October 28 2011 Mayan Calendar

October 28 2011 has been proposed as the end date of the Mayan calendar by Carl Calleman. It represents the Ninth wave, or top level of a series of evolutionary stages. Carl’s research has shown that this date is important as an evolutionary leap in the global consciousness, not as an omen of the end of life on earth through some cataclysm. In his writings, Carl has been focusing on the collapse of the economic system as the catalyst for this evolutionary leap.

There is plenty of info on the net about the technical and spiritual ideas behind the Mayan calendar with the levels and waves and all that. I’m posting the actual horoscope for this date to see what the fuss is about. The chart is set for sunrise at Chichen Itza which seems to have been central to the astronomy/astrology of the Mayans.

October 28 2011 Horoscope

October 28 2011 happens to be the exact date of a fairly important planetary alignment, Jupiter trine Pluto. This does relate to both the economic and the spiritual themes Carl has been on about. At the economic level, Jupiter rules wealth and Pluto is the global corporations, the world stock markets. This aspect then can represent to the senseless drive to accumulate more than is needed, the quest for unsustainable growth, corporate greed. You could say it is a positive aspect if accumulating vast resources is your thing.

Jupiter trine Pluto does describe the spiritual message of the Mayan end date message. It is the evolution of ideology. Jupiter is belief and faith, Pluto is global and evolutionary. The obvious manifestation of this shift in global awareness occurring already is the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Mayan Long Count cycles go on for thousands of years so if there is some shift is our consciousness due to a cosmic convergence, then it makes sense to me that the slower moving planets like Pluto would be involved. So yes, we have the Pluto aspect to Jupiter. There is also the opposition of Saturn and Eris on the same day, and that only happens once in a generation.

Another interesting alignment involving a slow moving planet is Mercury and Venus opposite Sedna. Mars is also square Sedna. If anything is the mysterious planet X or Nibiru, then Sedna takes the money. It’s orbital period is over 10,000 years. It is unlike any other planet in our solar system, travelling half way out to our nearest star, but in the next 60 years or so she comes the closest to earth in her journey.

The main deal in the chart is Jupiter trine Pluto, especially strong because it is exact on October 28 2011, and also because the rising Sun at Chichen Itza is opposite Jupiter. This intensifies the energy of Jupiter trine Pluto, makes is all the more powerful and personal for each of us and as a whole. The Sun will be conjunct the fixed star Syrma, “prominent in the charts of Mohammed and Moses…heavy personal responsibility which is implicit in the occult questing and acquisition of spiritual power”. Asteroid Atlantis (1198) will be rising with the Sun and Syrma at 4°18′ Scorpio’.

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  1. …..if every end is followed by a new beginning would this chart offer a different reading, if it were to represent a start point for a new ‘???’…

    Carl’s cosmobiological view is perhaps ahead of its time – would Moon square Neptune/Chiron suggest the people having difficulty coming to terms with the reality of this view, wounded by the dawning reality as the sun rises on another day, and the 29th follows with predictable similarity to the days that have gone before it, in such unpredictable times with Uranus squ Pluto?

    …..or with Uranus qux Sun+Asc bringing unforeseen ideas of revolutionary impact that we can identify with, and the Sabian symbol for 17 Sag offering us a clue of whats to come through the north node of the Moon, a vision of our collective soul purpose – the sabian says “An Easter sunrise service draws a large crowd – the culturally stimulated longing for group participation in a process of rebirth – keyword: Rebirth”

    …..is Pluto’s Sabian of “Threshold feeding energy into this – “the need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond” and, with Jupiter’s Sabian of “Discarding the past”, suggesting that there is much work to be done before we realise the potential of the new beginning?

    …..the chart sings with both grounded and visionary energy, but, what is seeded in the archetypal realms often takes time to become manifest

    ….the hour-glass shape of the aspects running along the horizon suggest both infinity and eternity, past and present focused through the crossing point of those oppositions – Sedna semi-sextile Eris, Saturn semi-sextile Moon look like the four corners of the base of a pyramid with Mars at its zenith apex and Pluto at its shadow/reflection apex….at that central meeting point, in the present, Eris+Lilith opp Saturn bring eruptive goddess energies into the realms of instant karma and Sedna opp Mercury+Venus hold the seperation of the daughters of the earth from the hearts and minds of the people into focus – much to conjure with, anything could happen….

    • The Easter service would pivot around a major event. Crucifixion. There is no rebirth without death. Cardinal cross is the last cross of initiation. The Mayan calendar is one clue to a very large picture.
      Many clues in our more native Tarots point to the inevitability of radical events between one old world and the next. Is a seamless awakening a dead cert?
      The card of Judgement shows the solar angel sounding the call to resurrect. The Angel’s flag bears a Cardinal red cross. A vertical cross. A crucifying cross. Very old cards show the resurrected man with a spiral instead of a head. Inititiation complete? Sahasraha open and fully functioning? But what is the man rising from? A coffin. He dad to die first.
      Two red crosses on the wreath of the World show two crossings in the circuit. We have passed through the gate of man, between Gemini and Taurus… Next gate is between Scorpio and Sagittarius. That would be Ophiucus?
      The Mayan calendar may end on of of many arbitrary dates. The Hopi talk of the Time of Untime. Perhaps the chaos between calendars? A corridor of mayhem while many of us are kick started from our autonomic response lives into awareness. The epidural is whipped out so we can really feel the new arrival.
      What happens in the chrysalis? The caterpillar liquifies completely and remains in it’s state of melt down for a period of time before it emerges with wings.
      There are trails in the Tarot, clues of ages cleverly disguised to avoid beheadings! … Methinks! As I mentioned when we met last week, Whitley Streiber’s obscure little book of clues pointed to The Moon, once known as La Lune Noire… I trust the clues of a man who has direct experience with ET and an implant still in his ear!
      In the Major Arcana then are little commentaries on the Milky way, portals within it, past inundations and may be the next one!… What initiation is … End dates, solar flares, eclipses, and probably more.
      The disruptions of Eris and Sedna will fling the forgotten feminine, the dark chaos of birth out of the sanitised and muted surgical realm. Back to the Hopis and their prophecy of the shaking of the earth… “It will not be a good thing to see,”… Now let me think… Since 2004 … Massive earthquake in Asia, whoppers in Chile, NZ, Japan, Haiti… Icelandic volcanoes…
      Meditate on this!

  2. the mayans concern was our solar systems relation with the GC. In triangulation venus-sun-GC they calculated 500year cycles. whenthe solar system aligns with the GC so does the kuiper belt…astroids, debree may hit earth, cause dramatic events…the alignment happened dec 2010.

    INFO from Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, THE MAYAN PROTHECIES. and american ephemeris. Cotterell went to south america, decoded the sarcophagus, connecting artifacts, monuments, giant heads and also local fauna; bats, jaguars and the most important; Ahuau Can, Crotalus durissus durissus,(crotatlus rattlesnake), the maya exaulted Crotalus rattlesnake, it’s scale pattern served as their calculater.

    anyway thank-you James and Marnia I think of animals in a totally different symbolic way and with that understand the ancient mind. nother door opened.

  3. However, Jupiter is retrograde within the trine to Pluto, so perhaps this is harbinger, rather than a quantum shift. The retrograde motion of Jupiter feels like total optimism is a bit premature. We’ll just have to wait and see…perfect strategy for retrogrades, I think.

  4. Syrma is named after a Greek word meaning ‘train of a dress’, recognising its location on the hem of the maiden’s robe. It relates to the 13th Arabic mansion, Al Ghafr, ‘the Covering’, and being ‘under the skirt of the Virgin’ is often linked to occult sciences, secret wisdom, and a sharp, penetrating mind that has the ability to extract hidden truths
    Sun conjunct Syrma,
    An active, vital and highly inquisitive mind in denoted.


    • Hi Dr. working on loading matthesastrology link. thank-you for eris link

      the main body of THE MAYAN PROPHECIES is the story of Mr. Cotterell’s discoveries…the last 1/4 are his appendices alone…most interesting as it shows astrology in energy waves. For instance a most precipitous drop off happens w/ sun into taurus. he also deciphers the myan long count, includes many graphs including sun-spots.

      Cotterell lately discovered the combination of even small quantities of alcohol combined w/ chlorinated drinking water destroys digestion…this was out of necessity as he was close to death.

      • Thanks lucy, I’m working now with the Eris affect us when Eris Transits to natal chart, there was so little so …. When it comes to the Mayan calendar. The place where the sun meets the Milky Way lies in the ‘dark space’ of the Milky Way, which is formed by interstellar dust clouds. This phenomenon can be observed on a clear summer night, illuminated outside the big cities.

        At the dawn of the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be directly in this dark space and in such places that the Milky Way includes the horizon at all points.

        Thus, the Milky Way ‘sits’ on the ground, touching it at all points and opens , according to the Mayan mythology, a ‘Cosmic’. The galactic and solar levels will be in conjunction. .

        According to the Maya mythology, the winter solstice is a deity: One Hunahpu , also known as the First Father. The sacred book of the Mayas, the Popol Vuh , prepares the fact that the First Father may be born again and can begin a new world age.

        The dark column has many mythological meanings: road of the underworld; mouth of a cosmic monster; birth canal of the Cosmic Mother. To best understand the significance of the dark space as the birth canal of the Cosmic Mother, who meet in conjunction with the First Father.

  5. It would be interesting to do a comparison between 2011-10-28 and 2012-12-21 astrologicaly – also, the Mayans make no mention of the culmination of the calendar according to the long count being the end of the calendar, simply the end of a cycle – much of the speculation around ‘end times’ is just that – the calendars are methods for measurement and calculation and contain nothing that relates to Calleman’s hypothesis – he has arrived at this through marrying his own personal expertise with historical reference and cyclical processes of archetypal cosmology to the calendars. This does not mean that his vision is incorrect, just that the correlation has become distorted.

    • Is the December 21 2012 date conjecture also? I just listened to Callemans interview on Redice. He said that before Elenin disintegrated NASA had said it was Blue! That made him think it was the Blue Kachina of the Hopi prophecy and this fitted with his end date theory “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”. He said he never though Elenin was going to be an event in itself, just a sign of the start of something.
      Well I guess the comet would need to look a little bit more spectacular than Elenin did for it to be a sign of this prophecy.

      • neither date is conjecture – the ideas that have been tagged onto their ‘ends’ are – the Mayans produced these calendars in the 7CME onwards – they were predominantly a pastoral people then and, although they did use the calendars for divination, it was within the context of their heirarchical and agricultural cutlural characteristics – I have met with a handfull of contemporary Mayan day-keepers (diviners who use calendrics) and their practice bears no resemblance to Callemans ideas either – the glyphs they are based upon do have a certain cosmological value and they did anchor certain calendars to Venus cycles – however, the start date for the long count is based upon the Solar zenith, the day without shadows when the Sun is directly overhead – being in the tropics they had little use for solstices in their cultural context – so,yes, from this perspective 2012-12-21 is also conjecture

        the kachinas belong to another indigenous tradition altogether – however, there is a connection, as some of the Mexican Mayan did divide in the pre-christian era and a diaspora moved en-masse north into central-southern North America – the katchinas were already a developed part of this culture even before they arrived. Calleman, like a great many others it seems, is supporting the prophecy with whatever he can find…….just to confuse matters, Nassim Haramein claims the kachina comets already passed through our solar system in 2006, were observed by Nasa and kept quiet……my personal view is that many are expecting ‘fireworks’ and wont get them, and that the ‘changes’ are already well underway right under our noses, everyone can see them, but, perhaps we don’t recognise them for what they are….??!! Perhaps the more a person expects literal end times the less they will be able to see them and, perhaps even more so, what lies beyond them…..

        • Id say we are in the change period and its going to last a while. There is the issue of the Sun completing its 26,000 year cycle and what that signifies is to be seen. There’s no getting away from the fact since 2004 we have seen some pretty hefty earth changes. Maybe we’re just so used to seeing these up close and personal on TV that as long as they’re “over there” they don’t seem part of our lives?? We just pay and repair.
          Its god not to have a specific date for any big event, that way we should not be complacent!
          Am I right in thinking the Hopi were basically form the same place as the Maya but just moved north?

          • all I know about the connection between the Hopi, Zuni and Anasazi is what the medicine people that I have had the good fortune to have talked with have told me, that they migrated to the areas they now inhabit, and that there were already people in the places the break-away Maya moved north to and that they traded culture – there are entanglements of ‘ancient’ people here – could be that the contemporary Hopi are carrying more than one tradition – all things change over significant time – anyway, this is a part of an oral (unwritten) tradition – we have overlapping of culture and language, integration of seperate groups to form new ‘people’ and infusion of cosmologies into each other – they do share essential essenses and medicine stories are the most reliable source for finding these – and there are some which preserve the history, but, not in a linear factual manner, more as metaphors built upon memory and long lived tradition…..how important all this is to westerners at this time I do not know….

        • I really don’t know much about these ancient civilizations, I was just really impressed by Ian Lungold talking about the mayan calender. I listened to the series of lectures on youtube a few years back.
          I didn’t know the end date of the Mayan calender was open to moving about when I listened to his lecture. This October is too soon…It’s all very annoying and inconvenient god damit! I just have too much to pack in before “end times”;)

          I still like all the 2’s and 1’s in the 2012 date. Looks nice, we get a Jupiter Godly Yod and it gives us more time to stock up on cuppa soup.

          • if the 2011-10-28 is brewing new paradigmatic realities the chart for 2012-12-21 is a humdinger where these are seeking actualisation – Jup opp Venus in T with Chiron, and with Jup at action point of yod fed by Saturn sext Pluto with Venus at reaction point – Uranus trine Venus and square Pluto – and Saturn is the head of another yod fed by Uranus sext Jupiter – Sun is sext Neptune and Mars is sext NN – Moon trine Mercury – complex and potent how can we fail to feel this and get the message – only Jupiter is in Air and is retro – bigtime archetypal energies in hearts and minds seeking breakthrough – doesn’t look like another day at the office, never mind the calendars – chicken cuppa-soup for the soul anyone?

            • Aha yes.. the yod. The finger of God or is it spearfinger!!
              I don’t like cuppa soup… am I really doomed???!!!

            • no worries – this looks like the end of cuppa soup to me…a cultural revolution, or cosmological consome? – or will it be ‘after the ecstacy, the laundry’….

  6. Id say some major change would be more than welcome, as to a total end of the world, we shall see..

  7. Forgive my newness to this site..but there are a few questions I just have to ask…What happpend to the idea that all the “Crystal Skulls” and that the “hall of Records” in the Egyuptian pyramids would all emerge in the time when man needed it most for “true guidance”? Or has all this happpened and just been hushed up?? I would be curious to have some answers, if anyone out there knows…Kelly

    • No hush up Kelly, all info here.

      We are happy to bring you the following special announcement. Please take the time to read and share it with anyone you feel might be interested:


      NOVEMBER 7TH, 2011

      Drunvalo Melchizedek, and the Elders Priests of the Mayan Itza council extend this invitation to join together with them in a ceremony with the Thirteen Crystal Skulls, that is scheduled to take place at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona on November 7th, 2011.

      As we approach ‘The Time of No Time’, Hunbatz Men, Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech, and the Elders of the Mayan Itza Council are getting ready to carry the Thirteen Crystal Skulls on a ceremonial pilgrimage across the United States. This journey fulfills a prophecy which states that the time has come for the Spirit of the North American Continent to reclaim itself as the sacred site for the awakening and enlightenment of all mankind. It will begin in New York City on October 27th. – it will culminate in Los Angeles California on November 9th at which time the Elders will have two days to prepare for the final Skull Ceremony in LA on 11:11:11.

      After the initial gathering in Manhattan, the Elders plan to head west, stopping at sacred power points along the way to perform ceremonies that will seed each vortex with the ancient wisdom of the Crystal Skulls. Once they make their way to Arizona, there will be an historic meeting with the Hopi and Tibetan Elders at the Hopi Mesa. From there, the Elders plan to head south to Sedona, Arizona to prepare for a Crystal Skull Ceremony to be held in the heart of the Red Rocks, on the land that for the Indigenous Tribes People has always been Sacred Ground.

      This is a momentous event, one which Drunvalo and his staff are honored to support and be part of. Because the Elders have been instructed to conduct all of their ceremonies in public from this point on, the Sedona Crystal Skull Ceremony will be open to the public. For those of you who would like to attend the ceremony we invite you to make note of the time and place and click on the links that follow for further details:

      The Sedona ceremony will be held at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in Sedona. It will begin at dawn on November 7th, 2011. Those of you who wish to be part of it need to be prepared to arrive at Angel Valley by 6:30 AM. Space at the retreat center is limited. We encourage you to register early to secure your spot.



      Obviously he will post something about the ceremony afterwards so stay tuned. UNless you can go thre! I wish I could!

      • Reading this with my morning cuppa, jolted my memory of last nights dream. Trying to patch it all together but it was something about the 13th disciple was Mary Magdalene, but was she even just a disciple?, then a vision of an egyptian queen, holding what looked like a vessel or grail, then the crescent of what was the cup, came off and moved up into her head to crown her with a glowing half crescent moon. It was like watching an animation.
        I have no idea about what it means, but this skulls thing seemed to have something to do with it, just because in the dream I got the feeling that all 13 had to be crowned and the final one was the Queen that nobody knew about. It was some sort of ceremony that had to be performed, like the film the 5th element. The Moon/Queen was the missing link.

        • egypt is in a lot of trouble now, strong military w/o a leader. Your dream seems to fortell the rising of a female leader.

        • And of course 13 brings us back to Ophiucus and Lilith…
          Apparently David Cameron has been asked by The Queen (of England) and sanctioned by her to address an assembly of Comonwealth ?? (or other world leaders??) to stop rights of accession going only to males.

          Egyptian queens with crescents – Isis?? – the forgotton one – Sedna?? The forgotten feminine??

        • Ahhh Marina..this dream of yours…Mary was much more than a disciple…been reading up on the gnostic scripts….there’s a description of Jesus tongue kissing her (havn’t got to that bit yet in my book!)

          And “Lilith”…thats “Sophia” in the gnostic scripts (secret teachings of Jesus)…not sure if the Moon/Queen is the Sophia in your dream….sounds like it.
          Kind regards Barb

      • if you are unable to go to this ceremony in body then connect in mind and spirit, the connection will be made if you have it in your heart and mind to do so – and, if it helps to provide a focus, pick out a much loved crystal, quartz or a harder crystal are best, and ask its permission for it to help you in connecting with the ceremony (may sound daft but whats the harm, and actually its in the spirit and nature of the ceremony that we do so) – you will know a definite yes if you get it, and if it isn’t a definite, choose another, or something else, like a candle, bowl of water with your fave flower essence in it put in a place you associate with healing – we can make the physical connection through our own being wherever we are, we are all connected, there are no boundaries, but, its the personal heart connection thats important – rest assured, no-one will be excluded from this ceremony, as the elders are now showing

  8. Gee, I can’t thank you enough for the information..had no idea all theskulls had been found!!! Now what about the “hall of records”? Could someone have been off in their placement and maybe it is REALLY someplace in South America? I know that SOMETHING WAS FOUND in Eguypt because Dr. Hawasi, the lead arecheoligist in Eguypt, shut down ALL digging and “sounding” around the Great Sphinx..because they had found “strange symbols and writings at one of the chambers near one of the paws..did anyone remember that news blip??? It was right before the “big overthrow” happened in the country..Kelly

    • In don t trust Dr Hawasi. I do remember this blip. He works with Nat Geo etc and they have a very clear agenda of misinformation and cover up as Nancy Talbot was able to show on her excellent BLT Crop circle research site. Nat Geo worked with a well known hoaxer to deliberately falsify the making of crop circles and pass it off as real. Dr Hawasi seems to stop just where it all gets interesting.
      An American woman scientist just produced a documentary ( it was on BBC earlier this year) using her incredible computer enhancement programme which showed another city under Cairo ( or was it Memphis?.) and a tunnel system was found which of course Hawasi said was nothing etc etc
      So there may well be the Hall of Records there which will be exposed atbthe right time. Timing is everything of course!

  9. Don’t you find it ineresting that during the “overthrow time” in Egyupt that a lot of the activity was in front of the Cario Museum…the same one Hawasii works from…and that no one has heard about OR from Hawasi since the new gov’t has been in control? What does HE really know and if it is important to the future of ALL of us his silence is even more defening?? Just asking…Kelly

  10. As a Pisces, a visionary, natural intuitions and such, I do see a very personal shift coming. Our own individual one’s, as they can attach to the larger whole.
    The power is in how you maintain one’s “self” during these changes. To you become like all else, or do you see it unfold before you and take the other path.
    More simple; all that is to take place is happening, and will happen. It could get out of hand, or not, but I can sit back in the knowing in my awareness of my awaken consciousness, to see what is unfolding before my eye’s.
    In other words, I don’t have to get involed with the protests, I can make it in my knowing however I want it to end. I Am creating it all before me, and therefore knew this date was coming, to create in my mindset what is happening to our world, as I can sit back, relax and dring my oolong Tea’s….I don’t have to freak out in fear.
    This is the end date of the Tzolkin Calendar.
    260 days, 20 asppects, 13 intentions within each asppect, all within, cramped into 260 day calendar. Feb 10,2011 thru. Oct. 28, 2011

    Now 2012 will be a ride!!!!

  11. 28/10/1940….The Greco-Italian War (Greek: ?????????????? ??????? Ellinoitalikós Pólemos or ??????? ??? ??????? Pólemos tou Saránda, “War of ’40”, Italian: Guerra di Grecia, “War of Greece”) was a conflict between Italy and Greece which lasted from 28 October 1940 to 23 April 1941. It marked the beginning of the Balkans Campaign of World War II. From 6 April 1941 intervention of Nazi Germany onwards, the conflict is known as the Battle of Greece.What now happens to the mineral wealth of Greece? does this blame slamming GREECE?what does the horoscope of Greece?
    We recall that the horoscope of Greece are those associated with the Second Protocol of London on 03.02.1830, with Sun in Aquarius and 14th in the second Ascendant Gemini, hence on the 12th at noon. We analyze in detail because only this horoscope horoscope can be seen in Greece, just now remind that then enshrined the independence of Greece and not just autonomy. As we rewrite, anyone who knows enough history and welcome Astrology applying historical facts in this horoscope can not fail to recognize the functionality.

    • That’s so excellent about Greece, thanks for the insight. It seems to me, as Pisces, cusp Feb 20th, my intuition tells me something big is coming. Bigger than that of Kaddaffi’s fall, bigger than that of TX’s quake. Somethng Major while Pluto lingers around for quite sometime. I don’t think Geece will recover and this will have a snowball effect on lot’s around us. I think something major will happen that does turn America around in a NEW way, consciousness living, not of thinking, religion will fall, Astrology will grow, but something major will disrupt everyone’s live’s and we may lose many, if not in the billions. I just cannot pin point my feelings, my intuition of what it is. I keep thinking some major Volcano like Yellowstone, but something we just can’t phantom.

  12. Icannot help but think Greece is a tipping point…and with the killing of Gahdaffi today..what lies ahead in 8 days!!!! Kelly

  13. My birthday is 10/28/61. Have always had an intuition that something important (other than its a personal day) was signified by 10/28.

  14. So let me get this all lined up …because so many opinions are out there..skull ceremoney goes on beyond Oct 28th,Dr Hawasi resigned??? and the “hall of records” will be revealed “in time” or at the “proper time”… so are we all to sit back as one suggested.. and be part of the flow… or head to the hills?? Your site now has me very confused… Help!!! Kelly

    • I think Hawasi resigned his position after the revolt in Egypt. Nothing to do with crystal skulls. But he gives off very mixed messages and since he is in some ways the custodian of Egyptology before the interested public he could do better.
      You could just google him and see what you find. Likewise everything else re skulls, Mayans, prophecies, earth changes etc.
      You could go with the flow AND run for the hills! That might be the flow! Don’t be confused, just seek out what feels comfortable or true with yourself.

  15. myself is so new to this site that is what I am trying to do…being a Piceces I COULD get carried away with what IS COMFORTABLE!!! Do not understand half of what is talked about…. but find site to be very provacative…Kelly

  16. I think we’re in alot of trouble come 10/28.I think comet Elenin is on the edge of a magnetic wave from either Nibiru or the Photon belt.It past by earth on 10/17 at 20 mil. miles,on 11/03 we are suppossed to pass Elenins tail,If it is a magnetic wave it probably is drifting and their is a good chance it would hit us on or about 10/28 add Jupiter conjunction.PUT YOUR SEATBELTS ON

    • And here’s a picture of the coma – even though the comet has broekn up, the tail is exactly where it would have been! /spaceweather.com/ – if you get this message tomorrow, the page will have changed, just click on the archive on the right.

      or better still, here – /remanzacco.blogspot.com/
      I’ll put this up on the elenin post. it sems there was a CME directed towards us today – whether this will interact with the coma or not I don’t know – but keep watching!

  17. Holy Moosefeathers!!! Did NOT know Etna eruppted nor that Spain had an Earthquke..our news here is “dumbed down to HAPPY NEWS” when they can get away from serious stuff LIKE Guadaffi!!! Wonder how this jives w/Edagar Caycee??? ubergueenofwands..Egyts Hawassi was fired.. Kelly

        • And here.


        • Uberqueenofwands….that link you posted, even though was dated May 2011, it was a real eye opener…all that happened in May & I didn’t know about it??….the media in Australia is not reporting on what is going on, I think it is a world-wide problem…to get around it I go to a website http://www.comingcrisis.org to get the news.
          For example, their research shows that the earthquake that hit turkey was a 6.6, not a 7.2.
          There is one thing that seems to be confusing, that I can’t find out the truth about & that is what is happening with comet Elenin…can anyone advise on this???
          Kind Regards Barb

          • Hi BArb – i put some stuff on the Elenin section here on Darkstar – briefly, the tail of the comet continues even though the comet had broken up. It hasn’t totally disintegrated, and the tail is continuing as if the main comet body was still there!
            What this exactly means have no idea!!!

            That other link surprised me too! Etna has erupted 17 times this year!!! PLuto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries! And no doubt a little bit of Eris, Lilith and so on.

            Re earthquakes, you can watch them updated every half hour or so here – http://www.iris.edu/seismon/ and there is a table which shows the list of locations, magnitude and depth which is really important.

            I’ll check out coming crisis – sounds really good.One way and another, we’re on shifting sand and have to be warriors!

            herewith the links for Elenin – spaceweather.com/ if you scroll down to where it says Comet Corpse there is another link in the article.

            All the best, UQW!

            • I do so enjoy yr posts UQW and thanks for all the info – one of my best friends lives near Etna with a volcanologist, she gets to go up it with him and says the eruptions are awesome. She’ll be hopping up and down with excitement and a camera while he just gets on with his readings.

    • ” On March 3, 2011 he resigned after posting a list on his personal website of dozens of sites across Egypt that were looted in the 2011 protests.[20][21] On March 30, 2011 he posted a tweet stating that he was once again the Minister of Antiquities (“I am very happy to be the Minister of Antiquities once again!”).[22] He was reappointed by Prime Minister Essam Sharaf at that time,[23] but resigned on July 17, 2011, after Sharaf informed him he would not be continuing in the position.[6]
      [edit]” Wiki

      Well it seems he both resigned and was fired…
      Although he himself seems to think he resigned – for good reason too. http://www.drhawass.com/blog/why-dr-hawass-resigned (you might have to paste this link but its worth a read – his won statement from his own site.
      so I suppose the news casters just picked their story to suit the powers that be in Egypt at the tie.
      The fact remains he has worked alongside Nat Geo to dumb down what is known from ancient Egyptian sources. He’s the acceptable face of Egyptology – for the tourist industry. He even has his own clothing line for sale!!!

      Im not o a witch hunt for him – its just that when peole ask him about esoterics in connection to Egypt he tends to close the door. MAybe he’s under threat. He could release info via another channel. I just think with the mass of discovery around Egypt it needs collating with a lot of other stuff now.

      • Here’s an article about his work with National Geographic – newsflavor.com/world/middle-east/dr-zahi-hawass-fake-chamber-scandal/
        NAt Geo like faking things, as do the Discovery channel…
        ANyway, Etna spits up, a local airport closes… all grist to the mill.

    • I ‘m intrigued by Cayce’s prophesy and his maps of how the post inundation works.

      This is a great read – /www.indiadivine.org/articles/753-mahabharata-great-war-world-history.html
      Its worth considering the history in mythology of world cycles and events. Myths aren’t just stories for fun, they all have kernels of truths in them.
      ANyway, it seems the Earth has divvied up her land differently in the past, so you could argur the point – even using very trendy algorithms – that the cycle might repeat.

  18. Yeah (in Australia for those OS). Also very important today considering Jupiter trine Pluto was the EU deal on the economic crisis.

  19. this shit is fuckin stupid -.- !!!!!! dont believe in this stupid ass shit. no one fuckin knoes wen the world will end.only GOd knoes.so shut the fuck up about this stipid ass theories

    • This is God and it is real. I used to prophesy as a kid. My mom thought I was a prophet and as I got older it stopped. An astrologer and psychic told me that I was psychic and I guess it opened my awareness because in the last year so many things have come to me. For the last 6 months I’ve had a feeling that our system would somehow change; my first thought is governmental structure, and the monetary system. I knew it would happen towards the end of the year. It never occurred to me that it would be on any particular date. I was suddenly curious about 11-11-11 and found this site. Now I know it will most likely happen on 11-11-11. Ironically my boyfriend is a wealth manager for Morgan Stanley; of course he thinks I am nuts. I told him it has already started with the park protests. Now I have just read this, so I told him lets see if the stock market goes insane tomorrow. (I’m in the U.S.) The park protest are actually misguided. Few people are aware that there were really only two banks that needed bailed out (there were 3 others, one didn’t get bought by other institutions and it failed completely.)The gov’t forced the other banks to take these insane loans with 14% interest and would not let them pay it back for 6 months. Regardless, the park people even if it is all in kind of ignorance, are still serving a purpose. I’m not even sure if they know exactly what they want the out come to be; my guess is that they are being pulled out there by some astrological energy and they and we will see what their real purpose actually is in the very near future. The other fact is that the govt is not in favor of the corporations because they do provide jobs; but it is harder and harder to provide these jobs when there is huge federal taxes that corporations have pay the govt; except for one company, GE. Why would this huge company not have to pay federal taxes? The govt wants us to rely on them; that gives them more and more control. We ship import everything because we want to shop at Walmart and paying U.S. workers U.S.wages to make products would not enable us to have the goods we buy for the cheap prices we pay for them. The system is like an out of date Model T that someone keeps trying to fix, modernize and force it to work. It can only be completely eliminated. My boyfriend is going to freak when he sees my, usually bare pantry, loaded with canned veggies tonight. Maybe he’ll thank me later lol

      • You are rigth, these Occupy people don’t know what they are up to, as much as we don’t know what we are up to either.
        We have the upcoming square of Uranus to Pluto on heaven and this is interpreted as people against the powerful (banks).

      • and you just called part of yourself an idiot! It’s like smoking. You like (or some do) but in the long term, even though you can’t see it, it affects your lungs and then continues on to other things, eventually you could die from it. You can’t see the effect that it will have on you by calling this person an idiot but eventually it will come back to hurt you.

        • Congratulations, you used spell check!!! Now try making sense with your comments… Good luck Sweetie…

          • is that what were trying to get accomplished here? Having a spelling bee? I thought we were trying to look at the big picture. goodluck to you sweetie! 🙂

      • God is just a name for something your mind can’t understand, as a toaster can’t grasp the intention of it’s producer. It’s purpose is to toast – so go on toasting and just skip to understand IT with a limited mind-ego structure.

        • God is us.. God is everything. We are all God. He is not one body off in space, heaven or whatever. Say you were a conscious cell in a human body, are you not part of something? The only thing you can see is what’s around you but you feel separate; but you are not separate you a small part of something very big. That is what we are. All connected, all part part of the earth, the universe and whatever might be out there that we can’t possibly imagine exists. Once we understand this we might treat fellow humans the way we treat ourselves and that goes with how we treat our earth which is just another extension of our existence.

          • Especially now that we have the internet everyone seems to me so much more connected in regards to exchanging ideas and opinions. I agree with your definition of God. I always thought it was a very fairy tale like for some people to view him as some invisible man in the sky watching everything we do. I mean who is anybody to say that God doesn’t exist? This universe is so beyond our comprehension and understanding. I think acknowledging that fact should is in essence acknowledging God. From what I hear Buddhist monks put their hands together in prayer mode and bow to others to acknowledge God. That is so cool.

            • Sorry for the typos, grammar, and spelling errors. I am very high on kush at the moment LOL

            • I bet that Desiree is gonna come back here and troll on me about my spelling LOL

            • Mike,

              I am just appreciating the content! I had been up for 3 days when I got reamed for my spelling…lol. I think some can be a little too politically correct! Glad you took the time to read and comment..thank you!

  20. Think about it- if we eliminate corporations what will we do? Rely on the Government? That is exactly what they are pushing for. I told my boyfriend the banks (not bank of America) and corporations need to get behind the people, the tea party and the park protestors.We both agree we want smaller government, I am more socially responsible and he, being a Wall Street guy is more financially responsible. He still has faith in the American dream. I don’t; not until we get away from the government being in every aspect of our lives. I feel like we will be stripped of our resources and will then remember that we can and will take care of ourselves somehow. Humans are adaptable and only the fear (the biggest one being of loosing our way of life) will keep us from moving forward. We have to remind ourselves what is it that we need to survive? Water, food and shelter. All of this other stuff is unnecessary junk that we would be better off without. So either the Vatican is raided or the the ones with the money get on our side because it’s not the gov’t who is on our side; or the entire system goes to hell and we find divine fulfillment because we are back to living like the Indians lived.

    • Lot’s to ponder. Uranus square Pluto should leave us in a different state in a few years. I think multinational corps are here to stay because of the exponentially growing world population and the need to feed us all. So many living in cities we cant all rely on a vegie patch and a goat in the back yard. Maybe shareholders have to get more vocal in transforming the moral code of the corporations.

    • Hey you should check out this dude on MSNBC. He made a suggestion that we take the money and special interest groups out of politics. I thought it made alot of sense because none of our good ideas are gonna ever be executed as long as our congress is bought out by special interests. I’ll post the youtube link:


      • Mike – Thank you for this. Excellent.
        Yes, Dylan Ratigan has done this before.
        He was fired from CNBC for similar rants – ie. the TRUTH!
        They shuffled him off to MSNBC (same corporation); I believe he had a contract.
        He did then make the comment: “Ever since this started,” he told me with a self-deprecating grin, “people think I’m some kind of (bleeping) Che Guevara!”

        It is delightful and refreshing to hear the truth about the mechanics of the bankster methods that are destroying the USA from somewhere else other than RT (Russian state owned TV), which is having a field day. God Bless him. We live in hope. Ratigan has a book coming out entitled “Greedy Bastard$”!


  21. I will defend the right for people to express themselves…BUT THERE HAS TO BE A LEVEL OF RESPECT…I have found this site VERY informational…if sometimess not a bit out of my limited experience..but I WLL DRAW THE LINE at cyber..namecalling (faggots) and extreme cuss words (usually shows a limitd field of vocabulary in order to express one’s emotions)..so let us believe in the GOD (whatever he or she or it means to you)and concentrate on the subject mater 10-28-2011,,,, Kelly

      • Yes, well said Kelly. Even when I had a post debating with astrology skeptics the name calling was kept to a minimum. Marina and I both love have open discussions which is why we don’t hold new commenters for moderation or have puzzles to solve before you post. I think the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. I do block them from reposting or delete their post if I catch it before others answer.

  22. Well, back to the drawing board…or the calculator.
    I have seen so many of these predictions come and go and go…for 25 years now.
    Hard to keep up with them all.

    What most bright-eyed & bushy-tailed prognosticators forget is that time is ‘experiential’ and a function of consciousness. As people become more aware or deluded & confused, their consciousness alters the future. Time does not exist outside the temporal illusory hologram we call life.
    All increments, meaning measurements of time and space, are relative to the consciousness of the perceiver and thus the product of variations in waveform frequencies, based on and the result of the specific degree of the illusion of Separation from Oneness.
    This is similar to the quantum physics theory, The Copenhagen Interpretation, Part II: “Reality is created by observation.” Or you might say more accurately, reality is created by the consciousness of the observer.
    In ‘While the Gods Play’, the French scholar Alain Danielou explains that the length of a moment is established by the rhythms of consciousness that perceive it:
    “It is energy, by producing vibratory waves having direction and length,  that will give birth to the rhythms whose perceptions will create the dimension of time, the measure of space, and at the same time the structures of matter.
    “For man, the perception of the dimension of time is determined by his vital rhythms, his heartbeat…”


    Oh … and God is Everything and Everyone of us.
    Including those who cannot spell, who are amusing themselves by being disrespectful, and those who are in fear, and those who are enlightened and beyond fear. This particular universe exists to carry us all to God consciousness, the One, Brahman, the Fullness, that which we have always been.

  23. I was impressed by the welcoming speech of Julia Gillard at the opening of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth – October 28 2011. It sums of Jupiter trine Pluto on the global scale. Here is a bit of it:

    “The strength and success of our fellowship is no accident.

    It comes from a commitment to make Commonwealth values real and present in the life of each member nation.

    And to ensure those member nations that fall short understand that their peers want to see change.

    Unlike other global bodies united by practical concerns such as commerce or trade, we are also joined by a very different motivation.

    We are a “Commonwealth of values”.

    Shared values of peace, democracy, racial equality, the rule of law and a commitment to social and economic progress.

    Shared values freely embraced and consensually expressed.

    Values we can put to work in addressing some of the most pressing concerns that face our world like climate change, financial stability and food security.”


    • and when those values reflect the end to continued devaluement and suppression of the rights, status and wellbeing of aboriginal, first nation and indigenous peoples who were and continue to be subjugated by the nations of the Commonwealth I might otherwise agree with her hollow words

      • Wasn’t it pressure and boycotts by other Commonwealth nations that help end apartheid in South Africa? A lot has changes since the Empire. My kids all learn the local tribal language in primary school. It used to be that on the missions, indigenous kids were caned if they spoke their own language. That was less than one generation ago.

        • There’s a lot of positive stuff left by the Commonwealth which is positive but perhaps not entirely visible. e.g education systems in countries which had little if any. Like it or not, change is ongoing.
          Values vary between cultures. Look how many graduates and seriously clever people come out of India. The cultural exchange between India and the west is phenomenal. We do yoga, they don’t immolate widows. They win literary prizes in English, we learn meditation. Colonisation has some upsides after the dust has settled.

          • I actually think cricket has a great unifying influence. Good way for India and Pakistan to compete without firing off nukes at each other.

  24. my dad died on his birthday 11 years ago today. i was anticipating this date because of carl calleman’s theories as well. it turned out to be a very “rich” (jupiter-pluto) day involving unusual tasks that i wasn’t looking forward to… but which payed off generously, on an emotional level. also, the madness factor is hitting an apex out “there.” trying not to let the halloween-heightened combativeness out in the streets agitate me too much. happy ghost hunting.

  25. well i think it already happened w/ the long run of dec, 06,-jan 07 & june 07- nov 07 alignment, pluto/conq/GC in sag. dates in between felt it as well. rebirth of religious fundalmentalism. now it’s about material, pluto/capricorn.

    • We still might be seeing the religious side when we get all the election results from the Arab Spring countries.

  26. w/ pluto/capricorn comes a greater concern w/ the elements fire/water/air/earth in any combination..earth quake, mud slide, floods, wind events…the GC is a heavy-wave blast furnace pluto is where it’s felt…sag was religion; capricorn is resources.

  27. welllll…California IS OVERDUE….and down our way (San Diego) last year ON EASTER we had a heck of a shake down Mexico way that made people up here think OMG..HE HAS RISEN!!! and this is the start of it all!!! Kelly

  28. My Solar Return is on October 28th
    You just gave me insights into my current Solar Return 12 month period.

  29. October 28th is when Sun and Earth align with the Nodes of Eris within 1 degree. With the Sun-Jupiter opposition, Sun is on the South Eris Node and Jupiter is on the North Eris Node. In the Heliocentric chart, the Earth-Jupiter conjunction is on the North Eris Node.

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