Sun Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Pluto Transit

Sun conjunct Pluto maximum orb 7°00′.

Sun conjunct Pluto natal makes for a profound and intense person. You can wield great power and influence while being subject to powerful forces acting on your life. As a result of these deep inner and outer forces, events and relationships in your life can be very dramatic and life-changing.

Strong ambition and drive force you to fully and deeply experience most things. This unceasing willpower and probing, piercing nature can sometimes be overbearing for others. You strongly project yourself with conscious intent, even at the spiritual or psychic level, and others may find this unsettling feeling you are peering into their soul. This penetrating nature also means you can be overly forceful, interfering, obsessive, or compulsive.

On the positive side, your ability to read people and get to the bottom of matters would make you an excellent researcher, spy, psychic, political leader, boss, or criminal mastermind. You can expect to influence those around you and leave your mark, whether loved or hated. Your ability to keep one step ahead makes you an effective leader.

You value your privacy, but this and your sometimes dark and mysterious appearance can make others suspicious. You are susceptible to being accused of something even though you are innocent. You may go through periods of paranoia stemming from being lied to and even become entangled in some conspiracies, such as secret affairs or shadowy business dealings.

Coming in touch with the darker side of life would be natural for you. This could involve police, institutions, crime, drugs, or prostitution. Much depends on other aspects and fixed star conjunction. Challenging aspects and fixed stars could lead to decadence, self-destructive behaviors, ruthless power struggles, and manipulation. Due to your full-on nature, vice and crime, or drug addiction, it would take you to the depth of human suffering.

When you are down through these more sinister sides of Pluto, your tremendous willpower comes to the fore. You have a remarkable ability to transform your life. Pluto’s associations with genetics and evolution mean that when faced with extreme challenges for survival, an evolutionary leap occurs.

Following a setback, you may go through a period of withdrawal and self-analysis. Strong recuperative powers lead to resurrection or rebirth. This is often spiritual and can be assisted through occult means such as past-life regression.

It will not take too long after a defeat or journey to the underworld for your potency to return. Self-respect and selflessness can lead to great power, influence, prominence, and fame.

Sun Conjunct Pluto Transit

Sun conjunct Pluto transit dramatically increases your power and ability to influence the outcomes in your life. However, your increased intensity and probing nature can lead to power struggles. You may have to handle underhand tactics such as controlling and manipulative behavior.

You may begin to feel paranoid, but it is also possible that your enemies may be plotting against you. While such behavior on your part may lead to your undoing, you can uncover secrets and get to the bottom of any mysteries.

You have talent now for deep research and investigation. This also applies psychologically, where you can gain insights into destructive behaviors such as obsessions and addictions. This is also an excellent time to get to the bottom of any serious relationship difficulties. Complex relationship dynamics will become more apparent to you. Much of the insight you gain can occur at the psychic level, and you will be projecting your psychic self penetratingly.

Coming on too strong may cause relationship problems, and others may feel like you are peering into their soul. Avoid interrogating loved ones and use your increased power to make positive transformations around you. Being selfless will bring the best results.

You may experience something dramatic or upsetting. If so, see it as an opportunity to start from the ground up. This transit favors transformations and soul evolution. Initially, this will involve withdrawing and looking at the situation. The re-birthing process will lead to greater self-esteem and personal effectiveness.

This is the time to address any dark and sinister areas of your life, from crime to sleaze, to stalking and addictions. Make repairs now, especially on anything to do with plumbing and drains or under the ground. You can also use this transit to clean up garbage and eliminate unnecessary clutter.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Pluto transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Pluto.

Sun Conjunct Pluto Celebrities

Algernon Swinburne 0°08′, Nero 0°11′, Herb Ritts 0°12′, Alicia Silverstone 0°13′, Betty Hill 0°13′, Pierre Cardin 0°15′, Katy Perry 0°17′, Sara Aldrete 0°19′, Tim Burton 0°29′, Stephen Fry 0°35′, Steve Wozniak 0°35′, John Howard 0°42′, Philippe Petain 0°42′, Richard Francis Burton 0°44′, Vera Atkins 0°46′, Kathy Lee Gifford 0°47′, Merv Griffin 0°48′, Diana Mitford 0°52′, Elizabeth Smart 0°55′, Amy Shapiro 1°00′, Diahann Carroll 1°03′, Bill Haley 1°04′, Emmett Till 1°10′, Josef Dietrich 1°12′, Vivan Robson 1°13′, Seann William Scott 1°16′, Donald Sutherland 1°30′, Janet Leigh 1°35′, Daniel Chester French 1°35′.

Sun Conjunct Pluto Dates

January 18, 2023
January 20, 2024
January 21, 2025
January 23, 2026
January 25, 2027
January 27, 2028

47 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie
    Just realised you must be an Aussie – good to know have same natal conjunction as Bert Newton : ) love your blog!

  2. “Following a setback you may go through a period of withdrawal and self-analysis. Strong recuperative powers lead to a resurrection or rebirth. It will not take too long after a defeat or journey to the underworld for your potency to return.”

    So TRUE, so key. As a Scorpion who has this placement conjunct in the 9th house, I can attest to all of this.

    Excellent analysis!

  3. I have the conjunction in Sagittarius. I can relate to a lot of this. Excellent description!

  4. Ha so funny…transit sun is exact on my natal Pluto today – i’ve spent 2 weeks de-cluttering the land around my house, preparing for a massive digger to come in so we can dig huge drains for the fields!
    I’ve had an enormous energy boost to do the work too (considering the chronic illness i suffer with since living on my saturn conjunct AC line!) – sun conjunct PLuto is allowing me to FINALLY transform this place for the better!
    Brilliant website Jamie – keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thanks so much. You really are living a Pluto life and seem to be bringing out its best. Even right down to earth moving and drains, amazing.

  5. What does this mean for people born on January 7th? Will this be a turning point in their Pluto-Sun conjunction or a finality of sorts? The man I’m in love with has this birth date and he’s been experiencing a tremendous amount of fear about things in his life that he knows he needs to let go of, but he’s paralyzed by this emotion and refuses to take action or even confront the issues. Instead he’s a master at avoiding his emotional issues and chooses not to give them any thought thinking they’ll just go away if he doesn’t acknowledge them. Will this be his breakthrough moment or breaking point? Does anyone ever “escape” the transformations of a Pluto transit or are they only made harder by trying to? Is this change that needs to happen inevitable?

    • For my offering having been through harsh Pluto transits to my sun, mercury and moon, in response to does anyone ever escape the transformations of his transits is yes and no yes you can avoid its transformative potential of rebirth, but only if you refuse to work with the demolishing of what needs to go and instead fight against it, finding yourself in a heap of rubble of whats gone, without working on the rebuild. It is harsh and he may seem to be avoiding, the worste tact you could use however is to add to this confronting force by trying to make him confront it or think that you know what he should be doing rather than being supportive and encouraging when he makes any choices relating to a highly vulnerable and deep emotional level of his being because it is very easy to cause very deep wounding in him, because of your own fearing for the man you love? I hope that makes sense. If you truly love him, you need ti trust him to heal himself, while letting him see he.can trust you with his deeply private feelings without fear of betrayal or judgement.

  6. Quite intrigued by thus upcoming event because of its placement this time and other aspects happening. Sun conjuncts pluto as ge is less than 2 degrees from the square to natal moon and trine to natal venus, at the same rime transit venus will oppose natal pluto and trine my MC a sense of awe has been gradually building, yet due to the plutonic influence and because I also have Neptune trine Neptune in Scorp and trine Merc in cancer, there is nothing to guauge the lay of the lan as to whether the awe is doom/curse or a miraculous blessing, obviously I am hopeful and affirming with love, the latter yet not denying the former, that the neptune influence doesnt cast me into delusion. I really hadnt realised just how powerful this magnetic pull is feeling when I observed it coming up, quite underestimated it in fact.

  7. I was born January 7th 1972.

    Pluto conjunct Sun transit has fully manifested itself in my ‘life.’

    I posted the following elsewhere and decided it should really be posted here so here is most of it below, begining with a side detail that might be of interest to some:


    Good luck to those Pluto Sun Conjunct!


    You are likely going through Puto conjunct Sun right now and if so, I hope you have fared better than I have. I have truly lost everything. Wife, family, friends, home, job, cars, money and most disturbing of all, my identity.

    Combine that Uranus is conjunct Ceres on my Midhaven and Jupiter on my Nadir, I have no idea who I might be nor where I’ll be a year from now.

    All of these powerful transits have effected me in the most extreme ways and I have worked so hard to maintain even the smallest shred of connections to my former life as I’ve understood it.

    Jamie’s outlook for Capricorn 2nd decan has brought me to tears hoping that better days are ahead. The mention of a greater sense of being connected to community and better relationships with women are most sincerely desireable. Most sincerely.

    Astrology is very real. It seems ths all started really pounding me when my (now ex) wife started having affairs with my closest ‘friends.’

    Unsurprisingly, Jamie posted a possibility for her (dob 12-18-70) to engage in an extramarital affair associated with a fixed star right around the time she claimed it began. Her Pluto sextile Sun also reaped all the usual suspects of ditching one and starting up with a new relationship with an old friend that would be irresistible to her. Her obsession being a different friend ths time, my best friend of 12 years.

    Their ruthless and even evil actions toward me have help me get in touch with the dark side of my soul that Pluto conjunct Sun can tend to do.
    To say I’ve discovered parts of myself that I was previously unaware of is an understatement.

    I used to think of myself as a good person and I certainly didn’t walk this road because I wanted to. I can only say Ive done the best I can. My resistance was utterly futile. Utterly.

    I can’t say I’ve appreciated how her life has only seemed to get better and better even though she has publicly fallen from grace quite profoundly and the children are truly scarred by all this as well as by some of my behavior I’m shamed to admit.

    Jamie pointed out she was due a wonderful sudden event around December 24th which might be me moving 8 hours away to my brothers home as the last place on earth left to me besides a homeless shelter.

    I only feel a slight tinge of satisfaction that her new man (dob 9-21-67) has an ugly 17′ up and coming. I worry about the possible fallout of their relationship in the future effecting my boys.

    Most of the time, the vast majority I am.indifferent to them and have my eyes on tomorrow’s possibilities.

    I regret that I don’t seem to be benefitting from the powerful drive this aspect is supposed to bring with it. I spend far too much time in reflection and feel disconnected from life and impotent in my ability to make changes. Sometimes cursed, sometimes I couldn’t care less about anything whatsoever.

    When I do get to connect with another person I often get a sense of bliss depending on the nature of the relatuonship. I do have a powerful need to understand the mysteries of Astrology.

    I don’t trust that all this is for my betterment in anyway. I suspect its likely that more irrevocable harm has been done than I will ever receive on the upside. To me and those around me as well.

    I mention all this because it really happened and the story was told in the stars. Minute details too. It’s so unbelieveably real and now I can’t stop researching this ancient science.

    Also, I know my testimony will be appreciated by serious researchers.

    Mankind and civilization can and should profit from learning about our greater body, our spiritual and physical DNA available for all to see who dare look up and desire to understand our greater connectedness to the whole of creation.

    My dob: 1-7-72 Dallas, TX 6:38pm

    Best wishes!

    • Happy Birthday from England. Very sorry about your pluto effect, but, putting up your chart on astrodienst(did not know the right Texas co ordinate, so choose Alabama. Jupiter in sagittarius, right.? No wonder you are having a crap time, you have had and having a a uranus uranus opposition for the last 4/5 years. Saturn the old man sitting on your Jupiter since (on and off) November 2014, Now Pluto on top of your Sun. RIGHT. How I cope. You are not the only one its happening to, Saturn is TRINE Uranus this year, several times to Saturn on your Jupiter, this will be the year that makes you. Today Pluto is telling you where to go, your brother, Saturn is moving in December (to Cap) but we will ignore that for now, and next year Jupiter into Sag on top of your Jupiter. Its not all bad. Yes, I know, it just feels like it, we are all looking for answers, its normal, but, if you were happy today you would not care less what the sky is saying. Like you, having a rubbish existence but what can you do ?? trying hard to accept but feeling bitter, hard is’nt it. ????? But, this year, I for no reason started studying the nodes, Your nodes in Aquarius. Extremely important, Look at marriage dates, where were the nodes? We are now going into Leo/Aquarius nodes, Opposite yours, you are suffering because you have to go somewhere you don’t want to go, Pluto and Father Saturn say you have too, do it, with good grace. Look at wifes nodes, kids nodes, And, do you ever go outside and look at sky, if you go outside every hour and stand in same spot the stars are moving, its amazing, they are always changing and we did not know and in a thousand, million years still doing that. Believe. So, wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY year, the eclipses will change everything, don’t ever go back, just look forward and keep in touch with the kids, not their fault, all mean’t to be. What were you doing in 1997?1998/1999? The nodes were looking atyour nodes. Would love to know. And, look up where in the world you should be Nodes in Aquarius. this will help. Its the North node that will not be denied. You could not have picked a better 2 years to sort out yourself. With Love and Very best wishes. Linny. Aged 60, Life is a bbbbbb!!!!! Ha haha.

      • Hi Lynne, I’m Martin from Cornwall and I liked the tone and encouragement in Your reply ” likewise having a rubbish existence….” So much so that the SSRI’s are now not working and ECT is on the cards ! Electric shocks through the head; drastic ! The future according to my birth chart is as ominous as being locked in a room with an angry cobra, if the super stellium of doom on 12/1/ 2020 bang on my natal mars doesn’t kill me, the Saturn return will.My DOB is 23/1/1962 11:52 am. If you can see even a single ray of light piercing these dark times please,please let me know.I have recently joined a Christian church in Truro with mixed results ; Good bunch of people yet I have to keep my long standing obsession with astrology to myself. I often wonder what crime I have committed to deserve such a chart/life.Saturn indicates karma which means to me that I must have been a brutal camp guard in Auschwitz in a previous life ! As for Pluto, that’s an atomic bomb of a planet !! I am just going to fantasize that I have an almost exact grand trine of sun,venus , jupiter with the rest of the chart loaded with benific aspects.Anyway, any observations, particularly positive ones appreciated.Thanks.

  8. Hi Jamie…

    Nice to talk to u after a while.. i am facing extreme obsession for the man I love and even after repeated confrontations (one of them on sun conjunct Pluto on 7th) i am unable to just get out of his thoughts and keep on texting him… I hve already decided to let go of him but don’t know from where this obsession keeps on nagging me…
    How do I deal with it? Why am not able to leave him for once and for all? Ascendant 18 cancer and April 2, 1982… My moon square Pluto might be the culprit…what do u say?

  9. Hi Jamie – Thanks so much for all you do! I’ve dabbled in astrology sites and horoscopes before, but yours is truly the only one I’ve ever really felt a strong resonance with. I am a true believer now! I was hoping you might have a moment (or maybe even one of your gifted readers?) to review a troubling issue I’ve been dealing with? Since April, I’ve been beset with a mysterious health issue that numerous Dr.s and specialists have not been able to resolve or even identify. It primarily has to do with my skin – strange things coming out of it. I’m a huge researcher (see, you’re spot-on!), and I have my own ideas of what I believe it is, but I’m hesitant to say. Your comment, “Pluto’s associations with genetics and evolution mean that when faced with extreme challenges for survival, an evolutionary leap occurs.” … Really hit me. This thing that has affected me, I believe is a new form of “disease” born of genetically modified agrobacteria. This would mean that it is now also affecting the DNA of the human cells it has infected. (Have I set off the ‘crazy’ alarms yet?) But really, there are actual scholarly articles and medical studies on this if you look hard enough, I swear! (And oh – I’m just remembering your post about an increase in strange infectious diseases!) Anyway, you also said, “Strong recuperative powers lead to a resurrection or rebirth… And can be assisted through occult means such as past-life regression.”

    So finally, my question is: do you think past-life regression or any other alternative healing practices in particular would be especially beneficial to me in this situation? Is there anything I can do to focus on Pluto’s energy to help increase its personal healing and transforming power? Just looking for any alternative insight on this very alternative ailment. Thank you so much! – Kristin

    • Have you figured out what’s going on and I’ve researched the new health issues which are on the rise and I agree with all you said about the bacteria being gmo and molecular changes of our dna. Crazy times we live in!

  10. ha ha i am having a sun pluto transit at present, having a big clear out and de cluttering due to moving house soon and also standing my ground at work and not giving in i feel as though i could steam roller right over people and keep going if only they would stand up to me

  11. I don’t understand your write-ups of transits. First you write about those having the featured transit natally, then you write about the effect of –in this case, Sun conjuncting your natal chart’s pluto–OK, but I thought his was about today’s transit of the planet Pluto and the Sun conjuncting EACH OTHER . That conjunction takes place in everyone’s natal chart in a different place , which may or may not aspect the Sun or Pluto for an individual.Tracking the location thru the house’s of that conjuncting pair would make more sense to me.

    • These pages are about the natal aspect and the transiting planet conjunct natal planet. They are not written for mundane transits in the sky. But you will get the picture that is why I link to them. Two planets joined by a particular aspect can only means so many things. You can use these aspect and transit pages for progressions, solar return charts and synastry aspects for that matter. This is more useful, accurate and authentic than using Houses.

  12. I have a question and havn‘t found an answer to it in any of my books or the Internet. If an Outer Planet only makes ONE Transit to another (normally its three or Even more Times) what is the effect? Two People I know have just had Saturn Opposite their natal sun and nothing happened (Both have natal sun at 11 degrees cancer). One of them also had uranus Square natal moon, so you could imagine a certain sadness or relationship ending, but nothing happened. Do you have an explanation?

  13. Thank you again, Jamie — for the umpteenth time! Transit Sun is now conjunct my North Node and a degree + 31 secs off being conjunct my Pluto. I have been working for some time to stop some serious sculduggery being practised on the members of my residential management company. (This is to do with stupid English property law, Jamie. An Australian, I have only recently come to terms with it.) But it is only in the last few days that I made my first powerful move, and I shall be making my even more powerful one tomorrow. If both go well, I shall have brought to bear the benefits that the pertinent laws confers on us, but the lowlife have obfuscated. Thanks to you, I now know why I have been so driven by the need to accomplish this.

  14. Thanks Jamie for this insight, i have a natal Pluto Sun Trine aspect and also currently have a trine transit from Pluto in Capricorn to my natal Taurus Sun. i can definitely identify with the smoother elements of this intense pairing but i recently discovered that i also have Pluto parallel Sun that apparently has similar characteristics to a conjunction!! i had never heard of this and am wondering what the significance of a parallel aspect has in your opinion?

  15. Penn Badgley has natal Sun conjunct Pluto (in Scorpio, no less!) … consider his most recent role as a serial killer on the Netflix series, “You,” — they could not have casted a more perfect actor to play this role. Check out any of his interviews, or read some of the posts on his social media, it’s pretty clear the man is the epitome of “Intensity” !!

    • He’s an interesting dude. A feminist, anti-racist, LGBT rights, Baha’i. The new man of the 21st century.

  16. hug popular monolith

    January 14, 2021 Alignment

    Sun, AC, Pluto 24°Cap38’16”

    Space Command
    ABQ, New Mexico

  17. Ceres (12th house) in Cancer squared Pluto-Lilith-(3rd)-Sun-(4th) conjunct in Libra trine to Moon (8th) in Aquarius [which squared Mercury-Uranus (4th) conjunct in Scorpio and Mars (5th) in Sagittarius]…I dunno what others can say about that, but major traumas and lifelong issues are ongoing and I’m always transforming ~ dying and being reborn…definitely to a more mature, evolved individual…but the journey has not been without extreme suffering. I sometimes still wish someone could help me for once in the most profound level….💩😐😬💀

  18. Nice part of Oz.
    I holidayed around Bowraville and Nambucca heads,
    in my teens,in the mid 80’s.
    ‘Walked’ to Coffs Harbour once for a concert,
    from Bowraville.

    My heart was always to get back there,
    Bowraville region.
    Found it deeply,
    spiritually connected.

    Unfortunately,didn’t have,
    enough funds,
    at the time,
    and landed where i am,
    a few years ago,
    near ‘The Grampians’.

    The thought came up today,
    and found myself going back.
    Then i saw your post.

    I’ll see where this takes me,
    reminisce wise.

    I hope all is well.

  19. Sun conjunct Pluto at 1°6′ in the 4th house. Sextile the Moon in Scorpio. Welcome to the dark side. 🙂 I relish deep Intense feelings. And as I process my own I’m recognizing how that’s allowed me to bring healing to others, not very conscious of it till I started exploring astrology a few years ago. Understanding this is my path.

  20. Not sure if you’re gonna read this, but I also have this conjunction in my 9th house, I worked abroad with refugees and saw human suffering first hand. Also had a set back that I had to be reborn. Amazing

  21. I have the Moon in the 1st opposite Pluto in the 7th, in my Solar chart for this year. Reads very accurately under present circumstances as well.

      • Hey, Sending you lots of prayers and good vibes. Mine is 29 degrees capricorn and 29 degrees virgo in Pluto.< Right now it feels lucky I am still alive and can take care for my cat. Keep your head up and Love the Self!

  22. I have Sun conjunct Pluto in my natal chart and have went through many profound transformations in my life. This aspect today was one degree applying to my moon in Capricorn. My day was unexpectedly upended due to my puppy becoming seriously ill. Turns out that I was feeding him wrong and this caused the illness. This will transform (Pluto) the way I feed him going forward and will make me a better parent (Capricorn) to him. I just love seeing the hands of God at work through the interpretation of Astrology!

  23. Hi Jamie,

    The forthcoming eclipse on 14 October will conjunct both my natal Apollo, pluto (19.54) and IC (22.12 degrees Libra). I read that this eclipse will be squared Uranus and Pluto so taking into account your sentences “You may experience something dramatic or upsetting.” And “your enemies may be plotting against you”. Should I freak out?

    • Hi Meli. The October 14 solar eclipse at 21♎07 is quincunx Uranus and makes no aspect to Pluto. So it wou’t be as bad as it sounds. But it does depend on any other aspect to your Pluto, IC.

      • Thank you Jamie for clarifying this. As far as understand Venus rules my IC because is in Libra and my natal Pluto is square natal Venus (19.12 Cancer) and sextil Neptune at 19.56 (Sagittarius). My experience is whenever my Pluto is activated life becomes complicated so this eclipse makes me feel nervous.

      • My dog was bitten by another dog unexpectedly when he was quietly lying flat. He had to have emergency surgery and is now fully recovered. I had to chaise the owner of the other dog to pay the vet bill.

  24. Hello – I wonder how to consider out of sign Pluto conjunctions? (I have a 27 degree Virgo Sun/stellium & 1 degree Libran Pluto). For example, would Pluto dominate and infuse Libran energy into the Virgo stellium? TY

  25. You have Jupiter square Pluto at Cardinal cusps, and in mundane, Jupiter squares Pluto at Fixed cusp. Therefore, in your Stellium perhaps skew Midpoint to Mutable Virgo. In the Age of Aquarius, Virgo rules 8th House, Lord Pluto. ‘analyse methods when navigating transformative experiences’

  26. Thank you for your kind wishes , wishing you all good things too

  27. Could you please write an article about Sun Conjunct Pluto in the houses? I have this aspect in my 7th house. Thank you

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