Moon Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit

Moon Opposite Jupiter TransitMoon opposite Jupiter natal means you know how to use your accelerator by may have trouble finding the brakes. You are generally an optimistic, generous and engaging person that others find warm and friendly. You can seem intense and over the top sometimes but this is just part of your bubbly personality and people accept this about you. In fact, is adds to your popularity.

You may have many friends but you do give a lot of yourself to your partner or one person in particular. You cannot hide your feelings which has the potential to cause anxiety or relationship tension. Obsessiveness or jealousy can make your partner feel smothered, or they may get embarrassed in social situations by your over the top emotional displays or other excesses.

Though this is generally a positive aspect, problems can occur if you go to far with negative behaviors and habits. You could have a tendency to become addicted to things that make you feel good. Whatever tickles the happy hormones in your brain can end up controlling your life if you are not careful. Drugs, sex and food are just a few examples but too much of just about anything can cause problems. You even have to be careful about being too nice. You may be overly generous and leave you and your family short. Other consequences of excess can include embarrassment, disgrace, separation, and illness.

The key to avoiding self-destructive behavior is moderation by using self-control. This is not easy if you do feel a compulsive urge to keep going, which may start as an unsettling, nervous feeling in your tummy. Your instinct then is to find the quickest and easiest way to feel calm and settled again. I’m sure you will find healthy ways to substitute for old naughty quick fixes.

Another possible manifestation of natal Moon opposite Jupiter is an excess of attention that feels overwhelming or exhausting. Your mother, partner, friends or the public may invade your privacy. This can be because you are so open with your feelings or because of their jealousy, obsessiveness or moral self-righteousness. If so, you will need to set boundaries and probably be more self disciplined about sharing your feelings and private life.

Moon Opposite Jupiter Transit

Moon opposite Jupiter transit brings good feelings and generosity but also the potential for a lack self-control and unwanted attention. If you are a shy person this is a good transit for sharing your feelings and opening up to your loved ones. You should feel more relaxed and sociable. However, your good cheer can turn to unhappiness if your kindness is seen as a weakness by others. Take care that your overly generous mood is not taken advantage of.

Being less guarded about your feelings and private life can also be an open invitation to interfering mothers, moral crusaders and even the public. This transit will be more problematic if you already have difficulty with self-control or addiction. You may react to others people’s possessive or jealous behaviour by subconsciously falling into negative habits and behaviors.

It is also possible that you become emotionally upset or simple feel out of sorts. This could be due to concerns about your future or questioning of your belief system, but it can also so be reasons you are not consciously aware of. This unsettling feeling in your tummy can be another trigger for excessive behaviors such as over eating and substance abuse.

This interpretation for Moon opposite Jupiter transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon opposite Jupiter.

Moon Opposite Jupiter Celebrities

Ronald Reagan 0°01′, Dottie West 0°05′, Jodie Foster 0°13′, Carole King 0°22′, Arsenio Hall 0°36′, Kate Hudson 0°39′, Marvin Gaye 0°40′, Kim Kardashian 0°43′, Fay Weldon 0°51′, Arthur Koestler 0°53′, Jeff Buckley 1°47′, George Van Tassel 1°45′, James Earl Jones 2°00′, Charlie Sheen 2°07′, Jimmy Bryan 2°10′, Samuel Taylor Coleridge 2°12′, Karen Carpenter 2°21′, Steve Winwood 2°21′, George Oppenheimer 2°23′, Jon-Erik Hexum 2°36′, Leona Helmsley 2°46′.

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    • Some words are cultural. In England we use tummy and naughty in adult speech and the feeling behind the use of these words isn’t puerile or babyish. Yes, WORDS MATTER! I agree. But I believe, in this instance (?), that this may be a cultural choice. In America people say ‘potty’ (meaning ‘going to the loo’, peeing, etc) and it horrifies me; adults using ‘child-speak’ to their animals or in reference to themselves. YUK! In England, ‘potty’ means ‘a bit daft’ or eccentric, or that one is ‘beginning to age or to lose ones marbles (and not make sense). I am so upset when I hear people using it (destroying it’s meaning!) to mean ‘pee’. (Sorry, not my chosen subject but the usage that bothers me most). Anyhoo, YES! words matter! (I am so aware of this, being half English and half American).

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