Brexit Horoscope – Mars Setting Hostility

Brexit HoroscopeBrexit, the British exit from the European Union, is the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU). This Brexit astrology interpretation takes a brief look at the Brexit horoscope show why it is has been so difficult to reach agreement, and why it is causing so much hostility.

Brexit Astrology

The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 at 11 p.m. UK time. [1] The most striking feature of the Brexit horoscope below is Mars setting. Right away it is plain to see why Brexit is causing so much anger between politicians and in the UK generally. Just this weekend, in “the biggest demonstration of its kind”, over half a million Britons filled the center of London to demand another referendum on Brexit. [2]

Mars opposite Ascendant explains why people get so passionate but also angry about Brexit. It makes people feel threatened by others and causes them to react aggressively. It makes it obvious who your real enemies are. If you need to get something important done you will have to fight hard for it. It especially causes problems with men and dominant women.

In mundane astrology, Mars rules riots and protests. It “either drives a nation together or drives it apart from internal/external aggression.” [3] The Descendant rules international relations with other countries, treaties and alliances like the European Union and Brexit itself. The Descendant also rules open enemies.

So Mars setting in the Brexit horoscope is causing conflict in the one to one relationships within the Tory Party. An example of this is Boris Johnson resigning as foreign secretary in protest over Theresa May’s soft Brexit plans. It is causing conflict between the Tory Party and Labor Party. And Mars conjunct Descendant is also causing hostility between EU and UK negotiators involved in the formal Brexit discussions. It will keep causing hostility right up to 11 p.m. on 29 March 2019.

Brexit Astrology

Brexit Astrology Chart

Brexit Horoscope Fixed Stars

Descendant conjunct fixed star Algol at 26 ♉ 25 indicates aggression and violence.

Mars conjunct fixed star Alcyone at 00 ♊ 15 causes high passion and ruthlessness. The full moon on Friday November 23, 2018 at 00 ♊ 52 activates Mars setting in the Brexit horoscope. So expect an escalation in aggression and no doubt some critical develops.


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  2. People’s Vote march: Hundreds of thousands attend London protest, BBC
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33 thoughts on “Brexit Horoscope – Mars Setting Hostility

  1. Hi Jamie,
    If I was born on Jan 1st, which is Decan 2, should I read Decan 1 because I am so close?
    Thanks for your insight!

  2. Jamie, its frightening how bad the aspects are for war inside uk. Theresa May is a bloody difficult woman as Ken Clarke said. If this is not postponed until a later date, God help all the little people. And, yes, thanks Jamie. You are the latest I have read in a long line of astrology posts re Brexit, yours is very easy to understand.

  3. 1 january 2019 New Year speech Theresa May?


    1-Jan-2019 014°,20’17 Virgo C-12 45 Nep
    4-Jan-2019 009°,39’55 Cancer MC 45 Asc


    1-Jan-2019 008°,25’51 Virgo Mars 135 mutual C-12

  4. Those born to the Karmic path (nodal axis), decan 3 Capricorn – decan 3 Cancer…are here to develop the ability to persuade others to their point of view rather than dominate them….

    ‘Their talent lie more in the creation of efficient structures, financial budgets, and forecasts, or strategic thinking….’

    ‘They view themselves as self confident, capable, and having the courage and heart to ‘be responsible’

    What you have with this Karmic path is time for an Overhaul.

    Secret Language of Destiny, pages 668,669

  5. Node Axis:
    Brexit: 23°Can/Cap45′

    Greenspan, Alan: 24°Can/Cap05′
    Lenin, Vladimir: 23°Can/Cap27′
    Heinlein, Robert: 23°Can/Cap23′

  6. Brilliant post, best Brexit post on the web!
    On the 29th:
    Chiron will be in the 4th house (threat to the home?).
    BML will be in the 3rd (nasty communication).
    Eris will be in the 5th (monstrous offspring?).
    Ceres will be in the first (she’s on Antares today, while the extension is being hammered out).
    PallasR will be conjunct Spica in the 11th house (redo of the referendum? And Spica can only be good!).
    Juno will be in the 7th (she’s on Aldebaran today. To me, this looks like a possibility that GB will STAY. ie. keep her relationship with the EU).
    Vesta will be in the 4th as well, near the end of Pisces.
    (And the cusp of the 9th is on my Sun, the cusp of the 8th is on my Moon – I know you don’t do houses much, Jamie. On the 29th my name asteroid will be con Chiron – OUCH).

    • And of course Ceres is opposite Juno today, just like Antares / Aldebaran are ALWAYS opposite each other.

  7. If you use the Old calendar, Brexit is on April 11/12, 2019 ‘Annunciation’

  8. Trying for conception at Brexit? Your baby will be born conjunct the Galactic Centre. Watch for a blip in births at this time… and where on the planet this occurs

  9. Horoscope UK.

    Progressive aspect and transits.

    11-Apr-2019 +09°,16’11 Mars // mutual C-12
    11-Apr-2019 001°,51’18 Taurus Ura 90 Jup transit
    11-Apr-2019 001°,53’45 Taurus Ura 150 Ura transit
    11-Apr-2019 021°,46’15 Aries Sun 0 AR12 transit

  10. Here’s my contribution to Brexit:
    Asteroid Sappho 80 occults star HIP 26807mag7.8, March 29, 23:48 UTC.
    What constellation? I do not know…altho the pre-eminant Asteroid of Lesbos blinking out…. certainly sets minds to wonder.

    • Hi Gerald!
      Your star is in Orion, very near the border of Taurus. I used to find it.
      Why does my brain always tell me that WikiSky is pronounced “whisky”??
      Anyway, an alternate number for HIP 26807 is HD 37773 – a somewhat evocative number.
      The RA & declination translate to the late degrees of Gemini, I think (I didn’t actually do the calculation).
      It’s Sappho that occults this little star, not the other way around.
      I have an interpretation of Sappho that says this asteroid is like a high-brow Eros – in other words, intellectual as well as sensuous. She was an accomplished poet, they say, and committed suicide over a younger man called Phaon.
      Another interpretation says she stands for a “kindred spirit”. Apparently she was very close to her students, who adored her.
      This is not the obvious interpretation, is it?
      Do you think Orion could stand for the behemoth of the EU? In mythology, Orion comes across as rather ruthless.

      Of course we know Sappho has come to stand for Lesbians, and possibly all of the LGBT community. Which made me think of a recent speech about Brexit, made by openly gay German politician Alice Weidel. It sounded eminently sensible to me. You can find it at It’s in German, but the sub-titles are very good.
      Alice is one of the leaders of the supposedly extremely right-wing political party called the AfD or AfG (D stands for Deutschland and G stands for Germany). The party sounds alarmingly Nazified, until you delve into their history a bit more. I’m wondering if the Nazi tag hasn’t been applied and/or exaggerated by Merkel’s people, because it’s likely that Alice and her part are perceived as threats. Alice thinks Britain should STAY.
      Surprisingly, she is against gay marriage.

  11. Gerald, HIP 26807 is in Orion, very near the border of Taurus. Its position translates to the last few degrees of Gemini (I didn’t actually calculate this, the star is on WikiSky and you can get the RA/decl there). So it might be in the 8th house of Jamie’s chart.
    WikiSky alsways looks to me as if it should be pronounced “whisky”. Don’t ask me why…
    Interpretations for Sappho are not exactly what one might expect. One says she is like a high-brow Eros, i.e both intellectual & sensuous, another says she stands for “kindred spirit”.
    Sappho’s story says that she was a gifted poet, adored by her students and emotionally close to them. She committed suicide over her unrequited love for a younger man called Phaon, by throwing herself off the promontory of Leucadia on Lesbos.
    As I said, not exactly what one would expect.
    It’s Sappho who is doing the occulting, not the little star.

  12. BTW, an alternative name for HIP 26807 is HD 37773. This number looks quite evocative to me – are there any numerologists here??
    Orion seems to have been quite a rough and ready, tough customer. Possibly he could stand for the EU which is making things very difficult for GB.
    Someone sent me this link of quite an impressive speech made by German politician (Alice Weidel) who wants Britain to stay in the EU. It’s in German but the sub-titles are good:
    Alice seemed very impressive until I read about her political party, the AfD. Ouch! BTW, she is gay but is against gay marriage (maybe tying her into Sappho?) – go figure.

  13. Thanks Char for finding out all that stuff. You are a valuable resourse to this forum!

    The last 48 hours iv’e been studying the astrology of Revelations 12… a group feels it leads to September 23, 2017.


  14. Brexit horoscope 24 June 1916.

    Local birthtime 06h,00m45s5

    Progressive aspects.

    7-Sep-2019 017°,48’53 Vissen Maan 120 AR06
    9-Sep-2019 023°,37’31 Waterman C–9 * SADALSUUD (SAT – MERC )
    13-Sep-2019 018°,01’29 Vissen Maan 30 Maan
    16-Sep-2019 018°,07’51 Vissen Maan 135 C–2
    23-Sep-2019 018°,24’38 Vissen Maan 90 Merc
    24-Sep-2019 012°,11’24 Boogsch. C–6 * RASTABAN (SAT – VENUS )
    24-Sep-2019 022°,48’10 Tweeling Merc * EL NATH (MARS – )
    25-Sep-2019 016°,29’06 Maagd Jup 120 OND Plu

    12-Okt-2019 019°,14’53 Vissen MC 90 AR03
    13-Okt-2019 019°,10’29 Vissen Maan 120 OND Asc
    15-Okt-2019 019°,14’53 Vissen Maan 90 AR03
    16-Okt-2019 019°,15’28 Vissen Maan 0 OND MC
    19-Okt-2019 019°,11’13 Kreeft Asc * PROPUS (MERC – VENUS )
    28-Okt-2019 004°,56’30 Waterman C–8 * OCULUS (SAT – VENUS )
    31-Okt-2019 016°,12’20 Maagd Drac 0 Jup

  15. Brexit on 31 October 2019?

    Who knows.

    The answere you can find in the Brexit horoscope.

    Brexit horoscope 24 June 2016.

    Birthtime 06h,00m45s5


    19-Oct-2019 009°,45’13 Libra Mars 120 C-12
    19-Oct-2019 013°,13’15 Scorpio Ven 120 Black Sun
    19-Oct-2019 000°,11’47 Cancer Moon 135 Black Moon
    19-Oct-2019 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac

    31-Oct-2019 017°,25’45 Libra Mars 90 Asc
    31-Oct-2019 023°,17’16 Sagittarius Jup 30 Mars

    Progressive aspects.

    16-Oct-2019 019°,15’28 Pisces Moon 0 mutual MC
    19-Oct-2019 019°,11’13 Cancer Asc * PROPUS (MERC – VENUS )
    28-Oct-2019 004°,56’30 Aquarius C–8 * OCULUS (SAT – VENUS )
    31-Oct-2019 016°,12’20 Virgo Drac 0 Jup

  16. Apologies for all the duplicate posting. My posts didn’t appear for ages, then they suddenly all came through together.

    • An additional level of detail to Sappho, thx Char. It’s no wonder the FIFA Women’s World Cup had its drama. That Sappho energy was enormous last summer.* “It took place between 7 June and 7 July 2019”. So there are your ‘7’s’ Char, and 3 is connected to Mars, sport and competitive ‘drive’ . At the start of the tournament Mercury was direct, entered the shadow zone, and by the final game: Mercury Rx

      * Remember we are talking about Brexit chart, how Sappho occult’s an evocative numbered star at that time, and how the January 12, 1996 NewAge chart (Mercury Rx in joy) shows a Progressed Full Moon on March 29, 2019.

  17. Brexit horoscope.

    Chiron 25°,14’43,9 Pisces = opposite EU Jup 25°,51’04,5 R Virgo.

    Brexit 24 June 2016.

    Birthtime 6 am, rectified as 06h,00m45s5.

    Jupiter, Draconis and IC are in 17 degrees Virgo.

    Sabian symbol 17 degrees Virgo: a volcano eruption.

    Neptune transits.

    8-March-2019 016°,12’20 Pisces Nep 180 Jup
    11-March-2019 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac
    16-March-2019 016°,32’21 Pisces Nep 60 Plu
    23-March-2019 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC

    29-Sep-2019 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC

    9-Oct-2019 016°,32’21 Pisces Nep 60 Plu
    19-Oct-2019 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac
    26-Oct-2019 016°,12’20 Pisces Nep 180 Jup

    28-Dec-2019 016°,12’20 Pisces Nep 180 Jup

    4-Jan-2020 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac
    13-Jan-2020 016°,32’21 Pisces Nep 60 Plu
    22-Jan-2020 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC


    22-Jun-2016 014°,20’57 Leo Jup 60 mutual Asc
    23-Jun-2016 023°,22’00 Scorpio Mars 90 Sat transit
    23-Jun-2016 016°,32’50 Capricorn Plu 30 Ven transit
    24-Jun-2016 016°,32’50 Leo Merc 180 Ven

    Queen Elizabeth II.

    23-Jun-2016 003°,31’08 Taurus C-12 45 AR02


    29-March-2017 016°,32’21 Pisces MC 60 Plu
    31-March-2017 016°,32’41 Capricorn Plu 60 mutual MC


    12-March-2017 001°,47’36 Taurus Mars 45 MC
    13-March-2017 002°,19’52 Taurus Mars 60 Pars
    27-March-2017 023°,28’44 Aries Ura 0 C-11



    13-March-2017 002°,42’40 Taurus Mars 60 Plu
    27-March-2017 -06°,14’04 Jup # C-12
    29-March-2017 +16°,22’38 Mars // C-11
    29-March-2017 019°,25’44 Libra Jup 90 Moon
    29-March-2017 014°,10’24 Taurus Mars 120 C-12
    31-March-2017 015°,07’25 Taurus Mars 45 Black Moon

    Queen Elizabeth II.

    16-March-2017 018°,05’38 Scorpio Moon 120 mutual C-11


    12-March-2017 012°,05’42 Pisces Nep 150 Moon
    12-March-2017 +12°,15’56 Mars // Pars
    27-March-2017 -06°,14’26 Jup // Ven
    28-March-2017 012°,41’11 Pisces Nep 120 AR08
    29-March-2017 012°,42’31 Pisces Nep 120 Plu

  18. UK.

    Progressive aspects.

    3-Nov-2019 013°,55’00 Leo Merc 120 Drac
    9-Nov-2019 010°,02’47 Pisces C-11 0 AR02
    13-Nov-2019 013°,48’33 Leo Sun 30 mutual Moon
    15-Nov-2019 013°,53’24 Cancer Moon 30 mutual Merc
    16-Nov-2019 013°,55’00 Cancer Moon 90 Drac
    22-Nov-2019 025°,02’47 Aries C-12 45 AR02
    24-Nov-2019 014°,10’24 Cancer Moon 60 C-12
    30-Nov-2019 025°,04’52 Aries C-12 * VERTEX (MARS – MOON )

    1-Dec-2019 013°,51’23 Leo Sun 0 mutual Merc
    12-Dec-2019 009°,01’33 Virgo Mars 120 AR05
    14-Dec-2019 023°,02’33 Cancer C–3 * PROCYON (MERC – MARS )
    16-Dec-2019 018°,09’58 Gemini Asc * BELLATRIX (MARS – MERC )
    17-Dec-2019 014°,55’08 Cancer Moon 30 C-11
    19-Dec-2019 010°,11’09 Pisces C-11 60 Sun
    23-Dec-2019 015°,07’06 Cancer Moon 30 mutual Jup
    24-Dec-2019 013°,55’00 Leo Sun 120 Drac
    26-Dec-2019 023°,04’10 Capricorn C–9 * TEREBELLUM (VENUS – SAT )
    27-Dec-2019 006°,19’30 Cancer C–2 * ALHENA (MERC – VENUS )

    1-Jan-2020 015°,07’25 Leo Jup 45 Black Moon
    9-Jan-2020 015°,39’10 Cancer Moon 60 AR04
    11-Jan-2020 +12°,08’20 Merc # C–2
    12-Jan-2020 015°,44’56 Cancer Moon * WASAT (SAT – )
    15-Jan-2020 010°,16’53 Pisces C-11 45 mutual C-12
    25-Jan-2020 016°,11’13 Cancer Moon * PROPUS (MERC – VENUS )

    1-Feb-2020 016°,24’28 Cancer Maan 90 Pars

  19. Donald Tusk.


    24-Jun-2016 016°,13’22 Virgo Jup 45 Nep

    12-March-2017 012°,07’33 Pisces Nep 90 C-12

    31-Oct-2019 015°,24’34 Capricorn Sat 30 C–2

    31-Oct-2019 020°,50’17 Capricorn Plu 60 Drac

  20. Horoscope Brexit.

    27-Oct-2019 -05°,12’49 Mars // MC transit
    28-Oct-2019 004°,56’30 Aquarius C–8 * OCULUS (SAT – VENUS )
    28-Oct-2019 015°,11’47 Capricorn Sat 60 Black Moon
    28-Oct-2019 -05°,23’35 Mars # Drac

    Horoscope Boris Johnson.

    28-Oct-2019 -23°,01’59 Jup # Merc transit
    28-Oct-2019 015°,45’00 Libra Mars 150 Jup transit
    28-Oct-2019 -05°,29’42 Mars # C-12 transit

    Horoscope EU.

    27-Oct-2019 026°,29’43 Aries Moon 135 mutual Sat
    27-Oct-2019 015°,07’34 Capricorn Sat 150 C-11 transit
    27-Oct-2019 015°,07’34 Libra Mars 60 C-11 transit
    28-Oct-2019 015°,41’34 Libra Mars 120 Chiron transit
    28-Oct-2019 022°,43’57 Sagittarius Jup 135 Pars transit

    Horoscope Theresa May.

    28-Oct-2019 022°,43’54 Sagittarius Jup 45 Chiron

    Looking at the horoscopes there is no sign for an election on 12 December 2019.

  21. Transit Neptune conjuncts Brexit MC 17 degrees Pisces from March 2019 up to and inclusive January 2020.

    22 December will be an unfavourable date for Brexit.

    Brexit horoscope.

    7-Nov-2019 011°,27’51 Sagittarius Sat 135 mutual C-11
    22-Dec-2019 026°,37’07 Aries C-11 135 Sat

    Boris Johnson horoscope.

    22-Dec-2019 002°,39’21 Scorpio C-12 * PRINCEPS (MERC – SAT )

    KEYNOTE: The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations.
    In the background of this strange allegory we can recognize the deep-seated belief that the American nation and its basic democratic institutions were constituted to be the cradle for a new step in human evolution. The “flag” is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an “eagle” — another U.S. symbol — when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action. The eagle symbolizes spiritual will and the power to rise to the highest possible altitude of consciousness and purpose. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, it heralds it — and by so doing is identified with the crowing chanticleer, who had convinced himself that his resonant cry was responsible for the rise of the sun and the coming of a new day.
    This second stage symbol contrasts with the first in that it is completely future-oriented. It speaks of “peak experiences” instead of the wisdom found in the organismic depth of the body- consciousness. It urges us to bring our noblest ideals to actual life through the power of the spiritual will. A Keyword might be ANNUNCIATION.

    KEYNOTE: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order.
    This symbol reflects conditions prevailing in the past when Great Britain’s fleet was policing the seas under the international principle of the freedom of the seas. Times have changed, but the concept remains valid. Power is required to maintain social order and relatively peaceful interpersonal as well as international relationships. Alas, this power can easily be misused under the pretext of preserving “law and order.” Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence — or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage.
    This is the third symbol in the fifty-eighth five-fold sequence. It brings to us a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its value and its dangers.

    Brexit’s radix Saturn in 12 DEGREES Sagittarius ruler Descendant in 18 degrees Capricorn.


    7-Nov-2019 011°,27’51 Sagittarius Sat 135 mutual C-11

    22-Dec-2019 023°,17’16 Gemini Merc 150 Mars

    22-Dec-2019 026°,37’07 Aries C-11 135 Sat

    Boris Johnson.

    22-Dec-2019 002°,39’21 Scorpio C-12 * PRINCEPS (MERC – SAT )

    KEYNOTE: The use of inhibiting circumstances for the development of character and a transcendent approach to the environment.
    Winter symbolizes darkness and the restrictions imposed upon living things by cold. Natural life is in a state of hibernation or inward-turned activity. Yet the developing mind can learn to use restrictions and the disciplining power of “cold” external responses to rise above the outer “freeze” and to grow in strength and skill. Man is nature rising above the cyclic oscillation of natural polarities. His way is often the via negativa. He learns rhythmic freedom (“skating”) by using the most binding situations (“ice”) to demonstrate his transcendent capacity for pleasure and self-mobilization.
    Here again the fourth stage symbol presents us with a special technique. It is a mental technique inasmuch as it is through mind that man can transcend the entropy of the universal process of existence. We see here indeed man’s TRIUMPH OVER ENTROPY.

    KEYNOTE: The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life.
    Every individualized person is a small island in the vast ocean of mankind. The ego fulfills a necessary function, as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness. Within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and integrating the various aspects of the personal life can operate constructively. In time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe.
    This fourth stage symbol tells us that the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what he or she is as an individual. But this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function in a vaster whole. The island’s inhabitants get subsistence from the sea, and in time learn to navigate this sea and interact with other islanders — and all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything. An appropriate Keyword would be CENTRALIZATION.


    26-Jan-2020 023°,28’44 Gemini Merc 60 C-11
    26-Jan-2020 023°,07’46 Pisces Moon 120 mutual Mars
    30-Jan-2020 023°,17’16 Pisces Moon 120 Mars


    22-Jan-2020 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC
    23-Jan-2020 024°,00’09 Capricorn Sat 90 Ura
    23-Jan-2020 -22°,18’06 Mars # Asc
    24-Jan-2020 012°,00’38 Capricorn Jup 60 Nep
    26-Jan-2020 015°,11’47 Pisces Ven 120 Black Moon
    27-Jan-2020 012°,35’28 Capricorn Jup 45 AR02
    28-Jan-2020 016°,47’36 Sagittarius Mars 90 MC
    29-Jan-2020 024°,45’13 Capricorn Sat 135 C-12
    29-Jan-2020 013°,13’15 Capricorn Jup 180 Black Sun
    30-Jan-2020 010°,14’44 Aquarius Sun 45 Chiron
    30-Jan-2020 017°,02’36 Pisces Nep 0 AR05

    The transit Neptune 17 degrees Pisces conjunct radix MC 17 Pisces enters the 18 degrees Pisces on 29 January 2020.

    The Neptune transit was for the first time in 17 degrees Pisces on 2 March 2019 and opposite Jupiter and North Node both in 17 degrees Virgo = a Volcano eruption.

    Will we have Brexit on 26 January 2020?

  24. 8 March 2019.

    Theresa May will make a last desperate plea to the EU to give ground over the Brexit deal with just four days to go until a decisive Commons vote. Brussels has insisted it is up to Britain to come up with new ideas by the end of Friday to break the deadlock, but Mrs May will say that “the EU has to make a choice too”. Negotiations in Brussels remain moribund as EU sources accused Britain of presenting “crazy” ideas for solving the row over the Northern Irish backstop. Plans for Mrs May to fly to Brussels on Sunday have been shelved as there is currently no reason to believe she will have anything to sign off. With increasing pessimism spreading through the Government, the Prime Minister will on Friday travel to Grimsby, in Britain’s Eurosceptic heartland of Lincolnshire, to make a speech begging the EU for help. She will say: “Just as MPs will face a big choice next week, the EU has to make a choice too. We are both participants in this process. It is in the European interest for the UK to leave with a deal. We are working with them but the decisions that the European Union makes over the next few days will have a big impact on the outcome of the vote.” –

    8-March-2019 016°,12’20 Pisces Nep 180 Jup transit

    11 March 2019.

    Theresa May has made an 11th-hour dash to meet EU leaders in Strasbourg as the government insisted the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal would go ahead on Tuesday as planned.
    May was greeted in Strasbourg by Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier as she arrived in pursuit of a Brexit compromise late on Monday, after a phone call with the European commission president earlier in the day.
    Ambassadors for the 27 EU member states were told at a briefing that the negotiations had become more combative. One source at the table said if the UK was choosing the impossible, it was choosing no deal.
    It was, however, disclosed that the prime minister had been ready to strike a deal on Sunday with Juncker but that she was overruled by her cabinet.

    11-March-2019 016°,19’49 Pisces Nep 180 Drac transit

    16 March 2019.

    The European Union is poised to tell Theresa May that she must hold a second referendum or soften Brexit in return for them granting a lengthy delay to Britain’s departure date. The Times understands that the prime minister has been told by senior EU officials and other European leaders that conditions for an extension to the Article 50 exit process would include the option of a second vote on EU membership. Mrs May is expected to ask a summit of EU leaders next week for a delay to Brexit. Unless the House of Commons has ratified the withdrawal agreement by then momentum is growing across the EU for a lengthy postponement to give Britain a “long reflection period”. – The Times (£)

    16-March-2019 016°,32’21 Pisces Nep 60 Plu transit

    23 March 2019.

    Summary: Over a million people march for a people’s vote.
    • Official figures put the numbers at the central London march today at over one million.
    • Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon told the rally in Parliament Square that “the prime minister and her government have proved completely incapable of delivering on the result of the 2016 vote, which is why it is right that this should now go back to the people.”
    • Margaret Georgiadou, the “frustrated remainer” behind the petition to revoke article 50 has received a string of death threats over her challenge to the Brexit process.
    • Deputy Leader of the Labour party Tom Watson told the crowds in Parliament Square: “Theresa May: you don’t speak for us.”

    23-March-2019 016°,47’36 Pisces Nep 0 MC transit

  25. Brexit.

    24-Nov-2019 020°,45’35 Pisces Moon 135 AR11
    24-Nov-2019 023°,08’14 Gemini Merc 150 mutual Mars
    24-Nov-2019 017°,19’52 Capricorn Sat 45 Pars transit

    Boris Johnson.

    24-Nov-2019 028°,14’56 Sagittarius. Jup 45 Pars transit.

  26. Horoscopes.

    Brexit 24 June 2016.

    29-Jun-2020 024°,19’56 Gemini Merc 60 mutual C—3

    4-Jul-2020 024°,00’09 Capricorn Plu 90 Ura transit
    5-Jul-2020 023°,28’44 Capricorn Jup 90 C-11 transit
    6-Jul-2020 015°,11’47 Cancer Sun 120 Black Moon transit
    6-Jul-2020 -20°,25’29 Sat // Sat transit
    6-Jul-2020 023°,17’16 Capricorn Jup 60 Mars transit
    9-Jul-2020 -22°,18’06 Plu # Asc transit

    Boris Johnson.

    29-Jun-2020 006°,29’54 Virgo MC 90 Black Moon
    29-Jun-2020 000°,45’00 Ram Mars 45 Jup transit
    29-Jun-2020 024°,07’03 Steenbok Plu 60 AR12 transit

    1-Jul-2020 007°,59’41 Libra C-11 30 C—2
    3-Jul-2020 -20°,22’15 Sat # Mars transit
    8-Jul-2020 023°,41’35 Taurus Desc * CAPULUS (MARS – MERC )
    9-Jul-2020 006°,31’34 Virgo MC 0 Ura
    9-Jul-2020 -21°,48’09 Jup // C—3 transit


    29-Jun-2020 -21°,33’05 Jup // C—3 transit
    29-Jun-2020 009°,49’11 Taurus Ura 150 Asc transit

    3-Jul-2020 013°,23’04 Libra C-11 45 Plu
    3-Jul-2020 029°,54’01 Capricorn Sat 135 C-12 transit

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