Mars Square Neptune Natal and Transit

Mars Square Neptune Transit

Mars square Neptune maximum orb 3°30′.

Mars square Neptune natal brings bravery and glamour but also intrigue and scandal. You must express your strong desires by fighting for some worthy cause. And you do it through your actions. Traditional public standards do not bind your passions; hence there is sometimes scandal, yet you draw on a strong faith to march into battle.

Discouragement is something you do have to fight. After a loss or disappointment, it is important not to be hard on yourself. But don’t blame someone either. Wait until you calm down, then think rationally about why things did not turn out as you had hoped. It is possible there was a misunderstanding or that you simply imagined a different outcome.

Talking about people behind their backs must be avoided. This aspect can create suspicion already, so you must make an extra effort, to be honest, and appear honest. Stay far away from gossip, lies, deceit, and treachery.

It is also very important to have faith in yourself. When you feel scared, weak, and vulnerable, it is critically important to trust that things will be okay. I know this is easier said than done, and it will take practice. You have to learn self-confidence. That will give you the courage to stand your ground and not be the victim.

Mars Square Neptune Transit

Mars square Neptune transit brings low energy, suspicion, deceit, lies, and scandal. It is normal to feel weak and discouraged under this confusing influence. Guilt is also possible, and you may recall hurting someone in the past. It is important not to let such negative feelings lead to self-defeat or even self-harm.

Yes, you must recognize and admit to yourself any uncomfortable things but work through them or seek professional help. You are low on energy and recuperative powers, so it is critical that you face things and then move on.

Other possible scenarios come through relationships with others. There is a tendency to be suspicious and paranoid, jealous or vindictive. You must avoid the temptation to act against others due to such confused motivations. Even if there is some truth to the rumors or suspicions, treachery, deceitful or subversive actions will most likely come back to bite you in the ass.

On the other hand, you may be the victim of gossip, scandal, slander, or deceit. Be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. This especially applies to matters of the heart because your passionate desires may not accurately reflect the reality of the situation. This is not the time to be making the first move either.

Don’t let your fears or imagination get the better of you. Do not take on any extra work or new projects. Mind your own business and use up this confusing energy in creative projects that need inspiration and imagination, not sustained physical effort. Hypochondria is possible, and your immune defenses may be compromised. Best to get any symptoms checked out just to be safe.

Mars Square Neptune Celebrities

Kylie Jenner 0°03′, Andy Warhol 0°05′, Louise, Princess Royal 0°09′, William McKinley 0°13′, Edward, Duke of Kent 0°13′, Dakota Johnson 0°14′, Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf 0°15′, Tama Janowitz 0°18′, Ian Charleson 0°19′, Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor 0°24′, Antero Alli 0°24′, Josh Homme 0°27′, Marguerite Yourcenar 0°27′, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester 0°31′, Tori Spelling 0°37′, Ronnie and Reggie Kray 0°37′, Mark Knopfler 0°39′, Ever Carradine 0°40′, Henry VIII 0°40′, George Moscone 0°44′, Britney Spears 0°45′, Alexander the Great 0°50′, Zac Efron 0°57′, Temple Grandin 1°00′, Evonne Goolagong Cawley 1°00′, Demi Moore 1°10′, James Degorski 1°12′, Barbara Streisand 1°15′, Ivan Lendl 1°31′, Steve Irwin 1°51′.

Mars Square Neptune Transit Dates

October 12, 2022
November 19, 2022
March 14, 2023
December 28, 2023
September 3, 2024
December 15, 2015
August 17, 2026
November 30, 2027
August 2, 2028
November 15, 2029

38 thoughts on “Mars Square Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Important for me with this sesquiquadrate (<), to step out being heroic!

    (I feel deeply tired!).

    Wonderful day this day!

    Thankyou, as always, Jamie!


  2. Great article!

    I’ve read that Mars square Neptune is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice!


  3. I am one of those Aprendiz de Brujo. I do my will and end crying. Though, I do not seem to understand -thus not always follow- God´s Will (seem to be blind, just like th gravatar I had, with dark lenses).

    Not easy for me to see and to be open. Always tight ti the past. Though, changing (Gott Sei Dank!).


  4. I like the way you exlore this aspect in the post. I have this, as if Mars in Pisces wasn’t enough, but it’s a wide square. What orbs do you use for this, Jamie?

  5. Aha, ok, mine is wider still, 8 degrees. I’d call it a background influence really; but a look at my relationships with men and how it’s a big deal for me to keep my energy focused would convince anyone that I do need to take it into account. Definitely gets better when one is committed to a spiritual path; still, it’s not one of the ‘easy’ ones…

  6. OMG!

    I have had all reasons to fight for the poor, the children, the vulnerable. Maybe, it´s time to row for me.

    I have been so, sooo, right. I am more ready to accept. Maybe I am right, now (maybe not so right, then).

    I see myself so much in the Yo Soy#132. I was rigid like they are. I wanted to change the world. I would be critic. I would work so much. I would find the black bean in the whole wite rice.

    They are almost alone (like a feel now… yes! the day Jamie!). So lonely, looding friends and supporters. They do not agree with anything! They just don´t want it the way it is.

    Yesterday night, at the meeting, I saw this with so much clarity! Some acquaintances and I just walked away… really. I know what a victim is and do not feel like playing once again the same roll.

    Oh, God, do I feel tired!

    Maybe, for once, ready to commit with construction. Not with destruction, as I did all my life!



  7. I have mars 12 cancer H12 square neptune16 libra H4- by 3 degrees

    Uranus is conjunct mars 10 cancer- but I think orb is too wide for uranus square neppy

    I have always been ‘chameleon like’ in my appearance & can easily morph into different ‘looks’


  8. Does that mean Mars is square Neptune now? Wasn’t Venus conjunct or sth?? Mars is my spouse indicator in Indian astrology, and it has some afflictions in my chart, but lot of afflictions on Mercury, lord of my Indian scope ascendant and in partner house 7th with Venus. To me, men are from Venus and women are from Mars. I’m a contra character. My latest book links Neandertal to Native American language, and traces Neandertal language heritage across Eurasia via new look at gendered language, and how tonal agglutinative languages evolved and created massive conflicts. See for articles. Druidess. I also put up a new understanding of Maya writing for 2012, it has a facebook page. ‘Maya phonetic writing’. By the way, thanks for fixed star chart, it’s a new era in understanding for me, slowly researching the stars. In my Indian astrology, I’m in a phase starting around age 50 of finally fulfilling my life’s goals and dreams over these six years since a year or two ago. It seems to be happening, including Mars / spouse, I hope. Secret. Now Saturn’s in Scorpio, wow! Sun’s on my ascendant. I feel it’s a very special time. And the elections, everything happening… Gods bless us to make the most of this time in the world!!

  9. You CANNOT blame Henry the 8th ‘s personality entirely on his health. Very odd , especially on an astrology website !!!!!

  10. I have natal mars square neptune exact, fixed, first house mars Leo, 4th neptune scorpio. People get wrong impressions of me and I don’t know about it. I suspect, but never really know. I come across poorly sometimes. I am spiritually motivated, play cello, have nice hair,and multiple sclerosis.

    • You put this aspect very well Marge. I have Mars square Neptune but at 5 degrees orb. I also have health problems affecting iron in blood, nerves and muscles.

      Most astrologers, even me look at the psychological side of things today. But I totally disagree with this hippie belief among psychological astrologers than behavior and psychology are to blame for health problems. Health problems affect our behavior beyond doubt.

  11. I have this one one too, natally. Mars in Aries in 4th square CAp neptune in 1st, mars squaring also my cancer moon in 7th. Both sqares are within 3 orb. So I also have moon opposing neptune. It’s a tough triangle, but I have to say I personaly feel mars to moon square more then this one..

  12. How long will we feel the effect of this transit?
    Thanks Jamie

  13. my dob April 11th 1986, 1:10am india, going through problem in job n marriage. how will rest of year be.

    • The problem for the lat year has been the last two lunar eclipses at 4 Aries and 4 Libra square your Mars Neptune conjunction at 5 Capricorn.

      Better times ahead, especially for marriage with September 1 solar eclipse trine your Moon Venus conjunction.

  14. Hi Jamie,

    How close do the planets have to be to each other in both natal and transit charts. Uncomfortable aspect.

    • You will get a different answer from every astrologer you ask. I use a one degree or for transits and up to four degrees for natal for this aspect. I increase orbs for conjunctions, squares and oppositions, but reduce orbs for outer planets like Neptune. The it depends on the whole chart. After reading the descriptions of all the aspects in your chart you will be the best judge on what orbs to use.

  15. EDIT SUGGESTION: Under monthly horoscope, it says November 13th will have a Mars Square Neptune transit. Correction, there will be a Mercury Square Neptune transit on that day.

  16. You are SO on the money with this…I have this in my natal & it fits to a T..With Mars in H12- secret enemies complete the picture in a glamour industry

  17. Does this refer to transiting Mars in Cancer square natal Neptune in Libra? 2 degrees apart

  18. I have mars conjunct Uranus in Cancer in the 4th house square Neptune in Libra in the 6th. Food allergies – immune problems and have had been deceived in relationships. Better now – married with Saturn in the 7th –

  19. I am experiencing T Neptune sq N Mars, in the 12th, exact 12/04/21, all year long, plus T Mars sguares T Neptune on the 5th.
    Already feeling very tired, sleeping alot. Being badly cheated by a company. Trying hard to stand up for myself and the truth, this affects my credt, but I will not get the help I need, with this negative transit bringing in deceit, lies, illusion and disolusion. Wish l could just go to bed and wake up in Dec/22!

  20. o meu marte e em touro ou seja preguiçoso e tem quadratura com netuno preguiçoso e confuso

  21. Great info, Jamie. Thank you! I’m dreading this square that will straddle my Gemini Rising with Neptune conjunct my Natal Moon in Pisces. Forewarned is forearmed!

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