Lunar Eclipse 16 September 2016 Warmonger

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 AstrologyThe lunar eclipse on Friday 16 September 2016 is at 24 degrees Pisces, right in the middle of Pisces decan 3. The lunar eclipse September 2016 astrology is angry and complex but with options to channel your energy toward love and creativity. A willingness to be daring and make changes will help you move past the anger and onto the exciting possibilities.

September 2016 lunar eclipse adds warmongering to the fearmongering of the September 1 solar eclipse. Open mindedness and the desire to love different things can overcome the guilt and fear caused in your personal life by Saturn square Neptune.

Likewise, some minor adjustments like tolerance and empathy can lead to surprisingly fast resolutions to conflicts at the global level. Otherwise, lunar eclipse September 2016 square Mars will see new wars, worsening wars and wars within wars.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like any full moon, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on relationships of all kinds. The September 16 lunar eclipse itself has a relationship to the previous moon phase, the September 1 solar eclipse. Projects started then can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. However, this is a work in progress and will continue until the next series of eclipses in February 2017. The lunar eclipse can also be seen as an emotional adjustment, or compliment, to the themes of the solar eclipse.

As the Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse so an objective and balanced look at personal relationships is possible. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. With a lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 Astrology

The September 16 lunar eclipse acts as a companion or counterbalance to the September 1 solar eclipse. Together they make up an eclipse phase which lasts into February 2017. Lunar eclipse September 2016 square Mars means you have had enough of the fearmongering, lies and propaganda highlighted by the September 1 solar eclipse. You will feel like it’s time to fight back against a year of worry, guilt and depression caused by Saturn square Neptune.

The combined impact of the Sun square Mars and Moon square Mars brings simmering anger to the surface so care is required to avoid being hurt or causing harm. Both the anger and any potential pain is emotional but may also be felt physically by you or another. Tests of character can come from your competitors or enemies, at home and at work. Courage is needed to face what is making you feel threatened.

You may already be irritable and impatience, and likely to react to any provocation or threats with aggression. This buildup of anger, resentment or sexual frustration needs to be channeled constructively to avoid conflict, accidents, muscle pain or exhaustion. They key to handling this quick anger is to release your frustrations in a controlled manner. Exercise, masturbation or hard work are preferred so long as you don’t push too hard and strain something.

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 Astrology

Don’t release you lunar eclipse energies through Mars by lashing out against the system. There is another way to react against the solar eclipse theme of fear and guilt. The frustration and anger of Mars can instead be channeled into passionate desires, creativity and fun. In the lunar eclipse September 2016 astrology chart above, follow the blue lines from Mars to Venus opposite Uranus. Although this opposition is another source of stress and tension, the friendly blue aspects bring many opportunities to resolve conflict and turn fear, anger and sadness into fun, love and excitement.

Venus opposite Uranus brings excited anticipation about love but stems from some underlying upset and tension with loved ones. This is closely linked to the anger and resentment arising in relationships due to the lunar eclipse square Mars. This potentially explosive mix can be safely defused by seeking change or excitement in the bedroom, on the Internet or through some type of amusement, entertainment or diversion.

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 Opportunities

Mars trine Uranus allows you to let your hair down and take a few risks. You will be presented with many unique opportunities to experience new activities, feelings and relationships. Your instincts will be strong and accurate, so taking extra risks at this time should pay off.  Your sex drive and physical attractiveness will also enjoy a boost. This will match your increased desire for excitement and sex, so finding a willing partner comes easier than at other times.

Venus sextile Mars is the perfect blend of sexuality and affection makes you look and feel sexy. You can be confident and assertive in chasing your desires without appearing threatening to others. This is an ideal time for dating because of your suave and playful nature. Your are likely to attract someone as sensual and sexy as you feel. Your creative talents are highlighted and your charm and increased popularity make gaining support much easier than at other times.

Sun quincunx Uranus along with Moon quincunx Venus represent subtle changes or alternations, needed at times to keep things from getting out of control. There is a lot of volatile, spontaneous energy in this lunar eclipse so care must be taken not to let your engine overheat. Even if you channel your frustrations and try to follow the harmonious blue aspects, the tension of the squares and oppositions will continue to rise.

After a gradual buildup of energy, a tipping point will be reached. Experimentation, open-mindedness and empathy can lead to a breakthrough or solution and balance will be restored. If not, then a loss of temper will also release the electric energy but result in two steps back instead of one step forward. This step will be much easier if you remain flexible or are a creative person.

If you are bossed around at work or feel constrained or tied down at home, then some adjustments may be needed to make this lunar eclipse work for you. A degree of personal freedom and tolerance from others is needed. This will allow you to express your true self through little changes here and there. By the same token, be aware that other will be looking for some affirmation that you do take notice of them.

Fixed star Markeb at 23°43′ Pisces conjunct the lunar eclipse gives riches and honor but also operations and injuries from cuts, blows, stabs and fire. The key to dealing with this star is self-mastery and being happy with what you have. This is the quiet, unassuming, untroubled true master, compared to the embattled, imprisoned, pathetic pretender to mastery. Markeb square Mars means you should not lust after what others have. If your desires are just and honorable then you may be surprised with true love after all.

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 Visibility

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 VisibilityIf Lunar Eclipse September 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse September 1 2016
Next Moon Phase: New Moon September 30 2016

Lunar Eclipse September 2016 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
September 16 – 12:05 pm
September 16 – 3:05 pm
September 16 – 8:05 pm
September 17 – 12:35 am
September 17 – 5:03 am

129 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 16 September 2016 Warmonger

  1. Hi Jamie, my ex broke up w me on March 8th, you you think these eclipse might change his mind and reconsile? He’s mar 16, ’78 5:07pm. This lands on his sun which makes a bunch of aspects to other planets too. I’ve been so bummed the past few months 🙁

  2. I’m 29 degrees pisces. How that eclipse is going affect 3rd decan pisces? ??

    • Hi Dianna. basically what I wrote applies directly to you. A five degree orb is technically a bit wide but you will still feel it. The effect on your decan will be mentioned in your monthly horoscope.

  3. Hi Jamie, the sun will be 3 degrees after the birth Uranus, Saturn is trine birth Saturn and the moon will be during eclise 3 degrees of a sextil with the birth moon. What do you think about this transits during moon eclise, moon in 9 house. thanks from Brazil

    • Hi Migberr. Any unsettling effect from Uranus change will be smoothed out bu your Saturn trine. The same applies emotionally with the Moon sextile. You can enjoy the thrills and excitement of Sun conjunct Uranus transit for six months without being a rebel or causing chaos. The best of any changes in yourself and your situation will become long term positive attributes. Changes aimed at building a family come to mind.

  4. Sun and Mercury conjunct natal Saturn.Venus is quite sexy, conjunct natal Pluto.Mars is conjunct natal Moon and Neptune. Plus Mars and Uranus form grand fire trine with natal Mars in Leo. Last but not least, Moon is conjunct natal Mercury and Jupiter is trine natal Venus

  5. My natal Mars is 24 Pisces. Uh oh. My biggest thing right now is not just all the anxiety which started in March, which is still bad, but the physical health stuff – its getting worse it feels like and its very scary. Could this eclipse help me instead of hinder me? DOB April 11, 1962 1:20 pm Vancouver Canada.

      • Hi Jamie. Its always so telling to read your insights here. my 8th house had been totally overhauled by the uranus pluto square, and the current saturn neptune square means I have to prove my worth to have credibility.

        I’m not so thrilled; most most of my chart is aspected…family life & parenting have been fairly protected.

        natal pluto 22 virgo conjunct 28 uranus virgo 1st…opposite mars 24 pisces, 27 chiron…7th

        these are sextile / trine neptune 26 scorpio neptune…3rd

        my sun is 20 aquarius 6th (conjunct vesta, pholus) so sextile uranus now (north node conjunct part of fortune is 20 degrees aries).

        I’m at post grad (study therapy) but also moving to fine art again. This eclipse will see jupiter transiting my uranus conjunct pallas (1st). Its really an intense year…(I’m 10.02.1968, 7.37 pm), my jupiter return is through 1st, (square cancer moon 10th)

        My partnership is straining, mostly devoid of creativity & joy or real freedom,as it has been for years and I’m concerned b/c venus will be transiting/ conjunct my sth node (2nd), mars will aspect my sun, own mars / pluto …pluto now is conjunct my venus 5th…someone who matters very much, I avoided, I’m wanting to face yet involves hard truth. Would appreciate any direction / ideas from you; throwing myself into work / study? I know I’m going to deal with it via work anyway…

        • Hi Eve. The important thing to take from this series of eclipse is lunar eclipse conjunct Mars, trine Neptune, opposite Pluto. So research:

          Sun conjunct Mars transit
          Sun trine Neptune transit
          Sun opposite Pluto transit

          The major transit affecting you comes from Saturn trine Uranus, with:

          Uranus sextile Sun transit Apr 2016 to Feb 2017
          Saturn sextile Sun transit 02 Jan 2017

          Follow your passionate desires and be comfortable being more selfish than usual.

          • Dear Jamie thank you for your advice, it is very appreciated. I have become involved with a charity holding art sessions for people who have suffered trauma. somehow I will fit time in there for my own work, people who matter. I hope your health concerns have cleared up and you are happier.

  6. Hi Jamie, this Sun going to conjuct my fortuna at 24 virgo. What will happen? When Jupiter crossed my fortuna at 24 I attended a meditation and mindfulness course. It was short but effects are long lasting. My DoB is 27/7/1972, Jaffna, Sri Lanka at 8:47pm. Thank you

    • I think you would have a better idea than me Dana. Think of Part of Fortune as representing the happiness of your soul.

  7. Hi Jamie.

    I wonder a lot regarding this eclipse because it will happen exactly on Vertex-Anti Vertex axis.
    I know a lot of astrologers don’t consider the Vx. But lets see this time …

    Sun conj Vx
    Moon conj Chiron and Anti Vx.

    What do you think ?

  8. Hi Jamie, this lunar eclipse is trine my Sun at 24 Cancer and the September 1 solar eclipse is conjunct my venus at 6 degrees Virgo and square my moon at 12 degrees Sagittarius. How do think these eclipses and Saturn square Neptune will affect my love life in the coming 6 months, Thanks Dana

    • Overall it should be a positive effect on your love life. Saturn square Neptune has finished hurting your Venus but still have some impact ahead on your Moon, so some emotional confusion or sadness ahead. You know I have Moon at 11 Virgo and have been feeling fine so far this year. Anyway, sounds good to me, best of luck.

      • Thanks Jamie! Appreciate your kind words..

        I am hopeful of some positive developments with the Saturn trine Uranus starting December. The first trine at
        20’36 forms an exact grand fire trine with my Mercury at 20’35 Leo. My Saturn is at 28’55” Leo and
        hence hoing that the second and third Uranus/Saturn trine will help me too though the orb is 2-3 degrees . What do you think?

        Neptune wrecked havoc on my relationships for the past 3 years with my ASC at 3 degree virgo and Venus at 6 degree Virgo!

        Thanks Again,

        • Aty lessdt you didnlt have to deal with Saturn square Neptune for those. i have Moon at 11 Virgo. I still think the second and third ones will have a positive impact despite the wider orb. Mainly because that part of your chart has already been hit off by the first trine, so is more sensitive. You could narrow down the timing by finding exact dates for each transiting planet.

  9. Exactly! Few days after i read this article, that is today, i came across an article entitled (A war within a war) In Syria’s war Kurdish fighters have begun to fight Syrian army. So there you have it.

  10. Hi Jamie , luv the way u give different perception and way of dealing w/ these intense energies. wat would U suggest best antidotes with dealin with mars conj saturn (a whole yr transit for me) and ones jup opposes their sun?

  11. My Chiron is 24 Pisces, how will this affect me?

    3rd Sept 1966

    Have already had sooo much happen the last few years!

  12. This eclipse looks big in my chart. It conjuncts my Ascendant. Mars is on my Midheaven being trined by Uranus. While Saturn is trine my mercury in leo and Mercury is square my jupiter in Gemini. Pluto is also trine my pluto. Something is brewing I’m not sure what. Its making me apprehensive. Any Ideas? should I buy lotto, lol!

    • Hi Cindy. A lunar eclipse on AC usually means relationship issues ahead. Uranus trine Mars on your MC sounds excellent. It will be giving you a quick and accurate intuition so go with what you feel, don’t hesitate.

      • Thank you Jamie for your reply. Jupiter has moved already in to my 7th house, so relationship issues are highlighted, now I just have to work out which one? LOL. Learning to not over think things is key, thank you. Must trust that it will all work out. (my underlying fear was that I may lose my job as it is a time bomb right now- not that I care about it, just I want to be the one to decide when to go- its more about having a financial support) However money may come from relationships. Hmmm. Will listen to my heart. Take care.

  13. Hi Jamie, hope you’re well. My date of birth is 7/27/1988 and my ascendant is 23 degrees Virgo. Could you please let me know how this eclipse will affect me? I’m a but worried as it is almost exactly conjunct my DC, even though I do not have a relationship. What can I expect?

    • It will focus your attention on relationships it also aspects the configuration in your chart hindering healthy relationships. You have Venus opposite Saturn conjunct Uranus. This lunar eclipse will square this opposition. So it sounds like you have this opposition square your AC/DC, or relationship axis. Sounds like time to get to the bottom of this painful area of your chart. The orbs are not terribly tight with Venus opposite Saturn at over 4 degrees but the conjunction of Saturn and Uranus does make it stronger. Plus Saturn and Uranus are both retrograde.

      Fortunately, the September 1 solar eclipse, which works in tandem with this lunar eclipse, is sextile your Pluto and trine your Neptune. Suggests to me you will get to the bottom of why relationships have been problematic for you. Lots of individual natal aspects to research to start with. Venus opposite Saturn is one of the most challenging of all aspects in astrology.

      • Thank you for your kind reply, Jamie. It has been painful. How will I get to the bottom of why relationships have been a problem for me? Through someone else or an outside circumstance? My Solar Return has Pluto exactly conjunct my DC, along with Saturn and Mars in the 5th. Juno conjunct AC.
        I’ve heard difficult Venus-Saturn aspects get better with age. Is there any hope?

  14. Mine, too. Except mine is also trine my natal Uranus. What would that mean Jamie ? For my ex it conjunct his sun and trines his natal Mars

      • You are good! We were just discussing getting back together today and about how good our physical chemistry is.. Wow and I’m seeing him at the end of the month after having not seen e/o in 10 months. There was a march eclipse that broke us up. But things are looking up. Thank you ! Oh ironically this full moon eclipse will land on my descendant too

        • Sorry Jamie I messed that up. I meant the moon (not sun) will conjunct his natal sun. And his natal sun is trine his natal Mars. So the sun is opposing his natal sun. Change anything for him? Sorry about that! My ex has nothing aspecting the corresponding sept 1 eclipse however

  15. I dont think i was very clear above :/ Any chance this guy’s aspects to the eclipse are any indication that he’ll want to get back with his ex (i.e. me). This has been so distressing for the past 6 months. Or will it be over you think? Thank you again (his info is mar 16 ’78 5:07pm calif

    • I don’t like to get into relationships astrology because of this- too time consuming. Just focus on your chart.

  16. Hello, Thank you for your interesting article! I have a question. Is lunar eclipse time (September 16) a good time for conception? We are planning a baby. Thanks, Anne

    • I have never thought about it Anne, not sure. I would be looking for nice transits from eclipses or outer planets to the Moon in your chart. That being said, young ones seem to have it already set in their minds when and where they are coming into this world.

  17. hi I m a little worried. The solar 1st eclipse is conjunct my chiron. 9 and black moon lilith.9.
    5th. Nothing at 23 Pisces for lunar. I dreamt a woman ? wants to come off the mountain as she’s fearful of earthquakes. Symbolically speaking.
    Wants to give up spirituality? which I have been considering feeling I ‘ve gone far enough. I have had difficulty in the past with jaundice but think I ve not seen much of it for awhile now.
    My main male relation has this solar eclipse almost exact his Pluto 8. All this sexual need will put stress out of the ballpark. Any hope?
    What’s with Chiron. I have the book on it – isn’t it about opening new dimensions? I too hope your doing well again.

    • You mean the solar eclipse is on your Chiron Lilith conjunction? It would be hard to give up on spirituality with this conjunction in your chart. I see then as symbolizing Jesus and Mars Magdalene in their higher manifestation. The solar eclipse on his Pluto will involve the kind of deep transformation that in a relationships would have to involve spirituality and sex. Sex magic or Lilith as the sacred sexual priestess.

  18. Hi Jamie, my natal sun is at 24 degrees in pisces in the 8th house. Should I be worried?

    • Don’t worry about the 8th House Lisa, I don’t even use them. How things turn out will depend on any aspect you have to the Sun in your chart.

      • Gah! Really feeling the energies of this eclipse. Have been very emotional the last couple of days and especially today over a relationship that ended recently. It was a brief but intense relationship, we met just prior to the march 8 eclipse the he ended it abruptly right on Saturn Neptune square in June. Am really struggling to get over this and wondering how long this will last and whether I’m just feeling the overall energies of these eclipses and square or if they have been aspecting my chart. 15/03/78 3:45pm in Melbourne Australia. Thank you for all that you do Jamie! I really love reading your interpretations. xx

        • I see things are a little more complex than I thought. Mars rising explains the strong influence on relationships. This feeling of reaching back to the past is a karmic issue because of Sun quincunx Saturn. Directly related to your partners because of Saturn quincunx DC. You therefore have a Yod aspect pattern with Saturn retrograde at the action point. At the reaction point is the Vertex point, giving you a boomerang Yod. See Alice Portman about the Vertex point in relationships.

          Another Yod is Jupiter sextile Saturn to DC action point with Mars AC reaction point.

          Another more obvious Yod is Neptune sextile Pluto to your MC, with Uranus IC the reaction point.

          All this means your life if more fate than free will, especially regarding relationships. Enjoy the ride!

          • Oh right! Haha yes definitely feels fated. Your article on Yods is excellent, there is not a great amount of info out there. Will love to research some more into this. What are your views on Yods in a composite chart? The composite with this person features a grand trine, kite and yod. Thanks again Jamie, you’re awesome.x

            • I’m sure that yods are significant in composite charts but I stay away from relationship astrology, it get so complex. I did prefer the Davison composite chart for some reason. I think it was the most accurate one when looking at transits. With all your Yods I would not read too much into the astrology of potential partners, apart from their natal chart and then very basic synastry. Go with the flow!

  19. My DOB is 3rd December, 1974, Ascendant 26 degrees Pisces. Please tell me how this month’s eclipse (september 2016)will effect me. My mother passed away on 8th March ,2016 (last total solar eclipse)

    • This eclipse is totally different to he March 2016 one. This will be a very good lunar eclipse for you Anju. You have Mars at 24 degree Scorpio. So it activates your Mars trine Ascendant.

  20. Hi. My dob is 27th March 1975, and my ascendent is at 11 degrees Cancer… could you please tell me how it affects me. Thank you!

  21. All the major players in this one light up my natal chart – I am not sure how to make sense of it all. Moon conjunct both Venus and my DC (so relationships, as you have told others?), Mars conjunct my IC, Uranus conjunct Jupiter (that one has been good to me so far) and Venus conjunct my Neptune. All of these conjunct at less than 2.25 degrees. Then there is Markeb on my Venus – I have no trouble with evil associates, but excesses are a problem from time to time. SO… I am tempted to just stay home from work on this day and see what it all feels like, maybe think about what adjustments need to be made, as you suggest. Any thoughts about how this all works together and what I should pay the most attention to?

    • Mars on IC is why you want to stay at home, but then you might miss out on a new lovely partner. Perhaps Mars on IC turns out to be hostility from your family about a partner.

      • Thanks Jamie! No family issues that I can think of, so I’ll see if I can step out and let go of that fear. I was wondering about Mars on IC.

  22. Hi Jamie,

    I hope you can answer. Im very scared of the upcoming eclipse, Im Sun Pisces and Virgo rising. I dont know what/who will eclipse out of my life… Pisces at 13 degrees and virgo in 5 degrees. Thank you!

    • Nothing to worry about Teej. The lunar eclipse is way too far from your Sun at 11 degrees orb. Even the solar eclipse is 4 degrees from your AC which is a weak influence.

  23. Hi Jamie,

    My DoB is 19 Sept 1970. The early eclipse (1-sep-2016) was real bad, same as predicted.
    what can I expect on 16-Sep-2016 eclipse.
    please let me know what should I do or not do in interpersonal relations.
    Please help.

    Thank you.

  24. my dog has been seeming down and mopey. whats going on, is he sick will he be ok he was born april 6 2006 at 7:30AM ugh I’m afraid his mars pluto opposition is squaring this eclipse and he’ll pass or something. he’s healthy but its a fear … any help would be appreciated

    • If the eclipse does have a negative impact then you will have noticed something similar when Jupiter passed the same degree between August 20 – 25.

      Jupiter sextile Saturn transit 30 September is reassuring.

  25. My relative’s sun is 23 degree scorpio, Jupiter 28 degree Pisces, Mars 28 Aquarius, north-south node 29 degree Libra-Aries, Neptune 25 degree Virgo. How will this lunar eclipse affect him.

  26. DOB 1983/12/17, asc. Sag 2nd decan, any aspects strongly positive or negative since the whole period seems unclear due to merc retrograde (and what is to come)

  27. The lunar eclipse on 16 September 2016 is a penumbral one which is not comparable to full eclipse. However , it cannot be said that penumbral eclipse would not carry effect. In this light , this Vedic astrology writer had , on 28 June and after on a number of occasions in 2016 , alerted the global community and India as well that planetary impacts during ongoing times particularly during 9 August to 20 September 2016 look to be suggesting coming into being of dangers to the world attended by political , economic and social upheavals having potential to cause health hazards or epidemics. Many global tensions in South China Sea , East China Sea , Ukraine – Baltic States – Russia, Koreas , US- Russia have been in the news during the aforesaid period. On 9 September 2016 , North Korea successfully tested nuclear device which caused man made earthquake of 5.3 magnitude in the sea. It is said that the bomb is much more lethal than Hydrogen Bomb used in Hiroshima during Second World War. The coming 10 days or more could likely cause eruption of hostilities having look -like shape of WW3 though may not be WW3. Let the global community have restraint during these horrible times.

  28. Hi Jamie
    23rd March eclipse was disastrous with Aries sun Scorpio ascendant girlfriend, 1st September eclipse was even worse than March, now relationship is over. My Dob 12 April 87.ascendant Aquarius.
    What can I expect from 16 September lunch eclipse?

    Thanking you

    • So many in our generation have this opposition. Another to add to my list for posts once I have finished the 2017 horoscopes.

  29. Hi Jamie, this lunar eclipse is already hitting me very hard. The degree happens directly on my Descendant. Been really unwell since early on last week. Born 4th June 1978 at 1320 in Singapore.
    The pent up pressure earlier with the mutable grand square manifested as me leaving my job of 6 years, since then the ground has been wobbly.
    Any chance that there are more stabilizing times for progression later this year?

    • I would not think you would get ill so long before the actual eclipse. More likely the quarter moon between the eclipses which many people neglect. it is very important and at 17°13 Sagittarius, right on your Neptune, ruler of illness. Quarter Moon was Friday 9 September at 7:48 p, Singapore. You also had Mars conjunct Neptune transit on the 7th.

  30. Hi Jamie, I’m a Virgo, Leo rising. September 1, 1961 5:33 a.m., New York, NY. I feel like I’m having a nervous breakdown, and I’m afraid to let go of a job that’s been overwhelming me and causing these nervous symptoms. Could you please give me some insight if you have the time. Thank you.

    • Hi Doug. Neptune opposite Sun transit is the main culprit, lasts 12 months but climaxes:
      27 Feb 2016
      22 Oct 2016 Rx
      18 Dec 2016

      More intense for you because of natal Sun conjunct Pluto. More intense yet again because the September 1 solar eclipse fell on your Sun Pluto conjunction.

      Neptune working with the solar eclipse are promoting a complete spiritual transformation of your ego and all male associated things like career. You can draw on your strong faith from natal Sun sextile Neptune.

      This lunar eclipse opposite your Mercury will force you to question everything and open you up to criticism. Yet natal Mercury trine Saturn brings good judgement and patience. This links to your career in a positive way as Mercury trine Saturn forms a grand trine with your Midheaven. Best of luck!

    • I don’t use Houses Dawuan. It will most strongly affect you relationships, simple being a lunar eclipse, especially if you are decan 3 Pisces.

  31. Hi Jamie, Thank you so much for all your answers and support to all of us.

    I am studying astrology, and would love to know your thoughts on whats coming up for me with this lunar eclipse in Pisces. It is going to be in my 9th house. my date of birth is December 2nd, 1984. I am currently in a legal battle with my old employer, who cut my salary completely illegally, but this is completely on hold at the moment, because of a third party looking into the case. I cannot even speed up taking them to court until this third party examines the case. Do you see any favorable aspects/ any insights you might have for me on this one? No salary since end of July is making it really hard to plan/be calm..

    I see good aspects:
    Lunar Eclipse trining my ascendant in Cancer at 17 deg ( is too far to feel the effects?)
    Lunar Eclipse trining my natal saturn in Scorpio at 21 deg – what does that mean?
    Lunar Eclipse sextiling Venus in Capricorn at 22 deg

    All of the above look good but I could really use some help understanding if this will help bring my legal situation to a good close, and things will improve financially soon? Saturn has been slowing everything down, like slow torture.With saturn transit on my exact degree (Sag 10 deg)now, and hovering all year I am really nervous…

    Thank you

    • Before even looking at transit I would say you have a good chance of winning. Sun sextile Sun is a sign of success. Venus sextile Saturn is good for long term finances.

      I would include this eclipse sextile Saturn but the orb is too wide for the trine to AC. Lunar eclipse sextile Saturn is like Moon sextile Saturn transit and Sun trine Saturn transit only lasting six months.

      Delays are coming from Saturn conjunct Sun transit and also September 1 solar eclipse square Sun. Looks good ahead with final Saturn transit around September 20 then Jupiter sextile Sun transit October 30. Jupiter rules judges and you will have good relationships with legal people in general.

  32. I really appreciate your honest interpretations, as I see many astrologers sugar coating and getting hopes up. I know I need to continue to brace, as it’s been a rough ride for a while with everything from slander, betrayal, loss of income, and extreme roller coaster relationship issues. I’m trying in the midst of this to plan a wedding for 10/29/16. Do you know if it would be a good time? My DOB: 2/20/1083 born at 4:10 pm in Bryan, Texas and his is 7/16/1981 born at 9:40 am Nacogdoches, TX. I wish you offered private chart interpretation because I feel you really are the closest to what actually occurs. I especially like the Celebrity Horoscopes because you describe them the way I intuitively perceive them. Thank you for exposing Clinton’s darker side, it seems so obvious to me but so many people seem completely oblivious to it! Thanks again for any insight, I need some hope on when things will start to turnaround for the better.

    • Thanks Renee. I will take a quick look at your chart but I generally advise to not change special dates just because of astrology. Seems like tempting fate to me.

      Wow, you have amazing transit leading up to and including wedding day. Perfect for long term commitment. I do like Saturn conjunct your Vertex point on the exact day. Vertex point is destiny encounters.

  33. Hi Jamie,
    I know how the eclipse will work out….it hits exactly square my AC/DC line and on september 18th transiting Mars will be exactly conjunct DC. My partner is moving out that day and my relationship will end.
    I hope the new moon on september 30th will be favorable so I can cope with the loss and heartbreak.

  34. Hi again Jamie,

    The September 1 solar eclipse fell on my midheaven and venus, this lunar eclipse falls in my 4th house conjunct my jupiter, could I ask you if it bodes well for moving/getting a new home/resolving a home situation and is it possible to know when the effects of an eclipse play out, is it over many months/years? I hope this is a positive influence re home because of the influence on my jupiter and the fourth house, hopefully doesnt expand troubles. Im 23/7/86 2.40pm Sydney Australia.
    Thanks again for your help and time.

    • You are definitely on the right track Stargazer. The eclipses will last until the next eclipse series in February 2017. Home can be IC, Moon and Saturn. I notice the previous little lunar eclipse was on your Moon. It is possible it lasts a little longer than a regular full moon. Venus trine Mars and Jupiter trine Part of Fortune both help out these latest eclipses. Saturn sextile Moon transit the end of January 2017 looks promising for home matters.

  35. when are the lunar eclipse effects felt until. Is it a week after the actual date? (besides the full 6 months after)… I remember you saying when mars or some other planet triggers the eclipse point, when would that be? THANKS

    • If other planets cross the eclipse degree then you can expect some development in your major issues. But I still stick to the six months time frame, up to the next series of eclipses in February 2017. I notice they can even get stronger as we approach the end of the cycle, especially if you have left things undone.

        • Not sure yet but I will be writing them up very soon and posting then so I can add the info to the 2017 horoscopes. Probably within 2 or 3 weeks hopefully.

  36. This lunar eclipse is exactly opposite my natal Venus, which natally opposes my Mars and squares my Saturn. How will this influence me?

          • For this lunar eclipse I would only consider it opposite your Venus. While you can have larger orbs for natal aspects, transits including eclipses only reach out to a max of 2 degrees. I use one degree for planets and regular moon phases, up to 2 degrees for eclipses.

            One things that stands out to me in your chart is the amazing grand trine with Pluto, North Node and MC. I would be looking forward to Neptune transiting your North Node to show you your true spiritual calling. Rather spiritually inclinded stars there too.

            Pluto conjunct Acrux
            North Node conjunct Achernar
            South Node conjunct Zosma
            Midheaven conjunct Sirius.

    • Research those natal aspects because the eclipse is highlighting them. You will be presented with challenges associated with those natal aspects so you can evolve further along. Your love life and stagnation there sounds likely.

  37. I enjoyed reading your post and some questions crossed my mind 🙂

    How a Saturn opposition to the eclipse would play? ( my natal Saturn is in Virgo 27

    If mars rules your Mid heaven would that mean that the eclipse could make you feel challenges on that area?

    What about Aries people, would they feel it stronger?

    How the conjunction of the eclipse with natal Venus would play?

    If there is a saturn venus opposition between two charts and mars is im both cases a key player, what the eclipse would trigger?

    When can we expect mars or Jupiter to trigger again the eclipse?

    As mercury is retrograde could the eclipse be felt again once mercury wakes up? Could the outcome change?

    Always a pleasure to read posts that make you think. Thanks!

    • Too many questions greedy!

      I have not written Moon opposite Saturn transit but it will also be like Sun conjunct Saturn transit for six months.

      For lunar eclipse aspects see Moon transits, or the opposite Sun transit.

      As for planets hitting the eclipse degree. Look at the chart and you can see Jupiter is nearly opposite the moon so will take about half a return or 6 years to get there. Mars is a closer thing and will get there on January 20, 2017. Venus on January 28.

      • Sorry if you understood it on that way Jamie, that was not my intention!
        In fact, I was just sharing some of the questions that popped into my mind when I read your post and I was not expecting answers to all of them. In any case, thank you for explaining how to understand a moon opposition Saturn and in which dates planets will hit the same degree. I noted those dates on the agenda!

        My feedback about the eclipse: The eclipse opposite my natal Saturn was indeed draining (emotionally and physically). It also activated strong communication through dreams… very vivid and on the spot dreams!

        In regards to Mars, I was surprised to notice that many people around me (including myself) decided to make a trip or a trip was somehow involved after the “storm” (the eclipse).I guess transiting Mars in Sagittarius was the culprit. In my case, Mars was very close to my natal Neptune and indeed I travelled by sea and one of the main reasons was related to MC matters (Mars rules my MC). There were also delays (mercury retrograde)

        I also noticed that the anger or discomfort within couples that I know increased and their balance was somehow broken (like if you need to let go of something with compassion-piscis- to regain balance within a relationship- libra-). I could also notice Neptune at play as many friends experienced some disillusions and had to deal with people that were not completely transparent in their dealings (in a particular case the eclipse urged people involved in a legal matter to close, some days before the eclipse, a deal without looking carefully to all the facts. Then the eclipse showed the true character of people and highlighted things that people tried to conceal. Plus Mercury retrograde created a havoc with communications thta led to big mistakes. These were only fully acknowledged once it stopped to be retrograde and the eclipse passed. Finally, things began to be resolved when Jupiter conjuncted Sun but further legal action may be taken at the new moon in libra !…it’s mazing to see how astrology works! ).

        As for Aries people (at least those that I know) my findings are that they felt it deeply in comparison with other signs. In most cases it was related to emotional relationships.

        As for the conjunction with Venus: I think that in the long term it might be a good aspect but for the person in question it was like to be forced to see how others perceive this person within relationships ( which in itself I guess is good) but because natal Venus is squaring natal moon I suspect that it was not so nice for the person as the eclipse highlinghted self-damaging behaviours and asked to grow up emotionally.

        As for Saturn Venus opposition between two charts (when Mars is in both cases a key player): emotional upsets related to Mars topics came to the surface and a very straight forward communication followed. The fog of Neptune was also there but eclipse brought enough light to take action. The final outcome was distance and a breakdown of communications (Mercury retrograde I guess). I will still need to wait to see if mercury stopping to be retrograde can bring a change to this situation which I suspect it will. My gut feeling is that act 2 of the eclipse may come in January on the dates that you mention. Let’s see what happens!

        Once again thank you for writing such interesting posts!

        • You understand then. I tend to get through as many questions as I can in an hour or so before I start on other work each day.

          Dreaming may also be due to solar eclipse on your Mercury, plus that solar eclipse on the star of prophecy would be influencing your Mercury. Dreams traditionally ruled by Moon, then Neptune but also I believe Mercury as messenger of the gods.

          Can you remind me what I said about January in relation to these eclipses?

          • You are amazing trying to answer a huge amount of questions !!

            Firstly, the response to your question: “As for planets hitting the eclipse degree. Look at the chart and you can see Jupiter is nearly opposite the moon so will take about half a return or 6 years to get there. Mars is a closer thing and will get there on January 20, 2017. Venus on January 28.”

            I read on your post that this aspect will happen on the 20 January 2017 so again my gut feeling tells me that it would be an important day !

            Secondlyy, our comment about dreams piqued my curiosity! Are we talking about the solar eclipse on 1st September (which yes made an aspect to my mercury)? are we talking about markeb? Is this a star of profecy? When my dreams are activated I am always on time….they are so vivid, I can remember even the most tiny detail and with the time I can read dreams very easily …the never failed me. I have also wondered why I have this ability if we can call it like that.

            My Neptune is in Sagittarius 19.54 and conjunct vertex 22.22 so would you think that this eclipse triggered them? (to be honest sometimes when I have these dreams the feeling is like traveling far away) … is this eclipse then aspecting my MC ans IC 22,12 (aries and libra)? trine and sextile?…um haven’t thought about that!


            • Hi again Meli. It is not Markeb but Zosma which is the star of prophesy. Marked is more about higher education and travelling. I see you talent there with Vx Neptune trine MC you cold make a career out of Tarot reading and similar intuitive careers.

  38. Lunar eclipse in general- if it opposite my mars and trines my neptune- I can’t find anything on your site on the opposite mars (and what have you seen with the trine of the neptune). Bad or good for the love life?

      • Will do! Thank you. Sorry quick question. In charts of women who are engaged or married, do you often find that the natal planet in their chart that the eclipse triggers is their natal sun? I was looking at Dutchess Katherine and when she got engaged and married the solar and lunar eclipses around that year were conjuncting/opposing her natal sun. If sun represents man , then is this consistent with what you’ve seen around engagements/marriages time in terms of eclipses. Thank you much

        • What a great observation. I have not seen this but I have not looked for it. Interestingly though the September 1 solar eclipse fell on my Moon and I have just met someone I want to marry.

      • Yes my natal Mars sextiles Neptune as well as my natal moon is trine my Mars. And my natal moon sextiles my Neptune.

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