Inauguration Day January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day AstrologyInauguration day on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, is unlike any other. The FBI has warned of possible armed protests across the US as Donald Trump supporters and far-right groups call for demonstrations before Joe Biden is sworn in as president. [1]

Inauguration Day Astrology

The Inauguration Day astrology is explosive because of Mars conjunct Uranus. This combination causes impulsiveness, recklessness, violence, protest, rioting, rebellion, revolution, and explosions. The police, military, and militias will unpredictable, and volatile, and even uncontrollable.

Inauguration Day Astrology

Inauguration Day 2021

Mars conjunct Uranus is exact at 3:37 pm on Inauguration Day but its influence has been building for weeks. It will make the protests planned before the inauguration day more dangerous too.

At 04°44′ Taurus, Mars and Uranus are conjunct fixed star Hamal in the Head of the Ram. Hamal causes violence, brutishness, cruelty, and premeditated crime. [2]

A longer-term influence affecting current events is the November 30 lunar eclipse. “This is a highly charged lunar eclipse. It could trigger riots, anarchy, and revolutions.”

This is because the eclipse was conjunct fixed star Aldebaran, causing courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, and violence. [2] It makes people “restless and riotous, always stirring up popular dissent and revolution” and causes “civil and domestic wars.” [3]

The US Capitol Building Riot began when the lunar eclipse degree (08°38′ Gemini) was rising. It rises on Inauguration day at 1:19 pm.

Pluto rules large-scale political movements, power struggles, ruthlessness, extremism, racism, death, and destruction. It is more powerful because it was conjunct the January 13 new moon (23°13′ Capricorn). It is also more powerful because it is culminating (conjunct Midheaven) in the Inauguration Day astrology chart.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is conjunct the Moon. This makes emotions more heated and volatile, and the general public more restless and riotous. And the Moon is more powerful on Inauguration Day because there is a quarter Moon (01°02′ Taurus) at 4:01 pm.

Finally, Jupiter is amplifying and exaggerating the Mars-Uranus conjunction through the square aspect.

Jupiter square Uranus (January 17) causes impatience and impulsiveness that can lead to sudden and unexpected behavior, unrestricted by the moral standards of society. Revolution, rebellion, and chaos.

Mars square Jupiter (January 23) gives courage and boldness but also recklessness and impulsiveness. It makes people over-enthusiastic, liable to overestimate their abilities and take dangerous risks.


The Inauguration Day astrology indicates the danger of protests turning violent. There could be riots, anarchy, sedition, explosions, injuries, and death.


  1. Trump supporters planning armed protests ahead of Biden inauguration, FBI warns: BBC.
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  3. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.34.

54 thoughts on “Inauguration Day January 20, 2021

  1. Today the FBI said Trump had nothing to do with the January 6 riots. And that was the whole basis of the second impeachment scam.

  2. How interesting. Where did you read that? I Googled it and couldn’t find anything.

    • Pisces Rising is detached from reality and often posts conspiracy nonsense here. Sigh…

  3. Today a Democrat was arrested for breaching the capitol. Trump is calling for PEACE. thanks for giving me a reason to unsubscribe to this misinformed propagandizing email blast. I won’t miss it.

  4. You’re 100% correct but astrology king writers don’t know much about reality or news because they’re only watching CNN 🤡🙀

  5. Trump had nothing to do with the storming of the capital. Actually, they have arrested a Democrat. If you can’t get daily news right, how can I trust you with astrology..hmm.

    • Another looney tunes tRump cult member addicted to spreading disinformation. Sad.

  6. I thought your Astrological information was impartial and informative. THanks for the heads up. It seems that the extreme polarisation we are seeing at present is a direct outcome from which News Outlets people receive their information from. Surely this is the nodal Gemini/Sagittarius squaring Neptune. Neptune would confuse, offer deceit, misinformation and hide truth. Gemini is a dual sign so we have “facts” – two sets of, in fact and Sagittarius is righteousness, law and an expression of the Impeachment process. None of which are right or wrong but Neptune is leading us all blind into dissipation and lack of clarity as truth is the loss here.

      • Bren and Jamie, there is undeniable silencing and visceral, indescribable pain caused by the powers which are polarizing the people of the US. Families are torn asunder; lifelong friends have been abandoned because of accusations and lies, without a wink of listening or compassion. On both sides, people feel betrayed, confused and duped; like puppets. To me this points directly at the Neptune square nodes?

        Jamie, you were spot on when you predicted Trump winning in 2016 and again with Biden’s win in 2020. But I do think more information will surface regarding US issues and the events of this month.

  7. JAMIE .. you are such a Shill for the Left. The first paragraph you wrote is a complete set of LIES. The FBI knew there were agent provocateurs from ANTIFA coming to the Capitol that day and the authorities made sure the Capitol Police were understaffed on purpose. This was so what you say happened that day, would transpire and they would have an excuse to blame Trump and the Patriots. There are many videos especially on that show American Patriots attempting to physically stop the ANTIFA operatives from breaking windows and carrying out other such illegal acts. It was a set-up, a false flag to put the blame on the protesters who came there to peacefully demonstrate so their Congress would adopt the 10-day plan to evaluate the legitimacy of State Electors.

    You make me sick, man. All your Astrology is rife with attempting to use the stars to justify your preconceived political opinions. You are one of the worst and most biased Astrologers I have ever had the displeasure of reading. If you were not over here telling some LIES to the public, you would not have anything much to say.

  8. Trump had been goading on and lying to his supporters for months before the election. He had everything to do with the breach of the Capitol. Many many thousands of people heard his inflammatory words urging his base to fight–a word he used multiple times int hat speech. He is reported to have watched the whole thing on TV with enjoyment. Like most bullies he was too cowardly to actually accompany his followers as he had said that he would. He deserves a lot more than impeachment.

  9. Thank you for the objective analysis. I do not think that it was biased.

    I would like to point out that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both have their lunar returns that day. Joe has his natal moon at 0 Taurus and Kamala has her natal moon at 27 Aries.

  10. False. FBI made no such statement. Their investigation is ongoing. Posting misinformation is NOT helpful and makes you sound delusional.

  11. Indeed, there was no rioting until the DC Cops escorted a lot of Antifa in and unlocked the Capitol for them–the Trumpists were highly law abiding…But it was fun to see all these corrupt Congress critters panicking at the thought of peaceful demonstrators….

  12. They are wrong, words have power, trump fully knows this. His words are full of suggestions…” impeachment scam going to Anger a lot of people” ” Stand back, stand ready” “It’s gonna be wild”……….He doesn’t care about YOU…

  13. USA’s Neptune is opposing natal Neptune. The last time this happened was 1856. 1855 was the end of the USA’s California GOLD RUSH and in 1856 the Opium Wars began lead by the UK against China. This is how the UK came into control of Hong Kong in 1860. But the reason for the Opium Wars was the same reason as the USA’s Revolutionary War – the West wanted control of their trade with China in both wars (revolutionary war was about Chinese tea – thus, the Boston Tea Party). Neptune is in the Sibly’s 9th house. Uranus and Mars are transiting the Sibly’s 5th house of celebrations, gatherings and prominent events. The transiting north node on USA’s Mars is about destiny and overcoming obstacles in the 7th house of open enemies. THANK YOU Jamie. Astrology for me is about being prepared.

  14. The wars that China won include Tibet, Vietnam, Burma border, Kashmir border. But they lost everything else. Astrologers keep focusing on the USA. What’s happening in the US is happening in other countries, the UK, AUS and NZ. I’ve never seen a good chart for either China or Great Britain. But their charts are certainly in play too. I forgot to include India too. India was very much involved in the Opium Wars because that’s where Opium came from. India began rebelling against Britain in 1857. This is not an internal fight. Incidentally every time Saturn goes into Aquarius the USA goes to war. Last time was against Iran in Kuwait. What’s that saying about forgetting history?

  15. It’s now revealed that the Capitol “break-in” was a staged event with CNN personnel and BLM leaders and followers, assisted by the DC Police who bussed BLM/Antifa to the site….Let’s look at the astrology of that! It’s got to be there…

  16. Yes, and the lamestream media isn’t talking about that to clarify their error in reporting, making their bias so obvious.
    I’m starting to feell like Jamie here may have a bias too.
    I’m an astrologer too, so I feel like there are so many more charts that could be looked at and show a broader picture of what is ACTUALLY happening, not just focusing on what is the most sensational.

  17. Lol Are you people so obtuse you refuse to look at the data yourself? I know, it’s easier to be spoonfed by CNN propaganda lol.

    Here’s the leader of the ‘siege’, John Sullivan, proudly displaying his loyalty to Antifa and screaming about kicking ‘muh DRUMPH’ out of office :

    Another braindead dimocrat with too much cognitive dissonance that refuses to examine actual facts. Sad.

  18. Okay, that’s enough. Since posting about the US election I had been letting people comment with political rants that had nothing to do with astrology. But this is lies and extremism and really is becoming dangerous. Back to astrological discussion only.

  19. It is sad to see that through the manipulation of the media, we have so many people in our country and throughout the world who turn against one another. Both sides of the media are heavily influenced and manipulated and we should try to think for ourselves rather than repeating information from any news organization.

    Clearly the people who have the power in this world want us to be fighting against one another, it keeps us distracted and at odds with each other rather than with the source of problems. Everyone sees what they WANT to see.

    If only we could love and spread kindness to all others, regardless of where they get their news, we could actually come together and unite as a people and we would actually be a living power in the world with the ability to change the planet. Look at what Gandhi did! Such a beautiful, practical and REAL life example of how people coming together with non-violence and love can change the world.

    Clearly we live in the dark age or Kali Yuga, but I do still believe and have hope that we will come together as one humanity, and be able to move past these differences one day and truly honor one another as divinity.

    Thank you for your analysis Jamie, “whatever your words, the Truth will gleam through”.

  20. You forgot to note that the Sun will be at zero degrees and the Moon at 29 degrees (with the time chosen for this chart) which are highly symbolical, like something karmic is bound to happen, definitely a change that will marks memories (Uranus is both thunder, technology, politics and the Great Awakener). You also forgot the Black Moon in the mix conjunct Uranus and Mars. It’s all about hidden and repress stuff brought to the surface in a very brutal way thanks to these planets squaring Jupiter (law) and Saturn (establishment, power). This echoes the Great Conjunction of the latter which took place at zero degree in Aquarius on the winter solstice. There is great risk of violence indeed because dark forces will be exposed and will do everything they can to stir violence and destruction. The North Node at 17 degree Gemini is a wonderful cosmic wink. Stay in the light, reclaim your mind and everything will be alright. Those who feel legitimated to use violence will get it backfiring at them. Answers will come. Just wait for them. Truth is coming no matter what.

  21. I wonder how relevant the uncoming U.S. inauguration chart is.

    Incoming U.S. President elect Joe Biden is already on the job and has been working as a “volunteer” President of the United States since November of last year.

    He has made a number of very important executive decisions, already, pertaining to the Covid 19 pandemic, his announcement of a 1.8 trillion dollar Covid 19 relief package being introduced, his instructions to Nancy Pelosi, the speak of the U.S. House of Representatives to dedicate 50 percent of the available time to the relief package and the other 50 percent to prosecuting and inpeaching his predecessor, Mr. Trump.

    Tell me, what further evidence do we need to hear that Biden is already a working, functional President of the U.S.A. !

    Maybe Mr. Partridge can please explain why the inauguration chart of January 20th, 2021 is being touted as so important.

    What is needed, perhaps, is a timed chart for the moment Biden first agreed to be a volunteer President.


    • Hi rjmakemyday.

      I used the Inauguration chart to look at the astrology of that day, especially in relation to planned protests. But as a general rule, using inauguration charts for an incoming presidency is standard procedure for mundane astrology.

  22. Just a bit of clarifying, Jamie, I hear you about astrology. But important new info has come to light, first on where police protection was on the 6th in Washington, DC, when President Trump explicitly called for the crowd to “peacefully” protest.

    The NY Post article says “How was he to know that the Capitol would not be adequately guarded, and the mob would so easily smash their way inside?

    Capitol Police had been left like lambs to the slaughter in part because the cop-hating mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser, wrote to the Department of Justice the day before the protests specifically to reject federal reinforcements.

    The flexible morality and selective outrage of the Democrats and their media boosters is so dishonest, it makes your head spin.”

    Thus says another small hardly-published story, but with a bit of scarce and welcome welcome clarification coming outta the democratic fog, yay for that.

    Re: Void Moon on the 20th, Eastern time – January 20 Moon goes void at 11:46 pm until January 22, when Moon enters Capricorn at 12:00 am.

    So last but not least, is part of a story from Dec. 9th which says some interesting things we oughta know.

    We can go online and read the entire 87-page report released by the Senate committees, titled “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns.” It concludes: “Hunter Biden’s and his family’s financial transactions with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese nationals raise criminal concerns and extortion threats.”
    There is much disturbing material about Hunter’s lucrative gig on the board of Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company.

    But on China, our primary security threat, the report is more frightening. “The records acquired by the Committees show consistent, significant and extensive financial connections among and between Hunter Biden, James Biden [Joe’s brother], Sara Biden [Joe’s sister-in law], Devon Archer [Hunter’s business partner], and Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime.”

    “These connections and the vast amount of money transferred among and between them don’t just raise conflicts-of-interest concerns, they raise criminal financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns.”

    It’s all there for anyone who wants to read it. The whole thing makes me sick. Please lets all look to ourselves through this and remember to hold on to our ethics and our dignity as things fall out, try not to believe everything we hear.

  23. Not so certain? Jaime accurately pinpoints the Uranus-Mars conjunction as THE focal point of Inauguration day. Compare by synastry to both Biden and Trump birth charts. Clearly, Biden will be exalted and Trump will be demoted (Pluto placement).

    I am expecting what Jamie is expecting. It could be quite horrific. And yes, there is Neptune and Mercury in play. Stay safe, everyone. And hold on.

  24. With this type of astrology topic, the same critical word repeats over and over, like a Signal. I have a chart named The Art of Signaling. from last year, Sun and Mercury, 14Tau. And lookie here! Mercury is at the present time, 13Aqr with Pallas conj.

    So I’m thinking about how the big day is a Signal and, and you know how it is theses days, internet articles are loaded with code, and its always been such. Since I was delivering newspapers as a boy, I knew it.

  25. Lots of politicizing here and not much astrology. Can someone please analyze Biden and Harris’s charts for Election Day and tell us what you see. Also how is Kamala’s chart relocated to DC? Does anyone want to weigh in on Washington DC’s chart or how about the Republican or Democrat party charts? Trump is leaving DC the day before. If you cannot read without bias. You cannot read. What’s happening is not between 2 people folks.

  26. Jim Carrey birthday today. Jim’s IQ is legend and he knows a thing or two about genres…. Moon in Gemini, ASC 15°Scorpio. On the day of the namesake topic thread, in synastry to Jims natal, we see a reverse in the electro apotheosis axis…

    Cheers Jim

  27. The thing to consider with the headline chart on this page…the Moon, void of Course, 29Ari03, won’t be Ingress Taurus until 1:57pm.

    So you’re a pretty goid painter now. Paint a void.

  28. Thank you. So very helpful. Obama had to retake the oath when he was sworn in during a Void. But I think Obama may have been born during a Void because many of his big political events took place during a Void. Kamala was born day before a full moon and so was Biden. But I doubt that we can put any credence in Biden’s time of birth. The United States didn’t adopt standardized birth certificates until 4 years after Biden was born and he was born in rural Pennsylvania. The last aspect the moon makes before going Void is to Kamala’s lunar return square Saturn and after the Void same lunar return square Saturn is hitting Biden but also conjunct this Mars/Uranus. A Void doesn’t imply you are a victim. It means that anything you are undertaking won’t work out as planned. And Mercury Rx shadow square JB Mercury in 12th house. “Ah I see said the blind man”

  29. Good luck with that Patrick, the hard left sees its prize in completely taking down anything to do with our Constitution and country as it exists today. This gonna be one brutal Pluto return for the entity once known as the United States of America. Best thing to do is collect some REAL history books and leave them where your kids will find them one day.

  30. Jamie, you forgot to mention that the Moon is void of course until 1:44 PM on the 20th.

    Which means Biden will be sworn in during a VOC Moon under the Mercury retrograde shadow.

    Those two aspects alone do not bode well for Biden’s Presidency. Then when you add in the fact that he has Dementia, I’ll be surprised if he isn’t replaced by Harris by Springtime.

    But she will also be sworn in as VP under the same aspects. So all bets are off. As if they weren’t already.

  31. Part of Fortune 12Leo23, angular IC

    The cowardly lion and his edifice. At least it gives me time to build something the next four years. Ill need a place. call me.

  32. Also I discovered today that the swearing in of both Biden and Harris occurs under a void of course moon.

  33. There is a theory about personal VOC, whereby even if there is a technical VOC, if the moon is still hitting your personal chart points, VOC is mitigated somehow? I don’t know enough to make a definitive statement on this.

    And as I understand VOC, you still have to plod thru the events of the day already planned. Make your bank deposits, go to class or work, etc. It’s not something to fear; it’s also not a “snow day”.

    VOC here may tinge the new administration, but it will not send a train off the tracks? So no, it doesn’t make the swearing in pointless.

    There are astrologers who predict the next ten years will see a decidedly progressive or socialist shift for the US. For those disheartened by that possibility, I’ve also read astrological predictions of Ivanka being president in the near future. Stay calm, love each other and look at all truths is a motto I am trying to live by. Be patient with Mars energy, as Jamie says in “Full Moon Jan 28”.

  34. “Hi rjmakemyday.

    I used the Inauguration chart to look at the astrology of that day, especially in relation to planned protests. But as a general rule, using inauguration charts for an incoming presidency is standard procedure for mundane astrology.”

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for responding. Maybe the approach that mundane astrologers take to American political events needs to be seriously revised.

    We already know that most astrological political predictions are useless garbage?

    The main issue with this year’s 2021 U.S. inaugeration is that a major health crisis (the Covid 19 pandemic) forced Biden and Harris to start their employment much sooner than on January 20th. Also, the pandemic delayed clearly the tabulation of votes.

    I think that Americans have no choice but to revert to widespread electronic voting, starting in 2024.

    Not just as a covid 19 measure, but as a permanent measure. Unfortunately. with four planets in the sign of Cancer and radix Sun square Saturn in Libra, the USA chart is mostly about the preservation of the past, or living in the past, the fear of change and it’s” same old, same old,” isn’t it true !

    This is a nation desperately clinging to the past, (Cancer) or in denial ?

    In my view. the void of course Moon in the U.S. inauguration chart is mostly about “same old, same old” isn’t it true ? Whenever you do a horary chart for a major sports event, the void of course Moon suggests that the “status quo shall prevail,” and the champion shall prevail.

    So, the Moon VOC is a certain symbology, namely indecision on the part of the public, OR, the reason you all voted for Biden is he represents the “white establishment guy” that you white yanks crave, while the woman and the minority (Harris) is warming up in the bullpen and will soon take power (radix Moon in Aquarius in the 10th house).

    That’s how I see it ?

    But with the void of course Moon, what that means is that your “white” rulership cannot last, as the “China man” and the “Indian man” is soon gonna replace you ! LOL

    The Canadian national chart is no better, with Sun and Moon in Cancer and Libra rising. We are pasties for the Americans and other superpowers. With the Moon of the Canadian chart = the Sun of the American chart, our economies are closely linked.

    I know that, in nearly every country on the planet Earth, (including Canada and Australia) after the election takes place, the leader of the winningest party on election night becomes the new “commander” of the country, right away.

    Not so in the good ole’ USA ? Perhaps the only democracy on Earth where, over a three month period, there are two Presidents and two vice presidents running the country.

    How stupid could that be ? No other nation has this problem, just Americans !

    Why is it that in all other democracies, there is typically ONE day, only, for the transition of power to take place with pretty much every government, going back centuries, including the days of the Egyptians, the Roman and Greek Empires, China, india. the British Monarchy, the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches, etc.

    One of the main benefits of the newly elected American president starting “right away” is that you prevent people like Donald Trump manipulating the system by making bullshit claims that a certain election was obtained by fraudulent means

    Clearly, the American constitution is flawed and needs to be revised. or else. what’s stopping future Donald Trump’s (or clones of DJT) from obtaining power in the USA. in the future and laying this same shit on us, again ?

    Here’s what I think: an “ounce” of prevention, is a “pound” of cure ! Your thoughts.

  35. It looks like my prediction that Donald Trump will NOT be impeached by the U.S. Senate during its upcoming trial, the week of February 8th, 2021, is already starting to come true !

    If you go to the section of this site re: Nancy Pelosi’s and Donald Trump’s synastry ties, a full astrological analysis of Trump’s chart was made there ?

    Based on that astrology, I predicted that it is highly unlikely that Donald Trump will get convicted of “inciting the capital riots through insurrection” by the senate, paving the way for his possible return to U.S. politics in 2024.

    There’s LOTS at stake, including the “right” for Trump to run for federal office, again, as well as, his right to receive a $ 219,000 U.S. a year pension for life, a yearly expense account for an office with staff, etc.

    Today, in a tacit admission that Donald Trump is still politically important to them, Senator Rand Paul rounded up 45 fellow Republican senators to vote on blocking the trial of Trump, on the basis that it is unconstitutional to convict a former President who is now a civilian.

    Even Mitch McConnell, the Republican senate leader, who was very upset about Donald trump’s actions on January 6th, voted in favour of rescinding the trial.

    The motion was defeated, however, by the Democrats 55-45.

    The Dems need 17 Republicans to make the conviction fly and right now, that’s not likely to happen.

    Also, telling was over 100 senators got sworn in, today, as part of the impeachment process against Trump, but for mostly all of today (Tuesday, January 26th. 2021), the Moon was void of course in Cancer and therefore, the swearing in under a VOC Moon, meaning the swearing in is mostly a waste of time !

    In fact, the radix Moon will not make any favorable ptolemaic aspects to ANY planet, between today and Saturday, meaning the zeal to launch the impeachment trial is mostly an exercise in failure.

    On Saturday morning, January 30th, Mercury will be going retrograde (where it will stay retrograde until February 21st) in most parts of North America, including in Washington, D.C., rendering any important decision making to be perilous.

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