UK Election 2010

The UK general election has been called for 06 May 2010. The current prime minister is Gordon Brown from Labour and his challenger is David Cameron of the Tories. Polling stations open at 7 am which is less than two hours after a quarter Moon opposite Mars. A frustrating time for the public who will have lost patience with the political campaign by then.

The other major aspect in the chart is Saturn opposing the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. This could favour either side. Jupiter is luck and it could help Labor as Uranus represents progressives, and Saturn represents conservatives. The other possible manifestation is that Jupiter increases the odds of a change in government, as Uranus also represents change. Based on this event chart alone, I think the public will be angry because of the Moon opposite Mars, and vote for change because of Jupiter Uranus opposite Saturn. Gordon Brown has transiting Pluto conjunct his Midheaven which is a major life-changing transit effecting the career. This could work either way for him depending how true he has been to himself in reaching his goals. Robert Hand says “If you discover that you are not fulfilling your true calling in your work or another area, Pluto will bring inexorable forces to the surface that will drive you out of your present position. You may leave voluntarily, or you may be forced out by being fired or laid off.” [Planets in Transit p.520].

On the positive side, Jupiter is conjunct Gordon’s Venus and the last Solar Eclipse was sextile his Venus. This should increase his personal attractiveness and appeal at election time. Much harder to interpret is transiting Uranus conjunct his Part of Fortune and transiting Saturn opposing it, though it does suggest a change in fortunes. David Cameron has transiting Pluto sextiling his Mercury and this is much less ambiguous than Gordon’s Pluto transit. Pluto sextiling Mercury will powerfully assist David in communicating his message to the voters, and give him an edge in any debates with his opponent. Robert Hand says “as your depth of mind increases, so will your ability to influence other people. What you say will have greater weight with others. People will believe you because they know you have checked the facts thoroughly and speak with great conviction”. [Planets in Transit, p.494]. On the negative side, David has transiting Neptune opposing his Mars which may drain his energy and weaken is appeal. It could also manifest as some scandal. But he does have transiting Jupiter conjunct Saturn which suggests good luck with taking on more responsibility, and the last Solar Eclipse was sextile his Saturn. Natally he has Saturn opposite Uranus so the current Saturn Uranus opposition may work well for him even though it makes no aspects to his chart. The latest news say this election is the most uncertain in decades with the possibility of an hung parliament, and that certainly fits well with the major transit, Jupiter and Uranus opposite Saturn. If I was going to have a bet, I’d put my money on David Cameron, but I’d only be getting 20 cents in the dollar if he wins. That’s my 20 pence worth!

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  1. “On the positive side, Jupiter is conjunct Gordon’s Venus and the last Solar Eclipse was sextile his Venus. This should increase his personal attractiveness and appeal at election time.”
    Erm..Poor guy didn’t have much to start with, which is why he lost out to super-grin Tony for leadership in the first place.
    My first thought when reading that was.”He needs all the help he can get.” But he’d need some hard-core Neptune/Lilith charisma to make him sexy to the voters.

    As for Cameron, I don’t think Neptune opposing his Mars will weaken him at all. Could give him that Saviour appeal and or course even more charisma. We’d like to think elections are won by policy. But there not a lot of difference in the middle ground these two parties are walking

    If the conspiracy camp are to be believed, then whoever takes us further towards having the Euro will be the winner. However Cameron says ” If I am Prime Minister and for as long as I would be Prime Minister, I would never take Britain into the euro, full stop, end of story.”
    Gordon Brown is supposed to be continuing Labour policy to stay away from the Euro. But cannot find any comments on line as yet. Cameron may get it because the Brits at heart still love their Queenly coins.

    If there is a hung parliament then it wont matter what either of them say as the Liberal Democrats might have the final word.Then I reckon the Euro will slip in by the back door.

  2. Nice work Jamie! It seems most likely that David Cameron will be our next PM. When I look at his chart it strikes me that he’s going to be quite challenged by relationships. This could come from a few angles – the Lib Dems in a hung parliament is one. Perhaps in his own party too. He’s aligned himself with some quite far right groups across europe and I wonder if we’ll see a more right wing agenda from the tories. Haven’t looked into it in detail but the notion of being dragged into conflict with others seems quite strong at a glance.

  3. Thankyou Tony! It’s great to get feedback from your side of the world as I don’t really know much about these two guys. Those far right associations might cause some problems associated with Neptune opposing David’s Mars. I think this is also an aspect of spiritual (Neptune) warfare (Mars) which would suit the far right.

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