Greece Horoscope – July 2015 Bailout Referendum

Greece Horoscope

An election will be held in Greece on June 17 2012 because the election last month led to no clear majority. The stumbling block was whether Greece should continue to stay with the Euro and all the austerity and pain that entails.

The far left leader Alexis Tsipras, who wants out of the Euro, has gained in popularity since the May election which has sent world financial markets in a spin this last week. The fate of the Euro Zone and in fact the global economy depends on the result of the June 17 Greek elections.

When the financial meltdown in Greece began in April 2010, there was a solar eclipse at 25 Capricorn, and a new Moon at 24 Aries. This critically aspect Chiron opposite Uranus in the Greek horoscope.

For the June 2012 election, Saturn at 23 Libra is on the Greek Uranus, it’s reaping time for what was sown in 2010. Chiron opposite Uranus is a generational aspect, it lasted 40 years from 1950 to 1990. In the case of Greece, Uranus is conjunct the forward thinking, path leader star Arcturus. Chiron is conjunct the fixed star Kurda, the ancient past.

In a way, Greece, the founder of democracy, represents this Chiron opposite Uranus generation, at a critical turning point, rebelling at the painful conditions brought about by our past, searching for a way out, a new way forward.

This is not just about the state of democracy in the world, now run by the Chiron opposite Uranus generation, it is about money. World leaders, especially in the Euro zone are crapping their pants at the prospect of Greece going it alone. Reverting back to their own currency has benefits for Greece, a devalued drachma will increase exports and tourism, creating jobs and giving some hope for Greek citizens. It would also spell the end of German hopes for an economically strong Europa.

When the Greek financial crisis began back in 2010, transiting Pluto was opposite the Greek Venus (money) and square the Greek Moon Pluto conjunction. The Moon is the public, and with Pluto they felt is hard, extreme change. Now Pluto is opposite the Greek Mercury Saturn conjunction, hard decision, austerity, depression.

Greek Horoscope

Greece Democracy Horoscope: “the key moment, 4:00 am on 24 July 1974, when Constantine Karamanlis was sworn in as prime minister” The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, p.147.

Update 5 July 2015 – Greek Bailout Referendum

On the eve of the bailout referendum, the Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis siad: Europe ‘terrorising’ Greece, cannot afford to let it leave euro [ABC News Australia]. Looking at the transits to the Greece Democracy horoscope it is easy to see why.

The April 2015 lunar eclipse at 14°24′ Libra is square the Greece Ascendant. That lunar eclipse was on Algorab, the Star of Terrorism. Transiting Pluto at 14°14′ Capricorn is conjunct the Greece Descendant and square the lunar eclipse degree. This also explains why the Greek president has told his citizens that Europe is threatening, intimidating and using underhand tactics against Greece.

The Descendant in a nations horoscope represents enemies of the state, in this case Europe, specifically Germany. Not so long ago Germany received much more financial assistance from previous enemies to help rebuild after a crisis.

The Greek public, shown by the Moon in the Greek horoscope, naturally feel victimized with Moon conjunct Pluto. This is currently reinforced with the lunar North Node conjunct Moon Pluto. In an indicator of this vote marking a positive turning point for Greece, the transiting Ascendant is sextile the Greek Moon Pluto.

An even stronger indicator of a positive turning point is the March 2015 solar eclipse at 29°27′ Pisces trine both the Greek Sun and Vertex Point. This transiting grand trine suggests that Greece is turning toward a more positive destiny in this current eclipse cycle. Transiting Vertex conjunct North Node affirms a positive destiny ahead. Saturn retrograde conjunct the Vertex Point adds to the seriousness of this critical turning point in the future of Greece. Transiting Saturn square Mars explains the anger and frustration boiling over to some violence.

The economic arguments are too difficult to fathom, but the astrology does indicate a positive result from this referendum. Whether that is a yes or no vote it is difficult to say. I do however, predict a no vote given the tendency of negativity in the Greece horoscope. Mercury conjunct Saturn rising surely gives a negative flavor to the countries thinking. The July 1 full moon at 9°55′ Capricorn on the Descendant is opposite this Mercury Saturn alignment, but also trine the Part of Fortune. This suggests a negative decision, but with a fortunate outcome.

Transiting Neptune is trine the Greek Mercury Saturn and sextile Part of Fortune. This is also an indicator of a negative decision resulting in a positive outcome. Alexis Tsipras certainly chose the perfect day to highlight this negative thinking with transiting Sun at 12°53′ Cancer, bang on the Greek Ascendant when the polls open. The heightening tension at the moment is from the Sun opposite Pluto directly impacting on this horizontal axis in the Greece horoscope.

Some indicators of positive change are the June 2015 new moon at 25°07′ Gemini trine the Greek Uranus. Then there is transiting Venus sextile Uranus and transiting Mercury trine Uranus. This beneficial setup for financial decisions comes from Mercury sextile Venus today. Transiting Midheaven opposite Uranus suggests deeply rooted urges for change based on historical events.

In summary, the astrology points to a critical turning point for Greece. Eclipses, the Sun opposite Pluto, and Mercury sextile Venus, all trigger major alignments in the Greece horoscope. Negative sentiment leading to a positive result suggests a no vote and a brighter future for Greece and her lovely people.

Greek Bailout Referendum

Greek Bailout Horoscope: “The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. on July 5 while the results will be announced the following day”: Greece Referendum: First Polls Show Greeks Favor Agreement

The Result

No! Greek vote shocks Europe – More than 60% heeded left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ call to vote “no.” – CNN Money

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  1. No comments yet…? Well, mine will be limited as well: Crazy times in my personal chart.
    Great article very interesting…


  2. Thanks Fauve, crazy times for lots of us, and the world. Will be interesting to see how this crisis effects the rest of Europe in the coming weeks.

  3. I honestly didn’t think it would get this bad Three dead as Greek strike grows violent

  4. very good article.well written ,could have been long though.

  5. This is a very descriptive and interesting analysis of what happens, but, in my opinion, the assumed chart is not the “working” chart for Greece. That does not mean that this is a wrong chart, but it is not the chart which explain all events (at least the key ones) for the Country. I am an amateur and the Science of Cosmobiology – this is my view on the subject – is my hobby. Being a hobbyist I have spend quit a lot of work-hours in attempting to identify and rectify the chart which fits best to the Country’s modern history. I have concluded that the chart of modern Greece is : February the 3rd, 1830 NS , rectified at 8:28PM London UK. This chart brings North Node in Virgo and the 12th house, close to the Asc, and explains that, Modern Greece was “created” for both mundane and spiritual reasons. The mundane is related to the strategic position of the Country – i.e. the Great Powers of the time wanted to “shorten” Ottoman Empire control over the Aegean Sea (corridors of transportation). The spiritual – according to my analysis – is related to the continuation of an ancient rivalry as a prerequisite – according to the Chaos Theory – for Humanity to play the role of “agent of change” to control Earth’s evolution. I have used +60 important past events for the rectification. This chart brings Country’s Sun on USA MC, with Country’s Saturn sitting on the IC cusp of USA (Chart which I have find it works for USA is that of July the 4th 1776 NS, at 2:18am LMT +5, PHIL, PA) If someone use the proposed chart for Greece, then we would see that the real reason for what happens now to Greece is related to the exploitation of Country’s natural resources (i.e. petrol, gas, precious metals including Uranium etc), which according to official studies of reputed Greek and International organizations amounts to trillions of euros worth (!). Undoubtedly, the Greeks are responsible for voting for Governments who play the Country’s patrons games – Mercury ruler of Asc and of MC in Aquarius, the cusp of 6th house and retrograde = Greeks on the whole, see the tree but cannot see the forest – but what boils down is that intentionally, Greek Economy was transformed from a Agricultural economy to an Economy which relies only on the Shipping and Tourism industries. Shipping – where Greek shipping tycoons hold the 1st position world-wide – is an industry with no home-land; hence Greek Economy have no real tangible benefit from this business activity. Tourism is a sensitive Industry and depends on many factors outside national control. Primary and secondary Industries are not existence, whereas Greece entering the Euro zone served only German’s interests – German is a key supplier of defence armament to the Country BUT Germany’s Pluto squares Greece’s Sun – apart from getting Greek Economy to a death spiral of imported (and controlled – this is also very important) unreasonable increase of cost of living. If we add to this the cost of Energy on the National Economy’s Trial Balance, then the impartial observer would realize that what is communicated for the Country and its people, is not true or at least is heavily biased for specific reasons. So we come to what is next? well all of a sudden (!) the Government of Greece talks about the exploitation of natural resources whereas Ms Merkel talks about Greece “selling” land and islands (islands have their own economic zone and practically this means that under-sea petrol and gas reserves become the sole property of Greece). And by the way what I am writing here is fully confirmed through the analysis of the Chart of Greece I propose, as well as why all of a sudden all Arab countries – and primarily those which have stakes in the World Energy Reserves – decided to get rid of the dictatorial (and socialistic !!) regimes.

    • Dear Dimitris you have been very descriptive regarding the national horoscope of Greece and the trends it is entailing. You are a thinking person, that’s obvious. But have you ever entertained the thought that the national horocope of modern Greece might stem out of the historical date the Greeks THEMSELVES proclaimed their own independence – rather than out of the date the foreign powers recognized Greece? You may read my relative article – on the National Horoscope of modern Greece – here:

  6. Thanks Dimitris. You’re correct that we can use a number of charts for a country. I honesty did not do a lot of research on the chart that I got from Claire, but it did seem to fit with the events at the time. The best thing to do is start off with a selection of charts them compare a list of major historic events to them, see which one holds up the best. I usually fr=ind that the most recent chart works best politically, but then I have ended up going with older charts on occasion. Thanks again for your input and detailed analysis.

  7. What will happen in Greece?Will return the drachma?Election will be held,Bankruptcy?Will be a war with Turkey?

  8. Hello,
    Great info here. Would it be possible please, to have a followup on Kontesina’s request. Thank you.

    • kontesina and maximillian, thanks for your interest. I have not kept up with the news from Greece so I will just look at the transits coming up to the Greece horoscope I have posted.

      Pluto is square Greek Moon Pluto for the rest of this year which very challenging time for the general public. No Pluto transit for 2012 but in 2013 PLuto is opposite Greek Mercury so a big change in opinion regarding political direction.

      2013 looks like the critical year for major and dramtic changes because as well as that Pluto transit, Uranus is opposite the Greek Moon Pluto, could be extreme change I would think.

      Not an easy time ahead for your country I’m afraid.

    • Apologies for not coming back yet; As I have said I am an amateur in this field and travel a lot because of my work. I am trying to complete an analysis for 2011 based on a combination of Solar Return and Solar Arc progressions. It is a case study so I don’t know if Jamie has the space to publish it here. In summary however the situation is as follows :
      I attach the Country’s CCI (Collective Conscious Index) which measures the general climate applicable for the entity under evaluation.
      From the index behavior it is apparent that the Country is moving out the pit hole, towards a “bright” although short lived future for the period 2013- 2017. The real question is why it has been forced in the hole, in the first place. After all, all Country’s economic indices score in the average of Euro zone and in fact in certain indices the Country’s economy outperforms corresponding economies of the “big shots” of EU. As I wrote in my previous communication, this is done for two reasons. The first reason is related to the Country’s natural resources (petrol, gas, precious metals, uranium etc) and the second reason is related to the application of the famous grand square of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus in the affairs of the Country (i.e. use the Country as a prototype for globalization, minimal state intervention and cheap labor). If we move back to 1974, when Turkey invaded Cyprus, the slow aspects formed by that time are repeated reaching critical points of the Turkey’s Chart (2012-for example transiting Pluto ruler of Turkey’s 5th house opposes Turkey’s Asc ~ 11). The reason of this invasion, was the securing of Israel’s backdoor and of the Suez passage and the surveillance of the USSR (through Cyprus). However this was what most of the World knows. After all nobody was talking about the Leviathan oil and gas reserves – the triangle between the economic zones (AOZ) of Egypt, Cyprus and Israel- by that time, but only some “crazy” scientists who were easily discredited. The same thing was happening for the Aegean Sea reserves (belonging to the Greek AOZ). We are living in another era and tendentiousness’s of that time are no longer valid….after all Google shows Kurdistan as an ..independent (!) country crossing three countries (Turkey, Syria, Iraq). It seems that Turkey has been left out from the picture and that is something Turkey would not sallow easily. Recently (5 months ago) Israel and Cyprus declared the joint exploitation of oil and gas reserves, forming a unified AOZ. Turkey attempted a bogus claim and it was rebuffed by Israel (i.e. USA). Two things remain for the picture to be formed; the (new) Egypt regime to accede to the pact, and Greece to announce its own AOZ. If Greece proceed to that, this is a reason for casus belie according to the declaration of the Turkish parliament. On the other hand, the Bear (call me Russia) has declared through the diplomatic grapevine that would not allow Turkey’s participation in the joint Israel, Egypt, Cyprus and Greece AOZ. I make this lengthy analysis to bring you to the climate of the astro analysis which follows. I am using the Solar Return technique, since I have find it is quite abstract yet accurate in reviewing mundane events, especially
      From the astrological perspective the situation is as follows (based on the chart I am using which I have said works perfect even now):
      a – (Astrologically speaking) The Country moves out from a deep plunge commenced 2005 and ending 2011. Following that there would be a period of 5 years where the Country would live very important experiences in relation to its role in the World (in strength never experienced in the past).
      b – Greece is not a poor Country; there are 600 billion euros belonging to 500 Greeks in Swiss Banks – the $1,0million question is how they got them – in addition to natural reserves being estimated in the magnitude of trillions of euro. Greek People are left intentionally poor (Saturn rules the 5th house of level of standards of living).
      c – Greece has been selected by the Suzerains as a pilot project for Globalization in line with the Grand Square of Pluto, Saturn and Uranus interpretation (Germany’s Pluto squares Greece Sun which by the way sits on USA’s MC !! – I have rectified USA chart for July the 4th 1776 at 2:18 am Phil PA – with Greece’s Saturn opposing Greece’s Sun and USA MC….INTERESTING FORMATIONS….who is the Saturn??). By the way 911 happened when Pluto crossed USA’s natal chart Dsc!! An indication of Pluto’s performance in the 7th house!
      d – The chart applicable for Greece I am using is 3/2/1830NS -8:28PM London UK. The solar return Asc is at 21Virgo22 and conjoins the Country’s NN, in the 12th house, with natal Asc at 23Virgo18. With the natal 1st house on the SR Asc and natal Asc in SR 1st house, Greeks would consider as very important the national identity than anything else and would have a very determined and non-negotiable position on the subject. In plain language? Greece belong to the Greeks and the plans enforced by Germany – Germany’s Pluto squares Greece’s Sun – and the IMF, rather would fall short sometime this year, simply because they have taken things too far and in a harsh way (the Freeman’s School of shock and owe).
      e – Solar Return Pluto conjuncts Country’s Jupiter in Capricorn and the 4th with Pluto ruling the 3rd house of the Country and squares natal Pluto in 7th (which is ruled by Pisces) and in Aries. How I interpret this? Creation of financial problems – by a certain group of oligarchs /monopolies – aiming at ousting the other group of oligarchs from the exploitation of Countries underground wealth (Jupiter in Capricorn). We shouldn’t forget that Greece is the border between Christian and Islamic worlds and the fight between the two Plutos signify that.
      e – Solar Return exhibits a Grand Trine between SR Saturn with natal Sun and Country’s MC, whereas SR Mars participates by conjucting natal (and SR) Sun. SR Saturn sits on the cusp of the 2nd house of the Country’s chart and it is a Saturn of Libra and rules the 5th house . Mars is in Aquarius, the 5th house and rules the 8th house of the Country. Now the 8th house of the Country is the 6th house of Greece’s neighbors that is its armed forces (I am referring to Turkey since it is ruled by Pluto), whereas the 5th house of Greece is the 3rd house of Turkey (its neighbors)and Sun of Greece rules the 12th house of Greece and the 10th house of Turkey. At the same time transiting Pluto opposes Turkey’s Asc (exact next year) – the monopolies prepare a big surprise for the Turkish people, in addition to EU rejecting the “opportunity” with the name Turkey – and squares its natal Mars – a military failure would create havoc among the Turkish people . What all these things mean? Firstly and as regards to Greece: (intentional ) financial difficulties but no bankruptcy, although many have bet on that aiming at hitting Euro. Possibly Turkey would get involved in some sort of hostile encounter with its neighbors –in the name of protecting fellow Muslims – and/or form some sort of close partnership with Iran, a condition which force Suzerains to redraft their plans in this area. If someone study the Chart of Turkey in conjunction with those of PM Erdogan and President Gul, then 2012 is a critical year with possible “export” of nationalism and ideology to West by those who might undertake to lead Turkey if current -definitely charismatic – leadership is toppled. If that happens then other Countries would get involved including Israel and Russia. Timing of the above possibly mid September 2011.
      f- coming back to Greece. I expect more measures to be imposed – costing an additional reduction of people’s income reaching in income reduction approximately 20% on average since the IMF Treaty was put into action last May and REAL unemployment reaching the 30% – but these measures would not have the blessing of the Opposition, hence the Government cannot last after September – not only because People would escalate the level of protesting but because new scandals would be revealed and the Government would be forced either to form a National Unity Government or quit. Please be advised that the IMF Treaty was signed with Mercury retrograde, whatever that means.
      g – We should not forget what happens to the World now….Globalization but without real foundation and a timetable ending 2012. What is going to happen? A big fat failure. Why? Simply because you either have a total globalization or better have none. The Bear and the Dragon are left out…but they represent – we like it or not – the powers of this century. So about which Globalization we are talking about? If we study History and analyze the Charts of the G20 Nations, especially the ones which are considered the World’s leaders, now-a-days , then we would conclude that the World’s power structure is going to change dramatically especially in the 20s and 30s, with Nations being split to states etc . The damage, however, caused by the current wave of Globalization – commenced in 1989 – coupled with major technology upheavals attributed to Solar activity and expected in end of 2012 and 2013, would force People back to socio-economic structures which secure self-sufficiency, in addition to the increase of xeno-phobia . I expect Spring of 2014, major upheavals in Europe – starting with France and moving to other Countries. The reason ? deportation of foreigners and restoration of social state….

  9. Eclipse at 9 degrees Cancer conjunct Mercury and Saturn in the chart of Greece July 1st.

  10. I just want to say a big thank you. I am Greek and I can tell you that I am very concerned by the whole situation. and unfortunately I keep having this feeling that things will culminate to something “really” negative….

  11. I only may wish the very best for that beautiful country, for its lively people and for the craddle of all archetypes we so much consult in pages like this amazing one, Dark Astrology. Thay are on our ADN! And we are supposed to be working them individually AND collectivly, always. And right now, more than ever!!!

    May I send all my respects and sentiments!


  12. Thank you Jane and Rocio, we have many astro friends in Greece and I know we are all thinking of them.

  13. I suppose I could say something about foresight and hindsight as regards the euro. Anyone who bothered to look could’ve seen the trouble coming and many analysts did, in fact, forecast these troubles. The blame cannot realistcally be placed on Greece anymore than on Spain (next in line for patsy, I think?). The truth is we have an economic model that no longer makes sense for the changing world and has to go. The biggest losers will be those of us most invested in and/or attached to the current system. There are people literally dying of excess and people dying because they can’t find water. If we can’t face difficult changes and find something approximating equilibrium, we will end killing the planet we inhabit and ourselves. I was looking at the chart for Greece and thinking how strange it is that we are all affected so similarly when I realized that I’m 34 hours older than the date used 🙂 but I have Uranus conjunct spica, Capricorn rising and a Pluto-free Virgo moon, all of which may have been good for Greece.

  14. Greeting from Greece!
    As you all know,Greece is the mother of Democracy. But there is no democracy now in Greece, but an economic oligarchy (both greek words too). I hope that with the elections in June, we Greeks, will re-invent democracy – wish you all the best of luck-

  15. “The far left leader Alexis Tsipras, who wants out of the Euro…”

    Not so. Here’s the cognitive dissonance, or, probably more accurately, the all-too-human and understandable alternate reality, of Mr. Tsiparas’ position (and one incidentally that is so popular with his countrymen that it will probably propel him to win the 17 June election in Greece):

    1.) Mr. Tsiparas, like most Greeks, wants to remain in the Euro/eurozone. He also says that there should be no cuts in salaries/benefits, etc.

    2.) He has promised to “tear up” the austerity/fiscal pact agreed with the EU & IMF by the Greek leaders who have governed these last few months (and who were imposed on and installed in Greece by the EU, principally Germany, without benefit of elections by the Greek people — a silent coup). Indeed, this austerity-only agreement has brought terrible hardship to the Greek people, and was entered into in desperation only in order to secure another tranche (slice) of EU loan money for Greece to keep it afloat and out of default.

    3.) Mr. Tsiparas seems to think that the EU needs Greece more than Greece needs the EU. Thus, he reasons (hopes?), that even though he will refuse to abide by the austerity/fiscal pact already agreed upon, the EU will continue to fund Greece, doling out tranche after tranche of new ECB loans to keep the country going. Further, he reasons, the EU will want to keep Greece in the euro because it would be too troublesome/expensive to shove Greece out.

    A cosmic game of chicken.

    One can only wonder whether Mr. Tsiparas has ever communed for any significant amount of time with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, or her Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble……

    With all my heart I wish him good fortune in his future negotiations with the EU/IMF/Germany on behalf of his countrymen. I fear, however, that he is in for a rude awakening….

    All of this said, the best thing that can happen for the Greek people, in the long run, may be to declare default and get out of the euro system right away. Bring back the Drachma, which will then devalue making Greek goods and services more sought after, thus fostering economic growth. This path will be brutally hard on the Greek people who, it is estimated, could lose as much as 50% of their net worth. However, it is a path that will lead to eventual recovery and growth. If Greece remains in the euro, which they cannot devalue, there is no path to economic growth open to them, just more of the current death-spiral of austerity-only policies and greater and greater debt until no one will loan them money any longer. Then….. So, let’s pray that Mr. Tsiparas sees the light and has the courage to lead Greece up and out of this nightmare.

  16. I’m Italian, I love Greece and I am sorry for them, especially fearful fututro throughout Europe and the world, a dictatorship would now keep a little easier wherever

  17. i think you must find the horoscope of Greece using the date, it was declared as a country, and not when democracy restored(1974)

  18. mr.ALEXIS TESIPARAS greek in new PRIME MINISTER sure in definite

    • 2012 june 17 in syriza party ledder mr ALEXIS TSIPARS in PRIE MINISTER IN GREEK I AM SURE and DEFINITE ASTROLOGY METHOD (master of astrology K.SUNIL _GALBODA WATURUGAMA SRI LANKA +94 33 2278121 PLEASE REPLY A LETTER)

      • To K Sunil,

        What specific transits are you seeing that makes you feel confident Tsipras will win the election?

  19. I am confused, how can there be comments here from may 2010 and 2011 when the article was written in may 2012? LOL. I am wishing the best outcome for the Greeks.

  20. thanks marina, i thought it might be something like that, love reading your forum, keep up the good work x when are you going to post about the news international scandal and whether cameron was lying when said he couldnt remember to questions raised at the leveson inquiry 58 times!!!! just kidding hahahaha dont need astrology to knkw the answer

  21. As a Greek I would like to thank you dear Marina for your article on the Greek elections. Personally, I have been studying astrologically Greece for a long time and I have come up to the conclusion that Greece is currently strongly influenced by transiting Eris (you may see my relative article “Greece under the siege of Eris” here:! )

    The chart I am using though is the January 13, 1822 one (when the Greeks declared their Independence from the Turks, who had militarily occupied Greece for 4 whole centuries!) You may see my article on the national horoscope of modern Greece here:

    A number of astrologers in Europe use the July 24, 1974 chart as the “National Horoscope” of Greece. But I don’t understand why we should omit the very “foundation chart” of a country and base our predictions for it on a “secondary chart”. As I write in my article:

    “Some astrologers claim that modern Greece’s horoscope should stem out of the moment its first post-dictatorship Prime Minister was sworn in – on the 24th of July 1974. But as I explained before, the seven years military junta did not change either the “soul” or the constitution of Greece. Why should we then consider the July 24, 1974 chart as the “national horoscope” of Greece and not the original January 13, 1822 “foundation chart”? If we follow the same reasoning then we should argue that a person is not born when s/he comes out of his/her mother’s uterus but when s/he gets married for the second time!”

    Thomas Gazis

    • I agree the chart should be when the Greece was recognized as a country.
      January 13 1822, this is the chart I go by which I find more accurate of current events.


  22. hmm…
    two mistakes:
    Tsipras is NOT far left, just a liiitle bit on the left of centre-left and has moved more to the centre since 2012.
    He was also against leaving the euro-like the majority of greeks (left or right wing). Parties against the euro did not even make it in the parliament then except the traditional communist party of Greece (KKE which did fell from a 2 decades solid 8% to 4%).
    You are just following the official propaganda here, Greek, European and worldwide. Detrimental Jupiter in Gemini, maybe?
    Pisces sun is rising I’m off to my beatiful greek garden to weed and prepare for the spring seeding. OMG I’m planting on the days of the Grand Cross!!

    • “You are just following the official propaganda here, Greek, European and worldwide.”

      No. Following the facts and the astrology.

    • Could you please give an update, given the “NO” verdict was turned overnight to “YES” by the left-wing Greek PM himself?

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