Sun Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Pluto Transit

Sun opposite Pluto maximum orb 7°00′.

Sun opposite Pluto natal creates an intense struggle to express your strong ego safely. Being such a powerful, determined and private person, you may go to extreme lengths to ensure others see you as a perfect human being, totally in control of yourself and all around you. If you believe you don’t meet your high standards or that others think less of you, dissatisfaction can lead to negative behaviors or a crisis.

It is most often through interpersonal relationships that this struggle is fought. Starting as an internal battle often leads to conflict with others, self-sabotage, or some other destructive process. The Pluto theme of death and rebirth runs deep in your soul, and you may have an intense fear of death, resurrection, failure, and the process of change. Transformation is needed to perfect yourself or some creation you see as expressing your identity.

Change and transformation will be a constant in your life. If your self-image, homework, or productivity at work is not perfect, you must change to improve. Accepting change and imperfection is most important so you can evolve out of the darker sides of this challenging aspect. This darker side can include stubbornness, domination, manipulation, possessiveness, jealousy, and spying. You may experience this in yourself or through friends, family, and partners.

Your strong need for deep understanding and the truth are complemented by your talents for research and investigation, uncovering secrets, and sometimes occult or psychic ability. These assets are your tools for transformation, to evolve out of the darkness of suspicion and mistrust, conflict and aggressiveness, or self-destruction through addictions such as opiates.

You may experience a significant crisis in your life that forces your hand to make a substantial change. Even then, there will still be more change in your life. This is a lifelong process because of an inner need to work hard and aim for perfection.

At a particular evolutionary stage, you reach a point of great satisfaction and comfort with your self-image and how you express your power. You have a great potential to wield your power safely and productively, leading to an influential position of authority or leadership. You leave a profound impact on others with the ability to heal through your deep insights.

Sun Opposite Pluto Transit

Sun opposite Pluto transit can indicate a crisis with self-esteem, a relationship or an event. This may be due to a self-destructive character trait such as addiction, spying or stubbornness. In relationships, you may be the subject of, or the perpetrator of, manipulation, jealousy, domination or spying. Events may include the breakdown of an appliance or car, theft, violence, or the destruction of possessions by people or a natural disaster.

If something like these examples were to happen at this time, it is essential not to be overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change. Things like this will more likely occur if you stubbornly resist change or engage in destructive habits toward yourself or others.

Things like this appear to happen out of your control, but in a way, they help you realize that you don’t need total control over others or your environment. Even though you may experience a bruised ego during this transit, there is also great potential for positives if you are open to change.

Change may be forced upon you; better still, you may instigate it, and this transit will be less disruptive. The aim is to transform for the better. To evolve your soul to live a better life and experience more satisfaction. It is most common that this would occur through a close relationship, such as a family member, close friend or partner.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Pluto transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Pluto.

Sun Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Tom Selleck 0°09′, Jessica Savitch 0°11′, John Hurt 0°13′, Bodo Spiethoff 0°23′, Marie Curie 0°32′, Anna Freud 0°33′, Kyle MacLachlan 0°37′, Alice Cooper 0°38′, Natalie Cole 0°44′, Friedrich Nietzsche 0°48′, Gustav Doetsch 0°51′, Matt Savage 0°55′, Farrah Fawcett 1°01′, Louis XV 1°03′, Jeb Bush 1°04′, George Martin 1°13′, Naruhito 1°14′, Miranda Kerr 1°22′, Lady Bird Johnson 1°16′, Chris Brown 1°23′, Johannes Trithemius 1°25′, Queen Latifah 1°29′, Neil Diamond 1°38′, Jack Nicklaus 1°40′, Melanie Safka 1°41′.

Sun Opposite Pluto Dates

July 19, 2022
July 21, 2023
July 23, 2024
July 25, 2025
July 27, 2026
July 29, 2027
July 30, 2028
August 1, 2029
August 2, 2030

50 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. Your timing regarding this transit is uncanny Jamie. I’m a July 2 native. And I’ve been enduring this transit for many years. I literally lost everything. Partner, career, home, finances, looks, you name it. I was speaking about this transit just last night with my astrocartographer actually. What made it unbearable was when I relocated near a Pluto line. Pluto/descendant to be precise. So it’s happening through other people. Family being no exception. I know living on a Pluto line is difficult for anyone. Much less when Pluto makes this aspect. And even less when Uranus gangs up with it. Cancer is emotion. Capricorn is ice cold. Even though Pluto is off of my Sun directly in 14 Cap. I give this planet of destruction and transformation a true 5 degree orb on approach and departure. So am far from being out of the woods yet. Plus Pluto is slow moving. So it hammers you down slowly. But the the strike is just as painful if it were to be a quickie. Pluto is also a killer. You never get back what you lost. But if you survive the death, ironic choice of words, you do resurrect into something better. More spectacular. Stronger. More powerful. Like I said, seeing the trees and not the forest, doesn’t make it easy to believe that’s possible. But I have blind faith right now. Everything else was taken away. I know everything I lost can be replaced. Partner, home, career, there’s plastic surgery – lol- if I so choose. But my thinking today is—-was the price of admission going to be worth the end result? Guess time will tell. But I just needed to chime in and say this was the single worst transit I’ve ever endured. It’s like dying, except you’re still breathing and cognizant. To anyone in Cancer who is about to endure this, run, sprint and don’t look back if you’re living anywhere near a Pluto line in your astrocartography chart. under travel will show you for free. Namaste fellow aficionados. Thank you Jamie. Oh, one more thing, escaping through addiction compounds the problem of this transit. Spare yourself. You have to be sharp as a tack and see a therapist, priest, rabbi -a real professional to walk through the series of deaths that are about to happen. Cause all my supposed good time friends from life also evaporated. One thing is certain. Life as you know it, will never, ever be the same. Embrace the change, however painful and brutal. It’s the only way to survive this nasty combo. And move from your Pluto line immediately. What I say is minute in comparison to what destruction this planet opposing your Sun can wield. Unless, you’re a masochist and enjoy being a cosmic punching bag.

    • I couldn’t help react on your story, George. It is horrible!
      Being the reciever of some pretty heavy Pluto transits myself the past 3-5 years, I’ve had my fair share of Pluto energy in life. And no, things will never return to the way they were again, for better or for worse.

      From 2008 to 2014 Pluto squared my 8th house moon which is in a natal square with mars. A Mars, which is also sitting square down on my southern node. While Pluto has been transitting my 12th house since 2008 I’ve been in and out of depression, Saturn hitting it’s first return in 8th house Libra too, moving over natal Pluto (also in 8th house) – and finally hitting the jackpot with the P/U squares. Phew. And now Pluto is retrograding back to the nasty degrees where it has been wreaking havoc in my life, and Saturn retrograding Scorpio where the rest of my planets are located.

      I was forced to cut off all contact with my dad, an abusive alcoholic, I finished my education in November 2008 while the economy went straight into financial crisis. Somehow through 3,5 years of unemployment (which caused a severe depression), I was in a verbally and sexually abusive relationship – which didn’t really helped matters while Saturn toured my 8th house moon in Libra. When Saturn hit it’s natal point, I lost almost all the friends I had (P/U square 1), was kicked out of my own home (ex boyfriend broke up and acted like a total @-hole – exact with the 2nd P/U square) – and went through the healing process without any friends, only an elderly lady at which I lived.

      The next to last P/U square sent my mom to the hospital, receiving the message that she had Parkinson’s desease.
      I’ve never experienced anything so harsh in life as this. And I haven’t exactly seen the soft side of life from very early age either… This has been nothing compared to these past years.

      No, things will never be the same again after Pluto is done with you. You feel robbed. Trapped in the darkness. Sometimes like you’re a walking dead. Loosing everything – including friends – will hopefully make me a stronger person if I can survive this loneliness inside. I hear ya, George! I really hear you…
      I’ve booked a very skilled therapist – I guess it will be just around the time Saturn and/or Pluto turns direct again…. *sigh*

    • Hi, George. I’m so sorry to hear about how difficult your situation has been. It resonates with me because I live within some miles of one of my Pluto lines, according to astro cartography, but it’s a little complicated because other lines also fall through the same area; plus I’m a solar Cancer, third Deccan though. I’d be curious, as an astrologer, to see your chart, because some people don’t necessarily have Plutonic ‘protection’, if you will, in the natal. Ultimately, once you strip everything else away, Pluto transits bring awareness of survival issues, and, it has to be said, not everyone does survive a Pluto transit. The long-term message from Pluto is usually so hard, and necessarily transformative. The saying “that which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” was made for Pluto transits. Best wishes!

  2. When Pluto squared my natal Moon, (10 n 8 Aries/Libra), Mars opposition i lost my only two siblings, my sister in law, my neice, my father and my only grandchild. Now it will conjunct my husbands Sun at 16 Capricorn. I’m terrified.

  3. I had a job offer a month ago, I really thought I was moving abroad to a new job, but I’m not going. Received The email yesterday. I’m Aquar/leo rising

  4. I have a double whammy. Natal sun in Aries opposite Pluto in Libra. Add transiting Pluto in Capricorn square my sun. That is s cardinal T-square, new moon in July will complete it to a grand cross

      • Could be, or authority figures. I like having my own way, being told what to do is not my thing

      • jalila7, jamie
        I have pluto transiting mc, sq sun.
        I left a cult at my first saturn return 30 years ago, this second saturn return is healing.
        the cult father figure, pluto sun, is brought into the light

    • I feel you. I have natal Sun square Pluto – on the angles. 1st house Sun, 10th house Pluto. When Pluto was on my Sun in Sagg a decade or more ago, it meant Pluto also squared my natal Pluto. On top of that, I have a t-square – Uranus/Pluto in 10th opp Jupiter/Chiron in 4th. All I can say, given that the rest of my chart is caught up in a fixed T square (3rd, 9th, with 12th house stellium as the apex), is that every time a planet hits Toro or Gem, I have a Grand Cross. Just like you get one during this Pluto transit when anything hits Cancer.
      Trust me – you will survive this.

  5. Dallas police shootout 7 July. Sun opposite pluto. I’m seeing how astrology affects people and therefore world events.

  6. Hmm Im with George, it sux big time, Sun 0Cancer Merc 8, virtually nothing left (homeless couch surfing, poverty. cant get work, abandoned by most in this lucky country so must be my own fault) mind threatened also to be lost mentally with Merc opp (i also had Uranus squaring) and now my moon at 14 Libra is trying to recover whats left of the emotional half of that mindset…sure glad its done and hopefully well worked with, I did read your articles Jamie and some of it did help back then, I can say is if what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, i am still alive, so dont messwith me world hahahaha! Also had chiron return at same time, felt crucified by family ( 4th house) which opposes Pluto, constany required to be public about private details to prove who i am and justify my asking for help (10th) this crab felt like shell annialated lol!

    • I was doing readings back at the height of Uranus square Pluto. Nearly every one involved Sun, Moon or Ascendant being hit by Uranus square Pluto.

  7. Sir pls update Capricorn deccan 3 July horoscope, its not available.

    Frequent follower

    • Thank you Roshan. I don’t know how that happened,. oh.. yes I do, I was half asleep. It is posted now.

  8. VERY true! I’m a decan 3 crabby and this has shown up majorly in all my relationships. Ex died 4 days from my birthday last year, my other ex (we broke up in March) got married on my birthday this year, lost 3 jobs and four family members, including above ex. Am hoping the tilling and levelling of my fourth house by Pluto (10th house sun) will be over soon so I can start seeing some new seeds! Thanks as usual for your thoughtful and accurate post!

  9. Jamie just wondering if Progressed Sun opposing natal pluto carries the same theme, meaning? Progressed sun is also conjunct my natal moon (that opposes Pluto natally). And Chiron conjunct moon for added intensity!! Ha ha. So good to have a heads up though. Jo

  10. The purpose of life is suffering – The Buddha. Suffering is the greatest teacher, and makes the life journey worthwhile to the soul. Why everyone terrified of suffering, trying their best to avoid it, when the soul rejoices in it? Because it’s frikking horrible, that’s why!

  11. Sacrifice yourself yes. Help others learn what you
    no from your own sacrifices only if there within.
    You seem frustrated my brother!
    Love is the key…

  12. Does anyone have any information on progressed sun 2nd house opposing natal Pluto in the 8th
    ? Would it be similar energy to the transit?

  13. I’ve never commented before but I have to say – part of what makes it hard is being surrounded by people who don’t get it or have not experienced it. And I want to share this with those of you who are getting it. So far in my life I have experienced Pluto crossing over my Jupiter, Uranus, South Node, Mercury, Sun, Neptune, Sun-Moon midpoint, Venus, ASC (which means also opposing the DESC) and Moon.

    It has squared Mars, natal Pluto, Uranus, North Node (and South Node) and Mercury.

    It is currently squaring Saturn.

    It has squared my Uranus, natal Pluto, For the past 14 years I have been living in an environment that I perceive as extremely difficult to live and work in – and it is on the combined Pluto and Mars line according to the Astrocartography. I have sent out hundreds of job applications all over the world, just so I could move someplace else, to no success.

    So the pressure that it has forced me to live through has been incredible, unrelenting and I truly not even know what to expect when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in January 2020 and when both of them start putting pressure on my Saturn.

    Wishing all of you the best of luck!

  14. I know I am going through something similar but not sure what. All I know is that I have endured so much pain my whole life and now again for the past 9 years. I have wanted to die the past 6 yrs. My father committed suicide 28 yrs ago. It affected me very badly. Now I am going through something again. I don’t have money to pay anyone so I have been trying to figure it out on my own.

    I have suffered so much. I have been homeless and been beaten up, and mind controlled, verbally abused. Now 2 days ago I got a death threat because I did a mans chart and found out what he was up to. He is going to try and steal my house from me and he has no right.

    These are some of my aspects:
    Sun Square Pluto
    Uranus Conjunct Pluto
    Saturn Opposition Pluto
    Jupiter trine Pluto
    Moon trine Pluto
    Neptune Sextile Pluto

    Pluto & Uranus in 4th House
    South Node in Capricorn in 4th House
    8th House in Sagittarius at 22 Deg (Military deg)
    I have 9x, 8th House placements too

    I know something is going to happen. I am scared but I am not. I do not believe in therapists as my 2 best friends are therapists and in my opinion they need help more. I just know that I want to be happy from now on. I am 55. I have a young son. My husbands North and South Node are both at 0 Deg. Libra and Aries. Please help?

  15. The Sun is Opposite Pluto July 15, a week prior to the eclipse.

    What’s interesting is how the May 22 New Moon positions itself on the gravity MC/IC axis in the Aquarius-Age of, (Jan12/96), and the Virgo-Mother, (Nov29/2011) charts.

    Have you counted the number of times Jamie uses the word Change to describe this aspect?


    Number 1 in numerology: the Sun.

    There’s going to be a change coming to the Sun.

    • Sorry, that should be: July 15, 2020, 19:13 UTC, London, UK

      Sun 23Can44
      Jupiter 22Cap09
      Pluto 23Cap44
      Moon 24Tau51

      24 days After the Solar Eclipse

  16. Well, I´m just terrified. Transit Pluto/Saturn conjunct 0º my Nadir, squaring also Ascendant. T Uranus squaring Moon/Saturn/Sun. TNeptune opposing Mars. We are living a pandemia. And what could be next?? I´m afraid for my dad who is 88 and pets. Lost my job although temporary (suppodsely). And that T Saturn soon will be conjuncting my Moon in 4th opposing my Sun/Saturn in 10th. What a disgrace!!

  17. 2 years ago I had no idea why horrible things were happening to me. Then I found out I had a Pluto square Moon transit. That is finally over, but now I am even more terrified for when Pluto moves into Pisces in 2044, when I’ll be 73 years old. I have my Sun, Mercury and Venus from 1° to 4° in Virgo in the 1st house, so I’ll be hit with the Pluto opposition to those planets for years. My ascendant and Pluto are also in Virgo, so I’ll have Pluto opposition AC at 10° and Pluto opposition Pluto at 28°. The bad news doesn’t end there. My Neptune is in Sagittarius at 0° in the 4th house, so Pluto will square Neptune. My Saturn and Midheaven are in Gemini at 6° and 7°, so Pluto will square both at the cusp of the 10th. To make matters worse, I have a dozen squares in my natal chart. Has anyone else ever been through so many Pluto oppositions at once?

    • Hi Christina. Pluto square Moon was terrible for me too. And for years I worried about Pluto transits which I am still experiencing, from 2018 to 2021. Pluto (and Saturn) conjunct Ascendant 2018 and 2019. And now Saturn then Pluto square Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. I am having some difficulties but it really was not worth worrying about.

      In your case, you really have to turn your thinking around because it is a long way off. There will be other helpful transits in the middle of those oppositions.

  18. Not sure where you live, but there are great support groups online- people going through the same type of things you described. I got a lot of support from free facebook support and Quora where people describe situations and how they handled. Some people on there are professionals ( but not many) and hearing their survival stories gives strength to survivors with CPTSD. It sounds like you were a victim of a narcissist. I read alot ( use library and other low cost sources out there) and I garner strength and support from others and lend support as well. Some states do have free mental health hotlines or free telemedicine because of COVID.. So many people out of work right now -its overwhelming. I am fortunate to also have good insurance and a supportive therapist. We need medicare for all in this country desperately as all people deserve to get their healthcare needs met –it would better our society to do so. Humans are imperfect, but you should consider also finding professional support as well. Be well.

  19. Thank you Juni for being so helpful. The resources you mentioned are all great and I appreciate it. It’s comforting to know there is lots of help out there through hotlines and groups online. I am curious how you came to the conclusion from my post that I was a victim of a narcissist. Does something like this show up in the transits I mentioned, even though I have not gone through those transits yet? I have had more than one narcissist in my life, which is not a case of like attracts like, because I don’t have a narcissistic personality. I seem to attract this type of personality and don’t know why. I will definitely check out the resources you mentioned. I’m a Virgo sun, so it’s natural for me to worry about things that can happen way into the future. Like I mentioned in my post, my Pluto opposition transits don’t start until 2044, but because of past harsh experiences, I want to be more prepared and aware than I was in the past for harsh transits. I completely agree with you about medicare for all. Mental health is an ongoing crisis in this country and too many people are not getting the help they need. Thank you for caring. Be well and stay safe.

  20. Hi Jamie, It sounds like you are getting through your Pluto and Saturn transits without them being too unbearable. At least you only have one year to go. I imagine with so many Pluto and Saturn transits, a year can seem like a lifetime, especially since they are transiting personal planets Mercury and Venus. Ascendant too.

    I haven’t thought about helpful transits in the middle of the oppositions I mentioned in my post. I will look those up. Hopefully I have some which will ease my mind a bit. I sometimes have to remind myself to be in the moment and enjoy the good transits I have now and the ones that will happen soon.

  21. Indeed, a change to the ‘Son’, my brothers Son, aka as nephew. His birthday July 12, followed by a change to his family routines, the topic of this aspect

  22. Denebola, a evil star, in opposition to the Sun opposed to Pluto, This bothersome same “friend” has been hounding my relative and home base for years. He plays on her sympathy but tries to butt in to our affairs instead of taking care of his own wife and suspect home. Scheat conjoins The Sun in opposition to Pluto. a possibility of past indoctrination who seems to live off wife and cousin and who never seems to find employment. Think I finally got rid of him. Hope so. He’s snoopy and shows up in morning to cut trees etc. Not his business.

  23. I was thinking this transit may have something to do with the floodings and the consequent deaths in Germany and Belgium, since 15 July 2021, do you agree?

  24. Jamie Im struggling to find information on how long a progressed pluto oppostion lasts for? Natal pluto 2 degrees opposes transiting progressed sun 6 degrees. I know its a long time. Suffering and would like an approximate end time? Many thanks.

  25. I was blessed with one of the sweetest combination of planets : Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer, this conjunction receives a trine from Uranus and a sextile from Saturn. But it also receives a square from my natal Libra Pluto and back in 2016 when Pluto begun his opposition to this conjunction I have , well it turned my life upside down. I felt I wasn’t loved enough, I was looking for love somewhere else emotionally. Although I am married for fourteen years now , with kids, I was overwhelmed with emotions and guilt . And Moon and Venus beeing in my fifth house only made things worse. It changed me, no doubt about that but now I’ve learned some important lessons and I’m still in a happy marriage so in the end that’s what matters. God bless y’all !!

  26. Hi holy sh#t – dreamt a younger man fighting intended to destroy my 1990 car. Woke up and searched transits. Just ending mars opposite Pluto Capricorn but noted sun now temporarily opposing natal Pluto. Wow no idea. So potent. I have been chided re resistance but i ve flowed and growed in many real ways. No agreement from me.
    I mean yes I feel rigid a lot but I do yoga and am quite flexible. Life is expanding and deepening and I too have been forced to reveal personal details. I have money and no visible jobs so I must be a prostitute (no my mom died $) geez. So rude. Stores verged on refusing service. The health store. The worst was recent my neighbours lost it and slammed the patio doors hard a dozen times. I have osteoporosis and a military neck and it took a turn for the worse. However the north node is on those degrees of neck shoulders and so on so maybe it will get better later. The discs are degenerating for years. So tried to carefully avoid all bad scenes but was not possible. It’s embittering cause it their own problems spilling over. Emotional breakdowns. Then there was Pluto Juno too now past. I m 77. So George that was horrible for you. Wish you healing – I found the god spirit. I know that’s corney. But I did 7 years ago. My few friends are wanna be healers and spiritual. Check out Course of Miracles as many are willing to live with nothing. Friends. I ve noticed the peace symbol vision 2013 I saw corresponds to a book I tried reading at 11 called War and Peace and how I venerated on a snowy mountain the word JOY. It starts early…and like others my life has not been soft to date.

  27. Hi George, I am planning an important date, which is around this transit, and by accident found this site. Hope things went well for you after 2015!

    As there is a lifelong wish to relocate, mainly for better climate – but also because of the happenings the past 2 yrs. and the worldwide plans to change society – this is annother reason. I often checked the map on but would have loved to talk to an astrologer about this. I checked a country atm but I am not shure if I am in the right place.
    Can you recommend an astrologer who is good in this?

    I found the indian astrology very interesting and just only the Maha-Dashas make a lot of sense. Unfortunetly these are very long periods and I am facing an 18 year period with RAHU (nodes in western a.) which is equal to the energy of saturn. For me Pluto and Saturn are the worst. Even though I know some ppl. have a good influence from these too.

    • Hi Anita, An astrologer named Julian Lee, who was recommended to me for relocation, has been doing relocation astrology exclusively for decades. I haven’t used his relocation services yet, but plan to in the near future. On his website, are testimonials. Best of luck to you!

  28. Sun opposite Pluto transit today, end of month trying to settle a few financial transactions and procedures, but…. not to be. Many of the traits of this transit showing up, yet I have belief that one day it will be resolved.

    It reminds me of Andrew Tate’s court arrangement, another month of incarceration. We least know he has a brother to keep him company, and strangely enough there are two women who are acquantainces in a similar circumstance. Did you notice he flashed a Diamond pattern with his hands? That could also be a Kite pattern. And the thought occurred: is he following along at astrologyking, maybe even wondering about that Henge I keep talking about?

  29. Sun oppposite Pluto, with an ambiguous Neptune ocean to offtake a Venus Rx toxic Fukishima?

    further to Venus Rx chart posted earlier, open the orbs full throttle.

    T-square Part of Fortune opposite Jupiter, square Urania
    T-square Poseidon opposite Neptune, square Uranus
    T-square Sun opposite Pluto, square North Node

  30. T-Square Poseidon opposite Venus, square Uranus,
    ….little sloppy there. Glow in the dark bikini if you are wearing the latest fashion.

  31. For a typo tip, the transit section reads, “the destruction of possessions by people of a natural disaster.” I think that’s “by people or a natural disaster.” Unless we’re talking about three-year-olds. 🙂

    And thanks for this site – it’s become my go-to source for transits, along with Robert Hand’s book, and is much appreciated.

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