Moon Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

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Moon Trine Neptune TransitMoon trine Neptune in the natal chart makes you a most caring and sensitive person. Your friends truly appreciate this nature because you always understand them and make them feel better. You do have healing abilities but are also intuitive or psychic.

You need harmony in your relationships to feel comfortable. Even harsh or unpleasant surroundings would adversely affect you because of your highly sensitive nature. Although a positive aspect overall, you should avoid deceptive people, toxins or even too many chemicals. You have protection and should be safe, but negative energy in any form will drain you to some extent.

You energy and time is best applied to helping others who deserve a hand up. Working closely with others at the emotional level would give you fulfillment. Human rights, charities or animal welfare are just some fields in which you would excel.

This aspect is also known for giving creative talent such as in music, singing, drama and art. You could also make a living by using you strong intuition and psychic ability through counselling, Tarot, astrology or other forms of guidance.

When younger you may see or hear things that other do not. This may be due to your rich imagination and creativity but may also include some psychic ability. I would advise only sharing such imaginations or visions with trusted family members. A vivid dream life should continue well into adulthood.

Moon Trine Neptune Transit

Transiting Moon trine Neptune sensitizes your emotions, imagination and creativity. You may dream up or fantasize about an ideal partner but are just as likely to meet someone special now. Relationships formed under this influence would have a soul mate feel to them.

Creative and artistic work such as music, composition and film are favored. You may receive inspiration to make a breakthrough in a project which has caused frustration. Working in front of a mirror could give the inspiration needed. Neptune also rules film and cameras so using the webcam to records your dreams and visions would be ideal.

Your intuition should be especially strong now so you should pay extra attention to any psychic impressions. This would be a good time to schedule a Tarot or psychic reading, even a visit to a psychologist.

Friends may come to you for comforting or a shoulder to cry on. Your caring and sympathetic side is enhanced and you may even seek out ways to be of service. Human rights, charity and animal welfare are some areas that you may find rewarding.

This interpretation for Moon trine Neptune transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon trine Neptune.

Moon Trine Neptune Celebrities

Rudolph Valentino 0°02′, Lynndie England 0°14′, Prince 0°21′, Dionne Warwick 0°21′, Patsy Cline 0°33′, Eddie Van Halen 0°35′, Giacomo Puccini 0°46′, Sean Penn 0°54′, Jimmy Connors 0°59′, Winston Churchill 1°10′, Lorde 1°38′, Martin Luther 1°51′, Michael Erlewine 1°55′, Mohandas Gandhi 1°56′, Angelina Jolie 2°44′.

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  1. Jamie, thank you. You write the BEST stuff!! I am truly grateful. With a (wide) Moon/Neptune trine, I do, however, have to say this; that the idea of working in the field of Human Rights or Animal Welfare is anathema to me. I am PROFOUNDLY grateful to those who DO work in this area!! (Aquarian Moon!… but in the 12th house). However, I cannot watch ANY kind of shows with animals or nature, or anything violent because of my EXTREME sensitivity (and reactive nature; Aries rising and Eris on the Asc.) to anything that happens to them (I want to go and hurt the perpetrators). I also have Neptune sextile Mars… I don’t know if THAT has anything to do with/add to this heightened sensitivity ???. The knowledge that the planet, at present, is in such a dire condition throws me into such a dark depressive state. I avoid ANY kind of contact with facts, figures, images, etc. (don’t/can’t watch the news) simply because it incapacitates/renders me useless. The sensitivity that comes with this, or these, aspects is deeply painful. That said, I also LOVE being empathic! I try to use it in a constructive way. Whilst a double edged sword, it IS a gift. Just writing this to you has helped me to understand something … and I feel your writing has given me even more of an insight into these aspects. I am deeply appreciative. Thank you so much!!

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