Brexit Horoscope – Mars Setting Hostility

Brexit HoroscopeBrexit, the British exit from the European Union, is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). This Brexit astrology interpretation takes a brief look at the Brexit horoscope show why it is has been so difficult to reach agreement, and why it is causing so much hostility.

Brexit Astrology

The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 at 11 p.m. UK time. [1] The most striking feature of the Brexit horoscope below is Mars setting. Right away it is plain to see why Brexit is causing so much anger between politicians and in the UK generally. Just this weekend, in “the biggest demonstration of its kind”, over half a million Britons filled the center of London to demand another referendum on Brexit. [2]

Mars opposite Ascendant explains why people get so passionate but also angry about Brexit. It makes people feel threatened by others and causes them to react aggressively. It makes it obvious who your real enemies are. If you need to get something important done you will have to fight hard for it. It especially causes problems with men and dominant women.

In mundane astrology, Mars rules riots and protests. It “either drives a nation together or drives it apart from internal/external aggression.” [3] The Descendant rules international relations with other countries, treaties and alliances like the European Union and Brexit itself. The Descendant also rules open enemies.

So Mars setting in the Brexit horoscope is causing conflict in the one to one relationships within the Tory Party. An example of this is Boris Johnson resigning as foreign secretary in protest over Theresa May’s soft Brexit plans. It is causing conflict between the Tory Party and Labor Party. And Mars conjunct Descendant is also causing hostility between EU and UK negotiators involved in the formal Brexit discussions. It will keep causing hostility right up to 11 p.m. on 29 March 2019.

Brexit Astrology

Brexit Astrology Chart

Brexit Horoscope Fixed Stars

Descendant conjunct fixed star Algol at 26 ♉ 25 indicates aggression and violence.

Mars conjunct fixed star Alcyone at 00 ♊ 15 causes high passion and ruthlessness. The full moon on Friday November 23, 2018 at 00 ♊ 52 activates Mars setting in the Brexit horoscope. So expect an escalation in aggression and no doubt some critical develops.


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10 thoughts on “Brexit Horoscope – Mars Setting Hostility

  1. Hi Jamie,
    If I was born on Jan 1st, which is Decan 2, should I read Decan 1 because I am so close?
    Thanks for your insight!

  2. Jamie, its frightening how bad the aspects are for war inside uk. Theresa May is a bloody difficult woman as Ken Clarke said. If this is not postponed until a later date, God help all the little people. And, yes, thanks Jamie. You are the latest I have read in a long line of astrology posts re Brexit, yours is very easy to understand.

  3. 1 january 2019 New Year speech Theresa May?


    1-Jan-2019 014°,20’17 Virgo C-12 45 Nep
    4-Jan-2019 009°,39’55 Cancer MC 45 Asc


    1-Jan-2019 008°,25’51 Virgo Mars 135 mutual C-12

  4. Those born to the Karmic path (nodal axis), decan 3 Capricorn – decan 3 Cancer…are here to develop the ability to persuade others to their point of view rather than dominate them….

    ‘Their talent lie more in the creation of efficient structures, financial budgets, and forecasts, or strategic thinking….’

    ‘They view themselves as self confident, capable, and having the courage and heart to ‘be responsible’

    What you have with this Karmic path is time for an Overhaul.

    Secret Language of Destiny, pages 668,669

  5. Node Axis:
    Brexit: 23°Can/Cap45′

    Greenspan, Alan: 24°Can/Cap05′
    Lenin, Vladimir: 23°Can/Cap27′
    Heinlein, Robert: 23°Can/Cap23′

  6. Brilliant post, best Brexit post on the web!
    On the 29th:
    Chiron will be in the 4th house (threat to the home?).
    BML will be in the 3rd (nasty communication).
    Eris will be in the 5th (monstrous offspring?).
    Ceres will be in the first (she’s on Antares today, while the extension is being hammered out).
    PallasR will be conjunct Spica in the 11th house (redo of the referendum? And Spica can only be good!).
    Juno will be in the 7th (she’s on Aldebaran today. To me, this looks like a possibility that GB will STAY. ie. keep her relationship with the EU).
    Vesta will be in the 4th as well, near the end of Pisces.
    (And the cusp of the 9th is on my Sun, the cusp of the 8th is on my Moon – I know you don’t do houses much, Jamie. On the 29th my name asteroid will be con Chiron – OUCH).

    • And of course Ceres is opposite Juno today, just like Antares / Aldebaran are ALWAYS opposite each other.

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