Climate Change Astrology

Climate Change AstrologyClimate Change Astrology can only be understood by studying longer-term trends found in the outer slower-moving planets. In fact, we have to look beyond Pluto to really understand climate change astrology.

Minor planet Sedna was discovered in November 2003 and has a very long orbital period of 11,400 years. Sedna also has a very eccentric orbit as shown below. It reaches perihelion (closest to the Sun) in 2076. I have linked Sedna to climate change astrology because the last time it was this close to our planet, there was “sharp rise in temperature over 50 years”. [1]

This article looks at major planetary aspects to Sedna from the outer planets and at fixed star conjunctions to Sedna since its discovery. The future of climate change is then be predicted based on the same principles.

Climate Change Astrology – The Past

There have been two major planetary aspects involving Sedna since 2003. The square to Neptune in 2007 and sextile to Uranus in 2008. Both correlate to significant events in climate change history. I also believe Sedna on the fixed star Algol in 2017 has affected climate change and humanities reaction to it.

Planet Sedna Orbit

Planet Sedna Orbit

Sedna square Neptune 2007

Sedna square Neptune in April 2007 coincided with a marked rise in climate change skepticism and many accusation or fraud and cover-ups in climate change publications and documentaries. Neptune is associated with confusion, deception, paranoia and movies.

In February 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that the likelihood of human carbon dioxide emissions being responsible for climate warming was over 90 per cent. But some of the most extreme scenarios were left out of the report, leading to accusations that it was watered down. [2]

In July 2007, the TV documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” alleged that climate science was deeply flawed. The programme was later found to have misrepresented the science and interviewed researchers complained to the British watchdog for broadcasting standards. [3]

In August 2007, the Newsweek’s cover story “The Truth About Denial”, reported that “the denial machine is running at full throttle”, and said that this “well-coordinated, well-funded campaign” by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks, and industry had “created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change.” [4]

In October 2007 Al Gore and the climate panel won the Nobel Peace Prize, stoking controversy about the accuracy of his film. A British judge ruled that “An Inconvenient Truth” included nine scientific inaccuracies and warned that the film’s claims were made in “the context of alarmism and exaggeration”. [5]

Sedna sextile Uranus 2008

Sedna sextile Uranus in September 2008 was a more positive influence because the sextile aspect is beneficial, unlike the challenging square aspect. Uranus rules change, new technology, innovation and higher awareness.

In November 2008, Barack Obama was elected president of USA. As a result there was an increase in science funding, especially for climate change and energy technology. He also appointed Nobel laureate winner and renewables expert Steve Chu as energy secretary.

Sedna Sextile Uranus saw a flood of money into renewable technology like solar, solar-thermal and wind. “Biofuels, hybrids and photovoltaic cells slipped into our conversations like invaders from another planet.” [6] The Tesla Roadster was first delivered to customers in 2008.

Sedna conjunct Algol 2017

In October 2017, Sedna was conjunct the notorious fixed star Algol but within orb from December 2014 to June 2021. Algol is associated with misfortune, violence, tragedies and mourning. Sedna on Algol has coincided with the reversal of Obama’s climate change initiatives in the USA. Since Donald Trump became president in January 2017, there has been a rollback of domestic climate-related funding and regulations, plus the withdrawal from the Paris framework.

Sedna on Algol has also coincided with the increase in frequency and severity of destructive weather events over recent years. Temperature records are constantly being broken as each new heat wave, drought or hurricane seems the worst in history. Algol causes “too much heat, as it were, resulting in extremist actions”. [7] And Algol belongs to Perseus Constellation, which is “indicative of events affecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.” [7]

The global temperature graph from NASA [8] below shows a marked increase in the rate of change over recent years. This is likely the beginning of a “sharp rise in temperature over 50 years”, similar to that which occurred 11,400 years ago when Sedna was last this close to Earth.

Global Temperature Graph

Global Temperature Graph (NASA)

Climate Change Astrology– The Future

The next major aspects and fixed star conjunctions involving monir planet Sedna occur in the years 2024 to 2026. The following dates and zodiac degrees are for the heliocentric position of Sedna.

  • 2024, Feb 21 – Sedna at 00 ♊ 09 trine Pluto
  • 2024, May 22 – Sedna at 00 ♊ 19 conjunct fixed star Alcyone
  • 2025, Dec 31 – Sedna at 01 ♊ 21 sextile Neptune and Saturn
  • 2026, May 31 – Sedna at 01 ♊ 37 conjunct Uranus

Fixed star Alcyone in mundane astrology can “be of great harm to mankind and occasion the death of a great number of people.” [8] This turbulent and violent star in the Pleiades star cluster is associated with accidents, deep sorrows, tragedies and bereavements. [9]

Uranus conjunct Sedna in 2026 will likely see a rapid escalation in climate change, chaos and catastrophes. I expect this will be a tipping point where the sea levels will rise sharply due to the melting of glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica.

The effects of climate change may not climax until Sedna reaches perihelion in 2076. But all except a minority of people admit we are already feeling the effects of rising temperatures. Climate change astrology shows that by 2026, even the climate change deniers will give up their extreme ideology.

Climate Change Astrology

Climate Change Astrology

However, there is hope for humanity as shown in the chart for Uranus conjunct Sedna in 2026 above. Uranus and Sedna are at the midpoint of Jupiter trine Neptune. This spiritually enlightening aspect encourages hope, generosity and community spirit.

At the personal level you may undertake a spiritual quest to seek the truth. Enlightenment can come through dreams, visions or meditation. It will be harder for people in general to ignore the poor, sick and needy. Our value system and morals will reach a higher standard. The mass consciousness of humanity will not ignore the plight of refugees and other victims of climate change. Groups of like-minded people will come together with the aim of making radical changes in response to climate change.

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38 thoughts on “Climate Change Astrology

    • Great article. It was also my intuition that Sedna has to do with environment and climate (due to the myth behind the name), its conjunction with Algol escaped my notice. The timing you described is highly believable, let’s hope the climate will rceover once the perihelium is passed.

    • How ironic. The post is riddled with political assumptions. For the sake of astrology’s credibility, let’s not conflate politics and astrology so often.

      How many astrologers predicted Donald Trump’s presidency? Not many. They were mostly predicting a Clinton victory and were using their astrological expertise to justify their political biases. A pre-requisite of scholarly work is to be able to do the research and objectively report your findings even if you wish the results weren’t true.

      It frustrates me how I can’t get an objective report on astrology these days. Everything is biased. I want the Truth, nothing less, nothing more.

        • The article refers to governmental reports and data, but I actually thought Jamie did an admirable job of leaving politics out of a normally politically-fraught debate.

  1. Thank You Dear One for presenting this information I am about to attend a meeting tonight about the Spiritual Aspects of Climate change being presented here in South Australia by Darryl Braund

  2. It would be interesting to see how Sedna’s position correlated with the other periods of climate change as given in your ref. 1

  3. After studying the climate change gfraph in your ref. 1, it seems there is a periodicity of 100’000 years for warming peaks. How would that correlate with known planetary movement? My feeling is Sedna has more to do with human perception of climate and environment issues rather than with the actual climate events.

    • There are now so many new planets being discovered with very long orbital periods I am sure they must also have some influence. It is hard to keep up with them all.

  4. The global climate has cooled about 1* F in the last 2 years. How does that fit into the astrology?

  5. Astrologers are understandably always searching for correlation between earthly events and the planets. And the stars do impact our climate. The ingress of Uranus into Taurus coinciding with the volcanic eruptions in Hawaii was a dramatic example. I’m not convinced by this Sedna hypothesis, though. It’s very speculative, vague, and uses highly selective data. Extreme weather events have been documented and debated, and have been escalating for decades. They don’t just occur when Sedna is making aspects.

    • I just want to add that, I offer my comment in the spirit of open discussion. And I hugely appreciate your body of work, Jamie, btw, and consider you to be one of the very finest astrologers on the web. You are my go-to resource for aspects and fixed stars. While I don’t find myself convinced by this Sedna argument, your analyses, generally, are reliably superb.

      • I understand but also cannot see why an Ingress would have any impact. Just one example, especially when zero degree Taurus is purely a symbolic point and not related to anything physical astronomically.

        • Then review the data on critical degrees. All of astrology is dismissed as nonsense, or “symbolic,” to the skeptic. I’m surprised that you, an astrologer, doubt the potency of critical degrees, which are anything but merely “symbolic.”

          • I have reviewed critical degrees and the only significance is temporary because of fixed stars on those degrees. I am a scientist and an astrologer. I never use Signs or Houses because they are purely symbolic. See Precession Astrology for my reasoning.

            • We differ on the importance of degrees, houses and signs. You are a contrarian, given the overwhelming evidence and acceptance of those fundamentals within the profession of astrology. I have seen, again and again, the irrefutable evidence of the power of critical degrees. Information imparted by signs is equally important. Love your work, and your articles, though, even if I don’t agree with everything you write.

  6. I’m wondering about “location astrology” and where would be the safest place to live in the United States when this occur? I live in California and am ready to escape the floods and wildfires.

    • Hi Deborah. I have not studied astrocartography which might give you some answers. Then there is relocation when you cast your natal chart for where you currently live.

  7. I have worked in the scientific fields for 50 years. If you have 50 different scientists there will be 50 different opinions and facts to support them. Even with NASA there are conflicting reports. I will include a link that shows that we are in a solar minimum. It started last December.
    As well as one about the farmers almanac that people used prior to the Internet.
    Google unusual snowfall because it occurred in the Sahara desert this past year. We are supposed to be in a state of flux where we have extreme weather as we build to the mini Ice Age. I started looking because I keep the app for solar flares on my phone. I had learned to save my computer work when the flares were more active because you would lose it. Then I noted that there were next to no solar flares or even sunspots with a marked decrease. That’s when I started googling and finding these articles. There are astrologers that support these findings: Theodore White and William Stickevers. They are on Facebook.

    • “Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree*: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. In addition, most of the leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.” Scientific consensus: Earth’s climate is warming. NASA.

      • In a movie script in a Solar system far far away, with an Earth populated by Intelligent ants and aphids, and a Sun, Uranus and Sedan in perfect correlation, the aphids notice the ants are reproducing at a rate that mirrors the quickening of Sedna through the Signs. The ants are nonplussed as they know this, but since the aphids are merely aphids, they are fed stories to keep them controlled, working… and guilty. Shame is a powerful weapon.. just ask Chinoaphids.

        • Just in passing, lol about the Sedna “sedan” typo… since cars are blamed for global warming. ;p

  8. With Sedna, the myth of Herculobus is too tempting not to consider.

    Sedna at Perihelion occurs sometime around 2076.

    Next year, a few short weeks away, I turn 57. Which marks the half way point between 1962 and 2076. 1962/63 marks the peak in global population growth..

    Look at the Canadian natal chart, which is your Sedna inspiration, due to the 0°Aries ingress in 1867, and the 0°Taurus ingress in 1967.

    During 2076/77 Sedna moves into conjunction with Canada’s Sun and Uranus.

    Read the myth of Herculobus again.

  9. Excellent piece, Jamie – but this is par for the course.
    Until I read what you said, it had not occurred to me that the 11400 years of Sedna’s orbit are fairly close to half a precessional cycle. And it’s said that at the time of the change from the Age of Virgo to the Age of Leo, Atlantis sank. That’s opposite the shift from Pisces to Aquarius that is going on now. At this time too, wasn’t there a major Ice Age?
    I’m not too clear what the climate change scepticism is about. Are the sceptics saying that climate change doesn’t exist, or are they saying that human action isn’t responsible for it? Or are there actually two factions?
    I have always found it very hard to believe that our actions could have such a HUGE effect on our climate. Maybe this is because I have a world globe right here next to me. The world is a very big place… It’s easy to imagine the worst about pollution when you’re driving through an industrial area, but the feeling is quite different while you’re driving through open country.
    My opinion on this is borne out by the big collection of Solar Cycle information that Nick Fiorenza has out together on Some heavyweight scientists say that human actions have a minimal effect on greenhouse gases, specifically CO2.
    I’ve personally taken note of the fact that many winters are COLDER than they have been before, worldwide. And here where I live (within reach of the South Pole), summer nights only warm up far into summer. it had occurred to me that when ice melts, the temperature drops – and the south polar ice is melting at a rate of knots.
    So – I’m jolly glad that pollution is being cleaned up – but will the clean-up stop global warming? I doubt it…

    • “I have always found it very hard to believe that our actions could have such a HUGE effect on our climate. Maybe this is because I have a world globe right here next to me. The world is a very big place… It’s easy to imagine the worst about pollution when you’re driving through an industrial area, but the feeling is quite different while you’re driving through open country.”

      Thank you! High time someone said this! I have often wondered the same thing, but the news media never gives credence to this reality, and always blames “man.” Agree that we need to move to non-pollutant energy sources, though.

    • 97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree*: Climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities. from the NASA link in my answer to a question above.

  10. So, there’ll be lots of planetary action from 2024 onwards – that’s only five years away, people!!
    Maybe Pluto aspecting Sedna will mean that the truth will come out about these issues.
    Maybe Sedna on Alcyone will bring pain and heartache.
    Maybe (Saturn con Neptune) sextile Sedna will cut through the current confusion. Or not…
    Uranus con Sedna doesn’t sound like very good news to me.

    Sometimes I think there’s a major conspiracy theory going on, involving most of the climate scientists: the news is so alarming that they’re distracting us with ‘fake news’ about it all. That’s what fake news is for isn’t it – to distract us from thinking and getting to the truth?

    (Jamie, please feel free to moderate what I said above, and also anything else I’m saying here).

    On a very personal level, I’ve been freaking out because both my 2018 solar return and my son’s have Algol RIGHT on the MC. You’ve helped me see it differently: I think both of us are going to be (probably negatively) impacted by climate change soon, because it’s Sedna that is the big news in our charts. Algol just makes it all a bit worse!
    Algol can also mean that one is congenitally incapable of ignoring another’s suffering…

    • By the way, it never helps to fret about a solar return chart. And, whatever happens is never what we expected. I bet you and your son are going to be just fine. Try to focus on building up inner strength so that you can take on, and thrive within, whatever adversity may come (or more likely than not, does not come). Courage!

        • Yes I definitely agree never take solar return charts too seriously on their own. They are of secondary importance to your longer term transits and eclipse phases.

  11. of course there is change in climate, we are in an ever changing of cycles from cold to warm then back to cold again. In some decades global cooling will be the watchword but hopefully the elite controlled news media will not be trying to scare us with it. instead we need to build a decentralized and clean energy network, instead all they want to do is get more money out of the common man and hold back real innovation.

  12. I am closing comments on this post. Never had to do this before. I asked to keep it related to astrology but it was all politics and insults. Sad.

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