New Moon 30 October 2016 Dreamtime

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New Moon October 2016 AstrologyThe new moon on Sunday 30 October 2016 is at 7 degrees Scorpio. The new moon October 2016 astrology is dreamy and optimistic. This comes as most welcome relief following the heavy going nature, to say the least, of recent eclipses and major planetary aspects.

New moon October 2016 aligns with Mercury to make communication a major theme. A trine to Neptune brings spiritual communication, hopefulness and charity. This is certainly the best moon phase I can remember for some time, and hopefully just a taste of better times ahead.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon means all possibilities are on the table. You can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and write down a to-do list.

The influence of a new moon lasts for four weeks up to the next new moon, in this case, until the November 29 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of a new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the moon lasts from October 30 to the November 14 full moon.

New Moon October 2016 Astrology

The October 30 new moon at 07°43′ Scorpio is the first regular moon phase in a new eclipse cycle. The September solar and lunar eclipses were very negative with challenging aspects to the traditionally malefic planets Mars and Saturn. Therefore, it is so important that we get a good start from new moon October 2016.

A new moon conjunct Mercury is neutral for good or bad but the harmonious trine aspect to Neptune tilts the scales toward good. There are also some fixed stars involved that assist Neptune in making this new moon a positive spiritual experience.

Sun conjunct Mercury puts the focus on your thinking and communications, making this a very busy time mentally. Your mind will be on the ball which favors lots of interactions, clearing paperwork and bills, receiving and sending letters and emails, and short trips around town. Because you will be thinking and expressing yourself clearly, this is an ideal time to make plans and initiate business deals, bargain, and buy and sell.

Moon conjunct Mercury adds emotional sensitivity and changeable moods. You can more easily make close emotional attachments to other people, or enjoy reminiscing about the past with family members. Conversation with women and family members in particular will be emotionally nourishing.

Your emotionally sensitivity can lead to a strong intuition and even psychic abilities. Sometimes, this aspect alone results in biased impressions but the Sun involved with a trine to Neptune ensures more accurate psychic impressions, lucid dreaming, and clear vision into the future for making plans.

New Moon October 2016 Astrology

New Moon October 2016 Horoscope

New Moon October 2016 Dreaming

Dreams have always been associated with the Moon because she rules sleep, intuition and the subconscious mind. In modern astrology, dreams are ruled by Neptune because its discovery coincided with that of anesthetics and hypnotism. Some astrologers like myself also look to Mercury for dreaming because he is the messenger of the gods. With our new moon conjunct Mercury trine Neptune we have all three rulers of dreaming harmoniously linked.

Sun trine Neptune increases your sensitivity to your environment and your empathy for others. You gain a deeper and wider understanding of your place in the world. This will help you set goals to manifest your hopes and dreams for the future. Your ego benefits from a more spiritual outlook, enabling you to work hard on achieving success. Your path to success can be helped by a strong self belief and psychic impressions.

Moon trine Neptune sensitizes your emotions, imagination and creativity. You may dream up or fantasize about an ideal partner but are just as likely to meet someone special now. Relationships formed under this influence would have a soul mate feel to them. Your intuition should be especially strong now so you should pay extra attention to any psychic impressions. This would be a good time to schedule a Tarot or psychic reading, even a visit to a psychologist.

Mercury trine Neptune also stimulates your creativity, imagination, sensitivity and spirituality. All of your communication skills benefit from a non threatening, caring and soft influence. People will want to listen to you, especially in person because of a sensual type of attractiveness. All of your senses are finely tuned so you can communicate effectively at the non verbal level, through gestures, your eyes, and telepathically. Any psychic abilities will be enhanced and you intuition will be strong and accurate.

New Moon October 2016 Fixed Stars

Fixed star Khambalia at 07 ♏ 10 is only half a degree from the new moon. Its names comes from “Crooked Claw”, which symbolizes ancient knowledge that you can only access through altered states of consciousness like dreaming. An excellent star for deep research and investigation, espionage, and esoteric or occult fields like astrology.

Fixed star Acrux at 12 ♏ 05 sits just within range of Mercury. I still expect its influence to be strong with the new moon so close. You will find that conjunctions of planets, or stellium aspect patterns, tend to increase the orb of influence of any nearby fixed stars. Elsbeth Ebertin said the Acrux gives:

intuition, a grasp for the inner nature of one’s fellow man, a preference for occult studies, the gift of successful investigation of the hidden side of things, an inventive mind, and a deeply religious nature connected with mystical and theosophical interests.

The mystical nature of the fixed stars with the New Moon and Mercury are enhanced by the trine to Neptune. Now Neptune on fixed star Skat at 09 ♓ 06 causes idealism and psychic ability. Meaning “The Wish”, this star gives good fortune, lasting happiness and safety in a deluge.

The new moon, Mercury and Neptune each line up with a fixed star that is esoteric or mystical in nature and generally beneficial. Together they give a similar dreamy and optimistic outlook to the planetary aspects, the Mercury new moon trine Neptune. Access to your higher mind will lead to spiritual enlightenment and hope about the future. Depending on how this new moon aspects your chart, you could make a new start in a spiritual direction in any area of life, from following your true calling to meeting your soul mate.

To politicians we can only hope that new moon October 2016 brings greater empathy and understanding of the suffering of  so many at the moment. A new moon should promote new goals being set regarding refugees and immigration in general, but also foreign aid and disaster assistance. Neptune is the planet of socialism.

Mercury does suggest that meetings will be held and perhaps even agreements met. Putting them into action may be another matter with only a trine aspect and little help from Mars for initiative. Dreaming is a great first step but making your dreams come true does require some effort.

If new moon October 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon 16 October 2016
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon 14 November 2016

New Moon October 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
30 October – 10:38 am
30 October – 1:38 pm
30 October – 5:38 pm
30 October – 11:08 pm
31 October – 3:38 am

30 thoughts on “New Moon 30 October 2016 Dreamtime

  1. Hi Jamie,
    Tonight dreams have been very active (although not very good). It was interesting to read your post. My intuition has strangely been over active in the last 2 days….
    This new moon squares my rising sing, would this aspect be stronger than the trine? could it help to put things in action ?
    Can this new moon regenerate professional career if rising sign is involved?

    Let’s hope that things will improve re refugees and immigration in general, but also foreign aid and disaster assistance although I am a bit worry that everything will be good words but not facts.

  2. It occurs here in the first hour of the 31st, thus still in the hour of spiritual inspiration yet on the east coast it is in the hour of creative flow, hoping all do their part from their hearts on the eve, or day before the day intended for sacred union and an exceedingly powerful one in natures timing and order rather than the ritual one in accordance with the human invented calendars, who knows, its just a sense (neptune 8Scorpio1st house in grand water trine with Mercury and chiron) of huge healing potential for all to have a change of heart, becoming a bkessing rather than a curse, heres to hoping. Cheers Jamie 🙂

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for bringing light to this new moon, I’ve only noticed now that it will hit my chart LOL.
    The new moon will be within 1°degree from my mc and less than 0,8° of asteroid pan.
    I generally check my chart when i’m traveling, so I was aware that I would have Jupiter on the 9th house this Friday that i’m going abroad. But I didn’t notice that the new moon would be in the end of my 9th. I’m heading to India and Nepal, where I’ll volunteer and do my solar return.
    So can I expect some pleasurable intuitive trip, or am I heading on another direction? Also, does it have any professional relation?

  4. Ooooh its trine my Mercury(Rx) Good for all thinks educational? I’m applying to grad schools today

  5. This new moon did not bring in any dreamtime for me at least… Bad dream I must say. Lost my job this morning and really not because of my skills or performance but because of lack of business. I want to take a break to give myself time to think through what would make me feel good doing, but that seems like luxury, being the sole breadwinner. It’s been a year of continuos struggle and what worries me is that I don’t see any respite from the situation in near future at least not in this zone where I live. Thanks Jamie for your insightful posts! I enjoy reading those and appreciate your effort.

  6. I think I met my soulmate under this new moon! I’m Pisces sun with cancer rising and Taurus moon; he is virgo sun with Taurus rising and Scorpio moon.

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