Saturn Trine Uranus Natal and Transit

Saturn Trine Uranus Transit

Saturn trine Uranus maximum orb 4°30′.

Saturn trine Uranus natal brings a harmonious blend of change and stability into your life. You can work well within the rules and regulations while enjoying personal freedoms and developing your unique creative style. You can also experiment with traditional ways of doing things and gain respect for your innovations without rocking the cart.

Parents, teachers, and then bosses will trust you with a fair amount of responsibility while at the same time giving you the freedom to do it your way. Duties that some would find tedious will keep you interested as you experiment with an ingenious way to save time or increase productivity. This talent should see you sought out to start changes in the workplace.

You would make an excellent superior or leader because you can make routine work interesting for others. You have a particular talent for working with groups and bringing together people from various backgrounds and skill sets.

You can break down very complex systems to make them more easily understood. Most importantly, you can put all the pieces back together in the same or better place. You would make a good teacher of technical subjects like engineering or computer technology, especially areas of study that combine many issues from a holistic viewpoint. Government positions would also suit your original way of addressing multi-layers systems.

You cope very well, calmly and patiently when presented with changing circumstances. You are the steady hand in times of change and will be considered for this ability. You bring order out of chaos and should be good at doing jigsaw puzzles.

Saturn Trine Uranus Transit

Saturn trine Uranus transit represents a transition phase in life. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. The change will not be as upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can be. You will stay calm and patient, planning every step methodically.

This is also a good time for experimentation and creative self-expression. You can find new ways of doing old things without rocking the boat. You could take the lead in your career to start needed changes and gain respect and recognition from your boss.

You may be given more responsibility but also be allowed enough freedom to tackle the work in your way. You can break down complex tasks into ordered segments to instruct others effectively. You would do well at learning or teaching technical subjects; even occult subjects like astrology would be more easily understood now.

This is a good transit for a group activity, and you can bring people together from very different backgrounds and keep them interested in common long-term goals.

Saturn Trine Uranus Celebrities

Joan Sutherland 0°06′, Alexander Fleming 0°07′, Bill Maher 0°23′, Tori Spelling 0°38′, Jack Brabham 0°53′, Bob Fosse 0°54′, William Henry Ireland 1°11′, Tony Abbott 1°11′, Gloria Estefan 1°13′, Barbara Hutton 1°14′, Kevin Rudd 1°17′, Eminem 1°19′, Jon-Erik Hexum 1°20′, Hugh Hefner 1°40′.

Saturn Trine Uranus Dates

December 24, 2016
May 19, 2017
November 11, 2017

March 10, 2047
June 5, 2047

January 27, 2048
August 11, 2048
December 18, 2048

July 3, 2063

69 thoughts on “Saturn Trine Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Uranus and Saturn form a grand fire trine with natal Mars in Leo. Sun is trine natal Jupiter.Jupiter is conjunct natal Pluto
    Saturn is conjunct natal moon, Venus trine natal Pluto

      • I know, I must say I like the Saturn transit. Uranus going over my Sun has been a crazy ride. I immigrated to the US, started a new life. Now is time to ground things and be more stable. Saturn going over the Moon and trine natal Mars will do. After it trines my Sun this year

        • The planets are moving in the right order for sure. I’m looking forward to more positive examples compared to the stories of fear and disappointment from Saturn square Neptune in 2016.

  2. Dear Jamie,

    What does it mean for virgos born on 9/9/1974 in 2017.?

    • Good luck, mainly in the last three months of 2017. Could be a challenging year emotionally depending on your time of birth, but you are always a stable and dependable person with Sun sextile Saturn very strong in your chart.

  3. Wow thank god I stumbled onto thos post today!

    Natal Mars conjunct Saturn at 25 degrees Leo in 12th house very close to 12 house cusp, forming a fire trine with URanus conjunct 8th house cusp and Saturn conjunct my IC in Sagittarius.

    Fire grand trine in water houses (4th, 8th and 12th).

    Relocation to other place on the horizon coming soon?

    • I’m not sure how strong or lasting any change is with relocating for a specific astrological event like solar returns or major aspects. If you have permanently moved anyway then that is different. A temporary move to take advantage of better House cusps seems like tempting fate.

      • Thanks Jamie.
        Yes, it’ll be a progressive move elsewhere. I feel blocked here where I am born and raised.
        My progressed chart does show my Sun and Jupiter in the 9th house with my Midheaven in the last degree of Cancer ♋ moving into Leo ♌ next year, so I do see an opening for that to happen.
        Do you do consultations? If so, perhaps can let me know your rates please?
        I just love how sharp and crisp you get to the nitty gritty of each configuration and moon phases.

        • Sorry Donny, having an extended break from doing readings. Answering quick questions is fine for now. I hated the pressure of time limits and people nagging me so will wait until at least all the kids are in high school before trying again.

  4. I know that you don’t put pictures up for the aspects, but I think it would be nice to add a picture for this transit. Especially as it seems like it will be like a breakthrough energy, after what we’ve all been through cosmically this year. It’s up to you, but it would be nice to have a picture and I think that it will make the article more eye-catching. ????

    • I just had a flash of something like bright lights when I read your comment. Maybe I will stumble upon something. I do like the aspect images because there is some kind of magic in the symbols.

    • Hi Jamie, for a Aquarian(Decan 1)- Ascendant Cancer(Decan 3) with Moon sextile Uranus at 1’37”, Mercury square Uranus at 1’47”, Mars opposite Saturn at 0’05”, Jupiter square Uranus at 0’40”, Saturn opposite Neptune at 7’21” and Uranus square ascendant at 5’33” what can i expect career-wise in 2016-17 in respect to this transit?

      • Saturn sextile Uranus transit Jan to Oct 2017

        Saturn trine Moon transit 11 Dec 2017

        Saturn square MC transit 26 Dec 2017

  5. So optimistic and worth waiting aspect especially after the repeatedly Uranus Pluto squares… hopefully transiting Uranus trine my natal moon (which natally conjuncts Uranus) and transiting Jupiter (exact trine my natal Jupiter) will bring some kind of reward to my Capricornish half abandoned confidence 🙂 🙂 (08/01/86 Athens Greece 12:50 pm)

      • Thanks for the reply!! it’s January 8. So far it’s like breaking a mirror every 7 years!! hahahah

        • Wow Effie, so many extremely tight (therefore strong) aspects. Especially Mercury conjunct Neptune by less than one minute. Nice chart.

          • Thank you Jamie! Yes ,my sun/moon midpoint is also placed there, Crowded degree!

  6. I hope you are correct about this one. I have Uranus square Mars in my natal. When Uranus conjunct Saturn occurred, this was like the four horsemen of the apocalypse were loosed.

  7. I have natal saturn sextile uranus in chart. how this will affect me plus will this transit lessen effects of saturn square neptune?
    will saturn square neptune continue somehow in 2017 thanx

    • Saturn trine Uranus makes no aspects to your chart at all.

      The final Saturn Neptune square is September 10 this year so Saturn trine Uranus will totally replace it as the major influence in the sky.

  8. This transit will trine my natal Pluto at 26 degrees Leo in the second house, should I be worried?

  9. Hello Jamie,
    My birthday falls right on the “Saturn trine Uranus” date – Dec 24, 1974.
    What may it mean for me this year, which by the way has been a very eventful year so far….
    Appreciate your response.

    • Very significant because this is also your solar return chart. Everything in that chart stays active for 12 months for you.

      • Thank you very much, Jamie. Can I please ask which areas in my life is this transit going to effect? And also, how do you see the outcomes to be? I’m currently going through a drastic change in the family life. I am wondering what would the final outcome be. Appreciate your insights. Regards.

        • Your energy levels, sex drive and goal-directed energy. With natal Mars conjunct Neptune at 10 Sagittarius on fixed star Antares you have been affected by the Saturn conjunct this degree.

          Soon you have Neptune conjunct Jupiter transit because you have Jupiter at 12 Pisces. So you also have natal Mars square Jupiter and Jupiter square Neptune.

          • Thank-you, Jamie. Sounds like a lot of activity in my chart in coming weeks. If I may ask, how does this activity impact my career and family life? Are there any indications of reconciliation with my wife during this time?
            Appreciate your help, Jamie.

  10. At last, someone addressing this transit. I’ve been waiting. Because it lacks cataclysmic apocalyptic destructive magnitude it goes unnoticed?

  11. Thank you very much for a reply back, Jamie.
    I’m very passionate about these desires. Would do anything in my power to bring the family back and to have the career to provide the best for them.
    During this astral period with all the current transits, anything I should be doing or not doing to help me make my passion become reality?
    I appreciate your help and support, Jamie.

    • This same area in your chart is in play for the next few months. So research these natal aspects as you can learn a lot about this part of your makeup and fix things you don’t like:

      Mars conjunct Neptune
      Mars square Jupiter
      Mars sextile Pluto
      Jupiter square Neptune

      • Thank you very much, Jamie. I really appreciate it.
        I will definitely research these aspects and I will keep you posted as to how the next few months play out for me.
        Best Regards

  12. hi Jamie….I have my natal moon in 23 degree aries….and it sextile with my natal venus in aqu 19 and trine my Neptune at 1 cap…can you please put some light on this…???I am thinking of commiting some one…as in marriage…so what do you think..???

    • Transiting Uranus on your Moon means a big once in a lifetime change in relationships. Given such good aspects to your Moon I would say go with your instincts.

  13. Hi Jamie
    I hope and wish for the same that you find time to answer my question as saturn uranus trine is looming large in my horoscope in 2017.

    Transiting uranus will trine my natal saturn- uranus conjunction in sag at 29-28 degrees, also trine juno at 29 in leo, opposite moon-vesta conjunction in libra at 27-28 degrees and quinqux cupid in virgo at 29. I also have my descendant at 0 degree taurus.

    Can you please answer as to how will this transit affect me overall. Thanx.

  14. Hi Jaime — I have Saturn trine Uranus and Saturn retrograde in my natal chart and also sag at 21 degrees which is the retrograde degrees for this year. I thought this year 2017 might mark better stars / eclipses after the crazy last few years. Is it going to be another 15/16 year? Or are things looking better? Red. 12/13/1973

    • Maybe it means exposing and healing of old or festering wounds ?

  15. Ok something good to look forward to..

    transiting saturn conjunct natal uranus exactly @ 20 Sag 1st house,
    transiting uranus (5th House) trine natal uranus
    transiting venus (3rd house) sextile natal uranus
    transiting jupiter (11th house) sextile natal uranus.

    i have a uranus square jupiter (4th house) aspect in my natal so saturn is restricting that otherwise it looks amazing..

    creativity, love, communication, associations all looks positive

  16. Nice article about this trine Jaime. I have it nataly too and this time Saturn will be conjunct my moon in sag. I am not afraid for this Saturn transit, but I can imagine Uranus will bring some air there, what do you think?

    Be Well!

  17. Personally, I find it difficult to see positives with Uranus Saturn. I admit many brilliant, even geniuses are born in Aquarius. The amazingly accurate Frenchman Georges Muchery on Uranus: A sad and impetuous old man meditates. Cruel and selfish, filled with ideas of strength and power, the father of Saturn reflects on his lost virility, his wasted life, his moral and physical loneliness. A cruel despot. It brings good or bad, usually transitory. According to Idries Shah, a well know Sufi writing in the 1950’s60’s, Uranus is an evil magician who creates spectacular events to relieve boredom and distract us from finding our true selves (computers.devices.internet). Aquarius is a winter sign. Communism, Nazism, the new SJW’s are about suppressing the individual will (Leo) and molding it into a combined unit. All untruthful ideas that are transitory.That is the fruit of Uranus. There is no positive bent to Uranus. It must have some beneficial effect, yet to appear. The most important transit of 2017 is Saturn moving into Capricorn to meet up with Pluto. Shudder.

    • the big ben Time. pluto do I want your time or your money.
      choices. We have an antigue store called Its About Time.
      So many interpretations. Time is money. But if I become clear that changes my journey or if we the mass. Pluto clears the decks.
      What if the wealthy barons give more time money realizing time is running out. We ve had so many fires and determination willingness to rebuild those structures. How bout that one. Earthquakes forecast.

  18. I have a trine between Uranus at 14 Leo and Saturn at 19 Sagitarius.
    “Government positions would also suit your original way of addressing multi-layer systems.”
    So what do you think, Jamie?
    Shall I quietly rule the world with my creative Spirit?

  19. This trine occurs with Uranus conjunct my descendant and moving to square my natal Saturn at 28Cap, thus transit saturn is semisextile himself. Natal Uranus is 22Leo, so a wide quincunx Saturn at 28Cap…I really dont do Uranusor Mars transits that well, im quite a harmonious disposition so the dynamic influence of Uranus, especially through Aries, to relax and reduce anxiety has been a full time job, now with the Saturn affect, feeling tense is an understatement, its like I relax everything, next minute my shoulders are up under my ears and neck upper back is rock hard, feel like I imagine “Atlas” mustve felt…in all honesty I cant seem to find what to do to work with it, Saturn and Uranus are such a complete contradiction that in stressed aspect, its like the hare is taunting the tortoise and the tortoise just keeps stepping on his foot…confusing but ethically so…what the ?

  20. I have a natal Uranus-Saturn trine. I am surprised by how this energy is playing out this month.

    The story goes back 25 years to when I first met my friend K. At that time, she was a Unity minister. On May 19, 1992, she met a woman, C, at a retreat for women in the ministry. They became close friends and K was wondering about the possibility of forming a combined ministry with her friend C. She asked me to have a look at their natal charts and tell me what I thought.

    It was Halloween evening 1993 when I first looked at the charts. I was blown away by what I saw. Yes. Definitely, they were a team and would function well in a combined ministry. But what took my breath away was the way my natal chart fit into a pattern with theirs.

    My Cancer Ascendant is conjunct C’s Sun and K’s Moon. C’s Ascendant is conjunct my Moon and K’s Ascendant is conjunct my Sun. My North Node is conjunct K and C’s composite North Node.

    I was fascinated by the way we seemed to mirror each other’s energy, as well as by the precision with which the nodes aligned. I had a deep impression that there was a divine plan that we had all agreed to before birth with these two in a team ministry and me in the role of wayshower.

    This astonished me, as my friend, K, was an accomplished, successful, professional woman and I was a little ol’ nobody.

    I strongly encouraged K to join forces with C, but although K and C maintained a close friendship over the years, they each continued to lead separate career paths. In the years that K and I were friends, she left the Unity church, went back to school to study comparative religion, and became a Unitarian Universalist minister.

    As the years passed, I still felt convinced that K and C would one day form a team and that I was instrumental to their ministry. Even when K and I argued and stopped communicating, I still felt sure that one day our “great mission” would manifest.

    In recent years, this conviction has died away. It has been a long time since I’ve communicated with K. I feel resentful towards her, with absolutely no desire to rekindle our friendship.

    So, imagine my surprise when I received guidance instructing me to begin compiling information to send to K. I looked at her chart. How amazing! Transiting Pluto is now at 19 Capricorn, conjunct K’s natal North Node and opposite her natal Uranus at 19 Cancer, indicating a major transformation. In her Progressed chart, the Moon is opposite her natal Sun, indicating a time of culmination. And her Progressed Saturn is conjunct my natal Jupiter-Neptune. With her Progressed Saturn now conjunct my natal Neptune, it is time for her to bring form to my visions.

    This month’s Saturn-Uranus trine falls on May 19. K and C first met on May 19. According to Gary Goldschneider, May 19 is The Day of Heartfelt Persuasion: “May 19 people can well find inspiration in books or in works of art but until they meet a flesh-and-blood figure who takes an interest in them, they may be confused as to how they can best utilize their talents, or take their place in society.” Apparently, I am the flesh-and-blood figure who has taken an interest in K and C.

    When K and C first met, in May 1992, Uranus was in Capricorn semi-sextile Saturn in Aquarius. In K’s natal chart, she has a 108 degree tredecile aspect between Uranus and Saturn. According to Robert Wilkinson, the 108 aspect is a mythological “Sacred number” symbolizing Divine Mother energy…”a very special type of unique energy that complements whatever uniqueness, gifts, or specialized quintessence are occurring at the moment in a situation.”…The tredecile involves “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for” and “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.”

    It looks like my job is to compile information for K and drop it into her lap so that she can make her discovery “by accident”!!!

    My guidance assures me that it is okay for me to feel angry with K. Indeed, it is necessary and helpful because otherwise I would allow her to dominate the relationship and that is not what is needed at this time.

    A fortunate thing is that K, born in 1954, has recently retired. She is no longer working for a pay check. That gives her freedom she did not have when we were close friends.

    After all these years, it is surprising to watch my vision from so long ago begin to take form.

    • Notice all the triangles and global images in this youtube video:

      Demi Lovato–Confident: Demi Lovato sings Confident on the 2016 Honda Civic Tour

      • What do you wish to bring into the world?

        youtube video:
        Classical Music for Babies Brain Development Beethoven Piano Relaxing Music for Children

        • Do you have 20/20 vision? What will happen when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in 2020?

          youtube video: Lady Gaga — Telephone ft. Beyounce

          • Or would you prefer this one?

            Telephone — The Office Version (Lady Gaga and Beyounce Spoof)

  21. I have a vision of a narrow path leading through the 2020 Saturn-Pluto shortages to a Golden Age for humanity. This is what the Uranus-Saturn trine means to me. For me, a pathway is a beautiful thing to see, but I don’t get the feeling that my visions resonate well with Jamie. A narrow path is not for everyone and pointing it out does not make one popular. I think it is time to say good-bye to Jamie so as not to let him drag my energy down.

    • In 1978 I wrote something upon awakening about
      Churches churches churches
      Steeples Steeples
      The way is long and the path is narrow
      i grow weary and my fear is i will fall off.
      If I do where will I go then
      Who will I see then
      What will i be then
      I was assured the bible sactions the narrow path.

  22. Saturn trine Uranus falls in my chart and my birthday is November 11. What does this mean for me? Since 2013 my world has been rough: emotionally, physically, psychologically, professionally, financially. Saturn travelling through Scorpio has been eye opening. There have been many transitions and changes and growth but it still seems there is crisis after crisis and very little peace. Will this start to clear the air towards a calmer season?

    • @ Kate would love to hear a response as well. My birthday is 11/11/61. Your description sounds like my experiences for some years now. ????

    • Wow my birthday is on the 10th however I’ve been experiencing the similar since 2013.

  23. Was all set to go to an art gallery on the day Saturn trine natal Uranus was exact, then my friend called me the day before and said she would like to buy me a Tibetan astrology workshop for my birthday so my plans suddenly changed.

  24. I have this in my natal. I do bring different people together.
    Tech. Not so much.
    Uranus cancer, saturn scorpio. Jupiter cancer.
    Pisces sun.
    I enjoy doing different.
    Uranus in seventh. Saturn tenth.

  25. ‘This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly.’ Yes, Jamie! I’m quite chuffed. I have taken to the law bigtime, and demanded that certain overbearing toerags [sic] respect my rights. I cite statutes and their rules, leases, principles of decency, etc. with calm authority. I have even set off a police investigation of ‘account acquisition fraud’. And boy am I a hand at turning out the coldly reasoned letter to authorities who have not jumped to do their jobs. Slowly but surely, the brigands, thieves and unentitled wielders of authority have fallen silent, gobslapped. Saturn is now 2 degrees past the exact trine with Uranus. This has been a long process of frenetic research in areas I am not trained in, my determination has never frayed, and crystal-clear insights piled high. Transiting Saturn in the early degrees of Aquarius has been a rigorus and inspiring teacher. I am hugely grateful to the Universe for my liberation from injustice, oppression, fear and anger. I’m serious when I say that I feel like another, much stronger person.

  26. What are your thoughts on my natal Cardinal Grand Cross 4/7/56 have recently realized have, please? TY so much!

  27. My Uranus is in the 7H and Saturn transiting my 11H, I feel these changes are coming in for my relationships and how I show up and what I expect to show up for me. It’s nice to have an easy aspect coming into play after Sun opposite Neptune and Pluto Opposite Jupiter and a few other powerhouse aspects ripping my life apart, gathering me all the enemies. Its been a terrible time for the Virgo Suns of the world these past few years. If you have a virgo in your life please go hug them and tell them you love them. Its been hard.

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