Moon Square Pluto Natal and Transit

Moon Square Pluto Transit

Moon square Pluto maximum orb 4°30′.

Moon square Pluto natal gives an intense emotional life and compulsive behavior patterns. Dark emotions and self-destructive behaviors can cause crises until a certain evolutionary point is reached. Psychological self-analysis or counseling will uncover the root causes of the emotional pain buried deep in your subconscious.

Your emotional reactions come from such a hidden place that self-control is tricky, especially growing up. It is as if your moods and instincts keep sabotaging your relationships and other areas. The source of the inner pain is often related to your home, family, and intimate relationships. An overly obsessive or interfering mother is often an issue, and there may be genetic or ancestral reasons for your inner turmoil.

It is through these close relationships and within the home or clan that emotional crises occur. The Moon also rules the public, so you may be subject to painful experiences in which your deepest emotions and private life are exposed.

You form incredibly close bonds with people and places. Your devotion and need to protect can come across as smothering to many, making you feel misunderstood. You will have to watch a tendency to be abrupt and to control and manipulate loved ones. Remember, you may be unaware at the conscious level of such destructive behaviors, leading to yet more intense feelings of jealousy, rejection or victimization.

A ruthless streak is best applied to eliminating destructive feelings and behaviors from your subconscious once self-awareness is reached, that point in your evolutionary development where things begin to turn around for you.

You may encounter or experience the darker sides of human nature during your journeys into the underworld. Sexual behavior is usually a strong theme and will likely include taboo areas such as masturbation, domination, and abuse. This aspect’s compulsive and obsessive nature can lead to problems with diet, substance abuse, or bigotry in the form of racism or other phobias.

An evolutionary leap occurs each time you become aware and deal with one of the psychological issues. The life experience gained during darker times will keep being of assistance as you transform. Your compulsive nature can be turned into perfectionism as you master certain areas of life. Self-control can lead to great power and influence in life.

Moon Square Pluto Transit

Moon square Pluto transit can lead to compulsive and destructive behavior as deeply buried feelings are exposed. Controlling such intense emotions or reactions is difficult, but getting them out of your subconscious is healing.

Emotional power struggles with family or partners are possible and may become abrupt and quite ruthless. Jealousy, manipulation, guilt-tripping, bullying, sexual abuse or domestic violence may be involved. Whether you are the perpetrator or the victim in any relationship crisis, the challenge can be turned into an opportunity to transform and evolve.

Conscious awareness will help deal with other dark areas of human nature, such as bigotry, racism, fears and phobias, addiction and sexual problems. Family secrets may be revealed, which may be confronting, or your secrets or embarrassing habits may be exposed in public.

Whatever the case, this transit can lead to eliminating bad habits or behaviors and a positive transformation of your emotions and relationships.

This interpretation for Moon square Pluto transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full Moon square Pluto.

Moon Square Pluto Celebrities

Stephen Foster 0°06′, Pope Benedict XVI 0°11′, Keith Haring 0°12′, Havelock Ellis 0°15′, Chuck Schumer 0°25′, Meryl Streep 0°28′, Ian Shaw 0°30′, Francis Galton 0°36′, Jim Morrison 0°39′, George Washington 0°44′, James Croll 0°50′, Edgar Degas 1°02′, Michael Jordan 1°11′, Joanna Lumley 1°33′, Bette Midler 1°49′, Charles Dickens 2°13′.

41 thoughts on “Moon Square Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. My friend has this aspect in her natal chart and she’s suffered with other women being jealous of her, her whole life. Her sister would get very jealous of her when she lived at home and jealous of the relationship she had with her mother. But my friend is also an extremely jealous and possessive person herself – particularly with her favourite eldest child and her partner. She’s even got jealous of me chatting away to her Son. We were all at a restaurant once, I was chatting away with her Son and she spent the whole time with her head down, looking at her phone. I felt like she couldn’t cope, like she felt possessive over her Son. The thing is, there’s no point in being possessive over people in life, as they’ll only break free! She doesn’t hear from him that often, so… But does also form extremely close bonds with people, like you’ve written. She’s also the one who’s the overly obsessive and interfering mother. Everything you’ve written is very true. Astrology – it’s so accurate!

    • I didn’t know it was jealously I thought they just didn’t like me but they do I have always struggled with other women trying to manipulate me or gas light

  2. I am racist it’s not a phobia it’s the wsystem nature chose but you communist asSholes want people to think that thank you..

    • Well you’re a stupid idiot then! I’m completely in touch with the laws of nature and that doesn’t make me a racist!

    • And learn how to use grammar! You dumb ASS! You’re only trying to provoke people. Find something useful to do with your time!

  3. Hi. I have that aspect. I feel I’m changing for the best as you mentioned. Yoga has helped me immensely. It introduces a gradual change and aids self awareness.

  4. I have a cancer moon square pluto, both of which are heavily aspected. My mother’s birthday has her sun and mercury on my cancer moon and her moon, Jupiter, and chiron square on my pluto! Our biggest fights have been on the days the sun transits my pluto in libra, and we make up exactly opposite that day, six months later. We’re both very sensitive people with intense emotions and a propensity towards victimization, both real and imagined. Therapy and introspection has helped me immensely. I’m so glad my cancer moon is in the 11th house, allowing for detachment when I need it. Thank you for your insights and interpretation.

    • Glad to see you found a way to make progress with this Sarah. Therapy in particular does suit the nature of both Mon and Pluto.

  5. I am 1st February 1975 born.time 8:31 PM. Place : dehri on sone , country : india. How it is going to change or help my life.

  6. I have this natal aspect as tight as 0° and sufferings don’t seem to end. Do you suggest getting some councelling or therapy to overcome it??

    • Probably a good idea Tina. Getting more complex about your chart you can read Yod Astrology. Moon is the action point of your yod. At the base is Venus sextile Neptune. Try to google information about Moon quincunx Venus and Moon quincunx Neptune.

      Helping your yod is Venus trine Pluto, hurting is Moon square Pluto.

  7. I have this aspect as well, I experienced jealousy, manipulation and all kinds of havoc from not only My mother but sister and several women that I come in contact with, are you able to see what’s going on with my moon square pluto, pluto in my 10th House and moon in 7th. Aug 22, 1987, 16:40 los angeles vs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  8. Jamie Thank You for the respond but my birthday is Nov. 12, 1998 I’m not really sure of my the time but I was born in Cleveland Ohio

  9. My natal Sun is conjunct Pluto (in my 12th house) to within a degree. For years I was aware of my Sun square Moon (in my 9th) aspect but after years of studying astrology, my chart, etc, it was only recently that a friend commented on my Moon square Pluto aspect. I felt dumbfounded, never realized I had this aspect before! (It was THAT hidden, lol.) Thanks for the explanation here & all ur work!

  10. Thanks Jamie for shining a little light on the where these compulsive behaviours come from, i have moon square pluto natally and the dark side is not a pretty picture as you so eloquently wrote.

  11. Pluto in scorpio in 1st house squaring Moon in capricorn in my 4th house … well, at least I’ve experienced and learned a lot … It’s much much easier now, with self awareness.But I used to hate my family/home.

  12. I have this aspect. I always feel bad for my mommy, but just don’t know how to make up our relationship. I am a Chinese woman, in our culture, the forgiveness means to never talk about the past. The memories of my childhood is so hurt to recall, and I still feel a little painful nowadays. Anyway, thanks for the advise.

  13. Hey… thank you for your post… seems pretty accurate. I feel that Pluto in my chart causes me great difficulty sometimes… I have this aspect on my chart, Pluto Square Moon (my moon is in Cancer 4th house, Pluto in Libra 7th house). Also have Saturn in Cancer in the 4th house. Sometimes I feel very very angry. It is really challenging deal with the emotions.
    Do you have any advice in how to balance those energies? Please let me know. 😉
    I born in August 4th, 1975 at 9:50pm, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  14. Hi Jamie, your post is very enlightening. I am currently trying to understand how the full moon on 1st Jan will play in a synastry chart.

    The full moon will square the natal Pluto of one person and at the same time it will conjunct (3 degrees) its mars. So my understanding is that the natal mars square pluto will be activated. Although I was wondering if this means that this trait will be exposed in public or it will be eliminated as you wrote

    “Whatever the case, this transit can lead to elimination of bad habits or behaviors and a positive transformation of your emotions and relationships.”

    The thing is that the mars of this person conjunct the natal Ceres of the other person so would this also activate the synastry ceres square pluto ? If so how the full moon would play as Venus will be opposing the moon ? Would the opposition be stronger than the square? How the elimination of bad habits can be felt?

    I would be grateful to hear your thoughts on this as I have the feeling that this full moon square Pluto will be strong. Am I right? Thanks!

  15. Moon 14°18 Virgo 3rd House
    Pluto 7°15′ Sagittarius 5th House

  16. Thank you very much for this insight into natal Moon squares Pluto. My natal (cancer) moon also squares Saturn. Both of these are in my first house, making it very prominent in my chart. Thankfully the influences aren’t that pronounced, I am a Libra ascendant and though life has been difficult I have been getting through and have made many friends and experienced many beautiful things. I am very grateful. That being said, familial trouble has been a major factor in my life.
    This past year, with Pluto conjunct Saturn in 2020 has been extremely difficult for everyone. I have been living with my mother this past year, to help her out in a bind, and it has totally blown up in my face with the most extreme vitriol coming from her during the Pluto Saturn conjunction. I have no idea what to do but buckle down, try to stay calm, and work to give distance to the relationship until it calms down. Counseling would be good too, it’s very intense. I will say the extreme anger etc., got more intense as this conjunction has been making it’s way through my chart, right in my fourth house right now. I looked at the other threads and will explore yoga and meditation more, and yes, look into counseling.
    Thank you.

  17. Hi Jamie, I’m trying to follow some of the links in your responses, eg. Mars square Pluto and Fixed Stars, but they aren’t working? Would be great to read more of what you have written on this.
    (PS Your description for Moon square Neptune were absolutely spot on.)

  18. I have the same exact placements but I’m not sure how the birth chart exactly works because I’m ascending Libra but Pluto still lands in the 1st house in Scorpio. Been working on a lot within but have a couple transits with Pluto coming up soon.

    • Also to add I am a life path 22. Just started teaching myself astrology after my awakening in 2020.. I absolutely LOVE IT and its something in my life that just clicks and makes more things in my life connect and make sense.. Im hoping to get further education soon. Thanks. 💜

  19. I’m having this transit this year and I’m freaking out as at least 3 astrologers told me quite cryptically that I will have a very hard time 🙄 as these haven’t happened recently I didn’t ask more details, I’m not even sure they could have told me anything more specific. Last year I had a miscarriage and couldn’t conceive again since, I’m suffering a lot seeing almost all my friends being super fertile and wondering what is wrong with me/us and if we’ll ever have a baby. As we didn’t manage to conceive till now, probably this year with this transit won’t be an auspicious time for this, again ;(

  20. Moon Square Pluto In Virgo, Mars Square Pluto, Mercury Square Pluto. I have struggled with taking Patriotism to extreme levels because I don’t want to lose my country. I disagree with things like immigration (any) adoption and public welfare. I notice I have a strong sense of justice and have contempt for people who lie and who are lazy. I am trying to work on these issues. I was born on Nov.19

    • Hi Falon. Thank you for sharing! This is so helpful for everyone else who who read this page in the future. The conscious awareness you have of the subconscience issues certainlt points to soul growth. You may have past life issues that also contribute to your intense feelings.

  21. feel free to ignore this because it’s quite long and pretty much just me trying to cope.

    i’m pretty scared of my future transit. like i have anxiety and tend to over think, so for the past few days i’ve been sooo on edge after learning i’m going to be going through this transit the next 4 years :/. but despite the way i freak myself out and think the worst in things, i’m also very optimistic. like in a way, i feel like this transit would be bad, but also good for me. like i predict this transit will bring up my past traumas and i’ll deal with them about once and for all. not only that, i’m a very aware person. i’m aware of all my good attributes, and my bad ones. not only am i aware, but i feel as if im in tune with my emotions. when i feel sad, but can’t figure out why, i like to journal about my day and figure out what’s up. and if im sad and aware, i let myself cry about it, and cheer myself up by doing things that make me comfortable, like sleeping or watching a show or playing a video game to take my mind off it. and when it comes to compassionate, i HATE being mean to people who don’t deserve it. like a lot of posts basically said that moon square pluto will make you an asshole to people because your miserable, but honestly i think i’ll remain a pretty nice person.

    i guess what i’m trying to say is that maybe i shouldn’t worry as much as i’ve been the past few days. yeah it makes me sad that i have to face this transit, but maybe it won’t be so bad because it’ll give me the opportunity to heal from my past traumas and grow past it, and i’m aware and in tune of my emotions so maybe i’d put up a good fight to this tough transit. the only thing i’m really worried about is jealousy, and my relationship with my mother.

    i get jealous time to time, and honestly, it gives me inspiration to make me appeal more to myself. but jealousy is still an emotion i feel and HATE feeling, so i’m a little worried about how that’ll be an issue. and then my mother and i have a good relationship, but she herself is a depressed person. she lashes out on my siblings and i often and our relationship gets a little complicated because of our religious differences. she’s a VERY deviated christian, while i’m just some gay goth girl who has to hide my identity from my mother so i don’t upset her. i love her very much but it makes me sad i can never truly be myself around her because it’d make her very unhappy, so i wonder how my transit will play a part in my mother and i’s relationship. not to mention i have a couple of moon aspects like moon n mars moon n venus moon asc moon saturn and moon pluto.

    sooooo yeah ^__^ any insight and advice is VERY appreciated!! and for more detail, i’m a taurus moon 9th house and itz gonna square aqua pluto (in 6th). and for extra info, i’m a cancer and i have natal sag pluto in 4th

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