Full Moon July 2015 – Violent Extremism

Full Moon July 2015 AstrologyThe full moon on 1 July 2015 falls just within Capricorn decan 1. At 9 degrees Capricorn, the full moon is close to Pluto and opposite Mars. Again, with this moon phase article, I will take a look from the perspective of mundane astrology, hence the tagline Violent Extremism. There will be greater emphasis on combating online terrorist recruitment, hence the above image.

But I will first look from the perspective of our personal lives. This intense push and pull tension has the potential to place incredible strain on personal relationships. As we are three months into the current eclipse cycle, or half way through, this full moon is harshly influenced by the lunar nodes, marking a karmic turning point in long-term personal issues.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started during the previous moon phase two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony.

Full Moon July 2015 Astrology

As mentioned in the introduction, this full moon marks the halfway point in the current eclipse cycle. Being three months since the April 4 lunar eclipse, you can see in the chart below that this full moon is square the lunar nodes. This means that issue in your life which have arisen since the April 2015 lunar eclipse should reach a point of climax during the next two weeks.

The lunar eclipse on 4 April 2015 at 14 degrees Libra will have dramatic effects on both personal relationships and the world in general. The lunar eclipse receives challenging influences from a nasty fixed star and Uranus. However, a positive aspect to Jupiter allows us to focus on the positive self-awareness from Uranus, rather the negative emotions of the Moon. I am not so optimistic about the influence of this eclipse on the world in general. The April 2015 lunar eclipse should result in an explosion if instability in the Middle East with unseen consequences.

As covered in the section above about the meaning of full moons, we are also under the influence of the previous new moon, which lasts for four weeks. Projects or circumstances which began two weeks ago with the June 16 new moon, will reach a point of climax or completion over the two weeks of the July 1 full moon phase.

the astrology of the June 2015 new moon is fairly straight forward. The major themes will be initiative, aggression, action, sex, sports and war. Between the new moon and Mars lies the fixed star Al Hecka. Positioned on the tip of the Southern Horn of the Bull, the nature of this star totally compliments the already Martian nature of the new moon.

Sun conjunct Mars in the full moon July 2015 astrology chart below is not as tight a conjunction as it was for the previous new moon. However, the themes of aggression, sex and war will be just as, or even more prominent, because of the intensifying influence of Sun opposite Pluto.

The Moon represents our vulnerable, sensitive side and emotions. She rules women, the public and intimate relationships. The powerful influence of Pluto on the Moon can make those things ruled by the Moon yet more vulnerable, subject to guilt, coercion, secrecy, and dramatic transformation. Moon opposite Mars creates irrational actions and emotionally based anger. There will be increased vulnerability to the negative or destructive actions of others.

So you can see that this aggressive push and pull dynamic is not a good omen for relationships of any kind, whether it be between lovers or nations. The full moon square the lunar nodes increases karmic tension to such a level, that you may reach a critical turning point in your path, closely related to your close partners and family.

Together, I see much built up tension and aggression exploding in intense drama or rage, the parting of ways and the transformation to a new path. However, there is hope of greater understanding and empathy with Neptune bridging the gap between Sun Mars and Moon Pluto. Relationships with shared ideals and values, or spiritual beliefs, will more easily cope with any irritation or revelations coming from the full moon.

Another big bonus at the personal level, to help overcome the dominating aggression of the full moon, is the placement of Mercury in the chart below. Mercury lies at the midpoint of the Jupiter Uranus trine, creating a minor grand trine aspect pattern. This can result in practical outcomes via open and honest communications. Venus conjunct Jupiter is an excellent omen for love to conquer all. Original ideas and insights can lead to greater growth and happiness in a relationship. Mercury sextile Venus brings warm and friendly conversation.

Full Moon July 2015 Astrology

Full Moon 1 July 2015

Violent Extremism

Now for my mundane astrology rant. Terrorism has been in the news nearly every day because the April 2015 lunar eclipse said so. It was conjunct the terrorist star Algorab and opposite revolutionary Uranus. The previous new moon tightly conjunct Mars foretold of increased aggression, acts of violence and war. This full moon square the lunar nodes means the war involving Islamic State is reaching a turning point, and this has already started playing out with the announcement on June 10 of more US troops to Iraq.

Pluto on the full moon opposite Mars translates are yet more brutality, hate and violence in Iraq and Syria. The positive link to Neptune favors ISIS in their radicalization of vulnerable citizens, mainly Muslim youth, and in particular at this time, young Muslim women with the full moon emphasis on women. Violent extremist ideologies spread through terrorist propaganda. ISIS posts 100, 000 pieces of propaganda on Twitter everyday.

The minor grand trine pointed at Mercury describes the targeting of Muslim youth (Mercury) through the enormous amount (Jupiter) of online content (Uranus). Young women in particular will be attracted by the perceived glamour of war (Mars trine Neptune). They are in fact the prey (Moon Pluto) of violent men (Sun Mars). This glorious adventures resonate with youth in general.

Law enforcement and governments will be ineffective in their current approach to online terrorist recruitment because Saturn is retrograde and makes no aspects in the chart above. The best way to combat the radicalization of youth through this propaganda is through direct communication. The minor grand trine to Mercury opens up the channels of communication at the family and peer levels, for sharing (Mercury sextile Venus) of positive social values (Jupiter trine Uranus).

Full Moon July 2015 Dates and Times

Los Angeles
New York
Jul 1 – 07:19 pm
Jul 1 – 10:19 pm
Jul 2 – 03:19 am
Jul 2 – 07:49 am
Jul 2 – 12:19 pm

15 thoughts on “Full Moon July 2015 – Violent Extremism

  1. This will oppose my mars-uranus cancer H12

    Have had a lot of accidents last 2 mths


    • You already have the self awareness so your spiritual approach can be used to make sure things run smoothly for you thanks to Neptune. Best of luck!

  2. Good point Venus Rx. Jamie, since my solar return hits on July 1, does that mean I’m in for yet another brutal year from Hell? Or is the Venus Jupier conjunction happening in my fifth house going to help find a relationship where I can obtain some solace? Am sick of all of this warring with family, bosses, mother, teachers, friends, enemies. Cancer wasn’t created for this ice-cold Pluto in Capricorn sky. What do you suggest, beside move according to your monthly blog for my sign?

  3. Hoping to use thus wisely as it conjuncts my 9th hiuse merc in cancer which is in grand trine with neptune in scorp in my 1st hoise and chiron in pisces just in at the end of 4th, will endeavour to use my neptune cape of invisibility too queztion though

    Isnt this near our terror stirring spreading prime ministers sun Jamie?

    • Also been working with moon pluto very deeply as the eclipse mentiined was conjunct my 12th house Libra moon is hich is undergoing the square from pluto all i am able to suggest is that it is revolting what this can stir up yrt for me this has been accountability in purgatory and has an air of prophecy with it so work with it, be resoonsible for what ever one is feeling be acciuntable and maje ammends where possible immediately, dont let it fester and certainly do ones best to not project it onto another so they wear it instead as karma is swift.

  4. my capricorn sun is at 9.55 degrees. the 7/15/15 full moon is in capricorn at 9 degrees. I also have mars, mercury, saturn & venus in capricorn. what can I expect from the full moon??

  5. when does this s— stop…tired depressed Need a new life without so much Capricorn in it….next time I would love a little more sag(happy happy) or scorpio to deal better. finally depressed and tears….living moment by moment !

  6. Hear, hear! There seem to be almost NO Internet sites left, in whatever realm, that do not–either purposefully or naively–support the lies that make up our perceived “reality” today. The supposedly “alternative” sites are mostly what has been called “controlled dissent” by those in charge of producing it!
    May I suggest one authentic voice that is available on the Internet? The website of the Anthroposophist, Terry Boardman.
    The objective astrological events are open to interpretation, and so you will find plenty of “disinformation” peddled by astrologers, as well as journalists and “anti-NWO” writers of all kinds.
    Keep up your own judgment.

    • there are websites that aren’t co-opted by mainstream propaganda… you just haven’t found them yet.

      you only see/find what you are ready for.

      • You assume things that are not true of my person.
        Astrologers have a massive responsibility to speak truth through their instrument/vocation. Many naïve people do they seek to influence and this is extremely damaging to the soul trying to find ‘due North’ with his internal compass that has been tampered with by these powerful banking interests. It is in the best interest of all that we point out the lies and falseness of these powerful interests and those that parrot them without so much as questioning the validity of the world’s societies that they operate within.

    • Hear hear again. We (our government apparatus) are not really against ISIS as they are doing the job of bringing down the lawful, legally elected government of Syria. The Syrian people have chosen Assad, they appreciate the reforms, they know he is on their side. USUKIzSaudiQatar want to impose their own puppets on the Syrian people, allow them to live like the Iraqis and Libyans under terrorism, bomb up their nation, maim and kill their people, destroy their families and communities. The governments imposed on Syria will take out loans from the IMF and give foreign nations lucrative re-building contracts, paid for out of the IMF loans which the Syrian people will be liable to repay. ISIS will be used as the excuse for the Brits and US to bomb out the Syrian people, drop bombs on the Syrian government and on Assad’s home and ensurethere is no credible government able to govern Syria. They will jail surviving leaders and trump up false charges against them as in Libya and Yugoslavia before. Then they will impose their unwanted puppet government on the Syrian people, one which will serve big corps and the banksters. .
      Libya was the nation in our world with the largest assets in money and more gold than all Western nations, Their banks were sold off to Qatar, I do not know who got the money for their sale. Their banks were looted using explosives by EXPERTS. Their buildings and infrastructure and Gaddafi’s great man made river water system were all destroyed and they are having loans from the IMF. Libyan water which was free for all households in a desert nation is being diverted and sold to Iz. The Libyans monetary assets, oil assets and the potential for agriculture that Libya held were worth substantial amounts. Think of billions and billions or even trillions. Their nation was built up mostly after 1940 and so their homes, buildings roads and infrastructure were pretty good or excellent. Most of the world is in debt but Libya had zero debt and huge assets. Do you think the banksters ruling our world and the big corporations are the ones causing unrest the world over/ They are the ones profiting from the wars and terrorism which our governments fund and whom our UKUS governments are training.
      Roll on the hegemony of the banksters who lend us money conjured from thin air and who are the rulers of our world. Roll on the unrepayable debt slavery of every nation on Earth and of every man, woman and child. They will buy our water, they have already poisoned our land and air, they are manipulating the weather with geo-engineering systems.
      We can break out of slavery by issuing our own sovereign currencies, by having community currencies, by doing it ourselves, by collectively being a sovereign people.

  7. Louis Acker’s website, louisacker.com, is a wonderful source for astrological information about the reality of dark forces attempting to control our world and the individuals in it. Acker is a classically trained astrologer, offering detailed analysis of world events, who is also aware of the true agenda behind those implementing the New World Order.

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