Venus Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

Venus Conjunct Pluto Transit

Venus conjunct Pluto maximum orb 6°00′.

Venus conjunct Pluto natal creates an intense love nature. How you need to love and be loved manifests, positively or negatively, depending greatly on other aspects and fixed stars in your chart. The variability in the expression of love with this conjunction is mainly due to how you love yourself.

Either way, relationships are a serious matter in your life and vital to your well-being. You should find it easier than most to attract a partner because of your power level of attraction, both emotional and sexual. Instant attraction, karmic relationships, and falling head over heels can apply to you or your lovers. It does not take long for you to fall deeply in love and form a powerful union.

If other factors in your chart point to low self-esteem or negative moods, Venus conjunct Pluto can lead to a lack of self-love and destructive relationships. You may become a victim of betrayal or abuse, enduring much pain each time you are stung. And this can be a repeating cycle spiraling down into despair.

Jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, and even crime may result in disgrace and embarrassment. Negative manifestation can also result in self-abuse through drugs or other forms of self-harm. Poverty, sadomasochism, sexual abuse and rape would be extreme examples.

Even in the depths of Pluto’s realm, you can always draw on a powerful ability to transcend pain and transform your life. It may be that fate sees you visit the darkness, for you regenerate like a butterfly from the cocoon.

With positive self-esteem and self-love come the positive manifestations of this conjunction. Self-confidence, popularity, wealth, and healthy relationships result from a positive transformation or the blessing of other helpful aspects and fixed stars. You will then enjoy the intensity of love and affection of partners and good friends.

Eliminating negative associations and behaviors is essential for your development. You will prefer friends and lovers who take relationships seriously, like yourself. Remember that you find very few people love as profoundly as you do, but that does not mean they do not love you as much as they possibly can.

Venus Conjunct Pluto Transit

Venus conjunct Pluto transit dramatically increases your need for love and affection. You want to experience companionship at a deeper, more intense level. This can lead to problems if you are single, but this transit can also throw a spanner in the works of a healthy relationship if you misplay your cards.

You will be wielding greater power to attract friends and lovers. You can have a magnetic attractiveness that pulls people in subconsciously. Problems will arise if you consciously misuse your increased pulling power. In this case, there will be a tendency to manipulate others by guilt-tripping or other subversive tactics.

Other behaviors to beware of, not just in you but others, are possessiveness and jealousy. Infatuation is fine, and you may fall deeply in love now. But stalking and spying are not acceptable, and if married, then an affair at this time would have the most severe repercussions. There may also be a tendency to fall for harmful or dangerous people like criminals and heavy drug users.

In a healthy and happy relationship, this transit can lead to intense sexual experiences if the other half is keen. This may include a degree of bondage or pain. If single, instant attraction could lead to a profound and karmic relationship. In both cases, openly giving love and affection without catches is the key to satisfaction.

Venus Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Suzanne Vega 0°05’, Liberace 0°07’, Georg von Peuerbach 0°09’, Sydney Omarr 0°10’, William Butler Yeats 0°15’, Bruce McLaren 0°20’, Émile Durkheim 0°20’, Nancy Kerrigan 0°27’, William Ennis Thomson 0°29’, Roy Castle 0°31’, Hans Fritzsche 0°33’, Frida Kahlo 0°35’, Guglielmo Marconi 0°35’, Zac Efron 0°38’, Charles Dickens 0°46′, Emmanuel de Martonne 0°53’, Alan Turing 0°54’, Wes Craven 0°55’, Kendall Jenner 0°57’, Robert Watson-Watt 1°00’, Walter de Mare 1°00’, Curt John Ducasse 1°03’, Irma P. Hall 1°03’, Dietrich Eckart 1°04’, Woody Paige 1°08’, Roger Rosenblatt 1°13’, Francis Galton 1°28’, Phil McGraw 1°38’, Jada Pinkett Smith 1°40’, Julia Gillard 1°48′, Tycho Brahe 1°56′.

Venus Conjunct Pluto Dates

January 1, 2023
February 17, 2024
December 7, 2024
January 19, 2026
March 6, 2027
December 24, 2027
February 7, 2029
March 18, 2030
January 11, 2031
February 27, 2032
December 18, 2032

29 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. What this causes in my chart is a bunch of paradoxes, luck and sorrow. I have this conjunction 24º Venus and 25º Pluto in Scorpio. They’re oposite Moon (conjunct the “dreadful” Algol 26º37′ Taurus) and they’re squaring Saturn. So it’s a t-square and Moon is my 7th ruler.
    You’d think I’m doomed in relationships. Try again. I’ve gone through very smooth sailing relationships, peaceful, zero drama even when it came to endings. But a married happy life isn’t in my top 5 priority in life. If it happens, I’m ok, if it doesn’t, I’m not gonna die bitter. This easy going approach I have to relationships is what I consider to be why I could manage them so well. But looking at a whole, millenials are breaking all the life patterns of birth, grow, study, work, marry, children, work, die.
    (That description of Venus conj. Agena causing rarsh relationships to women is totally true. To men, it’s the opposite).
    On the other side, this conjunction is in my 11th house, Saturn in 3rd, Moon in 5th. Do you think that enjoyment (5th) from friends and groups (11th) is easy or they’re blocked, misinterpreted by gossip or jealousy from the 3rd house?
    You may have caught in the news about the absurd number of kids who kill themselves due to bullying in school. I was almost in that statistics. Spent 2 years in therapy and medications to overcome depression which resulted from psychological (moon) hell, but still working on my ways to overcome this 100%. Interestingly, it was the time I needed my mom (moon) the most and she turned her back to me. My strategy to overcome it was “you either raise your head and love your self or die”. It TOTALLY resonates to what you said about self-esteem. The moment I started to imagine myself on a pedestal and a crown on my head things changed. Unfortunaly in our society knowing your worth and holding your standards high is seem as a bad thing. I don’t go 15 days without being called arrogant, but it’s a small price to pay. I’ve noticed in other times in life that if I forget to “put on my crown” during the morning, things start to go down that spirral again. May I add during that time, Pluto was transiting my ASC (I see you’re almost at it too Jaime. Be prepared THINGS WILL HAPPEN haha) and Saturn was transiting my MC (2008-2010).
    So my question is: can a star “steal” the spotlight of aspects?
    I ask this because Agena is the closest to that Pluto-Venus conjunction of mine. It seems to be a good star which is stronger than it appears to be. Can it overshadow this t-square? I can see the bad outcomes of this t-square in various aspects of life, but not in relationships, and it’s a Venusian star.

    • Hi again Betinix, I don’t use houses and I think you have enough information anyway without confusing things further. Venus applies to your love life whatever house it is in, and to all houses really. Thanks for the advice, I just know things will happen with Uranus also on my Saturn, then Saturn over AC the next year. Staying positive and you advice on that is excellent too. Much better to have a healthy ego and be called arrogant than be depressed.

      Fixed stars are actually a stronger influence than aspect I believe. Aspects will flavor the influence of a fixed star, not the other way around. Planets would emit next to no energy when compared to a star.

  2. I have a trine with Venus and the Sun (10th H) in Pluto (2nd. H). Though, my Venus is in combustion with the Sun. I bet this combustion makes the role of the inferno you display in this article, Jamie.
    I rather be by myself, than “fall” -again- with this plutonian Menschen. They sure bring lots of sorrow. Either they don´t really want to compromise, or they are in deep need, not being able to love, somehow. Or they just want to play a little. Of sorts of missunderstandings. My Neptune takes part in the whole, because it in opp. with the fried conjunction, so just to add my part: I heard what I wanted, not what was really said. Now, I listen much better :).
    Thankyou for the insight Jamie 🙂

      • Love can be transactual with this or contractual. , as Venus is our system of values , love for the sake of loving is what needs to be transformed from : ” I gave you this so what am I getting in return. ” ( exploition ) ( a material and perhaps a ‘carnal ‘ return. )
        Gary Ridgeway ( the Green River serial killer) had Venus opposition his natal Pluto .He was asked in a bio pic. ” why did you kill these women ? ( prostitutes ) His answer was that : ” he didn’t want to pay them.”
        (Venus ),
        opposed to payment for : (Pluto)
        , sex.
        This is why Venus is exalted in Pisces , because love is a spiritual thing.It gets messed up when you use it to barter for some material gain.♍👍

        • What an interesting reply and synopsis. You are correct I think. Sex and money. Thanks

  3. My natal ascendant is16 degrees of Capricorn. This Friday, Feb. 5th, transiting Venus and Pluto will conjunct at that degree, and the transiting moon too on Saturday with transiting mercury already there. What does all this transiting energy on my natal ascendant mean?

    • Well Pluto on your Ascendant is a major deal, a complete stripping down and rebuilding. It does not have to be negative as shown in Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit, and Venus will soften things and place a greater focus on relationships, but also how you love yourself when looking in the mirror. Natal aspects to your AC will have a big influence. Best to read the comments on that link because I don’t have this transit until 2018.

  4. This has been a “funky” transit for me i must admit.
    Venus and Pluto is meeting up in the 12th house, and during the last couple of days, I have been able to release some complicated issues regarding past relationships, involving (some sort of) forgiveness and healing of deep sorrow connected to past actions which has created bitterness and blindness.
    There are still work for me to do on it, but the biggest issues seems to have been absolved. At least it seems so.

    I don’t know if the 12th house is about these themes, but that’s how it has played out for me. I have felt lighter and more self-loving, compassionate with myself and others, wanting to shower love on them. Typical Piscean maybe, since it’s the 12th house.

    • I think this is coming from the deep nature of Pluto more than a 12th house influence. Thanks for the input.

  5. My moon in Libra with other planets are squared to venus in Capricorn at birth. So how will it affect with venus conjunct pluto in capricorn for a sun sign Scorpio on the 25

  6. This conjunction is in 15 degree in capricorn. I have venus in taurus in 13.45 degrees. Will conjunction of pluto and venus be trine with my venus??? 2 degree orb? Cause i had 2 years ago trine of transiting pluto and venus, but nothing happened….no love no money :))) What can i expect now Jamie?

  7. Merry Christmas Jaime! Hope you are having a nice day 🙂
    I found your post very interesting as I am trying to understand the interaction on of Pluto and Venus. Even more when on this date this conjunction will be in almost exact opposition to my natal Venus (19.12) and I think will still trine my natal Jupiter (17.14). You mention the potential implication in terms of relationships but I was wondering what could be the situation from a financial/business point of view.
    This will be the second hit of Pluto to my natal Venus so should I have something similar from the first one or would the fact of Venus and Sun transit conjunct Pluto transit bring something different? Thanks!

    • Out of curiosity how this Sun and Venus conjunct Pluto plays if it also square natal Sun (2 degrees orb)? Something related to the personality and hidden relationships can come to light?

  8. My natal moon will conjunct these transit (sun-pluto-venus) in my first house, while simultaneously it will make a trine with my natal sun and sextiles my natal jupiter.

  9. Hi Jamie,
    I think it would be VERY helpful, for those of us learning Astrology little by little and not only, to write how long are transits in effect. Like this one happening January 9th – I’m sure it will not matter only that exact date and time… so how long after can we expect to be influenced by it!?
    Thanks a lot!!!

  10. Hi Jamie!
    Venus transiting is at 3 degrees orb from my natal Pluto ( which natally makes a square to natal venus), My IC is at 22.12 and my solar return within 6 days, so I am trying to understand how this will play. Even more when the full moon will touch my pre- natal lunar eclipse and Pluto transit is already making its third opposition to natal Venus….so I guess something related to house/ home/money/ power/love is at play but would you understand that this will create a complicate solar return for me?
    Thank you !

    • Hi Jamie,

      I was reading again your post as this aspect would hit my chart again. I found my comments and I must say that looking back to previous hits to my chart (Pluto transit in opposition to my Venus) I can say that it has really been focused on housing matters. I had to deal with landlords and men who were very dodgy. It was quite a draining time. In fact around August 24 2018 I had to strongly defend myself and I managed to get the help of authorities. I have been defending myself for a year now (I guess that this is related to the fact that my solar return was just within 6 days of the aspect). So I would say that in December 2017 it was more related to home/money/love and in August 2018 it was more home/ power. The feeling is I manage to survive somehow.

      Now I am doing my best to get ready for the second hit of Pluto squaring my MC and IC although this time Venus is also square my MC and IC (22.12 Aries and Libra) so I guess something more will happen as Veus rules my IC and my IC is also conjunct natal Pluto (19.56). Would you think that I can experience something similar to the first hit? or would the conjunction make it more related to oher things? The first hit was related to a bully and a landlord trying to get their way in an illegal way. I also experienced the entrance of a man professionally who has tried to steal clients.

      It’s interesting to see how planets work out but I must say that Pluto tactics force you to defend yourself in a very intensive way. It’s exhausting and quite unfair. It’s like you need to deal with very intransigent people and situations that are quite out of your control.

      I just hope that the Pluto transit square MC and IC would at the end help me to pu things in place and finally open doors professionally now that I will have Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Venus and soon the Sun in Capricorn.

  11. I have had transit pluto conjunct venus ten years ago. Right then I met somebody through a tinder-like app and fell madly in love. Such a passion, and with no jealousy, although I had every reason. The romance lasted about three years, the transit only one. Life altering experience that I still am not quite over. Since we broke up seven years ago I have only met him once but for the past 5 years we have had absolutely no contact. I don´t really miss him, since it feels I don´t know him anymore. But it has been difficult to know how to live my life since then, it is all scattered. I have a work and an a boyfriend, but I´m not satisfied with them. The pluto-venus-transit was so strong, I must say I was living a dream, and waking up is the hard part. Then I had dreams and lived the dreams (at least partially). Nowadays all I do is trying to adapt to life and make something out of the rest of it. Not even uranus transit conjuct venus was much of anything!?

    Somebody asked how long transits last. It always depends, sometimes pluto can be over a certain point up to four years, sometimes only one. The further out a planet is the longer it lasts, as a rule of thumb. I had saturn trine venus this year and it only lasted a week or so, and it will not come back. It varies. Saturn trine venus was good, but short.

  12. This is happening on my 1st house moon which squares Chiron and opposes Saturn. My relationship just completely fell apart. I’m worried he’ll be cheating on me … I’m expecting pain. What do you make of this conjunction on a badly aspected moon?

  13. please just, for your own sake, change cocoon to chrysalis.

  14. Hello Jamie
    For Aquarius ascendant, Sun-Pluto-Venus in tight conjunction in Scorpio sign and Mercury also in Scorpio sign but not in conjunction. How will be love life and marriage? In Navamsa, Aquarius ascendant again and Sun in Virgo, Moon and Venus in Libra.
    Will this conjunction give positive effects or negative effects?

  15. I have conjustion mars & venus in capricorn. In February – i think it will be a conjuction with pluto – venus – mars? How it will affect me? 🙁

  16. My natal chart has Venus conjunct Pluto right on the MC. Everything sits in scorpio. What does this mean

  17. Hey thanks for the post. I will have transiting Venus conjunct pluto on my ascendant in scorpio next few days. I have been having lots of anxiety around health but I imagine this might be more due to chiron in my 6th right now?

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