Palestine Horoscope

Palestine Horoscope

There are a few options for the mundane horoscope of Palestine. This is a difficult one because the Palestinian state is still more of a plan or ideal than an actual entity. Below is a list of options from Nick Campion [1].

A. 1948, May 15, 00:00 am UT, Tel Aviv.represents to end of the British mandate over Palestine which as Campion mentions, is relevant to Palestine as a whole, but not specifically for the Palestinian state. Israel declared itself a nation just six hours beforehand.

B. 1988, November 15, 00:40 am, Algiers. This chart shown below is for the proclamation of the independence of Palestine, made by Yasser Arafat. Campion suggests relocating the chart to Jerusalem but I have kept it for Algiers as I will explain below.

C. 1993, May 4, 8:55 am UT, Cairo. This chart is for the signing of the Palestinian autonomy documents, which has resulted in what is now called the Palestinian National Authority. Campion also relocates this chart to Jerusalem . This chart is more of a manifestation of horse trading between the US, Israel, and the PLO. The entity does not include Hamas.

I have chosen to use the Proclamation of Independence, set for Algiers. I believe that theoretically, it is more representative of the ideal of a sovereign Palestinian nation. It was declared by Palestinians on their own terms. The philosophy behind keeping the chart set for Algiers is simply because that is where the event took place. This keeps time and space connected. When the Palestinians get their nation, then we will have a new chart, new time and place.

Palestine National Horoscope

Palestine Horoscope

Palestine Horoscope

The astrology backs all this theory and philosophy up. I have looked at all five possible chart, the expiration of the British mandate, the independence (set for Algiers and Jerusalem) and the autonomy (set for Cairo and Jerusalem).  I tested these, looking at the synastry between five events directly affecting Palestinian statehood. It was the Independence chart set for Algiers which showed the best results consistently, check against:

Event 1. 1948, creation of Israel, conjunction to Palestinian chart:

South Node conjunct Mercury (54′)
South Node conjunct Pluto (80′)
Uranus conjunct Part of Fortune (75′)
Chiron conjunct Sun (51′)
Jupiter conjunct Uranus (49′)
Mars conjunct AC (17′)
Venus conjunct Chiron (17′)
Sun conjunct MC (27′)

Event 2. 2004, death of Yasser Arafat.

Event 3. 2005, Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza.

Event 4. 2008, Gaza War.

UPDATE May 4 2011

The signing of documents at the Palestinian Reconciliation Ceremony occurred on May 02 2011, 2:58 pm, Cairo Egypt. After four years of deep division, Hamas and Fatah agreed to work together. Israel and the former Egyptian regime opposed the deal.

UPDATE November 19 2012

Operation Pillar of Cloud began with the assassination of Ahmed Jabari, 3:21 pm on November 14 2012, Gaza [2]. Here are the conjunctions to the Palestine horoscope I have used above (B. 1988, November 15, 00:40 am, Algiers.)

Solar eclipse conjunct Sun (36′)
Pluto conjunct Neptune (51′)
Venus conjunct Venus (57′)
Midheaven conjunct Vertex (18′)

UPDATE May 15 2018

US Embassy opened in Jerusalem, 60 protesters killed by Israeli troops.

New Moon 24°36′ Taurus conjunct Midheaven
Uranus square Moon
Saturn conjunct Neptune
Mars conjunct Moon
Venus conjunct Part of Fortune
Sun conjunct Midheaven


  1.  The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, p,223.
  2. “6:21 AM – 15 Nov 12” (ET) @IDFSpokesperson.

33 thoughts on “Palestine Horoscope

  1. stunning and totally provocative transits – brilliant work! How pervasive are Uranus and the POF amongst so many others – almost too much to take in

    coincidentally, on April 7th 2016 transits to Palestinian chart above include (transiting planet first) Pluto conjunct Vertex, Sun square Vertex, Chiron trine Sun, Venus conjunct Mars, Neptune conjunct North Node, Moon quincunx South Node, Uranus trine Sun, Jupiter trine Pluto+Mercury… the meantime….

  2. slight error there…..Chiron square Sun! (gotta get Solar Fire…..and a new computer)

  3. Sudan has now accused Israel of launching a rocket attack on Port Sudan – if this is true it is playing up the fact that the US has just taken Sudan off the list of nations sponsoring terrorist organisations – Israel believes Sudan to be feeding weapons through Gaza – that Neptune influence is going to play havoc with the ‘truth’ and the more Israeli policy leans on its own threat ability the more it will feed its own demise and isolation, where-as Palestinian interventions could be fed by increasing and unexpected support – senior Israeli government officials are trying to re-start the peace process – its going to be very tricky if their government begins to divide and Netanyahu’s position will come under increasing pressure – uprising?

    • I must say I have not looked very closely at this until now. At least astrologically. I saw the Gaza war as Israel’s Sharpeville, the turning point of world opinion just as happened in South Africa…Israel from that point is clearly seen as the aggressor but it doesn’t seem to realise that.

  4. Thanks Rob, I did pay most attention to looking at the synastry with the Israel chart as that is the most critical event relating to the creation of a Palestinian nation. There are some programs around and different rectification techniques, but they do not allow for qualitative analysis.

    As soon as I saw the Palestine AC on Israel Mars I knew it was the one, but went through all the comparisons just to be sure.

    This means Neptune is now on the Israel Mars and the Palestine AC, for the next year or so. Also TransPluto is opposite Neptune now. It’s all coming to a head in this next year or so. The culmination of decades, centuries even of history and conflict.

    The chart itself is really amazing. I didn’t interpret it, worn out by all the research 🙂

    Natal North Node come up strong in those transits you looked at. Might see something earlier with transiting Pluto sextile North Node starting later this year.

    The Palestinians are looking stronger than Israel at the moment. You could say this with the recent geopolitical changes around them lately. It shows in the transits. Uranus is conjunct their Mars, sextile Jupiter starting now and lasting into next year.

  5. Thanks Jamie,
    I can see the logic of leaving it in Algiers… that is where it happened. And you are right, when the State is a concrete reality there will be a new chart. Algiers gives them Jupiter in the Tenth… very powerful.

    • Cheers, really interesting synastry, even looking at similar aspects. Israel Mars trine Jupiter, Palestine Mars sextile Jupiter.

  6. drawing on personal memory ASTRODATA BANK astrology student discussion of Yassar Arrafat employing astrologer to cast chart for new Palestine, 15/nov/88 was chosen as strong astrologicaly, numerologically. Arrafat wanted the scorpio/pluto/mercury/conq, the capricorn moon and the strongest of all placements of mars@ 01 aries. The nodes were fortunate too. They also wanted the neptune/capricorn moon conq. They cast it for Libra rising but there was a delay in signing, so rising went to virgo, moon went void, and mars slipped into the 7th hs. muting it’s power and squaring 4th/hs uranius/saturn.

      • This is great information Lucy, thanks so much. This is some nice confirmation for me that I’m on the right track keeping this chart set for Algiers. I wonder just how many leaders s today do what Arafat did in consulting an astrologer. He must have been a special man. Do you have anything concrete on his birth data?

        The guy who taught me homeopathy was a Jew, served as a medic in some conflicts when he was in the Israeli army. He had a framed picture of Arafat on his wall.

        Off topic, one thing he taught me from his experiences in war that I remember more than anything else: always treat the silent ones first, the screaming ones can wait.

        • It makes me curious as to what Palestinian astrologers see as the date.

  7. Have updated this post with chart for the Palestinian Reconciliation Ceremony in Cairo today.

    Fixed star Zavijava on the Ascendant, “beneficence, force of character, strength, combative movements and destructiveness”. This star marks the beginning of the 11th Arabic Moon Mansion, Al Awwa. “benevolence, gain, voyages, harvests and freedom of captives”.

    Fixed star Betelgeuse on the Midheaven, “preferment, luck, success and everlasting fame are promised…Great military fortune, command, invention, ingenuity”.

  8. Jamie; Israel’s birthday, 63 solar return, May 14, 1948, day of vegeance, catastrophe in the arab world, but for Israel a renewal of spirit of a difficult, defensive chart.

    Am wondering if neptune has kidnapped mars, as your site is a bit nebulous these days. things dis&reappear, like a reflection in ripply waters.

    I’m very good at protecting others from attack….is there some good healing vibe out there for you?

  9. I’m also wondering about Neptune kidnapping Mars. I have Mars on Regulus just like Isael. You’re right though, the positive is healing.

  10. Are you still interested in Palestine? I hope so, and if you are what about the total solar eclipse hitting that chart on November 13 of this year? In the eclipse chart, the Uranus/Pluto midpoint is square to the eclipse point, expressing “The urge for independence and freedom” and “daring, ambition, determination”.
    Palestine’s Sun is closely conjunct the plutoid Quaoar which name came from a creator god of the Tongva tribe in California and represents a high form of creativity, which would then now be activated as well if this chart is a valid one for Palestine.

    • Yes Vivian, have been chatting with other astrologers about this. Ed Tamplin preidicted that the eclipse would trigger something because it was on the Palestinian Sun, and opposite the Israeli Sun.

    • Virgo me! I do have Lilith on the star Aldebaran which is the brightest star in constellation Taurus.

  11. Haha, close enough (earth sign)… I also thought you could be Virgo after I saw the photo in more detail. 🙂

    • Good post Pippa, like I commented, great to you a list of countries affected by the eclipse.

      • Thanks for your comment Jamie 🙂

        With Palestine and Israel’s Sun in permanent opposition now having been triggered by the Scorpio Total Eclipse it is a very troubling developing situation.

  12. Jamie,

    Any thoughts as to Abbas’s bid to the UN General Assembly for Palestinian non-member statehood on November 29, 2012? If he is successful, that would be a major blow to Netanyahu and Israel. Which may be what the hard transits to Israel’s 10th house planets are indicating.

    Looking at Israel’s chart, the first house Saturn transit is still squaring the 10th house Moon. Also, transiting Mars/Pluto is quincunx Israel’s 10th house Moon/Pluto.

    Netanyahu has transiting Saturn on the 12th house cusp, which suggests to me a time in the wilderness and obscurity, which resonates with Israel’s first house Saturn transit. The first house Saturn correlates with Israel’s increasing isolation and vulnerability to criticism within the global community, the U.S. and the EU excepted.

    The November 15th chart for Palestine shows a transiting Moon/Jupiter in the 10th house, quincunx natal Pluto, and transiting Mars/Pluto conjunct natal Neptune. That transiting Neptune square to natal Jupiter in the 10th may mean a dream come true?

  13. The underlying premise of these three charts is that the Palestinians want a state alongside Israel. They don’t want that. “Palestine” is the project to destroy the state of Israel, due to Islamic doctrine, anti-Semitism, the absurde projections onto Israel of it being an empire, a colony, a western something, in short, the unwillingness of Arabs and Muslims to grant recognition to the Jewish people’s right to its ancestral homeland. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, PLO as terrorist organizations have charters for that genocidal purpose. These charters are possibilitie for charts of Palestine..

  14. UPDATE May 15 2018

    US Embassy opened in Jerusalem, 60 protesters killed by Israeli troops.

    Transits to proclamation of independence horoscope:

    New Moon 24°36′ Taurus conjunct Midheaven
    Uranus square Moon
    Saturn conjunct Neptune
    Mars conjunct Moon
    Venus conjunct Part of Fortune
    Sun conjunct Midheaven

  15. Good decision to place the Palestinian chart in Algiers. The Ascendent is exact per Solar Arc Direction.
    Solar Arc Asc 29 Virgo 03 partile exact Square to Natal Uranus 29 Sagitarius 01
    Solar Arc Uranus = Natal Moon @ 28 Cardinal
    New Moon and Transiting Mars/Uranus ( blood, bleeding, violence ) 29 Cardinal = Natal Ascendent 29 Leo, and Natal Moon and Uranus per dial.
    Natal Saturn = Midpoint of Mars/Uranus:( Violence, lack of adaptibility, energy concentrated on separation,heavy injury, violent destruction: Ebertin: The Combination of Stellar Influences

  16. Scorpios will eventually win. Everyone knows that. May the global terrorist organization israhell be destroyed . AMEN

  17. Once more, this chart shows its quality. October 7, 2023! I think this is a great job of yours! Thank you for your contribution. I shared it today on my Facebook.

  18. Interestingly, I was born under an Aries full moon (this is not about me; lol) – and on my lunar return a month ago, I sat in a boat on the ocean, wathcing an active vulcano as the red moon rose. I knew there would be blood. This – genocide against this ancient people- stems from a time before the written word – the time before the scriptures. The time of only the Sun, and the Earth, the fire. The Karma is massive and dealt quickly, to Israel and to The United States.

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