Flight MH370

Flight MH370

Flight MH370

I am posting the horoscope for the time and coordinates that radar contact was lost with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. As this is a current news story, I won’t add too much of an astrological interpretation because the chart data may change as more information becomes available. We can use the comments to add more discussion. It is very mysterious though, and Moon square Neptune in the chart posted below may explain that.

The Part of Fortune is at 14 degrees Libra on the fixed star Algorab, a destructiveness and malevolence influence. It causes accidents and injuries which are difficult to avoid, and is also associated with terrorist attacks. This is a critically important degree in the coming six weeks. Mars retrograde will be on this degree in late April when it forms a grand cross with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

The Part of Fortune in this chart has activated the fifth of seven Uranus Pluto squares, the most sinister looking of the lot. Jupiter rules long-distance travel, Uranus rules air travel, and Pluto rules destruction and death. The fortune and happiness of the Part of Fortune turns to bad luck and misery when in a critically awful aspect pattern like this.

Mercury square Saturn is a bad omen for travel, especially with Saturn stationing retrograde a few days ago. In fact it is still technically stationary, as is Jupiter which just turned direct a few days ago.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Astrology Chart

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Astrology Chart

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Astrology Chart

A statement from the airline says flight MH370 lost contact with air traffic controllers at 2:40am local time, just over two hours into the flight. The plane, a Boeing 777-200, left Kuala Lumpur at 12:41am on Saturday and had been due to arrive in Beijing at 6:30am local time. The company says the plane was carrying 227 passengers, including two infants, and 12 crew members. [Malaysia Airlines reports Beijing-bound plane has ‘lost contact’]

If co-ordinates from FlightRadar24 are correct, 4°58’14.2″N 102°36’44.6″E. last contact was about 40km west of Kuala Terengganu. [MH370 Malaysian Airlines B777-200ER missing enroute KUL-PEK]

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  1. I disagree one chart is enough to determine this incident. Many would have similar event chart for taking off but it would be the natal of the plane as well as the natal of the flight company being activated by the transits and more most importantly midpoint bought this to this particular plane. It has to be first natal promises then, transits, progression, midpoints, fixed stars for activation. Only wen they already have the natal promises would react this this manifestation of the outer configurations.

    • Your’re probably correct Po, but we have to start somewhere and the incident chart is always the pivotal chart in any event. You can draw up the other horoscopes but you always have to compare them back to the actual event chart to gain m ore information.

      For example, in the 9/11 terrorist attack, most astrologers I remember used the event chart, the moment the first plane hit the twin towers. Interestingly the AC and Mercury were conjunct the fixed star Algorab for that event chart. Astrologers did look to transit to the Sibly chart, but again, the pivotal chart was the event chart. The Sibly gave some more information, but the bulk of the interpretation came from the one moment in time, the event chart.

      • Thanks for the event chart Jamie, Algorab is scarey crazy. Mercury sq saturn is spot on.

  2. The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square at the Angles, Neptune square Moon, Mars-Uranus in quindecile, and Saturn squaring Mercury (natural for transportation and here ruling the 9th House) stand out in this chart.

    Malefics with the 3rd cusp are consistent for accidents, so we have to notice Neptune on the 3rd cusp…

    Thanks for providing the chart, Jamie

  3. Dear Jamie: I don’t know if you received my post in the past few minutes on the disgusting two posts by Paul dated March 8. I only wanted to ask you to please do not display this sort of post, which only distracts from the very good information you share with the rest of us. The kindest thing I can say about Paul is he must have been drunk. Your writeups on the Malaysian air disaster are too important to allow them to be polluted with nonsense that only distracts us from your important articles. Please do not allow this racist bigoted hater of Obama to spew his filth via your website.

    I am glad you are recovering from your surgery and I can see how you are regaining your strength. Sincerely, PattyLu

  4. They chart has very few easy lines and seems to be fraught with stress.

    The Kozminsky Symbol for the ascendant is poignant.
    6º Capricorn: A traveller walking up a long forest rise, the path surrounded by dense gnarled trees. It is approaching evening, and the way is long and gloomy, but at the top can be seen a star within a wreath of fine clouds illuminating a beautiful blue sky.
    Denotes one destined to lead in one of the great departments of life, but whose way will be threatened and whose heart will sometimes be faint. But even in the darkest times the light. of heaven will shine on him, stimulating him to action and accomplishment. His latter days may be days of faded flowers, but he will reach his star before his journey ends. It is a symbol of Manifestation

  5. What’s your thoughts on the two stolen passports that were listed as on board the flight?

    • More Moon square Neptune suspicions about Algorab terrorism. Makes the think the chart data could be spot on. Especially after those aggressive comments I just deleted.

  6. um respectfully pointing out Mars rx will be opposing 14 Aries, cos it will be on my moon in Libra? You are always accurate, so would you perhaps being having a Neptune affect atm by any chance lol?

  7. also the Sun on the antivertex of the chart jumped out at me as playing out in its negative potential as an abrupt ending, which is also able to be positive when its an abrupt ending of something not good, ya know? This sadly doesnt seem to be the case here.

  8. Thanks for this chart, Jamie. As debbie mentioned, looks like you mean Libra when you write Aries for Part of Fortune / Algorab/ Mars Rx.

  9. I have always heard that air signs, particularly Gemini, are prominent in air crashes. This chart shows Venus and Mars as well as the Midheaven, in air signs and the Moon in Gemini. What jumps out at me is the Libra Midheaven/10th house with Mars and the Part of Fortune.

  10. This is excellent material. Many thanks Sir. I find it always funny how astrologers squabble about the irrelevant parts of a story, when the story itself says the story line. Looking for a ready made chart for this moment, and this after a day of factual research on the event’s “narrative”, I found your explanation in the ball park. It would seem the “correct” ascendant is in late Sagittarius if (big IF) the OTHER time mentioned (almost two hours difference) by flight controllers is more accurate. Be this as it may, your rendition is here to stay. Mercury sq Saturn & Moon sq Neptune explains very well why everything is amiss in this story. German media calls this now the “phantom flight” and videos of air control show funny looking objects bleeping off the screen at highest speed. And so – I guess that by time Mercury goes in line of Neptune, we will be awash in ET encounter stories. The cell phones are ringing but maybe not – etc. It makes for a fantastic case study in applied astrology. Keep it going Sir! Again, congratulations on this short exposé. Enjoyed your home work.

    M StC.

  11. I wrote this to several astro-friends on Tuesday. ‘ A couple of things – one is that Venus is directly opposite the Black Moon and I think that’s got something significant . That is part of a T-Square with Ceres and Vesta at apex and Ceres in particular has a role with death. It is the gateway at the occult level to the death passageway initiation. Death thru Ceres brings rebirth. Something has to be lost to give birth to something new. What will that be in this case?

    The T-Square is in fixed signs and the other part of the Apex is Vesta – ritual & sacrifice. In occult teachings Vesta preserves and hands down ancient ceremonies which provide the vehicle for the descent of magic into the physical world.

    The other side of the -Square is the Black Moon and in Leo is about the Shadow of Order (in other words who is in charge, authority), and the fear is the Fear of Change. And Venus Opposite Black Moon is about relationships that are strange or unusual (such as threesomes). Was there something going on (in the crew, in the passengers) we don’t know about? And note, Venus -> Black Moon is 1st House; 7th House.

    Is this all esoteric rubbish (?) or is there something about this strange crash we do not yet know or maybe will never know? The Moon in Gemini (travel) had just left a square to Neptune and Mercury has just left the Retro period and is at 20 & 1/2 Aquarius in the disappearance chart – the Sabian is “A Woman Disappointed and Disillusioned Courageously Facing a Semmingly Empty Life” – Breaking thru Illusions, Facing up to Loss without relationship while maintaining a sense of purpose.

    And Saturn, the ruler of the chart, is in a square to Mercury.

    PS: After I wrote this a new story appeared in the press – “The airline said it was taking seriously a report by a South African woman who said the co-pilot of the missing plane had invited her and a female travelling companion to sit in the cockpit during a flight two years ago, in an apparent breach of security.
    ‘Malaysia Airlines has become aware of the allegations being made against First Officer Fariq Ab Hamid which we take very seriously,’ the airline said. “

  12. What an excellent example of Uranus in Aries square pluto in capricorn as the “blue whale”(Jupiter) moves forward in the womb of nature (cancer) while king Neptune is rising from the depths of Piscean waters with the life force finishing its stay shining on the surface and while Saturn is rx in Scorpio to boot, “No” has given Jamie, the occult has to stick within the limits of seen societal facts in order to be respected, I love it and I am very grateful for it 🙂

  13. What a great example of Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn, with Jupiter moving forward in Cancer and Saturn rx in Scorpio No has given as to the “occult” being expected to stick within the factual square, I love it and grateful to be able to see it, because with this square building, I am strangely sensing a lot of excitement deep within building from left field as well, that comment was a big help 🙂

    • oops sorry about the repeat comment, we are having “unpredictable ” weather changes over here and its interferring with the internet and I thought it had dropped out before my comment was posted so re did, yet another example of not trusting only what one thinks and sees eh? Feel free to delete either of them if you choose. Namaste

  14. sir,
    1)search or direction hint
    Mars represent South Direction and Saturn Indicate West; & Rahu represent South-west, hence South- west direction will be hint to search
    2) Mercury stands for transportation. The affliction to mercury is a basic feature. The 3rd house in the Natural zodiac stands for short trips. This is Gemini. Gemini also signifies airy sign. Affliction to Gemini is another primary feature in all air accidents. The 3rd from Mercury is afflicted in most air accidents.
    3) transponder stops- so i suppose ketu is planet for this. so all this can give some hint for ur investigation

  15. sir, want to know which is the zodiac sign of malaysia or kuala lampur as each country has. and map of area/countries with compass to know directions

  16. This chart is so full of action… planets have just crossed or about to cross thresholds…

    the fourth house is “the end of the matter”. It is conjunct Uranus in Aries, who is at the apex of the cardinal t-square. then, there’s the “public” (Moon in gemini), she just left 6th house of sacrifice and entered the fifth house of growth, expansion and expression. Foggy Neptune in Pisces just left the 3rd house of news and information, he is still tightly conjunct the cusp, and entered the second house of money, values and certainty. Then there’s group-oriented Venus in Aquarius, who just left the 2nd house and entered the first house of beginnings. And Pluto in Capricorn is preparing to leave for the 12th house of captivity, the dark and the hidden. At the same time, exalted Jupiter is just about to meet the descendant and leave the 7th house of partners and public enemies. In vedic astrology, it is also the house of death.

    The nodes are in the anaretic 29th degree, the north node is conjunct Mars, who is rx and in his detriment, ruled by Venus. She also rules the 10th house of fame and public recognition. At the same time, Mars rules the south node, Uranus, and the 4th house (conclusion). Mars and Venus are squaring each other, encompassing lord of the ASC Saturn rx (in the 11th house of groups and organizations) and Pluto in the first.

    The north node will turn rx within the day (at 9:22 pm local time). At that very moment, Mars would be just about to enter the 12th house.

    There’s also the issue of Saturn square Mercury, with the ASC at their midpoint, which also means that both planets semi-square the ascendant. Dane Rudhyar writes about the semi-square: “The dynamic forces are engaged, for the sake of greater living or for death; there is no going back — the business has started in earnest. In some cases, indeed, the irresistible force has met an immovable resistance — to quote an old saying — and the result can be explosive.” http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/astroarticles/badaspects.php

  17. Sir, Not Sure Of This Kindly Cross Verify

    Chart-House Represents:
    ASC, 1st House, Ruler By Sign And Planets Therein The VEHICLE (Car, Boat, Plane, Etc.)
    IC, 4th House, Etc. The departure (Location, Conditions, Etc.)
    DSC, 7th House, Etc. Body Of The Journey, Flight, Etc.
    MC, 10th House, Etc. – destination (Location, Conditions, Etc.)
    The SUN – PILOT Or Driver
    The MOON – passengers
    MERCURY & 6th House The crew

    The Parameters For Accidents Or Disasters Are As Follows;
    · Mars being fiery planet represent fire and saturn & rahu represents air and its conjunction leads to accidents. The afflicting planet in most cases is mars signifying explosion, accident and fire.
    · Saturnine connection to mercury or moon is also seen in most air mishaps denoting a hazard in the air. Saturn as airy planet also has a role in air mishaps. So these mishaps occur
    1. Major accidents / war like situation , 2. Mass killings.,3. Terrorist attack.,4. Fire accidents, 5. Plane crash, 6. Volcano or earth quake etc.
    · Mercury stands for transportation. The affliction to mercury is a basic feature.
    · The 3rd house in the natural zodiac stands for short trips. This is gemini. Gemini also signifies airy sign. Affliction to gemini is another primary feature in all air accidents.
    · If moon is transiting in the stars associated with the above points and is devoid of positive influence of jupiter at the time of mishap, the fatalities are certain.
    · Mars represent south direction and saturn indicate west; & rahu represent south-west, hence south- west direction will be severely affected. So accordingly these countries will get affected north america, south america, gulf countries, pacific ocean, europe region, australia will be severely affected.
    · The 5 upagrahas will be in malefic connections or in malefic houses particularly in 8th and 12th from accident time lagna
    the accident time lagna will be in malefic drekkanas. The affliction caused to drekkana lagna and its lord determines the severity.
    · Dasa Can Give Timeline And Other Insights (Vimsottari Dasa)
    Moon MD: 2011-10-06 (9:37:37 Am) – 2021-10-05 (11:10:08 Pm)
    Rah AD: 2013-03-03 (5:59:48 Am) – 2014-09-05 (11:13:30 Am)

    · As many planets are clustered in airy tatwa which represents west and mars(west)/sat(west)/rahu(sw) are planet for disaster. Just check if kuala lampur flights fall in this range or area.
    1) Scorpio geography: algeria, baltimore (maryland), bavaria, catalonia (spain), dover (england), fez (morocco), frankfurt (germany), ghent (belgium), halifax (nova scotia), hull (england), judea, korea, liverpool (england), messina (sicily), milwaukee (wisconsin), morocco, new orleans (louisiana), newcastle (england), norway, paraguay, queensland (australia), st. John’s (newfoundland), stockport (england), syria, south africa, washington d.c., worthing (england).
    2) Libra geography: antwerp (belgium), argentina, austria, land bordering the caspian sea, china, copenhagen (denmark), upper egypt, frankfurt (germany), fribourg (switzerland), parts of india near china, indo china, japan, johannesburg (south africa), leeds (england), lisbon (portugal), livonia, nottingham (england), savoy, siberia, tibet, upper airy rooms, vienna (austria).
    3) Plane loses radar and radio contact in place kota bharu east of malysian town, so transponder stopped was the report.
    Ketu = wireless, dispersed, nebulized. Transponder, communication tools = budha (english words that begin with the prefix ‘trans’ belongs to budha). Rahu = smoke, oil, etc

    now blend all factors to get some valuable solution

  18. So may I have the learned enlightenment on the possible outcome of this ‘ missing plane ‘ case ? So far there is no clear forecast / prediction on the ‘ result / ending ‘. Thanks.

  19. I suspect the ‘learned’ outcome will be without any conclusion at this stage. It may even be that we never know exactly what happened. With the disappearance in Sun/Pisces and the Moon in Square to Neptune when it departed and still there when it disappeared and Mercury Square Saturn, confusion and lack of clear information will probably dominate for awhile yet. If we (they on the search) find the plane at all it could be in a 1000 ft of water or it could be on some remote airfield in middle Asia, tho I’m not sure about that one. There was intelligence guiding the way it went as the latest reports say the aircraft came down very low over the land (Malaysia) when it headed southwest and did skilled evasive manoeuvers to avoid detection. It implies the pilots or someone with great pilot skills took control. Who? Why?

  20. How many (remote?) airports in the Maldives are good enough to land a 777? Seems like the perfect remote spot for landing a plane! Torsten

  21. Personally, I sense which to me is backed by “Pluto through Capricorn” astrologically that this may be an example of “occult” or nature displaying there is much more unseen occurring on the planet, which is in the control of the nature of the planet, thus Universe which powers it, than the arrogance of us humans who think we are above nature, know better than it be enough to try and control it and interfere with it, be destructive to it or think Nature makes mistakes and gets it wrong etc, are being given an example of to wake us up to that. “here, if you are so clever, explain this one” like she has similarly with the vortex operating in the area we call “the Bermuda triangle” and of course only those who are gifted in areas to serve the “occult” are able to have any understanding of, even if not able to factually prove, except perhaps in hindsight as the mystery unfolds at some point yet the “Occult servants” are not given much respect or credit for those gifts to be able to help in that area, by nature also, So its believe it or not, free choice. As one gifted in occult gifts to be able to help others understand who are not gifted in that area, I am aware and are making my choices accordingly, in line with the energy, we call “nature”, which we only see the products of in fact are a product of ourselves, not the energy itself, which supports all energy that is inline with its creative process.

    • personally I am intrigues to see what revelations may be thrown up as Pluto goes rx or Saturn resumes forward motion due to the mutual reception factor 🙂

  22. sir,
    1) to find den, pilots cabin, economy class, cargo what are the planets and house. for eg . in indian astrology style i got scorpio lagna jupiter in gemini 8th house, since jupiter is heavy an 8th house rules secret or private areas can we say it had heavy material or cargo as told by news

  23. sir, i have been spculating on the plane being found in certain direction as per astrology sotuh, west, suth-west. in news also the path or route tallies with certain astrological parameters. lastly mar 8, 2014 8.11 am last signal the ascendent is Pisces so its watery sign, and its south, west, sotuh west area of kuala lampur, indian ocean. but i want some one to cross verify and do the neddful help in search. also i want malysia national chart. from net i got this sep 16, 1963, 12.00 am jvt, malaysia. so that can give more hints


  24. ok thanks 12.00 am or 00.00 am the chart is same dint change so now its rahu main dasa-rahu antar dasa. tauras ascenent rahu in gemini, moon-sun leo, mer(r) / venus in virgo, mars in libra, ketu in sagi, sat(r) in capricorn, jup(r) in pisces

  25. there is book called chappana prasna which talks about return of traveller, speed return of traveler, safe return etc trying to understand and apply. but can we consider the departure CHART AS PRASNA IS THE first question

  26. There is a theory that the plane never left the ground and all the confusion is due to “authorities” trying to trace the untraceable. If an entity wished to make seem certain people look guilty as happened at 9/11 then stolen passports and pilots political beliefs can be used to foment hate for those certain people .This has been done before, many times.
    All the people removed and taken elsewhere to be either cared for or other wise.
    If they were not hired actors playing a role for a staged event and were not ever there.
    The plane can be used for propaganda when it is needed to make such
    same as the finding of OBL when the headlines needed a change.

    meanwhile the talk is 24/7 in all news sources here in usa
    PUTIN and Ukraine have not been mentioned for a few days ( not even mentioned! ) and BENGHAZI not heard of for weeks already.

    Some entities protect their own and keep covering what they need to make a distance away from.

    Yes this is online in several sites.

    Also Mme. Blavatsky mentioned that world peace in future is dependent on the Spiritual evolution of the Russian people
    PUTIN is the Head of the National Religion, the Russian Orthodox Church.


    • A PS here
      The PUTIN birthday is Oct 7, 1952
      1+7+8= 7
      The number of the Divine
      Spiritual and wise, intelligent and needing
      quiet to keep the energy focused
      A loner even tho in PUTINS case he has a younger
      most beautiful wife and two lovely children with her
      Plus his Political responsibilities make peace and quiet not so easy
      but he does martial arts and sports to keep grounded.
      7 is not an easy number and has it twice in his day and life path.
      This is a wise and Spiritual man and we hope he can keep the bellicosity and threats down and dipolmacy on top as the LIBRA he is.

  27. I think MH 370 is lying somewhere near seychelles, diego garcia, chagos arch !

  28. I sense that some of it at least will remain a mystery, natures way of waking humanity up to the fact that we are not in charge and not everything can be proven with mentally trained facts based on the past and that those who think they rule the world and are above it, may well act like they know, yet in fact they do not and are just as surprised and confused/fearful by that revelation as many others. It is occult, pluto in cap, uranus squaring it to give sudden bursts of mental clarity as the emotions suppressed for so long are powered to the surface, neptune rising from the depths of the ocean that is pisces, the passion for balance of the earth, the Karma everyone deserves to know about re the fear side of the underworld that has been in charge for so long yet doesnt need to be, with the intent to heal the nature or mind of each of us, emotionally and mentallly, in order to help the nature of the planet to restore the true balance, which it will do anyway, yet helping individually lessens the impact required, feeding the problems by being anti feeds that energy and contributes to the wrath of nature. It is about personal responsibility as a memeber of the whole global society. Believe it or not, just sayin,,,

    • I also respect what Rakesh has said above, it is a possiblity that nature has more than one vortex like the bermuda triangle and they may all suddenly appear safe and well not knowing anything was wrong, even though its a bit far out there, somethings simply are possible that we dont know or are able to prove factually and as far out as that seems, that would be a wonderful outcome that I personally would embrace, namaste.

  29. Hi Jamie, Namaste, I totally agree with Debil, about the almighty is always almighty & will always be. He has many & no reasons about his doings, man can only wonder.
    Astrology is only given by him to help the mankind. When i got the departure ( 00:40 am ) & last contact times ( 01:07 am ) then i started investing my mind in the mystery behind it. Both the accidental planets Saturn & Mars ( retro ) & above all dragon’s Mouth ( all three in twelveth house ) are telling all the story behind it. but it only denotes the flight, not the lending, but Moon at 25:41:38 in the Mars constellation helps us to check what actually had happened to the flight. You can calculate that diff. is 01:07 – 00:40 is 27 mts. ( Mars is also retro at 3:00 at departure time ) No.27 gives us the alarming signals, i don’t know much about Numerology but 27 means 9, which i think is the most mysterious No. Now moon at 27″ will give us the more accurate knowledge about the things happening in the flight. At 03:42:22 am, moon is at 27″, this will tell us the accurate position of the Flight. Again to our surprise ascendant is mysterious 9. Above all, at 01:07 am, the planets Venus & Mercury placed in the 3rd house can never be ignored.
    Yet i am just a student in astrology, Jamie can calculate much more about it.
    Have a Good Day !

  30. Just think, Why are they getting troubles & troubles in searching the debris of the missing plane ? may be the Almighty don’t want it to be located yet !

  31. Dear Jamie, what if the almighty was a new force in nature? Please contact me as I have astonishing evidence by way of photographic enhancement Microscans, taken from recent images of the MH370 search. I would be very interested to get your views on what I would be pleased to send you.

  32. Jamie, In this case, I feel as the justice is delayed hence justice is denied. They again found nothing in their search. Mercury opposite Saturn ( Retro ) creates diff. of Opinions which causes delays.
    Recently A relative of Indian passenger died, aroused many questions to Malaysian Govt. ( one is that, the plane was landed at Diego Garcia ( American Port ) which is not even informed by the Govt.) It clears that there is huge fire under the smoke.

  33. Jamie , Could you please give me answers for my three questions please ?
    Firstly , what’s the astrological explanation on when many people die at the same time , such as airplane crash or in a warfare ?
    Secondly , I have two twin aunts who are very different than from each other .
    Thirdly , what happens to those people in prison for a long term ? For instance , Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn people , there is no much happening to them , is it ?
    Fourthly , ( Sorry , it became four but please ) It seems to me that people have fear and cautions about Grand cross on 23rd . I think it’s best to surrounded yourself to it rather than cautions about it ?! Maybe it’s not a good thing to become too much into astrology . Imagine , if we never knew about it then we would move as forward as naturally rather than cautions and fear about it . Please Jamie don’t get me wrong though I respect you fully . It’s just a bit of wondering questions that i’d like to know your opinion and intellect .

    • Hi Arian,
      First of all my regards to you, because you asked the questions. In ” The Bhagwad Geeta ” Krushna says ” I preferably like the devotees who asks about me.” because only who asks, can find.

      I found Jamie never answers the questions. These are the basic & very logical questions of a person who is taking astrology seriously. If you found the answers of these questions, only then you will believe the Astrology. When I was learning it, I also asked these kind of questions to my ( Guru )Teacher. One of my question was in the horoscope of mercury, where was the mercury placed ?
      Now, I also request Jamie to answer these questions not for himself but for the sake of Astrology. Iknow Jamie can easily answer
      With due permission, I can only answer your last query about not to know much astrology.
      To put a caution sign on the road about a speed breaker, whole or curve is more safe rather to meet an accident. I can answers all the questions but will not, as not asked to me. I am also waiting, Jamie to answer the questions.
      Have a Good Day !

      • Hi Rakesh ,
        First of all my Regards to you as well ,because you answered the questions ( sort of ) .
        Now Rakesh , Please give us full answers on my questions please ? Ask your Guru if you could ? Thank you dear .
        ”Jamie never answers the questions ” – I don’t agree with this statement . Jamie does not have to answer all of questions anyway and he does this site for us for free for heaven’s sake .
        ” To put a caution sign on the road about a speed breaker, whole or curve is more safe rather to meet an accident ” – Isn’t it a bit of cheating ?

        Jamie , Thank you . My two aunts are very very different . one is fat , wealthy and a bit stupid , material .Other is slim , poor , a bit stupid , immaterial .They never get on with each other .

    • the twins may be different depending on how many minutes they were born apart, thus resulting in different rising stars. Other questions are a bit beyond me at the moment.

  34. HI has anyone done a chart fort that search area near WA? The news about that search doesn’t make sense…they said no sign of the plane ..false alarm but at the same time they said they r sending equipment to search for the black box..Where’s the logic?

  35. Guys , they’re gone already . They were sacrificed to Venus by Altair at 1.47 degree Aquarius and eventually Poseidon swallowed it . It was the beginning of the crisis to the Grand cross . US team eventually going to find it and a good propaganda to the Chinese mass . We will never know the truth .

  36. Hey Buddies,
    Ladies & Gentlemen.. and Colleague astrologers
    Here I wish to second Jamie, the host, and say this:

    Mercury in Pisces now,,,, be patient and wise!

    The depth of the water East of Malaysia where the plane disappeared is so shallow that they would have no trouble finding a 777. The plane would be down there in the water and you would see it [expert testimony].

    It took them a few days [over a week] to come up with fantastical ideas .. and move the search to the most deep and inhospitable oceans of the world — take a deep breath and THiNK about this fact .. *- )

    The reasoning ??
    Mysteries are not allowed to happen on Planet Earth unless in Star Trek.
    Really: Mysteries are not allowed to be SEEN TO HAPPEN on Planet Earth

    Mysteries take place but … Don’t tell the Natives !! That s WRITTEN in the astrology.
    Other than that, yes the story is the shamanic sign of this grand cross unfolding,
    meanwhile give GOOD THOUGHTS to the families of the missing passengers.
    Also be aware that pilots always do their utmost to do the right thing at any time.

    M StC.

    • Dude , read my statement below . We have powerful shamans in here and that’s how we concluded . ” Don’t tell the Natives !! That s WRITTEN in the astrology ” – I am writing a book about western astrology but i’m doing it for free to NATIVES !!!
      Guys 777, they’re gone already . They were sacrificed to VENUS by Altair ( US ) at 1.47 degree Aquarius and eventually Poseidon swallowed it . It was the beginning of the crisis to the Grand cross . US team eventually going to find it and a good propaganda to the Chinese and thwe WORLD MASS .

  37. Planet Earth is workable for an astrologer, but sky ( 12th ) & below the sea ( 8th ) is always mysterious for human, machines & astrologers too ! This case is related to the fourth triangle of the Astrology i:e: – 4th ( earth – Prithvi ), 8th ( below the sea – pataal ) & 12th ( sky – akash )
    As I already said as the days r passing, we are getting away from the Truth. Everyday the statement is different.
    God knows the Truth. As he is the reason behind all the reasons. ( Sarv-kaaran-kaaranam ).

  38. Hi Arian,

    First of all, let me clear you about Jamie, I can’t even think that Jamie don’t answer the questions, I am in a
    thought ( from my own experience ) that He don’t have time to answer the question. The motive of this site, is to know the unknown, not to degrade anybody at all. As per your statement, I am feeling may be, Jamie can take it otherwise. If so I can apologize to Jamie for it.

    As per Indian Astrology, I can say it minutely works, not on birth time difference but even on constellations. It further has divided constellation in four part ( charans ).One Second of difference in birth time, makes huge changes in the Native’s Character, nature, Habits & above all his karmas.These twin horoscopes are basically test of an astrologers.

    I request, Let we know you little bit more, then will talk on your questions.Kindly don’t take it otherwise.

    Have a Good Day !
    Namastay !!

    • If you can’t answer my questions then don’t moan like a woman mate , talking the crap though .
      If i being honest with you , i am very very angry right now . Because you were looking like answering my few miserable questions then you’ve been making a circle . I am quite rightly educated person but right now i want smash your face and cut your one your of your bollock and give to my German shepherd . I am not joking though mate , be careful !!!

  39. Jamie, why do you have to put up with desperate comments like that from Arian 2? Its pathetic ! Block his/her comments please.

  40. Hi Arian,

    I was expecting the same kind of blah blah….. from you, that’s why I said, let me know u little bit more. I don’t know your age, but I can say only you are aging not growing. My intuitions warned me about you in advance. I always respect & guided by my intuitions before any of my karma.

    In Indian Guide Books, it is written that ” He, who don’t deserve should not get “. The phrase is spoken about ” Knowledge “. If you r so much loose tempered, what r u doing in this great field ” Astrology ” which is seriously below Spirituality. ( Now I doubt, you had even heard the word ” Spirituality “. )

    Let me tell you about one another thing, ” The tongue has no bones but due to it one can get all the bones broken ” Did u get it or not.

    I only want to repeat the Jesus’s Last words in your case ” O God forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing “.

    My best wishes for your book which you are writing, may god give you courage & wisdom to complete it.

    Have a good day !

    Namastay !!

    P.S : It is an Indian answer to a bull shit.

    Jamie, I feel sorry if for your blog is got polluted by this discussion.

    • What are you talking about ? The difference between me and you is that the heaven and the earth , You follow your guide books and i have my direct connections to the Gods and Lords .
      Jesus ??? U mean the sun with 12 constellations , adorned by 3 huge stars such as Sirus etc ? Same us ‘ Horus ‘ in 3000bc , born on 25th from a virgin with 12 disciples , baptized at 30 ,adored as well . U have no idea what r u talking about mate . Then looking like a wise dude talking about knowledge and spirituality .My bollocks words a bit less stronger than your bullshit mate .
      Now , it’s your lucky day . learn something from it .Watch inside jobs and learn about those cockroaches in the Federal reserve and follow the money .
      Let ME see your strength now . Answer my questions NOW !!! U said U could on FOOL ‘s day .
      1 . what’s the astrological explanation on when many people die at the same time , such as airplane crash or in a warfare ?
      2 . two twin aunts who are very different than from each other .
      3 . what happens to those people in prison for a long term ? For instance , Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn people , there is no much happening to them , is it ?
      4. It seems to me that people have fear and cautions about Grand cross on 23rd. Imagine , if we never knew about it then we would move as forward as naturally rather than cautions and fear about it ?

  41. I think there is still hope that the plane will be found. There is a quarter moon on April 22 at 1 degree Aquarius, conjunct the dissapearance charts Venus, a benefic planet. It is also conjunct the fixed star Altair “a strange or ancient discovery”.

  42. I was surprised at the choice of losing contact with MH370, although that is a valid incident. This is particularly less revealing if it is to be the sole horoscope examined. The take-off chart governs the aircraft, its destination and its flight path, so it is good for all purposes. Therefore, 12:41 am holds the answers. Certainly Pluto in House 1 of both charts is menacing due to its afflictions and its critical degree but Saturn on the cusp of House 12 at take-off identifies the major problem and the cause of this tragedy and exposes the sorry truth: operating from stealth & ambush. The Sun (pilot) is also on a critical degree with antiscion filling in a Cardinal Cross from House 10 of Destination/Fate of the plane & passengers.

    • I really hope that flight MH370 is found next week. It will be useful to have chart for when they find the plane, to look back at the astrology and see which original MH370 horoscope ended up being the most revealing. I chose the time of disappearance because that was the critical event, and the most recent timed event we had at that stage. Something important happened at that moment, more important than when the plane took off. A critical decision was made when the communication system was turned off.

  43. They are asking for 5 to 7 days, lets hope for the best. In the end, Moon will take responsibility for all. I hope when Moon will be crossing Pisces, we will listen something positive from the search Team.

  44. Hi Jamie! Great site! Lots of useful researched info.

    Just want to clarify something about the MH 370 chart here. A few times were given by the Malaysian authorities for different points in the aircraft’s disappearance, with the 2 key times (of disappearance) listed below. All times are local Malaysian time (UT+8).

    01:21 – Last contact/communication with KLIA ATC (air traffic control). At this time, the aircraft was almost exactly midway between northern coast of peninsula Malaysia (nearest big town Kuala Terengganu) and Vietnam territory (southern tip of Vietnam’s peninsula). Therefore, it was over the South China Sea. This was the last ‘official’ communication between flight crew and ATC.

    02:40 – An “unidentified object” was seen on Malaysian air force radar about 100km southwest of Phuket, Thailand, at the northern Malacca Straits, which the authorities have since concluded was the missing aircraft heading northwest towards Andaman Islands and the Indian Ocean. Note that for this time, 02:40, the aircraft was on the other side of peninsula Malaysia, far from and not near Kuala Terengganu.

    Personally, I would use time of last ‘official’ communication at 01:21. But I feel the 02:40 time is also valid and should also work and can have its own chart. I too cast a chart for 01:21, using Astrodienst, but since we can’t input coordinates in there, I had to use Kuala Terengganu, which isn’t perfect. If you can input coordinates into your software, that would make the charts much more accurate.

    The chart for 01:21 for Kuala Terengganu has a late Sagi ASC. Reading the chart according to William Lilly’s Christian Astrology, it appears the passengers and crew are safe!! I also did a horary on the next day, about 15 hours after it disappeared; this chart also said that crew and passengers are safe…at least they were at that point in time.


  45. I am now required to say to you that it is highly unlikely at this stage that we will find any aircraft debris on the ocean surface,” Abbott told reporters in Canberra.
    “By this stage, 52 days into the search, most material would have become water logged and sunk,” he added.
    After all,

  46. Searchers dispute company’s claim that it may have found aircraft wreckage. This could be interesting, especially as it was discovered just before the April 29 solar eclipse, within the quarter moon phase I mentioned in the comments above:

    “I think there is still hope that the plane will be found. There is a quarter moon on April 22 at 1 degree Aquarius, conjunct the disappearance charts Venus, a benefic planet. It is also conjunct the fixed star Altair “a strange or ancient discovery”.”

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