Lunar Eclipse April 2015

Lunar EclipseThe lunar eclipse on 4 April 2015 at 14 degrees Libra will have dramatic effects on both personal relationships and the world in general. The lunar eclipse receives challenging influences from a nasty fixed star and Uranus. However, a positive aspect to Jupiter allows us to focus on the positive self-awareness from Uranus, rather the negative emotions of the Moon. I am not so optimistic about the influence of this eclipse on the world in general. The April 2015 lunar eclipse should result in an explosion if instability in the Middle East with unseen consequences.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like any full moon, a lunar eclipse focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A Full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon or solar eclipse. Projects that you started at the previous moon phase two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at our personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony. With a lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.

The horoscope for a full moon or lunar eclipse is like a snap shot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop. This April 2015 lunar eclipse will remain active until September 2015. As the eclipse cycle progresses, planetary aspects to the eclipse degree will mark more active times when events relating to the eclipse will likely unfold. There are no planetary conjunctions to the eclipse degree of 14°24′ Libra in this eclipse phase. However, we can expect peak in emotional growth and happiness with Jupiter sextile the lunar eclipse degree on the 13th of May 2015. A peak in intensity should coincide with transiting Pluto square the lunar eclipse on 30 June 2015. Another important and stressful time will be when a conjunction of Mercury and Mars makes an exact square aspect to the lunar eclipse, on 15 July 2015.

April 2015 Lunar Eclipse Astrology

The most obvious feature in the chart below is the lunar eclipse opposite Uranus. I will talk about this plus the other important aspects to Jupiter and Pluto. The fixed stars take on great importance because of their opposite effects. The lunar eclipse falls on a very difficult star, while the Sun Uranus conjunction falls on a most favorable star. So while the urge will be to follow our emotional instincts given the peak in lunar energies, I will show how to reduce the negative influence of the challenging stellar energy by focusing on the conscious self-awareness of the Sun with Uranus.

Less than one degree from the lunar eclipse at 13°40′ Libra, is a star in the Crow called Algorab. This star has a particularly nasty effect on the Moon, causing malice, lying, theft and aggression. The influence on our instincts is not a good one, leading to bad decisions when acting on impulse. When faced with a challenge, the wrong course is more often taken because of the overwhelming urge to act instinctively. The Crow does impart the gift of prophesy. However, when the background emotions involve retaliation or subversion, the intent backfires leading to bad choices and further trouble.

The Moon on Algorab is reason enough to switch our focus to the conscious Sun rather than the subconscious Moon. The fortunate fixed star Alpheratz at 13°30′ Aries suggest more positive outcomes when acting rationally. Just like the Sun conjunct Uranus, this star gives independence, freedom, a keen intellect, and “considerable psychic power if female.” The star also promotes love and honor, wealth and favors.

Sun conjunct Uranus brings heightened self-awareness and awareness of how others see us. This is exactly the same as the influence of a lunar eclipse on relationships. So this is where we want to be, excited and optimistic with the Sun, not mean and depressed with the Moon. We can still use occult abilities which are heightened during a lunar eclipse. But we must concentrate on the conscious side of these abilities, not the subliminal, subconscious side. This translates as flashes on insight, when awake. Not basic dreaming but perhaps lucid dreaming. If our instincts are strong on a particular matter, then reason and intellect should be used to filter out the background noise. When making a decision, emotion and prejudice need to be taken out of the equation.

Sun trine Jupiter does make this lunar eclipse more appealing than recent moon phases. While it may exaggerate or exacerbate any difficulties, it will increase the chance of happiness and success from good choices. This positive link bridges the gap from the Moon to the Sun, allowing us to use generosity and hopefulness as a means to access the higher self-awareness of the Sun Uranus conjunction.

Another path to the more positive side of this eclipse is via Uranus square Pluto. In this case, dramatic events or unwelcome changes can be seen as good reasons to think positively. They will present opportunities to break free from limiting conditions, so long as the Algorab Moon grasp on depression and retaliation is broken.

April 2015 Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse Mundane Astrology

My outlook on the world stage due to this eclipse is not so optimistic. This eclipse comes on top of the previous solar eclipse which foretold extreme misfortune and catastrophic events. The highlighting of the final Uranus Pluto square by this lunar eclipse emphasizes the social and political upheaval we have witnessed over recent years. Beginning with the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Uranus square Pluto has transformed the positive Arab Spring in Tunisia, to the carnage of ISIS terrorism, gone full circle back to Tunisia. The focus of the carnage is on the middle East but all parts of the globe are effected, whether through acts of terror or the recruitment of our youth to join the fight.

I have never used astrology to predict war but I do now. The lunar eclipse on Algorab is the main reason. I have researched this star for years and found a definite link to terrorism, or military assaults in general. There is a specific link to the current conflicts in the Islamic world. The lunar eclipse opposite Uranus will exacerbate the revolutionary and explosive nature of Algorab, and should lead to full-scale war in the Middle East.

16 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse April 2015

  1. Thanks for the tips and insights, Jamie. I’ve been waiting for this post – born April 4, Sun 15′ 5″ Aries, so getting to know certain of the outer planets rather well. Your post brings to mind the old song “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” Now if I can just maintain my equilibrium through the weekend….

    • Hi Denise! April 4 th is my birthday too, and this eclipse comes only 30 min after my birthtime. I will be observing @ Cahokia Mounds! I agree, this has been observed by me as a long time coming as well…. No whammies 🙂

  2. I have moon at 14 Libra 12th house opposing asteroid Hekate at 14 Aries. To my understanding the war that may or may not materialise ahead has been fought in the individual minds of humans this past 3 years as triggered at the transpersonal level of the psyche with each power zap of the square, if worked with healing release occurs if not it builds up. So hopefully many have found the strength and courage to confront and honestly heal their own shadow helping to reduce the irrational “fire in the whole” potential ahead. The only thing to fear, is fear and the lack of compassion that triggers it. I feel the Jupiter influence and the recent burst of compassion from the Pisces eclipse may just be the saving grace for many. Just my humble yet hopeful thoughts.

  3. I am born on April 6, and I am 16 degrees Sun, casimi Mercury 16, Cap rising at 17 degrees, I am now in my SECOND Saturn Return as my Saturn is in 2 Sag which opposes my Venus exact at 2 Gem. I am also in my Jupiter Return at 21 Leo, Pluto sits next to that in at 26 Leo, Uranus is 26 Cancer…all I can say is HELP! What in the world is going to happen?? Uranus and Pluto on my Sun, Merc and Rising…Neptune is 28 Libra in my chart. My daughter is 5 degrees Libra and in her first nodal return now at 9 Libra, ( she will be 19 in Sept) and Rising sign is 3 Cancer, her Moon is 15 Aries, Saturn opposes Sun at 5 degrees Aries and her Jupiter is 8 degrees Cap so we have had our share of this Cardinal Square hitting either her or me for years now. Venus is 11 and Mars 22 Leo… She will be graduating from College (sixth form) in June and off to Uni away in Sept. I can only hope that is all it is. And all will be well. Jamie, your thoughts would be very welcome indeed and many thanks for all your wonderful posts!

  4. I agree Jamie. This “blood moon” means WAR. Nostradamus also predicted this. There will also be the biggest mass migration from middle east and North Africa into Europe and across the globe. The world will be changed forever. After WW2 the world leaders promised there would never be another repeat of illegal wars and genocide of millions of innocent people, that’s why they created the UN and the Geneva Convention. In such a short time we became so complacent, so disaffected from reality, so brainwashed. May the tears and suffering of tens of thousands of small children around the world who are bombed while sleeping or forced into detention camps manifest into madness in the minds of our heartless politicians and corporate elite till their last dying breath. May the rest of us wake up and unite against all evil, greed, hatred and destruction of our planet. We are ONE PEOPLE living in ONE WORLD.

    • Angel, I second your heartfelt wishes. It is good to know that loving souls, such as yourself, still survive the social engineering of the elitist scum.
      I think Jeffrey Wolf Green hit the proverbial nail on the head in his book ‘Pluto. The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul’ when speaking of the majority of Earth’s inhabitants being in a lower stage of evolution. It is evidenced in the very foundations of vulgar and mean societies.

  5. Gad, sounds ominous, this eclipse is conjunct my natal Neptune. I wonder what it means? I guess I better keep a positive outlook and hope for the best- maybe I can bury it in some foggy Neptunian underwater cave to expire harmlessly.

    • Ben, an eclipse shows an end to a psychological function and it works out through the house ruled by the planet. An eclipse conjunct Neptune shows an ending to the way you perceive an ideal, a view of the world or yourself. You describe it well, “to bury (whatever it is) in some dark cave to expire harmlessly. Beautiful.

  6. Now, I am in my 2nd Nodal Retorn, and this eclipse is conjunct my natal Vesta, Venus, Pluto, Isis and North Node in Libra (14,12 – 15,12. TR Sun, Mercury and Uranus is conjunct my natal SN and Eris. TR Pluto in Cap is conjunct my natal Eros and Karma, TR Venus is conjunct my Ascendent in Taurus, TR Jupiter RX is conjunct my Natal IC in Leo, TR Saturn Rx is conjunct my natal Neptune in Sag, TR Juno conjunct my natal Mars in Leo. TR Mars is conjunct my natal Chiron Rx in Taurus. What do you think? 🙂

  7. Dear Jamie,
    Do you have a rough idea of the time frame of a full scale war in the Middle East ? Nat

    • Not really Nat. I am staying up to date with the monthly horoscopes now, so am looking forward to paying more attention to mundane astrology. I need to get familiar with the eclipses and major planetary aspects on the horizon. I still feel like I am playing catch-up when I post the little I do at the moment.

      • Thanks Jamie. It is highly likely that the September lunar eclipse might coincide with the US interest rate increase. If so, the global QE shall come to an end, and the last straw shall manifest. Cheers.

  8. Hi Jamie,
    Is the recent earthquake in Nepal related to the April 4 lunar eclipse, or is in additional to the last Grand Cross transit in late March ?

    • Hi Nat, the star Scheat can cause devastating events but earthquakes are not mentioned specifically like with other stars. Perhaps the grand cross. One thing Scheat and this eclipse is responsible for is the record number of African refugee drowning off Italy.

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