2016 US Election Prediction

2016 US Election Prediction AstrologyMy 2016 US election prediction is based on analysis of the astrology chart for election day, Tuesday November 8 2016. I have already written about the astrology of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but those interpretations were about their personalities, not their election chances. This time I will consider the election day transits to their horoscopes.

As with the candidates horoscopes, I am taking a politically unbiased approach to this 2016 US election prediction. Although politically unbiased, by reading the articles about the candidates you can see I wrote more favorably about Donald Trump. This was simply because after interpreting their horoscopes, I personally liked Donald while I thought Hillary was a nasty piece of work.

2016 US Election Prediction Astrology

Starting with the astrology of election day, the horoscope below is set for the White House at sunrise on November 8 2016. The opening or closing of polls could also be used but that gets complicated because of early voting and the various times zones. I am hoping the chart for the beginning of the day will give us some idea about the outcome at the end of the day.

The first thing to note is that Saturn square Neptune has waned to more than six degree orb. I expect this to benefit Clinton because much of Trump’s rhetoric so far has been based on fear and paranoia about immigration.

Jupiter sextile Saturn suggests sound judgement and common sense will prevail. However, Jupiter square Pluto still points to extreme ideologies while Neptune conjunct South Node tells us the 2016 US election will be associated with lies, propaganda and scandal. This should peak the next morning with Moon conjunct Neptune at 9:14 am, Wednesday November 9 EST.

2016 US Election Prediction

2016 US Election Astrology Chart (Sunrise)

I could use this election day chart to compare the prospects of Democrats versus Republican but I cannot pass up this unique opportunity to compare the health or otherwise of Venus versus Mars, or the woman versus the man.

Venus trine Uranus suggest an exciting change for women. Uranus trine Midheaven means a positive change in president. Venus trine Midheaven suggests good prospects for a female president. Each of these aspects is strengthened by the formation of a grand trine aspect pattern.

Moon at the midpoint of Venus trine Uranus at the base of the chart indicates to me a groundswell of public support for the first female president of the United States. Mars looks very lonely in comparison, sorry Mr. Trump.

Another technique to use for the 2016 US election prediction is to consider transits to the national horoscope of the USA. I’m sure there will be enough arguments about the candidate so I will leave the controversy about which USA horoscope to use for another day.

The transits for each candidate listed below are corrected for precession. Precession of the equinoxes is the process whereby the planets appear to move forward through the zodiac at a rate of one degree every 72 years.

I have used the 8:02 am birth time for Clinton but not included natal Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven because of the unreliable nature of the birth time.

Hillary Clinton Election Transits

  • Uranus trine Saturn 0°36′
  • Saturn trine Mars 0°12′ and Pluto 0°38′
  • Venus opposite Uranus 1°20′
  • Mercury conjunct Mercury 1°15′ square Saturn 1°20′
  • Sun sextile Venus 0°41′
  • Moon square N.Node 0°02′

Donald Trump Election Transits

  • Solar eclipse sextile Mercury 0°19
  • Lunar eclipse square Sun 0°26 trine Saturn 0°27 sextile MC 1°00
  • Neptune sextile Mercury 0°34
  • Uranus trine Moon 0°37 sextile North Node 0°13
  • Mercury trine Saturn 1°11
  • Moon trine Sun 0°36

As mentioned earlier I am politically unbiased but personally like Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton. Perhaps that is a Mars on Regulus thing that we share.

As for my 2016 US election prediction my heart says Donald but my head says Hillary. With transiting Neptune opposite my Moon and Saturn square it, I don’t trust my intuition at the moment.

Based purely on the election day horoscope and the transits for both candidates I predict Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. The main clincher for me was transiting Saturn trine the Mars Pluto conjunction in Hillary’s horoscope. Mars conjunct Pluto gives a ruthless desire to achieve goals.

Donald also has a number of favorable transits but a challenging one is the September 16 lunar eclipse square his Sun. Hillary does not have such a challenging major transit.

105 thoughts on “2016 US Election Prediction

  1. Jamie you should always follow your heart!

    I am So Happy your head was wrong on this and Donald Trump won!!!

    This is a historical victory for change. The numerous lies and deceit of the democratic party really overwhelmed the American people for barrack to break all the rules as a sitting president and go out and demoralise Trump is out-right ego and believing that there is no end for their stupidity. Thank God for this Chance of Change for America
    Please Jamie follow your heart always it is the right thing a proven recipe again and again.

  2. Umm… could we request a post-mortem here, Jamie? Without being able to read well into the various aspects, I sense a countermanding ‘tidal force’ in effect globally – maverick-types (right-wingers?) seem to be rising into high positions, e.g. Duterte of the Philippines who came to power pledging to torpedo drug smugglers and has resulted in more than 6000 suspects losing their lives.

    It’s something like enough is enough (of something) and the public takes action collectively. And the results become visible, unexpectedly.

  3. You got it wrong Jamie..is it time you fine you your Astrology readings and provide an accurate predictions? There are trust issues you created for yourself now with your readers

    • Err… Jamie made a prediction… and a prediction is Not tantamount to a hand-on-heart promise that such-and-such Will/Must materialize on this date.

      Such is life… :))

  4. Accurate predictions of what? Jamie is the no.1 astrologer in this world. Thank you Jamie

  5. I do not think that the result of an election is always predictable and the vote seemed to be close although Trump won a lot more states.I say seemed because of fraud with the votes which even happens now in the UK. These would be additional ballots, migrant voters, dead voters, lost ballots, postal ballots, extra money spent on regions where people are put up in hotels and where they earn money from canvassing, trains and tubes not working meaning people get home overly hungry, late and too tired to go to the polls, electronic voting machines which are rigged and which change the votes plus extended opening hours where anything may happen. Votes can be swayed by the corporate press whose bias is like free advertising for candidates. Each time a vote is cast for the candidate, they have had a win so each candidate must have many wins. Many do not vote for a candidate as such but for or against abortion, for or against the LGBT agenda, for or against illegalising gun ownership, corruption, the family, the wealth of the people and for freedoms. In a way, this is about the American people and not about the candidates, it is about what the american people gain from their votes on election day, it is about how the election affects America and her people. The election itself tells us about the issues the voters see and why they vote but it does not tell us which candidate gets in.Saturn would indicate increased responsibility to me and people say it indicates a loss. I consider that the interpretation of the charts tend to be above us. We can look to the inauguration time to see how the POTUS would be affected if they were inaugurated and to see if there is anything to indicate an inauguration. Lets do that now.

  6. This election was a referendum on the failed Presidency of Barack Obama.

    When you repeatedly promise “Change We Can All Believe In” and then deliver nothing other than the preservation of the status quo Oligarchy, (which was all that Hillary was ever going to do), then it’s just a matter of time before all of the broken promise Chickens come home to roost.

    Now we will see if Trump delivers on his promises to the “common people”, or if it’s just more of the same, and the Oligarchs win yet again.

    Either way, the revolution has begun, and now it’s just a matter of exactly how it manifests.

    • Obama’s presidency failed because he was deliberately blocked, even on the things the Republicans agreed with him on. The parallels with 1928 are chilling. Roll on the next ‘great depression’ and the next WW.

      • Obama failed because:

        A) First and foremost he was wholly unqualified to hold the office in the first place. He’s an empty suit and a malignant self-serving narcissist who was good at using NLP to hypnotize enough people into believing all of his false promises and Change and Hope bullshit. People still call him a “black” man, but he’s half white.
        B) As soon as he took office his first priority should have been to deal with the so-called “financial crisis”. Which in reality was the single largest transference (theft) of wealth in the history of mankind. Instead he made Tim Geithner his Treasury Secretary and Larry Summers his chief economic advisor. Geithner was Hank Paulson’s shineboy for years, and Summers has spent his entire career as David Rockefeller’s self-appointed lackey and errand boy. So all that Barry did was put the servants of the Oligarch Foxes who created the financial meltdown in charge of the fucking hen house. Hence the bailout at the expense of the American people. The very same American people who were the victims of the theft in the first place!

        C) Then he put the totally corrupt Eric Holder in place as AG, thereby ensuring that not a single one of the criminal bankers was ever prosecuted for their crimes and blatant theft. So he and Holder completely failed to uphold the Rule of Law.

        D) Obamacare was doomed to fail from the start because he and Rahm Emmanuel cut a backroom deal with the 4 largest health insurers in the nation before the legislation was ever presented.

        So your hero was nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Sul. Who did exactly what he was told by TPTB, and sold out the people who elected him in the process.

        I wouldn’t piss on that piece on that narcissistic piece of shit if he was standing in front of me on fire.

        As to the “next great depression”. Got a newsflash for you! It began in 2008, and continues to this day. Thanks in no small part to Obama’s inaction.

        All in all he is a classic example of a “House Nigger”.


        • I thought this was an astrology site.
          P.S. When it comes to ‘unqualified to hold office’ how do Trump’s credentials shape up in your book?

  7. Are we sure that this election will add positive experiences to Donald Trump? Until the Nov 8th, 2016, Donald’s life was very good but this election fell during a challenging transit. Is this the beginning of the end for Trump? Will he regret this election?

  8. I think you should look at January 20, 2017 and not the election day, because the person that wins the election is not entering the white house on that day. If you look at January 20, 2017, you will clearly observe that it is Trump and not Hillary.

  9. @janine. The only ridicolous person here is yourself.

    I mean that this election happened during a negative transit for Trump. I’m not talking about his horoscope.
    And facts are confirming my opinion:
    1) After the election many protests happened in US;
    2) Japanese journalists (not americans) published pics about the US-Japan meeting with his daughter. Americans are realizing that Trump has only one goal: develop his businesses all over the world and make lots of money with this presidency. Nobody invest $50 million just for glory or to get $1 or $400K per year. Though times will come for Trump. He will regret this election. Her wife doesn’t want to get involved. She wants to stay in NY.

    • Who are you and what rock did you crawl out from under? You mean what by your analysis? I have no idea what original comment your analysis is even referencing. Not worth a read.

  10. Over a year ago I predicted Trump would win by using horary but also because many are tired of the Clintons. I hated to see this buffoon win as he had been known to be involved with illegal schemes. Our FBI Mueller will bring the evidence forthwith. This President if a racist, bigot, thief, and probably used the Russians to help him win the election. He has and is an embarrassment to our country and it gives me the shivers that he has the key to nuclear weapons. With the solar eclipse I believe he will be taken out of office in disgrace. Also, check my post on the election chart: his sun is aligned with election sun and forms a yod. Its too difficult to pick the time he will be run out of office with the solar eclipse alone. Maybe someone has an idea on how to determine time for the eclipse. Hope its before jan. 2018

  11. I think jamie your predictions were based on transits when you could have compared asteroids specially zeus is prominent in trumps chart

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