Palestine Horoscope

Palestine Horoscope

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There are a few options for the mundane horoscope of Palestine. This is a difficult one because the Palestinian state is still more of a plan or ideal than an actual entity. Below is a list of options from Nick Campion [1].

A. 1948, May 15, 00:00 am UT, Tel Aviv.represents to expiration of the British mandate over Palestine which as Campion mentions, is relevant to Palestine as a whole, but not specifically for the Palestinian state. Israel declared itself a nation just six hours beforehand.

B. 1988, November 15, 00:40 am, Algiers. This chart shown below is for the proclamation of the independence of Palestine, made by Yasser Arafat. Campion suggests relocating the chart to Jerusalem but I have kept it for Algiers as I will explain below.

C. 1993, May 4, 8:55 am UT, Cairo. This chart is for the signing of the Palestininan autonomy documents, which has resulted in what is now called the Palestinian National Authority. Campion also relocates this chart to Jerusalem . This chart is more of a manifestation of horse trading between the US, Israel, and the PLO. The entity does not include Hamas.

I have chosen to use the Proclamation of Independence, set for Algiers. I believe that theoretically, it is more representative of the ideal of a sovereign Palestinian nation. It was declared by Palestinians on their own terms. The philosophy behind keeping the chart set for Algiers is simply because that is where the event took place. This keeps time and space connected. When the Palestinians get their nation, then we will have a new chart, new time and place.

The astrology backs all this theory and philosophy up. I have looked at all five possible chart, the expiration of the British mandate, the independence (set for Algiers and Jerusalem) and the autonomy (set for Cairo and Jerusalem).  I tested these, looking at the synastry between five events directly effecting Palestinian statehood. It was the Independence chart set for Algiers which showed the best results consistently, check against:

Event 1. 1948, creation of Israel, conjunction to Palestinian chart:

South Node conjunct Mercury (54′)
South Node conjunct Pluto (80′)
Uranus conjunct Part of Fortune (75′)
Chiron conjunct Sun (51′)
Jupiter conjunct Uranus (49′)
Mars conjunct AC (17′)
Venus conjunct Chiron (17′)
Sun conjunct MC (27′)

Event 2. 2004, death of Yasser Arafat.

Event 3. 2005, Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza.

Event 4. 2008, Gaza War.

UPDATE May 4 2011

The signing of documents at the Palestinian Reconciliation Ceremony occured on May 02 2011, 2:58 pm, Cairo Egypt. After four years of deep division, Hamas and Fatah agreed to work together. Israel and the former Egyptian regime opposed the deal.

UPDATE November 19 2012

Operation Pillar of Cloud began with the assassination of Ahmed Jabari, 3:21 pm on November 14 2012, Gaza [2]. Here are the conjunctions to the Palestine horoscope I have used above (B. 1988, November 15, 00:40 am, Algiers.)

Solar eclipse conjunct Sun (36′)
Pluto conjunct Neptune (51′)
Venus conjunct Venus (57′)
Midheaven conjunct Vertex (18′)

1. The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, p,223.

2. “6:21 AM – 15 Nov 12” (ET) @IDFSpokesperson.

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  1. Haha, close enough (earth sign)… I also thought you could be Virgo after I saw the photo in more detail. 🙂

    • Good post Pippa, like I commented, great to you a list of countries affected by the eclipse.

      • Thanks for your comment Jamie 🙂

        With Palestine and Israel’s Sun in permanent opposition now having been triggered by the Scorpio Total Eclipse it is a very troubling developing situation.

  2. Jamie,

    Any thoughts as to Abbas’s bid to the UN General Assembly for Palestinian non-member statehood on November 29, 2012? If he is successful, that would be a major blow to Netanyahu and Israel. Which may be what the hard transits to Israel’s 10th house planets are indicating.

    Looking at Israel’s chart, the first house Saturn transit is still squaring the 10th house Moon. Also, transiting Mars/Pluto is quincunx Israel’s 10th house Moon/Pluto.

    Netanyahu has transiting Saturn on the 12th house cusp, which suggests to me a time in the wilderness and obscurity, which resonates with Israel’s first house Saturn transit. The first house Saturn correlates with Israel’s increasing isolation and vulnerability to criticism within the global community, the U.S. and the EU excepted.

    The November 15th chart for Palestine shows a transiting Moon/Jupiter in the 10th house, quincunx natal Pluto, and transiting Mars/Pluto conjunct natal Neptune. That transiting Neptune square to natal Jupiter in the 10th may mean a dream come true?

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