Presidential Inauguration 2017

President Trump Inauguration AstrologyThe astrology of the President Trump Inauguration on January 20, 2017 gives an indication of the style and success or otherwise of the first Trump Administration. The moon phases leading up to Inauguration Day 2017 point to a time of war and fear being transformed into a much brighter future.

The President Trump Inauguration astrology chart is set for 12:00 pm on 20 January 2017. [1] This horoscope supports the theme of the previous moon phases. President Trump will be a powerful and commanding leader of his administration. There will be strong enemies using every trick in the book to bring him down and delay the progress of his goals for the nation.

However, by reaching out to the public he will gain their support to undertake a major transformation. New alliances will be made and there should be more peace than war. A good mix of traditional values and new age thinking will increase the wealth and prosperity of the U.S.A. over the next four years.

President Trump Inauguration 2017 Moon Phases

The September 2016 solar eclipse personalized the fear and paranoia you became familiar with last year. Politicians direct their fearmongering at the voters and all this doom and gloom can really get you down. However, this solar eclipse also marks the beginning of the end to this poisonous worry and fear. Within this eclipse phase there comes a transition to a brighter and safer year ahead.

The September 2016 lunar eclipse was angry and complex, adding warmongering to the fearmongering of the solar eclipse. However, a willingness to be daring and make changes will help you move past the anger and onto the exciting possibilities. More tolerance and empathy can lead to surprisingly fast resolutions of conflicts. Otherwise, the lunar eclipse square Mars will see new wars, worsening wars and wars within wars.

The December 2016 new moon was is excellent for making dreams come true. It inspired with passion, romance and motivation. There are endless opportunities and possibilities but the general theme is definitely positive. Good fortune and lasting happiness can be found by taking the spiritual high road to reach your dreams.

The January 2017 full moon positioned between the twin stars Castor and Pollux gets to the heart of ongoing conflicts. The original battle between brothers has evolved into the wars raging in the world still to this day. The wise old man plays the role of deal-maker to broker a peace. Conflict can be resolved through patience and hard work. Traditional values, a conservative approach, respect for authority and strict discipline will all help in bringing the two tribes together.

President Trump Inauguration Astrology Chart

The Ascendant is the most personal point in any horoscope and it will describe the basic nature of the whole four-year Trump presidency. There are two stars rising on the eastern horizon at high noon on Inauguration Day 2017. The timing here is critical because one star is fortunate while the other is most challenging. The good star will be closest to the 14°09′ Taurus Ascendant so has the major influence.

Fixed star Almach at 14°27′ Taurus is the major influence. It gives honor, especially in military endeavors as well as eminence, popularity and great patience. The planetary nature of this star changes between Mars and Venus, War and Peace.

Some classical astrologers asserted that Almach rising in a chart portended an executioner or a jail warden, and also individuals who were foremen on construction sites and mines. [2]

Expect strict discipline from Trump, increased construction and mining. A boost to the military but he will patiently chose his fights with great care. Peace is the preferred option for Trump because it brings prosperity. However, he will wage war as a last option and win decisively.

President Trump Inauguration Astrology 2017

President Trump Inauguration Astrology Chart

Fixed star Menkar at 14°33′ Taurus is the weaker influence. It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. When rising it gives legacies and inheritances attended by much evil.

Pluto trine Ascendant gives the Trump Administration increased power and influence to undertake major transformations to the Nation. It gives the United States Government more control over its own destiny.

Sun conjunct Midheaven makes Donald Trump a powerful president who will dominate the administration. The president will take control with confidence and be a true representative of the citizens. This is a sign of popularity and success. Both the Sun and Midheaven in a mundane horoscope signify the President.

Fixed star Altair at 2°00′ Aquarius gives the Sun a bold, confident, valiant, unyielding, ambitious and liberal nature. The Sun conjunct Altair gives public honor, notoriety and many friends. However, there will be some envious ones who cause trouble through writings. Danger of bites from venomous animals in this case mean danger to the President from the poisonous influence of enemies. Altair culminating with the Sun really matches the strong, confident and militant Donald Trump horoscope with Regulus rising with Mars.

Moon sextile Mercury brings open and honest communication between the president and the public. This suits Trump’s style with Tweeting and public rallies. He will have the common touch and be able to accurately perceive the mood of the nation.

Moon trine Neptune gives the presidency a caring and sensitive nature. There is an extremely close subconscious connect between president Trump and the American public. It brings high ideals and spiritual protection. Two positive Moon aspects like this is a favorable influence for the female population of the U.S.A.

Venus sextile Pluto is the tightest aspect in the horoscope with an orb of 0°07′. This suggests a positive transformation of women’s issues and a transition towards peace. The Trump Administration will reach out to forge new alliances and strengthen existing ones. The Treasury of the Nation will undergo a positive transformation.

Mars square Saturn is the only challenging aspect of real concern in the Trump Inauguration astrology chart. This means the president will be frustrated by the limitations placed on him. There will be many strong enemies full of envy and spite, constantly criticising and blocking the desires of the president. Expect obstructionism, delaying tactics and a few temper tantrums.

Jupiter opposite Uranus is not such a challenging aspect because of the fixed star with Jupiter and positive aspects to Saturn. It gives an excited exuberance and willingness to try new and innovative ways of running the country. Expect this administration to push the limits with social standards, philosophy, education and religion. There will be rapid and radical changes with some swings in fortune.

Fixed star Spica at 24°04′ Libra with Jupiter is an excellent omen. This beautiful star greatly increases the chance of a successful presidency. This most fortunate of all fixed stars gives wealth, success, happiness and love. With Jupiter in brings spiritual development, protection, advancement and increasing wealth.

The foundations of many significant buildings and monuments around The Capitol Building were timed and aligned with Spica in the minds of prominent Freemasons.

Jupiter sextile Saturn tones down the rebellious nature of Uranus. It suggests steady progress with substantial and lasting achievements. Sound judgement and discernment means only the best opportunities will be taken up. Strong and confident leadership with ambition and determination make this a profitable aspect for business and politics

Saturn trine Uranus takes us back to the beginning. This is the transition to a brighter and safer year ahead from the previous solar eclipse. This major planetary aspect takes the best of the past and transforms it for the future. A balanced mix of traditional values and innovative thought will ensure the safety and freedom of Americans well into the future.

Update 21 January 2017

Remember how I said

There are two stars rising on the eastern horizon at high noon on Inauguration Day 2017. The timing here is critical because one star is fortunate while the other is most challenging.

A number of readers have commented that the swearing of the oath actually finished at 12:01 pm. This changes the Ascendant to 14°30′ Taurus. The strongest rising star by far is therefore fixed star Menkar at 14°33′ Taurus:

It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. When rising it gives legacies and inheritances attended by much evil.

Trump Inauguration Astrology

Trump Inauguration 12:01 pm


1. “swearing in at noon by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Jr.” 2017 TRUMP INAUGURATION: SCHEDULE OF EVENTS, Newsweek.
2. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.30.

43 thoughts on “Presidential Inauguration 2017

    • Jamie – Just wondering why my earlier post today does not show up in comments section. Obviously I disagree with your Trump presidency horoscope reading assessment as does 60% of the American people. or is it to controversial perhaps……

      • Anne, I totally agree with you. As a a fellow astrologer, the interpretation I see is somewhat “different” from the one given here. As In particular the Moon in Scorpio in the house of health/work, indicates problems/weakness with his digestion/diet, sensitivity to foods, he could be allergic to something. Also Moon in Scorpio is known to be an undermining/jealous/backstabbing influence. Trumps birth chart does not indicate he is a sensitive person least of all to the needs of others, unless it’s for his own interest. I can only assume Astrology King wanted to write a favorable chart in case Trump finds out/sees it, who knows. But I was surprised to read the interpretations given. Each to his own.

        • Ellen and Anne, I agree with you. My assessment is somewhat different. Scheat rises with the Sun in this chart and Menkar is on the Asc. In addition, the event took place during a Mars hour with Neptune being the final depositor. Mars is square Saturn and Neptune can be deceptive, murky, illusionary, as well as idealistic and dreamy. I won’t go into great detail, but Trump is definitely not Reagan, As far as presidential inauguration charts, it is not the best and not the worst.

          • I have been doing my charts by hand and one can ignore the Scheat comment. Apologies. Hopefully soon I will have my new program. However, it is great practice and a refresher course for me.

            According to the polls, Mr. Trump will begin his presidency as the lowest-rated incoming president in modern history. I don’t foresee things improving much in this area. As I stated above, he will not be the great president that his supporters had hoped for.

    • Dear Jamie

      Thank you everso much for this as we have been wondering how things will be going, hoping…and fearing.

      The politics have been causing me to lose sleep. There has been so much negativity re DT and I think the media has been damning of him, most likely over damning as they came up with so little of any substance. It seemed to me that DT may have potential for great success, real change and a blend of keeping the best of the old and bringing in some wonderful new ways. I am thinking that the change the Americans voted for when Obama got in is actually something that WILL happen with DT. It will be wonderful if a huge chunck of the haters come round and are pleased with many of DT’s changes. I hope DT will end up in being wise enough to work to bring America together. I noticed only then, how divided the US was when Palin became McCain’s running mate. That is because I am from Britain and live there. Born in England, living in Wales. McCain is a nasty warmongering villain serving the bankster cabal and NWO, that, I was unaware of then.

      Questions for you and other astrologers

      Please look up these things astrologically. My questions for you are about DT, his crew and America with regard to Putin and Russia, first of all, then with regard to Iran, Israel and then the Palestinians, Turkey, China, Libya, the rest of Africa and generally then the rest of the world, NATO, then the EU & UK. First of all, how is Putin and DT gooing to hit it off? Also is there anything with regard to Syria and the Syrian people’s choice of President Assad (74% of high turnout vote) as I am hoping for an end or downturn to the funding and support for those terrorists oh I mean nice terrorists, moderates (not really). Please note that the nations have been carefully chosen in that order.

      Do not asume that I join in the popular pursuit of Christians in worshipping Israel. I do not recall anything in the NT or OT about worshipping a nation state for the Jews, Zionism, Ashkenazis, the Talmud or even the people who are the Semitic faithful Torah following Jews.

      The Bible shows us that Israel was under the occupation of the Romans at the time of the coming of the Messiah. The Jews have not ruled over their once promised land, not just for centuries but for over a millenia. Jews and Palestinians were living in Palestine peacefully together before the nation state named Isreal was created, only in 1948.

      My last, extremely important question is does it look like the fed and monetary system is going to be cleaned up at all?

      The things that happen in America are affecting the rest of the world so America’s business is my business, particularly when the UK joins the US in smashing up the the rest of the world in fake and illegal wars. The American monetary system, the bankster cabal and fed affects the world financial system, so it also affects everyone.

  1. Thanks for posting this! I also love that Chiron is three degree conjunction with Mars, Trump represents one of the most wounded masculine archetypes I have ever witnessed!

        • Mars can injure, it rules knives and firearms. Ascendant is the physical body and health. Ascendant is also like your personal profile. Take for example a Facebook profile. The real you sits behind that personal profile. When someone attacks you, your Ascendant takes the blow and reacts. You can see how his Mars rising injures others and also injures himself. His quick, cutting reactions are like double edged swords.

          I don’t know much about him but it would be interesting to find out what the proportions are for launching an unprovoked attack compared to reacting to a personal attack from someone else. I would expect most fights are started by his enemies.

  2. I want to make it clear that I don’t support Trump in any way. I was merely commenting that the archetypal nature was really powerful. Mars-Chiron to me speaks to the masculine who feels bullied or victimized, as with classic narcissism…even though he is not.

    • I am in the UK and I think he IS, by the press. Are there a lot of blind Americans? I wish you the gift of sight. This would help to prevent bigotism and a generally bullying superior attitude by Americans per se. Thank you for not voting in HC and the all out WWIII with nukes, which would have been virtually inevitable if you had, thank you America for that. We have hope.

  3. This feels correct to me. Trump will continue to be successful and will improve the country. For everyone!

  4. “be a true representative of the citizens. “?????????? “open and honest communication between the president and the public.”??????????? These are just 2 of your supportive comments of Trump. Mercury sextile moon does NOT imply “honest communication” but ease of communication that is designed to appeal to the public. So true of the Tweeter in Chief.

    • Greetings Hailey. I wrote this article based on logic not emotion. How could you possibly say the chart shows secrecy and lies. Moon sextile Mercury certainly doesn’t. Mercury on a communication star, Alhena in the Twins, is actually the focal point of a minor grand trine to Moon trine Neptune. If you are still not happy with that then Jupiter sextile Saturn surely means honesty and integrity.

  5. It’s interesting to note the 1961 Kennedy and 2017 Trump Inaugurals share at least one commonality (aside from obvious ones) namely Venus @ 17 Pisces! The degree 17 seems to be a degree of beauty (look at Elizabeth Taylor’s birth chart) and both Kennedy and Trump have and had exceptionally beautiful spouses.

  6. I have to disagree with your analysis, not only because I usually dont give fixed stars much value and I interpret some aspects in a different way but because I see the big picture and some hard aspects are coming that will no matter who is president affect the world.

  7. Since this horoscope is for a date and place and not a person I don’t really think it speaks to the person in the presidency but rather the country. There is something changing in the USA on this day, and it has many sides to it.

    The fixed stars on ascendant portend a military that is both overbearing and dangerous. The sextile with Pluto Venus speaks to obsessive love/hate reactions, that is, continued high passions. Mars square Saturn means everybody is frustrated and the only way to get things done is to slow down and be diligent. Jupiter sextile Saturn and Saturn trine Uranus are left over from the former period and a good sign that the movements of innovation and progress won’t be completely stifled at this time. Reflecting on Altare conjunct sun and the idea of poison and overexposure which can lead to condemnation, is a very powerful omen indeed. We in the US feel this very deeply. What kind of country will we be if we can’t speak with one voice?

    I’m looking for any sign of redress for the ill feeling that has accompanied this journey for my people. I wish I saw it.

  8. He finished the oath at 12:01 PM EST. (Just in case one minute makes a difference.) I loved his speech. It was bipartisan and you couldn’t really pinpoint it to be either Republican or Democrat. If he is able to accomplish bringing the power back to the people then he will have done a wondrous thing.

    I love that it was a Taurus rising horoscope while Venus is exalted in Pisces. That Scorpio Moon in the seventh house will bring some difficulties but I think he will be able to turn it around.

    • PS Jamie I think you were very successful in giving your interpretation without bias or emotion. People forget about all the Virgo in your chart. I have three planets in Virgo myself and I try to delineate my facts as facts – as you do. With elections half the population is always thrilled and half is not. It’s just the world of politics.

  9. I think this will be more the case:
    Fixed star Menkar at 14°33′ Taurus is the weaker influence. It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. When rising it gives legacies and inheritances attended by much evil.

    The man is a disturbed person so the chance for misfortune is greater.
    We will see how this ends.

    • Update 21 January 2017

      Remember how I said

      There are two stars rising on the eastern horizon at high noon on Inauguration Day 2017. The timing here is critical because one star is fortunate while the other is most challenging.

      A number of readers have commented that the swearing of the oath actually finished at 12:01 pm. This changes the Ascendant to 14°30′ Taurus. The strongest rising star by far is therefore fixed star Menkar at 14°33′ Taurus:

      It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. When rising it gives legacies and inheritances attended by much evil.

      • Concerning Menkar:

        “This star has a Saturnine character, corresponding to impediments of many kinds, worries and tests of endurance. Unjustified enmities, hardening and toughening these people in some ways…” [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.37.] []

        This interpretation seems more reasonable since the Inauguration is the birth of a presidential administration not that of a person. ‘Unjustified enmities’ is evidently being directed against the administration and the new president
        already as we have seen.

        • Trump will be impeached or forced to resign before the 2nd half of 2019 due to illness or at least that is the story that the public may receive. ( Possibly before. )There will be talk of impeachment as early as April/ May of this year and a few other time periods. However, the GOP will try not want to take that action for a while and keep it on the hush side. There will be many changes in the cabinet and advisors leading to chaos and upheaval in the Whitehouse. In addition, we may hear more about the Russian involvement in our election and Trump’s ties to Russia. His taxes will likely become public. Trump’s policies of Nationalism and Protectionism will lead us into another great depression that will take years to over come. Research the Uranus/ Eris conjunction and the rise of Hitler and the Great Depression. Menkar describes Trump’s ending as president of the US and his effect on the US.

          • We have just seen the first firing and will see many more. Anyone that disagrees with Trump will resign or be fired. King Trump?

            He is headed for trouble in April.

    • I don’t see anything in President Trump’s birth chart to suggest he is a disturbed person. If you have information with astrological proof which does show that then please share it with us.

      • Look to the luminaries, the Moon and Sun and their aspects, especially to Mercury, Neptune, Uranus or these planets in ill-aspect to each other. In this case Sun in opposition to the Moon, Uranus opposing Moon, Mercury square Neptune not in aspect to the ascendant, and Uranus conjunct Sun. These aspects can indicate mental instability. As well as an ill-aspected Mars in the 12th conjunct Asc. Mars rules Aries, the head and the 12th is the house of self-undoing, illusions, obscurity, frustrations, and limitation etc. Mars also is indicative of temperament, anger and aggressiveness. The chart must be looked as a whole and all mitigating and contributing factors considered.

        BTW Jamie does not use houses. However, he does a wonderful job with his method. Different astrologers – different methods. So, no disrespect intended.

  10. Barring extraordinary conditions, all Inaugurations/Oaths of Office take place on January 20 at noon in Washington, DC. This means the Ascendant is ALWAYS at 14 Taurus and the Sun is ALWAYS at 00 Aquarius and at the midheaven. Fixed stars move roughly one degree every 72 years, so they were just as relevant in the Inauguration charts of Obama, Bush, et al. Citing the strength of the Sun on the midheaven is of course, the sign of the executive as in all Inaugural charts although I see no mention of the Sun being unaspected. It might shine on its own, but it’s also emblematic of a big ego and a loose cannon that cannot abide any rules but its own. The Moon represents “The People” in this mundane chart, in its fall in Scorpio in the Sixth House (health care, employment) close enough to the Seventh to qualify as shadowy partnerships and open enemies. Scorpio Moon also suggests The People either support him or they don’t, but at the moment it would appear as though he’s on the road to being the most despised president in modern history. Just sayin!

    • I noticed it wasn’t a picture of Trump’s inauguration, too many people present in it. He paid for thousands on Facebook to attend. My daughter was one of them. The $400.00 a night room was put on Trump’s credit card. She doesn’t even vote, but did manage to get her picture taken holding a sign in the Women’s March. 🙂 The last estimate I heard was about 250,000 attended.

      • It would be very difficult to find. Hope things are rolling along smoothly with your new lady love. Congrats.

  11. I think he’s doing a great job so far! TrumpCare is saving my life after the disaster that was Obamacare. And Thanks to teh buildng of the Wall and Muslim Ban we are much safer as a nation. Nunes is doing a great job keeping Pres informed, and though many smear Mike Flynn he is an excellent worker and doing many great things for the country. And have we ever had a Secretary of State so wonderful as Rex Tillerson? He is cleaning up the mess left by Crooked Hillary and haeling our rifts with other nations. And Pruitt is rolling back regulations on fake news like “climate” which everyone knows is a hoax!!!! God bless our president!!!!!

  12. To say that climate change is a hoax indicates a lack of knowledge! Conspiracy is a more accurate word,as it relates to the once secret council meetings of the Society of Concerned Scientists who in the interest of protecting all their future Government & Foundation Grants,needed to come up with an emerging disaster scenerio in order to contunue to enable their thousands of Scientific establishment member to become annually funded. Huge resourses have now been bundled into Research Institution Institutes & wealthy Scientists are loving it!

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