New Moon 30 September 2016 Emergence

New Moon September 2016 AstrologyThe new moon on Friday 30 September 2016 is at 8 degrees Libra. The new moon September 2016 astrology shows a fresh new start following the doom and gloom of the recent eclipses. You can set optimistic goals in safe and secure environment.

New moon September 2016 is nicely aspected by four planets. Most importantly, positive aspects to Saturn and Neptune allow you emerge from the fear and anxiety of Saturn square Neptune this year. Dreams of love and money can come true in this happy and optimistic new moon.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon means all possibilities are on the table. You can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list.

However, the impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a new moon means that not all new projects will succeed. The influence of a new moon lasts for four weeks up to the next new moon, in this case, until the October 30 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the moon lasts from September 30 to the October 16 full moon.

New Moon September 2016 Astrology

The September 30 new moon at 08°15′ Libra is linked by aspect to four planets but conjunct no major fixed stars. There are major positive aspects to Jupiter and Saturn plus minor aspects to Venus and Neptune. So this new moon allows for growth and enjoyment within safe and secure boundaries. Many will be hoping for lasting happiness through meeting their ideal romantic partner. However, some adjustments will be needed in your life before any relationship or financial dream can materialize.

Sun conjunct Jupiter gives a general feeling of well-being, happiness and optimism. Good luck at this time can be seen as an opportunity for growth, personal, professional and spiritual. This is an excellent time to begin new studies or long distance travels. New relationships, investments, or the beginning of any new projects are favored. Generally, things started now will turn out positively in the long run. Jupiter is perfect for the growth and success of your new moon fresh start or new goal.

Sun sextile Saturn brings patience, perseverance and a strong work ethic. These attributes together with a sense of duty and serious attitude make this an excellent time to achieve your goals. You are determined to achieve practical results and make no mistakes. Advancement and recognition is also possible now, especially in your professional life. Saturn brings stability and longevity to your new moon fresh start or new goal.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is extremely weak at seven degrees orb and is not exact until August 2017. It is worth mentioning here because it comes within one degree orb from 11 November 2016 until 24 January 2017. Jupiter sextile Saturn is a time of cautious expansion. Opportunities for growth may come in your career, through investment or business deals, or in your personal life as major material possessions or relationship choices.

New Moon September 2016 Astrology

New Moon September 2016 Astrology

Saturn square Neptune is starting to fade after its final climax on September 10. Sun sextile Saturn replaces guilt with confidence while Venus trine Neptune replaces disappointment with love. This first new moon of a new eclipse phase is an important first step in the right direction. The September 1 solar eclipse highlighted the fear and anxiety of Saturn square Neptune. New moon September 2016 with its positive aspects to both planets really turns the tables on the fearmongers.

New Moon September 2016 Minor Aspects

Sun semi-sextile Venus is a much milder version of Sun conjunct Venus. It represents a positive link between your goals and your love life or finances. You can expect some positive developments in this area. On its own this aspect indicates only minor developments but we have to consider Venus trine Neptune and the tightness of the minor aspects. The new moon aspects to Venus and Neptune are about one degree orb compared to the major aspects to Jupiter and Saturn of about three degrees. You can tell this by the thickness of the aspect lines in the new moon horoscope.

Sun quincunx Neptune is the only challenging aspect directly from the new moon. It indicates a rebalancing is required in how you express your ego and the kinds of goals you set yourself. Saturn square Neptune may have pounded your optimism into the ground in which case you can afford to be more optimistic now. However, it could be the case that you need to stop fantasizing about the impossible or begin a healthier diet. Small changes can tip the scales in your favor.

Venus trine Neptune is just perfect for relaxation and daydreaming. Besides fantasizing about your ideal lover, you can put your hand to any creative projects under this influence. It especially favors singing but anything creative can lead to something beautiful. Your love life will benefit from your increased tenderness. Not particularly an indicator of steamy sex, this aspect is more about tender touch and smooching. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level is more important, though tantric sex would be most enjoyable during this moon phase.

New Moon September 2016 Summary

Although Venus trine Neptune is connected to new moon September 2016 by minor aspects only, the tightness of the orbs involved suggests that finding spiritual love may in fact be the major driving force behind your new moon goal setting. There is reason for some optimism regarding your love life and finances with wealthy Jupiter and stable Saturn making helpful aspects to the September 30 new moon.

Saturn square Neptune has been spreading fear and pessimism throughout the world all year. Although this major planetary aspect of 2016 is beginning to fade, it still remains influencial into early 2017 because it aligned with September 1 solar eclipse. Therefore, it is important to make the most of the positive links to these planets formed by the September 30 new moon. Conditions are ideal for emerging from a period of hibernation and taking the first steps on your fresh new start.If new moon September 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Lunar Eclipse 16 September 2016
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon 16 October 2016

New Moon September 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
30 September – 5:11 pm
30 September – 8:11 pm
1 October – 1:11 am
1 October – 5:41 am
1 October – 10:11 am

99 thoughts on “New Moon 30 September 2016 Emergence

  1. Yes,new moon and Jupiter trine natal Venus. Mercury conjunct natal Saturn, Mars trine natal Jupiter.

  2. Hi Jaime, Sounds very good, . hoping I can get through this hurdle i’m in and have a positive outcome. Thank you for your hard work.

  3. Hi Jamie, I have huge stellium in libra from 2 degre to 26 degree. Pluto, sun , mercury. Uranus, Psyche cupid, Ceres & Bacchus.etc . None at eight. My kids father has Jupiter uranus conjunct at 3 degree Libra. End of September is big for us. Thanks Daisy

  4. Thanks for the post Jamie…looks like things are going to improve for us personally too. Its been a horrible year since Oct 2015….serious trouble in marriage that cropped up unexpectedly plus a huge huge huge career change……so huge that my husband resigned from a secure government job and is now at a stage where he is going to be relieved from it by sept/ Oct but has no alternate career in hand yet. With massive financial commitments to fulfill, God only knows how we are going to manage. Plus, we are staying in different places (he doesn’t want to live with me for a few months) the financial burden of two different establishments. Moreover he is going through such a low phase that he doesn’t even seem interested in making any moves towards looking for a job after he is released from his current government job in Sept /oct. His state of mind worries me as I fear what if he takes a decision regarding our marriage that may break things. His date of birth is 16 Jan 1973 early morning 0505 hours. Siliguri, west bengal India. Any insight into where we could be relationship wise and career wise? Thanks a lot

    • I don’t do relationship astrology Gunny (in this case your husbands). How do the eclipses aspect your chart? I can have a quick look at your birth chart if you have any questions.

      • Thanks a ton, Jamie. That would help. My dob may 02, 1974. New Delhi 1.45 to 1.50 pm afternoon. Does my chart impact my huaband’s career. He is angry and blames me for the fact that he resigned from his govt job. Since a man’s career is his first love (that’s what I’ve heard), it’s impacting other areas of our life. Jamie, I understand you do not do relationship astrology…however, any insight insight into any area would help me get some perspective, such as when he will settle in his new career (he doesn’t have a new Job in hand yet and waiting for release from govt job in a few weeks). Hope he wont stay jobless after the release is through…when will things improve? Grateful for your advice, Jamie.

        • Gunny, the main problem I see relating to relationships in your chart is Venus square Saturn, especially as it is being activated now:

          Jupiter opposite Venus transit for a few weeks around August 30.

          • Thanks a lot for your reply, Jamie. I read about Venus Square Saturn….sounds very negative. Will the negative influence end for us sometime in the near future? Is venus square neptune affecting my natal chart or is it only in transit? Sorry, I don’t understand much about Astrology, so I apologize if my questions seems lame. What I understood from reading the link is that if it’s in the natal chart, the negative influences are permanent, but if it’s in transit, then it’s temporary. Is that so?

            Basically, I really want to know if this negative phase will end for us sometime soon?
            And what do we expect from Jupiter opposite Venus transit

            • You can google these aspects and transits I mention. You have Venus square Saturn in your chart so you always have to deal with it. Yes, it is one of the most challenging of all aspects in astrology. I have the opposition so know how it feels. It will get better sometimes with nice transits, worse at other time when it receives nasty transits. Jupiter oppositions are not too bad because it is the luckiest planet, lasts about 3 weeks.

    • Hi James. I have not written about Saturn rising yet. I got some ideas by looking at your Facebook profile. Ascendant is how people first see you and I could not find a profile picture in your albums.

  5. Jamie if I can ask you an unrelated question but I am just curious. What would be the difference between someone with Sun in Scorpio and myself with Mars and Venus in Scorpio? I feel like my Scorpio placement gives me a lot of energy and I was just wondering if it is the same for Sun signs or if it is expressed differently. Thanks! Also thank you for all of your posts and information, it’s really fascinating and helpful to read!

  6. Hi Jamie! Great article……..I enjoy your articles….. The New Moon, September 30th @ 8 Libra. I can never seem to find very much on ones nodes. This NM will conjunct my natal South Node, 7 degrees and conjunct my natal Mars 8 degrees Libra in my 9th house. The NM will also trine my Venus in my 2nd house and sextile my natal Leo Moon at 13 degrees Leo and a wide sextile to my natal Pluto in Leo 16 degrees both in my 8th house. How would you interpret this? Born March 2, 1950 @ 02:24 am, Brooklyn (Kings) New York……..would I read the NM conjunct my natal Mars and conjunct my natal South Node bring someone from the past back into my life? Would money improve for me or would I possibly meet someone since the ruler of Venus is my 5th house? Pleas let me know if I am on the right track…………..thanks, Jamie!

    • Mars South Node is a weak spot for you. My esoteric astrologer used to say that you should swap the Nodes when one or both of them are conjunct a planet. i.e. swap the meaning as in south bad, north good. In any case, Mars and South Node conjunct fixed star Vindemiatrix is not helpful and can affect your kidneys. Also not that the top of your chart contains your four retrograde planets. Also note all the malefics are at the top of your chart. You want Venus peace not Mars competition.

      • Wow, Jamie! Thanks………going to the doctor Tuesday re my kidneys………I try to be my north node, however it is not easy……I feel great when I act on my north node……

      • Jamie, I forgot to say this. I have recently walked away from my past, Mars conjunct South Node and I am being forced into a new life and lifestyle…..I am looking forward as hard as it is and I want to keep moving to a new chapter in my life……again, thanks…..

  7. Oh….on my 9 Libra MC plus
    Jupiter conjunct natal PoF,
    Saturn conjunct natal Neptune,
    Venus conjunct natal Uranus and
    Mars conjunct natal Venus….

    All of this within a degree! Let’s see..

    • Given all those nice transit I think Saturn on your Neptune will be nice too in materializing your dreams.

      • I hope so…being its third pass I am very familiar with the energy of that meeting. Quite heavy and sobering!
        Thank you Jamie, wishing you well!

  8. Hi Jamie it’s me again

    Oh how lovely to read this Jamie! I love the photo of the butterfly freshly emerging from its cocoon. I feel the same way – with Uranus retrograde being good for me and internal change well underway, and Neptune trine Jupiter transit triggering lots of Spiritual Healing, I feel two things; the old fearful traumatised me is gradually shrivelling and dying (sometimes very painfully) and a New Me is emerging from the ashes simultaneously. It’s so new it’s almost scary because I am leaving 34 years of intense suffering behind and I don’t know who I am anymore. Lots of nightmares about boundaries being violated this month which has hit my sleep and health, you told me my Juptiter is depressed by fixed star Zosma and square Jupiter, but September 1 solar eclipse works for me. And now this! How lovely 🙂 I am relieved and happy to have made it through most of august, this was one of the more challenging months for my Pisces 1 Decan.

    I am hard at work right now facing one of my two big challenges – Self Love as indicated by my natal Venus Square Pluto. (the other one is my fragile health with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being the most crippling). Doing my best to pour unconditonal Self Love into my wounded heart and dig out and release false Core Beliefs around lack of worthiness. Interested in how Venus trine Neptune in this sep 30 new moon would affect me? I’m not sure I’m ready for a relationship since I must first learn to love myself unconditionally, so does this mean good news for my Self Love efforts?

    Also does Sun sextile Saturn mean I am finally going to feel the good effects of Saturn? I got walloped this year during the major planet retrograde months – I have deeply buried anger and rage from my natal Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto. I have worked hard to start to go within and learn the lessons to safely feel and release all that buried rage after it coming out in destructive ways earlier this. I’m still not done yet working it out but I feel ‘cleaner’ than I have in a very long time!

    Thanks for your help Jamie. My DOB is 23 Feb 1982, New Delhi. Time : 8:40 am.

    Warm Regards,

    • Good to hear from you again Jas. Venus on your Jupiter sounds lovely and it must be rewarding in some way if not new love then maybe financial. But the Neptune trine does point to more spiritual than material so again self love or love from another. Saturn trine Ascendant transit means you should be feeling his steadying hand too.

      • That sounds awesome Jamie! 🙂 Finally some hope of good days since last October. I think I read somewhere on your blog that Saturn rewards those who have worked hard to do what is necessary, I hope I’m lined up for that in some way!

  9. Whoops, as always I get muddled! Sorry… Meant to say my Jupiter is depressed by Zosma square Mercury (not Jupiter square Jupiter!)

  10. Hi Jamie ,thanks again for this writeup.I am aries decan 2. Is it eventful for me?Do you see luck on my side this time ?

    • Hi again Vaishali. This new moon makes no aspect to your decan but it is sextile your North Node. Not used much in Western astrology. more in Vedic astrology as Rahu or Ketu. I would say ot means you will be nudged onto the correct path according to your soul’s wishes. Meet people who will help you achieve your goals.

  11. Oh man… This is like watching the weather forecast promising sunny and clear weather after a year of rain, storms and thunder. SO relieved things finally look up! I hate to say it, but this Saturn/Neptune square has been one, long PITA. I so long for more sun in my life right now!

    • You can not overstate how much negativity Saturn square Neptune has spread around the world. And it seems to be the longer it grinds on the weaker we are to fight it. Just like a flu really. This aspect really does sound like a lingering illness.

  12. Stars align
    You are so right Jamie! Saturn square Neptune feels like a flu with other symptoms all mixed in and lingering. Up and down constantly. Very heavy sense of dread followed by positive thinking. Neptune in Pisces is conjunct my natal mars, mercury and later Venus! Very other worldly feelings. Thanks for your easy to understand astrology articles Jamie.

  13. I asked earlier about aspects for marriage of my daughter DOB 11/6/87 and her fiance DOB 9/9/16 and Sept. and October were supposed to be good months. However, I understand it is important to never begin something new during Mercury retrograde which ends Sept. 23rd. They would like to get married on or close to that date. If they wait two weeks, there will be a full moon which is also not wise. Would it be better if they got married at the end of October ?
    Thank you!

    • Need to check your daughters DOB. Is that June 11 or November 6? I would not be worried about this articular Mercury retrograde. It is very fortunate for love and even marriage as I wrote about in the article.

  14. I am writing because I see that Saturn will be opposing my sun and moon next year until October! I’m afraid to ask, but wonder what to expect and which dates I should particularly take note of. My DOB is 3/12/1956, born at 7:57 a.m.
    Thank you!

    • I will need your place of birth to work out transits to Moon but here are the dates for Saturn square Sun transit:

      14 Jan 2017
      07 Jul 2017 Rx
      11 Oct 2017

      • My place of birth is Indianapolis, Indiana, DOB 3/12/1956, born at 7:57 a.m. Wondering what to expect with Saturn squaring my sun and moon. I’m wondering if it will affect my relationships or health or career?
        Thank you!

        • Same dates Deborah because your Sun and Moon are so close. Sun and Mon cover so much in your life so it could affect career or relationships. I see your have Mercury square Saturn in your chart so try not to worry about things that will most likely nevr happen.

  15. Thank you; that’s very helpful! Most of what happens are lessons to be learned I’ve found! Thanks for your quick response; this is a great website! : )

  16. Anything positive on the horizon for this Libra 24/9/68? 3:02pm (Capricorn rising) Born in Poughkeepsie NY USA. Working hard to make things happen. Could use a little cosmic help. 🙂

      • Wow Jamie our charts are indeed similar!!! Well, I suppose expecting an easy normal life isn’t for us. Fated sounds more true. Spiritual warrior for certain. I am undergoing my evolutionary standard right now after years of difficult preparation. I am going to take advantage of the Jupiter/sun conjunction to help me with my evolutionary leap. What I want to ask you is have you found a balance in your life? Is life enjoyable as well as meaningful? What I think I am trying to say is can we be truly happy and whole with another? Or is it a constant uphill battle of self awareness and knowledge to help others. Any light you have to share is eternally appreciated.

        • I still struggle with a steady relationship. Have been married three time and been single now about 3 years. Apart from that, which still needs resolving, I have a good balance now between work and caring for children. My computer is in the middle of the lounge-room so if I do need to work extra hours I am still here for them. Transits are keeping me back from dating at the moment. Saturn-Neptune hitting my 9 Virgo Moon. Maybe after the next lot of eclipses…

  17. My dob is 18.12.1981.I wanted to go for a job….Do u find any future prospects of getting a good job.

  18. Hi Jamie,

    My life has been rocky since the end of July. A close friendship abruptly ended July 27th. This was followed by legal problems on September 2nd that were a direct result from that relationship ending. I’ve been worried about this since then. My next court date is September 28th. The September 30th new moon sounds promising. What’s in store for me in terms of my legal issues? DOB 12/31/84 at 5:55 p.m. in El Paso, TX.

    • Keep your cool with September 1 solar eclipse opposite Mars in your chart.

      Good news for relationship, family issues and stability with September 16 lunar eclipse trine Saturn in your chart.

  19. This new moon is conjunct my natal Saturn and Jupiter in libra in the 8th….I’ve got my Jupiter return coming as well…thoughts?

    • This should be really special then, I think it is a good omen for some major success or positive change in your life.

  20. Hi Jamie this new moon is exactly conjunct my natal mecury. Although life is essentially settling down it has been at times life changing. Is this a good omen for me, especially with all the other transits that are taking place? Thanks for your time. ????

    • Yes, I would say good news as this interpretation applies to your frame of mind. Also check any aspects to your natal Mercury that will be activated.

  21. Hiii Jamie,
    My dob s 27.12.1993,9 pm.
    I m working in a gud company but not satisfied withwhat i m doing…i did my engineering in computers n i want to go for research in science outside my country…Will i get any such option?plz let help…

  22. Hello Jamie,
    Is it better to take an exam for a job on Sept 30th in the afternoon (new moon in Libra) or on Sept 26 in the afternoon. D.O.B. 09/05/1964 – 6:04pm

    • Di Dawuan. I think the orb for your Moon is far to wide, and I don’t consider House Cusps except for 1, 4 7 and 10.

  23. Hi Jamie, are you available to do a reading for me as I’m about to make some serious decisions about my health and about my business and how I support Brigitte and myself- your last reading was so helpful and I would love it if you can help me again. Many thanks for your last and I hope a new reading ciao ???? Geoffrey

    : : Geoffrey X Lane : : Presentation Director : : 250 889 2496 : :

  24. Jamie This new moon will be in my 12th house and Venus will be conjunct Natal Neptune in 1st, follwed a few days later by ; Pluto will make his final square to my moon which is in 12th also, Jupiter will trine natal Jupiter/IC conjunction and Uranus transiting 6th will trine natal Uranus in 10th (Leo), as there is virtually no trace of my past life now thanks to Pluto and others in there demolshing service, yet it feels monumental in moving on if I embrace them as foundation to build on, any ideas than spring to your mind that may help is appreciated, what keeps coming to my own seems somewhat inflated for lil ol me 🙂

    • Hi Debbie, can I have your birth data please? I have some trouble turning asto jargon into something visual I can understand.

      • sorry Jamie didn’t intend to take up any of your time, just run it by you, as I understand how busy you may be in servicing the many at the moment rather than the few, it is 22/6/61 3.30pm London England, if you do feel ok with it, otherwise, thank you for at least being willing to read my post, much appreciated.

        • it has been a very challenging blue print, and yet I do see the responsibility I need to uphold to understand my makeup thus it has often been experienced as a curse rather than a blessing much of the time, wisdom is sometimes very hard to learn and earn its rewards.

        • I like the September 1 solar eclipse at the midpoint of your Mercury trine Neptune. Use that spiritual understanding to work out your Saturn retrograde Yod aspect.

  25. Hi Jamie

    I’m looking forward to this new moon. It’s bang on my ascendant, conjunct natal Neptune in 1st with 4 degree orb. I’m hoping that it augers optimism as I work my way through Pluto square Moon, ongoing for the past 18 months with another few months to go.

    If you’ve got time, any comments would be valued. Thanks.

    • My son has Neptune rising and it is interesting to hear you mention optimism. The fact you talk of it during such a demoralizing transit is uplifting. I think you will find that noe PLuto is direct that the worst is over, that’s how I felt during that one.

      • Thank you Jamie. It’s been a long haul and I’m relieved that the end is in sight. It certainly is a hell of a transit. But realised during the last pass that I had several planets transiting 12th house so put that to good use by delving into the deeps. House 12 clear soon and some supportive Jupiter and Saturn aspects during this last Pluto/Moon transit. I never want to go through this again!

        Thank you for your wise comments while I’ve been going through it. Please let me know if you resume personal readings.

  26. Hi Jamie i have libra in third house with jupiter saturn and pluto pretty much all the signs direct does it make easy with family or which aspect this new moon makes .I have problems thru inlaws doesnt seem to get sorted since uranus made havoc in my decan.Does it seem to get sorted anytime soon as urnaus is out of my decan now thank you .

      • Thanks for ur reply my dob is 09-04-1981 birth place kota ,rajasthan india .I checked oct full moon is falling in my 9th house and read ur horoscopes for 2017 looks promising .


        • Oct full moon is trine your Neptune and opposite your Pluto. The current moon phase is doing exactly the same thing to my chart and it feel inspiring and romantic even. Next major transit for you is Saturn trine Sun transit mid December 2016 and lasting that whole month.

  27. Hi Jamie, So we are going around in circles regarding my daughter’s health, her health seems to be suffering. Recently we visited another doctor who only made things worse by confusing us and sending us in the wrong direction. I am struggling to find somebody who really helps us. Her Name is Juhi and DOB is 20th August 2002, 5:06 PM, Place- New Delhi, India. We have two more upcoming appointments in the month of Oct. Do you see any positive developments in terms of her health in these upcoming month due to this new moon ? Thanks for your help. Mita

    • Saturn conjunct Polaris: These individuals will experience many weak areas about the body. They are unable to assimilate the foods they eat, so that they experience many different illnesses and weaknesses. The nervous system is usually damaged, affecting the arms and legs. There is an aching they cannot pinpoint, or they would feel that their skin is too tender and highly sensitive. They will experience aches through the arms and legs.

      So transits to natal Saturn are important. Therefore next year in important with Saturn trine Uranus the key:

      Saturn opposite Saturn transit Mar to Nov 2017
      Uranus sextile Saturn May 2017 to Mar 2018.

      So we may expect some delays and roadblocks but by persisting like you do and keep looking for answers and new idea, new science and technology breakthroughs you should get the breakthrough in diagnosis or treatment she needs.

      Helping greatly is that she has natal Saturn trine Uranus in her chart so also:

      Saturn sextile Uranus transit Mar to Nov 2017
      Uranus sextile Uranus transit Jun 2017 to Mar 2018

      Look for best breakthrough to come around:

      Jupiter trine Saturn transit 26 Sep 2017
      Jupiter trine Uranus transit 26 Sep 2017

      • Thank you Jamie….is my daughter doomed to have bad health all throughout her life ? Sorry just wondering since you mention a basic flaw in her planets in the form of “Saturn conject Polaris”….can it be corrected or some remedy applied ? Thanks for your help.

        • That all depends on diagnosis. Some health problems do stay with us forever but can be treated or alleviated.

  28. I would appreciate any insights you have on this New Moon and the following chart: Sun in 12,57 Aries-11th house; Moon in 15,09 Sag-7th house; Merc in 00,56 Taurus, 12th house; Venus 28,31 Taurus-12th house; Mars in 3,16 Aries, 11th house, Jup in 27,42 Aries-12th house; Sat 11,59 Pisces 10th house; Uranus (R)-06,37 Virgo 4th house; Neptune (R)-17,20 Scorpio-6th house; Pluto-(R)12,11 Virgo 4th house; NN (R)06,26 Cancer 2nd house. Ascendent 6,15 Taurus.

        • I only see one major aspect which is the trine to your Part of Fortune (POF) at 8 degrees Aquarius. It represent the happiness of your soul and general success in life. A trine makes this flow smoothly so you should have no trouble working toward your dreams and goals this 4 weeks.

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