2016 US Election Prediction

2016 US Election Prediction AstrologyMy 2016 US election prediction is based on analysis of the astrology chart for election day, Tuesday November 8 2016. I have already written about the astrology of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but those interpretations were about their personalities, not their election chances. This time I will consider the election day transits to their horoscopes.

As with the candidates horoscopes, I am taking a politically unbiased approach to this 2016 US election prediction. Although politically unbiased, by reading the articles about the candidates you can see I wrote more favorably about Donald Trump. This was simply because after interpreting their horoscopes, I personally liked Donald while I thought Hillary was a nasty piece of work.

2016 US Election Prediction Astrology

Starting with the astrology of election day, the horoscope below is set for the White House at sunrise on November 8 2016. The opening or closing of polls could also be used but that gets complicated because of early voting and the various times zones. I am hoping the chart for the beginning of the day will give us some idea about the outcome at the end of the day.

The first thing to note is that Saturn square Neptune has waned to more than six degree orb. I expect this to benefit Clinton because much of Trump’s rhetoric so far has been based on fear and paranoia about immigration.

Jupiter sextile Saturn suggests sound judgement and common sense will prevail. However, Jupiter square Pluto still points to extreme ideologies while Neptune conjunct South Node tells us the 2016 US election will be associated with lies, propaganda and scandal. This should peak the next morning with Moon conjunct Neptune at 9:14 am, Wednesday November 9 EST.

2016 US Election Prediction

2016 US Election Astrology Chart (Sunrise)

I could use this election day chart to compare the prospects of Democrats versus Republican but I cannot pass up this unique opportunity to compare the health or otherwise of Venus versus Mars, or the woman versus the man.

Venus trine Uranus suggest an exciting change for women. Uranus trine Midheaven means a positive change in president. Venus trine Midheaven suggests good prospects for a female president. Each of these aspects is strengthened by the formation of a grand trine aspect pattern.

Moon at the midpoint of Venus trine Uranus at the base of the chart indicates to me a groundswell of public support for the first female president of the United States. Mars looks very lonely in comparison, sorry Mr. Trump.

Another technique to use for the 2016 US election prediction is to consider transits to the national horoscope of the USA. I’m sure there will be enough arguments about the candidate so I will leave the controversy about which USA horoscope to use for another day.

The transits for each candidate listed below are corrected for precession. Precession of the equinoxes is the process whereby the planets appear to move forward through the zodiac at a rate of one degree every 72 years.

I have used the 8:02 am birth time for Clinton but not included natal Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven because of the unreliable nature of the birth time.

Hillary Clinton Election Transits

  • Uranus trine Saturn 0°36′
  • Saturn trine Mars 0°12′ and Pluto 0°38′
  • Venus opposite Uranus 1°20′
  • Mercury conjunct Mercury 1°15′ square Saturn 1°20′
  • Sun sextile Venus 0°41′
  • Moon square N.Node 0°02′

Donald Trump Election Transits

  • Solar eclipse sextile Mercury 0°19
  • Lunar eclipse square Sun 0°26 trine Saturn 0°27 sextile MC 1°00
  • Neptune sextile Mercury 0°34
  • Uranus trine Moon 0°37 sextile North Node 0°13
  • Mercury trine Saturn 1°11
  • Moon trine Sun 0°36

As mentioned earlier I am politically unbiased but personally like Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton. Perhaps that is a Mars on Regulus thing that we share.

As for my 2016 US election prediction my heart says Donald but my head says Hillary. With transiting Neptune opposite my Moon and Saturn square it, I don’t trust my intuition at the moment.

Based purely on the election day horoscope and the transits for both candidates I predict Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. The main clincher for me was transiting Saturn trine the Mars Pluto conjunction in Hillary’s horoscope. Mars conjunct Pluto gives a ruthless desire to achieve goals.

Donald also has a number of favorable transits but a challenging one is the September 16 lunar eclipse square his Sun. Hillary does not have such a challenging major transit.

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  1. Very Well Jamie , thank you.????

    I liked this analysis. I am too, my head with Hilary .
    We just have to wait and see. However it is a perfect idea to get all this info about both of them.
    Keep up the good work.
    May Ghorayeb

  2. As of 11th hillary’s health is a public issue and according to what I understand about astrology (a key issue now is a triple conjunction of solar cycles at 22.40 cap/scorpio 22.40 cap/scorpio and 23.14 cap scorpio) both her health and the controversy surrounding her health are likely to worsen over the next few days

    a very real scenario is that she is likely to be replaced by Joe Biden as Dem candidate

    this would be a tough one for nationalist/populist trump believers because biden is far more likeable than hillary clinton and would be considerably tougher to beat

  3. That is a very well written prediction informing less sophisticated astrology readers like myself about how different angles at work may change the outcome. Thank you for being honest & clear.

  4. The eclipse of Sept 16th (italics here) actually occurs as follows: the corrected position of the sun on Sept 16th is 30 degrees virgo not 24 (I’ve only been following this since 1966) and at noon on the 16th the moon is at 22.30 pisces and won’t reach 30 pisces for another 15-16 hours. so the actual exact ‘eclipse/ opposition’ will occur about 4 am on saturday sept 17th and (italics again) it will be in exact conjunction/opposition with Jupiter at 1 degree libra.
    this circumstance is very likely to take hillary clinton out of the election over weekend of sept 16 17 18

  5. Jamie (great work!!!) (thanks!!) and other subscribers: I might mention two other things
    (A) the Sept 16 17 circumstances I’ve described which inform hillary and the election may also address: the death of Keith Richards… which is far more important in terms of my own full lifetime than US presidential politics
    (B) Hillary has had some nasty Uranus passage stuff over the last few weeks and is starting another one on the axis of children hating fathers great relationship with mothers vs children hating mothers/great relationship w fahters. this is on the latter: children turning against their mothers. expand that into national voting mode

    • Chip, I’m astonished by your post! I am experiencing pain with no. 1 daughter for some time. Just lost my brother in June too…so I feel hurt. Virgo 28 sag rising at 20. Uranus has been delivering sweet and painful stuff. Your post helped. Best to Jamie, who is amazing.

    • Chip which acis are these?? Inhave been going through it w my dad; my nightmares about him are back. Please share. I need to know.

  6. The corporate press is vying for Hillary and she has had Carte blanche for the lack of democracy in the dem party:. where did all of these superdelegates turn up from? It ;It seems like the bankster cabal want Hillary, yet she does not seem at all well. Will HC get in and then be replaced with someone who would have had trouble getting in themselves? Will her reign be a short one? I get that women are voting for HC because she is a woman, just like people voted for Obama because he is black. It would be better if we considered ourselves as people when voting. There ae indicators for both of the candidates but what if there is electoral fraud?

    • Hi ursulariches. I let it go on the Clinton article but please keep to astrology on this prediction article. For example, Neptune with South Node means electoral fraud.

  7. Trump’s Saturn square Mercury means an experience of rejection.
    This is what Wolfgang Doebereiner, a very known German Astrologer, was teaching.

    • Hi Doro. I think you meant to say Hillary’s Mercury square Saturn. But I agree about his interpretation and the same could be said about the opposition.

  8. It would be interesting to see if a third party would have any sway. I’m still hoping for libertarian Gary Johnson to debate and while it’s a long shot for a third party to win an election, i think he’s by far the best choice of the three candidates.

  9. I believed your previous posting about the candidates’ personalities to be unbiased. I am disappointed to learn it was not, as you view one as a “nasty piece of work,” thereby precluding any unbiased assessment.

    Do you have any reply to this? How can a reader handle this type of situation when they dislike the person for whom they are reading?

    • Personally, I interpreted the comments to relate to the findings in the chart rather than on any personal commentary.

    • My astrological interpretation was unbiased. It was only my writing style that I consciously changed to match the type of personality.

  10. I think it’ll be Trump since one would expect Saturn transits with such an important job, and he will have Saturn hitting both his Sun and Moon. Plus, Hillary;s health is looking pretty suspect when that video of her having a seizure of some sort hit the net yesterday. The lunar eclipse in Pisces conjunct Neptune rules delusion, lies and hidden truths coming out.

  11. Re Hillary’s birth certificate it is not in City Hall in Chicago. I am still checking. Hillary was born at Edgewater Hospital which is now closed. And she spent the first three years of her life living at 5722 N. Winthrop Rd. only two blocks from where I live in Edgewater. Small world! I have checked several newspapers to see if they mention her birth and I could not find a reference. The “Sunday New York Times” (Sept. 11, 2016,) had a piece in the Sunday Review section titled: “The Bitch America Needs.” I highly recommend you read it. Basically, Hillary is not acting like men think women should act. Cheers And Thank You Jamie for all your work. You are amazing.

    • Hi George. It is 1:06 AM here and the election doesn’t look promising for Clinton. Honestly, this doesn’t add up. I knew some fraud would be part of this election, especially with the voter suppression that has been going on. In addition, I feel that our secret society of men that choose our president has been hard at work.

      I think war is just around the corner. The Republican war mongers will jump on this very soon. 2018 looks to be very problematic for the US. As far as the election, well, I don’t see it as legit.

      Take care.

  12. Jamie, thanks for all the work you do and then share. I greatly admire you and would vote for you if you were in America and should run for President!

  13. There is no definitive birth time for Hillary. A few years ago she gave out 8:00 am or “around 8:00 am.” Later on someone from her staff gave out 8:00 pm. I did that once, gave my birth as an AM when it is PM – brain hiccup. It happens, but that does the astrologer no good at all. Others have rectified her chart and some up with various times between 1:00 am and the current favorite 2:16 AM and still others 8:02 AM which says more about rectification practices than anything else.

    It has become almost a cliché to point out that this campaign is like no other and there seems to be an unending number of surprises. This last week was a political disaster for Hillary not only because of her “deplorable” remark, but her health is no longer the stuff of conspiracy theorists’ imagination. When the Washington Post says her health is now an issue attention must be paid.

    So regardless of what time is used for her birth, does anyone see her dropping out? It’s a long shot, I know, but predicting favorites in any contest will give you an 80% winning rate. Correctly predicting the unexpected 80% of the time is the hallmark of a great astrologer – and no, I’m not there.

    I like the 8:02 time mostly because I see her as a double Scorpio and nothing else is possible, But that’s me. I also think south node on the ASC is telling. The south node can tell us “where you get hurt.” On the ASC you hurt yourself. She also has that nasty Saturn-Pluto-Mars in Leo found in the charts of people born in late 1947 early 1948. In her case this means Mars rules her Scorpio ASC and is tightly conjunct Pluto, or if you prefer, Pluto rules her ASC and is tightly conjunct Mars. Either way that does not bode well particularly with Saturn squaring the ASC in his detriment.

    At 8:02 AM she would have three planets in the 12th. The great French astrologer Jean Baptiste Morin deVillefranche (1583-1656) insisted that illness was a 12th house issue. He wasn’t the only one or even the first, but that opinion is not the majority. However I’m not too sure he isn’t right. Let’s look. Mercury has to do with the respiratory system and ruled by Mars would indicate infections. Venus rules the kidneys and is in her detriment. The Sun is peregrine and rules the heart. So far only Mercury could be borne out as a problem for her and that is one one we would see with Mercury on the ASC.

    Of course if the 8:02 birth time is wrong – none of the above is relevant no matter how much I might like it. So I will ask my own question of myself: is there anything in her chart that indicates dropping out? I’ll get back to you on that.

    • Good comment. If she is double Scorpio Gemini is her 8th house. She is trying to kill Trump, or be killed. It makes sense looking at the campaign. Gemini rules lungs, and indicates lung problems for her.

  14. A bold piece. Thank you. We disagree on the outer planets. I see them normally as villains, so when a square or opposition appears, this reveals the true self, painful or disturbing yet invaluable. When they are in agreement, this is trouble and deception. Saturn Neptune square is creating fear and panic among whom? The establishment and their supporters, not among the voters of the alt. right., they are ecstatic. Trump is a creation of millions of voters, not a top down meme. He is riding a groundswell of support from the roots. Alt. Right call themselves realist, the Dems idealists.
    It is highly unlikely it will be a landslide for either, lets hope it doesn’t end in a 2000 fiasco. Every election has some fraud. Saturn trine Mars, As the Dems and Hillary already suffered from a Wikileaks revelation that they were attempting to fix the nomination to exclude Bernie, what will happen in the general election? Moon in Neptune, frightening. Assange from Wikileaks has promised 10,000 more documents before the election, with more attacks on her, who he termed a “demon”. She is establishment first, woman second, leftist third. It was a theme that the Bernie candidacy would get out the vote for unpopular Hillary, and he would bow out at the convention. It got out of hand when he began to surpass her. I live in the US and there are many very unhappy Democrats. If Hillary wins it will hardly be a happy moment for Dems or Republicans.
    Clearly Trump worships Venus! Consider his good looking wives, and ownership of Miss Universe contest. Hillary is a acolyte of entirely a different type. Venus may reward his devotion.

    • I agree 100%. In this world everything is the opposite. I also think Trump is Venus. Look at all the gold and ostentatious decor in his buildings. Hillary ruled by Mars for sure. Harsh!

    • I still believe Saturn square Neptune is creating fear even among his supporters. Survivalists may turn their fear into adrenalin and get a kick out of it but general fear in society is needed in the first place for them to feed of it.

  15. >Any chance neither get elected and there could be a surprise outcome??<

    Not on election day unless both are replaced. If, because of a third party, candidate, no one gets a majority of electoral votes, then, in January, the newly seated Congress votes for President. The House is expected to remain in Republican control, so normally we would expect the Republican candidate to be elected by the Republican majority. The House has to choose from among the people who received electoral votes. They do not have to vote for the person who has the most. So here is a fanciful, but perfectly legal scenario. No one gets a majority or electoral votes. They are split between Hillary, Trump and Jill Stein. The House votes for Stein. Now DO NOT bet on this happening. It would be legal, but it can only happen if neither Hillary nor Trump gets a majority of electoral votes.

    Also, FYI, the vote is not done by individual members of the House. The states vote as a block. So New York gets one vote, Texas gets one vote, Wyoming gets one vote etc. So it is possible that the majority party by members does not have the most state delegations. The odds are overwhelming that nothing like this happens.

  16. Hi Jamie, great analysis! I am so curious what you have to say on the following pertaining to Hillary? …
    1) She has a birth Mercury quincunx Uranus
    2) transiting Mercury will quincunx her birth Uranus around Election Day, and
    3) transiting Uranus will be quincunx her birth Mercury around Election Day (it continues this motion throughout the campaign).
    4) There is transiting Mercury quincunx transiting Uranus around November 8 as well.
    What do you make of this repeat? It’s everywhere for her! I agree with you that Hillary has the stronger transits from Saturn/Uranus to her Leo.

    • How interesting Janine. Well spotted too. I’ve missed it because I use a max of 3 degrees orb for the quincunx. All those double whammy transit may suggest she gets a strong message through the vote that makes her make a major change in thinking regarding a particular issue. Perhaps involving how open she is about revealing information?

  17. Better to make no prediction at all than this downer. First they steal it from Bernie and now from Donald? So there’s no hope for democracy in America? We desperately need our Brexit. If Hillary gets in, we’re done. Plus this prediction was made before a critical development in her health last weekend. May God yet intervene and stop her.

  18. I am happy to report that i find her tenacious enough to, eris like ,break the ceiling and take the arrows and disdain. I remember how everyone hated Muhamed Ali, MLK, Jackie Robinson, its often much later that we recognize their courage and commitment. I am not that cynical in the least about her ambition, Regulus in Virgo!!! She has demonstrated long term relationships with a great many people who could not confer power on her (especially children and the handicapped), She has sacrificed her comfort of privacy to improve others lives, sometimes driven by (Ithink) struggles her mother endured as a child

    • Yes, I agree that those challenging aspects in her chart can be put to good use in fighting against enemies, or political opponents blocking funding of the underprivileged.

  19. Comparing this lying murderous cheat who sold the U.S. state office to the highest bidder and helped her cronies get fat off of poverty and disasters in Haiti and elsewhere to MLK et al. is like comparing the devil to Jesus Christ.

  20. the positive Venus aspects bode well for Trump, who is fighting for the goddess associated with the symbology on the US currency. Hillary represents, quite literally, the theft of the star and the new moon by the nefarious forces that, quite literally, rape the goddess, symbolised, quite literally, by Allah’s consort and the black stone. By the same token, the relaxation in the intensity of the S-M square might just as easily mean that the “fear and paranoia” has settled down into something more rational regarding the Muslim Brotherhood’s colonisation efforts. Facts may be sinking in. Pluto is the wildcard and just don’t see Donald Duck as plutonian.

  21. You don’t use this, but I see Venus crosses the galactic centre on November 9-10. This is the heart of the feminine, the collective unconscious, which is so manipulated/manipulable, so it’s very profound. The sun on the ascendant in Virgo is also a powerful symbol for the goddess, in sublime equanimity, square her own heartbeat. I’m of the view personally that just like with Brexit, people are going to surprise and vote against the establishment, if only for selfish reasons. The countries share a common root. I predict absolute mayhem at the polls as the other side fights back, dirty. The sun, moon and Mercury follow across the line in the following days and head into Pluto conjunctions with no time to breathe. I don’t know what will happen but our fate will be sealed by the time saturn reaches 27 Sag. around March 8 2017, at which point there will either by all-out war in the middle east or all-out war on the US

  22. Jamie do any of the fixed stars or other aspects indicate civil unrest or outcry in the day or 2 following the election? I’m concerned with Trump’s new accusations of a rigged election the pro-gun, religious right will be inclined to violent protest. And that it will give way to mass incarcerations. Is any of this indicated in the weeks following Nov 8?

  23. If the people put Hillary in the white house, the country will experience nothing but sorrow. She is a vindictive, selfish, powermongrel. I sense nothing but darkness around her.

    • Yes ,she is the Evil. Roman Nero &Caligula joined.If she wins God help us all.Cannot stand her sight.Look at her past : wars,human suffering,terrorism,destruction.She is the enemy of the world and human race.Do you want more of it?

  24. Look at all the despotic( wealthy and therefore totally empowered) people in power in every country, state, etc. The problem is this, unless the 99 percent have a worthwhile person to vote for all everyone is doing is voting to stop the other person, party etc getting in power. If you are the 99 percent without millions of mostly corrupt money you cannot access the corridors of power so, will there be a point in voting? I feel increasingly that there won’t be., the state of the USA politics and the corridors of Westminster to name 2 of them is increasingly bordering on lunacy, insanity and plain stupidity. Now, Jamie, will there ever come a time where the humans on this earth become as one for the 99 percent collective ?? Uranus into Taurus( this is awful) followed by Pluto into Aquarius perhaps,(REVOLUTION)??? followed by Uranus in Gemini. I’m 60, but its the younger disempowered kids I worry about, the world is bloody awful for them, we seem to be losing all our freedoms of speech and actual freedom to progress as humanity. Robots come to mind, devices out of control. Call a spade a spade I say, oh, did I say that out loud,?? haha. Hilary Clinton is an vile and evil genius, what a pity she will be the first female president, what an example to all women !!!. Donald Trump is funny I think, a stupid big mouthed idiot, but so backwards re women, if he a brain and had an astrologer, he may well have won, so, vote for Donald(clown) or the devil (Hilary) both, never known a moments hardship in their lives and therefore been able to walk all over the 99 percent. Imagine if a country was run by an Astrologer, like hundreds of years ago. Are you up for it Jamie.??? Have a good day everyone if you can, if not, have one tomorrow.

    • The Deep State’s most prescient elements must derail Hillary’s campaign to clear a path to Trump’s executive team.


      The one thing that Charles Smith misses in this article is that even if she wins next Tuesday the real powers that be have insured that she can be easily impeached as a result of her past criminal activities. Then they will have the extremely malleable and self-serving Kaine (what an ironic name) in place to do their bidding. Add to that the massive amount of voter fraud that will be perpetrated by the Bush-Clinton crime family on election day that will be exposed almost immediately, and she is history one way or the other.

      What is truly funny about all of the faux outrage about Trump’s locker room comments is that the vast majority of heterosexual men know they are just as guilty of saying the same types of things (or far worse) in a male only environment, and the vast majority of heterosexual women know that they are also guilty of saying the same types of things about men in a woman only environment. So it has proven to have no legs.

      Regardless, the US as we once knew it is finished. All that is left now is the inevitable revolution. A revolution which Trump has inadvertently started (regardless of whether or not he wins) under the guise of “Making America Great Again”. Which in and of itself is a purely subjective statement based on one’s personal opinion of what equates to greatness.

      – Imperialism does not equate to greatness.

      – Central Bankers (the Federal Reserve “Money Masters”) do not create greatness. It’s quite the opposite.

      – LBJ’s “Great Society” did not create a “great” society. It created a welfare state and a virtual plantation that guaranteed that his Party would always have the black voting block, while simultaneously destroying the nuclear black family and creating a permanent victim mentality.

      The list goes on and on.

  25. wrong! Donald J. Trump will be going into the OVAL office on January 20, 2017…so easy. If it were that easy it wouldn’t have taken me decades of research.

  26. Hey Jamie, have you considered the fact that many people will have voted before Nov.8, certainly a majority in my area? My pick is Trump, based on Hillary’s Pisces moon, since no candidate has ever won with a Pisces moon or mars, and no President since extremely narrow victories for Grover Cleveland in 1884 and 1892 has had a Pisces sun.

  27. What amazes me is that Nostradamus the astrologer could predict a king decades in advance, and the top astrologers in the world can apparently not agree on a 50-50 tossup a week in advance. After looking around the net for a few hours I can see that there is not a single bit of consensus as to what factors to look at. Some astrologers looking at natal, some at progressions, solar arcs, many at transits, some at Vedic, and absolutely none, none, looking at the progressed geometry (progressed to progessed) aspects. Astrologers are embarrassing themselves even more than the American government is at the moment. I take it this is a sign of the times, the chaos and sudden unexpected changes indicative of Uranus, ruler of the almost entrenched age of Aquarius.

  28. >After looking around the net for a few hours I can see that there is not a single bit of consensus as to what factors to look at.<
    Exactly. This is part of a larger problem that can be called the "it works for me" syndrome. Frankly if it works for one, it should work for everyone. If it doesn't, your method stinks.

    I sat through a rather embarrassing example of what was supposed to be a method to determine the outcome of the election about a month ago. Boiled to its essentials the method came down to, "Whoever has the strongest natal chart using this method wins." The stronger natal chart was chosen by applying a wholly subjective set of techniques and the astrologer was to assign points to various goings on in th nativity. So it was possible for two people to come up with wildly different scores and different outcomes simply by varying what was and was not important. Surprise! Hillary wins. Gee it was only a coincidence that 99% of the attendees were voting for Hillary.

    IF there was some kind of consensus with some history to support it, we would all be doing pretty much the same things with the same results. Instead it's a free-for-all with a track record less accurate than a coin toss. The consensus this year seems to be Hillary wins. OK. Since I've been comparing astrology to Presidential elections I've noticed something. See if you can spot it. Since 1984 the astrologers' consensus was as follows: Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Bill Clinton (twice), Al Gore, John Kerry and Barak Obama (twice). Hmmmm what do they have in common? I've tried to point out that if the only time you get it right is when your guy wins, you're not doing astrology. But when I spouted off this list I was told it only meant that sometimes astrology gets it wrong.

    It used to be taught that the nativity was the promise. The prediction is when. The word "promise" is misleading and it is not intended to convey a guarantee like, "I promise I'll mow the lawn." It means potential, like, "He shows real promise as a relief pitcher." So let's use the word "potential." So if we look at our candidates' nativities, if one of them shows the potential for achieving a high status and the other one doesn't, it should be a no-brainer. What if neither shows it, or both? When will it be achieved? Richard Nixon had the same nativity in 1960 as he did in 1968. If the chart sets off alarms at age 22 but by age 56 it's all downhill, that might not be our winner. So how do we determine when the peaks and valley's arrive? With a predictive method obviously. Now it gets tricky. Which one? Forget transits. If transits had any validity I would have been dead decades ago. The ones that make the most sense, are primary directions, secondary progressions, and maybe solar arc directions but I am not wild about those. The point however is that there is a time for everything and that time should be shown with a predictive method. And for President of the United states one of those methods should set off fireworks in the chart. Doesn't happen.

    Robert Hand once suggested that the worst chart wins. That is, the chart that shows the most stress after election day is the winner because the job is so stressful. Up until this year I would have bought that, but right now it is entirely possible that Hillary could lose the election and her chart show a lot of stress because of a potential or perhaps actual indictment being handed down that could result in her ending up in jail. That would cause some stress in my life.

    Astrology was developed when monarchy was the dominant form of government. Astrology might tell us how long the monarch will survive and whether or not his reign will be successful. It will not tell us how a rabble will vote.Some 120 million Americans will vote in this election, and I'm supposed to believe that the collective will, will show itself in Donald Trump's and/or Hillary Clinton's natal chart? I'm supposed to believe that timing has nothing to do with this? My work with the primary directions of Trump's chart and Hillary's alleged 8:02 am birth time shows he should have run in 2012 and she had her best chance in 2010. That isn't even an election year. So neither one will win? Jill Stein, where is your chart?

    We might wish to concede that there is no way we can figure this out on a consistent basis. We might also wish to concede that our biases get in the way about 99.9% of the time. Even if we pick the winner and he or she is not our guy or gal, it still might be luck. As for me, I predict that on January 20, 2017 the USA will swear in a new President. Never been wrong with that one yet.

    • Why can’t transits have any say-so? Hillary has strong transits on Election Day that are (as far as I’ve seen) indicative of someone who feels a strong need to get to work, and, is awarded a position to fulfill that desire. Trump has strong progressions, but they seem to point to him actually believing he has what it takes and tossing his hat in the ring. I’m certain, by looking at his progressions, that he thinks that he’d be a strong and powerful leader. Those are probably part of the reason he’s made it so far, astrologically speaking, in this election.

      But again, transits. He’s had transiting Chiron in Pisces t-square to his Sun/Moon opposition. Do you think that honestly hasn’t put all his personal flaws regarding his boisterous opinions into the spotlight? Yes he’s more forthright than Hillary, but Chiron is taking the steam out of it. Now if, let’s say, transiting Saturn were Rx trining his Sun/sextiling his Moon instead of this hard Chiron we might be looking at a different environment, at the very least he likely wouldn’t be in such a defensive posture, with all of these late night rants.

      You could also look at Inauguration Day for “moving house” transits, because that’s the day when the next president would move into the White House. There’s so much to look at and they all have their place.

      I also noticed Hillary has a double Sun trine Moon transit on Election Day, she’s going to be feeling strong and confident to take on whatever comes her way. Now that Uranus/Mercury mess that I wrote about earlier is another thing entirely, in her chart and in the transits. My hunch is another info-drop from WikiLeaks on or near Election Day, what else can one suspect with an inconjunct between Gemini and Scorpio?? I also recently took some time to look at the chart of James Comey. Come Inauguration Day his chart is seeing sparks. And not good ones, either. I take that to be another indicator that Hillary will win and will seek his head on a platter. The FBI is in as much of a mess as Hillary.

      I truly don’t believe that she should be President. But I do believe she will be. We’ll all see if we’re proven wrong.

      However, if Trump wins, then he’ll apparently be dealing with a Democratic congress or Republicans fighting against him, because Saturn in Sagittarius will then be opposed to his Sun indicating his hands being tied for a time. That is not a strong transit for going to work and being able to maintain momentum. Also, Ivanka has a transit quite near Election Day indicating that her work is taking a nose-dive, or a further one at that. I take that to indicate that she feels her father’s loss will impact her brand negatively, and it will cause a considerable amount of frustration for her. Haven’t yet looked at Melania’s chart. She would be First Lady, so the loss of that would also be noteworthy on Election Day. Or maybe not. She doesn’t seem especially politically-driven. I’m sure the glamour of it is alluring to her.

      The chart I favor for Hillary has her Leo stellium in the 9th house. I’m primarily basing this on the 9/11 attack, with Uranus in Aquarius transiting her 3rd house opposing her Leo Saturn. I would have to check nodal transits to get a firmer (or less firm) grasp. So far I work with this one. It puts strong Scorpio energy in her 12th.

      At least we have Trump’s correct time. I’m not surprised that Hillary’s been lying about hers, every which way.

      • The question on transits is good. So I”ll expand on that. No comment on the politics.

        My first astrology teacher told me (and others) “Transits are not enough.” I hate doing this but I will mention it, if I went by transits in my life I would have given up astrology a couple of decades ago. Almost NOTHING in my life has coincided with a major transit by itself. I’m in my 60s. I’ve had all the usual ups and downs in life and my own chart is configured so that the outer three planets have hit everything including themselves at least once and usually twice in my life. . Robert Hand has noticed this as well. Major transits go by with nothing happening in the life. Why? Because Transits are not enough

        The basic idea runs this way: 1) The natal chart is the promise or potential in the life. If it isn’t promised in the nativity, it ain’t gonna happen. 2) WHEN something will happen is shown by the predictive methods. Methods such as primary directions, secondary progressions and solar arc directions give broad indications like within the next year or so. 3) In order to narrow down the timing and to discover if what in the more general methods is indicated will occur in a particular year, look to the solar return. If it is also shown in the return, then it should happen that year (there are a couple of exceptions but I want to keep this short). 4) If you wish to go further look to the lunar returns. When you spot the theme in a particular lunar return, that’s the month. 5) NOW you use transits to trigger the event.

        This method or similar was the preferred method from Renaissance astrology in the west and later.The Hellenistic Greeks had different techniques, and the Persian or Arab astrologers as they are usually called (despite some of them being Christians and Jews), had their own as well.

        Does this work? I wish I could say it was a drop dead certainty that it did. Nothing works with quite this precision. My own experience tells me solar returns are the best indication if they are read correctly, Anything more than that can happen in the chart but at times does not. There might be something to the theory that some techniques work best in one chart and others work best in other charts – the trick is to find the right set for each chart That’s a lot of work.

        But the point is that if an astrologer does find something that clicks only by using transits, there is probably something else going on in other, more broad techniques, that the astrologer didn’t look at it.

        The life develops. It doesn’t just happen coincident with transits. Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only person born on Oct 26, 1947, in Chicago and might even have an astro-twin out there somewhere. Where is she and what is she doing? And what will she be doing on Jan 20, 2017? Ditto Donald Trump.

        Both of them have something seriously important in common – not identical but in common. Start with Hillary. She comes from a middle class background (no she was not born in a log cabin). There is nothing spectacular in that background. She goes to Yale. She’s not old money. She’s not new money. But the people she goes to school with are privileged in a way that she isn’t. Something about that situation sets off something in her chart that drives her to prove herself with her classmates and their peers. She thinks money is the key and found a way to make plenty of it and makes sure everyone knows about it. Humility is not her strong suit.

        Donald Trump’s family was well off. Donald (equally lacking in humility) did not go to an Ivy League school, but he had the drive to excel in business. He may be invited to play a round of golf at the finest clubs and he may be invited to a cocktail party or two by old money, but he is not one of the members of that exclusive club. So he builds his own spectacular country clubs. His hotels are the biggest (They’re Yuuuuuge) and most opulent. He puts his name on everything including wine, gambling casinos his airplane and other status symbols. He is new money. Old money doesn’t tell everyone they’re rich. Everyone knows it. New money has to announce it so old money notices.

        So for both of them, becoming President is kind of a coming out party. Everyone, new money and old, will know who they are. If you think this is outrageous, remember, this is exactly why JFK became President – not to let the world know he had money, but his father wanted to let old money know who he was. The key then is to find that initial spark and trace it’s development over the decades and see if we can determine which one is fulfilled. No I can’t do that either, but I know it can’t be done with transits alone.

        Whatever it is in their respective charts that set this quest off, was not a transit, but something much deeper, and for whatever reason, it was not set off in others with similar charts by external events or if it was, it is on a much smaller scale.. We need to look deeper than the timing of events. We need to look at how those events changed the native. Let’s say two virtually identical charts in two males accurately predict the unexpected death of the father. In one case it results in the native having to support his family at a young age because of the financial situation of the family. It awakens a strong sense of responsibility that he carries through his life for his own benefit. The other is better off and the young man just continues with school. Other than grief, his life goes on in much the same way it would have with a father. The event is identical. The experience has a totally different effect. No transit is going to tell us very much about either one. A more in depth method might.

      • Well let me pose another question. What do you make of Trump and Clinton’s progressions, arcs, solar returns, transits? I see a general argument regarding predictive work, which I mostly agree with, but not one with data from your analysis supporting any candidate. I’d be interested in Hillary’s progressions particularly. Might take some time to look at hers in-depth. I only took a cursory glance earlier and didn’t see much, then again I wasn’t particularly pleased with not having a legitimate birth time for her.

        • I missed this question and apologize for that. I’m tempted to say I saw it Trump all the way, but I wont because I didn’t.

          I lean toward primary directions although I don’t find them as stunning as a lot of traditional astrologers do, and for good reason. First off there are the technical problems: there are so many different ways to calculate them, different keys to use that it is difficult to settle on one. I did and I found little to cheer about for either candidate, but there were two strong pluses – one each. I thought Hillary got slightly the better of that.

          I did not predict anything because I don’t think it’s possible. This morning there are a ton of astrologers crying in their beer all of whom picked Hillary and I think it’s fair to say that she was the consensus choice of astrologers. But they’re all leftists. The vast majority of what I’ve seen of political predictions by astrology always follow the astrologer’s politics. This is why I like to say, if the only time you get it right is when your guy wins, you’re doing it wrong.

          When we say we can predict the winner of the Presidency with astrology, we are bowing to fatalism. We are saying that with a chart or two and some transits we can predict the will of tens of millions of voters casting ballots across the 50 states and the District of Columbia. That we can divine when the will of the people as expressed in the majority of votes and differentiate it from the outcome of the electoral college (see the 2000 election). Fifty states with lots of different poll opening and poll closing times spread over multiple time zones and no agreed upon US chart. What do we work with? No one knows and until they do, I say we’re just guessing.

          The closest method I’ve seen that uses real astrology and eliminates the astrologer’s biases was developed by Bernadette Brady a traditional astrologer. Her research shows that when Venus is somewhere at some time during a Presidential year, The Democrats win. When it is otherwise, the Republicans win. She went back and used every election when there were Democrats and Republicans and confidently predicted Hillary would win this time.

          • I forget the name, but someone who was mentioned in the AFA newsletter got it right, and many others. That astrologer uses Jupiter and Saturn to represent the parties. I for one am ecstatic that Trump is getting in, I definitely voted for him.

            It’s easy to criticize, and more risky to stick your neck out like Jamie here and others.

  29. I think it is extremely important to note that the moon is void of course from 8:59 AM to 4:46 PM ET on election day. That is a very important factor.

    Couple that with the FACT that Hillary, the DNC, and her minions will attempt to perpetrate massive amounts of voter fraud on election day, and its got clusterfuck written all over it.

    Just to make it even worse, the voter fraud will be exposed. That is already happening.

    So if she wins, she’s still toast. On top of all that she has been hiding her Parkinson’s.

    Hillary Clinton is an extremely evil person, and so is her husband. Whereas Trump is just a really bad self-serving narcissist.

    But from the 30,000 foot perspective this entire election has exposed the US to the world as the Banana Republic that it is.16 years of Bush and Obama sealed that deal completely.

    • Well, after reading Genaro, Clinton has” Parkinsons”,!!!! Now then, if that it is true, that would make her President because that exactly chimes with Theresa May who has Diabetes 1, but NOT hidden from the electorate. For anyone who knows Parkinsons illness pattern which ends (usually) with extreme dementia, all I can say after watching my Mother die of it you could not not wish that that it is true . And, the moon void of its course just means trouble, for the whole business of the election…. Theresa May said, when Cameron resigned that she wanted the party membership to decide if she should be Prime Minister, a few days later, she was asked after a lot of dirty tricks by the Tory MP’s to take the job and she did, so, in the end, the astrological data will say, as usual, that the one who wants power the most will win, the one with the most dirty tricks will win, and that will be Clinton I expect. Surely, if she has neurological problems that impede her health Trump would have found out, money buys everything and the Bush family want back in (now they really do know real deep down dirty evil tricks) Clinton must know that she really could not do the JOB??? Again, who has the biggest ego??? very hard to say, after yesterday in the law courts re Brexit in UK, again that would chime with Clinton winning and being impeached, its still all bad news for the vast majority in both countries. Jupiter in Libra should be looked at, opposite Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn (despotic) money and of course Russia!!!!! all horrible stuff, particulary with the Jupiter/Pluto square starting in November, REAL 9/11 stuff, its going to be a ride until Jupiter gets to Scorpio next year followed by 2018 Uranus opposing in Taurus, (Food, money, dire weather) Look at the last time Uranus went into Taurus, CREDIT/Cash disasters!! dustbowls, rationing, etc,etc, push the charts forwards to the next few years and take out the emotional stuff, just do astrology basic. Its a long way till Tuesday!!! a whole weekend of Uranus(internet) in the sign of ME Aries, opposing Jupiter in the sign of Justice! For, me though, its the Pluto in Capricorn that stands out, watch out for Jeb Bush and his posse coming to save the Republican. And, Mars, last degree of Capricorn.

      • Starshine, she has early stages of Parkinson’s and my source for that information is extremely reliable. Never meant to imply that I wished that it was true. But frankly, I could care less. She’s responsible for massive amounts of suffering just in Libya alone.

        Now we find out courtesy of Wikileaks that she has known for over 2 years that the Saudi’s and Quatar are funding and providing logistical support to ISIS?!

        I’m reminded of Little Bill Daggett in “Unforgiven” telling Will Muny; “I don’t deserve this… to die like this. I was building a house”, and Will Muny replied; “Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it”. Only she’s far worse than Little Bill Daggett. So again, I could care less.

        As to the Bush family wanting “back in”. That’s exactly why Pappy Bush et al is endorsing her. The Bush-Clinton crime family has been doing very well for the last 16 years and they want it to stay that way. Which is also why the newest member of the crime family Barry Obama has been out there getting in the mud on her behalf.

        He’s another story all unto himself. 8 years of his sorry ass has been a complete disaster. Which has turned back race relations in this country three fold. That is not an accident. Conversely, it was just him following orders and being a good little puppet. He’s really been the ultmate house ni*^&er.

        • Hello Genaro, Thank goodness its all over now and its made me have a nice day anyway. You are wrong about the Bush tribe methinks, but, today in astrology, the rare but potent mutual reception of Mars in Aquarius and the lovely Urarus in Aries won it all. You have a lovely day now.

  30. Neptune conjunct Moon in Pisces is chaos on election day. We won’t know who won, there will be massive evidence of voter fraud (there already is) 83 absentee ballots found in front of apartment where an elderly woman lives alone, different names all her address and apartment number, in California. She is losing in CA, Jill Stein is winning due to her stealing CA last June.
    Trump will have to sue but will take office in the end.
    Trump has deep ties to US chart, Hillary has the chart of a pervert/monster. That is in those emails on Weiner/Huma laptop in NYC now.
    Pluto mid Capricorn takes the diseased governments down, square to Uranus in Aries=Electronic Warriors.
    The internet vs the corrupt government.
    Trump wins, progressed Sun conjunct Regulus now. Few weeks ago his Sun entered Virgo for the next 30yrs, humiliation, sacrifice, service. Gone is the self centered Leo progressed Sun in the previous 30 yrs.

    • With that progressed Sun into Virgo is a progressed Sun into the 1st house. His progressed Midheaven will turn to Leo in less than a year’s time. He’s certainly still in the running for wanting to be top dog. Transiting Pluto is on its way to squaring his Jupiter. He’ll still be playing for high stakes and personal gain. Jupiter’s getting ready to trine his Uranus, it’s all there. Donald will continue to do Donald as Donald does best. His Sun conjunct NN in the 10th will guarantee that. I’ll say this much, he definitely works that last degree of Leo ascending for all it’s worth. This is a man poised to take on more than he ever has, and his running for president seems to be just the beginning. Not saying that he will be using completely ethical and legal means, but, he has his sights set high,

  31. For crying out loud, get real will you. Hillary Clinton is not “a nasty piece of work”. This looks like the male paranoid weakness around strong independence women in their own right who stand firmly with their integrity. Yes the majority of men in this world have the same problem. What I consider is the very boring majority.

    • Oh yes, Heather. Nothing says strong independent woman and “integrity” like a woman who stays for decades in a marriage of convenience with a serial philanderer.

      You may want to Google “cognitive dissonance”.

      • Saying Hillary is “mean and nasty” while Trump is a man with courage and charisma is only exposing yourself for the crappy “astrologer” you really are.

      • Hillary won the popular vote, so the majority of people did want her. But the electoral college got in the way. I don’t think it has anything to do with her being fake.

  32. Jamie you should always follow your heart!

    I am So Happy your head was wrong on this and Donald Trump won!!!

    This is a historical victory for change. The numerous lies and deceit of the democratic party really overwhelmed the American people for barrack to break all the rules as a sitting president and go out and demoralise Trump is out-right ego and believing that there is no end for their stupidity. Thank God for this Chance of Change for America
    Please Jamie follow your heart always it is the right thing a proven recipe again and again.

  33. Umm… could we request a post-mortem here, Jamie? Without being able to read well into the various aspects, I sense a countermanding ‘tidal force’ in effect globally – maverick-types (right-wingers?) seem to be rising into high positions, e.g. Duterte of the Philippines who came to power pledging to torpedo drug smugglers and has resulted in more than 6000 suspects losing their lives.

    It’s something like enough is enough (of something) and the public takes action collectively. And the results become visible, unexpectedly.

  34. You got it wrong Jamie..is it time you fine you your Astrology readings and provide an accurate predictions? There are trust issues you created for yourself now with your readers

    • Err… Jamie made a prediction… and a prediction is Not tantamount to a hand-on-heart promise that such-and-such Will/Must materialize on this date.

      Such is life… :))

  35. Accurate predictions of what? Jamie is the no.1 astrologer in this world. Thank you Jamie

  36. I do not think that the result of an election is always predictable and the vote seemed to be close although Trump won a lot more states.I say seemed because of fraud with the votes which even happens now in the UK. These would be additional ballots, migrant voters, dead voters, lost ballots, postal ballots, extra money spent on regions where people are put up in hotels and where they earn money from canvassing, trains and tubes not working meaning people get home overly hungry, late and too tired to go to the polls, electronic voting machines which are rigged and which change the votes plus extended opening hours where anything may happen. Votes can be swayed by the corporate press whose bias is like free advertising for candidates. Each time a vote is cast for the candidate, they have had a win so each candidate must have many wins. Many do not vote for a candidate as such but for or against abortion, for or against the LGBT agenda, for or against illegalising gun ownership, corruption, the family, the wealth of the people and for freedoms. In a way, this is about the American people and not about the candidates, it is about what the american people gain from their votes on election day, it is about how the election affects America and her people. The election itself tells us about the issues the voters see and why they vote but it does not tell us which candidate gets in.Saturn would indicate increased responsibility to me and people say it indicates a loss. I consider that the interpretation of the charts tend to be above us. We can look to the inauguration time to see how the POTUS would be affected if they were inaugurated and to see if there is anything to indicate an inauguration. Lets do that now.

  37. This election was a referendum on the failed Presidency of Barack Obama.

    When you repeatedly promise “Change We Can All Believe In” and then deliver nothing other than the preservation of the status quo Oligarchy, (which was all that Hillary was ever going to do), then it’s just a matter of time before all of the broken promise Chickens come home to roost.

    Now we will see if Trump delivers on his promises to the “common people”, or if it’s just more of the same, and the Oligarchs win yet again.

    Either way, the revolution has begun, and now it’s just a matter of exactly how it manifests.

    • Obama’s presidency failed because he was deliberately blocked, even on the things the Republicans agreed with him on. The parallels with 1928 are chilling. Roll on the next ‘great depression’ and the next WW.

      • Obama failed because:

        A) First and foremost he was wholly unqualified to hold the office in the first place. He’s an empty suit and a malignant self-serving narcissist who was good at using NLP to hypnotize enough people into believing all of his false promises and Change and Hope bullshit. People still call him a “black” man, but he’s half white.
        B) As soon as he took office his first priority should have been to deal with the so-called “financial crisis”. Which in reality was the single largest transference (theft) of wealth in the history of mankind. Instead he made Tim Geithner his Treasury Secretary and Larry Summers his chief economic advisor. Geithner was Hank Paulson’s shineboy for years, and Summers has spent his entire career as David Rockefeller’s self-appointed lackey and errand boy. So all that Barry did was put the servants of the Oligarch Foxes who created the financial meltdown in charge of the fucking hen house. Hence the bailout at the expense of the American people. The very same American people who were the victims of the theft in the first place!

        C) Then he put the totally corrupt Eric Holder in place as AG, thereby ensuring that not a single one of the criminal bankers was ever prosecuted for their crimes and blatant theft. So he and Holder completely failed to uphold the Rule of Law.

        D) Obamacare was doomed to fail from the start because he and Rahm Emmanuel cut a backroom deal with the 4 largest health insurers in the nation before the legislation was ever presented.

        So your hero was nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Sul. Who did exactly what he was told by TPTB, and sold out the people who elected him in the process.

        I wouldn’t piss on that piece on that narcissistic piece of shit if he was standing in front of me on fire.

        As to the “next great depression”. Got a newsflash for you! It began in 2008, and continues to this day. Thanks in no small part to Obama’s inaction.

        All in all he is a classic example of a “House Nigger”.


        • I thought this was an astrology site.
          P.S. When it comes to ‘unqualified to hold office’ how do Trump’s credentials shape up in your book?

  38. Are we sure that this election will add positive experiences to Donald Trump? Until the Nov 8th, 2016, Donald’s life was very good but this election fell during a challenging transit. Is this the beginning of the end for Trump? Will he regret this election?

  39. I think you should look at January 20, 2017 and not the election day, because the person that wins the election is not entering the white house on that day. If you look at January 20, 2017, you will clearly observe that it is Trump and not Hillary.

  40. @janine. The only ridicolous person here is yourself.

    I mean that this election happened during a negative transit for Trump. I’m not talking about his horoscope.
    And facts are confirming my opinion:
    1) After the election many protests happened in US;
    2) Japanese journalists (not americans) published pics about the US-Japan meeting with his daughter. Americans are realizing that Trump has only one goal: develop his businesses all over the world and make lots of money with this presidency. Nobody invest $50 million just for glory or to get $1 or $400K per year. Though times will come for Trump. He will regret this election. Her wife doesn’t want to get involved. She wants to stay in NY.

    • Who are you and what rock did you crawl out from under? You mean what by your analysis? I have no idea what original comment your analysis is even referencing. Not worth a read.

  41. Over a year ago I predicted Trump would win by using horary but also because many are tired of the Clintons. I hated to see this buffoon win as he had been known to be involved with illegal schemes. Our FBI Mueller will bring the evidence forthwith. This President if a racist, bigot, thief, and probably used the Russians to help him win the election. He has and is an embarrassment to our country and it gives me the shivers that he has the key to nuclear weapons. With the solar eclipse I believe he will be taken out of office in disgrace. Also, check my post on the election chart: his sun is aligned with election sun and forms a yod. Its too difficult to pick the time he will be run out of office with the solar eclipse alone. Maybe someone has an idea on how to determine time for the eclipse. Hope its before jan. 2018

  42. I think jamie your predictions were based on transits when you could have compared asteroids specially zeus is prominent in trumps chart

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