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An accurate horoscope for North Korea has never been available to us because there is no recorded time for the proclamation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). We do know that independence was declared on September 9, 1948 in Pýongyang, and this date is still celebrated as the national day. I have rectified the North Korea Horoscope to 12:39 pm. For more details see Research data and charts on North Korea.

North Korea Horoscope Interpretation

Moon conjunct Ascendant makes North Korea sensitive, insular and reactionary. The citizens identify most strongly with their nation, making them patriotic, devoted, and strongly affected by international relations. The security of the people is of paramount importance for the nation. They were brutalized for 50 years during the Japanese occupation. Then the Korean war killed 300,000 of their soldiers and resulted 1.5 million civilians killed or wounded. Since then, the most powerful military force in the world has been on their doorstep.

Saturn square the rising Moon causes isolation, fear and hardship. It makes this already insular and sensitive nation even more defensive and lacking in friends. This also explains the repressive and controlling nature of the dictatorship. A dynastic military dictatorship with Saturn on the fixed star Regulus, “The Crushing Foot”. This is a military star associated with violence, destruction, controlling power and revenge.

north-korea-horoscopeThe Sun and the Midheaven (MC) in mundane astrology both rule the leader. Sun conjunct MC means that the leader totally dominates the national identity, another indicator of dictatorship. Sun square Jupiter causes an inflated ego, exaggeration and lack of restraint. As Jupiter rules trade and treaties, this aspect results in border disputes and trade deficits. Between the Sun and MC, at 16°42′ Virgo, is the Arabic Part of Catastrophe (AC + Uranus – Sun).

Venus generally rules peace and diplomacy, but in mundane astrology signifies war in hard aspect. In ancient Mesopotamia, she was the Goddess of Love and Procreation when the evening star, and the Goddess of War when the morning star. In the North Korea horoscope she is Goddess of War, visible before sunrise. The furthest she can ever be in front of the Sun is 48 degrees, so at 46 degrees ahead of the Sun in this chart, she is a very fired up Goddess Ishtar. “her morning appearance woke them up to go to war” [Deborah Houlding].

So an angry Venus woke the North Koreans up at half past two in the morning to go to war. The square from Mars, ruler of the military and war, turns her anger into blind fury. The lunar eclipse before the declaration of independence was at 03°17′ Scorpio, less than half a degree from the North Korean Mars. This increases the aggressive and reactionary nature of the country.

Secrecy, paranoia and propaganda come from Mercury conjunct Neptune. This is made worse with this conjunction on the fixed star Algorab, “Kill or be Killed”. It is associated with lying, assassinations and covert military attacks, “Delays and restraint are indicated to come about by fiascoes, losses, wrong handling of matters and enmity in general.”

In summary, the North Korea astrology chart is a blueprint for a powerful and aggressive dictatorship, paranoid and out of control. The people suffer through repression, isolation and poverty. The only way for this nation to avert a violent and catastrophic end, is to throw this horoscope in the bin and start over.

Update 27 September 2017

Full Moon October 2017 in North Korea: After comparing the October 2017 full moon chart set for Pyongyang to my rectified North Korea horoscope I have a feeling something big will happen involving North Korea during the two weeks of this moon phase.

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  1. Kim climbed Mount Paektu with ranking military officials, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said, adding that he recalled “the emotion-charged days when he realized the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force,” after reaching the peak.
    Kim Jong horoscope.
    9-Dec-2017 000°,21’03 Aquarius Moon 45 mutual Ven


    14-Dec-2017 029°,21’20 Sagittarius Sat 60 Plu transit
    14-Dec-2017 003°,21’44 Scorpio Mars 0 Sat transit
    15-Dec-2017 -15°,01’52 Jup // Mars transit
    17-Dec-2017 014°,23’15 Scorpio Jup 60 C-11 transit
    21-Dec-2017 024°,38’13 Aries Ura 45 AR06 transit
    21-Dec-2017 007°,51’02 Scorpio Mars 45 MC transit
    27-Dec-2017 000°,48’57 Capricorn Sat 120 C—2 transit

  2. Kim Jong Un.

    Seoul, South Korea (CNN)North Korea has accepted South Korea’s proposal for official talks, in what will be the first high-level contact to take place between the two countries in more than two years.
    South Korean Unification Ministry spokesman Baik Tae-hyun told reporters Friday North Korea informed its southern neighbor by fax at 10:16 a.m. local time (8:16 p.m Thursday ET) that they have accepted the South’s offer to initiate talks.
    The person-to-person talks will be held January 9 — one day after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s birthday — at the Peace House, located on the South Korean side of the so-called truce village of Panmunjom, located in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two nations, Baik said.

    5-Jan-2018 016°,59’50 Scorpio Mars 120 Asc transit

    10:16 a.m.:

    Cusp 11 on 10 Capricorn = radix Pars Frt.
    Sun 15 Capricorn = Cusp 11 radix.
    Mercurius 23 Sagittarius = MC radix.

    January 1, 2018, 9 a.m. local time start Television New Year speech Kim Jong Un.

    1 January 2018 Twelve House cusp 10 Capricorn = Pars Frt radix.

  3. North Korea.

    12-Jun-2018 020°,43’05 Capricorn Plu 60 Chiron transit

    Kim Jong Un.

    7-Jun-2018 -21°,25’25 Moon // Ura
    12-Jun-2018 010°,30’42 Gemini C–2 90 AR09
    AR9 = arabic part heritage.

  4. North Korea horoscope.

    17 August 1945 Korea divided in North and South Korea.

    50 years later:

    17-Aug-1995 007°,27’02 Taurus C-12 0 Drac
    17-Aug-1995 023°,53’58 Leo Sun 180 Black Moon transit

    South Korea horoscope.
    17-Aug-1995 +13°,24’13 Moon // mutual Ven
    17-Aug-1995 024°,25’26 Leo Zon 90 AR02 transit

    Kim Jong Un horoscope.
    17-Aug-2018 007°,51’02 Aquarius Moon 45 MC
    17-Aug-2018 029°,21’20 Capricorn Mars 90 Plu transit

  5. Trump Kim Jong Un meeting Singapore June 12th, 2018, 9 am.
    Pluto 21 degrees Capricorn square 21 degrees Aries MC.

    The USA.
    Chiron 21 degrees Aries = conjunct MC 21 degrees Aries.
    Pluto 28 degrees Capricorn = opposite Venus 28 degrees Cancer.
    Pars Fortuna 21 degrees Gemini = conjunct C-12 21 degrees Gemini.
    Mars 22 degrees Gemini = conjunct Sun 22 degrees Gemini in Twelth House.
    Draconis 8 degrees Leo = opposite Mars 8 degrees Aquarius.
    Ascendant 9 degrees Scorpio = square Draconis 9 degrees Leo.
    Uranus 9 degrees Gemini = sextile Draconis 9 degrees Leo.
    C-11 19 degrees Virgo = conjunct C-03 and trine Descendant 19 degrees Capricorn.
    Pars Spirit 7 degrees Cancer = opposite Saturn 7 degrees Capricorn.
    C-12 17 degrees Libra = square Black Moon 17 degrees Capricorn.

  6. The USA horoscope.

    North Korea’s reclusive leader Kim Jong-un has invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in to a landmark summit in Pyongyang “at the earliest date possible”, Seoul’s presidential palace said on Saturday.
    The invitation (February 10, 2018) was personally delivered by Kim’s younger sister Kim Yo-jong as she and North Korea’s ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong Nam, enjoyed kimchi and soju liquor at an unprecedented lunch meeting with the South Korean leader.
    Mr Moon replied in a positive manner during talks that lasted close to three hours, despite warnings from Washington against falling for Pyongyang’s recent charm offensive.

    10-Feb-2018 020°,08’00 Capricorn Plu 90 Chiron transit

    4-Jul-2018 -23°,08’27 Mars # Pars transit
    5-Jul-2018 -21°,44’34 Plu # Ura transit
    6-Jul-2018 -23°,15’56 Mars # Jup transit

    7-Jul-2018 020°,08’00 Capricorn Plu 90 Chiron transit

    8-Jul-2018 015°,17’27 Sagittarius Moon 150 mutual Jup
    8-Jul-2018 027°,32’50 Aries Ven 90 Plu
    8-Jul-2018 008°,26’19 Aquarius Mars 90 Asc transit
    8-Jul-2018 -23°,31’46 Mars # Ven transit
    9-Jul-2018 -23°,33’45 Mars # Mars transit
    10-Jul-2018 -23°,43’26 Mars // Plu transit

  7. Scheduled departs Singapore 12 June 2018.

    KJU 2 pm.

    Trump 8 pm.

    The horoscopes have the same housecusps degrees in another sequence.

    Trump Asc. 4 Capricorn, c-2 3 Aquarius, c-3 3 Pisces, IC 5 Aries, c-5 7 Taurus, c-6 7 Gemini, Desc. 4 Cancer, c-8 3 Leo, c-9 3 Virgo, MC 5 Libra, c-11 7 Scorpio, c-12 7 Sagittarius.

    KJU Asc. 5 Libra = square Trump’s MC 5 Libra, c-2 7 Scorpio, c-3 7 Sagittarius, IC 4 Capricorn, c-5 3 Aquarius, c-6 3 Pisces, Desc. 5 Aries, c-8 7 Taurus, c-9 7 Gemini, MC 4 Cancer, c-11 3 Leo, c-12 3 Virgo.

    • Kim Jong Un.

      27-Aug-2018 002°,56’09 Cancer C–3 150 Ven

      27-Aug-2018 016°,32’55 Scorpio Jup 120 AR07 transit

      Arabic part AR07 in 17 degrees Pisces.

      27-Aug-2018 004°,18’03 Virgo Sun 120 Black Moon transit

      I expect 27 August 2018 very possitive rsults.

      End of the Korean war?

      Trump has on 28 August 2018 progressive Sun trine his radix Black Moon!

      • Moon’s special envoy to visit Pyongyang on Wednesday September 5, 2018.

        Progressive aspect Kim Jong Un.

        5-Sep-2018 024°,50’52 Pisces C-12 135 Moon

        • Kim Jong Un.

          AR = Arabic Part.

          7-Sep-2018 018°,08’46 Scorpio Jup 45 AR01 transit
          8-Sep-2018 -20°,52’31 Moon // Ven
          9-Sep-2018 016°,32’55 Virgo Sun 180 AR07 transit
          9-Sep-2018 018°,28’53 Scorpio Jup 135 Drac transit
          11-Sep-2018 002°,58’21 Capricorn C–9 * POLIS (JUP – MARS )
          11-Sep-2018 000°,10’09 Aquarius Mars 120 C—3 transit
          12-Sep-2018 008°,41’26 Aquarius Moon 60 mutual Ura
          14-Sep-2018 001°,59’50 Taurus Ura 45 Asc transit
          14-Sep-2018 000°,48’57 Aquarius Mars 90 C—2 transit
          15-Sep-2018 019°,18’03 Scorpio Jup 45 Black Moon transit
          15-Sep-2018 022°,57’51 Virgo Sun 120 Chiron transit
          19-Sep-2018 008°,54’32 Aquarius Moon 45 AR02
          20-Sep-2018 -20°,48’31 Moon // mutual Jup

          SEOUL, Sept. 7, 2018 (Yonhap) — The South Korean government will seek to secure the National Assembly’s support for the inter-Korean agreement on rapprochement and cooperation reached at the countries’ leaders’ summit in April, an official from the presidential office Cheong Wa Dae said Friday.
          The government plans to submit a bill Tuesday on the ratification of the Panmunjom Declaration signed by President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in their first summit on April 27, Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom told a press briefing.
          A Cheong Wa Dae official earlier said the bill will first be reviewed in a Cabinet meeting slated for Tuesday ( Sept. 11).
          The move comes ahead of Moon’s third bilateral summit with Kim, which is set to take place in Pyongyang from Sept. 18-20. The two leaders held their second meeting on May 26 in the border village of Panmunjom, which was also the venue for their first summit.
          In the Panmunjom Declaration, Moon and Kim agreed to end the countries’ hostility against each other, saying there must never be another war on the Korean Peninsula.

          • North Korea.

            Progressive aspect.

            19-Sep-2018 025°,03’26 Scorpio Sun 135 Pars

  8. Kim agrees to additional denuclearization steps in summit with Moon.

    SEOUL/PYONGYANG, Sept. 19, 2018 (Joint Press Corps-Yonhap) — North Korean leader Kim Jong-un agreed to take additional steps for denuclearization Wednesday, in an apparent gesture to restart its stalled talks with the United States.
    The agreement came in a historic summit between Kim and South Korean President Moon Jae-in held at the state guesthouse Paekhwawon in Pyongyang.
    “The North has agreed to permanently shut down its Dongchang-ri missile engine testing facility and missile launch pad under the participation of experts from related countries,” Moon said in a joint press conference with Kim after the summit, broadcast live in Seoul.
    The North also agreed to take additional steps, such as the permanent shutdown of the Yongbyon nuclear facility, depending on the United States’ corresponding measures, he added.
    “The South and the North discussed denuclearization steps for the first time,” Moon said.
    Kim said he and Moon agreed to remove all nuclear weapons and threats from the Korean Peninsula.
    “The September declaration will open a higher level for the improvement in relations (between the South and the North) … and bring closer the era of peace and prosperity,” Kim said of his agreement signed with Moon after their two-day talks in Pyongyang.
    The joint declaration, later released by Seoul’s presidential office Cheong Wa Dae, showed the North’s agreement on denuclearization steps.
    “The North expressed its willingness to continue taking additional steps, such as the permanent shutdown of the Yongbyon nuclear facility, should the United States take corresponding measures under the spirit of the June 12 North Korea-U.S. joint statement,” it said, referring to the agreement reached by U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim in their bilateral summit held in Singapore.
    Pyongyang is said to be demanding early rewards for denuclearization steps it has taken so far, while Washington continues to stress the importance of maximum pressure and sanctions against the North until the communist state fully denuclearizes.
    The North’s offer to take additional denuclearization steps despite any signs of reward from the U.S. is apparently aimed at restarting its denuclearization talks with the U.S.
    The talks have stalled after U.S. President Donald Trump called off a scheduled North Korea trip by his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, citing what he called a lack of progress in the North’s denuclearization process.
    Even before the start of his three-day trip to Pyongyang on Tuesday, the South Korean president said the main objective of his trip was to restart the U.S.-North Korea dialogue.
    Moon insisted the North’s agreement also marked the first time for the Koreas to discuss detailed steps to denuclearization.
    “I hope the talks between the North and the U.S. quickly resume,” he told the joint press conference.
    Possibly signaling a breakthrough, Trump welcomed the outcome of the inter-Korean summit in a Twitter message.
    “Kim Jong Un has agreed to allow Nuclear inspections, subject to final negotiations, and to permanently dismantle a test site and launch pad in the presence of international experts,” he wrote.
    It was not clear what Trump meant by nuclear inspections.
    The U.S. is said to have demanded a list of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and nuclear inspections.
    North Korea has reportedly dismissed the U.S. demand, an apparent source of the ongoing impasse in the U.S.-North Korea denuclearization talks.
    Still, Moon’s top security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, insisted the outcome of the latest inter-Korean summit will lead to a resumption of U.S.-North Korea talks.
    “Based on the outcome of the summit this time, I expect the North-U.S. negotiations to somewhat speed up, and we also hope a North Korea-U.S. summit will be held at an early date,” he told reporters in Pyongyang.
    Moon is set to visit the United States next week for a bilateral summit with the U.S president.
    There, he will likely brief Trump on the outcome of his talks with the North Korean leader, and also seek to broker a resumption of the U.S.-North Korea denuclearization talks.
    The agreement signed by the leaders of the two Koreas in Pyongyang also called for steps to further improve inter-Korean ties.
    The sides have agreed to begin the work to reconnect their severed railways and roads across the heavily fortified border before the year’s end.
    Also, the countries will reopen their joint industrial park in the North’s border town of Kaesong and tourism programs to the North’s Mount Kumgang as soon as “conditions are met,” the agreement said.
    The Kaesong complex was shut down in early 2016 as part of Seoul’s unilateral sanctions against the North. Its reopening, however, may violate international sanctions imposed on the communist state.
    To further promote reconciliation, the divided Koreas have agreed to soon establish a new joint facility for more frequent and freer reunions of families separated since the end of the Korean War.
    The two Koreas technically remain at war as the 1950-53 war ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty.
    In a separate agreement signed by their defense chiefs, the Koreas also agreed to a wide range of steps aimed at further reducing military tension on the Korean Peninsula.
    Such steps include setting up a 10-kilometer buffer zone along their border where all artillery drills or regiment-level field maneuvers will be prohibited, according to the military agreement.
    In their joint declaration, the leaders said the countries have also agreed to quickly launch a joint military committee to review their implementation of such tension-reducing measures and to enable round-the-clock communication to prevent future conflicts.
    The two Koreas will continue to jointly take part in international sporting events, including the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games, the leaders said in their Pyongyang declaration.
    They will also seek to jointly host the 2032 Summer Olympic Games.
    The North Korean leader said he has agreed to visit Seoul in the near future.
    Moon said the near future, barring unforeseen conditions, meant before the year’s end.
    Following their summit and joint press conference, Moon and Kim continued their dialogue over lunch at Pyongyang’s famous cold noodle restaurant, Okryukwan, according to officials in Seoul.
    Moon is scheduled to return home Thursday after taking a joint excursion with Kim to North Korea’s Mount Paekdu.
    The two leaders will embark on the trip early Thursday. Other details of the trip have yet to be decided, according to Kim Eui-kyeom, a spokesman for the South Korean president.
    Mount Paekdu is the tallest mountain in the whole of Korea and sits at the northern tip of the peninsula on North Korea’s border with China.

  9. Kim Jong Un.

    5-Oct-2018 022°,51’02 Scorpio Jup 30 MC transit
    5-Oct-2018 014°,21’20 Pisces Nep 135 Plu transit
    5-Oct-2018 007°,51’02 Aquarius Mars 45 MC transit
    5-Oct-2018 022°,57’51 Scorpio Jup 180 Chiron transit
    6-Oct-2018 -17°,49’19 Jup // C-12 transit
    7-Oct-2018 -21°,25’25 Mars // Ura transit
    8-Oct-2018 003°,21’44 Capricorn Sat 60 Sat transit

  10. Kim Jong Un.

    22-Oct-2018 022°,34’16 Aquarius Sun 0 Mars
    23-Oct-2018 004°,18’03 Capricorn Sat 0 Black Moo transit

  11. Moon ratifies Sept. inter-Korean summit, military agreements.

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    SEOUL, Oct. 23, 2018 (Yonhap) — South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday ratified his summit agreement with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and an inter-Korean military agreement, both signed in Pyonygang last month.
    The summit agreement will be published in the government’s official gazette for public notice soon, a Cheong Wa Dae official said.
    The military agreement will be exchanged with the North before the public notification is made.
    Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom said the government expected the exchange to take place early next week.
    The military agreement, signed on the sidelines of the leaders’ third and latest summit in Pyongyang, seeks to further reduce military tension between the two Koreas.
    In April, Moon and Kim agreed to seek a formal end to the 1950-53 Korean War during their first-ever summit in the border village of Panmunjom.

    Kim Jong Un.

    23-Oct-2018 004°,18’03 Capricorn Sat 0 Black Moon transit
    24-Oct-2018 010°,02’01 Aquarius Moon 45 mutual C-12

    North Korea.

    23-Oct-2018 +23°,38’47 Moon // mutual Ura
    23-Oct-2018 004°,57’30 Gemini Moon 45 Asc
    24-Oct-2018 026°,46’21 Scorpio Jup 45 Nep transit

    South Korea.

    23-Oct-2018 007°,38’44 Cancer Moon 45 Sun
    23-Oct-2018 026°,35’13 Scorpio Jup 90 Merc transit

  12. The birttime of South available.

    The birthtimes of North Korea and Kim Jong Un are not available and are rectified with the Gieles minus 1 system, which gives progressive aspects on date.

    The Gieles minus 1 system is an easy rectifying system which is unique and revolutionair.

  13. Today 10 March 2019 Kim Jong Un has transit Jupiter conjunct his natal MC 23 degrees Sagittarius.

    New parliament is chosen.

    His progressive Sun will be square his natal Chiron on 13 March next.

  14. Kim Jong Un.

    21-Apr-2019 012°,30’44 Taurus Asc 135 Nep
    22-Apr-2019 002°,29’15 Taurus Ura 90 Merc transit
    22-Apr-2019 002°,32’11 Taurus Ura 150 Jup transit
    27-Apr-2019 017°,56’09 Pisces Nep 45 Ven transit
    27-Apr-2019 023°,54’32 Sagittarius Jup 0 AR02 transit
    27-Apr-2019 -22°,39’53 Jup // C-11 transit
    28-Apr-2019 016°,59’50 Pisces Ven 0 Asc
    29-Apr-2019 002°,56’09 Taurus Ura 90 Ven transit
    30-Apr-2019 016°,10’16 Aquarius Moon 60 AR04

  15. Horoscope Kim Jong Un.

    4-Nov-2020 024°,37’53 Aquarius Sun 45 Pars
    4-Nov-2019 011°,57’45 Scorpio Sun 45 AR10 transit
    4-Nov-2019 004°,18’03 Taurus Ura 120 Black Moon transit

    5-Nov-2020 004°,26’06 Pisces Moon 120 mutual Sat

    20-Nov-2020 004°,56’21 {isces Moon 120 mutual C—3

    22-Nov-2020 -20°,50’53 Jup // mutual MC

    24-Nov-2020 029°,28’50 Capricorn Merc 90 mutual Plu
    24-Nov-2020 005°,05’33 Pisces Moon * DENEB ADIGE (VENUS – MERC )
    24-Nov-2019 003°,21’44 Scorpio Mars 0 Sat transit
    24-Nov-2019 -22°,12’32 Sat // Nep transit
    24-Nov-2019 017°,23’48 Capricorn Sat 120 AR12 transit

  16. Kim Jong Un.
    26-Dec-2019 024°,37’53 Scorpio Mars 45 Pars transit

    8-Jan-2020 -23°,05’30 Jup // Pars transit
    8-Jan-2020 022°,18’38 Capricorn Sat 45 Ura transit

    North Korea.
    26-Dec-2019 005°,28’43 Virgo Sat 90 mutual C-12
    26-Dec-2019 020°,43’05 Capricorn Sat 60 Chiron transit
    27-Dec-2019 025°,03’26 Scorpio Mars 135 Pars transit
    27-Dec-2019 005°,43’05 Capricorn Sun 45 Chiron transit
    27-Dec-2019 005°,43’05 Capricorn Jup 45 Chiron transit
    28-Dec-2019 020°,34’24 Gemini Moon 90 mutual MC

    South Korea.
    26-Dec-2019 005°,34’07 Sagittarius Mars 60 MC
    26-Dec-2019 004°,04’45 Capricorn Sun 45 Chiron transit
    27-Dec-2019 025°,09’17 Scorpio Mars 45 Pars transit
    27-Dec-2019 005°,34’07 Capricorn Jup 30 MC transit

    Donald J. Trump.
    25-Dec-2019 020°,36’55 Capricorn Sat 90 AR10 transit
    25-Dec-2019 023°,52’18 Scorpio Mars 135 Merc transit
    25-Dec-2019 024°,20’00 Scorpio Mars 180 MC transit
    25-Dec-2019 005°,17’35 Capricorn Jup 30 Black Moon transit
    27-Dec-2019 022°,59’20 Leo Moon 30 C–2
    26-Dec-2019 020°,45’24 Capricorn Sat 150 Drac transit
    28-Dec-2019 005°,50’30 Capricorn Jup 90 Nep transit
    28-Dec-2019 -18°,51’35 Mars # MC transit

    25-Dec-2019 -18°,23’31 Mars # Drac transit
    25-Dec-2019 020°,41’17 Capricorn Sat 150 Pars transit
    26-Dec-2019 005°,29’46 Capricorn Jup 60 AR12 transit
    27-Dec-2019 025°,27’54 Scorpio Mars 90 Moon transit
    27-Dec-2019 025°,31’46 Scorpio Mars 45 C—3 transit
    28-Dec-2019 -21°,44’34 Sat # Ura transit
    28-Dec-2019 005°,54’53 Capricorn Jup 180 Jup transit

  17. On 2h, 31m, 27,3s UT the Sun moves from 4 degrees Capricorn to 5 degrees Capricorn.

    Sabian 5 degrees Capricorn symbol:


  18. I see on 26 December 2019 there is a solar eclipse on 5 degrees Capricorn.

    A Christmas gift from Kim Jong Un and North Korea?

  19. Kim Jong Un.

    Happy birthday.

    8-Jan-2020 -23°,05’30 Jup // Pars transit
    8-Jan-2020 022°,18’38 Capricorn Sat 45 Ura transit

  20. Kim Jong Un.

    9-Apr-2020 027°,30’44 Aquarius Moon 60 Nep

    13-Apr-2020 027°,38’43 Aquarius Moon 135 Black Sun

    18-Apr-2020 027°,47’18 Aquarius Moon 90 AR11

    AR11 = arabic part illness.

    18-Apr-2020 001°,32’55 Aquarius Sat 45 AR07 transit

    29-Apr-2020 004°,26’10 Scorpio Sat 120 mutual C–3

    13-May-2020 028°,38’32 Aquarius Moon 60 mutual Nep

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  22. Will we hear about Kim Jong Un?

    South Korea.

    29-Apr-2020 +04°,23’17 Ven // C-12
    29-Apr-2020 019°,06’01 Aries MC 120 Jup

  23. Kim Jong Un.

    4 july = USA independence day.

    4-Jul-2020 012°,47’18 Cancer Sun 135 AR11

    AR11 = arabic part of sickness.

  24. Kim Jong Un.

    11-Jul-2020 024°,18’30 Aquarius Sun 0 AR03
    11-Jul-2020 029°,21’20 Capricorn Sat 90 Plu transit
    12-Jul-2020 022°,34’16 Capricorn Jup 30 Mars transit

    North Korea.

    11-Jul-2020 021°,46’08 Libra Ven 45 Moon
    11-Jul-2020 027°,50’38 Gemini Moon * POLARIS (SAT – VENUS )
    12-Jul-2020 020°,43’05 Cancer Sun 120 Chiron transit

    Donald J. Trump.

    11-Jul-2020 029°,19’33 Capricorn Sat 150 C-11 transit
    12-Jul-2020 023°,49’20 Capricorn Plu 180 Sat transit
    12-Jul-2020 020°,17’35 Cancer Sun 135 Black Moon transit


    11-Jul-2020 010°,56’55 Capricorn Moon 135 mutual C-11
    12-Jul-2020 020°,08’00 Cancer Sun 90 Chiron transit

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