Israel Horoscope

Israel Horoscope

The revolution in Egypt and spreading unrest in the Arab world poses a threat to Middle East stability, and particularly to the hopes of peace for Israel. Pro-Western regimes around Israel are facing growing criticism from their citizens and concessions are being made in order to avert more unrest. Time to look at what’s happening ahead this year with the Israel horoscope.

The horoscope for the nation of Israel is set for 4:00 pm on May 14, 1948. As stated in The Book of World Horoscopes by Nick Campion, p.168.

The meeting began precisely at 4.00 pm, as arranged, when Ben-Gurion, the first prime minister, struck the table with his gavel… It is clear that Ben-Gurion himself regarded 4.00 pm as the critical time.

It is not surprising that David Ben-Gurion, a Freemason, chose the eaxt moment that fixed star Spica was rising.

  • 23♎03 – Israel Ascendant
  • 23♎07 – Alpha Virginis, Spica

Israel National Horoscope

Israel Horoscope

Israel Horoscope

There are two long term transits to the Israel chart this year, neither of them look good for peace. Pluto is opposite the Israeli Venus, and Neptune opposite their Mars. Venus in the mundane horoscope represents defeat in war, and being opposed by Pluto suggests that powerful forces outside the nations control are acting against their interests. Israel’s Venus is on a fixed star called Tejat Posterior, which Robson says is “Symbolically called the Abused or Beaten One”, but that it does give “force, energy, power and protection”.

The only other hard aspect to Venus from transiting Pluto started in 1973. On October 6, the Egyptian and Syrian armies launched a surprise attack against Israel. Pluto was exactly square the Israel Venus on 20 October. This Yom Kippur War ended on October 25 and Israel did successfully repel the Egyptians and Syrians but suffered massive losses. The Gaza War which started in December 2008, began less than three hours before a New Moon opposite the Israel Venus. So although Venus is supposed to represent defeat in war, perhaps the protection from the fixed star saves this nation somewhat.

There are three exact oppositions from Pluto to the Israel Venus in 2011. The first was January 10, no attack but some most significant developments with the Egyptian revolution later that month, and also the election of the Hezbollah-backed Lebanese prime minister, Najib Mikati. The final Pluto-Venus opposition is in November, but it is the middle one which stands out. On 18 July, Pluto is opposite Venus, and Saturn is exactly conjunct the Israel Neptune.

The other long term transit this year is Neptune opposite the Israeli Mars. This is why I’ve called this blog “Spiritual War”. The first exact transit is 11 March, then there there are two more, in September 2011, then January 2012. The only other hard aspect from transiting Neptune to the Israel Mars was the square in 1969-70, when Palestinian groups launched a wave of attacks against Israeli targets around the world.

Neptune opposing Mars does suggest a weakening of military strength, and the position is rapidly changing now their strongest Arab ally, Mubarak has been ousted from Egypt. However, as I mentioned in a post last year, Mars is conjunct a very strong star called Regulus which indicates success in war, and this is strengthened given that Israel has Mars trine Jupiter.

It does appear that Israel is coming under increasing threat from hostile enemies, and this is supported by the astrology. The Full Moon on February 18 is conjunct the Israel Mars which should activate the longer term opposition from Neptune. Neptune opposite Mars indicates suicide attacks and religious or spiritually based battles. Some naval involvement could also be expected with Neptune ruling the navy. Pluto opposite Venus indicates opposition from powerful forces making it difficult to maintain peace.

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  1. Israel today 14 July 2018 had transit Saturn conjunct radix Pars Fortuna in 5 degrees Capricorn.

    Capricorn 5: Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance.

    The Pars Fortuna is opposite Venus ruler Ascendant 5 degrees Cancer in Ninth House.

  2. Transits Israel during Yom Kippor war 6 October – 27 October 1973.

    6-Oct-1973 004°,38’41 Cancer Sat 180 Pars ( see 27 Oct.)

    6-Oct-1973 004°,38’41 Libra Plu 90 Pars

    10-Oct-1973 004°,48’06 Libra Plu 90 Ven

    16-Oct-1973 023°,23’51 Libra Ura 60 C—3

    24-Oct-1973 023°,55’16 Libra Ura 0 Asc

    27-Oct-1973 004°,38’41 Cancer Sat 180 Pars

    Sabian symbols.

    Transit Saturn.


    Israel Pars Fortuna.


    27 October 1973 War Ends After US Threatens to Cut Aid to Israel.

    • There is a Third and last transit Saturn opposite radix Pars Fortuna on 1 June 1974.

      1 June 1974 peace with Syria.

      • Israel.

        Progressive aspects.

        18-Aug-2018 +23°,28’53 Plu // Ura
        25-Aug-2018 -02°,43’43 MC // Nep
        28-Aug-2018 019°,30’05 Aquarius Moon * CASTRA (SAT – JUP )

        2-Sep-2018 -02°,44’14 Nep // mutual MC
        2-Sep-2018 019°,38’41 Aquarius Moon 45 Pars
        7-Sep-2018 019°,48’06 Aquarius Moon 135 Ven
        11-Sep-2018 025°,04’22 Cancer C–8 * PROCYON (MERC – MARS )
        12-Sep-2018 019°,59’15 Aquarius Moon 60 mutual Jup
        27-Sep-2018 000°,00’00 Leo Sun Nw
        27-Sep-2018 025°,06’58 Capricorn C–2 * TEREBELLUM (VENUS – SAT

        • Statement by PM Netanyahu.
          28 Jul 2014.

          Progressive aspects Israel.

          26-Jul-2014 +20°,56’58 Sun // MC
          28-Jul-2014 026°,01’26 Cancer Sun 0 MC

          We will not complete the operation without neutralizing the tunnels, the sole purpose of which is the destruction of our civilians and the killing of our children. This is the clear and unequivocal objective of the State of Israel.

          Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this evening (Monday, 28 July 2014), at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, issued the following statement:

          “First, I would like to share in the grief of the families whose dear ones have fallen. They have fallen in defense of the nation and we all mourn their passing. There is no more just war than this one that our heroic sons are fighting. I would like to support the soldiers of the IDF who, even now, are continuing to operate inside the Gaza Strip against our enemies.

          We knew that there would be difficult days; this has been a difficult and painful day. Patience and determination are needed in order to continue the struggle against a murderous terrorist organization that aspires to our destruction. We are, at present, continuing to take action to neutralize and strike at the terrorist tunnels. We will not complete the mission, we will not complete the operation, without neutralizing the tunnels, the sole purpose of which is the destruction of our civilians and the killing of our children. This is the clear and unequivocal objective of the State of Israel and the need for it has been apparent again today.

          The operation against the tunnels is a first and necessary step in the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip. The process of preventing the arming of the terrorist organization and demilitarizing the Gaza Strip must be part of any solution. The international community needs to demand this explicitly. Instead of the international community allowing funds to enter the Gaza Strip, via Hamas, for concrete and cement to serve in the unlimited construction of tunnels, there must be monitoring and supervision. In the past, when we raised these demands and these concerns of ours, we were not taken seriously. This has to change. It cannot be that citizens of the State of Israel will live under the deadly threats of missiles and infiltration through tunnels – death from above and death from below.

          Hamas has violated every ceasefire proposal. We face a cruel enemy whose brutality is directed not only against us, against our civilians, but is also directed against his own civilians. It exploits their civilians in order for there to be more and more victims even as they send fire and death toward us.”

          • Birth of Israel.

            Start 14 May 1948: 16 h.

            The audience sings the Israel hymne, which last 3-4 minutes.

            Thereafter Ben Gurion reads the declaration of the state Israel

            This is, according to me, the birthmoment of the state Israel.

            I rectified the Israel horoscope as 16:04:07,7 (h/m/s.) local time.

  3. Hello,
    I was hoping to find someone with historical information on “Israel being the Land of Virgo”. I am researching the twelve zones around the equator each containing connections to the source of the zodiac signs. To interpret the Celestial realm we traditionally studied the zones of the Earth. Each sign is from the twelve Earth zones and each represents a body part all combining to form the full body. Easter Island marks the head position…Stonehenge represents Cancer…The sphinx is Leo…Beside Leo is Virgo….Scales is the mid point of balance, Krishna Buddha…

    Please write if you have any knowledge on this to

    Kind regards B.Sears
    New Zealand

  4. On 6 May 2021, Palestinians began protesting in Jerusalem over a forthcoming decision of the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the eviction of four Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood of East Jerusalem.


    6-May-2021 021°,24’32 Pisces Moon 120 Chiron


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