US Capitol Building Riot

US Capitol Building RiotOn January 6, 2021, a mob of pro-Tump supporters rioted at the US Capitol Building. They had gathered at the United States Congress to hear speeches from President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, demanding the election results be overturned.

The chaos began around 2:15 p.m… hundreds of people in the mob barreled past fence barricades outside the Capitol and clashed with officers. [1]

Capitol Building Riot Astrology

Capitol Building Riot Astrology

2021 US Capitol Building Riot

The chart above shows the Ascendant on the degree of the November 30 lunar eclipse:

“This is a highly charged lunar eclipse. It could trigger riots, anarchy, and revolutions.”

This is because the eclipse was conjunct fixed star Aldebaran, causing courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, and violence. [2]

The star is said to presage individuals who are “restless and riotous, always stirring up popular dissent and revolution.” The star is also said to inflame the minds of the people with furious quarrels, and to be an enemy of quiet and peace, ‘malady desiring civil and domestic wars.” Maternus writes that Aldebaran “when aspected by a malefic portends sudden and unexpected involvement in riots and sedition resulting in justly being condemned by the people.” [3]

So it seems the riot was triggered by the lunar eclipse degree rising on the eastern horizon. The eclipse had been stirring up dissent for six weeks. But there was only about a ten-minute window of opportunity for action created by the rising of the star Aldebaran.

Long-Term Aspects

Jupiter conjunct Saturn (December 21) is linked to major political and social changes and the rise and fall of great leaders.

Jupiter square Uranus (January 17) causes impatience and impulsiveness that can lead to sudden and unexpected behavior, unrestricted by the moral standards of society. Revolution, rebellion, and chaos.

Saturn square Uranus (February 17) causes rising tension and sudden, expected, and unwanted change and disruption.

Shorter Term Triggers

Mercury square Mars (January 8) makes people short-tempered, argumentative, and aggressive. It can lead to rushed decision-making, impulsiveness, and open hostility.

Moon square Pluto (January 6, 6:32 pm) can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior as deeply buried feelings are exposed. It is difficult to control such intense emotions or reactions. Bigotry, racism, fears, and phobias may be exposed in public.


  1. Live Updates: Mob Storms Capitol, The New York Times.
  2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p. 120.
  3. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.34.

88 thoughts on “US Capitol Building Riot

  1. I’m not saying Trump supporters don’t riot but most of those appeared to be the antifa BLM people dressed in all black. One guy had Auschwitz T-shirt on. The guy with the horns there are pictures of him with either antifa or BLM up north perhaps Portland? Not sure. We do know a whole busload of antifa BLM people showed up and they also had earlier set aside as always bricks to throw at people. On Twitter every picture I saw I sent to that @DCpolice so they can charge them. I also saw a video of the police letting some people through the barricades. So there’s definitely more to the stories.

  2. Thank you for reporting them. It is a damm shame what this country and the world is coming to.:( Can someone please do the progressed composite chart of china & the US? We gotta get past 2022…

  3. Nemises Scorpio opp Trump s MC
    Saturn opp PlutoMC

    Sun opp PlutoMC
    Opp Nemises

    pMoon sq Sun 🌞
    pAsc sq Pluto

  4. The people you call a Mob, were Patriots to the US Constitution who were trying to prevent a coup against a President who actually won the election in November. Of course, Jamie .. you wouldn’t know anything about that because you’re a fucking idiot.

  5. Hey! Not so much of the bad language, if you don’t mind. Otherwise, pretty accurate comment…

  6. What is going on in these comments? These rioters were not Anti Fascists.

    Trump assembled this mob! He’s been assembling them for weeks.

    This was an attempted coup d’etat by a bunch of fascist doomsday cultists who watch Fox news OAN and Newsmax, digesting lie after lie.

    This is the Pluto/Capricorn fascist blow out we have all been expecting. The release of the darkest energy by the worst, most incompetent president in our history.

    The mob is refusing to abide by the laws of the United States and every court that ruled against Trump.
    You are not patriots. You are seditionists.

  7. “You are not patriots. You are seditionists”

    Really? I’ve just seen pics taken from the air earlier today of around one million ‘seditionists’ around the Capitol. And that’s just those who could make it to Washington…there appear to be many millions of others. So maybe we need a new definition of ‘sedition’?

    Anyway, I’ll make no further comment as 1) I’m not American 2) this is an interesting astrology blog, not a political forum and I respect it as such.

    But, on my way out of the door, I will say that we (The People) have been lied to on just about everything, from the US election to COVID and it’s about time WE THE PEOPLE woke up and took our lives back.
    (Is it in the stars? I await with bated breath.. 🙂 )

  8. Don’t forget also Mars (war, violence, anger) conjuncting Uranus (sudden, extreme events), a wide orb of 7 degrees but still having influence. Finally, the Mars-Moon-Pluto triangle is also definitely in play here with Pluto ruling government, Moon emotions having tense aspect to Mars (anger) and Pluto. Overall a lot of very tense violent aspects during this time.

  9. Jamie, a few questions: continuation for next two weeks?
    What about US chart, will this destroy or rejuvenate democracy?
    Could you speak to the role of lies in govt, by media?
    Foreign interference indicated?
    Thanks n sorry for length!

  10. Yes, Trump has definitely been lying constantly.
    He also held a rally for the Trumpistas he had called to DC, he, Don Jr and Giuliani told them to
    ‘go fight ‘. Carrying Trump and Confederate flags, they did.
    You think a bunch of Anti-fascist protesters could sit through a Trump rally or touch a Trump flag? Plus all pro-Trump types have been actively planning this online, it’s not even hard to find.
    Trump has been telling ppl to listen to him and ignore their own eyes- stop doing that and look at the footage, it is all Trump. You’re supposed to be a republican, take some personal responsibility.

  11. Mars entered Taurus today to take back the house. Thankyou Jaime for sharing astrology of current events.

  12. Mars in Punk Rock anarchy mode, ingress Taurus, live in real time.

    To set the parameters, a four year president cycle fitted to a 1960-63 demographic cohort, ie. activate operation Sex Pistols and derivatives, in the mid 70s, with a culmination at the Jupiter-Saturn (1981), and again, Air sign, year 2020. it’s not hard to see this, read some of the lyrics from this time period. Anarchy in the UK, or In Love with the System, or the lyrics to Nazi or Angry.

    So, the long and short of it. Saturn transit sextile age of Aqr prog Saturn. “Experiencing life as though we are in a computer simulation” I talked about this last year when the orb was exact, now it moves out of orb, and the simulation ends.

    Age of Aqr progressed Saturn 22Pis40
    Saturn transit Jan 7, 2021, 2Aqr19

  13. Not a word about trump supporters who actually caused this assault? Blaming this on Antifa is so predictable. You people never take responsibility for anything.

  14. Global Elite, Deep State, Big Tech, Big Media and Spawn of Darkness Vs We the People

    More revelations when Mercury squares Uranus on the 12th.

    Sun conjunct Pluto on the 15th and Mars conjunct Uranus on the 20th. It aint over by a long shot!

    Go Patriots!

  15. FWIW • It *IS* possible to completely disagree without being disagreeable.
    Name-calling only removes any credibility another’s perspective may have had.
    Or, hey, here’s a thought – Scroll. On. By.

    Thank you, Jamie, for sharing what The New York Times has stated & exactly what you see in the charts.
    Much gratitude to you.

  16. In this latest installment of Paint the Political Charade, the contestants, painting on this very thread at Astrologyking, offer their analysis, aspects and timing. The exhibit: The performance of a riot on Capital Hill. See above. You’ve got the information, real time and background. By now you’ve got your favorite tools; mundane, country, natal political figure head and associate timing charts. As you can see I’m using the Age of Aquarius chart, and the proofs. My astrological New Age Stonehenge, gifted to the world and under the care of the Guard. Feel free to use it.

  17. Thank you. Mass delusion has been gathering for years now, and I hope we don’t have to wait for Neptune to leave Pisces for the fog to clear.

    • (That was a reply to amyeyrie, not sure why it shows up as a root level comment instead.)

  18. That the stars/planets reflect our lives and events is true and fascinating but they do not cause events or people to act. There may be triggers but the people involved are of their own will and have the opportunity to reject delusional thinking and rhetoric. This depends on the soul development of the individual. We have seen a extremely immature soul lead others of his like into a morass of delusion actions and beliefs. The last four years have been a horror show of twisted minds in high power.
    Hope the planets can help us out of this one. HA!

  19. Thanks for this analysis Jamie – 8 Gemini is also the United States natal (sibley chart) Uranus

  20. So much hate. Hate is the reaction that we feel towards something that is threatening us – whether that threat is real or not.

    Left versus right. Black versus white. Liberal versus conservative. Dem versus GOP. Man versus woman. Straight versus gay. The list goes on and on. IT’S PROFITABLE TO KEEP PEOPLE DIVIDED.

    CORRECTION: It’s profitable for THEM to keep US divided.

    Rest assured, WE (citizenry, patriots, proletariats, working-class, “useless eaters” – take your pick) won’t be reaping any of the profits either.

    The Great Conjunction heralded great change coming across the world, but not from THEM. It will come from US. But only if we set aside our fear and hate. It takes very little effort to try and understand “the other” side. We may not agree, but perhaps we can learn to see the truth in both.

  21. You’re a liar or a deluded fool. Or don’t you believe the cops, your gods? They said the guys are Trumpkins, white nationalists and Nazis.

  22. dumb ass, your wrong. My husband was there, he said thousands of families, patriots who are discussed…you can’t do the things that are going on in this country and think that people won’t boil over…where is the disgust after months of rioting, looting and harm to innocent decent people…wake up you fucking moron

  23. I like your first statement; quite true in that our past actions have caused our present circumstances in which we may act, with free Will (for good, bad or OH NO!! ‘ be’ indifferent) . Some call it karma but I prefer ’ S**t happens’.

    And (almost) true about development of individual Souls, but isn’t the ‘Soul” already perfect (Absolute/ Atman) and it’s something else that develops? I may be wrong, I’m not an expert just someone who is highly opinionated and aggressive when intelligently challenged.

    I do take exception to your next statement about the immature soul leading others into delusion. I don’t think China Joe has been that bad in his many years of (self) service. Sure, he’s fully compromised, along with his spawn, but c’mon, give the guy a break already – he’s just keeping the seat warm and at 78 fully believes in his own immortality and the ability to ‘earn’ and spend more millions in his indefinite retirement. Some folk think death only happens to others.

    I know nothing about astrology but certain the planets have no interest in we microbes on this tiny speck in the infinity of time & space. However, they may well indicate the bigger picture that gifted people can discern. But essentially we’re on our own. HA!

  24. Revolutions are getting the Treatment with the latest in Washington DC

    this guy Korybko spelling color 17 times at, ouch, wrong. Is colour not correct too? Grey is acceptable as Gray. Colour revolution story sounds like it needs to be more inclusive of revolution language ie. written for the interior designer revolutionaries? either this colour Daryl or my other color Darryl? Pantone says there is a lot at Stake in 2021 with color.

    For instance: Perhaps not good form to crack jokes about revolution edifices like Capitol Hill. But it could use a good painting?

    Someone in the art community needs to figure this out, and draw something up.

  25. To Ian,
    Thanks for your reply.
    As to souls, I can attest that they go on evolving. Not much perfection in creation so constant evolution and change.
    And for your understanding i wasn’t speaking about Joe Biden but his opponent. trump’s immaturity speaks for itself.
    I agree that we are basically on our own. Planets/stars may provide a framework for experience but experience is determined by the individual in whatever state of development they are in.

  26. “Oh Carol, I am such a fool, da de da de da de da”…

    Humour isn’t easy to convey, how do you write a wink?

    “Not much perfection in creation “. Really? ‘This is Perfect, That is Perfect, Perfect comes from Perfect Take Perfect from Perfect the remainder is Perfect’. Or to put it another way, ‘There Are No Accidents in the Universe’.

    Anyway CarolD we may be on different parts of the same page but at least we’re trying – take care!

  27. One positive thing that may come out of all this horrid chaos:
    An enormous number of people have exposed themselves on various media, including elected officials (I bet they’re sorry now…).
    It seems that the FBI is already working on identifying the rioters.
    I hope the prisons to hold them all, once they’ve been found guilty of sedition, are already in the planning stages. Also, that a great big hole is being dug, into which to throw all the keys to all their cell doors…
    Now, get ready to watch Trump throw them all under the bus.

  28. During the winter the snowplow punts you under the bus, the snowblower salutes the camera, and the snowcrone looks for her underwear.

    7:00 pm est, January 8, 2021
    Pink Floyd

    Charrade you Are


  29. :-; <- weird wink
    It's summer here. No underwear necessary
    What will happen to the Mexican Wall now?
    Oh, **I** know! Knock it down & build… something else… with moat and portcullis and battlements… and massive footlong iron keys…

  30. This is what it says on the Wikipedia page about sedition:
    “On 6 January 2021, in an attempt to stop the formal certification of the electoral votes for Joseph R. Biden in the US Presidential election of 2020, a group of right-wing protestors infiltrated the US Capitol building and overpowered the Capitol Police. Michael Sherwin, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, told the Associated Press: “All of those charges [sedition, unauthorized access, theft of federal property] are on the table… We’re not going to keep anything out of our arsenal for potential charges. We will bring the most maximum charges we can based upon the conduct.” ”

    Really, they’re almost as quick off the mark as our Jamie.

  31. Gerald, you mostly leave me scratching my head but sometimes you come out with something that just cracks me up—this time it was “this colour Daryl or my other colour Daryl”? And I agree that this episode COULD use a good painting, or a lot of them.

  32. Comedy is very difficult, because there is only one take. On an astrology forum we might See a verb and pronoun collide, like a nuclear reaction, Charade for instance. Then Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant show up and make a movie, le. 1963. Three parts in the mixer: Suspense, Comedy and Romance. But these words are a mere set up: my Mother, for instance, Audrey Hepburn offstage, almost right to the day and coordinates. But she didn’t have the Moon and Venus dob antiscia as Hepburn… But look! we are close there now… right on the doorstep, my Jan 11 bday, same thing. Tiffany style? is this astrology in its most stylish? or… wait for it… raging hot-head bully chick know-it-all?

  33. Please do your research. The Capitol Police let the protestors in. There was no barreling past barricades.

  34. I concur with others here that it was most definitely BLM/Antifa commies masquerading as Trump supporters who stormed congress. Jamie I’m shocked that you would use the Jew York Slimes as a source.

  35. Audrey Hepburn was a class actress that moved an enormous amount of fashion goods. Her Moon and Venus was midpoint, Cardinal, Aries Point

    At the First anniversary of the January 11-12 Stellium, Moon and Venus are Antiscia, Cardinal Point, Capricorn.

    Read the article on Antiscia, this word is mentioned 77 times. This is Code, to signify second Saturn return.

    During the nineteen sixties, Ms Hepburn was married to what we call today, A Rageholic.

    back then:
    -fashion industry
    -rage-holic husband

    -internet industry

    This is how to anticrypt the latest, Astrologyking, shitshow thread.

  36. To you, Father, I take a knee (G)

    Say Prayer (RAE)

    to the Holy Rage, Thank you

    …. for all your Work, Time and Guidance

    A fine Father, presiding on Earth

    How art in Heaven


  37. And you, my dear Karen, are a Communist. The so-called ‘rioters’ were patriots exercising their sacred constitutional right to assembly and protest. They were infiltrated by leftist ANTIFA and BLM members dressed in MAGA hats who executed a FALSE FLAG in order to discredit their protest. A bitter girl like you ought to be able to understand that. You look like you just got done sucking on a lemon. Mad much?

  38. Too right and I researched it from the UK using epoch times, following links and googling you tube. AMAZING how the blinkers and prejudices of astrologerrs prevents them from escaping from the darkness. Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see the Truth…which is who God IS.

  39. An astrologer who is not American has made a prediction about our election several months ago…he said that “Joe Biden will become remembered for WHAT HE DID NOT DO.”

    And hey y’all, please show some couth here, there’s no call at all to be rude.

    The question to ask ourselves as we search for the truth is, who would benefit the most if a disruptive mob created chaos while the hearing to try and confirm Biden as winner is going on, with states lined up in protest, to protest, thereby receiving a two-hour window to show their proof and quite possibly change the outcome?!

    The democrats sure did not ride up on a pure white horse like they want everyone to think.T hey expect everyone to just assume the same old reflexive response, that they’re not a bunch of cheating unethical connivers hungry for power who’d just blame it all on President Trump, again, and accept unconditionally they didn’t have a thing to do with it and see if the public will swallow that. Again!!!

  40. PS Something else to think about: Another theory on what’s really going on. And thank you again, Jamie.

    ” “Trump Anxiety Disorder” has continued to feature in mass media stories to this day, right up until shortly before the election. The narrative has been that Trump is so horrible that he is somehow causing liberals to have psychological breakdowns with his awfulness.

    What gets overlooked in these analyses, as is so often the case with human perception in general, is the means by which people are taking in the information that is making them so anxious – in this case the news media.

    It is not Trump himself who’s been making people feel terrified of a tyrannical (FOREIGN) agent ending democracy in America and ruling with an iron fist, it is years of panicky, hysterical coverage about Trump from the mass media.

    The MSM is brutalizing the American psyche day in and day out with its relentless shrieking coverage of Trump, and it’s killing them. Republicans call it “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, Dems call it “Trump Anxiety Disorder”, but it’s not. It’s psychological abuse via mass media.

    In reality, though most of them probably did not realize it, this is what Americans were actually voting against when they turned out in record numbers to cast their votes. Not against Trump, but against this continued psychological abuse they’ve been suffering both directly and indirectly from the mass media.

    Against being bashed in the face by shrieking, hysterical bullshit that hurts their bodies and makes them feel crazy, and against the unpleasantness of having to interact with stressed-out compatriots who haven’t been putting up well with the abuse.

    It wasn’t a “Get him out” vote, it was a “Make it stop” vote.”

  41. I have to agree that the US media is complicit in creating it’s own kind of insanity and feeding it to the people daily.
    However, having watched and listened to trump for more than 4 years–his own words, his own gestures, multiple twists on reality, outright lies, his history of bullying and corrupt business dealings, racism, denigration of women, and just seeing the corruption reflected in his face I did not need the media to create anxiety within me. Every day for four years without looking at the news I woke up feeling that something was very very wrong in my world/country. That was my intuitive and very real feeling. I didn’t need the media to tell me how to feel. Just him!!!

  42. Looking at Jamie’s chart, and it is saying Copulate.The dual purpose on the Ascendant, a rebalancing Moon in the 5th. procreation Sun in the 8th, And..loving Venus in the 7th, trine a secret liaison with the soldier in the 12th.

    I’m up to three views on this colourful event

    1. General sextile General transit (well organized) ie Saturn transit Saturn “the bigger picture”
    2. Mundane Quadrophenia
    3. Moon-Venus Antiscia (post mortem)

  43. A fourth view is the Henge Proclamation. See the Neptune sextile Sun aspect.

    Planning, Henge, Merge, Copulate

  44. There is a fifth view. The Holy Rage, or Purge

    Planning, Henge, Holy Rage – Purge, Merge, Copulate

    The 7’s are in every word. Nine in total.

  45. Good evening,

    I rarely post here, anymore ?

    Part of it is Jamie Partridge’s once fine astrology forum ( has degenerated into an orgy of political beefs, name calling, and foul language.

    I have heard about the protests in Washington, USA, just like the rest of you. But, I see that some of the protesters of last Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Senate office have now made their way onto Jamie’s astrology forum, some bragging that “they were there.”

    Just to let you know that, we in the astrology community are peace lovers and we detest the violence of thugs, and people who take over our communities, fighting with law enforcement, bullying, and or inciting violence, etc.

    Did you know that every person who marched during last Wednesday’s rally was under video surveillance and they may well be charged, caught, and or prosecuted, if they did illegal acts. Some of them have already have lost their day jobs over this? However, the mostly white people who marched were treated a lot better by law enforcement than black people who marched during the BLM protests of 2020. Therefore, a worrysome double standard ?

    The elected politicians in this matter who encouraged the rioters, such as Trump, Ted Cruz. and Holley, they are NOT immune from prosecution, either. Trump’s natal astrology chart is currently fraught with grave difficulties at this time, such as SP Moon in Virgo, making 90 degree squares with four other entities, such as natal Uranus, North Node in Gemini, Natal Sun in Gemini, and Natal Moon in Sagittarius. Nothing easy can come from those transits.

    Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is also opposite (180 degrees) his natal Saturn/Venus conjunction (the ruler of his MC), typically an aspect of abuse of authority, breach of trust, criminal wrong doing and or prosecution, IF they are inclined ?

    Transiting Neptune in Pisces is squaring Trump’s natal nodes and will square his natal, Moon, Uranus, and Sun in Gemini sometime in 2021. I say good luck to Trump with that ? With Uranus as the ruler of his 7th house of partners, his marriage might well become strained, as well, due to seperation and or disagreement.

    I suggested in a previous article back in 2016 that Melania Trump (spouse) was already “one foot out the front door” back in 2016.

    However, when Trump unexpectedly won the Presidency, that year, I think that got in the way of her exit plans ?

    Additionally, Trump’s SP Midheaven at 4 Leo has now travelled into Trump’s natal 12th house, the house of self-undoing.

    The SP MC conjoining the SP Saturn, means a demotion in rank and culmination, through personal undoing (12th house) and a forced adjustment for Trump, whereby his career must become a more charitable, spiritual, or benevolent activity in keeping with the 12th house ? If there is no spiritual application, then, the other meaning will kick in, namely, self-deception (12th house) and or a feeling of personal powerlessness.

    Trump may well have to run away to a “third world “s hole,” as he hinted earlier this year, as he is increasingly becoming America’s most despised politician.

    That said, more than 75 million people voted for the guy, recently, so if he can take some or most of his expansive twitter audience to his own tv channel, and or his own social media network, he could well make a fortune as a fake politician (MC in 12th house?) slash media personality, with none of the responsibilities of being a President.

    Regarding a political comeback (for trump), I don’t know about that. it’s too early to say ?

    Regarding the threat of a second impeachment of Trump, I don’t think it will happen ? The incoming leader (Biden) has already made it clear that prosecuting Trump is not necessary.

    I see Joe Biden’s upcoming Presidency as being difficult and problematic for him, mostly due to Trump’s butchering of the USA brand, but also, Biden’s own lack of leadership abilities that is clearly shown in his own natal chart and it may well take several Presidencies for the USA to finally heal from the permanent damages of Trump’s legacy.

    Trump’s natal Saturn in Cancer, (conjunct the USA Sun and Mercury in Cancer) is a toxic, nasty, synastric tie, a depressant and or a burden on the United States of America, its financial fortunes, and self-worth, as well as the destruction and or poisoning of the American conventional media, in general. (His Saturn on the USA’s Mercury in Cancer).

    It’s ironic that Trump got censored by both Twitter and Facebook, when he has been censoring the American media for years.

    His natal Saturn falls into the 2nd and 3rd houses of the USA Gemini rising chart, which I believe to be the correct chart.

    With SP Moon in Capricorn in the 9th house of the USA chart, currently opposite the natal Mercury and conjoining natal Pluto, I do “get” why Americans feel so angry about the events of the last few days?

    The 9th house of the USA chart, (the house of legal matters and how justice is administered), contains Pluto in Capricorn, so perhaps a warning or omen for Americans to refrain from enforcing the law, too stringently or fanatically, as might be the case with SP Moon conjunct natal Pluto, as so to avoid a possible backlash from Trump’s millions of followers.

    The risk of SP Moon conjunct Pluto is that civil disobedience could get worse and the situation could degenerate into more rioting and into a downward spiral not easily fixable ? Americans need to be aware of that at this time.

    Therefore, Biden’s upcoming entry into the USA political scene might be quite useful, actually, as so to calm people down, especially within his own Democratic Party, and to lower the temperature in the collective room ? The volatile aspect of transiting SP Moon transiting Pluto is similar to that of a powerful emotional bomb or cauldren that could go off and explode, causing great injury to many.

    Perhaps Biden’s main role is to defuse “the political bomb,” as laid down by the Donald, as well as diffusing the Covid 19 pandemic. After those two things are accomplished, (if they are?) maybe there is no need for him to stick around ?

  46. Thank you for that R.J. Smith! Trump and his supporters are just a mob! living in an alternative reality, and should wake the f— up! STOP embarrassing themselves and all of the USA! They are all Racists and haters we need to stop hating, stop consuming BS conspiracy theories posted on the internet and use our common sense and go back to being decent to our fellow man! I am so glad Americans had the sense to VOTE Trump out of office! He has been the WORST Person in the Oval Office ever! My thoughts differ a bit from yours in regards to President Biden! He will bring calm and much needed decency back to this country and wants to govern ALL Americans, not just his supports! Biden is a much needed salve to a wounded hurting country. He is a centrist and will keep in check any extreme views from both parties. All the seditionist that stormed the capitol showed absolutely no respect for their fellow Americans and what the Capitol Building represents. All those involved in should be charged to the fullest degree including Trump, Senators and Congressmen! It was a Disgrace!

  47. Re RJ Smith
    You may want to just sit tight, strap your self in and pay attention to whats coming in the next few days……..
    The swamp will be drained and Rule of Law will prevail. All our freedoms depend on it.

  48. Hello Angel – I like your wording, but I’m afraid it’s not gonna be a Rule of Law – it’s going to be a rule of showboating crooks and dirty cheating thugs pretending to be politicians, who’ve cheated and beat down and bullied the American people; looks like their crimes go unanswered! The media is culpable here, too. No unbiased broadcasts were available in the US news channels in this country. Even PBS!!!!! I’ve never seen the like, they all oughta be ashamed.

    We need a Class Action lawsuit against the ‘democrats’ for shredding our First Amendment Rights guaranteed by our constitution to endorse Mr. Trump or ANY candidate if we so wished. And every single news show should have been neutral.

    Blame everything on President Trump again – now, who’s going to take the heat for all the crimes and dirty deals? He worked steadily every day to make our country a better place. His love for the USA was always undeniable. So again, I say thanks to someone who stood up to foreign corruption and steered the boat well through choppy waters of constant abuse and lies and attacks all four years.

    In closing, let’s review Mr. Barr’s parting words to Mr. Trump in his resignation letter:

    “I am greatly honored that you called on me to serve your Administration and the American people once again as Attorney General. I am proud to have played a role in the many successes and unprecedented achievements you have delivered for the American people,” he said.

    He later added, “The nadir of this campaign was the effort to cripple, if not oust your administration with frenzied and baseless accusations of collusion with Russia.”

    They never told Mr. Trump, as they were seeking his impeachment for this very thing, that the US Government was already investigating Hunter Biden and family’s widespread criminal activities. How’s that for ethical transparency and upholding the truth and the RULE OF LAW??!!!!

    “May we remember to use kindness whenever possible, but most of all, may we remember, kindness is ALWAYS possible”.

  49. Hello Marie, Angel, and Lavonne,

    Good to hear from you ladies, again, and thanks for sharing ?

    Marie, regarding your reasons why you think Joe Biden “would be a much needed salve,” what is/are the astrological reasoning(s) behind your comments ? Please explain.

    After all, this is a serious educational astrology forum and not a political gossip forum.

    My prediction that Trump will not be impeached a second time while in office and, if they did impeach him, it would cause grevious harm to the United States of America, was supported by a constitutional law expert who appeared on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures, this morning.

    Harvard Law professor emeritus and constitutional law scholar Alan Dershowitz said that while he does not believe it would result in a Senate trial, impeaching President Trump over what he said in an address prior to protesters storming the Capitol building on Wednesday would provide a “loaded weapon” to both parties to use at their will in the future.

    Speaking to Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Dershowitz first said that even if Trump is impeached for a second time, the Senate will not be able to hear a trial because Trump would be out of office by the time that were to happen.

    Dershowitz says: “It will not go to trial. All the Democrats can do is impeach the president in the House of Representatives. For that, all you need is a majority vote. You don’t have to take evidence, there are no lawyers involved,” Dershowitz said. “But the case cannot come to trial in the Senate because the Senate has rules and the rules would not allow the case to come to trial until – according to the majority leader – until 1 p.m. on Jan. 20, one hour after President Trump leaves office.”

    Dershowitz added that “the Constitution specifically says the president shall be removed from office upon impeachment.” He said that because it does not say “the former president,” the Senate’s “jurisdiction is limited to a sitting president,” barring the possibility of a trial.


    I bring up Dershowitz’s comments, here, because the current transit of Saturn in Aquarius is also bringing about the increased censorship of free speech, across the board on the internet, and through government agencies, such as, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ?

    Myself, I have gotten sick and tired of the manipulation of these social media owners.

    I happen to have accounts on all three sites and I am finding that both Facebook and Twitter are manipulative and try to force me to run “paid” videos and advertising, created by them, to promote my non profit organisations. Meanwhile, they steal my photos, texts, and copyrighted graphics posted by me, then, turn around and ask me if I want to “pay a fee” to FB to promote our non profits groups ?

    If the U.S. House of Representatives and the US Senate go ahead and prosecute Trump on the basis that his speech incited seditious acts or acts of violence (as Dershowitz says, very unlikely to happen), then ,what is stopping the government from putting surveillance on and banning astrology forums and free speech, or any free speech, including the comments made on this and other astrology forums.

    Americans, in my opinion, are travelling a very slippery slope when they start prosecuting people, including their President, merely for expressing free speech, as enshrined in the constitution.

    The main culprit is Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn as seen in the USA national chart, featuring 8 degrees Gemini rising. That opposition is the closest aspect in the entire chart, by the way.

    Mercury (chart ruler) opposite Pluto is about the collective American mind being fanatical and or obscessed with certain thoughts, ideas, or philosophies. The urge to control the speech of others, such as foreigners and or manipulate foreign culture is one clear manifestation.

    The CIA’s meddling and intrusion into foreign countries and their governments is another good example.

    I once met a professional astrologer, a few years ago, who was a friend of mine. She had natal Mercury opposite Pluto, and her Mercury and Pluto also fell in the 3rd and 9th houses of her natal chart, as well.

    She seemed obscessed with things important to her. It was revealed that she loved dogs, for example, and she ran a hospice house for stray and runaway dogs. Her own private home was swimming with about 20 dogs ! There was dog feces all over her yard and on the steps to her front door, she claimed.

    It was then revealed that she “liked” kinky sex with her common law husband. LOL Then, she revealed “my husband likes to be beaten, maybe you would like to be whipped, yourself, R.J.” LOL

    You know, i am a very conservative man in many ways, so the foolish things that American women say to me just make me want to bust out in laughter !

    I have been very fortunate over the years to have dated and, have met, many Asian women, such as Filipinas, Korean women, East Indian women, as well as Budhists, spiritualists, and proponents of Confucious, etc. My ex wife was a filipina and a former school teacher. These are educated women with university backgrounds whom I can have a compelling intellectual discussion with ?

    When you meet or date an Asian woman, they don’t say stupid sh*t, like asking to have kinky sex with the guy. Their culture and good family upbringing prevents them from talking foolishly, like who know who ?

    That said, free speech is also very important and it has to be allowed or else, censorship might rule all of us, one day ?

  50. Mr Smith,
    Allan Dershowitz is now one of the two lawyers still willing to represent trump. All the rest have bailed. He is a celebrity in the US and has represented many infamous people. Fox News has always been trump’s special bully pulpit and is famous in the US for spouting twisted “truth”. Fox News has helped to brainwash many in this country.
    Twitter, Facebook, etc are private companies, not agencies of the government. In the US a private concern has the right to ban someone from their establishment if they are acting against their company policies. Example–someone acting dangerous or crazed in a place of business.

  51. and where do you mention or refer to Astrology in your comments ? I think you are on the wrong website…..

  52. Hi Carol D,

    You stand corrected about Trump’s access to lawyers ? Trump has at least three (or more lawyers) still willing to represent him (not two as you claim). Sydney Powell (who recently got rehired by Trump), Rudy Guiliani (who took a leave of absence due to testing positive for Covid 19) and Dershowitz.

    In addition, Trump also has access to a full team of White house legal councilors, while he is still President.

    Critics say that Trump has been making outrageous and so called “dangerous” posts on Twitter and Facebook for at least four years and yet, those same “private” companies have turned a blind eye to all of Trump’s comments, until now.

    Therefore, there is an element of hypocrisy to banning Trump from Twitter and Facebook, because, those same private companies have also financially benefited from Trump’s 88 million followers, targeted banner ads, search engine optimization, etc.

    Simply put, the more followers that an account has, the more that Twitter and Facebook reaps in the cash.

  53. Joe Biden is a person of character! Sun in Scorpio(intense but fights for what he believes for the good of all), Sagittarius Rising a free and independent thinker, not interested in becoming a Dictator and his Jupiter in Cancer loves his country and truly cares for his fellow man. He can related to the everyday person. Unlike Trump the rude, spewing insults at every turn, disgusting, lying, cheating(slept around during every marriage he had) person that fooled thousands of uneducated fools! As did Jim Jones in the 70’s(November 1978) convince people of his lies. The 1st amendment protects freedom of speech not freedom of telling lies! There is a difference you know! You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts, WHEN LEADERS LIE! PEOPLE DIE! This is so true. Stop fearing democracy, stop hating your fellow man, respect others opinions and let’s govern ALL American not just Trump supporters.

  54. Hi Mr.Smith,
    Last news that I heard was that trump’s legal team was falling away in droves.
    I agree that the social media forums have made a lot of money from his participation. It is truly amazing that the man has got away with so much for so long. But he is indeed on the path of self undoing. Pluto (in his 12th) and now active in his chart by aspect, is not kind in regard to subversive behavior . Pluto was also quincunx his Sun on election day and beyond. However what he did on the 6th was so blatantly over the line, malicious and dangerous that some people/companies finally drew their line. Thank God! And maybe a few stars.

  55. I don’t consider myself an astrologer but a student of astrology. What you have said is all good stuff. I like your opening comment about the protesters in an astrology discussion. I would hope they would stay away

    The real question is what about the January 20 event. With all the aspects of this event not far out of orb, Mars conjunct Uranus is exact on that day. Is there not a chart to be had for this January 20 event as the birth of a New President. Would that President not have a chart as of the oath of office like a birth chart.

    Second what do you make of the Void of course moon until late almost 1:56 pm. Is that a lead time to the oath of office point so the Moon in this chart joins Mars and Uranus at the birth and is square to the Jupiter and Saturn conjunct. An exciting President to be sure.

  56. What we are now learning about those Washington, D.C. pro Trump protestors who joined in on last Wednesday’s protests is both quite revealing and disturbing, actually.

    Some of the Americans who participated were not so-called “radical type” people, but everyday, mainstream Americans, and in some cases, pillars of the community.

    A retired Texas, USA, based, U.S.Air Force Lieutenant-Colonel (two ranks below general) was the latest to get arrested and turned himself in to the FBI Sunday.

    Larry Rendell Brock, 53, was “ratted” on by his ex wife of 18 years, according to media reports.

    Brock was seen in photos widely distributed in the American media, wearing military gear, a military helmet, and zip ties.

    A noted female U.S. Army officer was also one of the protesters under investigation, according to NBC News and also said to be a psychologist.

    Capt. Emily Rainey, an Army psychological operations officer stationed at Fort Bragg, is under investigation for joining the “Stop the Steal” rally.

    She told media outlets that “all she was doing was exercising her right to protest, as a private citizen.”

    Although she claims she did not storm the U.S. senate building, she is now being investigated by the U.S. Army for her conduct and faces dismissal from the Army.

    At least one elected politician, was also among the protestors and it is rumoured that a number of law enforcement officers were also “protesters.”

    There are reports on that say the FBI has learned that Trump protestors will be organizing new protests at the legislature of capital cities in 50 states across the USA, to be timed with the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20th.

    I suppose what Americans politicians need to determine is, is the criminal prosecution and impeachment of Donald Trump really worth it, if it causes a widespread civil war ?

    When martial law is declared, you basically have no human rights, anymore.

    You could be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention, police brutality, racism, or the whole nine yards !

    if you have children living with you, you the adult, will go to jail, while arrested, while your kids will be seperated from you, and will be seized by the Ministry of Children in your state. Your computer and smart phone will be seized as well?

    I say that Joe Biden would be very wise to go on national television, soon, and throw Trump and his family a “dog biscuit” and call off the prosecution and the impeachment actions.

    The main benefit would be he could then concentrate on getting the Covid 19 pandemic under control and the economy.

    The astrology is clear (SP Moon at 24 Capricorn, in the USA 9th house of legal affairs, opposite Mercury and making an applying conjunction with the USA Pluto (anarchy, transformation) in about three months time.

    That configuration is also a corroboration of the Gemini rising chart that many of us buy into ?

    Further to this, the upcoming new Moon at 23 Capricorn (January 12th, 2021) will conjoin the USA’s Secondary Progressed Moon at 24 Capricorn, will oppose the natal chart ruler (Mercury) and will also conjoin the USA’s radix Pluto.

    The lunation shows how politically torn Americans are over the decision to impeach Trump.

    Transits to Pluto are also typically purgetory in nature and difficult, but the nature of Pluto is also traditionally “all or nothing.”

    So, there may be great danger, such as the threat of anarchy, or there might be just a whimper !

    As to who will diffuse the bomb, time will soon tell !

    Prayers will be very helpful at this time, I think.

  57. Hello Seymour,

    Thanks for writing. These are honest questions and good ones, too.

    I will respond as honestly as I can ?

    As always, my response may also be not as you, the public,.expected ?

    I am a long time horary astrologer, as some of you may know, and I am also a long time employment specialist, answering people’s horary questions about employment, career, etc.

    To my mind, the presidential employment for Joe Biden has already started and therefore, the so called inauguration chart for January 20th, 2021 is mostly irrelevant ?

    In ordinary times, if everything in the world went peachy keen. the newly elected President starts his term on a prescribed date and time, and all goes well.

    With Biden, questions have been raised about his election and some people have doubts ?

    That is their right ! You, the people, voted Biden in, and not the laws of the land. I think that people have it ass backwards, here.

    The PEOPLE validate the man made, remedial legislation (or laws) and not the other way around !

    Biden has already started his “work” as an unpaid volunteer of the President of the United States of America and has already been making important executive decisions.

    Trump also made executive decisions way before his inaugeration date in 2017, as well.

    The inaugeration, therefore, is a largely ceremonial event of little significance.

    Volunteering is the new trend or wave in career or employment counselling for the 21st century, I believe, and astrologers would do well to acknowledge it and check it out ?

    The reality is, not everyone will have a paid job in this lifetime, and therefore, volunteering is an excellent way of obtaining job experience, meeting new people, networking for contacts and finding work references.

    For others, it gives them a sense of purpose and to make valuable contributions in the community.

    For example, I have been a volunteer, pro bono astrologer for nearly 40 years and I have been just as helpful as someone who gets “paid” to read the stars. I also get paid for my work, but I do both paid and pro bono work.

    The late great American astrologer Evangeline Adams did this for most of her outstanding career, by the way ?

    Mr. Biden, though his natal chart, certainly understands volunteer work, well, given his natal Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars falls into the 12th house of charitable acts, and further,.Neptune, the natural ruler of volunteer work. is in the 10th house of career, hence volunteering is a cinch for him.

    However, with his natal Moon quincunx Neptune, he needs to be careful “not to give it away,” too much. He needs to put boundaries on his benevolence ?

    Millions of us all over the world volunteer, as well.

    Did you know that Donald J. Trump is the USA’s first volunteer President !

    Trump told the people back in 2016 that he would donate his monthly paycheck (said to be 400 grand a year) to certain government departments who had shortfalls.

    Regarding the start of the actual employment, it used to be, in horary election circles, that your employment started when you first walked through the front door of the employer.

    But now, with Covid 19 and other things, it’s probably when, on day one. when you first open up your email, or pick up the phone to speak with your employer or when you skype him.


    re; void of course, Moon, my question to you is, why do so many American national events happen when the Moon is VOC.

    From the day of the 9-11 attacks, to Barack Obama’s second term inauguration, the void of course Moon keeps rearing its ugly head, isn’t it true ?

    I think the best answer is what astrology legend Robert Hand had to say about it, year ago, He said” (I believe in his book, Planets in Transit) that “planets that are unaspected have value, even though we (as a society) do not completely understand what that (value) is.”

    But the short answer is that Biden is already the President of the U.S.A. and thus, we have two volunteer Presidents at this moment of time?

    The traditional answer, of course, is that Biden is either a) a short-lived President or b) will be a transitory, irrelevant President.

    R.J. Smith

  58. “I say that Joe Biden would be very wise to go on national television, soon, and throw Trump and his family a “dog biscuit” and call off the prosecution and the impeachment actions.”

    Not going to happen. The left is in full flight determined to ram home their utterly corrupt ‘win’ and will continue their Stalinist purge, already commenced with social media – just the start before they really get serious.

    The consequences are inevitable and sadly that is civil war, this year or next. I don’t see it in planetary alignments, I see it in consequences, just as night follows day. All actions (thought, word, deed) have their consequence and we, as humanity, are about to reap what we have long sowed.

    Buckle up

  59. RJ…Thank you for your intelligent astrology post as opposed to reading through the other comments that were more political rants. What are your thoughts on Biden’s charts (progressed and natal) in comparison to the USA chart?

  60. RJ, skip the hypocrisy. “I rarely post here, anymore ?
    Part of it is Jamie Partridge’s once fine astrology forum ( has degenerated into an orgy of political beefs, name calling, and foul language.” Then you proceed to joyously expound your partisan view of Trump. For a “rare poster” you seem to have written a lot on this topic. It is a political topic. Politics are under discussion.

  61. They should be too embarrassed to even utter the word “impeachment” after we read Mr. Barr’s ending comments in his parting letter to President Trump:

    “I am greatly honored that you called on me to serve your Administration and the American people once again as Attorney General. I am proud to have played a role in the many successes and unprecedented achievements you have delivered for the American people,” he said.

    He later added, “The nadir of this campaign was the effort to cripple, if not oust your administration with frenzied and baseless accusations of collusion with Russia.” ”

    Shame on him, but at least he told the truth about helping the dirty rats in the end!! Emphasis on the words “BASELESS” and “FRENZIED”!!!



    Instead, they talk about trying it again…..?!

    The HATERS and the Justice Department already had a big dossier on the Biden family’s financial corruption and was already aware of what Mr. Trump was looking for. He was illegally impeached for only seeking the dirt and corruption they already had.

    In our legal system, both sides of a lawsuit must get access to all known evidence and facts in a case before it goes to trial…a process called “Discovery.” So to prosecute anyone without FULL DISCLOSURE of the known facts of a case IS A FELONY CRIME.

  62. “Tracey wrote: RJ…Thank you for your intelligent astrology post as opposed to reading through the other comments that were more political rants. What are your thoughts on Biden’s charts (progressed and natal) in comparison to the USA chart?”

    Thanks for writing, Tracey !

    The synastric ties between Joe Biden’s natal chart and the USA chart are fraught with difficulties and red flags.

    Red flag # 1: Biden’s natal Saturn = the USA’s ascendant at 8 Gemini.

    Translation: A cement truck, backs up into the USA driveway and runs over the occupants, including Biden !

    Translation: OUCH ! Biden’s inadequacies and or his limitations that puts a burden onto the USA nation as a whole ?

    Red Flag # 2: The USA’s Saturn in Libra is found in Biden’s natal 10th house, an aspect of restricting Biden’s political ambitions or goals, or cutting them short, due to unforeseen circumstances ?

    Red Flag # 3: Biden’s natal Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars ALL square the USA’s natal Moon in Aquarius. What this means is that as time goes on, cracks will appear in the once good relationship between Biden and the USA public and serious differences will be revealed, over time.

    This will likely affect Biden’s overall popularity and at one point, calls for his removal from office, as well ?

    So, history mayl be repeating itself

    Let’s face it. Biden’s political fortunes arose mostly because people hated Donald Trump ? They voted for Biden, not because they LIKED Biden, but b/c they HATED Trump ? So, Biden’s career gained as the expense of Donald Trump, and not because he was qualified to run for office. (my opinion) Therefore, with Turmp soon out of the picture, he will need to prove himself as a bonafide leader.

    I actually pointed this out a few months ago, on this site, that the natal charts of DJT and JB are remarkably similar.

    Proponents of Biden won’t like to hear that, but it’s true.

    Each natal chart features a heavy emphasis on Sagittarius (ascendant and Moon), therefore, a history of making gaffes, natal Sun trine Jupiter, natal Jupiter exalted in either the 2nd or 8th houses, which means heavy investment in foreign countries or people, an emphasis on their children’s prominent role in their own political careers (4th and 5th house Moons), and the fact that both of them are old codgers getting long in the tooth, and both have physical and mental health issues, etc.

    Their lives are thus, similar ?

    Regarding Biden’s progressed chart, nothing stands out to me or is remarkable. There will be a tendency for caution and playing the status quo. This is already bearing out, as many of Biden’s cabinet picks are former alumni from Barack Obama’s administration.

    Right now (January 2021) transiting Pluto conjoins n.Jupiter while transiting Jupiter opposes Pluto.

    BIden will have to decide how to run with the football and score. Those above transits are a test as to how greedy is he ? If he passes the football, someone else can score and he will not be tackled. On the other hand, if he keeps the football and runs with it, he risks being tackled and not scoring at all.

    Therefore, he has to delegate his powers of authority, if, and when. the needs arises.

  63. Thanks for your post, Lavonne. Everything you said is mostly true ! The U.S. House of Representatives has become a “kangaroo style” court of justice, with no physical evidence of wrongdoing shown by Trump, no due process or discovery allowed, while Nancy Pelosi’s anger towards Trump being the only reason to impeach him.

    They want the U.S. Senate to re-convene. but only Mitch McConnell can approve that request. Good luck with that !

    Pelosi has installed security metal detectors outside the chambers of the house, a controversial and tacit admission that the U.S. Capitol police cannot be trusted to guard the legislature, while angering the elected representatives.

    5 and 10 thousand dollar fines have also been introduced, for violators of the metal detactors

    Looking at Pelosi’s natal chart, there are astrological concerns about her overall mental health, as transiting Neptune = her natal Mercury in Pisces, which is also opposed to her natal Neptune.

    Being “crazy in the head” or poor mental health is a consequence of natal Mercury opp. Neptune ?

  64. Thanks RJ, lots going on. Remember that old Conan movie, where snake man James Earl Jones asks Conan, “What will you do without me, my Son, who in your hate has given you cause to live?” No ‘haters,’ please!

    One last political comment I just read at the end of an impeachment article. A Republican congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, announced she would file articles of impeachment against Mr Biden, accusing him of abuse of power, the day after his inauguration.

    The fixed stars cast no rays, according to Robson, but the opposition and conjunction especially emphasize this wonderful way to supplement our understanding how certain ‘flavors’ of effects can influence a chart or an event.

    So the Sun and Pluto both rounded up to 25Cap, are conjunct fixed star Terebellum: “It gives a fortune but with regret and disgrace, cunning, a mercenary nature and repulsiveness.

    The Moon conjunct Saturn at 5Aqu conducts fixed star Dahib, “With Moon: Successful in business but retires under a cloud, favorable for wealth, influential position but scarcely realizes ambitions, trouble through opposite sex, deserved criticism and censure”, and further, with Saturn: “Melancholy, studious, recluse, restless and nervous, writer, accumulates wealth in a miserly fashion, often lives alone but danger of separation and divorce, wrapt up in some great sorrow, long life”.

    These don’t look auspicious for the day; any time you get Moon/Saturn conjunct, a seriousness enters the picture and it becomes heavy emotionally, not to mention the other planets, all with important agendas of their own.

    One saving grace is wonderful Venus, at 7Cap, conjunct fixed star Kaus Borealis.

    Le’t’s see: “it may have been the Akkadian Anu-ni-tum, said to have been associated with the great goddess Istar.”

    “Also called Al Na’am al Warid, the Going Ostriches; and the easternmost, Al Na’am al Sadirah, the Returning Ostriches, passing to and from the celestial river, the Milky Way, with this star lambda (Kaus Borealis) and the star mu (Polis), as their Keeper; Ra’i al Na’aim, the “Keeper of the Na’ams”, or Al Thalimain, meaning desert birds.”

    Astrological influences of this star: “Promoters of idealistic and humane ideas, promoters of mental stimuli, enterprise and a sense of justice.”

    Last but not least: “It conveys a sense of strength and flexibility combined and this often shows up in the chart of people who can put force behind their reasoning, yet be flexible. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.94.]”

    See, “A Sense of Justice”. So it seems hope can be found…and may we promote peace and compassion to all, as we are truly All One, help for one of us is help to all. Thanks.

  65. Please don’t JUMP to any conclusions. The facts need to come out first. Maybe this was a setup, just saying

  66. I would advise taking predictions on Biden and his presidency with a grain of salt as they say. His birth information is not accurately known. Some Vedic astrologers would not even begin predicting about him for this reason. Also, the development of a person on a soul level has influence and bearing on how a chart manifests. The stars may reflect/guide but do not necessarily determine events and outcomes. Two people, one of high mind, one low, same chart two different outcomes.

  67. A note for today, January 14th: Slow-moving Uranus at Tau7 begins moving direct early his morning, which will affect us all in the critical next week or so – these archetypes will be active: Lightning, surprises, revolution and radical change, intuition, eccentricity, the multi-media and high technology, advances in science and industry, aviation and space travel, astrology, the occult and metaphysics, jokers and wild cards, drawing outside the box, anxiety and the nervous system, upheavals and anarchy and much more. Hold your horses…

  68. Obviously this topic generated a lot of aggression, also in this blog. Obviously with mars-uranus square saturn-jupiter these are dangerous weeks. And the prospects for the USA are not so good. Pluto return next year, this year solar arc pluto on the MC. And a really bad solar return chart for 2021 coming up, with moon conjunct uranus square mars and saturn. Adding more aggression doesn’t help. Let us stick to astrology shall we?

  69. Carol D,

    Biden’s synastric ties to the USA chart are very much valid, regardless of whether Biden has 3 degrees of Sagittarius rising (8:30 am) or Scorpion rising, (as rumoured, but also, without a rectified chart).

    If you claim to be a professional astrologer, certainly you would know that. His secondary progressed aspects are also accurate, given that Biden’s time is within 45 minutes of his actual time.

    Bottom line ? Don’t through out the “baby” with the proverbial bathwater, Carol D ! LOL

  70. Ha Ha. Mr Smith
    I have studied enough astrology as well as other metaphysical and spiritual matters to know that astrology does not define a person or “make” things happen in any certain terms. It does not predict how a person will handle the energies spelled out in the stars.The Universe is being created and influenced at every moment by every persons’ free will. The character of the individual and that persons’ soul development determine how they will handle the energies symbolized in the Zodiac. It is a disservice to all to predict events and outcomes based on the positions of planets, stars or whatever without considering the individual. I guess you must know Joe Biden personally. LOL

  71. So, AHA ?! The “truth” of your beefs (with moi?) has finally come out of the woodwork ! LOL

    You apparently don’t like those (of us) who predict the future, isn’t it so !

    Look, if you want to play it safe and be a good ole’ “psychological need” astrologer, where all natal horoscopy has value and all human beings can achieve their career goals, after paying the obligatory $300.00 sitting fee, LOL I won’t necesarily hold that against you.

    This is a mundane astrology forum, though, so predictive mundane astrology is what is expected?

    It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it !

    I don’t dislike Biden, actually, or his partner, Kamala Harris.

    Did you know that Kamala Harris, your next U.S. Vice President, is a proud, former Montrealer who was once an alumni of Westmount High? We lived in Montreal for years and my brother also went to Westmount High (but not during the same era as Ms. Harris).

    If I was a betting man, I would place my bets on Ms. Harris becoming a future President of the United States, as her natal chart looks far more “presidential” (to me?) than Joe Biden’s !

  72. Mr Smith,
    Nice bantering with you.
    I have nothing against predictive astrology except that it is only looking at the numbers and angles, plugs in “meanings” out of books but leaves out a big part of the equation. I like a more holistic approach. We are not bound by our stars. They may guide, illuminate and show a way, or a way blocked. How anyone actualizes their chart is personal.

    Have to agree that Biden may be paving a way for Kamala Harris. We shall see.

  73. Hello Carol,

    I can assure you (and others) that my predictions on the US Presidential elections over the years did not originate from “plug in meanings from books.” LOL

    However, since you raised the thorny subject, “cook book astrology” has been around for a very long time, going back to the late 1960’s when Robert Hand of Para Research and Neil Michelson of Astro-Computing Services first made computerized astrology reports available to the public.

    But some say, Llewellyn George’s “A to Z horoscope maker and delineator” was the original “cookbook” and many incompetant, deceitful astrologers literally stole from Mr. Llewellyn book, without attributing the source, way before the internet was even invented

    The purpose and value of today’s political predictions have been downplayed in recent years, mainly because of the psychological need astrologers wanting one less thing to go wrong about themselves. But, the reality is, many of those astrologers are no good, when it comes to making predictions, in general ?

    I am “old school” and believe that competent astrologers must be able to predict the future with some degree of accuracy.

    However, because many people seeking political office have questionable birth times, the national charts for countries are frequently controversial and events like the upcoming U.S. inaugeration chart are increasingly irrelevant, mundane astrology is becoming harder and harder to do.

    Maybe the best purpose of forums like Jamie’s is not to make predictions, at all, but to simply act as an increased opportunity for socialization and friendship in the astrology community.

    By the way, people, stop accusing Mr. Partridge of being left wing or right wing. Instead, be grateful (and thankful) that you even have a public website to expound your views on, at all ?

  74. Hi Mr Smith,
    I did not mean any criticism of your predictions. But many predictions heard in this forum do sound like, as you called it, “cook book astrology”. If x squares y then z will happen. I would just reiterate that when human variables come into play the whole picture can change. We are not controlled by the planets or stars. They create a framework for actions and reflect possibilities. Predictions are fascinating and I have even made a few based on astrology but combined with intuition. I predicted that trump would “undo” himself and he is doing a good job of it. Predicting for an individual seems different than for an event like the Inauguration. When I studied and practiced psychic reading we were always advised not o predict outcomes for folks in that they then start expecting this and that and stop directing their own lives waiting for the prediction to happen. I am still waiting on a few that I heard. Never happened. But again, that is personal.
    I don’t disparage you work in any way. I enjoy hearing all of it and just waiting to see what will actually come to be.

  75. Ms. Carol D,

    I agree that the community must validate the astrology and not the other way around. I think that many newcomers to astrology have it ass backwards and also, many “hack” astrologers clearly “suck” and make inaccurate predictions, based on your subjective opinion, only, or on their blatant political bias and there is very astrology behind it?

    Therefore, 95 percent of all political predictions is bullsh*t and can be tossed in the trash can, in my view.

    The main reason why we predict the future is, firstly, because we can, and second, being armed with a pre knowledge of one’s future helps us plan our lives better.

    The same goes with the choice of who is elected to lead the country. The country as a whole can then plan for the future, better. Unfortunately, the people must choose their leaders, for better or worse, and not astrologers, so even people not suited for public office (like Trump) may be elected, even if they f up the country ?

    in a democracy, we have no choice. Otherwise, we run the risk of dictatorships.

    The rioting of the U.S. legislature on a mass scale, however, was such a rare event that it is difficult to predict it in advance ?

    The grim reality is that the security of the U.S. senate buildlng (and maybe all government buildings) in the U.S. must now be beefed up, for ever ? Not just during the inauguration period, but permanently.

    This single rioting event may turn the meeting places for U.S. government business into armed fortresses, with prison like security, barbed wire, and video surveillance everywhere.

    However, the dark side is that with more security in place, elected governments may become wizard of oz type governments that keep out the public and media from witnessing major lawmaking and thus, it could lead to an abuse of power.

    Biden, with his four major planets in the 12th house, and Neptune in the 10th house, is a good example of how the government could turn into a “wizard of oz” type of secret government that you Scorpions are notorious for !

    I would watch Biden, carefully, in the years ahead. with his penchant for secrecy and or hiding things.

    The Russian government, with Vladimir Putin at the helm, is a good example of a secretive government that throws its opponents in jail, or in a more recent cases, they poison their political enemies, literally, with radioactive poison for which there is no known antidote.

    China also no better as they censor their political enemies or throw them in jail.

    The risk is that the United States could become like Russia and China and introduce future restrictions on freedom of speech. This includes controlling the internet and censoring access to certain url’s. In Canada, they are already talking about controlling the internet and perhaps, the internet will not be free, anymore, but you will have to pay a government tax to use it and basic emails.

    Dont laugh, but government controlled internet might be coming to all western countries, at some point !

  76. They were Trump supporters….ALL of them and they had been planning this insurrection for weeks on Facebook, Parler and other SM platforms and they were following Trump’s direct orders. I understand that as a Trump supporter this may be hard for you to accept, but that does not change the facts.

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