Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit

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Venus Conjunct Jupiter NatalVenus conjunct Jupiter in the natal chart mirrors what this alignment looks like in the sky, beautiful and adorable. When the two best looking planets come together they are the most attractive and popular of sights. Your popularity comes not only from your physical attractiveness, but also your genuinely warm and friendly nature. Your presence encourages others to display the same warmth and affection that you naturally exude.

This is one of the most non-threatening of planetary aspects. You dislike conflict to such an extent that you have the ability to facilitate peace by being an example of generosity and harmony. It is not that you are particularly pro active about resolving disputes, as that would involve unpleasant arguments and bargaining.

Your dislike of aggression or threatening situations means you prefer to be around other agreeable people, and live in beautiful surroundings. You are by no means a nit-picking clean freak, but simply enjoy beauty in all its forms. You may have a talent for art, music or poetry, or may manifest these qualities as pure enjoyment of beauty, amusement and relaxation.

This conjunction is a good omen for your social life and your love life because you attract nice things. As Venus rules money as well as love, it is likely that you will not have to struggle like most others, to attain a life of comfort or even luxury. Yet you are also very generous and may not have the strong desire and determination to make the rich list.

Dependent on other challenging aspect to this conjunction, or the alignment of fixed stars, there can be some negatives to this very positive aspect. Self control and extravagance may be a problem, leading to addiction or greed. You could find it difficult to get motivated and prefer to be content with the blessing that your good karma brings this life.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Transit

Transiting Venus conjunct Jupiter is the most looked forward to of all minor transits. It portends love and money, harmony and happiness. You do not have to strive, struggle or work hard. This is a time to enjoy the benefits of the good karma accrued from your previous good deeds and hard work. Beautiful things are attracted to you.

It is your inner harmony, warmth and friendliness that is so attractive. Ideally this time should be spent out and about, engaging with as many people as possible. In this way, you will expose yourself to the greatest number of opportunities for growth and happiness.

Relationships of all kind are a major focus of this conjunction. Your increased physical and inner beauty make your more popular in social settings. In one to one situations you should notice more interest, especially from your partner or potential partners. This is one of the best transits for falling in love. It is more likely now that any new romance will turn out to be the perfect match.

You should take advantage of any financial offers as there is a heightened probability of increasing your wealth. Investments should turn a profit, especially in works of art, jewelry and other luxury items. This is a very lucky transit so you may even be the beneficiary of a sudden and unexpected windfall.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter Celebrities

Jennifer Jason Leigh 01′, Tom Waits 06′, Julie Newmar 07′, Kenneth Williams 10′, Henry Winkler 13′, Michael Hutchence 18′, Eric Burdon 0°48′, John Belushi 53′, Roman Polanski 0°58′, Barry Gibb 59′, Steven Spielberg 1°17′, Herbert Hoover 1°17′, Guy de Maupassant 1°27′, Uri Geller 1°31′, Charles Baudelaire 1°33′, Sir George Wilkins 1°37′, Ritchie Valens 1°38, Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve 1°39′, Jeff Bridges 1°40′, Liz Greene 1°45′, Eddie Izzard 1°53′, Carl Wilson 1°59′.


Venus Conjunct Jupiter Dates

1 July 2015
4 August 2015
25 October 2015
27 August 2016
13 November 2017
22 January 2019
24 November 2019
11 February 2021
30 April 2022
2 March 2023
23 May 2024
12 August 2025

154 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Jupiter Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie,
    I have a friend with Venus in Scorpio, 5 degrees natal. As Jupiter transited, she was dumped by her boyfriend of two years who began secretly dating her best friend. Venus in Scorpio does indicate betrayal in love for a woman, especially when young. Keeping in mind the possible benefits I told her she is clearing away the trouble and this year would be good for love and money. I hope I was/am correct. Any comment?

  2. Hi Jamie, I have Venus Conjunct Jupiter in my second house with Sagitarius, can you tell me please what is the meaning?? thank you

  3. I am so excited because the retrograde transit of Venus on November 15, which is my birthday, will conj. my natal Libra in Jupiter by 5 degrees. So if 8 is too wide I am hoping that a 5 degree conj. is not : )

  4. 11/22/2019 Jupiter/Venus conjunction is Antiscion Saturn. That is, the midpoint between the Jupiter/Venus conjunction and Saturn is 0 degree Capricorn, winter solstice. Seems to me Jamie, we are heading towards a higher vibration (11/22) of integration. ie. antiscion, of the two hybrid signs: Sagittarius half man, half horse, and Capricorn, the sea goat.

    Could you possibly look at this chart and tell us what you think?

    • That should read 01/22/2019… got a little carried away with the interesting vibrations last month

  5. But what if Venus is at the same time in opposition to Uranus together with Jupiter? And then Saturn…

  6. I have mixed feelings here,i found myself often having a blessing in disguise…but that is just me telling me everything is still good. In reality when i look around,my life is a total mess and i would break if i wouldn’t have my optimism to keep going.

    Yes there were so so many opportunities in life for me to make bigger things happen,either in fashion,music and design…knowing a lot of different people from all over the world and good connections who were just waiting on me to make it happen ( it is in aries in the ninth house with venus and mc there as north node as well)…but i was simply chasing all these connections and made nothing real happen cause i just couldn’t decide what would be the best for me,now i am a jill of all trades actually…and i still struggle to stop my haunt for experiences,i was simply happy with that short experience and was thirsty for more,even so much i hated to sleep cause i thought i will miss out something good in life while i am sleeping lol… I can not be around people that are trying to bring my thirst for fun and action down,i get depressed and sad thinking why people behave so limited ( while i know everyone got their own reasons but i always try to cheer someone up,i learned moderation cause sometimes i overdo things) but i still see opportunities,i think this is a good aspect when you are young and got a support system(family friends etc) who are on the same path as you. SInce my saturn return i feel as if i was just dreaming the whole life…

    A friend told me i should never lose my optimism…made me laugh,cause he said it when i was thinking about ending my life…

    • Hi Ella, there are a few charts I look at that have the VenusJupiter Conjunct. A very good friend of mine born Sagittarius 1949, and the People’s Republic of China(Oct01/49) chart, which has progressed just passed my friends natal chart. I would crack jokes at him the last few years, that he embodied China, in mannerism.. and spending money. So, if it’s any help, find the inauguration of a big thing that has progressed to your birthday, and see if you can learning anything from it. I can help you find this entity, if you wish.

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