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Facebook HoroscopeThis Facebook horoscope is based on the launch on February 4, 2004, however, the real start date for this revolutionary social networking medium came six months earlier. “Facebook may have been born under disputed circumstances, but there is one uncontested moment in its inception: a Tuesday night at Harvard.” The date was October 28 2003, and from his dorm room at 11:09 pm, Mark Zuckerberg typed in “Yea, it’s on” [1]. This is exactly what we want in astrology, the moment of inception. So now we have an accurate Facebook Horoscope to work with.

Facebook Horoscope Interpreted

Communication is obviously the focus of Facebook and we see this in the Facebook horoscope below with Sun conjunct Mercury, ability to shine with words…social chameleons…faddish and an over-active imagination…odd quirks and phobias…be masters of spin. This communicative conjunction is favorably energized by the trine to Mars, which adds a sexy appeal and creativity. The Sun and Mercury trine Mars also indicates success in a new project, especially so with Mars on the fixed star Sadalachbia, “an indicator of the right time for making moves, entering upon new ventures, a likelihood of general success in enterprises” [2].

Mark started Facebook so friends could connect and share photo’s. This is Neptune (film) conjunct the Descendant (relationships). The starting point of social networking is always one link, the one to one relationship of the Descendant (DC) is the basic building block from which the social network builds. This is the major mission as shown in the Facebook horoscope with the DC as the action point of a Yod aspect pattern . Jupiter sextile Saturn in the Yod signifies the steady growth and well-organized structure of these relationships. The structure is secure and lasting with Saturn on the fixed star Sirius, “Steady, reserved, diplomatic, just, persevering, high position through friends” [3].

Facebook HoroscopeUranus rules the Internet because it is new technology, innovative and electric. Uranus sextile Midheaven (MC) explains the unique and exciting path that Facebook has taken, breaking through barriers and bringing new awareness to our collective brain. The MC in a chart represents the relationship with the public, the calling or career. It’s what we are here to do, and for Facebook, the MC supports the relationship theme in the rest of the chart.

There are two fixed stars on the MC in the Facebook horoscope. One is Mirach in constellation Andromeda, “Many interests, tendency to inspiration and medium-ship as a base for artistic creations, altruism, cheerfulness, happiness, love of company. These people have a stimulating effect on others, they make friends easily and are helped on in life by others” [4]. The other star on the MC is Alrisha, the knot that binds the fishes of constellation Pisces. These fishes are swimming in opposite directions. The knot represents karmic ties and contracts that keep us bound.

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One thought on “Facebook Horoscope

  1. Great post, Jamie! Thanks for your inspiring thoughts on the October 2003 horoscope!

    As I wanted to take a bit deeper look into the astrological backbones of FB, I came across your article. The October 2003 date and time are confirmed by several sources, just that it wasn’t Facebook, but a predecessor called “Facemash”, which wasn’t exactly the social media portal FB became in the meantime, but just a “hot or not” comparison website with hacked pics of the Harvard students. The domain got sold in 2010 but wasn’t used since then: http://flippa.com/blog/mark-zuckerbergs-facemash-com-sells-for-over-30000-on-flippa/

    What then launched in February 2004 still was not FB as we know it, but just an internal Social Network for Harvard students that later got opened up to students from other universities and countries step by step.

    It took until September 26, 2006 that FB got opened publically for everyone over 13 with a valid email!

    Unfortunately there is no time given for this 2006 event.

    I hope this helps to clarify the issue a little bit further!

    Greetings from Bolivia,


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