Mars Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Mars Opposite Ascendant Transit

Mars opposite Ascendant maximum orb 7°30′.

Mars opposite Ascendant natal is also called Mars conjunct Descendant and Mars setting. This aspect makes you very attractive and competitive. You have a fighting spirit and will most likely face several battles in your life.

You should have little trouble attracting a partner. New friendships and romances can involve instant attraction and powerful passions. You have a lot of energy to give your partner, and they also give you a lot of their power. Sometimes relationships can end as quickly as they started, but they are always passionate. Your passionate energy and competitiveness can seem threatening to others which can cause aggressive responses from them. It is also possible that you are easily irritated or angered by other people’s actions, most often in your one-to-one relationships.

Experience teaches you when it is worth the energy to fight for something. You learn to choose your battles carefully but understand that you must always be ready to react quickly to any threats. It is not only partners or competitors that you may experience conflict with. You may have to fight health problems if you are attacked by an injury or disease that threatens your physical body or behavior. However, fighting can bring out your best, and even after a defeat, you will get back up and keep fighting until you win.

Mars Opposite Ascendant Transit

Mars opposite Ascendant transit brings the potential for passion and conflicts in your one-to-one relationships. Your actions could feel threatening to another person, who may react with anger or aggression. Alternatively, you could be more easily annoyed or angered by the actions of another person.

This transit will make it obvious who your natural enemies are. If you need to get something important done, you must fight hard for it. If it is not that important to you, the best option is to compromise and wait until this transit has passed before being more assertive in getting your way.

You may particularly have problems with men and dominant women. Risky actions are best avoided because a buildup of anger or tension can make you prone to act without thinking. An excellent way to relieve built-up stress is through exercise or competitive sport, so long as you remember to play nicely with your teammates.

Sex is another good way to relieve building tension, and this transit increases your sex drive and makes you more physically attractive. Instant attraction is possible if you are dating. Even if you are not dating, you can attract attention, but an affair now would be difficult to hide. New relationships formed now would be very passionate but may end as quickly as they started. But if you meet the right person, moving past the initial period of intense passion is possible. That is, so long as there is more to the relationship than just sexual attraction.

Mars Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Michael J. Fox 0°00’20″, Roy Castle 0°02′, Justin Timberlake 0°21′, Ray Larsen 0°22′, Bobby Fischer 0°23′, Robert Kennedy 1°02′, Fred West 1°03′, George H. W. Bush 1°09′, Scott Hicks 1°18′, Milton Black 1°19′, Dorothy Dandridge 1°31′, Henry Mancini 1°33′, Malcolm X 1°34′, Coco Chanel 2°33′.

9 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. I ve got this natally at 5 Leo squaring Uranus in Scorpio in addition. Quite a hot spot, honestly. Difficult to deal with.
    Thank you for great writing !

    • The “difficulty” is the square aspects, not the Mars Op Asc which is perhaps even desirable, depending on how one looks at Opposition aspects.

      I consider Opposition aspect a complementarity. Like how the 1H complements the 7H since the Other (7H) cannot be without the I/Ego(1H); Or how when 4H mother forms a complementing aspect with 10H father. Mars is our preferences, desires, cravings and a more precise interpretation based on an individual chart takes into consideration Mars placement to determine the effect these personal preferences have on the Natal Ascendant to fully know how the transit will play out.

      “Sex is another good way to relieve tensions”, says the post. Certainly better than a Moon/Pluto opposition or complementarity. Moon Pluto opposition transit makes you break down barriers but once Moon passes over you can regret the moment. Mars opposite Ascendant should be more emotionally fulfilling after the fact. For you this was two years ago, 2018. I just read this today cos I have this transit.

  2. And transiting Uranus will close the circuit. I hope I will not be somehow electrocuted ????

    • It might be interesting : as transiting Uranus squared my Mars and DSC and opposed my natal Uranus I already had 2 car acidents this month( luckily nothing dangerous). And I had conficts at work and at home.

  3. Well, wouldnt you know It, I’ve got this one, only 1° off the Mars Stationary in June.

    Mars is of interest this year astronomically too, with magnitude reaching its highest since 2003.

    Thanks Jamie.

  4. Very interesting, thanks so much. It will be a huge thing when Pluto arrives at my Arc 5 Aqua and opposes this natal Mars a coupe years from know.
    You know I always thought 4th house is related to father figure, some publications were stating this. I have sun on my ic 5 Gemini anyway, so I explore the meanings and implications.

  5. April 5, 2022 Mars and Saturn oppose my Ascendant at 22 Aquarius. Something momentous will happen but will it be heaven or hell? At the same time, Jupiter and Neptune at 22 Pisces sextile my natal Jupiter and oppose my natal Sun. 22 is the most primal number in my horoscope with Sun, Jupiter and Ascendant represented. I’m 72 and retired so it won’t be career related. Apart from that, I don’t know what to expect.

  6. Mars has just crossed my Descendant and will make a third pass in return to direct. Sag Asc 19 degrees, This Mars is also squaring my natal Moon in Virgo.

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