Solar Eclipse 1 September 2016 Fearmonger

Solar Eclipse September 2016 AstrologyThe solar eclipse on Thursday 1 September 2016 at 09°21′ Virgo falls just within Virgo decan 1. The solar eclipse September 2016 astrology highlights the major planetary aspect of the year and a difficult one in Saturn square Neptune.

The September 2016 solar eclipse personalizes the fear and paranoia you have become familiar with on the TV news this year. Politicians will direct their fearmongering at you and all this doom and gloom can really get you down. There is good reason for this fear and the risk of depression needs to be taken seriously.

However, this solar eclipse also marks the beginning of the end to this poisonous worry and fear. Within this eclipse phase there comes a transition to a brighter and safer year ahead.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Meaning

Like any new moon, a solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. The strongest and most important aspect in all of astrology is the Sun conjunct Moon. This means that all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future.

Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper. The impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a solar eclipse means that not all new projects will succeed, but through a solar eclipse in not only one point in time.

The horoscope for a new moon or solar eclipse is like a snap shot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop. This solar eclipse will remain active until the next solar eclipse in February 2017. In two weeks time, the September 16 lunar eclipse will add its own influence to this new eclipse cycle.

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Astrology

A quick glimpse of the chart below for the September 1 solar eclipse shows a very distinct T-square aspect pattern. I have filtered out aspects with wider orbs but it really all comes down to this stark red reality of tests, challenges and conflict.

Saturn square Neptune is the major influence on solar eclipse September 2016. This strange, scary aspect has been causing fear and paranoia for nearly one whole year now. The solar eclipse intensifies this major planetary aspect, already potent as it nears is third and final climax on September 10.

The normal action of a T-square configuration is for the stored tension of the opposition (solar eclipse opposite Neptune) to be released through hard work at the focal point (Saturn). In this case, however, the remoteness of Saturn and Neptune compared to the personal focus of the Sun and Moon strongly suggests to me that the eclipse itself is the point of focus.

The global effects of increased terrorism, propaganda and fearmongering over the past year will affect you more personally, influencing your relationships and future plans. Such sustained psychological fear or paranoia may overwhelm you, making it increasingly difficult to see a bright future for you and your loved ones.

To free yourself of fear, guilt and worry you must get back to basics. The new start or new goals represented by this solar eclipse should be practical, simple and defensive. There IS a brighter future ahead with Saturn trine Uranus starting later this year.

That more positive influence will not take full effect until this pessimistic solar eclipse totally wears off early next year. There are positive features in the solar eclipse September 2016 astrology chart below but they are weak in comparison to gloomy stuff. The September 16 lunar eclipse square Mars will add a heightened sense of danger and threat to this fearful eclipse phase.

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Astrology

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Astrology

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Aspects

Sun opposite Neptune makes you more susceptible to confusion and deception which can lead to insecurity and discouragement. If you cannot avoid dealing with the harsh realities of life then you need to take some precautions to avoid loss and disappointment. If it sounds too good to be true then it is. Learn to say no and walk away. Neptune retrograde can make you feel victimized and weak.

Sun square Saturn presents tests and challenges which can lead to pessimism and even depression. You may feel restricted or weighed down by certain duties and responsibilities. This is a test of you character, and you must strive to meet your responsibilities now or they will catch up with you in a bigger way down the track.

Mars conjunct Saturn has a tendency to make you angry, resentful or revengeful. If you channel it early into hard physical work or a creative project then you transmute this energy into positive and productive achievements. This is not the right time to go to war as there is danger when taking risks.

Mars square Neptune increases the mean and aggressive nature of the Mars Saturn conjunction. It is also important to consider the dangerous influence of Sun square Mars and Moon square Mars. Although over four degrees orb for the September 1 solar eclipse, they tighten to just one degree for the September 16 lunar eclipse.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is a ray of hope in a very gloomy picture. Positive thinking can overcome your fears and insecurities. This brings hope and self belief, a line of sight to the brighter future of Saturn trine Uranus. Mercury retrograde simply supports the theme of not being there yet. It is too early to make definite plans but you can start imagining what may be.

Solar Eclipse Fixed Star

The September 1 solar eclipse is just over of the recommended 2°00′ orb for the star Zosma, currently at 11°32′ Virgo. With a solar eclipses being the most powerful force in astrology, and with the North Node at 11°42′ Virgo, Zosma should still influence this eclipse.

Fixed star Zosma is mainly associated with depression. Exercise, diet and medication need to be addressed if you have a planet in your horoscope conjunct Zosma. You may be susceptible to a build up of toxins. The prophetic ability associated with Zosma can be very strong and persistent but also confusing or deceptive when distorted by Saturn square Neptune.

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Visibility

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Visibility

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Visibility

If this eclipse directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your 2016 horoscope and  monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it effects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Lunar Eclipse August 2016
Next Moon Phase: Lunar Eclipse September 2016

Solar Eclipse September 2016 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
September 1 – 2:03 am
September 1 – 5:03 am
September 1 – 10:03 am
September 1 – 2:33 pm
September 1 – 7:03 pm

189 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 1 September 2016 Fearmonger

  1. Jamie, this eclipse in my 6th house will square my natal uranus (9degrees sag – saturn is transiting this degree) and will sextile my natal saturn (10 degrees scorpio). And will also trine my progressed sun in capricorn 10th house. Can I expect something related to my career?

    • Yes, I would say career even without taking into account your progressed chart. Saturn is the root of the association with Capricorn Sign and 10th House being related to career. Also, a solar eclipse related more to your personal and professional goals compared to a lunar eclipse (home and private life).

  2. Major aspect for me is a stellium Venus , Mercury and Jupiter trine natal Venus 2 degree Gemini. Do you think that the Eclipse is conjunct natal Jupiter 0 degree Virgo ? 9 degree orb is a bit wide, isn it ?

    • Yes, too wide. The best thing about this solar eclipse is that it brings to an end the influence of the last two solar eclipses which hit off your Mercury opposite Saturn, square Neptune T-square. It should be a big stress reliever.

  3. Hi Jamie. This ecplise in my 5th house will conjunct both my natal Uranus (11 degrees) and natal Mars (12 degrees). And opposite my natal Saturn in 11 degrees 11house. How can I think about it? I´m born in 1965, March 28, at 8.10 am, Stockholm/Sweden.

    • I don’t use Houses Maria. I would simply research your aspects that are affected and also reach about natal Mars retrograde, Uranus retrograde and Pluto retrograde.

      Also research Moon quincunx Uranus.

  4. 2/16/79 7:55pm CA. Think its conjunct my sat. What do you see if anything for me. Thnx!!

      • Awesome, thank you! I’m just curious as to why you don’t put much weight in houses and just aspects to planets. Do you find it to be more accurate? Why do the major 4axis matter then? Thnx

        • The 4 major axis, or Cardinal points can be measures, easily understood, seen even. I don’t use Houses because they are human constructs, more imaginary like Signs. Mathematical divisions of the sky were only ever intended to help us to accurately define positions of stars and planets.

          The zodiac “was a convenient celestial measuring device, unrelated to astrological activity…it was being used at that time for the recording of astronomical data, yet observation of the effects of the planets for astrological purposes continued to be related to the visible constellations.” Precession of the Equinoxes.

          Signs and Houses are purely symbolic, like using the Tarot cards.

      • But with this eclipse being more “gloomy” how could it positively affect me natal sat trine Venus ? Wouldn’t this add more gloom and doom?

      • I just realized something and feel panick-y… Transit Saturn is exactly square my natal Saturn around this time, too. What could that mean??

        Last time in Aug 2000 when transit venus was conjunct my natal saturn (which activated my venus/ saturn trine), I had a huge heartbreak that day too and ironically, transit saturn was square my natal saturn. Ugh

        It’s weird that transit venus will be conjunct my natal saturn this time, too… but that transit saturn square to my natal saturn is scaring me 🙁 (Ironically, I am always in relationships when that transit venus is conjunct my natal saturn every fall usually)…

  5. Hi Jamie,

    I was excited about this Solar Eclipse as it will be conjunct my 10 degree Virgo Sun in my 6th house, but with the Neptune / Saturn square it forms a grand cross with my 7 degree Gemini moon. Could just mean action across the 12/6 & 3/9 houses – as I am in the process of looking for a new job in Education. However the Solar Eclipse is followed up with the Lunar Eclipse on the 17th of Sept conjunct my 24:32 Pisces Ascendant. Interesting times I suspect.

    Any thoughts?

    • I would not worry about Saturn square Neptune because Saturn is stationing direct nearly 3 degrees past a square to your Moon.

      You should be looking forward to this eclipses cycle, its all about you, your intentions and goals.

      • Thanks Jamie! It’s definitely got a ‘health’ regime feel about it for me at the moment which is understandable as the SE is conjunct natal Sun, Ruler of 6th in the 6th. Also I created a chart for the eclipse in Melbourne and the angles are the same as my natal chart – about 1 degree out and the tightest aspect is actually SE Venus conjunct N Uranus in my 7th house. The other aspect that mimics my natal chart is the Jupiter / Mercury conjunction – mine is at 7/8 degree Libra and the SE is 28 degrees Virgo just inside my 7th house but a different sign…………with that Venus/Uranus conjunction I am going to buy a lotto ticket!!

  6. Hi Jamie, born on 3 July 1986 and this solar eclipse falls under my cancer 2nd decan and this looks really scary Jamie, hence it will be there for almost 7 full months-how bad is it really going to affect me and how can I prepare for it?

  7. So…
    Work your responsibilities
    Keep up positive thinking (Believe! Saturn in Sagitarius is spot on)
    Keep your promises and take care of duties
    Say no if it sounds too good to be true
    Start imagining what the outcome of your dreams should be to get ready for Saturn-Uranus trine.

    That sounds to me as typical Saturnian themes with Neptune energy involved 🙂

    Since the March SE I’ve been working on taking care of problems caused by the past. This summer I finally made a mental break-through. It felt like a fog clearing over my eyes, and I think that was Saturn/Neptune in play. It now feels like I’m “back” – even though it’s not really possible to describe how it’s felt, only that I feel like I can now really see the world and my past for what it was/is. See the real me and the real feelings.
    I probably couldn’t have done it without help from my therapist, which the March SE prompted me to seek out, since I had so much psychological residue. (Problems getting over an ex)

    So, I actually want to thank that hated Saturn-Neptune square. I’ve been living in a fog and wrong mental castle the past 4 years(!) and I really, really needed to have that fog cleared so I was able to get real about me. Such a relief!

    Jupiter will pass from Virgo into Libra, my 8th house, and pass over my moon at the same time. A favorable aspect, if not for its natal square with Mars. See that storm over there? That’ll be me I’m afraid… Libra is an air sign after all 😉

  8. Gee. This is exactly on my Uranus in Virgo, 2nd house. I am homeless on the street and in poverty, stuck out of my country, 6000 miles foom home. I am going to believe this means something positive for me. Someow this hell will end without me dying first.

        • Well that does mean that Saturn square Neptune and the solar eclipse are hitting your Uranus but this is not a personal personal point really. Unless you take into account Moon quincunx Uranus. Your Jupiter is only 10’from fixed star Algol but Jupiter is better than any other planet there, seems to bring out a creative and spiritual side. Then you hve Jupiter trine Jupiter transit exact on August 22. Things look good to me.

      • Oh, and as you can see, I am just barely on the oher side of my Chiron Return…during which my beloved (Sun/Moon at 13 Leo and Regulus at 29 Leo) older brother died. He was my Lion. Then I was fired three days after his funeral, losing my income and thendue to that lost my housing and became homeless and then my (Sun conjunct Venus in Aries) mother had a 3rd stroke and heart surgery and I cannot get home to her. Oh and a Sag (with a 5 planet Sag stellium) having his Saturn Return fell in love with me (and me with him) but he has Social Anxiety Disorder and cannot pull himself together for a relationship. I keep thinking life will get better and preparing for it and yet I keep getting kicked in the butt. Uranus in Aries has pounded me for years. My health is deteriorating because of it. I think Saturn trine Uranus might be good for me and eventually Uranus trine Uranus but I am starting to get afraid that I am not able to transcend the pain or at least get some temporary relief. I f I could have 6-12 months without distress. I need to live through this, to find some practical way to make it through.

        • Lost that train of thought days ago. I saw you asked more questions ahead so wait till I catch up to them.

  9. I’ve got Chiron at 9 Pisces in the 8th house, and Pluto at 8 Virgo in the 2nd. It’s been a hell year, which I wrote about in other posts. Uranus transits, mom passing away and lots of anxiety and physical back problems as well. The March eclipse hit my 8th house which is when all hell broke loose, and with the Uranus transits coinciding its been the worst year of my life. I’m looking for things to slowly turn around, and you did say saturn trine uranus will be a wonderful thing for me. This sept 1 eclipse is in my 2nd house, and opposes my chiron exactly in the 8th house, and is almost on my 8 virgo Pluto in the 2nd. I wonder if this could be about money.? I inherited some money from my mom when I sold the house, but haven’t been able to do anything about investing because of my anxiety and physical condition. I wonder if it will be me being able to move forward and deal with it? I’ve also got Venus and MC at 9 degree Taurus, so the eclipse will trine them. DOB April 11, 1962 1:20 pm Vancouver Canada

    • Hi Barb, I think you are paying too much attention to Houses. It is the aspects and fixed stars which affect us, not imaginary divisions on a piece of paper. You can bridge the painful gap between Chiron opposite Pluto with Venus trine Pluto and Venus sextile Chiron. Self love, placing value on yourself.

      Venus trine Pluto is stronger than Pluto opposite Chiron, especially considering Venus conjunct Midheaven gives more prominence to Venus. The depth and intensity of your self love is also key to dealing with any self loathing caused by Venus square Saturn.

      • Thanks Jamie. Good to know. Self love is indeed something I’m working on. This eclipse in particular then won’t be too problematic?

        • More constructive than problematic because it first triggers Venus trine Pluto by being conjunct your Pluto. Then comes Venus square Saturn.

  10. Dear Jamie,

    I know many virgos will have effects in their relationships due to elipces in September 2016. I would like to know which relationship of mine, be career or personal, will be affected in september. DoB:9/9/1974


    • I would say personal because the solar eclipse is close enough to square your Moon DC, while neither eclipse aspects your Sun or MC. But then with transit, there may be a link between career and personal relationships, especially December with:

      Pluto trine MC and Sun transit
      Saturn trine Vertex transit Dec 14
      Jupiter sextile Vertex transit Dec 16

      Check out minor transit and moon phases around that week, how exciting! New moon on AC, quarter moon on IC.

  11. These eclipse degrees in the Virgo/Pisces family are pretty much the same in terms of month and year (and degrees) that happened back in 1997. Should we expect the similar sort of themes?? This one will be conjunct my Sat which is trine my Venus. Back in 1997 I fell in love. Hopefully it happens again for me for the 2nd time 🙂

    • Should be similar Sia. Major aspects like Saturn square Neptune were different and have given those earlier ones a different flavor. But hitting off the same part of your chart will make it very similar. Best of luck!

  12. My north node is at 8’36 Virgo, with old friend Saturn peeping over the fence at 13’58 Virgo. I supposed I have had this saturn/neptune sq affecting my node (life path) but after a total rebirth since 2012 uranus sq pluto destroyer aspects (and uranus opposite my own natal pluto) I feel pretty tip-top and optimistic! Who knows what this solar eclipse will bring no-one knows really. I had some bad stuff going on with myself and my family this year, so imagine that will raise it;’s ugly head but,hey, who cares sometimes sh..has to go down! I got Neptune opposite Saturn natal transit early next year but don’t plan on collapsing into a depressed deluded heap anytime soon….got Uranus sextile my ascendant around that time too, so maybe it;s time for some fur to fly!? Life is what you make it.
    p.s.I recommend not watching the news or plugging into social media it’s not worth it

  13. Hi Jamie, the eclipse will occur at 3 degrees of natal venus, is this important? Mars(5 house) will be trine jupiter(2) and saturn(9). Jupiter will be trine the natal moon. Eclipse, jupiter, venus, mercury transiting through 3 house.

    • The houses are not important to me Migberr but all together these transits sounds like love is in the air. At least warm and friendly relationships, growth and happiness in this area.

  14. This eclipse triggers my major t square sun 10 degrees sag square Uranus 10 degrees Virgo Pluto 14 Virgo opposite Chiron 10 degrees Chiron. On top of which natal sun is conj dsc opp Asc! Saturn transiting on my sun Neptune transiting square my sun now this eclipse and to cap it all transiting Pluto is opposing my natal moon at 18 cancer bless her! I’ve got it all going on.. At least Uranus is now passing say from squaring my moon! Am having the year from hell in every way don’t know how I’m surviving and now this eclipse will highlight it all… Is there light at the end of my dark tunnel Jamie? I just hope to learn and grow from this but most of all survive for my 12 year old son needs me and I need my life back!
    Ps. You and marina did my chart about 8 years ago.. I’m a uk singer/ songwriter . I’m sure you w done lots of charts so may not remember .

    • You’ll be OK Fliss. I do love your voice by the way. You are so used to Saturn square Neptune by now that this solar eclipse comes at just the right time to shine some light on the source of the problems it has brought up. Your final transit of Saturn conjunct Sun is September 29 so it’s not too long. December things stabilize with Saturn sextile Saturn and Jupiter trine Saturn transit.

      • Thanks so much for loving my voice Jamie???? And your words of wisdom and hope. I have had a very very challenging year hopefully I am learning from what I’m going through and growing stronger by the day. Will keep on with my music …. And grow towards the sunshine ????

  15. Sorry Jamie that was 6 years ago you did my chart. Anyway and to cap it all of course transiting Neptune is conjunct my natal Chiron and Saturn squaring it! You can find my music which i let go of for years but in an attempt to survive and feel like I have something to offer I’m trying to revive again , if you’re interested , at Any listens likes and comments would really help me right now ????????????

  16. Hi Jamie, Pretty straightforward question: What will have the stronger influence on Pisces Decan 2, the September 1 eclipse or Mercury going retrograde on 08/30? My birthdate is March 4, 1975. Thanks! Paul

    • Hi Paul. Mercury retrograde trine your Mars by one degree orb compared to solar eclipse opposite your Sun by 4 degrees. They are probably equal is strength, to make a simple question complex.

  17. Owwww… My son’s birthday is31.08 with ascendant 13 Sag and Sun 8 Virgo he might have challenging start of the schoolyear, his first year in school. I must support him best i can.

    • Hi Alice. The worst is probably over because Saturn turned direct nearly two degrees past square his Sun, and the impact on his AC is weak with a 4 degree orb.

      • Dear Jamie thank you for this information and insight !
        Pretty rough times were when he was small. Uranus was at 0-5 degrees of Aries opposing my son’s t square apex ( pluto 0 Capricorn in 1st house opposition Mars 3 degrees Cancer 7 house square Mercury 4 Libra, dob 31.08.2009, Poland Gliwice, 14.35)
        at that time his behaviour made Doctors think that although he s brilliant , he s autistic. I worked hard to help him communicate, understand and stay in relationship. We made it.
        How would you interpret the large conjunction in his chart: Jupiter 19 degrees, Chiron 22 degrees and Neptune 24 degrees in Aquarius?

        • What a complex chart he has. The main thing about that stellium is Chiron and Neptune quincunx Saturn because the quincunx is an aspect of health. Very sensitive to environment and things in diet. I expect he has healing abilities himself.

          • Dear Jamie
            Thank you to take a look, i am very thankful. Your assumptions are right.
            He is Creative stubborn rebel all the time.he Needs clear boundaries. He chose to be born into vegetarian buddhist Family with diet conscious mother who is a therapist. He s allergic to preservatives and artficial colors in food, does not tolerate too much protein and dairy. He is very sensitive person who probably seemed to meditate too long in isolation during his last life.
            At least he has Saturn trine Moon sextile Uranus among other aspects which are so challenging (this pluto opposition Mars …. Omg)

  18. Hi Jamie, I have a personal transit of Pluto opposite Chiron coming up, for a couple of months. Born 27/6/68. Am really worried :(. Could you perhaps have a future article in your great website about this. Have found some articles, but such limited info for this transit.
    thanks for a great website.

  19. Hi Jame. My birthdate is 30 August 1983 (time 5:23 am). I have had the worst 6 months of my life since Feb from a relationship context. And now the solar and lunar eclipses in Sep will be here soon. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Or will this ordeal continue till 2017???? This 2016 has brought nothing but depression and sorrow in my life.

    • Saturn square Neptune is getting to everyone and this solar eclipse will only reinforce that. I cannot see any reason for your particular situation so it may have to do with Rising degree. What is your place of birth?

      • Place of birth is Mumbai, India. What scares me most is that the eclipse is falling 2 days after my birthday. Likely to impact me more? Thanks for looking into this Jamie!

        • Don’t worry about this solar eclipse because Saturn square Neptune is well past effecting your Sun. But it will activate your challenging Sun square Uranus aspect. Your other really challenging aspect is what has been influences your relationships more: Moon square Ascendant. I have not written about that one so you will need to research it.

  20. My birthdate is August 26, 1964, Bridgeport, CT 4:18AM. As you can see, I am just barely on the other side of my Chiron Return…during which my beloved (Sun/Moon at 13 Leo and Regulus at 29 Leo) older brother died. He was my Lion. Then I was fired three days after his funeral, losing my income and then due to that lost my housing and became homeless and then my (Sun conjunct Venus in Aries) mother had a 3rd stroke and heart surgery and I cannot get home to her. Oh and a Sag (with a 5 planet Sag stellium) having his Saturn Return fell in love with me (and me with him) but he has Social Anxiety Disorder and cannot pull himself together for a relationship. I keep thinking life will get better and preparing for it and yet I keep getting kicked in the butt. Uranus in Aries has pounded me for years. My health is deteriorating because of it. I think Saturn trine Uranus might be good for me and eventually Uranus trine Uranus but I am starting to get afraid that I am not able to transcend the pain or at least get some temporary relief. I f I could have 6-12 months without distress. I need to live through this, to find some practical way to make it through.

      • I have had a good, busy few days doing things that I hope will bring financial reward via hething a job or clients. I hope Monday August 22 is a very good day for me! I am putting faith in the universe that something good is about to happen and that life is on the upswing. Thank you!

  21. And that is on top it this eclipse being exactly on my Uranus in Virgo, 2nd house. I am homeless on the street and in poverty, stuck out of my country, 6000 miles from home. I am going to believe this means something positive for me. As Somehow this hell will end without me dying first.

    • Yes, solar eclipse conjunct Uranus will be positive because of the September lunar eclipse sextile Jupiter. They act together for positive change, air travel, expanding philosophical outlook.

      • Someone has told me she is trying to get the funds to give me for an airplane ticket home. At the same time, now career things seem to be statting to pop up…I gave up on getting work here. I want to go home…Whatever happens I will be grateful. I realized too, lady night, that Uranus in Aries has come within 3 degrees of my MC. Change is my middle name! Thank you again.

  22. Sextile both Natal Merc rx in Cancer 9th house and Neptune rx in Scorpio 1st, while Pluto remains squaring my Libra moon, just thanking my um so called “lucky stars” it misses natal Pluto at 5Virgo and its opposition to Chiron in Pisces and Uranus is teasing yet not quite on my Aries descendant by a couple of degrees, like Destroyed Virgo, I have very little material left, and having worked through Pluto’s destruction and my Chiron return healing demands, all I do have is just simply what I love and remain devoted to, regardless of others or what they think or don’t understand, not my obligation to make sense to anyone, or that world would happily destroy and waste my life, just because it can like it doesn’t matter, fortunately, I know in my heart, we all matter and I keep hope alive…no one can win that competition, dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t, but I don’t have to, its not a competition, its a recipe…now there’s a Cancerian philosophy for ya lol!

  23. Hi Jamie,
    This eclipse falls on my mc at 9 degrees 56 virgo. It looks like an ominous eclipse! Could this mean something bad for me? I also have transiting pluto making its last hit over my natal mars and solar arc pluto conjunct natal saturn so a little worried. Could this influence a positive change in a home situation because of its opposition to the ic? My birth data is 23 July ’86, Sydney Australia, 2.40pm. Thankyou for your help and time.

    • I get your final Pluto conjunct Mars transit as 16 December 2015. I still think this eclipse will be good for you because the last two were square your Uranus. Saturn square Neptune will move on eventually plus your MC is nicely aspected with Venus trine Mars. Best of luck!

      • Hi Jamie,
        Sorry I missed your reply, thanks so much for looking at my chart. Im glad to know the pluto/mars transit is behind me, pluto is transiting within half a degree orb of my mars this month once last time but it wont become exact, so thats why the transit already finished when it became exact the final time last year? That’s a relief! Thankyou for the best wishes, feeling a little more optimistic about the eclipse aswell. My best wishes to you also. Thanks again.

  24. Hi Jamie ! This solar eclipse falls on my 2 house. It makes trine with my venus in 10 house and trine jupiter in 6 house. A big earth trine. Is that a good fortune? What exactly can i recieve?

    • Oh Mimi if I knew exactly anything I would be laying on a tropical beach right now. This is fortunate but trines, Venus and Jupiter all together means you have to consciously make the effort otherwise laziness could see opportunities wasted.

      • Thank you Jamie. So maybe we should be more glad, when we have squares and oppositions?

        • Not overjoyed but without them there is nothing to make you strive, nothing to test you. The hard aspects get things done so we do need them. Or, a chart full of sextile and trine would be nice also, a reward for previous lives of striving. This would be the inheritor of wealth who gets to sit on the beach while being waited on.

  25. Hi Jamie! When is a natal aspect like a natal “Saturn trine Venus” is activated? From your posts, I think I understand it to mean that either when an eclipse hits either planet or when transiting Saturn or transiting venus conjuncts my natal Saturn or natal Venus … So if transiting Venus is trine my natal Saturn- does that activate it, too? What about if Venus is sextile (not trine like in my natal chart) Saturn- does that trigger the natal aspect? Anything else that triggers the natal aspect that I’m missing by any chance? Thank you !

    • Good question Nove. A natal aspect does not need a conjunction to one planets to be activated. Any aspect to either planet will activate it. Obviously, a conjunction will activate it more strongly or intensely though. Hard aspect to it will be different than trines etc.

  26. I have my natal Venus at 10 degrees Pisces conjunct Neptune and my natal Saturn at 8 degrees Virgo conjunct the eclipse, so both ends of the T-square have conjunctions.

    I also have Pluto square my sun (at 17 degrees Aries) throughout the last couple of years, including the Uranus squares. It has been rough. I was really hoping for some relief.

    Is this as bad as it sounds like it would be?

    • Hi Annie, you mention T-square but from what I can work out you have only Moon/Neptune opposite Saturn. Well it is going to be tough but at least Saturn square Neptune is almost over. I does seem you are through the worst if it even though this eclipse will reignite some of the emotional drama you have been though. Next time you comment, leave your birth data so I can see your chart.

      • My birthdate is 4/6/79, Chicago, IL, 10:50am. It’s more the natal Venus conjunct Neptune, both square Saturn that looked bad to me.

        Over the last 5 years, I’ve lost everything. I’ve rebuilt the career/financial side, but it’s been a really hard road. Happiness and love has been elusive.

        • Now I see what you mean. This is the order in which I think you need to deal with things:

          Pluto square Sun transit Feb to Dec 2016. The heaviest of all transits in my opinion.
          Neptune conjunct Venus transit Apr 2016 to Feb 2017

          With the eclipse on your Saturn you could read about natal Saturn retrograde, and of course Venus opposite Saturn.

          With Venus opposite Saturn at over 2 degrees orb it does break up the outer planet transits.

  27. Hi Jamie,
    I have sun 0’capricorn and asc virgo 18′ since the past solar eclipse on march’16 i have been feeling very low and depressed and i really wanna get out of this phase will this solar eclipse help?

      • You also had that Jupiter effect, deflated instead of inflated. This solar eclipse is square your Mercury Pluto conjunction. Not the best but you know what to expect because you have already had Saturn conjunct your Mercury Pluto and Neptune square it because of Saturn square Neptune.

        Dependent on your place of birth you may have Moon conjunct Uranus. At the least, your Have Uranus sextile your Mercury Pluto conjunction to soften things.

    • I know how you fell Berkin. I have Jupiter 18 Virgo tine AC 18 Capricorn. The September 2015 solar eclipse was excellent but the last six month have been more of a struggle, still making progress but something is missing. Regardless of what aspects this new solar eclipse makes to our charts, it will bring to an end that previous eclipse influence.

      • it’s kinda the saddest time of my life i had been thinking about past a lot i can’t enjoy life i’m pretty depressed my birthplace is istanbul btw

        • Moon is 6 degrees from Uranus so a weak conjunction. All next year you have Pluto trine Ascendant transit which will improve your outlook.

  28. Just realized that the Eclipse is trine natal Chiron and Ceres 10 degree Taurus, any insight?

    • Not an expert on either but perhaps this would be a good time to heal your body through a healthy diet. Otherwise I believe Ceres has rule over opium so pain management may be an issue.

  29. I think I am confused about the affect of the September 1 Solar Eclipse on Cancer 2 Decan. In one sense this is supposed to be an ugly fearful one but in another sense, you mention that is well aspected to my decan. How does this translate – it’s negative but positively aspected to my July 5 birthday. Doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks

    • Welcome to the contradictions of astrology. In this case the solar eclipse sextile your Sun is excellent. Then we have to look at the planets harshly aspecting the solar eclipse and see what they are doing to your decan:

      Saturn at 10 Sagittarius is not bothering you.

      Neptune at 10 Pisces is trine your decan which is a good thing.

  30. hello. nice article. it resonates. thank you. do you offer personal readings? (chart interpretation).

    • Not at the moment Elisa. Perhaps in a couple of years once the little two are also in high school. Thanks for the compliment!

  31. Your pre-readings are as always accurate, Jamie. When one first read them, we think “no, it can’t be so, it can’t be that gloomy and dark and everything” – but yes, it is. And yet, you also offer a ray of light in all the darkness: Positive thinking. Imagine the dream. Work on your dreams and goals. Re-work them if nessecary.

    We should all work on our dream. The opposite point of Saturn/Mars is Gemini. Communication and positive thinking should be vitally important. Otherwise this doom and gloom might get us down.

    Last weekend I realized I might have to re-locate to find the job I want and need. I moved away 2.5 years ago to move in with my BF and we’re still together but this moving away business has got him going very very distanced and “mental” about it all. (Gemini?)
    I have come to fear that he will break up with me, because this whole solar eclipse thing can make all of us a bit confused. I’ve been beside myself with fear and depression this whole day because I don’t know anything about his feelings. He doesn’t share a lot of them with me, and I experience a grueling pain of not KNOWING what is going on.

    Typical male stuff, I know, because that’s how many men handles these things. I can surely understand why this re-location thingy has him re-evaluating our relationship and whether or not he can do the long distance thing. I am too. I am questioning my decision, but also know I need to find the right job otherwise we won’t last long either because everything has been on so darn hard-mode the past two years, because I wasn’t happy here.
    I have been so confused about the type of job I want, where I want to work and everything, but today, after talking to a friend I suddenly thought: “Maybe I’ve been looking for the right job the wrong place?” – and some part of me agree wholeheartedly!

    I’ve read that solar eclipses are like a bridge you passed, and then it dissappears behind you. You can’t go back afterwards. Also, that S.E’s brings a piece of missing information that you have been looking for. And I ask myself: Is THIS the piece of info I am looking for? Is this the missing piece to it all? Can I stay in this town still AND be happy if I find a job like that? I don’t now. I just know that this man I love is the best thing that has happened to me since …ever. But I don’t want to be a victim. I want to be strong and goal-oriented. But right now things are up in the air and making me crazy because I don’t know if this is a period (and then – what will happen?) or if this is the beginning of the end for us… *sniff*

    Scorpio, 11/12/1982

    • Thanks so much for your kind words LayLaLa. I also like the “bridge you passed” idea about solar eclipse. They definitely mark the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. That is why it is so important to look back over the past six months and link events and feelings to the previous eclipse aspects to your chart to get a better understanding of how your own chart plays out.

      Also, remember to look at both solar and lunar eclipses as a pair working together. I can see some confusion in your feelings ahead with the lunar eclipse square your Neptune. But I think things will work out in your love life because that lunar eclipse is also trine your Venus. You will get what your heart truly desires and achieve your professional goals because the solar eclipse is trine your Mars.

      • Hi Jamie, thank you so much for the reply, these words really helped save my days and brought hope in the midst og a very difficult situation which is – now – starting to show small signs of a solution.

        With mercury retrograde now active things will need to be hauled over before making progress – a lot of stuff must be resolved and talked through, but in the end I am positive about the solution we agreed upon and that it will work out for me and him in the long scope of things, because we really really want to be together. Yet, we are as different as they come, me with a Scorpio Stellium and him with a Taurus stellium, and this can be exhausting at times, since my planets are in a difficult relationship with Chiron Rx. But I’m positive that this will work out, to the best of what we imagine. Best wishes to you!

  32. Its late August now, but we’re likely already in the throes of the eclipse now, right? Don’t we feel them weeks before they hit? I’ve felt tons of fear and anxiety these last couple of weeks, but feel better now that mars is past Saturn.

    • Yes Barb. It would have climaxed with the Mars Saturn conjunction, to one degree anyway. There has been a lot of debate among professional astrologers as to whether eclipses or moon phases in general can be felt before the event. We agree that general transit can be so it seems reasonable.

  33. My birthday is Sep 1st, and I have a moon sign in Gemini, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius. I had very intense feelings about Saturn squares Neptune. Had a car accident last Nov, went through a breakup, and two of my uncles passes away…what a year. This month, I just magically start to feel a lot of energy. I think the solar eclipse is bringing new beginnings for me.

    • Lets hope so Jamie. It is a good omen to have a birthday solar eclipse. Lots of energy and enthusiasm for the whole year ahead.

  34. Hi, Jamie, I’ve followed you for years and thank you for your work. What is the correlation between the Solar Eclipse “doom and gloom” and the blissful positive aspects of the adjoining Mercury Retrograde that starts 2 days earlier? My birthdate is 09-30-60 at 12:31pm in Camden NJ USA, thanks – Enoch

    • Hi Enoch, the main difference is the that the effects of the solar eclipse square Saturn opposite Neptune will last much longer than the Mercury Venus Jupiter conjunction. Firstly because the solar eclipse itself actually directly aspects Saturn square Neptune. Secondly because Saturn square Neptune lasts much longer than the conjunction. Happy birthday for the next new moon!

  35. Dear J , im Oct. 14th 1980 Libra/Capricorn . Saturn has destroyed me in the past, i have lost my self confidence,became paranoid all in all i have lost myself in some way. I have been back and forth since then and im not very happy with my life right now,both , personal nor professional , but i am feeling some inner changes, like i am coming back…. and now im reading this , this solar beauty is telling me i am going down again???

    • What I wrote is a general description but everyone feels it differently based on how it aspects their chart. You do well because this solar eclipse i s on your Venus and the next lunar eclipse is trine your Uranus. That is the intuition of positive change you are feeling.

  36. I lost my job on November last year. I am Libran and have had a very challenging but self developmental journey! I have dug deep and learnt lots of life lessons during my time of unemployment. I am literally waiting to hear about a great new happy job today that I went for an interview for on Friday 26 Aug. Mercury retro starts tomorrow. I may start as soon as 1 Sept. How do these impact this job that I feel so 100% certain about?

    • Please let us know how it went for you Maxine. I have had such a busy but productive day. Only now late in the day trying to respond to some comments on my website.

  37. Hi husband’s DOB 26/6/1978 time 2:30 am new delhi, he applied for a transfer on aug 29 2016.. will he get it?will mercury retrograe be an issue? also can you see if he can earn his PR in the US?

    • Solar eclipse makes no strong aspects to his chart, nor does Mercury retrograde. I would follow his monthly and yearly horoscopes for more information.

      • Could you pleaseeeeeee reply the PR in US part ? Gratitude gratitude .. Our daughter is American .. We don’t want to part with her or raise her elsewhere.. Please look his settlement

  38. Hmm… certainly looks like the
    Universe is somehow “prepaving” ways to bring my longstanding Aspirations to me (now ongoing). Dry & tight $-wise but am increasingly ‘habituated’ to the feel of a deep, abiding sense of accomplishment, security and appreciation. Have effectively lost that all-pervasive sense of frustration, worry and concern that was the pre-’15 me (inner clearing work) and I can sense that this change in itself will help attract the platform for a cushy, fulfilled existence that I have sought after.

    Peace, and be still. Interesting times indicated ahead for a Sagittarius decan 3, 19th Dec. ’72, 0240 hours?

  39. Hi Jamie, great info as usual! I did my birth chart and natal transits for this eclipse on Astrodienst, and saw that I’ll have the moon in the 7th house conjuct my natal Vertex (also in 7th) at 3 degrees. I heard that this is an important transit. I’ve had a crappy year so far, hope this doesn’t make it worse. My birthdate again is October 23, 1974, born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine at 2:04pm. Thasks again!

    • Hi again Aelita. I get your Vertex to be 00°53′ Virgo so too far from this eclipse. It’s not uncommon to have Vertex in the 7th House because it will always fall on the right side of the horoscope, I think between houses 5 and 9. You will have the September 1 solar eclipse opposite your Jupiter. Nothing to be scared of as I had the previous solar eclipse opposite my Jupiter and just got fat, business kept growing but more slowly than before. See Sun opposite Jupiter transit. Also your Jupiter conjunct fixed star Skat.

  40. Jaime I am born on 23.10.1975 at Rajkot India am not sure about the exact time but around 11.40 pm I am currently undergoing stressful situations in my relationships specially with my husband and his brother. I don’t know what to expect as way forward.

  41. hello Jaime dear …

    MOON in = PISCES DECAN 1 (PICESS 7:40 Degree) so from moon the eclipse will happen in my 7 house so will it effects my relationships or it will effect on my emotional self or relationships with female????

    SUN in CANCER = CANCER DECAN 2 (10 July 1982 born (18 degree)

    ASC in = ARIES DECAN 1(Aries 4:08 degree )
    last eclipse was happen on my decendent and i felt that before a month so in feb my bf broke up with me from than really painfull time in relationship so this eclipse come with same theme for me sir or it will help me to face fear and give new start ????

    thanks for sharing your knowledge with us sir you are amazing ill always follow your blog …

    • Hi Stylo Girl. Do not get confused about Houses in the horoscopes you read on other sites. Other astrologers use a system called the Solar House System. These are not the real Houses in your chart. Your 7th House starts at 4.08 degrees Libra. Anyway, I only pay attention to Ac and DC, MC and IC.

      But this solar eclipse is going to have a big impact on relationships because it is opposite your Moon. See Sun opposite Moon transit.

      The reason you felt the March lunar eclipse at 3 Libra earlier was because the September 2015 lunar eclipse was at 4 degrees Aries on your AC.

      The next lunar eclipse is sextile your Neptune and trine your Pluto so much spiritual evolution.

      • Thank you dear Jamie for replying and clearing my confusions … you are right sometimes i really confuse … i thought i just feel SOLER ECLIPSE on 1st Sep 2016 But next LUNER ECLIPSE on 16 Sep 2016 also very IMP for me which i don’t know that its IMP too for me … Sextile and Trines are good so i guess some thing positive happen in terms of my spiritual evolution as you said ….Thanks Again Jamie Dear 🙂

  42. Hi Jamie.. Can iknow anything bout my dob 26/02/82..regarding wid dis solar eclipse on 1st September..

  43. Hi, Jamie, I’m q Sagittarius decan 3, 12/15/71, born in NYC, have had an unbelievably difficult time securing long-term employment. Would this eclipse cycle be at all likely to usher in some more stability?

    • Nothing from this solar eclipse Cavepool. For stability you need moon phases or transit to activate natal Saturn trine Pluto in your chart, at 1 Gemini and 1 Libra respectively. Jupiter is about to do that, currently at 28 Virgo.

      Jupiter trine Saturn transit 19 Sep
      Jupiter conjunct Pluto transit 21 Sep

      Jupiter transits last a few weeks so start googling this aspects and transits and make the most of your coming good fortune.

  44. Hi Jamie. I was born in Mexico City (U.S. Central Time) on 15/September/ 1970. For the past 6 years I had been bullied at work. Currently i am expecting a decision about my tenure, which would bring me some peace of mind but I have read all this things about the eclipses in September and the Saturn-Neptune aspect. Wil I get my tenure? I really need it. Thanks in avance

  45. Here in Brazil all that we are hearing is politics, since yesterday Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff (now ex-president) lost on the “impeachment court” 60 votes in favor of impeachment and only 20 against. So today, in the eclipse, is the first day of the vice president Michel Temer as a formal president, even though I don’t like him (didn’t like Dilma either), I really hope things turn out good, as he have Libra sun sign and Jupiter will be there soon

    • Thanks for bringing this up Marco. I just added his chart to my files. He has natal Jupiter conjunct Saturn, always a good sign for a ruler.

  46. Hi Jamie,
    I am Aries decan 1. d.o.b is 28.3.66. Need to know if this solar eclipse effects on my life? Also looking forward to have a new job. Is this is a right time to get new job? or have to struggle more.

  47. I have Pluto at 5Virgo, opposite Chiron 5Pisces, Neptune at 9Scorpio and Mercrx at 9Cancer…got a feeling this is a still cursed or cured and Karmic balance restored? Obviously hoping its the blessed option…

    • So this solar eclipse land at the midpoint of your Mercury trine Neptune. Should be wonderful because both Saturn and Neptune are nearly out of orb of your planets now.

      • thank you Jamie, just gotta finish off Pluto’s square to my 12th house Moon at 15 Libra…not easy as still recovering from Pluto opposite 0Cancer Sun and 8Cancer Mercury, hoping to see some rebuild occurring from this now then seeing as life was pretty much completely demolished, fortunately it didn’t kill me…I have Saturn at final degree of Cap, at the focal point of a yod with north node in 10th and Sun in 9th, so I guess whether this late bloomer has or not, learned from her philosophical questioning, by then. Thanks again.

  48. Hi, I have Zosma (in Virgo) semi-sextile my MC (in Leo) within 1degree. It doesn’t sound that significant but could you weigh in on that a little?

    • Hi Latricia. Zosma is only ever important in your chart when it is activated by a conjunction from a transiting planet or moon phase. So yes, a subtle influence but could be very important if there are not many other aspects to your MC.

  49. Again, thanks Jamie for this interpretation. I had no idea what to expect for this eclipse except that something big was going to happen. I totally exploded emotionally on Thursday evening/Friday morning and now am wondering if that was simply a purging or if my “mood” is going to continue for the next several months. Looking at the eclipse/natal chart ….. not even sure where to start to try and figure out what it is that has set me off this way. Trying to stay mindful whilst silently enduring the Storm within.

    • I felt it very strongly too, for about 2 or 3 days I was so busy I didn’t have time to feel emotional. I just knew what was happening was significant do so I wrote as much down in my diary as I could. Many interactions with females with this eclipse conjunct my Moon. In fact the night of the eclipse, my son went for a sleepover at his friends so I was the only man in the house, Plus there were extra girls here, an ex and my daughters friend.

  50. umm my natal mercury is at 6.34 so I understand that it would not be touched by zoosma but would you consider that the eclips is activating my natal mercury?

  51. I’m curious….the solar eclipse on Sept 1 was directly on my ic and I received eviction papers from my landlord two days prior…so I imagine this eclipse represents a tough housing issue, and to be honest I may even be facing homelessness. The full moon eclipse falls directly on my moon in my tenth house, and this is my last tenth house eclipse…no great recognition from the others, no raise, as a matter if fact…I’ve been mostly out of work for over a year with only a few opportunities popping up for a few weeks at a time. So I’m wondering about the eclipse falling on my moon…what are your thoughts? Thank you!

    • Sorry about the bad news Ali but this is sure is proof that the IC rules the home. The only advice without seeing your chart is to read how to use the positive energy of Mars trine Uranus in the lunar eclipse article, because they are also aspecting your Moon.

      • Thank you for your response. My chart is pretty interesting (4/29/73 9:10am Brooklyn, NY) if you ever feel like taking a peek. One of the things I’ve noticed is that all of the planet’s have all ready passed the eclipse point (my ic, so I guess ill have to keep an eye on planets that conjunct my mc for clues of how to navigate through this mess) except for the north node wich is due to hit 9° virgo Nov 13th…same day the sun hits my vertex, and transiting venus forms a T-square with my A.C. and natal Pluto in…drumroll please…my 4th house. I really hope I find a place to live before then.Thanks for pointing out the positive mars/uranus trine…with mars in my 6th and uranus in my 11th…hopefully I’ll be suprised with an opportunity for some work from a friend. Well, looks like this fall is going to be a whopper…keep you posted. Thanks again for your response – much appreciated!

        • That’s quite an amazing duo of eclipse, IC then Moon, right on the degrees too. Mars trine Uranus becomes even more important now because you have it natally and it is in the eclipse chart.

          • As frightening as this time may be, I have to say that the opportunity to learn more about my beloved hobby and how to bring it down to earth and put it to practical use is my silver lining. Keep you posted!

  52. One thing I have noticed since 911 is anyone who is big player in this war on terror has between 9-7* of the mutable signs very active. This is such a tight square I am betting war is coming very soon. The USA created ISIS back in Iraq and Libya, turned Libya into a failed state, armed terrorists in Benghazi and sent them to Syria. Russia has been lured into Syria to leave the Motherland open for attacks.
    It’s coming ….

    • I’m usually not a doomsdayer, but as I was researching my chart for clues to help me through my own personal dilemma I noticed that mars is in direct opposition (9° piesces) exactly on new years eve this year. I pray that that your link between terrorism and 7-9° is wrong.

      • praying on a personal level here too because I have Nessus at 9* in Gemini 12th house, always men behaving like the proverbials in the shadows, my Ceres is in 12th too and the men causing problems just don’t seem to have any scruples whatsoever.

  53. My ex and I got back together earlier this week and literally a day after the eclipse he has disappeared on me. We have a long distance relationship. Wtf could be going on with him. I’m even moving for him within the next few months. Hopefully it’s not me. Any chance you could check 3/16/78 (17:07) evening 5 07

  54. Hi Jamie

    It’s me again. I’ve been having a very rough time since Aug 30, worsening mood and depression and feeling a loss of whatever self connection I had built up since June this year. I am concerned the Sep 1 solar eclipse is hitting me, but I am confused because it is supposed to be working for my Jupiter which is depressed being on fixed star Zosma and square Mercury? I thought the Solar eclipse and Saturn square Neptune were working for my Juptiter? Or am I missing something?

    Also terribly worried about my health, not sure how much more stress my body can take, it’s been non stop since last October 2015 and I am doing my best to evolve and work on myself without straining my body. Not sure how much longer my fading physical stamina will hold out, there is increasing loss of immunity and stamina since a bad flu in July this year. Doing my best to eat very gealthy and get the best supplements, to sleep and rest and only exercise as much as I can manage. I know December 19 is a good time for my health due to Jupiter sextile Mars transit. Am already involved in sharing and caring work on an excellent forum online and am feeling fulfilled in helping others with compassion.

    Not sure if I will manage to make it till then, I am feeling quite weak and defeated and frightened. Terrified that the breakup this year was the last straw for my fragile physical health and I am finally feeling it hit. The docs say I need a few calm happy years with good positive things now , I have been through far too much, both body and mind have been suffering for too long without much respite from stress. Is there any hope of relief healthwise and outlookwise this sep well before the new moon on sep 30 (I know that will be good for me) ?

    My DOB is 23 Feb 1982 8:40 am New Delhi.


    • The solar eclipse is highlighting Jupiter (square Mercury). Saturn square Neptune is not making that so nice. All this fear you are feeling is because of Saturn square Neptune, exact tonight. So it will start easing off in the next week.

      • Thanks Jamie. Today has been a terrible day and I feel utterly broken, very strong urge to give up as it feels like I am being persecuted by the same people again and again for years and I can’t escape or protect myself. I am fighting the utter despair but it’s really difficult, the persecution is now aimed at my already fragile health and I feel absolutely trapped. Very disheartening as I have worked so hard to keep calm but it’s all dissolving away. I am wondering if the 16th lunar eclipse is also hitting me very hard already? Not sure how I will make it to the end of next week – praying hard! Thanks for your help

        Regards, Jas.

          • Dear Jamie,

            I just wanted to let you know that I am coming out of the insanity (finally!) that was the solar eclipse + Saturn square Neptune + lunar eclipse harvest moon . I feel I was riding an angry and unpredictable T-Rex and barely holding on for dear life as it tried to throw me off and devour me! It was like a nightmare from which I couldn’t wake up.

            I am starting to feel much better now because in my desperation I took a leap of faith and came to difficult but much needed decision. I also felt Life supporting me in the last few days because two people I trust a lot called me back to back this weekend and talked me out of my intense fear and despair, I was in very rough shape – they were so concerned and they could sense I was on the edge. They truly must be my guardian souls in this life!

            This help and my decision has brought me so much relief from the intense depression that has plagued me since last year, and things are looking brighter. I am left quite weak and exhausted by the entire ordeal, I can see the last three weeks have affected many people. I don’t think I will ever forget the words “Saturn square Neptune” for the rest of my life!!!!!! My God, what a doozy of an aspect it has been.

            I wonder what it is in my chart that makes me so very sensitive to the movement of the planets, I could actually *feel* myself losing my grip as the latest triad of eclipses started to kick in. Same thing happened in Jan/Feb and around the time of the five planet retrograde in May and June. Hard not to be frightened of the effect of the planets on me! But maybe uncondtional self love and acceptance is the antidote? I sure hope so. It has been one hell of a journey so far. I could use some quiet time to rest and recover. Thank you for helping me hang in there Jamie! ❤️

            God bless,

            • Thanks for the feedback Jas. I think anyone has the potential to really “feel” such intense planetary combinations. It can actually be, can’t find the right words, but a positive life changing experience.

            • God Bless Jas – can so relate to everything you have said. It’s Time to find and love Ourselves

    • I hear you Jas and for me, it hasn’t let up yet, indeed it just amped up again due to my past and the long term harsh aspects to my chart repeatedly battering me and deconstructing false structure on which my past was built, not that Im a bad person, just how it is and how I am intended to help and have realized through this pummelling just how much responsibility one has in relation to the privilege of the life we have been gifted with, which doesn’t always seem so, towards the end of a very long cold dark winter, yet only way to release oneself from the burden of responsibility that felt to be a curse and be the blessing intended. I know this all sounds very airy fairy and idealistic, I assure you I have been in night terror and panic attack mode now for a couple of weeks, not easy to center myself again given my circumstances. The key is although we are made to feel we have to carry the burden of responsibility for everyone sometimes, we actually do not, we all have one cross to bear (Chiron) and if we don’t choose to put down everyone elses, eventually it will come crashing down, to hopefully save our own self, to be an example of leadership and authority in our own way (Aquarian age) sadly, sometimes we find ourselves battered and bruised under a pile of rubble that we get blamed for and are expected to dig ourselves out of, forgiveness is key (Chiron/Pisces) and not in judging who deserves compassion or forgiveness, just being forgiving of all? once you have privately work through the ranting raving of anger and hatred and cried rivers of tears of sadness and the rising tide of sorrow in the way these need be expressed without hurting others and keeping that vicious cycle going. This endurance you have been experiencing, is the extremes of the worst of times with the potential to recover yourself for it in hindsight to be the best and most valuable time of your life. Hoping that helps, it isn’t easy, far from it, but so far, you are still here and so am I, it remains hopefully, doable.

      • Dear deblil,

        Thank you so much for your kind post. It did help, and I appreciate your courageous outlook on a difficult life, it is inspiring to see how strong you are to see the deeper meanings behind all the strife and suffering.

        While it is hard to remember (especially in the scary dark nights of the soul), Life is definitely a gift and a privilege, and it is a strange mix of hope and extreme hardship for some of us! The trick is figuring out how to hang in there while the storms rage. It is humbling to feel so very broken and have people help in any way they can even when they are dealing with so much themselves. So thank you for reaching out to me.

        I hope you are doing better now. If I can share with you, I was sent this video to watch, it is about a lady who had a Near death Experience and came back full of love and joy and now lives her life fearlessly and talks about the importance of uncondtional self love – no matter what is happening in your life. Her story resonated strongly with me, and gave me the strength to pick myself up after feeling so very battered this month. It might help you too , her name is Anita Moorjani and her message is one of hope. (I am unable to post the link here, but you can watch her on YouTube, just search for ‘Anita Moorjani TED talk’)

        I wish you well deblil. Sending you love and light. Regards, Jas

  55. Hanjin shipping co filed for bankruptcy on 2nd sept. Billions of dollars of cargo stuck in transit while the courts figure out how to pay the harbour fees. (North node in Virgo!!). Rippling out to other shipping companies. Doubt very much hardcore port managers will accept sweet promises in lieu of hard cash…

  56. This has threatened to be a most terrifying ordeal, from the first non eclipse eclipse through these 2 at th new and full moons, challenged with little opportunity to recover in between by “ghosts” or habitual negative energy imprints to haunt of events similar to what occurred between end of 1999 and 2003 due to them tempting me to feel defeated and doomed to repeat, to lose the little that remains from that past life of mine, however it has been the best of experiences given only a couple of supporting folk, encpuragement only, trusting me to find a way to o ervome the panic attacks and master the fear for myself. Almost there, it has been a very long and winding road home for this bee, yet I feeland hear.the humming resonance, open to seeing the steps to ne moved on. Quite strange, even for me, yet I do love a mystical adventure like most folk lol!

    • same here – im born on September the 1st and 1999 – 2003 and now 2016 have been so dark – where is the Justice – thank you so much for sharing I think you just saved my sanity – When were you born

  57. The solar eclipse conjoined my natal Chiron in my second house at exactly 9 degrees of Virgo. I can’t quite get the awakening or impact on my wounded healer.

    • Hi Georgia. Remember Chiron is not as significant as traditional planets so it is harder to detect transits to it.

  58. Hi Jamie! For me, this eclipse was…and it still is intense after a month. Much confusion. Got N.node on that degree and Saturn and Moon 1° away. The interesting thing is that on the eclipse day, my progressed Sun was at the very same eclipse degree (0° orb). What can I expect in this period?

    • Hi Madonna. I would want to see this in relation to your whole chart but see what i wrote about your stellium on Zosma. Dealing with some dark memories from the past which is causing current confusion, about who you really are and where you came from.

      • You’re right Jamie, better not to isolate one aspect and also, I noticed that every important period is marked with transits and secondary progressions combined (and never only with one of them). But in this case I was just curious about this single aspect and the meaning … It’s interesting that you said “dealing with some dark memories from the past…” because just a couple of weeks ago, transit Saturn left my 12th and entered 1st house! So the “theme song” is the same here 🙂 Besides that, now is my nodal return and my progressed Mercury (North node ruler) just entered the N. node sign. Seems like the King is coming home if I make a joke 🙂

  59. Thank you so much for this insightful page – thank god I found it – I am not an astrologer but I can completely relate to how everyone feels here – I am born on September the 1st – 1969 and in the past 12 months have endured enough to last a lifetime – but and although I cannot sense it right now – I know this is a (big) shake up into a better Self – reminds me of the fable about the frog and the scorpion

    • Hi Terina. I had not heard of this fable.
      “that what is fundamentally vicious will not change.”

      Well you are a very structured and stable person. This eclipse has activated the strongest aspect in your chart, natal Sun trine Saturn.

      • Thank you Jamie – I am an animal activist and focused on Ethics – but am too much of empath at times and have suffered because of this – frog and scorpion. Thanks : )

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