US Capitol Building Riot

US Capitol Building RiotOn January 6, 2021, a mob of pro-Tump supporters rioted at the US Capitol Building. They had gathered at the United States Congress to hear speeches from President Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, demanding the election results be overturned.

The chaos began around 2:15 p.m… hundreds of people in the mob barreled past fence barricades outside the Capitol and clashed with officers. [1]

Capitol Building Riot Astrology

Capitol Building Riot Astrology

2021 US Capitol Building Riot

The chart above shows the Ascendant on the degree of the November 30 lunar eclipse:

“This is a highly charged lunar eclipse. It could trigger riots, anarchy, and revolutions.”

This is because the eclipse was conjunct fixed star Aldebaran, causing courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, and violence. [2]

The star is said to presage individuals who are “restless and riotous, always stirring up popular dissent and revolution.” The star is also said to inflame the minds of the people with furious quarrels, and to be an enemy of quiet and peace, ‘malady desiring civil and domestic wars.” Maternus writes that Aldebaran “when aspected by a malefic portends sudden and unexpected involvement in riots and sedition resulting in justly being condemned by the people.” [3]

So it seems the riot was triggered by the lunar eclipse degree rising on the eastern horizon. The eclipse had been stirring up dissent for six weeks. But there was only about a ten-minute window of opportunity for action created by the rising of the star Aldebaran.

Long-Term Aspects

Jupiter conjunct Saturn (December 21) is linked to major political and social changes and the rise and fall of great leaders.

Jupiter square Uranus (January 17) causes impatience and impulsiveness that can lead to sudden and unexpected behavior, unrestricted by the moral standards of society. Revolution, rebellion, and chaos.

Saturn square Uranus (February 17) causes rising tension and sudden, expected, and unwanted change and disruption.

Shorter Term Triggers

Mercury square Mars (January 8) makes people short-tempered, argumentative, and aggressive. It can lead to rushed decision-making, impulsiveness, and open hostility.

Moon square Pluto (January 6, 6:32 pm) can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior as deeply buried feelings are exposed. It is difficult to control such intense emotions or reactions. Bigotry, racism, fears, and phobias may be exposed in public.


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88 thoughts on “US Capitol Building Riot

  1. I would advise taking predictions on Biden and his presidency with a grain of salt as they say. His birth information is not accurately known. Some Vedic astrologers would not even begin predicting about him for this reason. Also, the development of a person on a soul level has influence and bearing on how a chart manifests. The stars may reflect/guide but do not necessarily determine events and outcomes. Two people, one of high mind, one low, same chart two different outcomes.

  2. A note for today, January 14th: Slow-moving Uranus at Tau7 begins moving direct early his morning, which will affect us all in the critical next week or so – these archetypes will be active: Lightning, surprises, revolution and radical change, intuition, eccentricity, the multi-media and high technology, advances in science and industry, aviation and space travel, astrology, the occult and metaphysics, jokers and wild cards, drawing outside the box, anxiety and the nervous system, upheavals and anarchy and much more. Hold your horses…

  3. Obviously this topic generated a lot of aggression, also in this blog. Obviously with mars-uranus square saturn-jupiter these are dangerous weeks. And the prospects for the USA are not so good. Pluto return next year, this year solar arc pluto on the MC. And a really bad solar return chart for 2021 coming up, with moon conjunct uranus square mars and saturn. Adding more aggression doesn’t help. Let us stick to astrology shall we?

  4. Carol D,

    Biden’s synastric ties to the USA chart are very much valid, regardless of whether Biden has 3 degrees of Sagittarius rising (8:30 am) or Scorpion rising, (as rumoured, but also, without a rectified chart).

    If you claim to be a professional astrologer, certainly you would know that. His secondary progressed aspects are also accurate, given that Biden’s time is within 45 minutes of his actual time.

    Bottom line ? Don’t through out the “baby” with the proverbial bathwater, Carol D ! LOL

  5. Ha Ha. Mr Smith
    I have studied enough astrology as well as other metaphysical and spiritual matters to know that astrology does not define a person or “make” things happen in any certain terms. It does not predict how a person will handle the energies spelled out in the stars.The Universe is being created and influenced at every moment by every persons’ free will. The character of the individual and that persons’ soul development determine how they will handle the energies symbolized in the Zodiac. It is a disservice to all to predict events and outcomes based on the positions of planets, stars or whatever without considering the individual. I guess you must know Joe Biden personally. LOL

  6. So, AHA ?! The “truth” of your beefs (with moi?) has finally come out of the woodwork ! LOL

    You apparently don’t like those (of us) who predict the future, isn’t it so !

    Look, if you want to play it safe and be a good ole’ “psychological need” astrologer, where all natal horoscopy has value and all human beings can achieve their career goals, after paying the obligatory $300.00 sitting fee, LOL I won’t necesarily hold that against you.

    This is a mundane astrology forum, though, so predictive mundane astrology is what is expected?

    It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it !

    I don’t dislike Biden, actually, or his partner, Kamala Harris.

    Did you know that Kamala Harris, your next U.S. Vice President, is a proud, former Montrealer who was once an alumni of Westmount High? We lived in Montreal for years and my brother also went to Westmount High (but not during the same era as Ms. Harris).

    If I was a betting man, I would place my bets on Ms. Harris becoming a future President of the United States, as her natal chart looks far more “presidential” (to me?) than Joe Biden’s !

  7. Mr Smith,
    Nice bantering with you.
    I have nothing against predictive astrology except that it is only looking at the numbers and angles, plugs in “meanings” out of books but leaves out a big part of the equation. I like a more holistic approach. We are not bound by our stars. They may guide, illuminate and show a way, or a way blocked. How anyone actualizes their chart is personal.

    Have to agree that Biden may be paving a way for Kamala Harris. We shall see.

  8. Hello Carol,

    I can assure you (and others) that my predictions on the US Presidential elections over the years did not originate from “plug in meanings from books.” LOL

    However, since you raised the thorny subject, “cook book astrology” has been around for a very long time, going back to the late 1960’s when Robert Hand of Para Research and Neil Michelson of Astro-Computing Services first made computerized astrology reports available to the public.

    But some say, Llewellyn George’s “A to Z horoscope maker and delineator” was the original “cookbook” and many incompetant, deceitful astrologers literally stole from Mr. Llewellyn book, without attributing the source, way before the internet was even invented

    The purpose and value of today’s political predictions have been downplayed in recent years, mainly because of the psychological need astrologers wanting one less thing to go wrong about themselves. But, the reality is, many of those astrologers are no good, when it comes to making predictions, in general ?

    I am “old school” and believe that competent astrologers must be able to predict the future with some degree of accuracy.

    However, because many people seeking political office have questionable birth times, the national charts for countries are frequently controversial and events like the upcoming U.S. inaugeration chart are increasingly irrelevant, mundane astrology is becoming harder and harder to do.

    Maybe the best purpose of forums like Jamie’s is not to make predictions, at all, but to simply act as an increased opportunity for socialization and friendship in the astrology community.

    By the way, people, stop accusing Mr. Partridge of being left wing or right wing. Instead, be grateful (and thankful) that you even have a public website to expound your views on, at all ?

  9. Hi Mr Smith,
    I did not mean any criticism of your predictions. But many predictions heard in this forum do sound like, as you called it, “cook book astrology”. If x squares y then z will happen. I would just reiterate that when human variables come into play the whole picture can change. We are not controlled by the planets or stars. They create a framework for actions and reflect possibilities. Predictions are fascinating and I have even made a few based on astrology but combined with intuition. I predicted that trump would “undo” himself and he is doing a good job of it. Predicting for an individual seems different than for an event like the Inauguration. When I studied and practiced psychic reading we were always advised not o predict outcomes for folks in that they then start expecting this and that and stop directing their own lives waiting for the prediction to happen. I am still waiting on a few that I heard. Never happened. But again, that is personal.
    I don’t disparage you work in any way. I enjoy hearing all of it and just waiting to see what will actually come to be.

  10. Ms. Carol D,

    I agree that the community must validate the astrology and not the other way around. I think that many newcomers to astrology have it ass backwards and also, many “hack” astrologers clearly “suck” and make inaccurate predictions, based on your subjective opinion, only, or on their blatant political bias and there is very astrology behind it?

    Therefore, 95 percent of all political predictions is bullsh*t and can be tossed in the trash can, in my view.

    The main reason why we predict the future is, firstly, because we can, and second, being armed with a pre knowledge of one’s future helps us plan our lives better.

    The same goes with the choice of who is elected to lead the country. The country as a whole can then plan for the future, better. Unfortunately, the people must choose their leaders, for better or worse, and not astrologers, so even people not suited for public office (like Trump) may be elected, even if they f up the country ?

    in a democracy, we have no choice. Otherwise, we run the risk of dictatorships.

    The rioting of the U.S. legislature on a mass scale, however, was such a rare event that it is difficult to predict it in advance ?

    The grim reality is that the security of the U.S. senate buildlng (and maybe all government buildings) in the U.S. must now be beefed up, for ever ? Not just during the inauguration period, but permanently.

    This single rioting event may turn the meeting places for U.S. government business into armed fortresses, with prison like security, barbed wire, and video surveillance everywhere.

    However, the dark side is that with more security in place, elected governments may become wizard of oz type governments that keep out the public and media from witnessing major lawmaking and thus, it could lead to an abuse of power.

    Biden, with his four major planets in the 12th house, and Neptune in the 10th house, is a good example of how the government could turn into a “wizard of oz” type of secret government that you Scorpions are notorious for !

    I would watch Biden, carefully, in the years ahead. with his penchant for secrecy and or hiding things.

    The Russian government, with Vladimir Putin at the helm, is a good example of a secretive government that throws its opponents in jail, or in a more recent cases, they poison their political enemies, literally, with radioactive poison for which there is no known antidote.

    China also no better as they censor their political enemies or throw them in jail.

    The risk is that the United States could become like Russia and China and introduce future restrictions on freedom of speech. This includes controlling the internet and censoring access to certain url’s. In Canada, they are already talking about controlling the internet and perhaps, the internet will not be free, anymore, but you will have to pay a government tax to use it and basic emails.

    Dont laugh, but government controlled internet might be coming to all western countries, at some point !

  11. They were Trump supporters….ALL of them and they had been planning this insurrection for weeks on Facebook, Parler and other SM platforms and they were following Trump’s direct orders. I understand that as a Trump supporter this may be hard for you to accept, but that does not change the facts.

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