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A Titan of astrological education has fallen. As announced on Monday in the Horoscopic Astrology Blog, “Kepler College Cancels Current Term, School Closing”. Three days before this announcement, I posted a blog titled The Evolution of Astrology, in which I predicted hard times ahead for traditional forms of astrology based on them being represented by Saturn: “it is the tradition of Saturn that feels the rebirthing effects most strongly from squaring Pluto.”

When this announcement was made, Pluto was square Saturn by 44′. The Kepler College, being a physical institution has felt the destructive power of Pluto very strongly, in mundane astrology, Saturn rules “Property, the system of government, institutions and bureaucracy, economy, conservatism, infrastructure, law, control.” [wiki] Why has this particular institution copped the brunt of Pluto’s power? The answer can be found by looking at the horoscopes of Kepler College.

There are two horoscopes I have discovered. The one listed at Astro Databank is for the Foundation of Kepler College. The other, supplied by Chris Brennan at his forum is for the Incorporation of Kepler College.
The transits to the Incorporation chart show no aspects from the Pluto Saturn square. The only real indicator of trouble is transiting Mars opposing natal Saturn. Transiting Uranus on the Part of Fortune is easy to interpertet: changing fortunes.

Transits To Foundation Chart

It is the transits to the Foundation chart which give the best clues to why this event has occured. The Neptune Chiron conjunction is opposing natal Mercury, and Jupiter oppsoite Jupiter. The real bell-ringing however is transiting Pluto opposing natal Vertex. This natal Vertex then is also squared by transiting Saturn. Despite a number of requests, as of now I have been unable to find an exact time for the closure announcement, but I expect the orbs involved here are under 30′.

According to Kim Falconer, “The vertex appears as a sensitive point linked to fateful encounters with others, seemingly sudden epiphanies, turning points in life and a destiny over which we have no control.” Certainly the case here, The transiting Pluto Saturn square has taken the destiny of this institution of of its own control and marked a major turning point in the life of the institution.

In the foundation horoscope, asteroid Kepler is conjunct Vertex by 04′. This asteroid was named after the great astrologer Johannes Kepler, the same great astrology that Kepler College was named after. Johannes detested traditional astrology, he threw away the zodiac signs that conventional astrology is based on and developed his own system focusing on the aspects between planets. According to Bruce Scofield, Kepler “thought that the zodiac itself was merely a human geometry exercise and primarily served to aid the memory of astrologers as they computed aspects in their heads”.

Astrologers worldwide will be looking on very closely to see how this drama unfolds, to see what rises out of the ashes. The June Lunar Eclipse conjuncting Pluto will again oppose the Kepler College Vertex, so there should be some developments later in the year.

6 thoughts on “Kepler College Horoscope

  1. The Revenge of Kepler eh?
    I’m astounded its conjunct the Vertex like that and did they actually know that when they did the foundation chart? Amazing stuff.

  2. Your statement about Kepler College closing is incorrect. I am currently enrolled in the MA program and hold a BA from Kepler,graduating class of 08.For my BA senior project I conducted a survey on professionalism in Astrology at UAC( United Astrology Conference) in May of 2008. Its purpose was to measure how astrologers themselves view what constitutes professionalism within our field as measured against other already established professions (ie. doctors,teachers,dentists,even hairdressers) in the public arena. The results of my study were published in the ISAR(International Society of Astrological Research) Board of Directors Journal Special Election Issue Vol 36,Issue 2. The findings were somewhat discouraging for anyone who was or is still contemplating this field for a viable profession. It showed that since there was no uniform educational standard any one could say that they were an astrological professional and write what they chose to with an air of knowledge and authority. It is interesting that you have chosen to write on the topic of a “titan of astrological education” falling and announcing its premature demise. I am wondering what is the motivation behind the choice of Kepler College as a example for a mundane chart delineation. In my opinion it is out of ethical integrity to state misinformation as if it were fact. This is, also in my opinion , a contributing factor to the low esteem of astrologers and their work, not being taken seriously in Western nations. I believe that you should also fact check a little better. Johannes Kepler was a mathematician and astrologer/astronomer in the court of emperor Rudolph II (1552-1612) a court that was deeply interested in astrology and which led to Kepler’s work on the Rudolphine Tables and practiced astrology for the royal court by casing charts, using his astrology to supported his other works including what he is most famous for his “Laws of Planetary Motion”. He was also one of the first astrologers to use a day for a year in secondary directions charts. This information is publicly available and can be found in “The History of Horoscopic Astrology by James H.Holden.

  3. Hi Jacqueline, thanks for your response.

    the statement about the college closing was not mine, but from a former student of the college Chris Brennan. as far as i know, the college in it’s physical form is closing due to lack of funds.

    the lack of a uniform educational standard in astrology is not such a bad thing as i see it. i have no formal qualification and belong to no organization, yet my astrological interpretations get better results than many astrologers who have qualifications and belong to organizations. it is all about the practical application of the knowledge. i believe a lot of what is taught in institutions is flawed, and see no reason why those with qualifications should be seen as any more of an authority than those of us who are self taught.

    my motivation in writing this piece was the exactness of the aspects to the charts and how they manifested. it is an example of how astrology actually works. why has no one else posted anything about the transits to the charts of Kepler College? all i see is people blabbing on about how sad it is but NOT LOOKING AT THE ASTROLOGY. i’m more interested in the actual astrology behind this.

    i have researched Johannes Kepler and agree with everything you stated. do you agree with what i stated about him viewing the zodiac signs as rubbish?

  4. There are too many charlatans that’s for sure. A qualification is reassuring, but does not guarantee an original and insightful reading.
    It is just pandering to a society that worships science and downgrades mysticism.

    The worst reading I ever had was from someone that held the diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in london. If you are self taught like I am, you have to rely on client satisfaction and continued research and blogging to show your astrology in action. I think it makes you a better astrologer myself.

    Too many Astrologers rest on there laurels and peddle the same theories they were using 30 years ago. The Solar system has changed and so have our psyches. I don’t want to be taught how to follow a doctrine. Anyone can rehash other people ideas.
    I value original thought.

  5. This summer,
    1) Transiting Uranus pluto T square touching,
    a) My vertex (18 virgo),
    b) My son’s Vertex (18 virgo)
    c) My sons’ sun/moon mp (16 pisces),
    d) My boyfriend’s natal Uranus (19 Virgo) (Uranus oppostion)

    2) Transiting Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto grand kite touching,
    a)My sun/moon mp (saturn)
    b)Boy friend’s sun/moon mp (Neptune)
    c)Both our composite sun/moon mp (Conjunct pluto, opposite Jupiter)

    What will happen to me/us, what do you think?

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