Mars Square Saturn Natal and Transit

Mars Square Saturn Transit

Mars square Saturn maximum orb 4°00′.

Mars square Saturn natal creates difficulty in self-expression. The main areas affected by the limiting influence of Saturn are your passionate desires and the ability for sustained effort. You have strong desires and goals, but challenges arise in expressing and attaining these wants and needs.

Criticism or strict discipline may be experienced growing up, especially by your father or another authority figure. The harder you experience this, the more difficulty you will have in overcoming inhibition, shyness, and feelings of inadequacy. Setbacks, as you chase down your desires in sex, sports, or work, will reinforce the feeling that life is too complicated or that you don’t deserve the good things that others have.

Rejection or defeat would bury or repress your intense desires, leading to complications. Such a buildup of hot Mars energy inside needs to be released. If not, it would escape your body in an uncontrolled way. This may manifest in a harmful or unsafe way as fear of success, frustration, temper tantrums, envy, spite, criticism, or in extreme cases, health problems such as broken bones.

The key to dealing with an energy flow or blockage is self-awareness and learning by experience. The square aspect does present tests and challenges. Through this trial and error, you master the things you are not good at. With age and experience, you will come to terms with the limitations of this aspect. This will result in greater self-confidence, wisdom through experience, and a strong work ethic.

Patience, perseverance, and empathy can be your strong points, leading to healthy self-esteem, lasting relationships, significant achievements, and deserved recognition. A quick scan of the celebrities below with Mars square Saturn confirms this and should give you confidence that striving for your passionate desires will lead to success.

Mars Square Saturn Transit

Mars square Saturn transit brings frustration and inhibition. Your desires and needs may grow more robust, yet you will find it harder to express your passions and succeed. The harder you pursue your goals, the more resistance you will face.

Authority figures and superiors, such as your father, other dominant men, teachers, and bosses, may put you down, restrict your ambitions, and generally stop you from achieving what you want. It may be that general circumstances prevent your progress.

This is not a winning transit; the best approach now is defensive. Instead of starting new projects or hunting down your desires, it is better to concentrate on holding onto what you already have. Rejection or limitations will internalize the hot Mars energy, resulting in problems. Frustration and anger can result unless the energy is safely expressed. Patience and plodding hard work will get you there.

Risk-taking or bursts of energy will only worsen any problems. Working alone and concentrating on things closer to home may be better. This is not a good time for fighting or conquering new ground, and this is an excellent time to sharpen your blades and strengthen your defenses.

Mars Square Saturn Celebrities

Eugen Grosche 0°00′, Jane Austen 0°01′, Susan Sarandon 0°04′, Charlie Chaplin 0°06′, Victoria Sackville-West 0°06′, Queen Letizia of Spain 0°08′, Margot Robbie 0°18′, Jordan Peterson 0°19′, Giuliano Kremmerz 0°21′, Antero Alli 0°23′, Ally Sheedy 0°27′, Nevil Maskelyne 0°27′, Wilhelm Eitel 0°27′, Nero 0°31′, Juan García Abrego 0°34′, Billy Bob Thornton 0°43′, August Bebel 0°46′, River Phoenix 0°52′, Jay Mohr 0°54′, Ann-Margret 0°56′, Gustavus Adolphus 0°59′, Antonio Salieri 1°01′, Bill Haley 1°04′, Merv Griffin 1°14′, Stephen Arroyo 1°16′, Igor Stravinsky 1°15′, Danilo Kis 1°24′, Ella Fitzgerald 1°26′, Renee of France 1°28′, Liberace 1°34′, Virginia Giuffre 1°38′, Martinus Thomsen 1°53′, Claudia Schiffer 1°54′.

Mars Square Saturn Dates

August 7, 2022
November 25, 2023
August 16, 2024
December 8, 2025
September 1, 2026
December 22, 2027
September 21, 2028
January 5, 2030
October 15, 2030

31 thoughts on “Mars Square Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Agree completely. The trick seems to be do everything right but never expect anything to work out so when/if it ever does you will really appreciate it. It’s the ultimate humility and death of the ego aspect.

    It’s not a very forgiving aspect. If you do the wrong thing you get punished immediately, but doing the right thing doesn’t guarantee success or rewards, just fewer consequences.

  2. Hi Jamie, after we spoke about this in my natal chart and you mentioned “creative blocks.” I read this page for natal and transiting. Everything that’s written is true, but with age and the necessary ground work, one can overcome many of the obstacles this aspect represents. Like, with self love, not criticising one-self, letting on-self be free/free-spirited etc. I’ve read a few self help books over the years and they’ve helped a lot. I think it’s having that self awareness, for example; “I was criticised a lot by my father as a child and that’s why I criticise myself,” and then to change that negative habit that formed. Children don’t usually criticise themselves, but some learn to throughout the years. I think that it’s important that we use the Square/challenging aspects as areas to grow and change. I also find what helps to lessen the effects of this natal and transit aspect is to get out and get plenty of fresh air; to not let anyone control or restrict you; get regular exercise; travel if possible; spend lots of time being physical – with gardening, playing with animals, DIY, etc. All my boyfriends have been very controlling and have held me back with my career, and have all been critical. I found that this really didn’t help and I’ve learn to leave a relationship with a man like this a lot sooner, if I were to ever meet anyone like that again! I think this aspect of Mars Square Saturn also applies for boyfriends as well as fathers, because a woman will often attract men that were like her father. It’s familiarity and what was ‘normal.’

  3. I have this aspect and this is so spot on. It’s VERY VERY VERY difficult to deal with it. I’m scared that i’ll always be this way because of this aspect.

    • Gisselle, all square aspect give you are series of tests and challenges so you perfect a certain area. What was once such a problem will be your strong point. All the tests and trial lead to experience and mastery.

  4. In my case (an opposition, and Mars being in the 12th H.), my mother and one of my brothers are an issue. My natal Saturn is in conjc. with my natal moon. They just wanted me to be very venusian… but I am not so much (my Venus is even in a combust conj. with my sun). I do feel burned out. Flowing is much better. I do ask myself when I want to assert myself if this is really guided or I am being voluntarious, like I´ve been all my life. Good luck for every one over here with this enormous burden of transit! So paralyzing. I´m trying to do better, now.

  5. Hey Jamie , thank you for the articles ,

    Just a question , I have “mars square saturn” transit simultaneously with “mars conjunct jupiter” transit , and according to your articles the first is not good for initiatives and the second is ideal for intiatives , how am I supposed to interpret this , do they cancel each other ?

    Thanks in advance .

  6. Well we are all in it now whether we want to or not today, letting go of the can do attitude and the wants of a child and being a grown up even though it has.been so heavy my patience is wearing thin and I justbwant to lol! Yet focussing on what is currently neccessary to be and do that may benefit all ahead by feeling the passion to be myself and do the serving of my personal purpose, aIming to be ethically and morally sound that it is my own place in the natural order and timing of things and face the consequences, well or ill…this has been having my stomach churning and adreneline firing more and more as it builds, not sure if its anxiety or excitement yet, probably both hopefully in good measure as they can feel the same, especially when one has experienced long term stress and it mostly was anxiety in the past, as I have been…I do feel “up” underneath it all though.

  7. I also have Saturn squaring my natal mars at 24 pisces, so this mars square saturn in the sky transit is like a double whammy. Was having physical difficulties last fall keeping me at home and on couch then got a physiotherapist and made good progress until the full moon in dec and had a big setback. Finally started to move forward again and had another physical setback last week! Its like 2 steps forward and 1.5 steps back. The fear is quite high too. I’m hoping once saturn finally exactly squares my mars next tues and moves off things will move forward more easily. Its also my mars return too, and that could be good for new beginnings. Need good news. April 11, 1962 dob

  8. I have Mars semi-square Saturn, with Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Libra in my natal chart. Is the semi-square only mildly bad or is it just as bad as the square aspect?

    • The semi square should be a milder version of the square. They are supposed to represent irritation that leads to action.

  9. I’m curious. If a mature person has a natal Mars / Saturn square…in this case Mars Aquarius/Saturn Scorpio, will that aid them in dealing with a relationship that has this negative aspect…she is Mars Aquarius to his Saturn Scorpio.

  10. How does this transit work out while in the same period I have these transits: Pluto sextile Ascendant, Neptunus opposite Sun, Jupiter sextile Sun, Jupiter square Uranus and Jupiter conjunct Ascendant? Seems to me pro’s and cons?

  11. I have this aspect!!! It seems that I’ve grown into a very lighthearted and spirited person. Regardless of the turmoil for attempting to excel, I realize that if I use logic in my approach, it usually works out fine (study for a test, follow the rules to become a manager, speak out about concern- although, for whatever reason, I face opposition when I ave an opinion). Most of the time, I feel like I have what it takes to get far, but literally, EVERYONE, somehow knocks me down! If I tell people this, of course, I’d just be perceived as a prideful person, but no, no sympathy, in that department! Oh, and I’m pretty intelligent! I have compassion for the oddest of the odds. I enjoy relationships with very kind people, I can’t stand people who lack sympathy for humanity.

  12. I hated this aspect growing up, but after my Saturn Return I learned to appreciate it. Mars having to work through Saturn gives your Mars the extra strength it needs to overcome anything, Both my Mars and Saturn are in their respective homes Aries and Capricorn, so my Aries Mars actually had to learn sustained effort. Also Saturn acting as a restraining bolt for Mars in the 3rd helped me stay out of trouble with my mouth lol.

  13. This doesn’t resonate with me. I have always had an easy time doing what I want and pick up things very quickly. I’m assuming other placements have to do with that as well?

    • Hi Sarah. Yes, other aspects to Mars and Saturn. Also, the greater the aspect orb, the less impact it has in comparison to other aspects in your chart. Any fixed stars conjunction will also have an influence.

  14. Hello, could you tell me if this description of Mars square Saturn Transit means transit Mars square Transit Saturn?
    Is that how I should treat all of your desriptions of Transit? I just didn’t want to assume, and then come-to-find-out
    that you meant in relation to a natal Mars or Saturn, for example. Thank you very much.

  15. Hello Jamie. Thank you for the informative article.

    At the moment my mars of 0 degrees of scorpio is exactly square Aquarius Saturn. But Jupiter is also squaring and its making its way to 0 degrees of Aquarius.

    Will having Jupiter squaring my mars help lighten the weight of Saturn squaring my mars?? I personally dont feel saturn square my natal mars will be super hard. Lessons for sure, but not anything too bad I don’t feel. Maybe its because of Jupiter?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Luna. I think you could be right about Jupiter lightening the weight of Saturn, especially if you are handling the natal planet well at the moment. But in some cases where the natal planet is causing problems, Jupiter could amplify the restricting or depressing influence of Saturn.

  16. Oops. Just took a defensive stance on some creative work against my company president who is 40 years my senior. He always takes a father stance with me and today, was really limiting my personal ideas and talking down to me. Even though I am the Marketing Manager…….. I HAD to look up my transits, my sharp tone felt like it came out of nowhere. And SURE ENOUGH…

  17. I agree Katie, little girls will attract a man like their father. So focus on your fathers best qualities and then they are what you will be attracting.
    I did this and have found it in my marriage partner.
    Also sometimes we attract it as we are it, it is in us ( as d n a / karma) and we have to stop believing we are inadequate or somehow deserve this as like can attract like as well as polar opposites can also attract.
    I sometimes struggle with this even though l been working on it for many years.
    I have Pluto Uranus conjunct in virgo and can be critical. I am not seeking perfection just like to work and serve a lot in obsessional way.
    Needless to say my husband is a workaholic…
    Nevertheless being conscious ( Pluto) helps balance this out.
    Good luck Katie in your search for happiness.

  18. Mars-saturn is similar to mars-venus and mars-pluto a typical war and violence aspect. Doesnt have to be so but is often the case Hitler had mars-saturn square and stalin mars-pluto opposition (on algol !) Ukrainian war started with mars-venus-pluto and so on….

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