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In UK Election 2010 we predicted David Cameron would be the next prime minister;

the public will be angry because of the Moon opposite Mars, and vote for change because of Jupiter Uranus opposite Saturn…Pluto sextiling Mercury will powerfully assist David in communicating his message to the voters, and give him an edge in any debates with his opponent….he does have transiting Jupiter conjunct Saturn which suggests good luck with taking on more responsibility, and the last Solar Eclipse was sextile his Saturn…If I was going to have a bet, I’d put my money on David Cameron.”

Before we obtained Nick Cleggs birthtime from the Liberal Democrats, in Astrology of the UK Election – Nick Clegg I wrote “I’m still sticking with my prediction that the loser in this election will be Gordon Brown. What Nick Glegg and David Cameron share is Saturn. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct both their Saturn’s on election day so there may be a shared responsibility.”

The main astrological reason Cameron succeeded was Pluto sextling his Mercury. Brown had Pluto conjuncting his Midheaven, which as Robert Hand saidwill bring inexorable forces to the surface that will drive you out of your present position. You may leave voluntarily, or you may be forced out by being fired or laid off.” [Planets in Transit p.520]. Clegg didn’t do as well as the poll suggested, he had no Pluto transit.

Equally important in deciding the outcome was the lunations. For Brown, the last Solar Eclipse was sextile his Venus, and I wrote “This should increase his personal attractiveness and appeal at election time“, but as Marina commented “Erm..Poor guy didn’t have much to start with, which is why he lost out to super-grin Tony for leadership in the first place. My first thought when reading that was.”He needs all the help he can get.” For both Cameron and Glegg, the Solar Eclipse was sextile their Saturn, and this was key, the voters wanted Saturn stability more than Venus soft and mushy. Less than two hours before the polls opened, the was a Quarter Moon trining Cameron’s Sun, another clincher.

They key astrological feature to the Cameron and Clegg partnership is their Saturn conjunction in synastry. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct, and the Solar Eclipse was sextile both their Saturns. As Cameron said in his offer to the Lib Dems, there were “many areas of common ground“. Another very important consideration is the current Saturn Uranus opposition which suggest radical change to the traditional structure of government. As Cameron said in his offer to the Glegg, “we need a government that understands that great change is needed in order to restore faith in our political system” Both Cameron and Glegg have Saturn opposite Uranus in their natal charts.

Clegg had the critical role in chosing between Cameron and Brown to form a majority government. He was born less than seven hours after the last Saturn Uranus opposition in 1967, the orb is a mere 76 seconds. As I wrote, “Not only is Nick born just hours after a Saturn Uranus opposition, he also has the fortune of being able to bridge these opposing forces with dreams and visions from Neptune. You can see in the chart above that Neptune is trine Saturn and sextile Uranus, both within one degree. I would expect this is the major astrological reason that he is doing so well during this time.” He has now bridged the gap for the benefit of his country, by siding with Cameron to form government. He has put and end to the uncertainty of an hung parliament, which was severely damaging the currency and the stock market.

Our prediction was published last week in Scotland in The Big Issue.

7 thoughts on “UK Election Result Predicted

  1. Thanks as always Karen. I’m glad it’s over too, the announcement came 3 hours before Mercury turned direct. I do think ego’s have been put aside with this decision, and Glegg should keep the spending cuts away from the disadvantaged.

  2. I have been following this election through here and on the news, thanks for keeping me informed xo But I am so very tired of watching all of the ego when the world just needs solid leadership at the moment.

    Hugest congrats on being published xoxoxoxoxoxoxox How awesome and may your stars continue to rise and prosper.

  3. Jamie,
    Just finding this post by you, having posted on the matter of the recent UK elections on the May 2010 Full Moon thread. I’ll repost what I said there over here. But before I do, what is the source of the Nick Clegg birthtime, please?

    OK, here we go:

    Since y6ou brought up the recent British PM elections, I thought to offer the following thoughts and observations, from a Yank’s POV…

    Based on my study of Cameron’s and Clegg’s charts, this is a “marriage” that cannot go well. For one thing, Cameron is much too nice a guy for the Tories. His Libran Sun and Venus, right there in the Asc, along with a Virgo Asc point, all speaks to him bending too far backward, and that`s something Clegg will take full advantage of.

    I say that because Clegg has a Capricorn Sun tightly square Mars in Libra – he`s a tough, hardnosed activist – and he has a Sagittarian Moon. He’ll pull no punches and is given to making quite a few gaffes.

    This will put Cameron in a very dangerous spot with his own party, as Clegg pushes for more and more of his agenda that will directly contradict and oppose what the Tories stand for. This is not only seen in Clegg’s Sun square Cameron’s, but also Clegg’s Mars square Cameron’s Sun as well, plus, Clegg’s Uranus exactly opposes Cameron’s Saturn, shaking up the Tory establishment for sure.

    I’ll have to study the matter a bit more in depth so as to be more specific with timelines, but my gut tells me that this can’t last very long. It’s just too much bad astrology in the offing for that.

    Keep an eye on Clegg, though. He just may wind up becoming PM in his own right.


    And my response to Marina:

    As a Yank, I don’t have a dog in the fight and really couldn’t give a fat rodent’s behind anyway, I’m just sticking to the astrology, and the astrology says, that this is a marriage that cannot last. Cameron’s peaceful and conciliatory Libran Sun is conjunct Clegg’s Mars, while also being squared by Clegg’s Capricorn Sun. This alone suggests LOTS of acrimony over who calls the shots and how policy should be implemented. Moreover, Clegg’s Uranus exactly opposes Cameron’s Saturn, against a shock to the system, and a real challenge to Cameron insofar as how he will reconcile his marriage to the Clegg Lib Dems to his own Tory fellow travelers.

    If we also consider the chart for England itself, based on the popular 1066 Xmas Day date, but considering the clocktime of 3.20PM LMT in the afternoon proposed by Tyl, we see that transit Neptune is conjunct the MC, concomittant with Labour PM Gordon Brown resigning in the aftermath of this month’s election results. We also note that its Sun is at 10 Capricorn, putting it right in line for the upcoming Uranus-Pluto squares of 2012-2013 or so; and before that, we have transit Saturn, Uranus and Pluto making yet another round of passes to the British Asc and Moon positions.

    All of this tells me that Cameron will have an extraordinarily difficult time getting a handle on the massive public sector debt situation, the banking fallout that is still ongoing, immigration, etc and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I just do not see him being successful with this very fragile coalition he has forged with Clegg. The basic natal synastry doesn’t support it.


  4. Bey. For now, what I saw in the charts it seem’s to be working, I wrote that synastry blog before the coalition was arranged and when some people were saying there wasn’t a cat in hells chance of them getting together.

    We’ll have to see in 6 months time if you are right about the long term. I haven’t looked to the future. All I am saying it is can see why it working right here, right now. That alone is quite a feat under the circumstances.

  5. “Dear Mr Funk,
    Many thanks for your email to the Liberal Democrats.
    Nick was born at 5.30 in the morning, I hope that helps!
    Thank you once again for emailing.
    Best wishes,
    Bess Mayhew
    General Election Response Team
    Liberal Democrats”

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