Jupiter Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

Jupiter Opposite Uranus Transit

Jupiter opposite Uranus maximum orb 6°00′.

Jupiter opposite Uranus natal gives creative brilliance but at a cost. Your unorthodox style and rebellious streak can turn the establishment against you and make you a social outcast. However, the risks associated with this aspect can be reduced without curbing your enthusiasm or originality.

Your kinky humor and gregarious nature can easily win your friends and admirers. While you would have suffered more in Victorian England, you must still adapt to certain situations. It would be best if you moderated your exuberance and tendency to rock the boat in formal settings. A strongly placed Saturn in your chart would do the trick.

Modern Western society, at least, plus the Internet (ruled by Uranus), allows you to express your unique style fully. You can experiment and push the limits of social standards, philosophy, education, religion, and spirituality. Overseas travel, in particular, would broaden your horizons and expand your consciousness.

You have a strong urge to change things to make a better future. It would be best to have the freedom to think and express your new ideas. Remember always to respect the right of others to their independence and beliefs. This especially applies to your many opponents who find value in traditional ways of thinking and doing things.

Fortunately, in such a rapidly changing world, you seem to have been born on the right side of history. Perhaps your ingenuity can be used to modernize and update some old ways rather than upending them and upsetting those less futuristic than yourself.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus Transit

Jupiter opposite Uranus transit dramatically increases your need for personal freedom and excitement. You will feel a strong urge to react or rebel against anything stopping you from having fun and doing what you want.

The expansive nature of Jupiter, the shocking nature of Uranus, and the antagonistic nature of the opposition mean that there is likely to be a particular sudden event that releases your built-up tension and leads to a significant change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, the more upsetting the transition will likely be.

There is a tendency to renew and start afresh totally. However, the more extreme the change, the harder it is for you and your loved ones to adjust to the new conditions. This is especially so if it is a close relationship holding you down. Consider also the financial ramifications of any significant change.

You can find adventure and personal growth through travel, education, and new relationships while still maintaining specific core responsibilities in your life. You can find creative and ingenious ways to relieve boredom without causing chaos and disruption.

Though technically a challenging transit, the relief from stress and tension can be very satisfying. A change in beliefs or social interaction may be all it takes to act as a circuit breaker. At a more profound level, you seek a higher awareness to transcend your daily routine and bring on a spiritual growth spurt.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus Celebrities

Charles III 0°02′, Leon Gambetta 0°05′, Wolfgang Borchert 0°09′, Charles II of England 0°20′, Alice Cooper 0°27′, Arthur Symons 0°27′, Ed Gein 0°40′, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1°06′, Peter Ustinov 1°14′, Barry Humphries 1°18′, Laurence Olivier 1°28′, Jodie Foster 1°31′, Rosie O’Donnell 1°52′.

Jupiter Opposite Uranus Dates

30 August 2003

26 December 2016
2 March 2017
28 September 2017

20 January 2031
20 June 2031
30 October 2031

28 February 2045

56 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. Hii Jamie…I m in great trouble right now…Due to some relationship problems ,i have to relocate…I am less of money right now…but due to some homely tensions i m planning to shift in some rental property with my wife and kids at july end…My dob is 10.04.1980…I dont know how will i manage the finances…Will everything be fruitful???Please answer…

  2. My all work stucked or gone no solution in sight. Dob July 2, 1957. Should I change my business if yes advise. I looking for exports.
    Anil Madan

  3. Dear Jamie, I am scared. I am Libra Sun. Uranus in Libra 17 degree. I have been bombarded by Uranus in Aries since 2011. I can’t handle Jupiter opposite uranus. Daisy.

  4. Hi Jamie. I’m really enjoying your articles. This pattern occurs a few times in late 2016 and 2017. It reminds me of the WWII searchlights. Is there a special name for this configuration of two opposing right angled triangles?

    • Thank you Kristian. I had not noticed this aspect pattern. I will do some research but I doubt is has a name because most named aspect patterns do not include the 8th harmonic aspects, the semi-squares and sesquiquadrates. It may be searchlights indeed.

  5. March 2 2017’s opposition hits my natal Moon- where the Jupiter will conjunct my moon and the Uranus will be opposing my natal moon. I don’t have a natal moon uranus aspect, but I do have a weak moon square jupiter. Might this affect me and if so how? pregnancy? love? marriage? Thank you 2/16/79 7:55 in the evening in CA

    • Hi Asa. I use much tighter orbs than you so I would look at your Jupiter and Uranus transits separately. But they may come close enough to be felt stronger and all those things you mentioned are possible.

      I don’t see your Moon square Jupiter but definitely conjunct Pluto, sextile Neptune and trine Mars.

  6. And Hi Jamie, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I do find it interesting what you write!

  7. Hi. Jamie
    Almost all of my stars and ascendant are same degree. I’m so afraid of getting worse. How do you think next year for me? October 14,1968. 5:30 p.m Burma. Thanks again.

  8. Hi Jamie,

    This transit sounds good although I have the strange feeling that Jupiter in transit conjunction natal pluto(19.54) and square venus (19.12) plus uranus transit square venus and the opposition of jupiter and uranus transit might just not be so great…¿good or bad news related to money, love or authorities? …It would also be at 2 degrees from MC/IC should I worry?? Thanks!

    • Not to worry Meli because of Saturn sextile your Pluto. That tips things in your favor toward stability and concrete results.

      I have only written about Saturn sextile Pluto natal but you will get a good idea from that what the transit means.

  9. hi jamie.suturn sextile suturn.suturn sextile jupiter.jupiter sextile suturn.this month i my chart.jupiter is my 11 house suturn in my first house.what this mean.my bday 8-27-1963.

  10. January 12, 2017 we have a full moon creating a grand cardinal cross with Jupiter & Uranus all 22 degrees. I have major things going on in my chart but don’t know what to make of it. The full moon will be on my 1st house natal afflicted capricorn moon that my progressed Venus is currently sitting on. The ascendant of the full moon chart will be on my Capricorn 12th house Sun. And the same day I have a progressed full moon!!! My charts are loaded! Please God don’t let this be another catastrophe! The last cardinal cross I’m still recovering from a life shattering car accident. I’m still in pain 3 years later, broke have no car… my son was hurt badly too and is still depressed. Is it possible to have a positive grand cardinal cross? I’m trying not to be… but I’m scared. Life as a triple Capricorn has been one brutal punch after another.

    • There is a Saturn support group on FB. Some really helpful insights are shared there. There comes a Cardinal cross, with Moon , Jupiter, and Uranus. I suppose the other planet is going to be Saturn, no doubt.
      I was born during a Cardinal Cross, FYI

  11. My 2017 solar return chart has a t square Jupiter in 12h Saturn conjunct Mercury 3h Uranus 6h…what would the overall theme be? Natal 12h loaded sun-moon-Mercury-Mars with 3 and 6 empty.

  12. Hi dear Jamie. Now i have concunction of transitin jupiter with natal uranus and IC. In the same time transiting uranus is concunct MC. Please tell me what to expect? I love my job and dont want to change it and i have sucsess there!!! Jupiter is co ruler of 5 house and ruler of 9. Uranus is ruler of 7th house. Thank you.

  13. bit miffed at you, you recently called me a moron (indirectly) – ah well, if we all understood, we’d all be me – you probably have one already, but for your readers, i’ve made a freeware (windows) animated horoscope app. visualising the planets in motion is so much more informative and poetic (as the aspects progress) than viewing static charts.

    here’s a thread in a public forum about it if that encourages more trust –

    download link is several posts down.

    best of luck and all. your articles are still at the top of google when one searches for an aspect.

  14. I’m confused why this says it is exact on December 26 as Uranus and Jupiter have been in exact opposition since 12/22/16, not beginning on 12/26. Uranus will move out of retrograde on 12/29, and they are exact at 20 degrees until then. Are my calculations off?

    • Hi Rebecca. I have listed the 3 exact oppositions, as shown in the charts. You may be referring to exact with a particular orb I think?

  15. Hi Jamie!
    Hope you are well. Just out of curiosity how this opposition plays when uranus transit is conjunct MC (3rd pass ) and Jupiter transit (1st pass) is also conjunct IC? Taking into account that my 4th house is ruled by Venus and Taurus is fully on my 10th, would the opposition of Pluto in transit to natal Venus and trine natal Jupiter and Juno have a say?
    Thanks for any words of wisdom 🙂

  16. With the March opposition and my having Uranus at 22Leo 10th house that the positive potential power holds true. My Libra ascendant loves attention obviously, my Sun and Mercury in Cancer and my moon happiky hidden in the etheric 12th house, do not, sooo I guess I need to be willing to accept I will be thrust out of my comfort zone, suddenly exposed…naked….again…and have faith, there will be some unknown point to learn to understand from the experience and not be expected to carry the burden of shame for others this time. I have enough responsibilities and made enough errors of my own, thank you very much 😉 mind you there were littke glmmers of hope, that which I call miracles, through the fust opposition….so….daring to be a little more hopeful this time…

  17. Hi Jamie,
    Is this coming one (march) more powerful for me since I was born with Uranus at almost 22 Aries?!
    How should I look at it?!
    Thank you.

  18. Hi Jamie!

    Hope you are well. I know you have lot of comments and work at the moment so thank you for your interesting posts. I have been turning around two opposition that planets in transit are making on my chart. One of them is Uranus -Jupiter on the axis and the other one Pluto in transit opposite a key planet of my chart (venus…which activates a square with natal pluto (conjunct IC) and trine with natal uranus on 4th house)….it’s making a cross (red lines and only a green line to my Jupiter 🙁 !) …I have been reading your post several times but I am still puzzled on how it could be felt and I am feeling nervous.

    I am having right now this opposition on my MC (Uranus 3rd pass) and IC (Jupiter 2nd pass). My MC is ruled by Mars who has also made a conjunct with MC (22.12). My IC is ruled by Venus and my MC includes Taurus, should I consider that my MC is co-ruled by Mars and Venus? How this opposition on MC and IC can play? I guess that both areas will be affected and the effects should be unexpected and big but how I can see it would be good for me?

    You once told me that my Venus was a hot point in my chart and it’s just at less than a degree to a perfect opposition of Pluto in transit (which trine natal Jupiter and Juno -2 degrees- )….should I expect some bad financial, health, house or career things? My only guess is that the trine should be good to release the tension of this opposition.

    I would appreciate any clarification or guidance on this !! Thanks

  19. Jupiter is on my Libra ascendant, Uranus on my Aries descendant, all fired up, to put an end to the severe restrictions of the past and nyet no where to go…its really touch and go at the moment, plus Mars 26 Leo in 10th and Venus/Mars conjuncting in Virgo at the same time as this opposition. Its quite a build up, trying to be patient to see how it plays out, employing delayed gratification, trying to enjoy romancing the ideals and hoping there is somewhere to go with this soon…feels like either a wonderful firework display ahead or self combust…and there is just no playing it cool…annoying myself more than anyone else lol!

    • its like waiting for the fever to break and hoping it does before I do, hopefully break through rather than break feeling like I am the lead character an ever broadening drama trying not to be melodramatic…sheesh

      • Same! Trying to be all zen and eat popcorn while I detach and watch the action

        Starring, writing, directing and being entertained by my life is a full time job.,…

        • Hahaha, yep, I relate where others may be unlikely to…indeed, the highly eccentric so called artistic temperament this is powering through is very annoying for those around me, fortunately there are only a few & they do know me well enough to understand, there will be some good in it, somewhere hahaha!

  20. This is a tough one with natal Uranus conj. AC opp. Chiron 7th….i want to break free and shocking circumstances try to force it!! Arrrgghhhh! lol

  21. Thank goodness this is almost done this time around, the suspense has been getting the better of this very patient being (Saturn penultimate degree Capricorn) will it be a clean sweep off ones feet passionate embrace or another Romeo & Juliet romance tragedy…hopefully clearer to be able to call, as they are in arms reach now…Im usually good at solving the mysteries, easily seeing the patterns, but this one, is obviously intended to be a surprise for one who usually has to pretend to be….

    • Sorry that may not have made sense due to omitted info, now this opposition is done, off my asc/desc axis jupiter moves into my 1st house & Uranus will move into my 7th ( teasing at the moment) as Venus & Mars now reach conjunction , only 116′ (wide trine) to natal venus in 7th house taurus. I am not or is there anyone really in my life relationship/partnership wise, yet its like I sense something integral, just out of reach, just over the horizon, for the first time in years and Im not fearing or rejecting the possibility beforehand, this time either…miracles.

  22. jamie can we take effects of Jupiter opposite Uranus as Uranus opposite Jupiter can you tell me whats the difference

    • Very similar Naino. But with transiting Uranus opposite natal Jupiter you might expect more of the unexpected and sudden events. It is Uranus change and excitement affecting your Jupiter growth, happiness and wealth.

      • so i can take that sudden growth or change of direction and the above description by the way jamie you are a true rock star keep the great work up

  23. This aspect shows up by transit at Jamies “A Dream Come True” new Moon May 11/20.

    transit Jupiter 29Aqr45
    natal Uranus 29Leo57r


    Natal Uranus at 29Leo means New Gold Standard. ref. Exter’s pyramid.

    May 11/20 progressed, Jupiter 26Aqr57 opposite Uranus 27Leo45

    notable transits in the Progressed chart: short, medium and long…
    – Mercury/NN, transit Moon
    – Jupiter transit Mars
    – Neptune transit DSC

    • T-square to the above.

      Natal asteroid Hylonome 10370, 29Tau54
      transit 17Cap39r

      Natal Venus 17Cap34

      A feeling of ‘not being able to go on’ during the morning.
      And a feeling of ‘making it to 80’ in sympathy to the artwork, during the afternoon.

      ref Sedgwick, Holmes, Francis, etc

  24. I tend to think of Uranus as the higher octave of mercury so it often relates to electronic communications. When Jupiter is aspecting Uranus The conjunction (in my second house) brought me money a money win in a competition (though not every time this aspect occurs). Trines tend to produce inflammation (this has happened more than once) and the opposition seems to cause intense flurries of emails. 12 years ago I had intense and frequent email exchanges with a man I was interested in, who lived in California and this time it coincided with me joining an electronic pen-pal site and communicating with several people in Korea (I am learning Korean). Today, the last day of the exact aspect, I also learnt that my mother has cancer (Uranus is in the eighth house).

  25. sorry I mean Jupiter is in the eighth house currently, Natal Uranus is in the second

  26. More and more when the major transits are prominent there is some aspect or another that is astounding in my own chart. Like tomorrow for instance. The sun will conjunct Uranus at 18* of Taurus while squaring my Venus in Leo at 19* and (more impactful) Jupiter at 28*Aries will oppose exactly my natal Uranus in Libra. The fact that Uranus is highlighted in the skies as well as my chart while I am at a major crossroads that is a confining and confusing circumstance is not at all funny anymore. Last month, the day before Easter Sunday I was experiencing my Jupiter return (bountiful blessings indeed) only to follow it with a whole host of transits. Jupiter conjunct mars and Chiron the week of the Scorpio full moon and mars conjunct my Saturn which squares my Jupiter and Venus conjunct my ascendant while it squared neptune. I really can’t wrap my mind around it all anymore. And yes. My mercury is in Gemini and I am a Gemini ascendant so if you are wondering why so chatty. Bloop. There you go. Hoping this Uranus business opens my eyes and allows some new ideas or perspective to help me change my situation. Good/bad whatever. Change is inevitable.

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