Full Moon 16 October 2016 Stormy Seas

Full Moon October 2016 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Saturday 16 October 2016 is at 23 degrees Aries. The full moon October 2016 astrology shows chaotic changes that throws a spanner in the works of your current goals and plans. Uranus, Eris and a nasty fixed star align with the Moon and your task is to reach the Sun on the opposite shore.

Full moon July 2016 represents your own personal struggle or journey that parallels, to a tiny extent, the desperate plight Syrian refuges fleeing across dangerous waters. While change is often forced upon you, how you deal with that change is more up to free will than fate.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the September 30 new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. A full moon can also be seen as an emotional adjustment, or compliment, to the themes of the previous new moon.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a full moon lasts for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the October 30 new moon.

Full Moon October 2016 Astrology

The October 16 full moon at 23°14′ Aries aligns with a planet, a dwarf planet and two fixed stars as listed below. At the end of this article I mention the influence of the fixed stars and Eris. Apart from these new moon extras, the astrology is rather straight forward with Moon conjunct Uranus opposite Sun. A single keyword for this new moon is change.

22 ♈ 11    Fixed star Baten Kaitos
22 ♈ 28    Planet Uranus
23 ♈ 04    Dwarf planet Eris
23 ♈ 14    Full Moon
23 ♈ 31    Fixed star Acamar

The Sun is you, following  your new moon goals of a fresh new start with hopes of love and money. There is the promise of riches and a bountiful harvest with Sun on the most fortunate star in the sky. Getting there is another matter. The opposition to Moon Uranus and Eris represents the chaotic emotions and reactions you feel and the rebellion from your family.

The star on the full moon is associate with compulsory change and misfortune. This full moon brings a dangerous journey over stormy waters and hostile lands. The obvious parallel currently is the plight of refuges fleeing war and extremism. In the horoscope below you start at the Moon on a nasty star then struggle your way to the Sun on the best star of all.

Full Moon October 2016 Astrology

Full Moon October 2016 Astrology

Moon conjunct Uranus brings subconscious impulsiveness. Sudden events may result in relationship upsets, family disputes or a major change in direction in a partnership. Other changes may include primal urges such as appetite and sleeping patterns. You may fluctuate between extended periods of wakefulness, then periods of lethargy. Some eccentric or weird actions may not turn out so well, but one or two may prove extremely valuable.

Sun opposite Uranus is the full moon struggle to incorporate the unexpected and exciting encounters or events into your normal life. Adapting to any changes requires extra effort, and any excitement may leave your nerves frayed. These unexpected and quite possibly unwanted changes can manifest in yourself, through a partner, or through an external event. Although initially upsetting and you may resist any change, it may offer a better way forward for you if you keep an open mind.

Along the way you must combat Mercury square Mars and Pluto

Mars conjunct Pluto is the threats, ultimatums, danger, violence or war which is forcing the change, and also around every turn of your journey. It can bring an incredible increase in ambition, sex drive and lust for power. This is a good time to work independently on something you are passionate about. You will have the endurance and strength to succeed at difficult tasks.

Mercury square Pluto is the bigotry and violence to overcome. It can lead to deep thinking and intense interactions with other people, resulting from or leading to, some crisis or experience with the darker side of humanity. Uncovering secrets and mysteries will deepen your understanding of a matter of your own psychology.

Mercury square Mars are the dangerous short cuts to be avoided, the rushed thinking which can make you short-tempered and aggressive. You may jump to conclusions, rush your decision-making and say the wrong thing. Given the unpredictable nature of the Uranus full moon, be extra careful about making final decisions or signing contracts.

Mercury sextile Saturn gives some patience and good judgement to help you navigate your way though changing conditions. Whether personal or professional in nature, the discussions you have will likely be of a serious nature. Just as this is a good time for study, it is also a good time for teaching. You may connect with people much older or younger than yourself.

Full Moon October 2016 Extras

Fixed star Baten Kaitos tells us this change is being forced upon you. There is no freedom of choice here, this is compulsory. But how you manage it is up open to free will. In earlier articles I had considered the influence of Uranus conjunct fixed star Baten Kaitos. I predicted that the unprecedentedly flow of refugees and drownings would abate once this conjunction had passed by March 2017.

I now realize that dwarf planet Eris aligned with Baten Kaitos is also having influence over this exodus from the Middle East due to her association with rebellion. While there should be an easing of condition as Uranus moves out of range of Baten Kaitos, the Eris effect will still keep the flow of victims until early 2021. We should, however, notice a greater percentage of the refugees being displaced by climate change.

I have not studied the astrology of Eris but her mythology as the goddess of strife and discord does appear to manifest. This little planet was initially named Xena and Marina atDarkstar Astrology says:

Eris is the uber dark goddess in my opinion, and as such shares similar astrological traits as Black Moon Lilith [Minor Planet Eris – Darkstar Astrology]

While Henry Seltzer found that the astrology of Eris seems to be related to:

the no-holds-barred fight for continued existence that is fundamental in all natural process, and for making a stand for what one believes, even if violence is involved [Hail Eris! Astrrograph]

Earlier I said the Sun is you, following your new moon goals of a fresh new start. After the change and struggle you now get to the promise of riches and a bountiful harvest with Sun on fixed star Spica at 24°04′ Libra. This star gives success, renown, riches and a sweet disposition. It has androgynous plus spiritual and religious qualities. Above all, goodness is the bountiful harvest. With the Sun, Spica offers great and lasting preferment, eminent dignity, immense wealth and great happiness to you parents and children.

Find Eris in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “Additional objects”, select Eris.If Full Moon October 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon 30 September 2016
Next Moon Phase: New Moon 30 October 2016

Full Moon October 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
15 October – 9:23 pm
16 October – 0:23 am
16 October – 5:23 am
16 October – 9:53 am
16 October – 2:23 pm

113 thoughts on “Full Moon 16 October 2016 Stormy Seas

  1. Good grief. I don’t think I can handle any more. I’m just coping as best i can right now. I’m still in the throes of grief and dealing with a lot of emotional pain from mom’s death and the aftermath and the resulting physical health stuff is the scariest thing I’ve ever dealt with. This full moon falls on my sun, and uranus is almost exacly squaring my moon at this full moon ‘-the 2nd hit as the first was in may. I figure this full moon just shows the reality of my situation, but I can hope that it will bring some positives into my life. My goal is to get going for walks again when my body lets me, and make some new friends and get out a little bit. I feel like I;m in jail right now, and have to believe things are getting better physically at least. Perhaps ths will bring a new writing opprtunity as it falls in my 3rd and 9th, I know you dont use houses though. DOB April 11, 1962 1:20 pm Vancouver Canada

    • For writing I look to Mercury but also Jupiter because it rules publishing and higher education. Oct/Nov 2017 you have Jupiter and Saturn transit nicely aspecting natal Jupiter.

    • Finding a balance between selfishness and sacrifice. You can go to one extreme or the other at times because of guilt. In relationships you may expect too much of other person but at other times love them while taking abuse.

      • I was searching for this full moon then found out i got this venus inconj,jupiter square midheaven and jupiter opposite asc are they too bad espically for my career

        • NO, even hard aspects from Venus and Jupiter are easy to work with because they are the most beneficial planets of all. Jupiter on DC is especially good for relationships. Inconjuncts require flexibility and the square toughens you up with some tests and challenges but you eventually become expert in that area you were once lacking in.

  2. Wow this is interesting for me. 2/16/79 7:55pm Cali. The full moon is opposite my natal moon while conjunct the transiting Uranus. The transiting sun will be conjunct my moon in spica and will be trine my MC. Sun will be trine my Mars. There’s a lot going on here lol. What do you think? :/

    • This full moon lets you be yourself which is very balanced with Sun trine Moon but also enthusiastic, playful and outgoing with Mars. Both Moon and Saturn rule your past so there is a theme about the past and family with the September 1 solar eclipse conjunct your Saturn.

      • Awesome, thank you! What planet would I look to for transits (to it) for conceiving/getting pregnant? Is it moon? I’m not sure if it’s a topic you’ve studied much, just wondering thanks

      • Couldn’t be more correct! Went on vaca with my family overseas and had a great and active time. Thnx

  3. Towel officially thrown in… Just when saturn finally moves off nep/merc. I had decided pluto on BML and Ceres was a mere technicality. Even tho I just lost my harvest to blight… Chin up… And now I learn I’ve a kite.triggered by the full. Just out of morbid curiosity, is the focus on the pointy bit (moon/uranus/eris on , oh yes, chaos) or the wide bit of moon, URANUS, and sun? Twould be bad form for this Sag to fire in the wrong direction! Maybe literally..

    • Do you mean Sun or Moon the focal point? I am expected the loss of control and unwanted events to occur at Moon. Very hard to proportion blame to either side of an opposition.

  4. Sun and Mercury are conjunct Pluto , Moon and Uranus are trine natal Moon and mars. I see a move, relocation. With the moon, home, conjunct uranus, change.What about you ?

    • When it comes to a move of home I do look to natal Moon, a transit of Uranus, but also your 4th House cusp, or IC. Saturn can also be involved as it rules real estate.

        • It comes down to a toss up between Uranus trine Moon Mars transit and Saturn trine Sun transit. If Uranus suggests moving then Saturn would make it a smooth one. I’m not sure though, as Saturn might want to keep t\you in the same place.

  5. Hi Jamie,

    I am confused with this sentence “Full moon July 2016 represent your own personal struggle or journey that parallels…” would this moon in October be linked to the full moon of July? I am strongly concern as my MC is at 22.12 Aries …is my career at risk? I am really freaking out with this forthcoming moon….things are already very difficult on the career side so no sure if I can handle more …any hope??

    On a separate note, would this new moon mean that Brexit will start to threat EU citizens in the UK? As far as I understand the UK chart has a very hot point at 23 degrees…


    • The July 2016 full moon was 27 Capricorn. The only thing linking the two periods are Saturn through Pluto in much the same place. You career does not have to be at risk because we are talking about an axis of MC/IC. Could be feeling unsettled at home or even making a positive change in either area of life. It could also be that the MC/IC axis represent either parent.

  6. Hi Jamie, how is the month of October looking like for the Sagittarius Decan 2? So far, the year has been so difficult in all aspects.

    • Will be posting in a few days. “If you have been facing restrictions and blockages lately this October 2016 is a good month to break through those barriers and achieve your goals. “

  7. Hi Again Jamie ,the new moon was in aries in april around my bday this year.Does this full moon impacts or make any aspect being an aries decan 2 .As i said in my earlier posts im looking for a breakthrough .thanks love and light

    • I mention this in your monthly horoscope which I will be posting in a few days. Breakthroughs are certainly possible with Uranus. but change might cause more upsets as this full moon is six months from your birthday.

      • Oh so no good luck yet then when is actually aries going to have some breathing space its been so many years of unjustice really fed up with uranus and eclipses just want one good eclipse to work in favour of aries .Upsets like people will be upset with me or i will be with them lol i know change is coming but dont want to upset anybody me and husband will be moving back to india is that advisable or should we leave it till six months i really need help please i have also have jupiter in my 3rd house in libra as jupiter changed signs and gone un libra does that make any difference .Cant wait to read october horoscopes .sorry for moaning 🙁 thank you

        • The major disruption from Uranus has finished for you now because Uranus has moved into Aries decan 3. Sorry October is not looking so good but both lunar eclipses in 2017 finally turn your way.

  8. Hi. Jamie
    I thought I was unlucky person since many years until now. Nothing good in 2016.But I hoped l can be lucky after getting Jupiter in my 1St house. My DOB is Oct 14, 1968 Burma(Myanmar). Can my situation worse? I’m so freaking. Please….

  9. Thanks Jamie…. Not only that. Moon in cancer square with Saturn , Mercury and Sun. My birth place is 96e28, 22n02 at 5 :30 p.m. I ‘d like to know October full moon can be good for me..?

    • It will affect me very much the same and I am hopeful about it. I think we can expect some significant change in our home life or personal life.

  10. Mr. King, 🙂

    I have experienced dramatic change this entire year. I keep wondering why am I suffering?

    Now I just did what you suggested which is to find Eris and I also found Spica in my chart.

    Eris 9 degrees Aries and Spica 23 degrees Libra.

    11/6/1961 North Hollywood, CA

    I am not knowledgeable in this area although I have tremendous curiosity.

    Correlation between Oct 16 2016 full moon in Aries and my Eris in Aries?

    More suffering? Although the last day or two I feel that my perspective toward the change I am experiencing has shifted from suffering to inconvenient.

    • I cannot see any long term transits which would be causing grief. I think I found the problem through. You have Mercury and Venus on fixed star Spica. You may even have the Moon close depending on time of birth. This is a most fortunate conjunction but it is tightly square Saturn which has the potential to turn the good fortune bad. So it is extremely important for you to practice positive thinking to imagineer a better future.

      Mercury square Saturn

      Venus square Saturn

  11. Hello there Jamie I’ve been wanting to ask you, there’s a 13 th sign that’s been discovered probably a while ago, and I’ve always enjoyed keeping an eye on my natal birthchart according to 12 signs only with my birth time. Therefore with the new sign added I’m curious because my birthchart has now change. So I am kind of confused as which should we be following.

    • Good question Kelly. I believe Signs should only be used for dividing up the circle mathematically, not for interpretation. I did write about the 13th sign last time it came up in the mainstream news: The 13th Zodiac Sign

  12. This moon is conjunct my Aries sun at 24 degrees in the fourth house which has already been dancing with Eris and Uranus…a culmination of the drama, perhaps, on this moon? I am actually kind of scared for this one…

  13. Dear Jamie,

    Will this full moon have a negative effect on virgo decan_2 people like us?

  14. I have Aries in 6th house natal. I’m worried about this particular full moon since I’ve been having serious issues at work. Then again, I’ve also been wanting to join a gym maybe work will be alright and I will start an exercise regime? My details are 11/22/1979 04:29am Morris, NJ. I know people are busy and have their own problems, but if anyone can take a quick stab at how this may/may not affect me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m going to come back and post whether anything significant happened, or not regardless. Thank you Jamie for your insights. I check your site often help me understand aspects.

      • Hi, thank you for your reply. Nothing significant came about from this full moon. That is o.k. with me no news is good news.

  15. this is not sounding great, but I’m feeling great so am confused. I have my Chiron in my 2nd house at 23 aries so this moon will be conjunct along with all transiting uranus, and that means the opposing sun is in Uranus in my 8th, making this a 2-8th house opposition for me, and I am applying for a grant I feel very positive about. That Pluto-Mars is in my 11th house and training my natal sun in 2nd within 2 degrees. I feel there is hope 🙂

    • Hi Michelle, nice to hear from you. If you have Pluto trine Sun transit then any other minor transit or moon phase is not going to get in your way. Power to you!

      • well fingers crossed. yes Mars in 11th conjunct Pluto and training my natal sun in the 2nd is actually good for a grant … it’s actually to fund mentorship for women, so … 11th house stuff! Happy Full Moon to you and it is finally spring in Sydney, hope you’re getting warm weather your way!

  16. Oh my, I too am a little concerned about this one. My son is 23 Aries Sun and also 23 Libra Moon – oppositions!
    In addition he is working on a Saturn return… I think I will be checking in with him. He is trying to make a big move across country, back to his “home base”, wants to come home :-/

  17. Hi Jamie

    I am scared looking at this one. I feel ive barely survived the recent triple eclipses and Saturn square neptune, I am still struggling to regain physical energy. The end of Mercury retrograde and sep 30 new moon has been a fairly peaceful breather wit a few small bumps (thank the Gods!) but I’m already having issues digestion food for the last week, surprised how it’s not improving – and I feel the positive effect of the new moon waning already, struggling to feel self love and compassion again. Don’t think I can take another hit with my natal Mars conjunct Saturn conjunct Pluto with this full moon 🙁 how bad will it be for me, I’m a little scared of losing my own temper and worsening my physical and mental state as I desperately need peace and quiet? Also, is this Moon conjunct Uranus affecting primal urges, the reason I’m having tummy issues?

    My DOB is 23 feb 1982 8:40 am New Delhi. Hoping this month is not as awful for me as September was!


    • There are some challenging aspects from the full moon but also some nice ones. It really comes down to full moon opposite your Saturn versus the full moon sextile your Moon. Overall it should be a positive experience because of natal Moon trine Saturn.

      • Thanks Jamie! Helps to know there is good stuff lined up as well as the challenging aspects 🙂


  18. 23/23 Aries/Libra is my MC/IC….a little concerned with a power play (progreseed Moon nearing 8th house cusp) at my place of career… so, the Oct 16 Full Moon im treating as a Culmination in Career matters… hopefully no dead bodies…

  19. Hi Jamie

    I have natal Sun in 21 degree in Aries and moon in Aries at 11 degree in Aries.They are both in the night house.
    I have a 7 degree leo rising.How would this transit affect me?Since Sun is my chart ruler would this transit be problematic?

    • You should come away from this full moon unscathed. Even though the moon is only about 3 degrees from your Sun, importantly it has passed your Sun. That means Uranus and Eris are no longer rocking your world.

      Your Moon is unaffected and Jupiter sextile Ascendant transit is very fortunate.

  20. Let us not forget here to bring the human factor into his opinions on climate change and war victims as from the period of 2/2017 to 2/2024 the courage and will of our world societies will bring about the greatest multi-cultural healing ushering in the first major fruits of the Progressive Age in which we live. Do not allow yourself to negative affirm using the stars as weapons

    • Negative affirm? The evidence is clear about the devastating effects of Uranus and Eris on fixed star Baten Kaitos

  21. Thank God for Spica conjunct my H4 Jupiter in Libra (yes my Jupiter Return)..I put in an offer to purchase my first home on th Libra NM which was rejected (conj Ophelia and my Uranus).I also found out that day abwt my son’s grandparents seperating after 50yrs of marriage..wtf!Nana left Grandpa and fled to another country ffs!She is Libran Sun and he is Saggi Sun (Sun/Moon conj Jupiter/Ophelia in Libra on my Uranus..conj Vindemiatrix the widowmaker no less!)

  22. Also, I respect the the Arthurian Legends may not be the particular journey of the ancient hero that others find resonance symbolically to assist their own, yet because they always have to me I do use relevantly named asteroids I am drawn to myself and I just feel to offer that Asteroid Merlin is less than a degree from Saturn and Camelot likewise from the transit North Node at this full moon, so it feels like it holds promise.

  23. Whew, I will be tiptoeing thru this one. I have natal neptune at 22;07 libra, saturn 24 libra, mars pluto partile conjunct 23;30 leo, uranus 22 cancer, jupiter 23;50 gemini, ic 27;50 scorpio, and chiron 15 cap, mercury and sun at 9 and 11 virgo. I have been doing a lot of inner work, clearing away ghosts of past family tragedies, also working on my house, and am struggling to get some traction on a new life story. This should be interesting, Jamie what direction will this go for me? I don’t know if I can handle this moon, it will be in my 8th house.

    • Please don’t worry about Houses they mean nothing. Focus on your Saturn Neptune first because it is extremely fortunate and the most influential. Spica is the best you can get from the stars. The sextile to your Mars Pluto is great. The only thing of concern is transiting Uranus with the Moon. This will highlight the changes you have already been experiencing. And the only hard aspect to natal planets is the square to Uranus. Well you can only face so much disruption from Uranus I would think. Loosen up, go with the flow, think of change as an opportunity. One thing about Uranus is that you simply cannot predict what is to happen, aside from change itself.

  24. Dear Jamie,
    My birthday falls exactly on the 16 th ! What should I expect from this full moon?
    I am really scared looking at this …I ve been through a lot of challenges since 3 years maybe more.
    I am born on 16th october 1965 in Rabat / Morocco at 8pm if you could help me to understand.
    Many thanks in advance.

    • Nothing to worry about. You are already experienced in Uranus opposite Sun transit. This full moon will just reinforce the theme of change you have been dealing with. It could represent a major turning point in that change. I wonder if it is related to your love life. I notice you have Venus conjunct Mars at 8 degrees Sagittarius. This degree received a lot of attention from Mercury Rx and Saturn Rx plus eclipses already this year. Good thing will happen with Jupiter sextile Your Venus and Mars on Oct 20 and 24, within this full moon phase.

  25. Thank you Jamie,

    This full Moon conjunct my North Node.
    I can see the definition of the the moon conjuncting the NN online, but not about the full Moon.
    Do you have any clue for this aspect ?

    Thank you in advance.


  26. new job on the horizon….In sales in the energy industry. Is it going to be clear sailing ahead or stormy seas. DOB 9/15/1961 1:03 PM Elmira NY. and what is my “star”? thank you!

  27. Born 10/17/82 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (US) Considering the full moon is one day prior to my birthday, what does this mean?!

    • Hi J.P. It focuses the major changes and uncertainty in your life recently onto your close relationships.

      It reinforced Uranus opposite Sun transit from July 2016 to April 2017.

      The change will settle down and you can incorporate the best of the new opportunities into your life with Saturn sextile Sun transit from January to November 2017.

      The full moon also activates these powerful natal aspects in your chart:

      Sun conjunct Saturn
      Sun conjunct Pluto
      Saturn conjunct Pluto

      This tremendous power your wield is well intentioned with practical results thanks to natal:

      Sun sextile Neptune
      Saturn sextile Neptune
      Neptune sextile Pluto

  28. Hi Jamie
    This forms a T square with natal N Node at 23 Capricorn and the South node 23 Cancer. Born 27/9/ 72 at 8:47 pm in Sri Lanka . It is going to be there for a while I guess. Thanks

  29. Hi there, thank you for these insights. This certainly is a challenging and distressing time and far too much to go into. People around me are experiencing these intensities too. My concern is that I am due to move to another country temporarily until January 2017 on Sunday 16th, probably sometime in the afternoon (Paris time). Is this a bad day for travel? The journey will be 8 hours and I anticipate issues with what I am leaving behind rather than what I will be going to (which will be much calmer). My birthdate is 31/07/1974, Leo at 3pm (Lancashire, UK). Thank you. I will donate to the response.

    • This full moon is directly opposite your Uranus. This makes sense as uranus rules change and air travel. The change is not easy for you and involves these polarities you mention. Here versus there. Past versus future. You want to be at Uranus now.

      On the same day you have Mars opposite your Venus Saturn conjunction, just hours after the full moon. Natal Venus conjunct Saturn brings heavy burdens, guilt and separations in your love life. Mars in opposition is you taking the difficult action and it will cause sadness.

      However, this difficult and painful change is very good for you because you also have Jupiter sextile Sun transit for two weeks now, exact on October 19. Even more longer term is Pluto sextile Jupiter transit suggesting you are undergoing an extremely deep and positive transformation which will leave you happier, wealthier and more satisfied.

  30. I feel a bit worried by this with my Sun at 26 degrees Aries and Eris at 10 degrees Aries! (born 3.35am 17.4.62, Portsmouth UK). Am I far enough away to escape the worst? What can I expect ? Many thanks, as always.

  31. Hi Jamie

    Any inclination of how this will go for me? DOB is Oct 27, 88 at 3:30pm (local time)
    Having romantic problems ATM, even tho aug/sept was great! Ugh


    • Nothing particular from this full moon that I can see but the September 2016 lunar eclipse triggered your natal Venus opposite Mars which does suggest some work needs to be dome on the sexual part of relationships. I’m sure ATM would do the trick 😉

  32. Thank you for writing these insights and the possible manifestations of these alignments. I was born a total sun eclipse child many hours before the actual totality. It is hard hard hard going through my Pluto crossing ascendant n the following period squaring of my natal Pluto. I thought I was losing grip with my inner cord n questioning everything. Only recently did I realize my nadir is close enough to vibe with Eris also in this time frame and so are my lunar nodes, my MC and IC(at least with the transits), that, it is meant to further my deep deep difficult transformation. All my life seems to reflect the theme of unending challenges, inner n outer. It is excruciating, painful to weight over n over if I should power through upheavals or stay on course(with my unbreakable Pluto conjunct mercury within 1′) and not be just reactive in making choices. I often wonder if exterior circumstance changes were signs to make REAL reality changes( as it seem like guides that I need to do so). But like the quagmire saying of ‘ I can stand still n get shot or run and run into the bullet ‘, I could never be sure if I was to make INNER CHANGES or outer changes. After paying more attention to asteroids n fixed stars, I now feel better equip to be ever ready for the next ‘signs’ of assigned changes. This has been a period of upping the difficulty level of what I MUST FACE and do to reach the next phase of my life. Thank you for this particular article as Uranus will impact my core self some time soon. I m sticking with my guns as a Uranus in Scorpio. I was born October 12, 1977 in Chicago.

    • Hi MeLing. Being born just hours before a lunar eclipse tell me you are an old soul who has experienced many lifetimes. Pluto square AC means that the evolution of your soul requires some painful relationships dramas. The external pain, loss or embarrassment triggers the inner changes you mention.

      This full moon is square your Mars but any anger issues it brings up can be worked though in relationships thanks to your natal Venus sextile Mars.

      Look to the solar eclipse before your birth. It has the clues. Just as this full moon holds the clues to any problems, increasingly so at the next new moon approaches tomorrow.

      • Oh goodness.. !

        Thank you for taking the time to reply, Jamie.

        I m just in awe of your website. I have read your blog on n off since 2013 n always found interesting info on aspect angles. Along with Mark Lerner daily cosmic calender, yours has been my most preferred insight to all things acutely psychic. Well: at least when(mentally) I sense the over-the-top ‘Disturbance’ and cannot reasonably/logically explain away what is beyond environmental or physiological. I definitely feel like a child of fate.

        Only one note..
        I am born within the 6 hour time frame BEFORE the eclipse .. and it IS a “SOLAR” eclipse on Oct 12, 1977.. Saros series 143.

        So am I to expect an unforeseen but more or less ‘guided’ fate or one that may have been entirely unexpected?!? I’ve done some research online n found that a lunar eclipse child who is born RIGHT AFTER the (lunar)eclipse is one that has his/her fate fully revealed to him/her n they tend to follow a path more steadily in their psyche evolutions. OF COURSE it just so happens my nephew was born right after the grand cross on 2015. He the lunar child, I the solar girl.

        Very very much appreciated if you could share your thoughts on this.

        Sincerely, MeLing.

        • .. my apologies: It’s April15, 2014. NOT 2015.. come to think of it.. somewhat frightening and worries me.. of my nephew’s future. He is born local time Chicago 7.46am..

  33. I am worried about my health as it is in question. I would be so grateful if you could tell me what you see in my chart. Born 12/10/86 in Columbia, MD, USA.

    Thank you.

  34. I have ascendant in Aries at 20 degrees, so this full moon is very near it. I think i know what this means: I am working on my image, my reputation, etc. I am doing this instinctively, and recently I am feeling different, in a good way. It is hard to describe, as if I have been through a lot of negative things the past three years, and now I have found myself, the real me, and who I want to be. I think, with Uranus in my 1st retrograding back to almost my exact angle by December this year, that by the time Uranus leaves my first house I will be a very different person with a different image and brand.

    • Your comment has got me thinking about celebrities and self employed people who use their personal profile in their career. Now there is a mixing of Ascendant and Midheaven in these cases. Worth keeping an eye on in the future.

  35. Thank you for sharing your insight on the implications of this particular moon and associated planetary alignments. I would be grateful if you could give me some insight as to what it implies for my birthdate April 2nd 1959, Cork, Ireland. Thank you.

  36. I took a google search for thoughts and insights about the aries full moon in April this year.

    That was probably when my life and beliefs about my situation started to crumble and look for an outlet.

    This was some of the words about the aries new moon:

    ““Wholeness is realized when you have light and dark (or solar and lunar) masculine and light and dark feminine all working together in a cohesive whole.

    “This New Moon has all four aspects of wholeness represented but they are facing off in very intense ways- which shows the potential for wholeness and evolution coming out of an experience of conflict, opposition, tension and/or crisis…”

    I feel like this is EXACTLY what has happened to me now. My ex BF found an excuse to hate me in May for something I did… and 5 months later broke up after treating me like sh*t and cheating on me emotionally to top it off.

    I could behave badly – but I’m not going to. I seek balance. I seek to be a better person than him. But I’m also a 7 times scorpio so when the time is right I will cut him off silently, in the night. Amputate the sickness and move on.

    When that time comes I hope to have all these influences balanced in me.

  37. Hi jamie,
    I just had a bitter confrontation with a very close friend which was brewing since past many years on this 17th Oct. It might be the after math of Sun opposite Uranus during this eclipse phase as it has completely changed the outlook of us both since the confrontation. May be I have lost a true blue friend coz of this influence. I am April 02, 1982 at 12.50 IST born with cancer ascendant at 18 degrees 29 min with 6 planets in retrograde and this year has brought about a havoc in my relationships whether it be personal or professional. When will be this emotional turmoil end for me???? Can you show some light?

      • I also have moon square Pluto exact in natal chart and it was just another life changing struggle. But sure it has brought about a transformation since then as I feel relieved of the heavy burden of emotional turmoil after this full moon. This confrontation has Just brought about a change in my perception altogether.
        Thanks Jamie for pinpointing this.

  38. I sure look forward to your impending release of the 14 November full moon & 29 Nov. new moon articles and their messages. Received an urgent call at 1313 hours (the number is significant to me..) asking me to make myself available for 5 days beginning 14th Nov. for a side-income project, which I’ve been anticipating as a series of events since July.

    A preview of impending breakthroughs for me, Jamie? Am one appreciative Saggitarian decan 3, 19 Dec. ’72, 0240 hours here…

  39. How did this effect ex who is still my friend- who has been so busy with work and kind of lost touch with me. What could be going on. I’m worried bc it squared his Mars. Any chance you could tell. 3/16/78 5:07p CA

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