Occupy Wall Street Protest

The Occupy Wall Street Protest movement is more of a global movement than US based. It’s origins probably started with the revolutions in the Arab world and the May 2011 Spanish Protests which also saw an occupation of a city center. Now the Occupy Wall Street Movement itself has gone global but to pin down a date for astrological purposes I have decided to stick to the first Occupy Wall Street protest: #OCCUPYWALLSTREET will begin @12pm at Bowling Green Park, NYC.

We and other astrologers all have been linking these global protest movements to the major planetary influence over the next few years, Uranus square Pluto, “a major generational upheaval…The focus is on revolutionary change.” In that article I also stressed the importance of the Internet in this radical change and we have seen how important this has been in the organization and leaderless nature of the global movement for change.

Occupy Wall Street Horoscope

So in the chart for Occupy Wall Street it is not surprising that Uranus is square Pluto by less than two degrees. Interesting Pluto has “stood still” on September 17, stationing ready to turn direct again. Pluto is the masses, and we can see that moment as people gathered in the park as a turning point, a call to the global community for action. The people gathered and stood still in the Park, ready to embark on their revolution.

Uranus square Pluto was not only spurred on by the station of Pluto, but it was also activated that day by Venus. Venus is opposite Uranus, square Pluto. Venus here can represent to desire for fairness, equality and peace. These are qualities associated with the Sun sign Libra, but that is only because it is said that Venus rules Libra. Above all though, it is the planet Venus which rules harmony and peace.

Venus also rules money, so with Venus activating Uranus square Pluto the revolution is about economic equality, socialistic values. Explosive outbursts directed at the aristocracy. The Uranus Pluto conjunction in the 1960’s saw peace protests. This time around with the square there is still an underlying peace movement feel but these values are definitely more linked to the economy, particularly the perceived failure of capitalism.

Many of us have been predicting economic disaster, a complete failure of the capitalist system. Astrologers and now even some economists are saying “depression”. Billionaire George Saros wrote on September 27, “Financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences.”

I believe the Occupy Wall Street movement is a manifestation of our collective fear about where the global economy is headed. The finger is being pointed before the final economic disaster. The is shown n the chart by the Midheaven (MC), usually representing the leader in a mundane chart, but in this case it would be the collective. MC conjunct the fixed star Zosma gives the “ability to prophesy”.

The movement represents not just a need for change of the financial system alone. There is the desire for peace which is linked to finance, so much money wasted on death and destruction. There is also an environmental factor, the feeling we need to move away from the burning of fossil fuels which is raising global temperatures and sea levels. We can see this in the chart with Sun opposite Ceres because Ceres is the Earth Goddess associated with environmental concerns.

Occupy Wall Street Future

All the square and opposition point to a big struggle. But that how it should be, if they were easy trines and sextiles there would not be the motivation and everyone would still be blobbing in front of the idiot box. With Mars trine the Ascendant there is the energy and motivation for this movement to keep going.

The movement will of course face strong opposition. Pluto not only rules the mass movement but also police and spy agencies. Uranus square Pluto can manifest as a Cyber spy: Thomas Ryan. The Descendant (DC) in a chart rules partners but also open enemies. These open enemies will take the form of police and behind them government and money men. With the fixed star Algol on the DC we can expect violence, batons to the head.

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  1. These comments are very enriching!

    My son -18 years old- is participating in the march, in Ciudad de México, where we live. They discuss in circles! and seem to be proactive and constructive (no all…). And my daughter understands and supports this global movement (though, she acts by other means, because of the high rate of violence within this land). I tell them that it is generational and that they should participate and do their best).

    Youngsters by museums I work with have this same feeling (not all; some are negleting their interests and some others -comfortable- gaining secondarly by doing nothing because of fear (?)… Panic! to face reality.

    I agree with Damocles relating this interconnection between us All (expressing it by saying We Are All One).

    And the remarks made by Bobby seem astonishing to me (I agree!). It is the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine), like the youngsters song say!

    Thankyou very much.


  2. “It is the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine), like the youngsters song say!” But I think in the process…

  3. What can I say about melancholy in a sunday afternoon! And entering in my saturn opposition to Sun/MH… Mhhh! Work hard, keep low profile, reflect, unsw!


    Thanks Jamie!

  4. Oh! I have this sextile Chiron with my Saturn (for good and bad!).


    Nice week for all!

  5. nice collection of shit-boxes,(everybody hurts)j. posted, ‘cash for clunkers,’ silicone cement in the tank, run for a few, memories turn to trash and it did hurt! Like everything Obama does! however is he here to break apart bad growth? and what of occupy what ever street. The ‘bad growth’ is nurtured by banks who gave the in some cases 200k student loans for worthless irrelevant diplomas, that might of been earned on line, they enter a world like a patient waking up form surgery feeling empty, suspecting the missing parts happened while they were asleep and all of authority calls them spoild, like the scar’s a good price.

    I think cerces rules virgo and not mercury, as virgo nurturing comes with the price of obedience, I’ve enough virgo to understand that advice given is often well thought out and the dismay when it’s cast aside!

    We also have in ‘occupy’ the actor uranius aries square lack of resources, so their actions get them nowhere.

    • Really Lucy…the American situation has been going on since credit cards were invented…unreal lives by unreal means….quite simply the pain is predictable…not really good or bad…just the way it is…WAKE UP DARLINGS!!!!

      • suggestions, (lies) are ours to sort out, (a college grad makes more! houses are a good investment salesmen don’t lie) except dept isn’t forced, no one hauls me off the street for medical care, no one is making the occupiers sit in the snow…so that’s where it is for everything, force usually involves crime, unless one is a child

    • I’m with you on Ceres and Virgo, so were the old astrologers. Both represent sustainability which is not continual growth and record profits.

  6. and to sustain things must be occationally cut or harvested. There’s a ‘mother,(dad)-knows-best’ component to cerces/virgo that cuts one back, (pulls the check rein) when going/growing in the wrong direction.

    Obama’s mars/virgo; cap./sat are in play now which a free thinking american aquarius/moon, and equalizing/law/saturn/libra american natal resents bigtime

  7. ironic, the quote from Soros.. nothing stopped him from manipulating currency back on Sept 16 1992.

    Black Wednesday refers to the events of 16 September 1992 when the British Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) after they were unable to keep it above its agreed lower limit. George Soros, the most high profile of the currency market investors, made over US$1 billion profit by short selling sterling.

    Nice work George.

  8. You have to seriously ask why in the world would Matt Damon narrate a tragically flawed movie”INSIDE JOB” and present George Souros as some one to listen to,much less trust.There was a lot of truth to the movie but many holes & disinformation.This was the precursor along with many others,to the OWS movement, that all though change is needed & on it’s way,there are forces well aware of the unrest & grooming it into the direction that they can control.The provocateurs are in the shadows,as always,directing much of the rebellion/energy.Soon to become very vocal & prominent.What can one see as a possible outcome of expansive & violent protests?

  9. mercurynews.com/top-stories/ci_19246904

    OAKLAND, CA. — Vanloads of officers from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department and unmarked SWAT vans are at the police command center at the Port of Oakland.
    Protesters have effectively shut down maritime operations at the port, Director Omar Benjamin said Wednesday, as more than 4,500 people arrived at the gates.
    Earlier, 50 police officers, many in riot gear and armed with tear-gas canisters, formed a line at Maritime and Bataan roads, near the police command center. About a dozen motorcycle officers had formed a second line behind the police, but have now moved.
    About a dozen protesters on bicycles were facing off with the officers but are now riding around the streets outside the port. Where they are headed was not immediately known.
    The crowd of more than 4,500 arrived at the Port shortly after 5 p.m. and stretched several blocks down Middle Harbor Road leading into the port as they begin their attempt to shut down the port for start of the 7 p.m. night shift.
    Benjamin pledged that normal port operations would resume when “it’s safe and secure to do so.”
    “We ask that everyone remain calm, respectful and safe. Specifically, we ask that demonstrators allow port workers safe passage home. Please allow our fellow 99 percent to get home safe to their families.”

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