New Moon January 13, 2021 – Soul Evolution

New Moon January 2021 AstrologyThe Capricorn new moon on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, is conjunct Pluto. So the spiritual meaning of the new moon January 2021 astrology relates to soul growth and evolution in response to a crisis.

The January 2021 new moon makes many other planetary aspects. The strongest of these aspects is Mars square Saturn which brings frustration and inhibition. And Jupiter square Uranus creates tension and sudden change.

These other aspects create a complex aspect pattern that indicates an ongoing crisis mechanism and opens up great opportunities for development. But also a deep-seated problem that will take time and effort to adapt to.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28-day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. So this is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors, and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

New Moon January 2021 Astrology

The January 13 new moon at 23°13′ Capricorn is most strongly influenced by the conjunction to Pluto as shown below. But there is also a complex aspect pattern formed by nearly all the remaining planets, including Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn square Mars-Uranus.

With over a dozen individual aspects involved, I will only focus on the most important. New Moon January 2020 does not align with any major fixed stars but it is useful to look at the Constellations in this area of Capricorn decan 3.

New Moon January 2021 Astrology

New Moon January 2021 Astrology

New Moon Aspect

New Moon conjunct Pluto (1°22′) increases your personal power and ability to influence the outcomes in your life. However, your increased intensity and probing nature can lead to power struggles. You may have to deal with underhand tactics such as controlling and manipulative behavior. Paranoia is possible but it is also possible that your enemies may be plotting against you.

An ability for deep research and investigation helps you uncover secrets and get to the bottom of any mysteries. You can gain insights into any destructive behaviors such as obsessions and addictions.  This is also a good time to get to the bottom of any serious relationship difficulties. Complex relationship dynamics will become clearer to you.

This new moon aspect favors transformations and soul evolution. Initially, this will involve withdrawing and taking a good look at the situation. The re-birthing process will lead to greater self-esteem. This is also a good new moon to make repairs and eliminate unnecessary clutter in your life.

Other Aspects

Mars square Saturn (0°05′) brings frustration and inhibition. Your desires may grow stronger but you may find it harder to express your passions and succeed. The harder you pursue your goals, the more resistance you are likely to face.

The best approach now is a defensive one. Instead of starting new projects or hunting down your desires, it is better to concentrate on holding onto what you already have.

Jupiter square Uranus (1°06′) indicates great inner tension caused by a sudden change in fortunes or in the direction of your life. Big opportunities could be close at hand. However, impatience and a strong urge to break free of restrictions could lead to unwanted disruption and unexpected events.

Extravagance and erratic behavior could lead to losses, so do not seek change just for the sake of change. Choose carefully which opportunities to follow and moderate risk-taking with discretion.

Mercury square Uranus (0°56′) brings excitement and change which can cause upsets and nervous tension. Unexpected news may force you to change plans.

The normal tempo of life increases and you may have an unsettling feeling of always having to catch up. However, an increased ability to view things from a different perspective can lead to original ideas and creative breakthroughs.

Venus trine Uranus (1°00′) stimulates your affections and brings excitement to your love life. An unexpected new romance is possible or you may seek a different kind of pleasure with an existing partner. Experimentation in the bedroom may be necessary to keep your eyes from wandering. There is also the chance of a financial bonus or windfall.

This positive influence gives an outlet to reduce the level of frustration caused by Mars square Saturn. It helps relieve the tension caused by Mercury and Jupiter square Uranus. And it will also hopefully make any changes less erratic and upsetting.

New Moon Aspect Pattern

The aspect pattern formed in the new moon January 2021 astrology chart by the combination of the blue trines, red squares, and green semi-sextile aspects is called a Medium Learning Triangle. [1] It is a learning or development figure.

There is an ongoing crisis mechanism and opens up great opportunities for development. There are three phases to the crisis mechanism:

red green blue

The dynamic process starts with the squares. The point of conflict is where the red and blue aspects touch each other (Mars-Uranus). The calm and balanced, pleasure-seeking state of the blue aspect is disturbed or irritated, causing tension or conflict and some kind of decision or effort must be made. The old state is no longer tenable, a problem has arisen that must be solved.

Communication and the provision of information usually lead to new experiences (green aspects). It means you are always ready to experiment, and the newly acquired discoveries lead you to try to establish a new, harmonious state in a still unsure and unstable position (Venus), which meets the requirement of the initial problem. So this process would seem to be complete. But only until a new problem comes along and the crisis mechanism gets going again:

conflictstriving for solutionharmonization

The basic attitude and motivation towards the development process and its theme can be deduced from the aspect situated nearest to the central core. This is Venus trine Mars-Uranus. It confers on the one hand a particular ability to enjoy and perfectionism and on the other a tendency to complacency and carelessness. Both states are shaken by conflicts and problems in the environment. External circumstances, daily responsibilities, social rules, reminders, prohibitions, etc disturb your peaceful existence.

Next, there are decisions to be made and services to be performed. Experiences and the fruits of your labors gone by, collected in the trine, are constantly called into question by different circumstances (squares). New efforts must be made to cope with these demands.

Your own perspective (trines) makes you want to improve your environment, to be active in it, and to fight if it needs to be (squares). This is achieved by entering into relationships with others, communicating and sequencing pieces of information (green aspects) so that the activity moves in the right direction and the lost inner peace derived from accomplished actions is regained. This can make you appear outwardly rather nervous, irritable, and constantly in a rush.

The rotation direction is an important feature in the evaluation of the medium learning triangle. It is given by the color order red to green to blue. For the new moon January 2021 astrology, this is clockwise, in the opposite direction to the zodiac.

This is a Retrograde Experience Triangle. It means that many experiences are required to achieve the necessary learning and development. It takes time and effort to adapt to a deep-seated problem.

New Moon Stars

New Moon January 2021 in the Sign of Capricorn is actually in the Constellation of Sagittarius the Archer. This discrepancy is due to the precession of the equinoxes which has moved the Sun Signs almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named over 2000 years ago.

New Moon January 2021 Astrology

New Moon January 2021 [Stellarium]

There are no major fixed stars conjunct the January 13 new moon. But the star map above shows the new moon aligns with smaller stars in the Constellations of Sagittarius the Archer, Aquila the Eagle, and Pavo the Peacock.

  • 22 ♑ 46 – β Pavonis
  • 22 ♑ 50 – ι Sagitarri
  • 23 ♑ 13 – New Moon
  • 23 ♑ 42 – ν Aquila
  • 23 ♑ 55 – δ Aquila, Almizan I
  • 24 ♑ 06 – α Pavonis, Peacock
  • 24 ♑ 08 – φ1 Pavonis
  • 24 ♑ 35 – Pluto

New moon in Sagittarius Constellation brings optimism and a sense of adventure. It gives the enthusiasm to expand your horizons through travel and philosophy. A different perspective comes through exploring foreigners, religion, law, business, sport, academia, and ethics. This is a particularly good new moon for setting goals. Looking forward to a new vision provides excitement.

Iota Sagitarri in the foot of the Archer is like Jupiter and Saturn: Legacies, inheritance, fame, but foolish and unfortunate in love affairs.

Constellation Aquila the Eagle is said to give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind, and the ability for chemical research. It has a nature similar to that of Mars and Jupiter: Great pride, grandly liberal, commanding, cosmopolitan views.

Constellation Pavo the Peacock is said to give vanity and love of display, together with a long life and sometimes fame. 2

New Moon January 2021 Summary

The January 13 new moon is extremely intense and complex. The intensity comes not only from the conjunction to Pluto but from four other conjunctions and six square aspects.

These aspects and the aspect pattern produces point to a crisis resulting from the combination of unexpected change and buildup of frustration and tension.

But Venus trine Mars-Uranus, plus the semisextile aspects help relieve the frustration and tension and open up great opportunities for development. New moon January 2021 may force you to confront a deep-seated problem but soul evolution only comes through facing challenges.

The effects of the January 13 new moon last for four weeks up to the February 11 new moon. And the best time for initiating changes and addressing any problems is during the waxing moon phase, from January 13 to the January 28 full moon.If the new moon directly affects your Sign you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, for more details about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

New Moon January 2021 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles, January 12 at 9:00 pm
  • New York, January 13 at 0:00 am
  • London, January 13 at 5:00 am
  • Delhi, January 13 at 10:30 am
  • Sydney, January 13 at 4:00 pm
  1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2005, p.201.
  2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p. 29, 55, 60.

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  1. Jamie I can’t thank you enough for all the clarity and insights you bring me through your email astrology updates. Thank you again 😁🙏🙌🥳

  2. Your New Moon/Full Moon writings and analyses are so accurate- but I think last full moon’s wasn’t so much only because had you don’t use chiron. The sun squared chiron last time and it was kind of a “painful” moon for me. Maybe chiron wasn’t the culprit, but that was the only analysis that seemed off. Otherwise you’re always ridiculously accurate and great! Happy New Year!

  3. This New Moon seems important for me – squares my natal moon exactly- what do you think that will be for me in terms of themes possibly (only if you have a sec to look, otherwise no problem!) Feb 16 79 7:55PM

  4. Jamie – Can you make a quick chart analysis of the events that just happened in USA ?! I had a look at Washington Transit chart ( 6 January ) and it immediately struck me the squares : Moon -> Pluto,Mercury,Saturn ->Mars,Uranus . Thanks !

  5. I had my Saturn return at 29 Cap..3x… and now simultaneously with this new moon have my Jupiter return at 5 Aqua, conjunct IC, you know I had wondered how I would hold up with these 2 returns within months of each other, especially having had my Sun and Merc in cancer, Moon and Ascendant in Llbra, Saturn in Cap all forced to carry the burden on more than one occasion of those 7 cardinal crosses, while also working with my Chiron return in Pisces, Pluto opposing my Sun and Merc in Cancer, trine my mc and a small stellium in Leo, then squaring my moon, and on approach to squaring my ascendant, to say I have been feeling very old at times, would be an understatement, I have felt completely tortured and hung out to dry, and yet with my Jupiter return on the horizon now, I am beginning feel ancient, yet more young at heart more often, the only wa I can only describe it as if experiencing some newly occurring, phenomena, in my own life, the unknown quantum for me, becoming known for me? Anyway, I have found it an extremely harsh and somewhat cruel & perilous journey, which had I known ahead, I a probably would not have signed up for, which answers a question I had often quandried over, asking myself “why it is that no one can ever really truly know their own destiny”, and now I so have a better working understanding of that 😉

  6. ps and my Natal Jupiter conj IC is quincunx natal Pluto in Virgo, opposite Chiron in Pisces….so depth, subtlety,ancient wisdom and philospophy, the only way to heal oneself is to dig deep and do it yourself hahaha

  7. Wow could not believe this new moon chart when I saw it! All the Capricorn and Aquarius planets completely match up and overlay conjunct on my natal planets in first house. Never seen so many transits conjunct at once! Jan 25 1962 Spirit River Canada. Also Jupiter and Saturn returns happening within a month of each other. Lots of personal transformation though I am not entirely seeing it.

  8. Sounds like you might wanna hold onto your hat Kim, it may be a bumpy ride, but well worth it I would think. Yeah I was born 61 just had my saturn return and jupiter is just about to conjunct Jupiter, but what I would imagine to be commanding more focus is Pluto, gradually coming up on natal Saturn, but then Im not an astrologer, just an intrigued student of the stars 🙂

  9. I totally agree with you, there is so much to indicate a bumpy ride. Pluto has been sitting on my Mars all year, but with sitting at home alone with COVD not much has occurred. All the change (in every area of my life, last Jan 6 Pluto Saturn conjunction was a big marker on my Mars) started in the previous couple of years with the Aquarius axis eclipses all landing in this same zone. To me change and bumpy rides is equated with adventure, and I have a strong positive attitude so hopefully that will get me through all this.Thanks for your comments.

  10. I see what you mean about some really tough energies to deal with, that is a lot! I love how you describe the new feelings of the Jupiter energy. Hopefully this will start to bring some good things in for you.

  11. Would the Medium Learning Triangle apple to me specifically when you combine the natal and transiting planets together? There is no MLT in just my natal alone. (Same Kim speaking as earlier in this discussion). I really enjoy all the many different elements you bring into your readings, always interesting, thank you so much for what you do!

  12. My roommate left a burning pot on the stove this evening and when I smelled smoke under my bedroom door, and when I went out and found the kitchen/living room filled with smoke (time to change the smoke detector batteries, but I think getting her to set the timer on her phone is something she’d better start doing, or I’m gonna be a bit more irritated), and I’m just guessing with today’s new moon, her Venus trine Mars-Uranus might be flaring up with that “tendency to complacency and carelessness” mentioned in this NM report 🙂

  13. Yesterday on the new moon I had the biggest revelation, that I couldn’t understand for years, turns out I had some issues from back when I was 3 years old which have made me codependent in relationships. And it only revealed itself spontanneously on this new moon which I was not even aware of. It was a big insecurity for me but now I finally get why I am like this, and this article really sums it up so well. Amazing, it truly is all like a puzzle, piece by piece.

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