Saturn Square Mercury Transit

 Saturn Square Mercury Transit Saturn square Mercury transit can cause confusion, negative thinking, and communication problems. Your mind is slower than usual so you may forget things or make mistakes when adding up or writing. This is not a good time for research and studies or for making important decisions.

You will be tested mentally so the best approach is to keep it simple and focus on the basics. It will be difficult to see the whole problem or situation clearly. You cannot get the whole perspective because of a narrow point of view. It is hard for you to think, so people around you may accuse you of being lazy, stubborn or ignorant.

If someone pressures you for an answer to a difficult question, an important decision, or your signature, you should say “not now thanks”. Keep it simple and brief, you do not have to explain yourself. You need extra time because if you rush, you are likely to miss an important detail or choose the wrong option.

If you do make wrong choices, get lost, confused, or say the wrong thing, then the best thing to do is stop in your tracks. Do not go any further as you will only complicate matters and get more confused. Accept your misjudgment and say sorry. Leave it at that.

Rigid thinking and difficulty sharing your thoughts can lead to communication breakdowns. Arguments are possible and more likely with authority figures like parents, bosses, and teachers. You are also more inclined to have differing opinions with siblings, cousins, and neighbors.

You are not open to change or new ideas. It may feel like people are nagging you and you just want them to go away. If you are clinging to old-fashioned, outdated ideas and opinions then the nagging or arguments are probably a sign that you need to update those old beliefs. Learning to compromise will make Saturn square Mercury transit so much easier.

You are more likely to feel depressed, rejected, and isolated now. You will be seeing the worst of every situation and may dwell on all the bad things that have happened or are happening to you. It is common to fear the death of family members and basically think everything is going wrong and you have no hope.

If you consciously remember that Saturn is having this negative influence on your thinking you will cope a lot better. Things are not actually that bad, it is just your negative perception of things making you think this way.

Saturn Square Mercury Transit Symptoms

Physical symptoms of Saturn square Mercury transit can include nail-biting, lack of coordination and slow reflexes, lethargy, tiredness, bad moods, and depression. Smokers may feel a heaviness, tightness, or pains in the chest.

The symptom that other people will notice the most is your negativity and nagging. It is so important to remain conscious of Saturn and try to stay positive. Think happy thoughts and nice things about yourself and your loved ones.

Ignorance of the effects of this transit can cause relationship problems. Feeling mean and grumpy all the time can result in your saying or doing the wrong thing. Minor errors in judgment are to be expected, but being intentionally nasty to others with insults or abuse would have serious karmic repercussions now or in the future.

5 thoughts on “Saturn Square Mercury Transit

  1. Saturn is changing from Scorpio to Sagittarius this 27th. Does it signify anything specific???

  2. At present, transiting Saturn is squaring my natal Mercury. In years past, I’ve experienced depression and loneliness during a Saturn transit but this time we are all in lockdown and I just feel peaceful. However; just as I was thinking how fortunate I am to have two male penpals who are great communicators, poof! Their communication dried up due to their own personal transits. One is having Saturn conjuncy his natal Mercury and the other has gone to ground with severe depression because Saturn is square his moon! Old Saturn has had the last word …reminding me that I’m not here to enjoy myself.

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