Full Moon January 28, 2021 – Anger Management

Full Moon January 2021 AstrologyThe Leo full moon on Thursday, January 28, 2021, is square Mars and opposite Jupiter. So the spiritual meaning of the full moon January 2021 astrology relates to anger management and using self-control to harness your initiative and enthusiasm.

The January 2021 full moon joins an aggressive Mars-like fixed star. It makes only testing square and opposition planetary aspects that act like Mars. And Jupiter amplifies the challenging nature of Mars. So it is very important to use patience, responsibility, and self-control to avoid anger and impulsiveness causing harm to yourself and others.

Full Moon Meaning

Sun opposite Moon brings your home, family, and intimate relationships into sharper focus for the following two weeks of this moon phase. Opposing forces such as work versus home, or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures. This can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

Full Moon January 2021 Astrology

The January 28 full moon at 09°05′ Leo makes only testing red planetary aspects as shown in the chart below. So as well as being a challenging and tense full moon, the lack of harmonious blue aspects means it will be extremely difficult to relax.

Red aspects resemble Mars in their influence. They promote action, achievement, and the attaining of goals. Mars is also the apex of a T-square aspect pattern involving the full moon. All the energy stored in the oppositions is transferred along the squares discharged through Mars.

The Moon is also conjunct a fixed star that acts like Mars, giving courage, aggression, defiance, and violence.

Full Moon January 2021 Astrology

Full Moon January 2021 Astrology

Full Moon Aspects

Full Moon square Mars (1°45′) gives an insatiable need to meet your passionate desires. But dynamism and a fighting spirit can make you short-tempered. A subconscious urge to act impulsively brings danger from risk-taking. Extra care is required to avoid being hurt or causing harm.

However, holding onto anger is not wise. Try to release your heated feelings in a controlled way. Avoid being overly defensive or mean when others share their hurt feelings. But this is not easy, so some degree of emotional discomfort is to be expected, especially in intimate relationships.

Courage is needed to face whatever is causing you pain or making you feel threatened. Temper tantrums, accidents, violence, cuts, or burns, would be signs of not dealing with your emotional troubles.

Full Moon opposite Jupiter (0°12′) can make you feel happy, relaxed, sociable, and generous. But it can also bring overconfidence, lack of self-control, and immorality. The square to Mars means these less desirable effects will predominate.

Being more willing to share your feelings and less guarded about your privacy could bring embarrassment and scandal. Generosity and kindness may be seen as a weakness and be taken advantage of. Emotional discomfort, poor self-image, a questioning of beliefs, jealousy, and obsessive, excessive, or addictive behaviors are possible.

Mars square Jupiter (1°33′) gives the enthusiasm, courage, and initiative to start new projects and to take the risks needed to achieve large-scale success. This is very sexual and attractive energy though a little coarse or tactless. It can also make you overconfident, impulsive, and reckless.

Avoid acting rashly without considering the consequences of your daring actions. Choose your fights carefully and use forethought and strategy. Taking too many risks could lead to accidents and injuries, and being too forward could lead to embarrassment. A balance between caution and bravado needs to be found.

Other Aspects

Venus conjunct Pluto (0°09′) dramatically increases your need for love and affection. It gives an intense desire to experience companionship at a deeper level. Magnetic attractiveness gives the power to attract friends and lovers. But this power can also be misused by manipulating, guilt-tripping, or other subversive tactics.

Instant attraction and infatuation could lead to intense sexual experiences and karmic relationships. But possessiveness, obsessions, stalking, and jealousy are also possible. If married, an affair at this time would have serious repercussions. There may also be a tendency to fall for negative or dangerous types of people like criminals and heavy drug users.

Saturn square Uranus (1°55′) is a long-term influence that climaxes on February 17. It can bring changes you don’t want. It also makes it harder to make the kind of changes you do want. Your personal freedoms and rights may be restricted. This can be a very frustrating time of rising tension and sudden, expected changes.

But if you stay open-minded, patient, and flexible, challenges can be turned into opportunities to rid yourself of negative, restrictive, and limiting things in your life. It is best not to force change that you want but to adapt to changing conditions. A well-considered, methodical, patient, and step by step approach is best.

Full Moon Asteroids

Full Moon conjunct asteroid Hygeia (0°01′) makes health, hygiene, and disease major themes of the full moon January 2021 astrology.  The Coronavirus pandemic will likely cause increased illness and death, as well as hypochondria, fears and conspiracy theories and vaccination, and the virus itself.

With the full moon also square Mars and opposite Jupiter, there is an increased risk that lack of caution, increased socializing and risk-taking will lead to a spike in infections in the coming weeks.

Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith (0°13′) increases sex drive and the urge to take risks. It reduces inhibitions and gives a willingness to explore sexual taboos.

Given the other full moon aspects, promiscuity and lack of caution may cause an increased risk of infection from Covid-19 and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as problems with triangular relationships.

Full Moon Stars

Full Moon January 2021 in the Sign of Leo is actually in the Constellation of Cancer. This discrepancy is due to the precession of the equinoxes which has moved the Sun Signs almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named over 2000 years ago.

Full Moon January 2021 Astrology

Full Moon January 2021 [Stellarium]

The 23rd Chinese lunar mansion (Ghost) from 06°00′ to 10°33 Leo governs departed spirits, souls of missing persons, cemeteries, places where people were killed, and buried treasures. Making an enclosure will presage the death of a little girl. Unfavorable for beginning new projects, marriage, and anything new. But good for the capitalization of property, memorial services, and visiting graves.

Fixed star Asellus Australis at 09°01′ Leo on the Shell of Crab is of the nature of Mars and the Sun. It gives courage, aggression, and makes its natives heroic and defiant leaders, the danger of violent death, eye injuries, serious accidents, and burns. Yet it also gives beneficence, patience, care, and responsibility, with a charitable and fostering nature. [1]

These people have an aggressive nature, and will not take insults easily. They may, by their own lack of caution or by being dare-devils, put their lives in danger, and will not hesitate to use brutal and violent means. But if a person is able to sublimate the Mars energy, an extraordinary output of achievement is possible. Called “the spirit of the ancestors” by the Chinese.[2]

The ‘patient donkey’ is a lovable creature, but it can be very self-willed and uncooperative indeed at times of its own choosing. It displays moodiness and can put up a wonderful display of stubbornness and impatience at one and the same time. (Asellus Australis is Latin for The Southern Donkey Colt.) [3]

Moon conjunct Asellus Australis (0°04′): Ill-health, defective sight, hearing, or speech; bad for business affairs, loss of friends, and trouble through enemies. Inflammatory fever, pains in the head, blindness. [1]

Peculiar experiences with the realms of the dead. The same can be said for spiritual seances. [2]

A deeper intuition that will often reveal the poet, painter, musician unusually gifted, composer, psychic ‘medium’ or astrologer. In all cases too, there is that patience for which the Donkey is respected, a quality necessary for all really reliable psychism. Perhaps when the donkey is being stubborn, he is seeing something in the path which his impatient master cannot, or will not see. [3]

Full Moon January 2021 Summary

The January 28 full moon square Mars and opposite Jupiter brings passion, enthusiasm, and courage but a tendency toward anger, recklessness, and overconfidence. The fighting spirit and courage are reinforced by fixed star Asellus Australis, but so is the aggression, recklessness, and violence.

There is the danger of impulsive actions leading to hurt feelings, embarrassments, accidents, and injury. Other influences in the full moon January 2021 astrology create an intense need for companionship mixed with powerful sexual urges and a lack of caution. This increases the risk of infection from Covid-19 as well as sexually transmitted diseases and complications caused by triangular relationships.

But there is the potential for the primal energy of Mars to be harnessed using self-control, patience, responsibility, and a stronger than usual intuition. Great achievements and successes are possible. A profound new love relationship may begin or you may enjoy deeper love with a partner. 

This is a particularly good moon phase for identifying obstacles in your path and for ridding yourself of things that are bad for you or you no longer need.

The effects of the January 28 full moon lasts for two weeks up to the February 11 new moon. Its influence is combined with that of the January 13 new moon. Conjunct Pluto, it triggered soul growth and evolution in response to a crisis. It brought tension and frustration due to a deep-seated problem that will take time and effort to adapt to.If the full moon directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about it in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see full moon transits.

Full Moon January 2021 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles – January 28, 11:16 am
  • New York – January 28, 2:16 pm
  • London – January 28, 7:16 pm
  • Delhi – January 29, 0:46 am
  • Sydney – January 29, 6:16 am
  1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.141.
  2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1971, p.41.
  3. The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1988, p.50.

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  1. Wow,thank youso much!!! The breakdown if planets makes me shake!! Why shake?…Am a Virgo with a leo Ascendent at 24 and Fortuna @ 23 also in Leo.My Sun is at 8 virgo and moon @ 10 Virgo while my Chiron is at 9 Aries. Ceres at 7 Taurus.What should i expect?
    Born 1 september 1970 at 5:30 in Malindi Kenya.
    Well the Sun will sextile my Chiron and the full moon will trine my Chiron.what about the planet in virgo? The sun @8 and Moon @10? What is that to say??
    Please help

  2. From the time of the Performance of a Riot, Mercury in its shadow, and on into March, everyone Tropical will get a Taste of a life progressed through the 1962 soup cans, three times.

    I made it, you can too.

  3. I have natal Jupiter at 9 Leo, and Aries ascendant. Interested to see what will happen. New moon / pluto was also opposing my natal Chiron, but to no discernible effect. Any suggestions?

  4. Interesting you should use the word shake Bantu, I am naturally very intuitive and felt guided to shake recently to keep shaking out any tension, pressure and anxiety while also helping to warming for some hot energies ahead, Now I read what Jame has written, what I was sensing to be a good idea, that I beginning to wonder if was actually a stupid idea, may actually prove to be a good idea after all. Especially given various personal planet and luminary placements, I wonder if its like, choose shake it up now or it will shake you up later hahaha!

  5. The truth, if you’re struggling with it, is to recognize that the Lunar north node is in Gemini, so you can’t handle it.

    Its not unlike last year when we were looking at the January stellium, the South node in Capricorn. To solve the discomfort, pick it up and take it to the North node in Cancer.

    then smash

    The pandemic explodes, and in the obliquity of an eye, the planet is working from home.

    And what now? Even we see this in the astrological community, its leaders and authority brand figures, the agents and trolls, they scamper about the net, publish stories and edicts… as they lead us down … into the void… They’ve picked up that messy truth in Sagittarius and have taken it to talky Gemini for awhile. Thank you very much.

    You’re golfing? The fairway is a lie, the truth is your lie in the bunker.

    parting shot

    Cheer up! May the magic rise this full Moon, travel and land, in the hidden pocket.

  6. The Truth, hung out to dry, has a sterilizing effect. This time next year, the Lunar nodes move into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Gemini, which rules mechanics and social media, will cease giving us the gears. But until then, enjoy the ride, and the new transmission. When you get home your fish and clothes will be ready on the line.

  7. A genuine astrologer isn’t biased. the language you are using in full of propaganda

  8. The speaking of a truth right now eminates from a particular place in the dragon called the south lunar node.

    my comment on this matter are on a diet. See everyone at the New Moon.

  9. In the chart for the full moon Jupiter is cazimi and Saturn is combust. Does that mean that Saturn is 1. Weak or 2. As strong as normal in Aquarius, but working from behind the scenes? Which one is it? If Saturn is weak thing can really get out of control. E.g. because of some revelations, since Jupiter is for opening up.

  10. Jamie, I had this full moon falling exactly on my Natal Mars in Leo (who is conjunct with my ASC, Sun in Taurus and Moon in Aries). I confess I’m a little scared with this full moon, how could it impact me?
    I felt deeply every significant transit of Mars.

  11. The WWW began on August 6, 1991. It seems that whatever is going on is a global. It’s not about the USA by a long shot. In 2009 Obama endorsed bipartisan legislation that would give him an on/off switch to the US Internet. It hasn’t yet passed Congress but I expect it now will. Considering 1991 and 2009 together I can predict where this is going next. When the USA was born there weren’t laws. If you had a problem with someone you had a duel and someone got shot. Clearly that wasn’t a good method. We’ve been ignoring and NOT governing the Internet and international trade/travel the same way. Clearly this isn’t a good method either. Times are a changing. Drafting new laws is difficult and often done in response to issues which have no other solution. I think this full moon combined with Mercury Rx kicks off the end of the unregulated internet as we know it. Right Australia?

  12. Your analysis of this Full Moon is just about the best on the web at this time, Jamie. I certainly found myself here… even though there is still about a day to go before the Full Moon actually happens.
    The Moon/Hygeia is on my Pluto, and is in orb to my Sun.
    Mars/Lilith are square to my Sun and Pluto.
    The Node is on my Uranus.
    I’m sorry to say I’ve been behaving VERY badly. And I shall be staying home (and maybe even hiding under the bed…) for the next few days.
    And there’s Mercury retro to contend with as well. OY!

  13. It explains the many riots, burns, and anger we have in our country.
    Considering its in fixed signs, that make it hotheaded. They claim to fight against the curfew we have. The restrictions in uranus in taurus, personal freedom, causes anger (mars).
    The venus and pluto in capricorn is the do with authority, your own or against government. Jupiter (to do with believe systems), in aquarius is also about freedom. We have a bit more freedom on the web but physical restricted (taurus).

    The lesson here is, it’s for all humanity!
    Put your own ego aside. I might sound as donkey now.

    I have ascendant 8° scorpio and descendant 8° taurus, with sun in 7th 13° taurus.
    My partner has 8° venus in scorpio 7th opposite his chiron r 9° taurus 1st house. Jupiter 2° leo 4th/5th conjunct asteroïd lie 26955. He all the sudden became very jealous that i spoke to a dude at work. But he was the one who cheated on me in 2018 when venus went retrograde in scorpio, with the north node exact on his jupiter and asteroïde lie in leo.

  14. I’m so grateful for all your hard work. It must take you hours and hours to write all this stuff. You’re such a great gift to the planet – and the astrology community. Thank you so much.

  15. I see the triangular relationships you describe as the American republic ( no longer incorporated) , Joe Biden and crew along with the cee cee pee. I wonder which and if more than one will be triangulated.

  16. Yes in the U.K. , Marg thatcher had ten days of pressure before resigning in nov 1990, being superseded by her deputy john major. ( useless wet) . I wonder if Doris days are numbered and if gove, (another useless wet) who has already stabbed him in the back once in 2018 over the top job will do a double . Note pence betrayed trump also, the karma doesn’t care how or why. He was still betrayed. Is camel toe now coming for sleepy. If she does he will not see it coming. Mercury retro in aquarius sure going to be interesting. Oh and nearly forgot sturgeon is also on her way out, l will give her a week. Farage is coming for her.

  17. Get ready for another FALSE FLAG we are entering the “Festival of Fire” Imbolic.

  18. Does that mean you do not want to have freedom of speech any longer? And let someone else decide for you what you should think, what information you get to have?

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