hillary Clinton did not embargo Japanese tuna following the release of all that radiation into the waters off Japan that blue fin albacore swim right through when en route their migratory path. We’ve got that shit sitting on our grocery store shelves and due to less than minimal media coverage here no-one stopped it’s procession into the mainstream food supply. It is blatantly testing positive for cesium 137 and we’re all eating it. Well, except for me.

    There are tremors AND tumors occurring on a broad scale and not just in Japan. As a Plan B easy-out for the American Government despite all of it’s food regulations that are in place for our supposed “safety” they never took the tuna, the rice nor many infected foods off the shelves in this country and it is very likely on your store shelves as well.

    It’s sad to me that keeping “the people complacent” is more important than keeping them safe. We’re all in this together. It does not matter your color, ethnicity, race nor origin nor beliefs. For devoid of all of these things we have a physical body no different in operation that those around us and such needs nutrition and sustenance to survive. It is a human thing, and more at this time than any other in my Life… am I seeing the ‘least’ human-hood on behalf of those whom regulate our quality of survival.

  180. Back on 20th November Sheilajean gave dates for a possible earthquake:
    10th December
    14th December

    A 7.1 with depth 159.30 has hit the Banda Sea (People in East Timor & Darwin are blogging that they felt it).
    Lesser ones are happening too, around 4.9, in Russia, Chile, Peru.

    • Its most likely this –
      An asteroid – Large near-Earth asteroid 4179 Toutatis is flying past Earth this week. At closest approach on Dec. 12th, it will be 7 million km away, or 18 times farther than the Moon.
      No cause for alarm.
      But check out the rainbow clouds on the spacweather page! Now that is interesting – and lovely!

  181. Canada 5.2 depth 12

    It’s unusual for Canada to get earthquakes…isn’t it?? Anyone?

  182. Good day fellow Earth Quakers.
    This is a long watch but it’s very very good in its simplicity and explains all the alignments of this time. I’m sure I should post it in another thread – the one on 2012 predictions? But I can’t find it!
    Anyway, it’s all rock and roll in the heavens. I’m lucky to have relatively little light pollution around where I live (am in the UK now) and with my curtains open I get a perfect frame around Orion, Sirius etc and can gaze from my pillow at night!
    I find myself looking out and saying…
    “Well what then? … Have a go if you think you’re hard enough!”
    But then Berkshire is not famed for earthquakes!
    Anyway, here’s the link

  183. I just found this and it reminds me that quakes don’t only take place i the ground! This is a stunning watch – a geologist talking about solar plasma and a great upheaval.

  184. Of course Canada has earthquakes, EH! Especially in British Columbia, EH. It’s like, the northern San Andreas runs right through Washington State and up into Canada from there, EH. Sorry… just had to… EH!!!

  185. Happy End-of-the-World everybody!!! While at work yesterday morning somebody flyer-ed our parking lot at UPS with these invitations to some end of the world rave party in San Francisco tonight. I thought it kind of funny because even if the world did come to an end a rave is the last place I’d want to be. I mean, the ecstasy might make things more interesting but…

    • I always felt that for life changing events one should retain full consciousness!

      • I’m all about being fully conscious! That was part of the funny of the whole “ecstasy” line anyway!!!

    • I think Vanuatu is on the 19.5 degree latitude or thereabouts so maybe more to come. Take a look at the picture of the sun today – or it might be yesterday from where you are, Barb. The farside is bursting with solar flares and they will turn towards us in a couple of days.
      I watched the sun rise this morning and was amazed at how blindingly bright it was and remained so all day. I can’t find any info on its brilliance but others have noticed too and its not just here in the UK, I notice it in SA too but this morning it was especially bright!

  186. The Vanuatu earthquake, which happened a short time ago, is dated 21 December, Friday 12.28 pm……so, some countries have not got thru the dreaded date of 21 December.
    It’s not over till it’s over!

    • Exactly! The date was always open for discussion anyway. I’d keep watching the sun.

  187. Thanks Uber…had a look.
    Said on Aussie radio that the date was actually 23 December.
    I have to go xmas shopping today….I’d rather be on the computer looking out for earthquakes and solar flares!
    Really think somethings going to happen now.
    Barb xx

  188. Just came across blogging from someone in Nevada that there is siesmic activity there.

  189. Nevada has lots of activity. They’re basically the sitting on the backside of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Pretty common.


    Nevada has an even more intense structure of fault lines than California. Seismic activity can be measured in Gold. Literally. The Sierra Nevada’s, parts of Nevada, California, Arizona all have one thing in common: They’re gold bearing states with volume! Seismic thrusts that bring gold carrying ores to the surface are indicative of large scale tectonic movement. I’ve been doing lots of research on this.

    The Hayward fault line that runs north-south just 400 yards from me is a strike-slip fault line that has accrued elevation. I looked at the old maps of the state of California several ages back and have seen that the outflow from the Sierra Nevada mountains that we now know in the bay area as “the delta” was much MUCH bigger aeons ago and I am sitting on what’s called an ancient alluvial fan. Alluvial fan is a term used to describe the multiple layers of river delta sediment.

    I put it to the test this last week! For IF the old maps are true to their water lines I should be able collect gold samplings from our own San Lorenzo creek. Well sure enough- after this last heavy rain I went to the creek with my picks, shovels, snuffers and gold pans. Low and behold, the very first sampling that I took showed color.

    I did the same thing in Nevada when I lived in Las Vegas. Took the metal detector into the desert on the outskirts of town and scoured dry creek and river beds. Found gold out in the middle of nowhere doing exactly that.

    If you can find gold dust particles and nuggets in your own backyard creeks you just might be living near fault lines!!!

    • Wow! That’s amazing! You’re a true alchemist Matt!
      Years a go I did a 2 month stint in the Sivananda ashram in Grass Valley CA and my last day there I spent with a small group swimming in a creek alongside two “prospectors” with their pans and sieves. They found specks too but what was more significant to me was the peace and focused concentration they exuded! I had spent 2 months fighting the agonies and rigours of lotus posture and they were panning for gold but the end product was about the same! THe gold just took on different form. It was one of the best days of my life!

  191. Barb… hehe, you’re silly.

    Uber, my old boss is the 3rd highest Hare Krishna in the country here. Saddananda Prabhu, aka Stefan Kneuppel. I don’t know why the ashram that you speak of sounds so familiar. Maybe in part because I used to send all kinds of product( to that very location!

  192. Southeastern Alaska : 7.7 depth: 9.6
    Tsunami alert.
    (Might have already been downgraded to 7.4)

    Have NO idea if this is a dangerous one.

  193. Just saw it myself Barb and the area is riddled with aftershocks at the moment. Very interesting indeed.

  194. Lol! It’s 5:01am here and my posting above says that it was posted 1:01pm. Is this site posting in UK time?

  195. Looks like the tsunami has been cancelled.

    Bushfires in Tasmania has taken over 100 homes…still on-going.

  196. Bushfires are bad here in Aussie…one stage Sydney nuclear reactor plant was on fire.
    Wonder what astrology says….

    • Have you looked at the chart for Australia, Barb? Assuming there is a reliable one?
      I was looking at some psychic prophecies for 2013 and noticed Oz was listed for some dire climate episodes. I have just looked at the temperature chart. Unbelievable.

  197. Said on Aussie news yesturday that some parts of Australia will reach 54 degree’s next week. This morning said Queensland had 13 fires, and heatwave was hitting there….Victoria has lost about 7 homes, so far.
    Still all ongoing. Wasn’t there an eclipse not so long ago, only sighted from Australia?

    So….four states with fires : Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland…heatwave continuing.
    Am pretty scared about the “outcome”. On 7 Feb 2009, Black Saturday Victoria:
    414 injured
    173 dead
    2030 homes destroyed.

    And our conditions are worse now than back on that day.

    Will check out the above links you have posted now.

  198. Barb, I’ve had a look at the asteroids. Only using very close orbs and conjunctions or oppositions, I see,
    Achilles and Dionysus conj Mars
    Chaos on Uranus, Vesta retro on Mercury, mean apogee is also on Uranus, then Asbulus, Atropus, Admetos, are all more or less on Vertex, Jupiter, Mercury, Chiron.
    The Galactic centre is opposite Mercury and Chiron, Minerva and Astraea oppose Vertex, Orpheus opposes Vertex, Jupiter and Mercury, and Isis opposes Venus.
    Asclepius opposes the north node, Absolus and Hybris conjunct it.
    It’s is a very quick look while. I am still in bed andi don’t know the mythology behind half of them. But what strikes me is the sheer number of asteroids active in the chart of Oz. if you look at squares it racks up even more.
    We should keep close watch on Ison too.

  199. Stay in bed if you want to learn great things!!!
    This is a new article on the NASA sight
    Which has some astounding admissions. The Sun affects terrestrial weather. Duh…
    It’s a long scientific read but not incomprehensible. What grabbed me re Oz is the bit on how solar activity maye have a localised effect on Earth and the pacific is particularly mentioned.
    “The solar cycle signals are so strong in the Pacific, that Meehl and colleagues have begun to wonder if something in the Pacific climate system is acting to amplify them. “One of the mysteries regarding Earth’s climate system … is how the relatively small fluctuations of the 11-year solar cycle can produce the magnitude of the observed climate signals in the tropical Pacific.” Using supercomputer models of climate, they show that not only “top-down” but also “bottom-up” mechanisms involving atmosphere-ocean interactions are required to amplify solar forcing at the surface of the Pacific.”

    So perhaps the astrology need not be so complicated? All we have to do is look to our local star… But look very closely. It’s about the nature of it as well as the position. Also, the article omits a screaming factor, that there is a huge interaction between the magnetic core at the centre of the Earth and the Sun. This is a job for the electric minded astrophysicists and quantum scientists.

    I don’t know if I raised it anywhere on DS but I know I have witnessed a change in the quality of sunlight. I researched and found other people had too but you have to be over a certain age to remember when it was yellow opposed to the blinding white it is now. Of course in good old Blighty we can’t see it in January… It’s a grey which way is up day!
    I can’t believe I’m still in bed!

    • Are you out of bed yet, Uberqueenofwands????!!!!

      Your stuff on solar is interesting…especially as this heatwave in Australia is unprecedented….some areas experiencing over 40 degree’s for more than a week.
      The bushfires are terrible….and we are not finished with them as yet.
      ….thanks for all the info Uber. Barb xxx

  200. Btw, if anyone reads the NASA article, note they have used the words of one scientist who studies tree rings to prop up the corrupt IPCC and say the Sun is not the source of global warming over the last 50 years. This is bollocks! Every planet in the system has increased in radiance/ temperature and its nothing to do with plastic bags!
    Can we have our proper light bulbs back now please?

  201. Uberqueenofwands,
    any idea if thursday 24th Jasnnuary is bad for Australia?…..thats the day being described as “D-day” for Victoria (Melbourne)…when a massive blaze in Gippsland could reach a plantation and become even bigger….it’s taken 21 homes already…Barb xxx

    • I’m not sure Barb, I’ve just got the federation Chart for Oz and I see Sun Saturn conjunct in Capricorn at 10/7 degrees respectively. So the Uranus Pluto square is affecting it full on.
      I did a composite of a midday chart for 24th Jan in Melbourne and the federation chart. It has Moon conjunct Orcus (very powerful and bleak, uncompromising, dark, a slayer) opposite a Mars Satun conj. Grim. The Vertex and the true node are conjunct so sudden and upsetting fate/karma,
      However, I’m not sure this is the best way to predict it at a glance. I’m sure you’d have to look at transits actually specific to the area.

  202. Thanks for the info….it’s the 24th tomorrow…so might as well wait & see what happens…we have another fire in the High Country, 70 fire fighters are tackling:

    I just have a ‘bad feeling’…especially since people have been on tv saying how they stayed put & saved their homes from fire…it encourages other’s to stay & fight…but the fires we have now are huge…the aborigini’s knew how to look after the land in the olden days…doing controlled burn off’s…our under growth is so dense that it causes monster fires that can’t be fought….just hoping people don’t lose their lives.

    Many thanks for the info Barb xx

  203. Uberqueenofwands..and what is happening to the wild life is just terrible…they are being burned alive…one guy had about 6 dead kanagroo’s outside his home.
    I don’t know if anyone has assessed how many animals have died…there’s also been farm stock, like sheep burnt to death…just horrible…and it isn’t over yet….Barb xx

    • I remember reading something about the effect of solar flares on bush fires – increased lightning storms (which are solar flare related) will in turn start bush fires. I also wondered about the eclipses of the last 3 years – eclipses take time to establish effect?? I thiink these are very contributory!

      The series in the Cancer/Capricorn axis would be effective around the 10 degree mark as conj or opp Australia’s Sun Saturn conjunction so from 31 Dec 2009 there was a lunar eclipse at 10 Cancer – this is opp Oz’s natal Sun Saturn conj.
      Then there was a solar eclipse at 13 Capricorn on 4 Jan 2011 – this is a 3 degree orb of the Sun so I think it can be allowed. Then there was a
      Solar eclipse 1 July at 9 Cancer so again its directly opposite.

      But then look at the cluster of objects in Sagittarius with Pluto and Neptune opposite.
      21.12.2010 – lunar eclipse at 29 Gemini – so conj mercury opp. Neptune
      1.6.2011 – solar eclipse at 11 Gemini so conj Venus (and more if you allow a wider orb,)
      15.6.2011 lunar eclipse at 24 Sag so conj Jupiter opp Neptune
      10.12.2011 – Lunar eclipse at 18 Gemini so opposite PLuto and conj Uranus if you allow 4 degree orb – which I would as its in a stellium and therefore right on a midpoint.
      4.6.2012 lunar eclipse at 14 degrees of Sag. so exact conj Uranus, a bit less on Venus and opp Pluto.
      But the most revealing for me is the solar eclipse of 13th Nov 2012 at 21 degrees Scorpio – which is conj Australia’s natal Moon in Taurus. The eclipse path crossed northern Queensland too. I’m sure there was an eclipse which peaked somewhere near Vanuatu in the last few years and I wondered if this affected the Queensland floods but I can’t remember which one it was – the zenith would have to be about 19 degrees lat south??
      Looking at one of my recent posts on this thread I also mentioned all the asteroid activity on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis too.

      Furthermore, fixed star nasty, Facies, is at 8 degrees Capricorn which is conj the natal Sun Saturn conjunction … which has the Uranus PLuto square hovering over it… which has had eclipse activy too… its not a pretty picture.
      On May 10 2013 there is an annular solar eclipse at 19 Taurus and the path goes over Northern Queensland again and the eclipse will be conjunct the Moon of Oz allowing 1 degree…
      All food for thought. Jamie might have some input??

      And by the way! I actually got out of bed to research this!!!

      Hunker down Barb and be able to “bug out” (as the doomsday preppers say) if and when you need. Stay safe for now!

      • er… and also tr Neptune is sq Oz’z natal node, Chiron is almost square natal Venus and tr Uranus is conj Sedna (two degrees)
        Sedna was conj the natal Moon 13.2.2010 but well within orb of one degree when the Queensland floods started and still there while they continued. This would have been square natal Ceres. So floods took Oz into an watery underworld.

        Oz has POF and Mars on Zosma – If you allow 2 degrees for the POF, otherwise Mars is conjunct at 11 degrees. Tr Chiron in Pisces is opp the POF and approaching opp Mars and Zosma. Make of that what you will…

        The natal Neptune is also opp the Galactic centre and eclipse activity around 28 degrees of Mutables would also affect.
        Again, I see eclipses as cummulative in many cases.

  204. Uber…thanks for all the research. Northern Queensland is experiencing flooding due to a cyclone. On this news report it says it is heading South and the cyclone could ‘reform’ before hitting Brisbane, news video:
    So…you bringing up floods is spot-on.

    Here in Victoria the bushfires will ‘peak’ Friday 5am, when there is an expected cool change & wind change, Gippsland area could be under higher threat….and the fire fighters can’t water bomb in the dark.

    I remember the eclipse 13/11/12…as it could be seen in Australila…I remeber thinking ‘is this an omen?”

    I am not in a bushfire area (live suberbia close to beach)…but still have a really nervous feeling going thru me.

    And yes…we have had a lot of lightening strikes.
    Maybe I am worrying about fires…but the real threat might be floods in Queensland? Thanks for all your input Barb xxx

  205. And I thought of you the other day Uber…I heard about a book on the internet by Carl Lung called “The Red Book”…it had been kept in a Swiss bank vault for nearly 100 years, then it took 13 years to edit it…published in 2009…luckily the library had a copy (it’s a huge book)….one of the illustrations in it was of a ‘solar barge’…I remembered you are into solar flares…so I googled to see if any one had come up for a meaning behind this illustration…someone said it was connected to ancient eygpt. I will have to read the book & will let you know if anything about solar storms…’cos one of the chapters is titled “The way of what is to come”
    It’s got demons and a black serpent in it….am very intrigued.
    Have you heard of this book?
    Barb xx

    • I have the book Barb! And I always joke that its the pocket version…!
      That is SO weird about the solar barge because yesterday I was googling images from the Red Book for something was writing (my book is in the UK, too big to lug all the way the Cape Town) and I saw the barge and thougt – oh yes, I must find out more on that – because there is a barge made of Arabic letters on the cover of a book I”m reading on Sufi. And lo! You come up with this!
      AND – as I was typing this first sentence and typed “Barb” a newscaster on the background TV said the word ‘barb’ !
      You should have a look at Jung’s book Man and his Symbols which is a seminal work and key to understanding archetypes; very helpful in astrology.
      I’m going to look at the barge now. About 28 years ago, I did JUngian analysis and on my third or fourth session, I recounted a dream to the analyst of being in an ancient dug out boat and described it. She looked really surprised but said nothing. I’m guessing this was a solar barge??

  206. I can’t believe you have a copy of the Red Book!!!…have you read it all yet?…it’ so big I couldn’t get compfy on the couch the other day trying to read it.
    I am going to buy my own copy…love it already.

    Jung reminds me of Da Vinci….both gnostic’s…in the Red Book is a painting of a Red Cross (Templar’s sign me thinks)….got heaps to check out.

    Thought of you also, when reading Revelations…something about heat coming from the sun at End Times….thought of solar flares straight away
    …will have to find the passage again.

    And yes…this ‘solar barge” is intriguing…thought of “solar ship”…thought of ancient Eygyt and UFO’s. Thought of the pyramids…Edgar Cayce says it took nearlyy 100 years to build…The Great Pyramid is earthquake proof, maybe it is flood and fire proof…maybe solar proof???.
    Everything I look into goes back to Egypt…to ISIS.

    Jung would not have illustrated a ‘solar barge’ if it was not important…ahhhhh…me thinks the “Red Book” has mysteries to unfold!!!

    Barb xx

  207. Uber : Revelations chapter 16, 8 : And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
    9 And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God,
    etc etc.

    Sounds like solar flares to me.

    If this ‘solar barge’ is to do with ancient Egypt & was seen in the skies…wonder if it caused solar flares back then?

    barb xx

  208. Just checked all your links, Uber.
    When cats get lost they follow the stars to make it back home, (my cat took 11 days to find her way back again!)

    What I read on the internet was that the ‘solar barge’ flew thru the sky in ancient Egypt….thats why I thought of ‘solar ship’….or even UFO.

    The dung beetle is really good for the ecology of soils…..’transformation’ of the soil would be apt.

    But I wonder why Jung has drawn a picture of a solar barge….will do some reading of his book and try and find out.
    The floods in Queensland are hitting hard…some area’s have emergency/evacuation alerts.

    Question: any idea why The Red Book was released in 2009…did Jung request this? I tried to google it, but nothing camne up.

    • Hi Barb, yes Jung did insist the Red book was personal and not for the public at the time it was compiled. He took the study of the psyche beyond the standards of his day and to release this work would have undermined him and his work in the eyes of other scientists of his day. He had argued with Freud that there was a level which the psyche interacted with unseen energy – psychic energy. He demonstrated it in front of Freud and this marked the departure of their work.

      I think we have to look at much of the Egyptian imagery as not being literal – not as it has been interpreted anyway. The Egyptians used a lot of imagery in their works which is very misinterpreted. If they used solar imagery it was not just simple sun worship.
      Anyway, much more to find out abut re the barge!

      Queensland – it sounds awful. I haven’t sen anything on the news about it here in Cape Town and I’m watching international news too.
      I noticed there was a strong “solar wind” this week – no sunspot but the wind is actually a stream of plasma which was directed towards Earth so it may well interact electromagnetically with Earth.

      I’m trying not to get wound up… doing lots of meditation!

  209. Just saw the news on Queensland floods….sounds pretty bad…and in an hour there will be a 4.2 metre high tide…lots of people without power, police having to door knock.

  210. Uber…could the ‘solar barge’ be a connection to “sun worship”…click on the below link, scroll down to about the 13th paragraph, it’s titled : “Sun worshippers in German Europe”

    PS really impressed about your above astrology & Queensland floods…they sure are worsening. Being called ‘unprecedented”.

  211. I haven’t read all the book as yet, But I have scoured the images. There’s a lot to dig into re Egyptian symbols and something which made news this week about dung beetles using the MIlky Way to navigate their path. The Scarab, a kind of dung beetle was a very important symbol in Egypt.
    The word for it – kepher – was used in conjunction with the meaning – transformation. Read about the meaning here –
    Kepher – the beetle is often shown on a boat or barge with other deities and had been described as symbolic of the sun completing a daily cycle but I’m not sure now! I think it has more to do with the Milky Way in Egyptology, all the gods were celestial. The solar aspect of the scarab synbol might have a much bigger meaning in context with the creature’s ability to navigate using the Milky Way! I’m adding a picture of the scarab on a barge.

  212. I spent my teen years in Bundaberg. That area and further northwards is prone to horrible weather at this time of year, but these tornado types of weather systems are not common. There was a late beginning to the monsoon season in general in Northern Australia and beyond, which has no doubt been the cause of this upset. Been horrible seeing the area torn apart like that, an area about 30 minutes from where we ere, and they are not a wealthy area by any means. It will hit hard.

  213. Hi Uber…6 tornados hit Queensland, 2 people critical…and now Brisbane is on tornado alert, expecting tornados to hit today…the army is now on standby:
    High tide expected to increase flooding…and we had the full moon last night, which effects tide.

    Jamie had done astrology on the previous flood in Queensland…it’s headed “Australia floods”…& he points out that it happened 3 days after an eclipse.

    Uber, thanks for all the info on Jung…your blog is in my email box, but not here yet at the site. I do love the Red Book.

    Damnsel…yeah, the destruction is awful…will have to donate to help out the poor people…Barb xx

  214. Is the Hopi the Chereokee prophesies?….’cos I remember reading ‘return of the Beloved Woman”

    Then, when googling The Red Book came across something Jung said about return of the female, (can’t remember exact words)…I sent a number of links to my email address about Jung & it was yesturday I was searching for what he said about return of the female & came across ‘sun worshippers”…I need to go thru all the stuff properly so I can give you the quote. There was some pretty interesting stuff Jung said.

    Just watching the news on Queensland. 1 dead. Storm hitting New South Wales now too.
    I believe USA & Russia both have bad snow/storms too….and yeah, saw on news that due to snow melting that the UK could have floods.
    There will be a food crisis soon.

    Some of the flooding hitting Queensland is exceeding the flooding in 2011. Back then two thirds of Queensland was under water. I hope this does not worsen. Barb xx

  215. Indeed he must!

    Many of the things Jung said then are happening now – remember he wrote much of what we get from him a long time ago. He lived till he was 85, died in 1961. There are actually some interviews with him on youtube – He work is not easy reading as it was never for general reading and he never espoused a system per se.
    I think the feminine has been coming in for some time – since the 60s.

    Solar “worship” may stem from when the sun was in a period of great activity. After all there are images of the sun with snakes and dragons around it – these days we would see those as giant plasma filaments leaping from the surface. In 1859, a dragon shaped sunspot was visible and threw off one of the biggest solar flares ever. (Carrington Event 1859). The sun must have been revered because peple were both terrified and in awe of it. Its supposed not be in max now but the figures show the opposite so who knows?
    Esoteric astrologer, Alice Bailey and her guide, the Tibetan master Djwal Khul insisted the sun was powered from another star. Sirius, our sun and the Pleiades form an energetic cosmic triangle, with Alcyone of the Pleiades pulling, magnetically the whole solar system on its journey.
    The Sun is a transmitter of more potent rays which drive the development of huamnity – in particular the Sun anchors the 2nd Ray of love wisdom.

    So perhaps this ray is the feminine Jung spoke of? Being transmitted through the sun? Many people only really learn love wisdom through crisis and maybe that’s where we’re going now? I mean it is amazing that even just here we’re exchanging the will to love and care about people dotted around the globe we may never meet – but we’re all points on a great organism!

    S perhaps this is the

  216. Uber…I read on the internet that a ‘solar wind’ was hitting earth on 1 feb, 2013 and this may cause earthquakes.
    There’s been a 6.7 off the Solomon Islands. Mind you, there has been an increase in earthquakes lately & they are continuing.
    Did you hear anything about a ‘solar wind’ ??..

    • Yes – solar wind is not wind as such – not as we understand it – its a flow of magnetized particles – so in effect a change in the magnetosphere of the sun which spills outwards and may or may not interact with ours. Mainstream science is only just accepting that you don’t need sunspots for an “active” sun.
      Its the specifically magnetized particles which flow from the sun (or other body) which are a planetary medium carrying very high electric charge and thus electromagnetism. These are then conducted into Earth – it has a magnetic centre – iron. Its worth remembering too that blood is a magnetic fluid (full of iron) and the medium for conducting cosmic electromagnetic fields into the human form.
      I have to say I have a certain schadenfreude looking back at Julia Gillard’s statement that the world is not going to end on 20.12… ! No one said it was going to abruptly end and according to some commentators this series of big earth changes will take 100 years and come in increments. But regards those big changes, come they certainly will!
      Anyway, no doubt Gillard will be generous to those people affected by fires, floods etc and perhaps take the warning signs a bit more seriously in future!

  217. There were more comments after Uber’s above…not sure where they have gone. ???

    Earthquakes happening Santa Cruz Islands. One earthquake site said, ” The stress has been generated by the Australian tectonic plate subducting the Pacific plate.”

    Santa Cruz Islands:
    6.3 19.90 (had been a 6.70)
    5.7 22.30
    4.9 9.8
    5.0 26.90
    4.9 35.20
    4.9 19.80
    5.6 28.60


  218. Just checked earthquakes…Japan has had a 6.9, with 6 people injured. Earthquakes happening all over the place…Greece, Austria.

  219. One website is showing concern………I jotted down a few things from it : “that a major quake event possible for Pacific”….”nearly a dozen 6 quakes have occured in the Santa Cruz / Japan area over the last day”……..”prompting concern a major plate movement is on the way”

    No word on California (Matt sighs in relief!!!)

  220. It’s on mainstream news…….tsunami alert for Australia & a heap of other places….number of villages destroyed….all on-going…..

  221. Just saw that Australia now not under threat.
    The warnings are changing all the time.
    Earthquakes are still happening at Santa Cruz…around mag 6.

  222. Jamie…..the ‘6’ mag are coming thick and fast…….I hope this does not mean the plate is breaking up.
    If so…one site said a few days ago that it would put Australia, Japan & New Zealand in danger.

  223. [old] Sept. 27, 2012
    An 8.7 earthquake that struck west of Indonesia in April was the biggest of its kind ever recorded and confirms suspicions that a giant tectonic plate is breaking up.

    The quake, caused by an unprecedented quadruple-fault rupture, gave Earth’s crustal mosaic such a shock that it unleashed quakes around the world nearly a week later, according to a study in the journal Nature.

    … signal the latest step in the formation of a new plate boundary within Earth’s surface.

    Geological stresses rending the Indo-Australian plate ..

    scientists found that for six days following the event, earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 and greater occurred at almost five times their normal rate all around the world.

  224. Thanks for sharing links Susan….I think there is something unusual going on.
    Just read that 6 dead, 3 missing & 100 homes destroyed in tsunami yesturday, which was only 1 metre, ….but they are searching for more due to whole villages being destroyed. Was surprised to read it took only 5 minutes for the tsunami to hit.
    Hope it’s not the plate breaking up…Barb

  225. As of today 8 Feb, around noon southern hemisphere NZ time, there have been 113 aftershocks in the Lata, Solomon Islands area. While this does correlate with the article [above] which stated “scientists found that for six days following the event, earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 and greater occurred at almost five times their normal rate all around the world” — I can find no online opinion or even an EQ count. Imagine if this were happening in LA!
    The truth is, in my research, I have learned that science really doesn’t know much if anything about earthquakes. They can measure symptoms of events, but still cannot predict or even know the what or why of these massive plate movements. They don’t even know what is inside Mother Earth. The ancients knew more. We shall see …

  226. I think we should take a look at the “vile Vortices” since one of them is right over the boundary and takes in much of the Indian plate.
    Did I post this already??? My apologies if I did – just getting a bit confused with new form for replies! Anyway –
    Re the Indian plate – well it does have a lat of 19.5 N running through it too and the area between India/Bangladesh/ Burrma is where the Indian/Oz plates meet and is a high eq zone. The 19.5 S lat runs through Queensland. The solar eclipse NOv 13 2012 passed over Queensland but the zenith was much further south out in the ocean – however its worth having a look at the eclipse path and the detail over Queensland – available on that link. I’m going to look for the 19.5 degree zenith eclipse. Regardless of where it falls, its on the planetary merkabah so its very significant.

    Also – one of the “vile vortices” is right on the edge of those two plates on the India/Bangladesh boundary –
    it also includes the site of the Mohenjo Daro. There is an amazing anomolous account of the extinction of Mhenjo Daro civilisation being through radiation.

    Huge masses of walls and foundations of the ancient city are fused together, literally vitrified! And since there is no indication of a volcanic eruption at Mohenjo-Daro or at the other cities, the intense heat to melt clay vessels can only be explained by an event of intense heat. Bodies exhumed were on a par radio actively with those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The cities were wiped out entirely.

    While the skeletons have been carbon-dated to 2500 BC, we must keep in mind that carbon-dating involves measuring the amount of radiation left. When atomic explosions are involved, that makes then seem much younger.

    I mention this because there is a solid link between certain earth sites and cosmic electric events at certain locations, Stonehenge being one. I believe the areas are indeed some sort of vortex (hence the incidence of cropcircles aorund Stonehenge and Avebury).
    see more on this here – and here – scroll down the the section on Stonehenge.

    • Thanks Barb and UQW – This information on the vortices is amazing. We wait to see if/when the aftershocks slow or stop.
      Uranus/Pluto coming together again.

      “This destruction will start with an underwater explosion called Vadava, the mare, which will take place in the southern ocean.”
      [from the Sanskrit text, the Vishnu Purana 1.8.18-31]

      Best regards and wishes to Jamie on his new adventure!

      • Susan…I just read your link , “the end of the world ” part….scary!!!
        Mentions ‘serpent’…..Mother Shipton prophesies mention a silver serpent….and Carl Jung wore a serpent ring he called ‘the christ’.

  227. This site is well worth subscribing too - Its concise and he gives regular updates.

  228. i was just watching the sky news comments re the approaching asteroid next week which passes very close by. They had an “expert” who stated the Tunguska event in Siberia was the last time a celestial body struck earth – the jury is out on this as no asteroid material was initially found but recently new research thinks there is some There is also evidence of an electric event between the asteroid and Earth. So although the asteroid passing close next week won’t actually impact, it may exchange a buzz with the mothership!

    • OK! I found the eclipse – it wasthe total solar eclipse of July 2010 and it was at its zenith at 19.44 degrees south. This latitude runs right through Queensland, Townsville to be exact – and is of course the angle which a star tetrahedron will fit into any sphere. Sunspots appear between this latitude N and S and other planets have very significant features there. The star tetrahedron is the planetary “merkabah” – Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.
      In Earth, see it as a structure which can interact with other celestial bodies or patterns – conduct patterns or energy into Earth.

    • Ha! Funny I should mention this re Tunguska and look what happened! I just read the official report – that as yet, no material of the meteor has been recovered. Nothing has shown up from Tunguska either.

  229. Read all above comments…thanks for all the info.
    Uber…I transfered the video’s of Carl Jung to my email box, thanks, will watch.
    That 1 metre tsuanmi has wiped out nearly 20 villages, 3500 homes, 10 dead….so far.
    In the aftershocks there has been a couple of around 7 mag….so another big one “might” strike.
    And no….can’t find any ‘expert’ opinions on what is going on in the Solomon Islands. Will have to watch & wait.

    I do have concerns about Queensland…I remember years ago Jamie had a vision of Queensland being under water (or was it a dream , Jamie?)
    Barb xx


    6.6 27km S of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-09 21:02:22 10.964°S 165.792°E 15.7
    6.9 5km NNE of Yacuanquer, Colombia 2013-02-09 14:16:09 1.167°N 77.384°W 153.8
    7.0 25km SSE of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-08 15:26:39 10.910°S 165.964°E 26.9
    6.8 21km SSE of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-08 11:12:13 10.904°S 165.895°E 18.0
    6.6 36km SSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-07 18:59:16 11.001°S 165.658°E 10.0
    6.1 123km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-07 08:03:41 11.025°S 164.750°E 10.0
    6.2 141km SW of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-07 00:30:11 11.664°S 164.960°E 9.8
    6.0 72km E of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-06 13:54:53 10.798°S 166.492°E 10.1
    6.3 144km W of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-06 06:35:19 10.784°S 164.512°E 10.1
    7.0 27km NNW of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-06 01:54:15 10.479°S 165.772°E 9.8
    7.1 114km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-06 01:23:19 11.254°S 164.932°E 10.1
    8.0 76km W of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-06 01:12:27 10.738°S 165.138°E 28.7
    6.3 70km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 2013-02-06 00:07:22 10.858°S 165.206°E 10.0

  231. Yes…there’s something going on…or ‘brewing’.
    See the Columbia mag 6.9?…first reported as a depth of 10, then went up to a depth of 128.
    Injuries & damage…but not on mainstream news…as usual.

    Chinese New Year of the Serpent just started….

  232. There’s been unconfirmed reports of an earthquake in California (people reporting shaking)
    Japan & South Korea holding emergency meetins due to poss’ nuclear test by N Korea….rocket tests expected.

  233. The 4.9 earthquake turned out to be the actual nuke test.
    Just saw Nevada got a 5.1 & heaps of little ones coming thick & fast.

    Uber….you maybe able to help me… on internet that Jung wrote about witches….but nobody says in which book….any idea which book he writes about witches?

    • It could be any book by him as he wrote about the feminine inmany guises. I don’t recall reading anything that specific. You could just google Jung on witches and see what comes up? There is a book called Aspects of the Feminine which might shed some light.

  234. [Weird… restless ETs … or something get out of hand?]

    8 Earthquakes! /Tonopah Test Range for FSX
    Tonopah Test Range (TTR), also known as Area 52,[1] is a restricted military installation located about 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Tonopah,Nevada. It is part of the northern fringe of the Nellis Range, measuring 625 sq mi (1,620 km2).

    Tonopah Test Range is located about 70 miles (110 km) northwest of Groom Dry Lake, home of the Area 51 facility.
    Like the Groom Lake facility, Tonopah is a site of interest to conspiracy theorists, mostly for its use of experimental and classified aircraft.
    As such, it is not the focus of alien enthusiasts, unlike its neighbor.
    It is currently used for nuclear weapons stockpile reliability testing, research and development of fusing and firing systems, and testing nuclear weapon delivery systems.[2] The airspace comprises restricted area R-4809 of the Nevada Test and Training Range and is often used for military training.

    (KTNX), Tonopha, Nevada (NV), USA. Tonopah Test Range Airport is located near the center of the Tonopah Test Range, 27 NM southeast of Tonopah, NV. It is a major airfield with a 12,000 foot runway, instrument approach facilities, and nighttime illumination.

    Nevada quake rattles Eastern Sierra
    by Benett Kessler on February 12, 2013 in Gov
    A 5.2 earthquake centered 44 miles west of Tonopah, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, was felt throughout the Eastern Sierra at ten minutes after 4pm Tuesday. Bishop residents who contacted USGS said they were told the quake was centered 69 miles northwest of Bishop.

    At the Sierra Wave studios the quake seemed long and rolling. Nothing fell off the shelves. We talked to the Mammoth Police Department and others in Mammoth and Bishop. Everyone felt the quake but, again, no damage of any kind reported.

    3.6 72km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 05:38:00 38.021°N 118.055°W 7.5
    2.6 70km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 05:10:42 38.030°N 118.030°W 8.1
    3.1 71km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 03:16:45 38.026°N 118.038°W 7.3
    3.5 71km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 03:07:32 38.026°N 118.038°W 8.1
    3.7 70km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 02:59:09 38.026°N 118.034°W 8.5
    2.6 72km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 02:04:17 38.019°N 118.058°W 7.9
    3.7 70km SE of Hawthorne, Nevada 2013-02-13 00:49:06 38.039°N 118.103°W 4.5
    3.3 70km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 00:44:34 38.035°N 118.031°W 8.8
    3.3 70km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 00:39:19 38.026°N 118.033°W 8.1
    3.1 71km SE of Hawthorne, Nevada 2013-02-13 00:17:39 38.036°N 118.090°W 10.7
    5.1 72km W of Tonopah, Nevada 2013-02-13 00:10:14 38.028°N 118.052°W 12.4

    *** reported there were a few smaller aftershocks.
    Silver was discovered here in 1900, which sparked one of the biggest mining booms in the state.

  235. Further to that apparently it is subterranean lightning which causes Earthquakes. Doesn’t this sound like Uranus and Pluto? And comets will also carry considerable electrical charge which can be discharged as the comet advances toward the sun which is why some of them break up. Many of course don’t.
    I’m off to the Southern large telescope tomorrow to look at a comet! I think Comet Lemon is now visible in the Southern Hemisphere. Of course, I’ll report back!

    • UQW: Doesn’t this sound like Uranus and Pluto?

      Sure does, lady!
      From your excellent link:
      “Many strange phenomena precede large earthquakes. Some of them have been reported for centuries, even millennia. The list is long and diverse: bulging of the Earth’s surface, changing well water levels, ground-hugging fog, low frequency electromagnetic emission, earthquake lights from ridges and mountain tops, magnetic field anomalies up to 0.5% of the Earth’s dipole field, temperature anomalies by several degrees over wide areas as seen in satellite images, changes in the plasma density of the ionosphere, and strange animal behavior. Because it seems nearly impossible to imagine that such diverse phenomena could have a common physical cause, there is great confusion and even greater controversy.”

      “Based on the reported laboratory results of electrical measurements, no mechanism seemed to exist that could account for the generation of those large currents in the Earth’s crust, which are needed to explain the strong EM signals and magnetic anomalies that have been documented before some earthquakes. … There seems to be no bona fide physical process by which electric currents of sufficient magnitude could be generated in crustal rocks.”

      Perhaps the “god” AGNI is the Sanskrit Rig Veda is actually a metaphysical principle – the generator and cosmic source of plasma/electricity – which in Sanskrit would be termed Spanda (vibrating pulsation) or Prakasha (lustre, brightness, light).

  236. ALERT

    Meteror shower has hit Russia…go to:

    They are posting reports on meteor showers also hitting Utah, Georgia throughout USA.
    Aircraft scranbling at airbases in USA.
    20,000 emergency workers mobilised in Russia etc etc…

  237. Yeah Barb!

    All that, by this DA14 passing in a satellite geosychronized distance of Earth. They do bring lots, and lots of knowledge… and it was sure a pitty that fragments came in to Earth to hit where people live! What a sorrow!